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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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rrr- i Dflilb BSLLV FORAGUIILDD, mmmrn all stages UANY TOWNS AfiE EEPRESENTED This is the sworn cf a man who was cored. My lower; limbs seemed to be ding losing 11 sense of outward feeling. Tbo most excruciating pains made me almost wild with misery and I could not stand atone. tried electricity with no -F Several physicians gave me treatment which was not effextive- i-' One day I read of a man who bad Locomotor Ataxia, and was cured by the use of Dr. Williams Pink Pills for Pale People.

I procured a half dozen boxes, and took them before I was convinced a cure was possible, and finally -used one box a week. My pains gradually disappeared, color came back to my flesh. I could walk, ran and jump, and actually dispensed with a JOKL SHOinfagwt, Editor Farmer and -s North Yakima. Wash. Sobacribed and sworn to before me this 3d day of January, 1899, Jakes B.

Cog, County CLrrk. -v Ataxia Cured by -Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People I Dr. Wmisms' Pink PHls for Pals People contain, in a condensed form, all the elements seceaaary to rive new lift and richness to the Mood and restore shattered serves. They are an an failing spseiso for such diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial paralysis.

8t- Vitus' dance, sciatica, nearalgia rhea- lesdseh. tbeafter-eflectsof la grippe, palpitation ef the heart, pale and sallow eomplsxkms, all forms oi weakness either in siale or ftmsla Dr. Wllllt' Wss HHs fcr Pals spls ere rev SoM Sitae Sezsa saasred. set shsayt ts sack-, soss. sit srvogists.

sr dirtct trsm tss Or. Wil-iUs MeSMse Cbt, Sessctadi, M. 60 abi sr Sea, sexes 1 240. EERKEliET Kov. 2S.

An eioeutlon-aUy nn musical entertainment, wm riven yesterday afternoon, to' tb assem-J room at tne sergeiey mgn dcdool-The program rendered included several by the- ewlyi formed University Olee Club which leave tonight for Stockton make it tnittaj be? fore su otld.adiencv-'-ivV-s--.f; The program wu as oRowss Songs True and-- "Tim EaougH." by MUa Louise N. Cv J. C. Arnold, F. I Nayior, A.

H. Jessirp and Charles liams; TioHn Mis LesM -5 Trow. hrtd; son: B. H. H.

Male Quarete. R. i n. I Stoddard. Wells, J.

Hartley, Hartr: tenor, solo. K. Taylor; A r. Tirm. jt Tt MJu Climi' baritone solo.

med ley, TJ. N. Q. Qnartst, J. Arnold, T.

I Naylor, A. H. Jessnp. Charles WB-liams; violin soio, Alvin Hughes: My Tarpaulin Jacket," U. Gto Club A large crowd was 1n? and ver.

HOO was realised. DEATHOF BRUCE GREBNOTJGH. Kdwln Broce Oreenoob. the -year-oM son of Mr. and Mrs.

B. GreenougH, died Thursday The funeral took place this afternoon from the family-residence en Francisco street. The interment was In Mountain View Cemetery. The Ladies' Aid Society the First Presbyterian Church i busy vpreparing for the Christmas sale and dinner which they will conduct in the new Sunday Bcboot rooms on Thursday afternooit and evening, December 7th. The following officers have been elected ty Peralta Camp No.

123. Woodmen -grf. the Worlds Past Council Commander, Council Commander, wfft Driggs; banker, John- Schmidt; advisor lieutenant, J- I Layman; watehman, Hugh MacDonald; sentry, J. C. Turner; 'manager.

M. L. Ryder; clerk, Q. Tur- ner. FMENDB MEET, The members of the Fr lends Church fceM a social gataering last evening at he i Brakenridge residence.

A miMlcal and Uterary evening was enjoyed. oeorgtt P. 6mltn has gone to Winows. The family of Hugh JBawrfSan Jfran-trfsco wHl- reside in the future in the on Nasbby avenue. C.

