Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 11, 1893 · Page 2
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1893
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3 THE WIHD-DP. irgraents CoHnejci in ths - flattenj Cas& -Lin Church Thoroughly Reviews the Evidence. ' f ... -'. " ' , -. " ';.-,- .-Aw I - ft.tfMa ftllil aM.SLV-:' -? 1 T&r Juj WEI Cast tie Die Sonstlms Tonorroi. The ease in (he Matbeny murder trial will so to the jury tomorrow afternoon. The State, represented by Assistant District Attorney Church, opened the argument to ihe jury this morning at 10:15 o'clock, with tbe intention of talking for two boars and a half. At noon he had not concluded, when & recess was taken. He resumed this afternoon when the court opened and continued to speak bis allot Wl time. Mr. Church has been connected with the case from the moment Special Officer Cashin was brought to the Ueceiving Hospital wounded and dying from the eff eta of the shot he had received in Kubnle's saloon on that stormy morn- las on the 11th of last March. Ue has made a study of every feature and so mastered the details of the case as to warrant the connected and straight forward manner with wnich tie presented it to the jury. He ipoke un hampered by notes. lie made no bom bastic appeals to the feeling or prejudice of the jury, ilia manner waa earnest and forcible. It betrayed no passion. and the defendaut was delineated only by his acts, which Mr. Church said poke loader than words. There was no halting for facts, words or ideas. The effort was listened to with wrapt attention by both the jury and the lobby and was generally considered an able effort. Mr. Church was succeeded by Carroll Cook, attorney for the defense, who is to sneak five hours. This will carry him over till some time tomorrow. District Attorney Snook will then close in two ana one-nan Hours ana tne jury wilt receive its instructions. Court No es. The creditors of 11. r. Brainman, an insolvent debtor, are notified to appear in Judge Greene's court on the 13th of November. The defendants. Eugene and Daniel Riley, have filed an anawer in the treas- pass case of A. f. rsunes, plaintiff, deny ing all tne allegations or the latter. An amended complaint has been filed in the case of J. F. Clark vs. Henry frank. la the case of The People vs. the Life and Annuity Association of Oakland, tne defendant deniea the right ol Marv Krager to appear as intervenor on the ground that she had forfeited all her rights acquired in the association by failing to make the payments required Dy ner contract. To Carry Storm Wat r. As a temporary measure for disposing of the storm water in the Fourteenth and the Eighteenth street district, the City Engineer recommends to the Boaid of Public Works that a drain be constructed of sufficient dimensions from the manbote at the end of the Fourth avenne sewsr through ths low lot north of Nineteenth street and over the mud flat, thereby relieving the sewer from back water and reducing the surface flaw of water from fourth avenue to bigh- teenth street. The matter has been re ferred to the Council. Identified at Lut Jacob Grell, residing at 707 Mission street, San Francisco, this morning identified the keys and purse found on the body of the unknown drowned man buried yesterday, as the property of Adolf Schopplery, who resided at his lodging house. Deceased was 30 years Old, a native of Bavaria, and without rel atives. He was employed by the Chicago Brewery. BadBeld TikM Ttc i. Horace A. Rjd field has filed an amended complaint against the Oakland Consolidated Street Railway Company, in which he sues for damages in the sum of $3595 and costs. The amendment consists In showing that the defendant so carelessly operated and managed a ear on which the wife of the plaintiff waa a passenger that the car ran off the track, and the plaintiffs wife waa so in