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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 2

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 2

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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T' AIL SfiHEHEl reaches something like per million "I found that the Contra Costa water," he added, "contained -free ammonia, .193, and the alnnrtnoid.l2lDarmUlloo i Darta IJ-rJP MATIOIJAL HONDURAS i Taa 2 HONDURAS NATIONAL SdeVstwl QKmim: E. d. DEMAREST, Pa art Cartea, Hradarava. A. Care Central America Express, PORT TAMPA CITY.

Send by Exprttu Do not use ths Mail flobida. PAnnc Coast Omci s-209 Orsnt Ava 85 New Montgomery 8t, Ban rranclseo. MI Proof just Now Be Brought. A Challenge to the Contra Costa. to 4J4zdVerltsemsnt ol tie.

Contra Costa Water l)om pany; vouching' i ier the puB.y and exoeUenae or th water fur-nwheft by sthitt Ir wllv earnest X- nave rtbe pleeeare of. his acquaintance aad tbat I believe him to bsa eompeteat, eoneoieauous and ciretul observer. Ido net tnink tbat he would wilfully or knowingly misrepresent tbe abilities of otber observers, professional or otherwise; and 1 aa sure that if he ia permitted to oondnct a series of experimenta with Contra Costa water in conjunction with Professor Bow-hill. Professor Cunningham aad myself, he will cheerfully abide by the result, whatever It may be. and Join with us In an honest report of the result of our testa.

a chaixuok. "Now I will make this proposal to Dr. Wythe, and it may be also regarded as a direct and explicit challenge to the Contra Coata Water Company. Let Dr. Wythe, Professor BowhiJI and Professor Cunning ham go to Lake Temescal and Lake Chabot and secure eamplee of thoae waters, with-oat interference or surgeetion on the part of anyone, the interested corporation, or those opposing them.

Let each of these experte make individual and independent experiment and then compare the results of their investigations. I will abide by the Joint report of theee gentlemen and I am eonfident that Dr. Wythe will not dissent from the analysis. "Let us have a further examination to finally decide whether the water furnished by the Contra Costa Water Company of Oakland hi "of remarkable purity aad ax eelience aad free from all unsanitary conditions, as asserted by D-. Wythe, or whether it is "unfit for human aa claimed by Professor Canning-bom and Pro feasor Bowbili.

What do yoa, think Wauklya woull report on water in tnat eonainoa -n aa aori a report would Dr. Wythe, conscientious experimenter that he ia, make, do you suppose "The water supply of London la tltared at Hampton Court. Wauklyn's analysis of the water above-that point shows that it contained .28 of albaminoid ammonia. 8nch ia the raw material with whien the water companies of the great metropolis have to deal. This water ia filtered by the best processes in existence and carries to tbe consumer containing .03 to .09 albaminoid ammonia.

Comparing the water of Lake Temescal. one of tbe sources of the Contr tfAt linnlv. I find a condition much worse tnan thstof the Thames above Hampton Court, or .3 parte per million of aibuminoia ammonia. iimoiu wo-ion that it will bs impossible to purify the water Lake Ttmeical unless the oausee of its impuritv are radically removed and the water subjeoted to the most perfect filtration without the use of alum." A TSAIHIU CHZ3O0T. Dr.

Wythe, lacking more substantial argument, hae referred slightingly to the scientific knowledge of the experts who have thue unequivocally condemned the water supply of the Contra Coata Company. For the information of the citizens of Oak and, who are to decide eventually on tbe merits of this controversy, It saay be tbat Professor Cunningham waa educated in his profession at the University of Ed nbnrgh in the school of medicine. He waa afterwards cheaaiet for the Lanark (Scotland 1 Oil Ha waa for four years chemist at the American Sugar Refinery in San Francisco. For two years be was adjunct to the chair of ehsmistry at tba University of California. He is now professor of chemistry of the veterinary department of tbe University of California and consulting chemist of the Children's Hospital of Ban Francisco.

Winslow Anderson, who indorses tbe report of Professor Cunningham and Professor Bowhiil, ia one of the leading authorities in the medieal profession of California, and bis assertion tbat the water furnished to the city of Oakland by tbe Contra Costa Water Company ia Impure and unfit for human consumption will sot be questioned by physicians, chemists or analytical bacteriologists. ztmotic ozaiis. When questioned concerning Dr. Wythe's flippant reference to himself and his associates in the report condemning the water supply of the Contra Coata Company, he dismissed that witty dissertation on the microbee of orthography in tbe spirit of humor that inspired it and confined bis commas to the more serious Question of tbe effect upon the healtb of this conn munity by the continued use of Contra Costa water. Ii-I'CisM'fiilH "fclintooii's Reply to Dp.