P. Sutherland is in Jamestown, 'where he has attend' to some business affairs. Prof. Lougbridge Is visiting friends to Bed Bluff.

mm mmm MT. EDEN xnv tmrrj' a. Hartmann of Um i Eagie Brewery Baa Jose was to town Friday. The road rouer- ae ovKcvaon bow aftwr the rata. ilr.

liecjy nlmger.were and Henry Men. San JYanteteco Friday on As tfce wea2her Is dear and the fields are dry, ene armr are mmj pnia. re dry, 1Utoi I There wiB be quite a gaihertng the. Wigwam this evening noaor or ne boy return, AH -are invited to "Electricity Is an axiom among INCORPORATED DOCTORS 1 Electric Sanitarium Located COR. MARKET AIID MASOII STS.

Entrsno No. 8 MASON is the most perfectly equipped Institution of its kind on the Pacific Coast. Devoted exclusively to the successful treatment of the Nervous System; Deaf- ness; Diseases of the Hose, Throat and Lanes; diseases of the Organs of Diees- tion, including defective nutrition and 'sY LORD. Nov. at A reception, was given Thursday evening: at the taome of Mrs.

J. Rogers-In honor of Mr. and Mrs. J. R.

Perkins, who have Jnst returned from their wedding trip, A large mtntotr at friends were present and a pleasant even-In was i enjoyed. During the evening refreshments were served and dancing was Indulged in. Those present were: Mr. and T. MaGlnsey, Mr.

and Mrs. George WaWren. Mr. and Mrs. Blchasd Howe, Mr.

and Mrs. Fred OeHerfch, Mr. and Mrs. John Gunrprj, Mr. and Mrs.

J. R. Rogers. Mr. ana Mrs.

A-'C Rogers. Mr. and Mrsw Mr. lAVhh! Hr J. CJRogers.

M. (Arbutich, H. i D. i Irwin. F.

Dolan. J. Trainer, J. er ucu, iMiss jf annie lrwin. ansa juiwi Shaw, Miss Louise Perkins, Miss Helen Bhtaw.

Miss Kate Wheeler, Miss Liszie Rogers, and Miss Daphne Forsyte. i SOCIAL POSTPONED. The social wblch was to have been given last evening in the Park Congregational Church has been postponed to next Tuesday evening. I EMERYVILLE. EMERYVILLE, Nov.

25. The Emeryville Feed Comeany is getting in a large lot of bay from the interior. This firm does a big business with the race track people, who require the very best hay fop their high-bred stock. In feeding racing stock great care has1 to be used to have the bay well cured and free from aB mustiness. i For this reason no hay from the coast counties where the summer fogs discolor it, is used.

The Emeryville Company gets most of fts bay from Ptes mutton. The firm now has about fifteen cars in transit. One car arrived and was unloaded yesterday. I TRANSFER OF SUIT. -The suit of James Far ell against the Orosshelms for wages alleged to be due him for the training of the horse Scin-tiBate has been transferred to Judge Quino's Court on motion of the defendant, ALDEN.

ALDEN. Not. 25. Last evening Officer Keefe stopped a runaway horse on the corner of Forty-flf th street and Telegraph avenue. The horse had only a small portion ef its harness on and seemed to have run a 'ong distance.

Officer Keefe put the animal up in Ha-ger's barn and notified the authorities at the police station. The horse proved to belong to a Chinese laundry. It was a young animal and lively, and bad broken loose from the wagon. PERSONAL. P.

Swords, who has been seriously HI since the operation was performed in iPs of curing his paralysis, is much Unless he suffers a relapse he will soen be around again. SUNOL GLEN. i 6UNOL GLEN, Nor. 25. Tha rainfall here for t9te past week has been very heavy.

The farmers are wishing for fair weather so that they may be able to start plowing. The dance given last Saturday evening in Day's Hail was a success, socially and financially. There la-to be another given Saturday evening, December 2. As exsellent music is furnished, a large crowd is expected. Miss Eleanor Regan of the Hasel Glen Hotel, who spent several days In San Francisco visiting friends, has returned.

Miss TClle Buttner of San Francisco spent Sunday here. Mr. Thomas Ziegenfus of Pleasanion wo in imra Sunday. Owing to the severe weather the Spring Valley Water Company intend closing the greater part of the works. Some of the WOT Will BOX oe niumm sun j.

uuvm April or May. UDY FUlintAL i AjMclated Presf Dispatches bf The Tribune's Special Leased "Wire lJWDON. SS. The funeral of Lady Salisbury, who died November. 20th, was held Lord was not present ait -the public services, owing to Ulnesa.