jured that she died. DHrTiit Frli. Ws desire to ssy to our citizens that for years we have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Dr. Kinr's New Ufa PUls. Buckten's Arnica Balvs and Electric Bitters, and have never handled remedies that aell at wU, or that have given such universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and we stand 'ready to refund the imronase , price if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely on their menu, usgooa Bros., aruggists. ffhtrt I Mertla Gltaaor. Row Gilmore of 2141 Stagg street, Brooklyn New York, wants to know the whereabouts of her brother, Martin Qiu&orau who came to California tea yeara jmto. . Gilmore la 55 years old, native of Ireland, five feet four inches in height and a miner by occupation, . ,''( Teethe! Fraetlce Thav mnvers of the Reliance Foot- -a. - .W Mil team have been notified to appear tor practice at ths Piedmont grounds pa the alghta of Tuesday and Thursday and on Saturday afternoon and 8unday aaoTsiBt. upon the railroad pile-driver, hard at trork on the southern end of the line-of pile acraa the waterway between ha broad and narrow gang moles. The pile driver waa om haad to carry out the privileges granted the railroad by Judge Heaahaw's edict yesterday afternoon. With, no nndne haste the tog Rival towed the pile driver into position. Judge Henahaw had delivered hie order, and of course there waa plenty of time to replace the extracted pile. Slowly the 1 first timber was set, and then,, bang. bang, bang, the big iron hammer com menced to drive the log into the ooxicg mud of the Saa Francisco bay. The echoes floated back from the heighta of Goat island, and the passen- . r j. i gera on tne terries crossing ui watched the loog pine log ao it sank, inch by inch, to the water hne; Having plenty of time on their hands the railroad's workmen proceeded to do their work well and good. This time they drove tne piles to stay. No halfway business was allowed. Each pile was driven almost to the water line. At last the first pile was placed to their satisfaction. Then slowly, wim all dig nity due the occasion they moved on to the next position. The second pile was set, And then bang, bang, bang aKain,nthe timber went down, bo carelutly was the work done that by 10 o'clock only fourteen piies had becu driven. And then came the surprise of the day. The tug Elizabeth came puffiog down the creek with Cotton Brothers' pile extractor in tow. The railroad people wondered where they were bound. Surely, in the face of Judge HenBhaw's order, the city would not dare to pull any more piles, they thought. But in this they were mistaken. The tug made for the first pile, stand ing high out of the water on tbe north ern end of the line. ihe tackle was placed in position, and pufi, puff, puff, the big iron drum commenced to re-vuIvh, and swish, the big log was jerked out of the water. It was extracted much quicker than the railroad pile driver was sinking the piles at the southern end, and con sternation reigned in the ranks of the railroad people. At the rate the piles were cominz up, it would take two or three drivers to keep up with the ex tractor. When the tackle was arranged upon the second pile tbe railroad people came to the conclusion that it was about time to inquire into the matter. Deputy Sheriff Kellogg stepped upon the tug Rival and gave the orders to steam oat to the scene of destruction. "By whose orders are you doicg this mischief?" he shouted from the deck of the Rival. "By order, of the court," one of the proprietors of the driver responded. The Deputy Sheriff made no answer, only whistled softly to himself, and the tug steamed back to the pier. It had hardly reached the wharf when Chief of Police Sohaffer, unaided and unattended, appeared upon the scene. A bird-like whistle floated across tbe waters of the bay, and a boat was dispatched