Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 10, 1893 · Page 1
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1893
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-"..sr. . .-.. . ' -J ' .-,';...'-- i Etry Sc::sssf;1 Business liw r ; ts m liberal mdrcrtiscr. Dsat poch- - . J .' - js . : a i -s I 1 a '' tr. i 1 ' v ' THE TRIBUNE pooa uu tor u is me. t ;.- t OAKIiAITD CALIFOBNIA, TUESDAY vEVE3JINOt; ; OCTOBER 1 10, a S3. "', - - - !''. ' I i i. ttlii, .' . . 4r - I Hi ;ur TMPY Hi The Piles in the Bay Do Not Last Lorg. A Descent on Them by Orders of the City Officials. Mayor Pardee and President Tovle Signed the Instructions. aad to tb ibori ad of Ivr ball waj tb Mayor, . wm mpved . lut . alxfat op tb . dririos Maek which . acta aa fcl altar tlie meatior ol tha CoancH at which olemm. A Una from tha loos, end ot I tha reaalaiioa, dettariac tha pllea aa ob thia lerer U lim to a dram upon which a atractioa . to .savigaUoa , waa adopted. la wound by the engine ol the piieTb rteolnlion waa" tatrodocei by Mr. driver. I SqaIL Aa it dictate, the Dedal eoonael As the drum reToIrea the rope lant I cf the city la' the water front qoasUoae ena, and aa U la wound npoa tha dram I wtre coosalted.. Tliey were Hear. Ik. nil. Ji .. .1 1 I TTT'l T ' ? I I t- uo iiw mtvmij urea mm wo mug uji ut i ivi, ifMwim, xvmaie tso, mm aw maui the lerer deacenda nntil. at but, a tehrig j tioa reqnixe. , the City Attornar alao. a Hears ana anoiunr operacion ot narDor i xoey advued that the puee were aa front dentiatry is finished, and the pile I obrtrnctlon to navlgatioa, and that they floata upon the aarfaca ot the waTce. I mirbt te'removed. All the operations were made aal MI ao not know that Cottoa Brothers speedily and with as much alacrity aal pot down the pile, bat the letter was possible. The workers moved on from I delivered to Mr. Cottoa by myeeU. lie pit i a pue, ana oy n o ciocr ntriy-onei u . home. I do not know what ha ol the big timbers had disappeared from I did. bat I stropoee be soon bad his pil vne snrtace ot the waters, leaving about 4river oa4etk. eignty auii stanamg. I ! did not dwa to the bay front bo lar tney bad labored umnterrupi- I w-t home altar deHveruur the Utter edly, though anticipating a visit the hostile forces at any moment. CALLED' A HALT. from i toAfr. Cottoa "The police were ordered oot by me. I did not tro to - tbevcaDtain. I went to the cbiei I ordesed him to have soma The Wort, However, Stopped and tha Railroad Haj Put tiie Piles Bad All order from me to the chief waa a verbal one. "I did not go down to the front til this morning, when 1 went there accom psnied by the Chief of Police. I do not know what will be tbe next step by the Water Front Company. have beam it said that it waa the United State that waa pulling up the piles. But that is a mistake." said ths Msvor smiling. THE LEGAL ASPECT. The piles that yesterday adorned the Waters of Ban Francist-o bay, stretching from the broad gau?a mole to the narrow gauge pier in a ssrai-circle, are there no longer. At least they are not there aa they were. At an early hour this morning, shortly sfter 5 o'clock, a pile driver started to work from the narrow gauge .end of the chain of piles, pulling them up, and by noon all trace of the east La'f of the chain bad been obliterated. Tbe pile driver was attended by the tog Elizabeth. It paid strict attention to business, and steadily and with as much expedition as possible tbe great long piles were pn'led oat of the water and lowered on to the pile driver. As fast as one pile was pulled out the tug Elizabeth towed the huge pile driver to the next one. The machiaerv was attsched to it and up it came. ineworicol drawing the piles continued uninterruptedly throughout the entire forenoon. The railroad officials at the mold watched the work as it progressed, but did nothing. It was reported early - in the forenoon to headquarters at Fourth and Townsend streets