Wjtbefs Repsrt i Gm ml Hog Cfiolin Iaj 9 Water Bora. I The World's Fair Tests I 1 showed no baking powder so pure or so great in leav- RoyalIsls: Hive Evidently Had Enough, veryttdag Ia Banning Baaaashlr a tha aandwteh lalaadsi Sas Fbancisco, April 20. The eteamer Australia arrived this morning with advices to April 13th. Minister Thurston returned from Washington this morning. The American Minister hat received no notification of hie recall, at least ha has not intimated so to the Government.

Minister Hatch defend Thurston's course while in Washington, and says tha; Thurston had a right to tell what ha knew of looal affair-. V. V. Ashford hae been pardoned en condition that ho leave tha country never to return. Tha ex-Queen is still confined in tbe Palace.

She seems contented. Sba ie allowed to exercise in the grounds in tbe evening. Samuel Damon Las returned from California. Re went there on private bnsinaes and not to dispose of Hawaiian Government bonds as baa been stated. NOT TO Die MONDAY.

Na Date Sat for Buchanan's Execution. Eing Sino, N. Y.p April 20 Warden Sage aaid today that the execution of Dr. Robert W. Buchanan, Ibe wife murderer, would not taki place Monday, aa at first expected, and no time has been fixed.

Tbe Warden said be was waiting to see whether Governor Morton would take any action. Lawyer Gibbons, Buchanan's counsel, went to Albany today to apply to the Governor for a respite of thirty days. He will also aak the Governor to com muts Buchanan's sentence to life imprisonment. KILLtD A BALL Bloody TragaJy in a Small Indiana Town. Portland, April 20.

At a dance in Candon, twelve miles from here, last nignt, Harry Block, a clerk, became offended because Freda Like accompanied another man to the balL He threatened to kill tbe wcmin. Otto Hazenfus attempted to settle the quarrel and wai fatally shot bv Block who then killed tba girl and himself. A TITLEti LADY. Sudden Death of Mrs. Catherine Voi Adelung.

Her Excellency Catberine Von Adelung, died suddenly of old age tbis morning at the residence of her son, Edward Von Adelung, 153 East Tenth street Tbe deceased was born in Munich. Bavaria, 82 years ago. She married Alexander Von Adelung who wee at one time t-tate Counselor in Kussia and subsequently Counsel General for Russia at Liantzlg, Pruasia. That is bow sbe came to get ber title. After the deatb of her husband Mrs.

Von Adelui'g lived in nich. About twelve years ago sbe came to tbis country end bas nee been living witb ber son bhe was in receipt o( a pension of 1000 roubles a year from the Russian Government. A sum equal to $300 a year. Tbe fUDeral will take piece Monday morning, and the remains wi be cremated at Cypress Uwn in ban Francisco. 3EQUEATHEJ uNc DOLLAR.

Gacrge Dsgsn Censures His Son i 8 Will The will of George Degen was presented for probate today. The deceased bequeaths $1 to his son Robert, who, he says, bas been wayward and bas been away from home since 1373. Tbe residue of tbe estate is left to tbe widow. Reed Nns- baumer are tbe attorneys for tbe estate. THt BES i OF ALL Iron Rjck Makes the Mo3t Serviceable Highways.

There is only one rock that ought to be put Into the roads and drives and walks of this city and county. Tbat rock is tbe one which, while being the most durable, makes tbe easiest, smoothest and most attractive surface. There is quite a number of rocks in tbe market, some of which are very good, but the more one oon aiders them and the more one sees them tried, the more defects are to be found in them. These various styles of rock sometimes appear fair ta tne eye, but wben subieoted to a teat, show tnat money expended on tnem is actually money wasted. The rock that stands preeminent above all others and, in fact, tbe only rock whlcta is now being nsed in all tba great improve ments tbat are being made in accommo dating surtaoe travel, is iron Rock.

This ia tbe cheapest because it is the best. It is procured from Iron Rock Quarry at Berkeley, wnicn is ownea or tbe Oakland Rook Company. The headquarters are room 7, asaoaonouga i neater building. Telephone 1002. Colonel j.

T. Cochrane is tbe manager. A Well Managed Beatawraat. The Pearl Oyster and Chop House ia al ways np to the times. It is laying in an abundance ot good things for next week anticioatlag aa unusually hsavv rush be cause of Grand Parlor week.

But the rush will oocaaion no inconvenience, because N. P. Jensen, tha proprietor, thoroughly understands bis business. The Pearl is situated at 803 Broadway, near Eighth, and is open all night Am Ore-am Baettal. There will be a concert of sacred music, both vocal aad instrumental in the Church af the Advent.