from Cotton Brothers' driver. Swiftly he was rowed along the line of piles, toward the railroad pile-driver. Then he served the order made bv Judze Henehaw this morning. The men on the pile driver said nothing they did not answer the Chief, but stopped work immediately, which was the effect he desired to produce. Then he was rowed back to where the piles were being extracted and thera stayed and watched the work go merrily on. When a Tribune reporter arrived upon the scene at 11 :30 this morning the railroad pile driver was lying silently at the southern end of the line of piles. Cotton Brothers' driver At the northern end was busily engaged ia undoing the railroad's work. A boat waa dispatched from the pile driver and the reporter taken on board. There were a dozen men all working as hard as they could, and the piles were being drawn with all speed possible. Eight piles had been extracted sinee 10 :30 o'clock and the work waa going merrily on. Fifty-one piles remained to be drawn, fourteen of which were driven almost to the surface of the water. That in no way discouraged the city's workmen, however. They had come prepared, and no pile is driven 'too securely for them to extract. 'We will have them all out by 6 o'clock tonight," said one of the Cotton Brothers. "When we get properly to work we will jsrk them oat as the rate of a dozen an hour." waa Vacated Utnight-r ,tha n miasidri $t, an afSJavU that tbtf cltv hid server bewn aerved' with a sttmraons , tor been made a pertr to the anit under which the original restraininpihtjr eo-joiaing the dririagof pile had iaeaed. The order jsud at the instance of General Hart did not refer U the paUlag of pile. General Hart did not plain of the palling of pileaV He plained of the driving af pUsa. I . "1 m opposed to tha trying el in the newspapers. No, air Tha action of tha city ia removing ' tha -p&a doea not place it in antagonism to the State." THE RAILROAD ATTORNEYS. What They Said Wbtn They Heard tbe News. : DETERMINED. ? v V Tiw Silm.IItn Hill Dp Ttelr Arrangements Uads for ths All Night Session. Detili ti Us Hoes Oiar lis IgCmij QlijstEHL sBtnrtin CONRAD ! CONRAD! CONRAD I i1 a sr V A. A. Moore had not heard of the vacation of the restraining order, obtained from Judge Hanahaw yesterday, when a Tbucxe man called on him this morning. "I don't know that tha order has been vacated,' Haaitbeen?" "So I onde:auad. What will be the effect of ihe last action of the courts T" "I don't care to be quoted. People regard anything that I may say as the statement of a hireling. "Of course the vacation of tbe order leaves everything as it waa before the order restraining the city from pulling piles was issued." Mr. Mooie then sent a young man to Judge Henehaw'a court to collect news and refused to say more upon the subject though perfectly willioc to chat of his experience last night as ah investigator of spiritualism. J. C. Martin was also in ignorance of he city and the courts in the pile driv ing pile pulling embroglio. "I did not know the restraining order had been vacated," he said. "Of cour.-e if it has been, it leaves the railroad com pany restrained from driviog piles, but the city is relieved from all restraint as to pulling piles." Then 'he returned an interrupted consultation with a client, Later in the day A. A. Moore declined to be interviewed as to any action that may be taken by the Water Front Com pany. NOT IN JURISDICTION. Judge Henshavv Says Why ' Made the Decree. He Judge Henshaw was aked this morn ing on what ground he had vacated the restrain irTiTorder granted by him in the case yesterday and replied : "The order was issued yesterday on the understanding that the city had been served with a notice ol the order, but it turned out that thay had not been served, so that they were not brought within tho jurisdiction of tha court. As soon a that was discovered, the