that the piles were coming up as fast as machinery could bring them out cf the water. No one at the mote seemed to know who it was had ordered the chain of piles removed, and the whole work of destruction seemed to be surrounded by ao air of myetery. The pile driver that was engaged in the werk belonged to Cotton Brothers, the local bridge contractors. The work waa being done by a force of men in their employ. tbat piles should not be taken up. His order reads : I' is farther ordered that meanwhile and until farther order in the premises, yon, the said defendants and each of you. and each and all, your counselors, attorneys, solicitor!, officen, aeents and employes, and all of those acting in aid or aisistance of you and each and every one of them and of you. do absolutely deiiat and refrain from fencing, in aay part of the water front of tbe city of Oakland, or ot any of tbe land in tbe complaint described, and from driving piles therein or thsreon. THE MYSTERY SOLVED. DfceeftAa4iaaM. n e 4k a DnilaaeM 1 - nn.utau.o u. iuo w The merf were ready. I oadereUnd. The Appears. A descent, though, was being planned. The news had been flashed to the rail road headquarters at Fourth and Town- send streets early in the morning, and a hurried consultation of the officials re sulted in a plan of action. What it was to be was eoon made ap parent, fcr at II o clock the tng Kival, bearing Attorney J. E. Foolda, repre senting the Water Front Company, steamed rapidly over to where the fenca demolishers were at work. Mr. Foul ds drew alongside of the operators, and then addressing Contrac tor Cotton, who was directing the work, asked by wnat authority he waa tearing up tie piles "By this," replied the 'contractor, handing to Mr. Fonlds for hia inspection a copy of the midnight order, signed by Mayor Pardee and President Towle In the name of tbe Water Front Company I order ycu to desist now," said the attorney. "You are violating the law." Mr. Cotton, though, bad evidently been well-primed with instructions and promises of support before going out on the bav. lie simply sjailed and said nothing. And the pile-puller went on Highest of all in IxaTeotogrcnrerLatest U. Gov't Report ii - rzs ABSQUfiTEItf PURE ABACTBREAK. National BaQkEximlmr Laieir in Trouble. He I: Charged With Receiving Stolen Goods. ia Imporum Deed of Deposit Canst d ths Scicd&l What City Th9 Work Done by Order of City Official. Attorney Johnson to Say. Has "The dty had a perfect right to order the piles taken op," said City Attorney Johnson this afternoon. "W looked into ine law careimiy Deiore we made a move and we know exactly wnere we stand. In the first place the Southern Pacific -Company had no right to drive tbe piles wuere tbey did. After tbey ware put there the city certainly had a legal rignt to remove them. "After the Council pasved that reao- wish I ! lotion last night declaring the piles to Dksvxb, October 10. National Bark Examiner J. B. Lixear, while settling the affairs ol the inrolvent bank Del rtorte, has bean arrested lor receiving stolen goods. Before the Del Norte National Bank faiiad a month ago, a deed waa deposited with tbe bank signed by Coch ratio brother of W. II. Cochrane, pieaideat o tbe bank, to secure loaoa front the Dr.k. After the bank faaied the ton J misting. Afterward Cathie r Thomas found the deed in tbe attorney's office, appropriated it and rUceJ it in the bank. Cbargea were at once Instituted against tbe bask wmi iArear, who had been placed in charge of it, by tbe bov- ernment. The cats will be determlued bv tbo court at Del Norte toJar. TO COMPROMISE. Aa Imprrtant Bill Piacel Before the Senate. it Appears to Meet All That Is Required. Tti FeJtnl Election Etyril Bill Pisfc lis Hcase. STILL FREE. The Gates May Not Be Ready Several Oavs. for swish I And Mr. Foulds, seeing his re- be a nuisance, the Mayor, tbe President auest was diareztrded. headed straieht of the Council and myself, at