East Oakland, next Wednesday evening, at 8 o'clock. Ko admission will be charged, but an opportunity for an offering will be given. lata Ha ward Affair. MonriAPoLia, April -20. Jadfe Ben-grave Smith.

In a lengthy decision filed this noon, deaies the motion for a new trial ta the murder case of Harry X. jttywvd. An appeal to the Baprame Court wiU follow. McnrgjUroilsr April 1 20. A apodal to the Jwrnal' frcm -Wiaann lays is "A tribe of Winniehieick; Indiana are aaid ir daopMiT- thai JfaVtK" nf TTaarV hn the' haltaa wa W.m.

siblnior the? murder of Yellow JtUaVl lj3.ayt3i,aau mse atjiy rU CmcLOOk aipril IJAa Ctnh raxneaa to A0O8t Fresliant raeignatioav twndered because neia ad-recall freo eelnage i aUvar, ayaHaalJiJ RK8TACBANTS. Under hiow Management. Tha BALTIMORE Restaurant OYSTER HOUSE 463 stnel 46S Seweaitk betweea Waso-lagton and Broadway. Best Of meals served by professional eookt, DAT AND NlOHT. Oysters fn every style.

riaeWlnasaadUauora rdfataroeau for ladies and families. F. DtCaiap, Prep UNIVERSAL Restaurant Oyster House 475 SEVENTH STREET Best Ileal ia Town 25 Cents and Upwards MeaJa as All Hure, Day or Might. Salass to Okdis. Choice Wines, Llqaors aud Cigars, Private Keoma for Ladles and Parties M.

Catusich Props. iiaMii aj. SOMETHING NEW Buy the Best for ibe leist loney." Herlag Opened Under a New Management The Bon Ton Restaurant Will eiveyoa a firat-clasa meal for 2 o. including small bottle of Wine Secular Fuench Dinner oOo. Best In City.

Private Roods for Ladies aad Parties. OPBN ALL SIviUT. loea Washington htkkut VIKCKNT HOURAT. Proprietor. HdlEIS.

HOTEL CREfeLIM. THE MOST FAVOSABI.Y LOCATED AND lead r-g Hotel of Oakland. Corner Tenth ana TV ashington Oakland. M- X. HA UTMAX, Proprietor rtJUAMfOOTEL Cor.

18th and Sau Pab'o. WAS BE-OPENgO January 3d BY MBS. SHAW and MBS. A. CDETIi 1 be Hotel, which ia eated in one of the most desirable streets in the city bas been thoroughly renovated and 0tud up, aDd will bo conducted in arst-claai ttyle.

Tbe Booms are Large and Most Comfortable and ensure a easant home lor Fnmi ic. The building is heated throughout with, steam. FABIOLV BAT FETfi OAKLaHD TROTTISG P1RK, Wednesday, May 1st, 1895. BICYCLE BICES BOBSL BICES SBAXD COMPETITIVE FL8BAL DiSPLir AND PARADE EXKIBITIOI DBIVIH8 A YABIETY CF NOVEL SPOBTS a'donkey. bace With 20 of our society gentle men as riders.

Valuable Prizes or- Goltl Watcbes, Dlunonds, Lockebt, lie. Amuaing sports for the children. In teres ting contests for adults. ADraSSION a eta. US 9 GiPOT OAOH COT MMAL YARD! Wenington OoeJ, per ton, $10 00, per 50o Scotch 8pllnt, 9 60, 47Wo Book Springe, 9 BO, 4tGo Beattle, 8 60, Coos Bay 7 0a fipsi Kindling Wood, 6 sacks for U0 Love Tons or tua tna.

TJaturanxn at Baks Katbs. Otte aael Tardt S. B. Cor. nfth tad yeexj pa, Tnxxvnoira fee.

oil frobate Kattoev -j i thb: BurnpioB, oovkt thx deceased. 4 Settee ef tfme set foe nrorlng wHL Tee. Jietiee) ie berebv tiranalUiaWL fetters testameatary tkeieo1uatbeafllea la thie Court, and. tbat atsmdayTihe CU iar Mar. a.

aa ia n'ewZZ 7T.tA.Z st tha Cemrtrom of iepartmelt Ka 4 of sahj Court taComtionsa 1 thm CUT Pt Oak-. wo. ua ua cwanty of Alameda, has been set tot tha hearing of sal etaoav waeaend where ear person tweet si sbaj aPaaaa all; ntest same, ctfiAirreuifc By V. P. Aoaxs, th i uty Clara, KBBD a BTCasA.

MMM. AtUtam far sretittaaer. Insurance Hard to Get, No Settlement Bees Made, Has Ibe Question Is Where Asj iinsioess. to Get Indications Hat tit Sitlli Will Spnil to Su Friachca. The local insurance war is practically over.

