Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 24, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1947
Page 8
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•PAOE •»—NAUOATUCK NEW8 (CONN,),'FRIDAY, JAN. J4,-1047 Wbe J&attp '*\ilJUin«d Evtry Evening OCxcept Sunday)'by THK NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUOATOCK, CONN. •' • 'HUDOliPH M. KBNN1CK. Pr«»ld«nt and- fupll«h»r Telephone »nd— *" C0t*T«d M Mcond claM matter «t the pcHt olfUwin Nftugfttuok, Conn. _ SUBSCRIPTION RATES FcyabU In Advance rvontti 11.00 1 Y«t .... .$13.00 Member: Tbe American Newipaper Fublliheri AJI'D The N. E. Dmtly Newspaper Pub. A««'n Tb» Conn. Newspaper Publ»h«r» AM'D FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 1947 Popularity Deserved Never boforeTirT the history of the Nuifeatuck High School has the race for distinction of "most popular boy ended in a dead heat. We can well appreciate the quandary oi" iellow students in attempting to choose between, and fnmUv, quite naturally deciding upon both Joe and Vin Hcnly as equally pop- U Tho twins, once referred to by this writer as ubiquitous-ami we're not inclined to- change now-are known horn stem, to stern of the borough, and m the places they have traveled as the school's emissaries of good sports- maip, as clean-living-, indnstnous modest and upstanding examples of vonn»' American manhood. > in their four years of high school now drawing to a close, the twins have rea gotten around, and with a speed ot pei- tonnance that has left an mdcl.ble ,m- pre^sion particularly on those who *** 0 - oppose 1 them on the baskcthal court 01 the baseball diamond. Yet, despite their successes and then- physical like- ie*i the latter characteristic adding to the attractiveness of the fust and ncreasin* interest in their pertonn- a *" Vin and Joe have retained Zt virtue of modesty so dftoikJost to growing Ws who taste the broth of pub- llC cSsion of the senior class is a maer of fact, the two are so alike in every respect, it would be _ ex- tremelv difficult tor anyone who might iink in terms favorable toward ^ one 01 the other, to be certain that the little exira personality or attractive qua My .he thought was registered l,y one didn't belong to the other. __ Her Crowning Glory Women have pTo^resscd a long way. Tliev have gained the vote, the nglit to .tand up in'-street cars, to work in busi- ,,c,s, in the professions and the trades Hs'lmnl'HS men-ami for less money. And now they've Freed themselves from slav- orv-fashion's slavery. They have gone on a strike against the Ireak hats that the millinery trade-largely man-ck»mi- nated-has concocted for the.n. lhe> are "oing bareheaded to the othcc, to reception! to luncheons and to all manner of public functions. The -lamorous Clare Booth Luce is „„;, of the leaders of the revolt; Burmg ht-r three-day visit U> Cleveland at the memorable World Affairs Institute she was hatless all the time. Of course any woman with l.air like hers can attordo defv conventions. Her hair is corn-silk. vcliou'-gold, worn in .flat Langs and so t neck-length curls. It would be a shame to cover that with one of the grotesque al- r'airs c.irrcntlv called hats. While lew women can hoasl siic-h trcsst'S, most ot them would loi»k hett.'i— if nr.1: quite ik« ( ;| !ll . 0 _ !1T) pearing in their own hair than in some of those hats. Fiction And Life A report from the American Library Association says that readers are dissatisfied with the fiction available. There is no demand among the general reading public for books about the war. They stand untouched on the shelves while patrons search in vain for books which mirror Ihoir own problems, peopled with characters who solve these problems in ways which seem natural and possible-. Many writers bdiove that in order to picture reality they must dwell on the sordid, cheap, sensational aspects of life. Life does have these aspects in some places and at some times. But the average life is not lived at^ such levels,' being neither sordid nor sublime, but some- whore between. The average reader wants ' books which, without lacking drama, still reflect life as he knows 1 it, and which give him a feeling of kinship with the characters. Someone should make this clear to writers and to pnb- Do You Remember? One Year Ago '". Mr: nnd Mrs. Cyrus W. Wilcox, 218 Cherry street, announced the birth of a "daugnter'.i 'Mrs. Ellis'Greel was chairman of-the-Congregational Parish Players "Whiz Quiz" program. 