once held for Oakland, where be entered into con sultation with A. A. Moore. .The conference was a private one, bat the news eoon got out that they intend ed to apply to the court for a restraining order to compel tbe city to stop all further demolishment of the fence in the bay. And now to give the solution to the mystery. The work was being done by the order of Mayor Pardee and President Towle of the City Council. At a late hour last night just before the adjournment of the Council, the fo! lawing resolution which is the key note of the situation was introduced and adopted. Resolved, Tbat the piling within tbia eity annng toe last ten aays witnin tna n arable waters of tbe bay of San Pranciico between the mole and the north training wall be and it is bertfby declared a public nnisance and an obstruction to navigation ; and tbat the president of this Council and tbe chief executive officer of the city be and tbey are hereby authorized and requested to cause tbe obstruction to bs removed and to take soch steps and proceedings in the premises as may be proper to protect tbe rights of tbe THE WORK STOPPED. Ths Railroad May Put the Piles Back Agalp. I city and the public, and that to that end Various were tbe conjectures that were I the City Attorney and special counselor advanced as to who was causing the piles to be drawn. When the tug first towed the Dile driver out into the bay quite a crowd of people were watching her. They wondered what the next move Was going to be and were indeed surprised when tbe driver commenced to draw the timbers. Their wonderment increased when no opposition was offered to the work of destruction. , Superintendent A. D. Wilder learned of the latest move that had been made about 10 o'clock. "I do not know vho is polling np the piles or who has ordered it done," he aaid. "It is really a matter outside of my jurisdiction. Bat I imagine that Borne of the members of the Oakland City Coancil know something about it." Councilman Watkinson did not know anything about the piles being drawn until informed of the fact by a Tbiscnx representative. He did not know anything about the city ordering the-piles taken oat and did not think that it could be done without the parties doing it being in contempt of Jadge Henshaw's - f - 1 1 1 . . restraining oruer iseueu last r naay on the application of Attorney General Hart. Bat Jadge Henshaw in' his restraining order directed that no more piles te driven, - He did not mention the fact CE GET lOTJR or THS CREAM .OG., CABIN UAIOSUY t J Una at Snort Not ev SPttLVPRICES . ;UEBECHES A5D SOCIETIES the city be consulted. Mayer Pardee had engineered the whole proceeding and he was on hand to carry the issue to its extremity. He notified Chief of Police Schaffer at 11 p. m. to have some men readv for special duty at once, and in response Captain Fletcher and Officers Lamping, McCloud and Andrews were on hand. Meantime, the Mavor and President Towle prepared and delivered the follow ing instructions to Cotton Brothers, tbe bridge builders and contractors : Ociobeb 9, 1893, Metm. Cotton Brothers A Co. Gkhtle- mem: In accordance with Council reeoiu tion No. 19,117. pasted this day, we have tbe honor to respectfully Inform you that we have been delegated by the Council of 1 the city of Oakland to cause the 'removal ot the piles lately driven ia the city of Oakland in tbe navigable waters ef the bay of San Francisco, between-the mole and the northern training wall, at the month ot the estoary of San Anton kx Under the power conferred upon us by tbat resolution, we hereby authorize yoa. in the name of tbe eity of Oakland, to Im mediately proceed to remove the piles above-mentioned, and to seen re themln some safe manner and place. Very respectfully, Geo kg a C. Pabdss, Mayor. Jon F. Xowlk, President of the Council. The attorneys did not let the grass grow under their feet. This afternoon at 1 o'clock Attorney A. A. Moore appeared