It has only lapsed, however, for want of ammunition. Tbe agents are just as ready to cut each others' throats and policies today as they were when the campaign opened six weeks ago. They are not crying "quits," but bae simply exhausted their supply. The field has been so thoroughly covered that nothing remains to be done now but tbe cleaning up of tbe mass of office wnrk that has accummulated during tbe fight. The war has bsen one of the bitterest ever precipitated in this county.

It baa resulted in deeper cuts than has ever before been made for business and some phenomensliy low rates have been quoted where risks ate good and competition has been keen to secure tbe business. Tbis was notably indicated in tbe tight that wss made to reinsure the city and county buildings. These policies were cut to a minimum. Most of this business was rewritten at a cut of 75 per cent. Tbe prevailing rate, however, daring tbe war wag on tbe basis of a 50 er cent slash in rrgular rates.

This was very generally maintained, but In hard cases, a trimming on tbis figure would be mde, rather than lose the business. That tbe public as fully aware of the war is evidenced from the fact that tbe reinsurance of Oakland has not lelt anything to be written. On ail sides the work has been done with a completeness that has practically swept tbe city from one end to the other. Xbere will bo very little inmr-tnce written in Oakland during tbe next three years, unless a tremendous building; boom should strike tbe city. One of tbe features the present war has been tbe (treat number of long torm policies 'hit have been made out.

Tue major portion oi tbe reinsurance of everything but tbe business portion of the city was written for three years. There are very few policies upon improvements out side tbe main business center tbat have not been wnt en lor at east that lenetb of time Downtown 'he rifcs are all for shorter term, with ome exceptions. Even in tbe business district the competition for insurance has been so keen tbat three-year policies have been written. Ti ia is rarely done wht-n conditions are normal. ta nearly all tbe offices work is confined mainly to the settling up of business connected with tbe war.

There 11 a great deal to be one In tbis direction, and it Will be some weeks before the offices will be running again in first-class order. A nu- ber of tbe local agents have been so wrought-up over the cam- paien tbat is just beine concluded thai their appetite have bean whetted lor iresh iields of conquest. Tbe possibility and, in faot, tbe proba ility tbat tbe war will spread is vsry imminent. Tbe agsnts are gazing across tbe bay with a keen eye. They anticipate an outbreak of hostilities tbere within a week, and if some of them do not enter the battle it will be very surprising.

WAST TO GET EVEW. The Oakland agents would like nothing better than a chance to play even to some extent. Some of them already have lue.r erips packed, and propose to move to the seat ot war just as soon as Hostilities commence. It now seems very likely that an open outbreak will occur in Ban Francisco before many days. The Board of Under writers is on tbe eve of dissolntion.

About one-half tbe companies doing business on the Paciflo coast are out of the compact, and some of those stilt standing by ths combine are ready to with draw, two ot tbe largest companies in the union nave witain a ween given novice that they will resign their membership. As soon as the constitutional time has elapsed it will find these companies out and ready to cnt along with many other non-board companies. rne result will manuest itself during the coming week. The combine is now oa the eve of dissolntion and insurance men sav there is noth ing to prevent a general stampede within a week. As soon as this comes, rates in San Francisco will be at the merer of policy holders, and a repetition of the Alameda county war will be enacted.

Oakland will be well represented in the fray, for not a few local ageota are awaiting the signal to change their base of operations during the coming war. With rates open in San Francisco, there ia utue doubt tnat the war will spread to the entire coast. Announcement was made this morning that the Board of Underwriters would meet in San Francisco today for the last time as an organization. This would appear to mean that the insurance war acros a tne oay wui ae precipitates immeaiataiy. The 'Tether of Waters; is not mora malestie than tba -march of Dr.

Pricea Baking rowder. UERRY YATCHSMEN, The Banqust tbis Evening Will Be Well Attended. The members of the California Yaobt deb have made elaborate arrangements tor tnetr spring banquet wnjca wui oe neia at the OaUndo Sotet this evening. Only tne members of the dob are entitled to be prase at- The yachtsmen expect to have a meor time. Tomorrow many of the boy a Will lake a faU to Ti baron.

PERSONAL I letter end wife of Oorsieana, Texas, jla. aeaiar sj Drsnaor AMBicnan eraot Jest Texas, and cousin ot Forei ana juss Hand Honsu of oasis iaJdand. Mia Kate Ajaea of Napa it visiting her slttMMlasStSiaAmfca. Dr. Bromley of Bosom la vudtlrur his parents, Mr.

and Mrs. J. Bromley, ia Xtoera! Jtishnell and wlfi 'f asias ana Oakland izKlsa William' eeen in ataao JLtv E. A. "OallagbfV UUfcrffiX Washington 9 Mgaolty.