-but be attended the service In tha hoinc AH th Premier's Cbll uhc use of fclectncity or Electro-Chernic Medication is indicated. Consnlta-; tion and Electric Diagnosis FREE. Ray examinations by special J.DEPEW KERCAII, A. J. KERCAII, B.

M. P. a Write For Literature. MANHOOD M. D.

km VIV T1UUUCT, IBC piUUipUBD UUHWI flCUUl ajIKllDi WU1 OKUJCUI JB of all aerroas diaeases of the gvnerathre orgrans, aoch as Lest MukMd, I. somote. Pains Is th Back. SesMsal Eitssias, Nervosa Dvbllity, Ptmplsa, Uafitaesa to Harry, Exbaastiaf Drains, Varlocaic aaS Cesstlpittos. It atop: all losses day or sight.

Prevents quickness of discharge, which if not checked leads to Spermatorrhoea and all the horrors of imootescv. CUPIDBNB cleanses the liver, the kidneys and tne arinarv onrans of all imparities. CUPIDENE strengthens sad restores small, wek organs. The reason sufferers are not cured by Doctors is because 90 per cent ar troubled with Preststis. CUflUKlNE the oaly knows rented to cure without an operation.

testimonials. A' written ftuaraatee riven and money returned ii 6 boxes does not effect a permanent cure. 1 1.00 a box, 6 for $5 00. or mail. Send lor rasa circular and testimouata, unr.i-aB A Aaaress utih, mciiwinc r.

v. dox ess rnscisn, uu. for sle by GEO. SMITH. Druggist, 460 Twelfth Street, Oakland.

I Quite an entertammeoS was held at the Wigwam, by the magician, on Thursday night. i Salt is still betas removed from the 'pond afe the works. I Coyotee bare made their appearance to the fteWe to this vicinity. Nottces are posted at the Postofflce for bids to carry the United States matt from the depot to the SPostofflce. The -notice will expire December 18S9-' rr, Banher at Arvarado, also Mr.

E. B. Btooes managers were in town -Friday looking scer thdr iner- Si: Assostated Press Dispatches hy -v Th Tribune's Special Leased Wire. WASHINOTON, Nov; 25. Tb War Department etficaals are disposed tb account toT'tb sudden activity developed by tbe insurgent south of fVianala.

as reported tbtm eaorneng, on th assumption that the hwurfrenit Geoeroi in oommaad there, be deli PJSarv has recesved notice through some of his spies of th desperat straits of AautoaSdo and is nan. ruUy trying to create a dLverakoo to bSs cavoc by aWwnkrng Asnertcan fores from the rear. oocupies strong defensive ground, end Cavtt provtooe, the home of Agotoatdo, ba never been taken by etoc tth first hostia-Uea, -x WILL CLEAR OUT CAV1TBS. 0 Oeoeral Schwan, assisted by the marines from tbe naval et -Oavtt, siade raid through intuw tasr but was during be wet son, tb swamp were deeo. ami bevond drtving til inetsrgents off tenmorarlly.

nothing BTJbstamsal was achieved and the country we abandoned to tb insurgent Now, however, wftth th advent of the dry season, tbe ttane ss ripe for the execu-Son of 4be ptans of General OtSs to cCear out this country permanently end carry out tbs ravorste project Tor the install' ment to the province of mamsctpai and General Grant, to command there, is betog retntforced With that special object. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wire PARIS, Not. 25. The Senate sitting as a high court heard witnesses today In reference to the royalist arrangements' for an uprising In February last. One witness deposed that Guerin's secretary told him the Anti-Semite League was ready to march, and that carta tilled with arms and ammunitions would follow the demonstrators.

Some of the witnesses, however, made contradictory statements, which evoked protests from the accused. FAREWELL TO THE Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wlra WINDSOR, Nov. 4. Thousands of people lined the route from the castle to the, station today to bid farewell to the EJmperor and the Bnvprem of Germany on- the occasion of their depart ure for Sandringham to visit the Princess of Wales. There an affectionate parting at the castle een the Queen ana ner imperial vis SCHLEY OFF FOR ST.

LUCII Associated Press Dispatches tfy Ths Tribune's Special Leased Wlra NEW YORK Nov. 25. The United States cruiser Chicago, flagship of the South Atlantic squadron, under Rear Ad miral Schley, passed out Quarantine. bound for her station. Her first ston will be at St.