20 Years Ago v Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Huband ^returned to their home on Cliff'street after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Coulson H. Squires of'New Haven. o—O—o 'John Gorman, Jr., returned to Brooklyn, N. Y., after visiting his -parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Gorman of Gorman street. i o—O—o , 30 Years Ago Mrs. Clayton L. Klein of Churcn street returned from Flushing, L. 1.1 where she spent a few days, o—O—o Miss Julia BirnTjaum returned from New York city whore she studied music. Around The Clock When Spec Shea went down to New York recently to sign a Yankee contract he visited with Joe DiMaggio in the latter's hotel room. Spec -and Joe batted tlxc breex.e for the better part of-an afternoon. Thoughtful Spec 'returned to the borough with two of Joe's autograph, one for the Healy twins and the other for Clarence Hnigh. , And speaking of Clarence, who is one of the borough's most ardent sports fans, we have a hunch he'll be among the first to order his ticket for the March of Dimes sports benefit, Friday evening Jan. 31, at the Y. The co-operation of all those who are helping to put over this March of Dimes benefit is a good example of the warm heartedness of those connected with sports. Fritz Klambt and Herb Brown who so generously offered the free use of Y facilities, Euss Weaving;, local has-. ketball official who is'donating- his services, and those prominent figures in local sports, who so readily agreed to help out by serving on Chairman Frank Green's committee, and the members of the four basketball teams participating, all deserve a vote of thanks for their spirit of wholehearted willingness to help. Bill Leuchars will be getting nervous indigestion or may even contract a serious gastric ulcer if certain high school girls don't stop teasing him while he partakes of his afternoon snack at a local eatery. Madeline Thurston and Kay Houston enjoyed ice skating a few days ago. It was the first time in several years they had laced on a pair of skates. They must have had a fine time for now it is rumored that Sue McNiolly is contemplating a try at the winter sport. Lollie Jenkins of Detroit, Michigan, is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. James Forchielli, 36 High street. Mrs. Jenkins has her baby daughter, Arlene Francis, with her and plans to have the child baptized in Naugatuck. Miss Rita Bartolomucci will be godmoth-, er to the girl. Attorney Thomas Neary was absent from borough court Tuesday. The report was that, lie had gone to Washington, I). C. A few days ago Police Captain Anthony Malone had a head cold and now Fire Chief John 'J. Sheridan is nursing a minor one. Must be a lot of germs on Maple street. Friends arc offering congratulations to Mrs. Harry Churchill, .58 Prospect street, on her recent birthday. . . . The pleasant little lady who wins new friends each ilny for Stratton's Restaurant is Irene LeFave. Sure, boxing .arid' wre'stling are productive pursuits. 'New''York State makes nearly half a million dollars a year out of 'em. When you get right down iff it, nearly every mother deserves a star. But most mothers have to wait till they get 'em in their -heavenly, .crowns. •^ 1 ^_,^^,_^ - -^t^-- THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN THATOifrflT MA^StSslBj WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast THK BROADWAY SCENE Winchellc'brities: VilUjalmur Stef- ansson, the Arctic explorer, gad- dins about midtown minus overcoat or kady. - - -Geraldine Fitzgerald, the carrot-topped colleen (and her bridegroom), dining with .their socially-listed in-laws at the Colony. What 'fun's that?... .Clarence .Burlington KeJland's little boy, Horace, with his fiancee, Wro. Rhinelander Stewart's lovely wic.