other side admitted that tbe city was not within the jurisdiction of the court." WASHraoTos, October 11. Some mem bars of the fSeaate, mho believe a compromise to be better than tha passage or abaadanment of tho Be peal bill, have been engaged this morning In an effort to seen re an agreement. The effort, however, la only tentative and has ao far failed of resells. One of tbe Senators engaged In the attempt aaid today that the leadera are not in tbe mood tor aoatTeecneat at this time, and that the only way to bring about an understanding la to begin to night to work and let tbe country aee the impossibility of accompllahing the repeal by that meana. He thinks it will come when the repeal traders discover, aa in bia opinion tbey soon will, tbe impossibility of holding a quorum. The leaders have made various propositions, but expect no final result until it becomes evident that a quorum cannot be kept in tbe Senate. After that the compromise is expected, for but few really believe that a vote on repeal can be reached. Tbe silver men are prepared for a eon-tinuoui sea-ion of 43 hours. Cockrell of Missouri will speak all day and tonight Teller and others will fill in the time. Stewart and Jones of Nevada will rest tonight, but will be prepared to occupy all ot toitorrow, u necessary. AN AOaiKMENT KIPOKTED. Chicago, October 11. Tbe Record't Washington special savs a conference held last night by Gorman and other com prouiwn, ar which voorhees was present, resulted in a practical settle ment of the terms of a compromise for tbe continued purchase of 4,500,000 ouniee of silver each month until, with ihe amount now uncoined in the Treanry, the amount shall reach S00,-000,000, and a provision giving the Secretary of tbe Treasury authority to Issue $200,000,000 wo fih of 3 per cent gold bonus, rf- necessary, to maintain the gold reserve. The President's representative at the conference is said to have agreed to the terms of the compromise. - A CAKD TO TUB PUBLIC. WhUe ft b true that I hare bees chosen tha Presides! of thar Irrlriana SUte Lottery Corn pany, ict 1L A, DAUPHIN, dxajaaj, J et2 retain the Preaideocy of the Golf Coast Ice and alxnalatetur-ing Company; ao that all proposals far tapplies machinery, ere, aa well aa all business commnnk-ationa oo other aobjects aboyid b addressed to me here as beretofore. After January ist, 1S94, ray basin ess wiH bo iimovcfl to Puerto Cortex, Honduras, Central America, and will there p aa u rxw without any break, PAUL COXltAD, Lock Box 1MB. &w OHeaat, I at the World's Fair: Rocky Mountain b to ceo and Manufacturing Co. of Kel uttee, Wyo,, lor plaster of peris aod etacco, second quality ; Ruesall Proceas Company of Park Ctty, Utah, for collective exhibit HlustraUag tbe Hasten process of assaying; Copper Qjeen Consolidated Mining Company of Bitboe, Arisona, for a collective exhibit of copper ores. THE RA CES. Tbe Trotters Are Making a Good Showing Today. Special to The Trbun4. Oakland Tbottixo Pabc, October 11. The racee this af terooou were attended by a large crowd. The speed cot tests were exciting and close. Some good records werenade. The following la a summary of results : First race First heat: Silver Bee won, Ana second, Marchioness third. Time, 1' .-3.'. Second heat isilvtr Bern won beat and raw, Ana second. Marchioness third. Time, 2:30. . Second race, best three in five to harness Hsrel II won: Creole, second: Cyrus, third. Time, 2:14V- oecond heat Cyrus won; IIjxM. second ; Koeita A, third. Time 2 :14. Third heat 2:15 p-e, lUxw n. won, Cyrus second, Creole third. Ties, 2.13I4. This is the third fsitert mile on the track. 