Lucia, and thence she goes to WMa and alter tnat to Buenos Ayres. TEST CASE FOR THE GAMBLERS. Attorneys L. 6. Church ad 3.

Nusbau mer, Who have beaa retatoed for Che de fend ant tn the case ox Frank Peterta, the Washtfigton street dger deeier who was arrested for conducting a nsckel-to-the- sloX maiobtoe, deddted this morntog to waive e. Jury tTUal. Th potntos to be de- culed are eniCsreJy questions of caw, as the facts to the case are atsnuted. Tho attorneys toe tihe defense spent the mnromg oonsui-oaiuon wttb 'Prosecutor Leadh preparing the tfaots to be submltitod bo the court. The cane wtil be argued this 1 CAPTAIN NICHOLS LEFT SMALL ESTATE.

Juliet E. Niohols has applied for letters or ejorrnuMstraoon on tbe estate or Cap. tain Henry B. Nichols, wbo died on board nls vessel, United States steamship on June iota of this while off Paraoaeuo, 'Manna Bay, Phil ipptne Islands. IH1 estate consists of C2S6.20 due on his salary as captain in the United' States Navy and personal effects, FrancowAmerfcan Treaty.

associated Press Dispatches by Th Tribune's Special Tieased Wlr PARIS, Novi 25. The Minister of For eign Affairs, M. Delcasse, replying to question for Information regarding cus toms duties today, said that he could not make pubno the terms of tbe Franco- American commercial convention an til it was presented to the United States Son ata December (m. Cannon for Los Angeles. Associated Press Dispatches by Th Tribune's Special Leased Wlr SAiN FRANOISOO.

Not. Sbafter will go to Los Angeles on Tuesday next to present to that city brense cannon captured at Bantiago. The pres entation win be tne occasmn of several days' festivity. in sis Will Hold an Inquest. Tbetoquest on tbe remains of tbe baby dbughlter of Mr.

and Mrs. A. K. Katoing who was found dead to bed yesterday morning, wSH be hefd at Vctook this eventog at tn resraence, isus cactn street. --v Sprained His Knee.

WDTato a swftitoan residing at 71 Thtrd street, ws treated est the Re- oelvtntr Haetpctvl by Steward Btoccbert for soraioed knee resuCttog from stepping off a car white It was tn txsotsoo. 4 Wants to Collect floneyv AouWla HoTbroo, aftmtnistrator of rh estate of EhnHy deceased, bas began suit agatoet- Vadenttoe L. Soner to recover $2,000, Ueged to bo due on realty traasaotkMi whscb took place to Apr of tMs.ywr.vft:n. Has 'mallEstate. rr mA aim IVTa rim Wnhr tt.

nlnM ha been appraised at tLSOOi Ut consists of A one-third! interest to land 4n linrray township (wntca is morogagea ior i Action For Divorce. G. W. Smith has begun suit for divorce from t.nra0(- on the ground of desertion, Ted Wood represent the plaintiff. Frightful Blunder.

i WHl often cause a horrible Burn. Bcald, Cue or Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica Bel re, the best in th world, will kill th pain and promptly heal it. -Cures Old Soros, Fever Sores. Ulcers, Bolls.

Felons, Corns, sll Skin KrupUons. i Best Pile car on earth. Only cts a box. Cur guaranteed. Sold by Osgood Broav Seventh and Broadway.

i Eerkelsy." Has opened at SS4 Washington Street as first-class saloon. Ths place wH conducted si a resort tor- gentlemen. Draught beer, cents. T. F.

KcNamara, proprietor. Co. (-icsors to Tjan-r reran rrc I a f--v of ins A jxwfect i liquor S'-ore. ree Pop 1 -cr. 1-cX Ii.or.s, l.X fREKC'l COIISPIRATOBS fllLU'BT C10SE FOR FE17 DAYS.

GOLDEN OATH, Not. S5- The following is the. program to be furnished this afternoon as the children's entertainment the fair: Chorus, by children from the Bay School; fancy dance. Miss Flor ence.Osouf; recitation, Mies Edna Leonard; fancy dance. Miss Edna Westphal chorus, by all the children: a song and dance by Miss Caroline Ryan; recitation byMiss Edna Leonard and Miss Rodden.