Kama leaaiag iBlllintr 955 sum and at lulls The Wheelock Pianos ere tbe moat popular and are preferred by the leading artists. Pacific Coast Agency, Glrard Piano Central Bank Building, 14th and Broadway. JJIBD. VON AOXLTJNO -In this city, April 7SK 1396, Her Bxeelienoy, Caroline von Adelung, a native ot Germany, aged SI years, 10 months an 18 daya Moobk-Ib this city, April 30, 1895, George P. beloved son ot George P.

and kmaia Moore, a native of Oakland, aged 9 months aud 10 dars. Undertakers tnd Practical Embalmen 969 Clay St-, eer. 10th, Oakland, Indepentent of the Trast. All goads at frieee. Peraoaal atteananoe.

TBLKraoMB 667. DO YOU If you wear Ir 1 Af A cale and outing Uh lA ouirui Lixia concerns you. The new line for spring, '95, of the STANDARD brand are crack-a-jacks for style and conscientious make-up. And they are a home product, that's something, too. And qua ity considered, they are the lowest in pric.

That's a good deal. Your dealer has them. They all have. EM? ft rRAOC N.B. MAltK.

by Neuitadter can Francisco. MACDONOUGH THEATER. it. Cook 3NIOHT3 i Beginninci mm APRIL 29th Tbe Qreat American Drama, THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND ME, Friday. May 3d Grnd Concsrt by FRITZ SC L.

M. ndar. May 6 (2 nights) Peter Dailey la ths great auocess, "A COdNiBY bPOKf." Order to Show Cause IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE Couaty of Alameda, State of In tnj mattsrof ths application of Beulah Park Camp Meeting Association (a corpor atlon). for leave to -ell real estate. Orddt to cange.

BoulaU Far Camp Meeting Association, a corporation, havin? Hie 1 Its verified petition, praying for sa order of tbis Court aut uorizing the Beulah Park amp Meeting Axsooiation, a corporation, to sell aad convey al tbe land dow owned by said cotd- ration or that may be reconreyed by ta grant or sucoes-ora of tae grantees under th-order formerly mtde by this Court, In the tract of land as io lows: Tbat certain piece or parcel of landsituated In the City of kland. County o-lWmedx Stats of California, and eommencin at a point in tbe easterly Uae of tne town of Lynn, distant sonth thirteen decreet wet one hundred aud seven 74-100 (107 74-100) feet from the southerly line of the Coonty road (or Hopkins street): running- theuco sontti thirteen degrees west alone tha line of fence btw en said town of Lynn an 3 land of J. V. Webster, fire hundred and ty-seven 2G-100 (557 26-100) feet to an old pot: thence sunth seventy-six degrees fifiy minutes eaat slong line of lence Ave hundred and seventy-three (573j feet to a stake: thence north twelve degrees forty-fire minutes east along a due of cypress tries and distant two (2) feet easterly therefrom six hundred ana aixty-seven 20-IOu (667 2-l0i) feet to a stake in the southerly line of aaid Hopkins street: thence north seven hundred and seventy (770) feet west along tbe last named Una two hundred and forty- wo (212) feet; thence westerly along a line carved to the left with a rad'us of even hundred and tbree (1.103) feet, three hundred and ten (S10) feet to the point of commencement; containing eight and one-half (8) acres. Mow Therefore, It is ordered tbat all persons interested therein be and appear before this Court on Mondar, the 29th day of April A.

d. 1895, at ten o'clock a. sr. of tbat day. at the Courtroom of this Court, Department No.

2 thereof, la tbe Courthouse la said City of Oakland, County of Alameda, State ot California, to show cause, if aayther saay have, why the said Beulah Park Camp Meeting Association, a corporation, should not be authorised and granted permission aad leave to seu tne isnu nerein-aooye aeeennea. And it is hereby further ordered that a ennv of tb's order be published daily for at least nveuays oetore tne sua aay ot neanng la tbe Oaklimd Tbibuns, a newspaper printed and puDiisaea in saia wuniy oi Alameda. A. L. FRICK.

Judge of the Superior Court 1HWU April AS, NOTICg 13 HXRKBT QTVIJt THAT Friak Htrrtes. aad A. Snyder Jr. have this day and year entered lata copartnership doing business at 471 Ninth street, Oakland, vh, uuuvr am una name oi uerriee reUUbieyele aaaiaeaa, yming areata ror tne Clipper Ucyoie. All bills eoatracted under the said firm name wiii oe accepted ana met aocorciag to agree- uiaua.