- da Tony Veiller (who screen- played Hemingway's "The Killers") listening to the character-assassins at the Algonk....Tommy Dorscy and Al Shanlty, the musicians, making Eddie Condon's jive session in the Village very yahooey... O'.fia San Juan (the cinemnx) 'set-! ting the alarm" (grinding those: shapely'hoops) to Ralph Font's; zin-y rhumbas at the Embassy...: Strange Siffht: Gov. Dcwey, who is, building a highway between But-, filo and N .Y., trying to heat aj path from N. Y. to Washington. ( The Sally of the Wci-.k: A few re-' porters and a city editor were at: the Stork -bar last night. One mentioned a colymibator. .. ."Whatz hoi trying to do?" asked a WW rooter., "Write himself into oblivion?"....! "No," surmised the editor, "out fit, it." Broadway Small Talk: "State of the Union," (two troupes on the '•oad).'dippcd from a profit of $8,000 weekly to a loss of two Gs. Now back in "the money. .Mercedes Mo- Cambridge wasn't on Gabe Heat- tcr's program Sunday night. She was flrcd "for not taking the script seriously." Been in radio (and the thittir) nine years. She's quitting to unlax in the West Indies.... John J. Almond (of a newsmag) may be appointed to a United Nations committee. He was with Gen. Fatten during the Big Fracas... Don't miss "the Hellinger premiere of "Swell Guy" tonight at the Winter -Garden. All proceeds to the Damon Runycti Cancer Fund Hollywood night spot men have solved the puzzle on. why biz took a slump: "No more army officers wiho blew a month's pay In n night" Frances Harmor say: "You're a success when you don't have time to read your own. publicity:" •Street Scene: There's a youngster In the windo/w of the Planters Peanut Shop on Broad-way at 64th. His job is to weigh peanuts on a scale.. ..He puts on quite a bit of pantomimicry measuring the nuts, described by enchanted passcrsby as "the netz" He really is a the Harry Langdon manner, If you-know your show- business, that 'Is....He convulses crowds which clog the sidewalk watching him....For all I know, hy the time you read this, .he won't be there but on his way to Hollywood. Memo.s of it Midnlghtcr: Those World War II medals for sale at the Hobby House on 44th are foreign decorations, not Yankee- Doodle. . .Sophie Tucker resumes at Ned Schuyler's Beachcomber on FDR'.s Birthday, the 30th. .. .Pat Rooncy, Sr., reported a big hit at the 5 o'clock Club....The MGM newsreel shots of stylist Pauline Turner's lahnj-hooray fashions are outdrawlng the feature fiic..:Hunt Stromberg's betrothal ring to his bride cost J35,000, which he made producing Broadway revivals.... Barberry -Boom Baiters--say-that convicted game-llxor (A'.vr.i visited the spot often and impressed with his K°od manners. Can't imagine how he could'have done that sinful thing, etc..-That s Ilka Chase's pappy desk-clerking at the Park Chambers. .. .Scallions to the huckster hangout (La Belle Meunicre, a restaurant) for describing (on its swunk menu) Italian .styled spuds-as "Wop- Potatoes" Nice talk. .. .Confucius bay: On Broadway There's No Excuse For Failure Unless It's Yours.... -Dear W. W.: In what branch of the- Army, Navy, Marines or armed forces did any of your floppo-si- tion columnists serve in both wars?". -- Why'neha ask them and see if you get an answer? Midlown Novelette:. One. nf the fly-by-ni&ht realty llrms in town promoted a aimplc-mindcd ollicc boy to vicc-pre-sidcst at $25 per week..-.When any of their npurt- mrnt nouse.s lost money they'd put it-in his name us a "present from the firm. ...The happy youth, now- over, discovered that he wasn't *o lucky as creditors foreclosed on him ...The rc-nitors repeated this trick <i dozen limes. .. .Our Hero recently died....The top salary he ever made was S-IO a week..