The evening entertainment will be in charge of the ladles of the refreshment csMe. few selections of a literary and musical character will be rendered, after which, the evening -will be devoted to dancing. The closing of the fair has -heen postponed until next week, as it has been found impossible to wind tip matters on Saturday night. READING ROOM. A number of new magazines are being added to the ttst in the new reading room from time to time.

In making the additions the curator is consulted as to what "magazines will Mgt supply the wants of the district. People, therefore, who are desirous of having any special magaatne added to the list of those in the reading room should leave word to that effect with the curator In order to have their wishes considered by the Supply Committee of the Library Board. NOTES. The railroad company la replacing a lot of old ties 'which have become rotten to the road bed Just below the station. Bxxchax's Pius lor Stomach and Liver Ola SOLDIERS DIE ON THE VOYAGE, Associated Press Dispatches by i ne mDune soeciai ieasea wire.

SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 25. The United States transport Sherman arrived from the Philippines today after a quick trip, the vessel occupying but twenty- five days on the voyage from Manila. There were eighteen cabin passengers and 194 discharged and sick men on board.

Of the sick, eight died on the voyage, as follows: Walter H. Guthrie. Twelfth Infantry. Peter Dougherty. Thirteenth Infantry.

William Rainslaw. James F. McClanahan. James C. Harrington.

Joseph Quinn. 11. lam L. Donwart. John Burnes.

i McClanahan was suffering from a complication of diseases, and did not die until after the vessel passed into this harbor. The bodies of those who died on the voyage were placed in sealed caskets and brought to this city. PROF. STILES IMIIIIC. associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Soeclal Leased Wir WASHINOTON, Nov.

-The officials of the State Department are reticent as to the reasons for the recall of Professor Stiles, the scintlflc attach of th Unked States Embassy at Berlin, which is reported from that capital in the press dispatches. It has been known for some time past that Professor Stiles was en countering friction in his office, although the officials were not quite clear as to where the fault rested. He is said to have deliverd bimslf of utterances that have had tendency to embarrass our own ofnee to certain negotiations. associated Press Dispatches By The Tribune's Special Leased WIra PHILADELPHIA, Nor. 25.

Recruiting for the Boer army. It alleged. Is being conauotea nere unoer tne airecaon ox an organisation known as the Irish National Society. It is asserted that last Thurs day night 450 men left this city en route to the -Transvaal to loin the Boer forces. Recruits to larger numbers are said to have been shipped mt numerous intervals since the beglnnin got the war.

Tt is also asserted that recruiting is going on to au parts of th country. SlOJIHIS BIG RACE. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wlra LONDON. Nov. 25.

At the hurt day's racing of the Manchester meeting today, iora Kiiesmore Proc lamation, ridden by Sloan, won Che Man- Chester November handicap of 1.600 sovereigns. Invincible II was second and oppressor rmra. There were twenty-two starters In this event. Proclamation won by a neck. The betting was' 25 to 1 against Proclamation, 4 to 1 against Invincible II, and 6 to 1 against Oppressor.

UDY BULLER BRIIICSASUIT. i Mr Mary ILeilah TardJBuller ha be-gun suft to th Superior Court pf 8an Francisco, through Attorney PlUgeraM Abbow, to bavek(Eneet H. Wakemaa removed! a bruete itoer eetat. Her two onsv Ttaapb. K.

Blair and Arthur K. Blair o4a their mother as platotiffs la the acUonv -V The complaint reette tbit Wakeman Is a ttere adventurer witJiout meaas and that ne ba taikeo advantag of Lady Tarde-BuKer's iltoos secur control of saupeitjr and appropriate the rents to his own tfaa i Th property consist of realty- to thte etty and Baa jFYandsoo, wblcb yield a mofkbhly tocom of about KM, Lady TardeJBulter is acting throngn her guar, diaa, W. APPEALS- EtI IEDlSil jltiliHIlCpnRDYlCASE. Tib BusJrem Cwort hia denied th ap-pel to be ee of J. Conroy, eatenced by Judge Haiti to etxjteem yeaiW tmprlsoo-ment for psrttelpaiang; with hre oom-pantous in the robbery ox P.