1 HE HOUSE. McCreary'a Chinese Bill Under Debate. Comes THE STATE'S POSITION. . Its Connection With the Case in Point. An eminent member of the local bar said in regard to tbe present atatus of the case: :I thought the city had been nerved by General Hart with a copy of the restraining order. He mav never serve it or he may come into court and dismiss all action as against the City. "The Water Front Company has noth-iog to do with this service or with the case at all other than aa a defendant. "Asa defendant against the people of the State tbe Water Front Company has nothing to ao with tbe eervice ol papers in the case upon a co-defendant, as the city must be at against the State." AN INVESTIGATION, Attorney Baker Comes to Look Into the CaS6. ON A TECHNICAL POINT. How the City Obtained the ; Re-straining Order. Mr. Hill of Davis & Hill, attorneys tor the city, said on being interviewed regarding the matter : "The restraining .order obtained by the Water Front Company yesterday This afternoon Attorney Baker of the Southern Pacific came over from San Francisco to ascertain upon what ground Judge Henshaw naa revolted nls re straining order. Upon being informed he remarked that he considered the ground good. He was asked what the railroad com pany would do and replied that he did not know as the case was entirely in the hands of Messrs, Moore and Martin, with full power to act. He did not think, though. that any proceedings would be brought in the Federal Court. SOMETHING IS THE WTSD. ' It looks aa if something more is in contemplation by the railroad company this afternoon. Shortly after 3 o'clock Superintendent Wilder left the broad-gunge pier . in boat for the railroad tog, the Rival On his arrival at tha boat she turned looe - from her moorings' and ' steamed over to where the eqmpaay'a pile driver is laying mid-stream. . 3. Have a bad taste in your mouth in the morning ? .eSltna knocks ;tiia&- One - r , 'J- sTNA-MlN " A-- ". . ... ARowVOe Piwmca is8 P ajwvy atr: rlzi& SiifcvM-- i:zi!K L.-L sniff" H. H. BEACH'S ESTATE. His Will Fled for Probate This Af.ernocn Washington, October 11. la the House, today. Hunter of Illinois pre sented a resolution providing for a recess from October 14th to November 1st. which was referred to the Committee on Rules. Hunter said he wanted to give the members a chance to attend the Worid'a Fau. Brick ner of Wisconsin secured the paasage of a resolution authorising the State of Wisconsin to erect in Slaluar Hall a statue of Pare Marquette. Outhwaite presented the order for the consideration of McCreary'a bill to amend the Geary Exclusion Act, from day to day, until disposed of. Without division it was adopted. McCreary opened the debate. The bill, be said, effected a con tea iron be tween two great countries, concerned 100,000 Chinese in this country, and II passed would save millions of dollars to the United States, and at tbe fame time meet the widespread demand for tbe discontinuance of the undesirable Chinese immigration. He explained at length the provisions of the bill and also reviewed the treaties between China and the United State and the legislation leading up to the pas sage of the Oary ixclasioo act. He said this bill simply gave the Chinese in this country six mouths' additional time in whicn to register, they having declined to do ao on the advice of The will of IL H. Boacb. who died at Highland Park about the 21 of this month, has been filed for probate. His widow, Kila Beach, hat been named as executrix. The estate comprises a house and tome unimproved properly la this C ly valued at IO00, and some mining stock of indifferent value. Tne will is written oo a half sheet of note paper to which Is attacbed a email pice .01 ruled paper with a pencil memorandum. The deceased lor thirty years waa a clerk ia the store ol Wellmaa, Peck A Co. ol San Francisco, The jewelry ot the deceased goes to his brother and sisUr : the rest of tbe estate to bis widow. The laiter is redoes ted to keen the matter out 0 the cojrte, but owing to a certain vagueness in tbe 111 the request eonld not be granted. f Ire et Fr.. r assNo, Octonsr 11. itoe old r lores Hotel and Hayes' blacksmith snop were burned at an early Lour this mornljg Two other buildings were ignite d. be the flames were promptly axtingoishe d. The origin was undoubtedly incendiary , aa the hotel was unoccupied and the first to barn. Tbe loss is about $1500, partly insured. FaxsKo, October 11. Tbe forty-th'rd UIKO. OTTIE-I ia c' tr. Oneeer a tan. Jeai 2rcrr. Caxuaj U. &s Meet. it ks York. ta4 is aseaiM s4 U ty. SW fn.