in Judge Henshaw's court, accompanied by Dan Robinson. The latter made affidavit to the fact of the pulling np of the piles and the de struction of the pioperty of the Water Front Company. The affidavit went on to state thct unless the city of Oakland was enjoined it would do a great deal of damage to the property of the company yet unin jured. The court listened to tbe affidavit and issued aa order setting the 23d inst. as tbe time for the hearing of the case and at the same time issuing a temporary re straining order upon the officials of the city preventing them from continuing in the puiling up of the piles. The order contains the following important provision : And farther to the end that tbe property and parties may be restored to tbe cor.d tion existing before and at the time of the former order and injunction and restrain ing order, of date of October 6, 1893, is modified to tbe extent that tie said defendant, tbe Oakland Water Front Company, is permitted to restore all piling torn down, removed or destroyed by the said city cf Oakland upon the line described rn the affidavit of said Robertson. Said de endant; the city of Oakland, ts ordered te appear tefore the Jadge of De partment Two ot the Superior Court, 0 tober 23, 1863, at 10 a. to show cause why an ordar ot injunction pendente lite should not issue herein. F. H. Hxxshaw, JodRe. Mr. Moore, Mr. Robertson and a deputy sheriff left immediately for tbe "bay front when the order was served on the representatives of the city. WRITS FUR all Returns to a consultation, and decided to execute the flank movement ot tearing up the piles. ni nad Dargained on receiving sera interference at the hands of the lailroad company aad concluded to preoare for tbla. "So we sent a tag out loaded with good strong men to protect the pile driver in tbe work it hsd to perform. edid cot want the removing ot the piles interfered with by any railroad strikers and did not propose to have it. "Cotton Brothers, tbe contractors, were fully guaranteed against all dam age Fults by the Mayor before tbey commenced work. They were it strncted to eo right ahead until tbey bad finished it and not to pay any attention to orders from anyone except the Mayor. Of courie if any ordt: bad been sent from a competent court di recting work to stop they woold obey it, bat orders or threats from private par ties were of so avail. "The piling will be entirely taken oat. or at least ail of it will that lies within tbe jurisc scion of tbe city of Oakland. It has no bastnees in the bay and the rail road company had no right to pat it there." Owing to. tbe tact that a aafflnnt number of Cart bars not been prepared the Southern Pacific cfhriait were on- able to introduce their system cf gated cars on Seventh street this morning. The cars will not ht placed in uk for several days yet, and it mar be a week beJore things are in ahapo to start the new daaL Tbe new time acbedale has sot been folly prepared yet, hot it baa been partially worked oat. Tbe flfrr's polng out of service necessitates some chaoses. Trains bound ail will leare Broad way station for Fruit VaU at nine and thirty-nine tnioniee after ths hoar, and fc. i l Oak and at at too lyr trail a at sixteen and lorty-aix minute- after the hour. Coming from Frnit Vale aod coing to the mole trains will leave Kat Oakland station at the halt hoar and oo tbe hoar, and Broadway at aeven and tbirtyteren minutes afier ths hour. AT THE TRACK. HART'S STAND. A Decision on Which He Thinks He Will Win. THE FIRST PILE. It Was Drawa Soon After Day Broke. the 1-r.e vent fc Street" All was bow ready, for other plana had been prepared as carefully and as completely as the preliminaries. The tag Elizabeth was lying at tbe foot of Harrison street. Steam was ex got op and in a short- time the officer and their Instt actions vera ready 'to" carry oat the wishes, of the. city's Kx- v. w . V. - - - . i ? ! Cotton Brothers had tiees