Perreutt in a water front saloon fr montth ago. Canrogr w3 token Polsom this even- r' Work of Thieves B. ST. Gecreglef SJSnth, street jb th police that yesterday afternoon during his absence hi room was entered end larg quantity of clothing taken. Many other euohl paae bave been reported c( labe and.

the polio are rrvaiklng am effort to iocate th pneak --y: The New Education. Mrs. John Vance Cheney Chicago wia de'lver a lecture on Monday after- roon -at 2 o'clock ia-the parlors c-f the Unitarian Church ca the "The i-iueation The Art of Tr.e meetir? will be. an open one, First 4tje, easy to break ttp" feelinf of lassitude, chilUnca yet flushed face and. heat; in head, lameness and soreness in limbs and bone.

f' t' 5ecood stage 'enre takes longer neadaciyi yet water don't taste right; fulness over eyesj and nose; easy flowing discharge from nose; dryness, crapy raw feeling in tiroaW Third stage, is the fall development of. tk'e disease ad requires persistent treatment, but always yields to it may be La Grippe, or a. Stnbborn Cold; Influenia, or Catarrhf So iThroat or Diphtheria; Bronchitis or Pnenmonia. Maaswi all Diseases seeit fr.r Tat sale by ail dragglst' er seat oo receipt ef price. 5C, or five for i.os,' Hemphreys Homeo-paihic fiedidae Cor.WiUiam Job 8ta N.

Y. r- UNIVERSITY UNIVBRSTrT OF CAliDTORNIA, Not. 25. The food value of- the mushrooms which grow in ruch quantity and variety throughout Cam ornia tm oeing mvesagax-ed by W. A.

Setchea, professor of botany la the University of Caafornia, and M. E. Jaffa, Assistant, Professor of Agriculture. i- Already ten of the epecies ef mush rooms which row on the University campus have been eaten and proved available or food. Ai number of other species are under examination.

8o far only one species has been fouad. on the campus which as poisonous, though many varieties have been gathered which are too woody for consumption. All the varieties of pufEballs are and many pecies ox fungi vstcs tne uninmatea term "toadstools" are to reaHty choice morsels. 1 The investigators are anxious that all cases of supposed mushroom poisoning should be reoorted to them, in order that the ungus which did the mischief may be Identified. Whenever such a case is reported tn the newspapers Hie sufferer Is written to and asked for inTormauon.

Professor Setcbeil'' part of the work is to study the mushrooms botamcally. When the specimens have been identified and proved edmle Professor Jaffa will analyse them and by cnenHcai metnoas determine their exact nutritive value. A Similar Investigation was begunr a year and a half ago, but trne burning or tne Agricultural College destroyed the mate rial which had been collected and the notes which had been made, end the In vestigation was temporarily discontinued. JUNIOR DAT PARC TICKETS. At a meeting Friday morning the Jun ior class decided that all the seats for the Jumor-day force, to be presented at the Macdonough Theater in -Oakland should be reserved.

To each member of the cTass Who has paid his dues live tick ets will be issued; three good for seats on the orchestra floor, and two others for seats In the gallery. After the wants have been supplied of all members in good standing, the rest of the seats will be placed on sale for the general public. COMMERCIAL INTERCOURSE. 'XTbffrmereial Intercourse with Japan" Will be the subject of a lecture to be delivered by Professor John 'Fryer of the Agassis chair of Oriental languages to the University of California, at 8 o'clock this evening in the audHtorhnn of the Y. C.

A. building In San Francisco. This lecture Is the eleventh In the course on The Commerce of China and Japan" with America." FOOTBALL MEN; The "JoTlyupe" on' the bleachers Fri day afternoon was the most successful send-off tne fooUbalK players have had this season. Short speeches were made by President Wheeler. Bverett Brown, Spider" Xckert, Kelly and others.

PETITION TO SELL WARDS' PROPERTY. Teresa B. Llvermore has petitionied the tnperwr court xor permnsstoo to eeci real estate belonging to bar fwards, Chartes Cmherino Nicholas and Del fir. fLrvertnore, to pay off claims against cnesr lestaces. St.

Los Angeles Bicycle Races. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wlr LOS ANGELES, Nov. B. Some of the crack bicycle riders of th Bast will take part (n the grand opening of the new indoor cycle track tn this city on Thanksgiving evening-. Two' swift men have just arrived in the city Ivor Lawson of Chfesgo and Clem Turvule of Phiiadel- pnia.