Dated Oakland, Cat, April 1ft, IMS nigaea J. BHTDnS JBj, notice to Credltore. Jktots af ADAM ecorx dsesasxf OTTCn IB HXKKBT OIVXS BT TH undarslrned. administratrix af the aetata of Adam Good, deceased, to the erediters or ana eu persons having Claims againss tne aaid deeeasea. to exhibit them.

wH tha aeeeeaary vomehers within teat aaomtba alias the first publication of this notice, to tbe said administratrix, at the offlee of Del mas 6 ghort-ridge. rooms 38 to so of the Crocker Baildlng, Baa yrandsoo, CaL, which said office the aa-darslcned aaleou ae aer place ot boataessln aU matters connected with the said estate ef Adam Good, deceased. HXNBHTTA GOOD. Adaitnlstratrlxof the aetata Adam Oood, Dialed Oakland, AprQ 0, 189a, a GOOD BWXDX8S OLE1V WANTS A SITTJ- A. atiea te a private iamily to de general boose worst east ioratah rafaraacaa.

Call at Clay street, aeeg Brent ay G5 OD COOK WAKTS rTUATTOK; WILL da ea erai houe work, city oi eoutry. Bdehntend Honse, lgntn ana Wsshlngten te. Loar-tAia atoftsni- -cw ov wataiothee BnalsunarrhaiSl totss neighbor haod est Jbirteeaie a44- Jackson sis, Fleaee reearA se U2e Beoadwa and teeatye twwaeeV li 8ITUATI0K8 OnV fIB8T girls for ahd aaaoad a good girl for aewla tkr tha day. womee for day's work, girls of alt aatiam. an JO-: oaws an niiimaaa AFP17 a mu atoreu "I think: that mv proposition is an eminently fair one, and that It la due to the veracity and ability of all concerned that it ahoold be aeted upon; I think it is due to me uoeta uompany, wnose water has been declared unfit for human consumption and 1 think it ia due to the people of Oakland, whose health is menaced, if it should be found fiat animal organlams prevail to an axceesive degree in the water tbey are importuned to drink by the Contra Costa Company." The Bradstreet Mercantile Agency reports thirteen failures in the Pacific coast 8tates and Territories for the week ending today, as compared with twelve for tbe provious week, and eleven for the corresponding week of 1894.

The failures for the past week are aivided as follows Tbree gensral stores, two hotels, two contractors, oue drugs, one photographer, one saloon, one lumber, one bakery, and one dried fruits. An Alaaasda County Ra'idsat. A pretty, bright, clever young woman is pictured npon tbe cover. of Pacifie Town Talk this week Miss Pearl Noble, solo cor- as the Royal. 106 WALL NEW-YORK.

netist and soprano. There are otber portraits in the same number, Mrs. Bessie Pazton, little Elena Recel, Mrs. Andrea Mojioa, W. L.

Oleason, and tbe merrv prmclnals in A CWi ry Sport, Pter liailey May Irwin and Ada Lewis. The peop cry for portraits nowadevs. and what tbe people cry for they get from the editor of dniiy or wekly newspapers. In Town TWA this week one finds up-to late editoi-lais spicy SaunUrer pa auraphs, society news in and our of town, and (earless, impartial dramatic and musical criticisms. JACOB1 PRICE.

A Few Facts About ked Man. a rYuch Be Waa an Honored B-sldent of Ban Iiaandro Twenty Teara. Lett week was announced the death of Mr. Jacob Price, a former resident ot this county for twenty years, residing with hi family at 8an Laandro, a highly respected oitizsn, and for many years supsrintend-ent of the Price Press Company ot tbat place. He died at Eaoine, Wit.

where he went to reside some six years ago while at the dinner table, of apoplexy. Hie death was very sudden, but painless his ohoice of death. Hie last words were "Excuse me a moment," while pleasantly discussing the sliver question with two other gentlemen. He was superintending draughteman for the J. Oaae Company, and was at the office in his usual health until noon the day of bis death.

He waa a man of sterling integrity, a great brain worker, being well known on this coast through his suocessful inventions, the Price hay press, perfected in 1862 at Petalnma, being used almost exclusively On this coast tor many years. in late years oa baa patented and manufactured the field locomotive, traction en gine, gang plows, and seeders. His latest machine was a ateei aoume-enoer press. He waa also patentee of tbe celebrated Price steam plow and engine. He waa a writer of considerable ability, a poet, and a contributor to tbis paper ia tbe past.

He waa a musician, tba possessor of a fine tenor voice, aad leader of choirs for thirty years of his life. He married the daughter of Senator Bar- netL well known, in the Legislature durrac Oovernor Height 'a term of office. Mr. Price waa a native of Michigan, 68 yean of age. He leaves a widow and three children.