taken a lit- lie by surprise, but ao time was lost, aad steam was hissing and every thlag :pat in Tesdiaest for coins to work. ? : , i . J. By 5 o'clock tha arrangements ,rere complete; and at that hour the tag aad pile-puller drew op to tho. narrow gauge pier, the bead was drawn, : rwiah l aad the first pU waa polled. ' V r ' The tnodu operandi is simple. A log chain Is ttasaed around tha too of a pile It is understood that Attorney General 11 art relies in his suit tor the People against the Oakland Water Front Company upon a decision of the Supreme Court, handed down August 16, 1893, in the cats of E. M. Hickman vs. John A. 8wett, to quiet title to a fish ing privilege on Eel river. The court referred, in this opinion, to the act of Congress of 1850, which pro vides that "lands owned by tbe State by virtue ot its sovereignty, indodiog tbe beds and shores of navigable streams below high-water mark could not be sold or conveved." An a final pro posi tioa it is asserted In this decision that adverse) possession ot property diverted contrary to this act of Co d grass, woold give the bolder no legal claim or title,. Attorney General II art believes that this decision applies to tbe Oakland water front lands now ia litiga tion. Races Ctt at the Oakland Trotting Park. Spteial to The Tribune. O aklasd Taomxo Track, October 10. First race Encouragement trottini yearlings, one mile dash. Work wood on; Select, second ; Gallagher, third. Time, 2:59. Second race, trotting First best : Robert L. woo. Flora 8. eecon J, W1- metbird. Time, 2 .24',. Second heal Flora 8. won, Free Coin age second, Kobert l tniro. lime. :21i Thirl race First heat: Hillsdale won. Mralma second. Phantom third Time, 2:31. Third beat Flora 8 won. Woodbine second, Robert L third. Time, 2 :10l, CAPTURED A FORT. Victory for tbe Insurgents In Bay of Rio. the Wamiij(uT(-"c, October 10. qiire of the Slate of Watbinzton, tint tr.orn'.eg introduced in tbe Senate an amend-tneotjo tbe itt bill, embracing abool evrrythiog demanded on bitb suits cf tLe q'leilioa. It provide that U e owner cf ball. on, the pro loci of mines or ivCner.e of the L'ni'.eU Matrt nay drpxxil it at anr mint in an amount not lea than I KM raloo to bs coiiKvl isU tlaniard doltart preeent weigbu Ttiere can only paiJ to the pertoa dfi'XiliOf I'l'iioo tucti a nntr. tr c'.o tare aa -qiiai cumtuerc.aJ vioe of the ailvrc bul.in on lb- Jar o! lrpoi!, tbe 1i!-lercocm tx-1 c-a tm cjmmmal ra!ot and mint ralne t rt-taitieJ ty the Govfrrmrat a -rn'oraj-. The depoiUof o!ii'n Ur roinafr ar not to eicped f.'.0j,0ii pr mectb aod when Ue DumUr ol aiiver d 'are tioial ha. I rrsrli U.e tu n .! UWifn.O.O iurltrt r;ioac a'lali .ae. Ttr ei:nora aha'i f" r'airiri :t tl.e Trvattrv a a tcurrp !.nl for tt. pario of iria:ti!aiB.D.' t!.e parity t.4 evfri io.lr ituf l ud Irr thu acL Thtse silver Jcllar. r lj U t ri tendrr in i.l ptvcrifnle al In.'. i.a. vi ao certiflca'.e ar- lo iaiue-1 to rrfrt-eni ihnn. ne creisry of the Treiary ia lo bi authonrtJ W iao btn.lt ii iairoi not to fi:il 3 f r r-eet. r Jrtob. at I be pleatrrr of Lbe l'aUJ '. rt Alter fire eare tbe Oft3e ttiaJl b tbe malni ainicg all morev at a ar w.Lh the aold diar. Tne Na'Joual liacking Atrrtugn abail be eotilleJ to receive c.rculal.of notea to tbe par valoe ot lbe too l on dtpoa't. proriaeJ the agrr;aie 'f tu'h not- lor h:ch any a .. t: on .a do4 not exorl tlie ca:ital atuca I in Tiie tutodmenl la, .a Ian. a sew V.V.. ttr.k eg oat all ol lh o J b. 1 a!l-r li.e entctinf clauc. It it underiol Tl!r, '.Uiin, S.itr- man and oth'-r tar it it tne btl com- promive yet tus;til iiti'xiii arr :n After the Kja re amendment to U.e Miver mil wit poeniel the reo:aUjn heretofore ofTered by Allen , l'tp., of Ntbratka caliint iur it( wtnauoo at to the money txrror a by tbe I'nitci Slate, if any tinea i arrred l . Tbe reaololloo oServd vetlerJlT iKJph oi Orvgon, railing lot iulor mtUoa at to wbetber I hioa baa rtqottd so