-.But. the obit pages said "he died owing $2,000,000." , Broadway Kallad: (B.V Doit Wahn): Let's set it down--anil add the total up. Anil find if i-t was worth the IIna: cost There were the inns thr.l held the jeweled cup ...Thero were the sosgs thai, now arc strangely lost....And there were g'irls to feed the i'lanic of youth. .. .Gil-Is who were touched with moonmist and delight There was the quest for certainty and truth... .There was the throb of whispers in the night....So we will add this gossamer of mint .. . Knowing full well the terror we will find. .. .An empty heart — an empty cask ot wine....The futile whimper of an eerie wind....Yet, who am I to mourn a sinner's wake?... .There was no other road —that I could take I , .221 SCHOOLS-AND GOLLEGKS In Canada arc approvcd'f or GI education, 141 in England, 63 In Prance and others In Italy, Switzerland, Australia, China, Mexico, Scotland, India, Belgium, Colombia.. Denmark and Sweden. LEAVE BONDS may IK: owed on National Service Life Insurance as follows: 1. To pay premiums on insurance already in force. 2. To purchase new insurance. 3. To reinstate lapsed insurance. 4. To pay the amount required when converting verm insurance to permanent forms. 5. To repay policy loans made prior to July 31, 1S4G. DISABLJ.TY COMPENSATION PAYMENTS ranee from 513.80 to $360 per month depending upon the type and degree of disability. ...YALE UNIVERSITY, has enrolled 5,207 veterans WAR ASSETS SALES: Ruhbcr- Izod clot/i, padlocks, cl'othing of all kinds, hydraulic tire demountcrs, lube and tire vulcanlzers. hoists, mandrels. tire repair stitchers, plumbing and heating supplies, fiberglass, electrical supplies, textiles, aluminum tubing, fiberglass material, hotel and restaurant equipment. CEKTIFIATE IN LIEU OFDIS- Chargc—May be secured If the original discharge certificate has been lost. It takes about, six months to get one from the Adjutant General's office. . DEADLINE, LEAVE PAY—Scpb< 1, 3947. If you need a certificate in lieu of discharge you should apply for it at once. ARMY Alii FORCE Veterans are asked to get postals at this iol- scaffolding cacoon as wings of faith stretching into the f»ky. The little tot spanking her dolly for falling into the 3rd Avenue gutter ...Tho Chinese Salvation Army officer preaching in. the cold at 46th and the Main . Drag. .. .A reader who saw it happen suggests it for a. coin-raising poster: A crippled mundicant putting n. dime in o March of Dimes container. Curtiiln Calls: Boyd Raeburn's f.Tewe!) rccordinc of "Prelude to the Dawn".. .Janet Fairbanks' way with modern art ditties. . .The way Johnny Desmond cloos justice to "Guilty" on hi* Victorecord Iceland's exciting ice rovue. . .Dick Powell's 'pretending in "Johnny O'Clonk." H«-rrran emoting:.. .The 3 Suns' version of "Sonata". .Joan Nichols thrushir.B "Stardust" at the Blue Angel. Sounds in the Night: At .Ilm Crouch's: "Everything Is Leeches Down in Georgia". .. .At Don 'Simmons': "W-hp.n he exercises there j arc three ciumbclls". .. .At Tex Bpnoko's: "I just lound out what the Governor of Georgia said to the Gcwornor of Georgia — 'Drop Dead!'". .. .At the China Doll: "Herman Xalmadgc is following in his father's hoodstops". .. At the Bamboo: "H. E. Talmadgc? What's the H. E. stand for—Hitler's Echo?". . .At Bob Olin's: "He's the star vomic on a radio pogrom...At Iceland: "It seems somehow gym-j bolic that the State in which FDR j died should' be the scer.c of the j first successful Fascist coup". .. .At: Lindy's: "Why doca 'a busy guy) take uch valuable .time (from Hunting Fascists and Communists) to return the -spitballs of a 3rd I rater? If only Winchcll could learn | that dreadnoughts- never shell i. Lugs!" MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. May a girl refuse to dance with a man? A. Yes; but she should do so graciously, making some polite ex- CUBC. If .1 person, man or woman, wishes to become popular, he must always avoid hurting- another's feelings. Q. Should the envelope conta ; n- inp a card of introduction be scaled A. No; a letter or card of introduction should not be sealed. Q. Who furnishes the bouton- nicres for the ushers at a wedding? A. The bridegroom. HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK The Wringer After the laundering is done, run a piece of old dry blanket through the wringer. This will prevent the moisture from remaining on the rubber rollers and eventually rotting them. Save the Foot Knots should be avoided in darning in consideration of the wearer. So just moisten the ends of the darning cotton to