Hie relatives on this coast era two eiatera Mra. William Davis of East Oak land, and Mlae M. Price, teacher, Oakland, GQINQ TO CARLSBAD isn't necatv way now. Ctflsbad is coming to foil. At east, health giving pert of it is.

G. You get every curative quality that has made the place famous for hundreds of vicar, lathe li you eret xao -i m. jsajaaa tj. enTBo-ijxuie 'gen-: uine has the tirtatiiregtx lIurpiwoM Ca, 6ole New on every padtage. "VTheriaolI Baying teat "Whom th gods would destroy they first make mad." The Contra Costa Water Company is en-; deavoring to defend itself against the assertion of scientific experts that the water supplied to the people of Oakland by thai corporation is "an fit lor human consumption," and is publishing an advertisement, Indorsed by Dr.

J. H. Wythe, claiming that this gentleman, la Septem her 1893. made a chemical and biological examination of the Contra Costs water, resulting in the discovery that this water "ia of remarkable parity and excellence, and ta free from unsanitary conditions," It will be observed tnat this alleged ex-' ainination of Contra Costa water waa made two years ago. It Is also noticeable that Dr.

Wjthe does not aay that be took his samples, personally, from the reservoirs or faucets of the i- Contra Costa Com pany he may have been fur Dished with samples for his tests by the "corporation, a party directly and vitally interested in the result. Moreover, be -makes-no reference to the number of the samples experimented with before one was found satisiactory to the corporation. Again it is peculiar that the corporation has concealed this valuable information Tintil the present time althouiU it ia not strange that they should now attempt to palm on oa the public a Deck number re-. port oa the quality of their water, hoping to beguile tneir patrons into tbe belief that the water tkey are now drinking is "of remarkable purity and excellence aad free from all unsanitary conditions." Yeriiy tne Contra Costa Water Company paast imagine that the people of Oakland are 'fools credulous "jays" who mar be Sunooed by any operator upon their oonfl-eace. TWO AHAXY8BS.

This adrertisement of their water pub lish ed by tne Contra Coata Water Company is a defense against tbe report of Professor Bowbili, Professor Cunningham and Dr. Winalow Anderson, that the water, furniaued by tbe corporation is "onflt for human consumption." 4 In-tne latter instance tbe samples of water tested were taken personally by the experts from tbe reserroirs and mains of "'the Contra Coata Water Company. 4 Tbey were samples of up to data water tasted in 1896, being a portion of the water tbat some of the people of Oakland are drinking every day that tbey will drink tomorrow and the next day. The report of these experiments was not filled away "for future reference." to be sprang upon the public like a dead millionaire's will or a new theory In a murder case the report condemning the water furnished by the Contra Costa Water Com-' pany was published in TheTribtjhb of Friday, April 1Z 1896. be remembered tbat Professor A.

A- Cunningham made a chemical analysis 6t water drawn from a faucet at 222 Eroedway, Oakland, on Febrnary 15, 1893. end recorded the result in the report of April 13t a as follows: 'In appearance tbe sample was c'ondy, Indicating the presence of considerable atattar held in suspension. "Total solids per gallon, 17. grains. "Cniorine per gallon, .81 grains.

l- "Aramonta per million parts, free, .193. Albuminoid, 121. "Oxyeaa aonenmed by moist combustion, per million parte, 1 8V1 This waa the result of analysis of water fiKtrad by tbe "improyed processes" operated by the Cbatra Coata Water Company. TbaYeault of biological examinations by Prof sssor Bowhill of water from Lake Chabot aad Lake Tsmescal yleldsdto-. Mther; .021 grammes Carbonic arammee Suipburetted hydrogen 001 grammes Chlorine 014 grammes It seems to snake but little differeaos whether the -water furnished by the Con- tra Coata Company is filtered the ammonia, -the albumin, the baoteria, mi- erobes, aad animal organlams are aver present and in eufSoient quantity to render tbe fluid "unfit for human t'vvr wmxht' ASTimmm, Professor Cunningham ling had whan be was shown the advertjtmiot of the Con- i tra Costa Watar Company eadOTaed by Dr, "If that rambllug.

meanlngJeas absurd advertisement ia intended aa a carttfloata of the food quality of the waver I said, "It ia not worth the trouble it eccasloned its aathoca to frame iW It certainly toee awl attaek my report and the analysis which I made still oan-tieane the water furnished to the citizens cf Oakland by tbe Contra Ceeta Company im pare to the extant that it unit for human consumption. "I bate my verdict on the Judgement of J. Alfred Wauklynr the beat authority in this apeeial anbLysia, in the world, Professor Cunningham continued, Wauk-lyn says: 'free ammonia being absent, or very small a water should not be condemned unlee tne albuminoid ammonia FACIAL HUMORS ID TO L2 TEf becanaeot diaug- fcclil humors if the eonttlaotVof wio Uve ia-lgnoraaee of tha. fleet ia Cr-iara Boa to fcoad the I rn tte worid. -Ttr pirn red and oily Aim, i nza, dry, taia, aad faU.

i. a. a. Prevented by I ening power ROYAL BAKING POWDER ''Oakland is not. I believe, conspicuously free oi zvmntio disease." be said.