extension oi the time in blcb Chir. iabirer ere rrq uirJ by tb art ol Mti , lC, lo register, wat laud b:ore the Senate. Djlph started lo tpeak in favor of its adoption. Sherman suggested '.bat the mitUr Se diecoated in ejecu'.iv aeaiio, aad the Senate vent into executive taJOQ. When the doort repend, iiili. N York, preaentrj a petilioa by 15. CO 3 mercanU ol New York, akin for tne nncoodiiioeal repeal of tbe bhtrmaa Law.' Tbe Repeal b II was then taken op. Mcl'heraon o! Nev Jeraey tpok m fator of the bin, complimented tbe l'resident on bit prompt action in callinr Cocgreee together, aod kcouMiled Ue beast to take lua ad nee. Cockrail of Jltaaouri retnmed h:s argameot in oppoeiuoa and ai i an io Urnatiooal agreement with tbe Gorera-roents of Lcrope was impoaeibic. Hxo Javuao, October 10. One of the forte in the bay surrendered to the in sorrent fleet today. The fort which sorreadare 1 is Fort Villatfaicaoa. aitoated on aa La La si is Kio bay. It sarresdered for Lack of supplies. Ha suae being of old style aod aot capable of doing moch damafe. nn.u aas Qcrr. WAaaxxorow, October 10. A dispeUh received at the fkate Dtpartment from Bio Janeiro aays Admiral Mallo has da ckled to discoa Ua oe the bombardment of Bio. THE HOUSE. Tbe Federal Election Rtpesl BUI Pastes. WatHraoTow, October 10. Tne fart that voUag oo the Tarker bill to rwpeal Ute Federal eUctiea lawa vas to be this afternoon drew a I oil gathering la the liooM today. The bUL aad its amend meal by Fitch. Laosy and Sorrows, was read at 1 adork. EorrowV a me d a eat wektaf lo x- CkaataW mm fmft fc Ths Force- of Police tbe City. Directly the order was served on Cot ton Brothers work was discontinued. When the work was stopped tbe pile- driver had extracted about one-hall tbe row of piles between the retaining wall and the broad geoge mote. A copy of the restraining order also served oo tbe the Chief of Police.' Captain Fletcher, who waa on the tog with a force of men at coca withdre them; . ' CHIEF SCHAFFER'S STORY. Ha Sent Hit lien oa m Te) te the Piles. "I was ordered last alght at 11 o'clock," said Chief Schaffer, "to have four men ready to go to the bay front. Tbe men I selected vera Captain Fletcher and Officers ' Andrews. Lasaping aad McCIoad. Tbey ' were all ready at the appointed ; time. Tha of ficers vera aader - the eotnmaad tA P.ant.ta Vhklnr. Thav war triA tA Thejiuen were there tor the euipoae of I go to WDtr and take a tog preventing any oppoaitioo relisting tha pile driver in its work ot drawing ; pllea Tha- intention h to eerve .a copy of Jadge Ileaahaw's order oa tha Mayor as sooa as h returns front- Baa Francisco this aberasion. c."." i" ' a there and f t to the pOas.XX. did not go down lo lb, wharf with them. ' Jaae a J A soda water tank exploded at Beater Bros- PG4 "Broad wsy.- this-afters at Too report scared a a umber ot paopia. ' P AR D EE T ALR&i ! 1 1 M earner w doae.. He Explaloe irw ''Coancctlsa Jsltb Affaire f - : The letter to Cottoa ErclirL gaii 1 . ' -1 taakrtsre Btati. ' . t , inru, : r , October 11 Tbe works of tbe rirdratl Com piny, mas a. facta re rt of - farm machinery, are ia the hands of the gherLT oa aa exscaUoa lor White Dirt. Gean cooking means much lo every right-minded woman. All dirt isn't black, seeable dirt. There's the ammonia that's in some baking powders, though it's invisible it's filth none the less. If it gets into your : bread, cakes and pastry, that's dirty cooking. . i0 make sure that your baking powder does not 'contain ammonia or alum, see that the label tells all the mgredients usetL If, oot, it's pretty certain that there Is something inthe . powder that the mannfacftiren don't mrant you to know about. . ' -i C C : v 'Vou are sure of dean,, wholesome cooking with '.'Cleveland's baking powrlei. . ETerything used in Clcre- ; , land's b plainly printed on the label and ycu lxow ; . bczctly.Trhat you axe eating. - ,

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