Turville holds the world's record for the unpaced mil, on an etght-lap track, Fornnn of this city will ride against Turville in a match race Thanksgiving aight. Chinese Tap Tain, an aged Chinese who was arrested yesterday fdr-' selllnsr lottery tickets, was arraigned to the Police Court this He pleaded guilty to the charge, stating that he was too old to work and had no other way to which to make a The Court decided that tbe city ought to. keep him. throiurh the winter ana sentenced turn tonfty aays ta tn uijr nm Worthless T. T.

SuMrraa who conducts saloon aft 4999 Telegraph, avenue nothing to show for ten rood Stiver dollars but worthless check signed with the nam ft jrxea xiaoermcnu. Tb latter nam was given by a. youns: man of -smooth appearance who created such a good toDressioo on Bullrran thit had no troubi getttng oanh or hds wortbless paper. The-polio bve been ttotlned and are on th iookout for tn xeuow. Vesuvius Oil Company.

Tbs "Vesuvius Oil Company ha been moorporatea wren asxapttsa stock of so, ooo. to otrectors ana siubscnbers are at iMUler, i- Barber, B. T. Barber M. W.

IWey. F. IA. Loeh, (McGary W. 'Beadtie, C.

E. Dunftevy. W. cv. and- WHMam Licensed to flarryv Anton Marl A-vDias, ...7 John -Boares equelra, Mary Gutart.

EaywrdS.fc....MJU The Tlost" Rare "And delicate of all wtaes is a rood San- ccm uwssnstr ma un uut sn respesib 'A Great Mistake. Not to ose electric HgbJL Cheaper than gas. Ccnsuft us and be convtooed. The Eledrtcal Supply Co, BIO Thlrteeath st Tel. Cedar STL Allen's Press Clippir Cureia Montgomery street, a P.

rstab Eshe Furmsne newspaper eUp tln ar. i Information en aa tolaa, bust- sees ar and Sarraon. Feni -'e In- s-s a Lr. J. li.

2 Ciaa a i T'. Juration 1 ar. j. 1 Itin av. i a Cre vDRIlDERSyiLL FICHT ORDIHAHCL Sanders and J.

R. Smith who is employed by the doctor -to ereot- ing a large frame structure to the rear of some buildings on street, between Eighth rand Ninth streets Vi were arrested yesterday for violating the fire ordinance. The fcuRdiag has been condemned as Unsafe by the Fire Comsntsslohers and Sanders has been ordered exit to complete h. He persisted In the how-ve. -and declares Uuct tie will agbt th ordinance an courts.

-In the Police Count this morning the case wsMxmtta-ued te -Noverober; 27th allow com--- 'plain to-be-flledV is Life" men pf science. DOCTORS 1 FRD0. STREET other obscure ailments where the acien D.j Physicians in Charge Mention "TRIBUNS-' RESTORED tII: THEO. GIER'S SHERRY is highly commendedi as a tonic to be taken a short time before meals, i especially the morning meals. 1 1t will improve the appetite, restore the activity df a tornid liver, relieve malarial com- plaints blood.

and purify the tip THEO. GIER CO- (VISEVAS. UVKSMOSC) i Wholesale Family Retail Dents. 5U-5I3-5I5 Fottrteestk St TCU ItS. OAKUNO Decorate Your oHome By having it FRESCOED PAFERED In the tJp-to-Date Stylo of JAMES CAHILL 408 Twelfth CtraoV- TKU: BLACK SSS NEW LOUVRE 14th and Broadway 7 Oaklzni "Tstsv ths ftyerlU Chef, late of ths Athenlaa Qubb iBehsrge, 3.

CJLHHC1L. IT: Fcn noTr until Dec. CS.SAT BASGA1K3 EE HAD. IADI3 CAI.X, ATONCB.ff 1f ITTt ns3 SAria a. Koors 1, "iTetto 11 1 1 mil PAHITED 4 5 a Denies the Report.

Chartes S. Cusbing rf the I egsi firm ol Muifeuw. Orant OuBMnr of 8an Fran-! tij timn knt tmv.miniiM'' htf be is not the Chartes Cusbtogiwho te reito Mies Mart2ia Audrey' Ha now to (England foEawed the body to the grave. The cortege also includ- stntea that there i eaodher Cbaries 3. A J.