prevent its slipping through, and you will find a knot unnecessary. Fronting Add a half teaspoonful of baking soda to the boiling frosting and it will keep it from running'- FOX CLEANERS 14 CHURCH ST. TEL. 547+ Work Culled For and Delivered Production of creamery butter in North Dakota, totalled 51,0-11,000 pounds in 1045. $ WE'RE ALTERING 1 OUR STORE > Watch Us Grow! CORNER CANTEEN 892 No. Main Street "Dom" Tellerlco, Prop. Manhattan Murals: Tho... wat<jr- fllled trough on Broadway at 106th, now a terminal for new busses that re-placed the street cars that re-1 placed the horses. .. .The steeples at St. Patrick's cmcring' from their RADIO EXPERTS 1 , Since 1925 ' 'SWAN'S 1C Church St. — TeL 2574 TRAIN FOR BUSINESS WAV Oil KVKMX<;— M5W rl-ASSBS JAN. '33 AND FEB. :< COLLEGE 24 ' Central Avo. Wntcrlmry Phone 4-8772 LADIES' FLANNEL NIGHTGOWNS Reg. Size — $2.39 X-Size — $2.69'. Wally's SSS, 14 SPRING STliEET , WELL I'LL BE DOG-GONE Don't be a dunce, learn • the true economy and convenience of our modern laundry service . . . Here your laundry is g'iven exuding: care—returned to you fresh, beautifully done . . . and our charges are rood- crate. AMERICAN LQ UN DRY CO. PHON£:4-4l06-feOCOTTAGE PL FBED'S HI-WAV GRILLE 501 South Main St. Regular Dully Dinner SOc up A L& Carte Menu Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet Room, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor License FOR SATURDAY Fillc'd Coffee Cakes Cream Pics Hard Crispy Rolls CITY BAKERY B. P. 8TO.PPANI, Prop. itfaple Street Telephone S678 HUNDRKDS OF VALUES! January Clearance SALE ,• •• • • • ofr I " >. . -. ;.; - '.', _. '•;«•*. , ^ BENSON'S KIDDLE SHOP 180 J'SOtJTH MAIN 'ST.. Watorlmr.v THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Neary Building N»UK»tuck. Conn. See the New ZENITH ..with Consoltone Rich Toned Walnut Plastic. •Five Budio Tube* including rectifier, -^viive j Mifrtrnet. • • . .< 1 u .spill-. :. A I'I TeL MM 413 Xo. Main St. Union City Store Open Friday Night Until !) O'Clnck nee 1.o send, requested inform.iu, to Gcr.. Carl Spaate.i - 1 ./** NEW TIAVKN STATE ERS COLLEGE open* semester February 3rd with in Art, English, Education, Prenct Spanish, Mathematics, Sci'en c Mythology and Home Economic] *" DENTAL CLAIMS ihouU L flic* within one year if tcou, „,,": tilling. Dental claims for repl»c». mcnt of work done in the .can be filed during- the v life-time. NEAREST OF KIN will , questionnaires regarding the'trwu. for to the United States of bodies of servicemen who died a service. There has been ftirft €t delay in this matter. Look And Learn By A. C. GOItnOV 1. Ot whom was it said, «Hi, strength was as the strength of ten because his heart was pure"? 2- Upon which river in the United States are the most ships buih? 3. What is an "Annie Oakley"; 4. How many years did the pio. pie under Moses wander in the dts- ert? 5. What is a maverick? ANSWERS 1. Sil Galahad. : 2. Delaware River. 3. A pass or free admission cat! •J. Forty years. &'• A western term for an unbranded cow, or motherless call Ollies Radiator Shop 18 PROSPECT ST. TEL. SMI Union City Auto Radiators Repaired, : Cleaned and Re-Cored • Work Called For and Delivered ALL WORK GUARANTEED OUie Le Due, Prop., ANOTHER SHIPMENT AMERICAN MADE GUARANTEED ALARM CLOCKS . .. $2.20 Inc. Tax S CHNEERC CREDIT JEWfUCS*/ 16? South Main St. - 4 ;;p FOR YOUR FAMILY NEEDS!! NAT'S 410 North Main Si Dnlon City TEL. «1M CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY IN NEW QUARTEBS AT 28 CHURCH STREET Tel. 2219 — RADIOS — . — PHONOGRAPHS — Radio - Phono Combinations RADIO REPAIR SERVICE •TiiM Received A Shipment' Of Modern Radiators Enough for 10 Seven Room Houses' Firse Come -. First Senred The '.. . . Waterbury Heating.Co. Lenders In Home Hcallnf «4-»6 Spring St. Phone 4-M7I Waterbury • Furnacei* Cleaned-mud Rc|»»»fW . . . Chimney* Cleaned , FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 'MAY or.NIGIJT Independent Cab Co. 4 OAK .STBIiET , ; \ PAINT HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES ETC. Free Delivery CANS, lot Maple Street TeL 3607 ,' ,•

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