"Tnese ailments, always serious, and frequently tatal, are due in tbe first instance to the impure water supply and secmdsrily to the inhalation of sewer gases. "The ana ysis by Professor Bowbili and ProfeS'Or Cunningham are conclusive evidence, tbat tbe water furnished by the Contra Cota Company is excessively impure and utterly uulit for bumsn consumption. Acute infectious diseases may be water born and tbis is particularly tbe case wi typhoid fever. But it is not necessary tbat tne animal organlams in water used for drinking purposes should produce specific disease, to be deleterious to the health of a community. These organisms, constantly entering tbe human system, in the quantities shown by the analysis of the Coutra Osta will produce a weakening effsci.

languor, lassitude, and eventually low grade fevers. I am convinced that if it were not for the pre talent uae of Contra Costa water the deatb rate would be lower and the health rate much higher I am arte that tbe prevalence of zrmotic complaints would be much reduced, perbaps altogether exterpated saTO for isolated oases from specific causes otber thau those induced by tke use of impure water. TYPHOID COSTA MIK ATI OH. "Tbe excretions of a single person afflicted with typhoid fever would contaminate all the water in Lake Ohabot and Lake Tenaesoal," Dr. Anderson continued.

"Tbe disease of every person residing on the water sheds of the Contra Oosta supply is a menace to the health of every parson who drinks the water of that Company. Oakland baa had one severe lesson of this sort in typboid epidemic emanating at a milk ranch in the saburba, the cans of which were rinsed with water into which bad passed the excretions of a man affictad arith that disease. It may be that tbe inception of the eoidemie was emphasized by the use of water in the mile, as ia the custom of some dairymen who seek to improve the quality of their milk by thte dilution. I don't think that even Dr. Wythe will contend that the epidemic emanated directly from tne milk and I am of the opinion that he will agree with me that tbe bacteria of typhoid may be readily disseminated through the water supply of a city.

"As regard! tke filtration of water through the carcass of a dead opw, I will sav tbat the resullaftt saicM not be a disease germ in the sense that the microbe of diphtheria or typhoid la a dUeaee germ, but the effect would be emphatically deleterious, as In the oaae af every chemical alkaloid. Ptomaines are chemical poisons often in, their effects, and what difference doss it make if a man dies of pouon or disease. HoocneuBA. "If one of those pigs that are reported to be wallowing in the elrtam that gnppty Lake Chabot shoalq chance to contract hog cholera, aa often happen to plga, the excrement of ta animal contaminating that stream and that Jake would not necessarily communicate ho cholera to the people who drink Contra Oawsa watan, but the typhoid type of the serer which the bacillus peculiar hoc eaotera would iaoite is net only deleWrioua to the anyei-cal condition oi man. bat oometimee re-suits fatally.

Bogs afflicted with the cholera, roaming over the water abedi of the Contra Oosta Company' etrpply, aa well as diseased human residents of that water shed, are a menace to the health of Oakland. So are tba ehiekasks, for.ehlek-ens are prone to cholera as well aa hogs, endthle beefilo may alas human beings with poieoaoao ayaatnta, and enen cense death. Om male and on tejstaie bacilias. propagating in the water tovprv of a city, have been known to nrodnoa enough colonies in the course of a weak to fill a wagon aad remember that taw ayev-aca slae af a baeulae is fhaa than .001 of a inch. It has been ebon eoQClnsively that cholera may be tref Ue ater tuppliee of localltUi la Mch this plague hae ragedw.

Pa, WTTHx'a --from at aneouau iiauia egy that i the water eheda of the Centra Coata CbfcM panyare norzuffitfutiy proteetadvfi they art protected at ajr, any attempt made to protect the m. at. tba onniaamn-T ties of human end animal refuse anavx- In-other eectioae ohto eouo-J try and Earope tna-water -eneeuirom which oommnnitiea are auppfasd are guarded by patrol of mounted men who warn off all trespassers and keep them absolutely free from animal eootamlnatien, "A ngarda Dr. Wyua ai atgned l(.

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