Baltfour edether relatives. CinCXim to this city, but wbehr or not The Earl Piroke rrfed a be Is the young nM. wto reei)tXox wreath sent by the Queen. The 6ecretary ox a marrfcge Hcem to msary Mof the Davie Mr. Cuebtag xaaaOt ettate.

4ar wreath -eent to Ibehatf oT, the Pfror T'does xt know an-ything ahbut the met- and Empress. The iPrtnce "Princes caufoka-s nwiiT-twwt awpBST sn One of the grandest displays Holiday Merchandise In America Ths Ms Stan' Aamal Ml Shsw a Japaacss Tea Ostf a Vcatca the sfckwaUcs parts treat Teharash nU-Takisg Tea whb (Uma Ths Laws Party a as asany athar BdMSjtlas; tsbls 1 sr Httls teats. The sf ursislril divas tron Parts, has eim Kle-4tka ssavirsX flfnrss asS the saad plays FurnifureBiiyers, Call and exarnln my prices on furni ture, carpets, stores, etc, before pur. ohasiny elsewhere. Ton can save fully 20 per cent by buyin her.

Liberal cred it extended to au; worm oc rurnttur for 41 per i Estimates riven en complete house tarnishing from cellar to T. BRILLIAfJT. 338-340 Post St rin rnsNMscn Stockton and FowsU. 1 Op p. Onion Bquar.

Fre delivery Oakland, Alameda and Berketey. Open svernns. htastioa Tatstnrs- CALIFORNIA Standard OU Co. Offlees, (GO and 9 Eighth St. Oakland, Capital etsessasisssssss v.

J. UXKHELX.m..... Presldant fim J. Presideat WALTER IS. J.

and Uanagat BOAJtD OF DIRECTORS. James T. Hamilton Win. Dings j. U.

Xlarrsll C.H.Klntr.. i U. J. tocation ef property and oil weEa, IT. Kittrick.

Kern county, Cal. I ja pt Li ..4 1 WEFB N. rSAS.CS 1 Sole Proprietor COAL C1L AfiD SPECIALISTS la ceo. v. iwi Aru-xruit ssal drcaa sisSt.

Stameisss aw. chsateal tsye sssctrtc nSriiSa, saaal, eU. UllsaK 1 i-s ash) vl liln Sm ter. Carol! fcabsUtntes) v. W-J" r- -vft.

resented, while the nrst peer, ox tn realm, the Duke of Devonshire and other high nobilities, paid high tribute to being present to person- The church wee crowded wth the tenantry. The Bishop of Rochester officiated at a memorial 4 service held la th Chapel Royal Jamee, which was attend ed by the Duke of Cambridge, tpe First Lord at -the Admiralty, George J. Oo-echen and Otr. Choat and th entire staff of the United States (Embassy. Other Embassadors were present or represented.

-i OILUn STILL Associated Press Dispatches by Th Tribune's Special Leased Wlra, KANSAS CTTT. 9tov. Sk-Osnier toads to the fortyTrtght hoars bicycle race at Convention Hall. Th r- score t-JO stood: SO? mile laps; Julius; 607.1; Ous- Laweon, Pepin, 607.5; Waller. Ltodeaf elder, 60S; Neider- URSL 'SATIIEn READY lgixrrOFnC3ECUTEJCASEi 7: Jane SAther bas returned from a flv weeks' aojoura Oregon, where she went for her health and pleasure.

Mrs. gather denies that she left the State to avoid being with sv subpoena to the action brought Against her. by W. J. Dingee for alleged KbeL She says she will remain here while the legal difficulties between her and Mr.

Dlnge ar be ing settled. Th action of Mrs. -Bather srainst Mr. Dingee for an aocountisg for will be caned In court next Tuesday. Assedated Press Dispatches by Th Tribune's SDecial Leased Wlr CHICAGO.

Nov. for $23-00 vs ind'ored here today In th United fecates Circu Court ta fa-wr tia fervnsytvajiia Railway Corrpany ia Its eiit aainyt tiro cXy tor i images done Jir.j ri 1::9 riroad riked for The i as important wcassj cf is f'-unce oo iae action cf t-- every ton tea..

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