-e. ul teMlsiasm ers r- 4jIUu (Ita'i4i) l 14ss.ee lrm cC4 fm Hi LfrtH I. . 1 c 1 sal I. . o. y. Faaeral Sntlce. orncRRs ivbnuiir.il or rivi-auTr o c t St iwl ft, on Hi 1 si llli 1 l.r yatposs ef TfcarvJsr. (c;lli, :, 'ctiilti Oi. tuui tl 011 ,u 4tee i i c ruruit C C Cssaouu kU feraad. f rUry. OAKLAND OCaSDp, COMTaKT A.. rifTH avftosnt Msx Imti li3 ate Ik ri ol uis evtbTsa are brtr Bc-iftl to rTKrt st armor). Tr, 1wifib -.r(i. TnKOkHjW (Ikurvltrl. Oftir UTh. Xi . . lr Ih. j-i r(oM c f i-.uo'. ni vfc t warrsl el the lais MI Dcnbtrl :.- I'j.itr Ullbara'. Harkr tflll The bill of Congressman H .lbcrn ap propriating $60,000 lor deepening the tidal canal between ih tsn Antonio estuarv end Oakland harbor was tha first bdl in the present ContrsM corcsminr river and harbor inipTOTemut 10 K con sidered by the House Hirer and Hartxjr Committee. It was turned ovr to ft.-eral Carry of the War Wpartmeat tar IcvestigaUoo and reporC Tbs r-l bs t. tn ihe wort J for OcU. Pmlse. Pores. Ulcerv fsll Eheaas. stsr Fores, TsiUr. Chspped Hand. CbUbisJ&s. Corns, sod all tsxxa Erapoe, sd poew uvsly caret Pile, or eo pay rqalrel. It Is loarsnieed to rtrs pMWt s.tistactioa or taotisy rwfo&ea. rrwe. zs eaavs mt tfOX. for sate by Orseot Ilrvtbsrs. C. KI.MKV HAS HEMOVLD To fcls eiaersai riv stores C3 a4 eVi 1 blrtsroLb strett, bet vera BroeSvsy aaa Wssbiiria, iss to afcoelBf aa uataaaaa tiaa c4 to awe aed aaopd-aaod fare, tare, rarpeu, rseewa. etc. at trivete aaie al scrlkoii prvaa A erstoa esias a reeoWta. C W. a 1 V". EY. Osaerei Aee rViatisia s, Ut ktarksi tLreeL. Saa Iraa-ctaoa. am sirlasl. Crst-eiaa. raaianrael, at mediaa prices, tor la4.se aad faiaLtea. A tort rLora. ail etasrs, trrsssTs Tuux,i rllka Bla4r Prodeoa WMMea. It is CBeeeer te bey tot Us el raoektca Koot Hair Qrowtr Ibas a wta. seatdaa. eeariea yeer eea kair to BserscoevrbkraL Ail 4rv4a. BmIi at ail bvura. lit as Us. Uroar wateaxa Fsrra t' rias Xasioes lev 113 ej E. Nsby a 10bS-lCU irbdeai. tai caru rfeeaa. Blattla. I S- Cboiest Mil H. hc&s 1 tri, . SM Clevestt. lie Ob, tbe jtariit w-ca H reed wavy. their itteraeys. pending the deciaion of ,nn"aJ Mion ' W I'cilfici Methodli :Waay (bet Crepa, J. W. Wesley. Fred-Raw, Peter Ryan, C. J. Sims, Frank Coleman, Walter Wyetnger, Walter Montgomery, Ike Lycurgus and George Hail were tried in the Police Court this morning for gambling and fouod not guilty. They had been arrested lor "anooung craps," but the evidence waa not sufficient to convict. Far Vlaa Jhm. The Utile 10-year-old jlrl, Edaa John son, ia still staying with lira. Nelson at Forty-fifth and Llndea ktreeta. ' Her parents have aa yet failed to thalfe any inquiry for her and it looka very much aa thouxn ene naa been aeeertea. - eoe U being well cared for tot she eod Una-ally cries for her moher. Baa Macs Oi Oaaaa. This morning Judge Clrft nnited ia the holy bo.nda of matrimony , wflliam' Edwards, a' resident 'of Saa Frsneiaco. aired 73 years, aad Christina .Annie daarsa, aiapf (siaeas.M oa ranetscov the Supreme Court. The Chioaee, be aaid, bad able law yers wno aa vinea vnem not to register, as the law would be declared uncoasii-tUtionaL The fact that but five ot the nioe Justices of the Supreme Court," said Governor McCrearr, "could be found ot the opinion that the Geary law waa constitutional certainly shows that thoee attorneys had good ground for their advice." He said Chinese who acted on the advice of their attorneys should have ao opportunity to register. To transport the 5,000 Chineee who have not registered would cost the Government, according to tbe estimate of the Secretary of the Treasury, $7,000,000. "Over 85,000," said he, "are aaxioutiy awaiting for Con rr ess to decide their fate, and thousands of American missionaries in China are waiting with fear and trembling lest, if we are precipitous, the Chineee may ia their wrath retaliate ape them." McCreary said in conclusion that the expulsion of the Jews from Russia or the Huguenots irem t ranee was not more barbaroua than would be our action 1 we forced 85,000 Chineee to de part because they had been misled by their lawyers. THE SENATE. Conference was convened in this city this morning by Bishop Fitzgerald. L. ( . ICenfro was elected Secretary. Upon ca'l of roll about eigbty miaiatera and quite a number of laymen responded. Tha Maraal.. 8 ah FaASCisco, Octoher 11. Wheat, weak; December. 11 CUV; Mav.tl 2P. ; aged 30 year v U0 Alt! , Ur.T7.....1g) Keataet,--. 05 ioojMKar-i..a,'ea.ieasvaw.i.Je 4S0 CBlilJi.i....S ,J, ns'y.'- UikltBd C2ca I3S7 Creaiiva Telepbcsa 747 - ' S c?.e??t::. hr c v.2e. us. varv jxm as viae .as .ai f Jacket, Barlev. weak ; December, 724 , May, 83. Tk. fTftta aVarh.la. Nrw Yohk. October 11. Money, 2; bar silver, 73?t. ftocka eloeed weak. Aaaikar l rial SaackL. Gilbert L. Curtlae baa been notified by the attorney for Starr fc Co. oi the proposed statement on motion for aiew trial in the caae of Curtlas vs. etarr. This case has been pending in the courts for a number of yeara, and the prospect of another trial caoaes a sbndder. Wbea tried in Judge rreene'a court a month ago UurViae secured a verdict. A ail.ht Acctdaai. Charles McCarthy, an employe ot tha Contra Costa Company, had the first Joiat of bis left ii.de x finger cot off at the worts tnls arte moon. He reahJee at the 8U John House. -Mr ca n agk.' 1 tia ot eae Ppwrr's F our. Jos Sorer st tas lairodac-ee a Mae kaiia a rerkUll si (ks Oajlsao bar aa It k. arsd at tbs Uaffcaa tt. w Turk, li t s Saatr. Ike rrilM Kateae Jennie E. Bra on and Daniel E. Bra Silver Men tlaaaae to Keen the 1 1 bave asked to be appointed riar- . . . . m. w mt L I rw. Rratrta oaiL noumg. Washibgtox, October 1L In the Ssn- ate today Uie Repeal bill waa taken a p. CockraU of Missouri returned, bis rpeecb, begun on Monday, and aaid that the opponeata of the bdl were ready t o pass it tf amended. At 2:10 o'clock Uoekrell yielded the floor to Smith (Dem.) of New Jersey, who spoke ia favor of repeal, lie was followed by irby (Pop.) of South Carolina ag sleet it. I the parents of whom are dead. Col. Archibald Boyle, aged S3 yean, a native of Hcotland, died at 566 Tenth street this morning. AT THE FAIR. Uore Prim Annoancsd Judges. Stealaeaa Mae From etose sppUcatioa and too Hula exercise, are especially liable to coavUpaUoo etOKslof up nature's great se ere prod oe-Ing b sad ache, aiHgosasss. slags t(h drro-laUoei and irenaraJ derasaieal of tbe vital organs. A regular motiatai of lee boe-eM U Ittdlseeeaaele so perfees eeallA, to neglect. Is to leaSera I H eoostapelee. PUrce's PisseSot Pelleu will cwre yem. No toterUreaee with fcnstnaas. Very aeedeet ... MilA km mS.rm wmm lllftlll by tbt I cieaasrsg, regmlatiag tee siosaac. uver mma iwsmi, tansf ssssapsmsa, anstu aa4 klSMtraA The Style this erason Canes and Umbrellas is natural nntsbcxl sticks, with patches and ornment of silrcr. We do not exaggerate one particle when we say, that we have the Largest variety, both in style and price, of the latest productions in fashionable walking sticks and atik umbrtl- from 95C to SiO Each. The VI. (Obn Companj, (cvooa raa) rbs Ireeiac 'Sk'aa puifaaa Hi. efiaca ef TfaSlaal, 933 Eroedway. Oa Trie. . 1. CncASO. October IL The waalhsr still bright aad plea sent aad ia sHssii avvv m a H - t jTbie ig Coenectlcoc day. 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