The Sedalia Democrat from Sedalia, Missouri on September 21, 1952 · Page 12
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The Sedalia Democrat from Sedalia, Missouri · Page 12

Sedalia, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 21, 1952
Page 12
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Schneck To Lingle Pass Wins 6 To 0 For Smilli-Cotton Simth-Colloii high schuol Tigvr&. siatijUtM Friday night, pulled one out of the ^ fire with the Kemper Military y'ard^ Acadeiny Yellow Jackets, in the attrmptpd last 15-seconds of the game to win conipirtid 6-0. A nine-yard scoring pass. Jim tmcrccptionv Schneck to David Lingle, drew' the only blood of the game after it Funibip^. ioM was set up on an interception by Vard' pmaiizrH . Tom Ferguson. The win was the i the Central Struih-Cotton Stock Cars Will Race Here At 2 Lse Half-.Rile Track At The 3Ii?»Miiiri Stale Fair (»roiincl^ \Maryinnd Save» Repu intion^Barely Missouri Misses A Stunning Bv Narrow first for Sedalia in Mis.souri Conferemre. Time was running out when Har- Koill|>82 ley Moses, snappy little quarter- «.r I back for the Yellow Jackets. felL W 1118 back to toss a pass to Rodney Mitchell, but big Tom Ferguson ||v.ll I kii Scdalia's fullback snatched the^ ball from the air and .started down the field. It was intercepted on LINCOLN. Neo., Sept. 20 i/Pt— • 4 , . • j » ■» k Sedalia’s 40-yai-d strip and he went) Rambling Robert Reynolds is *«« the string, and Winston , mtric« to the Kemper 19-yard line before back and racing again. He turn- bed.lia. no«- of Tip- Rain or shine, modified stock cur laces are to be held at the Mi.ssouri State Fair grounds on the half-mile track thi.< alter- THKV WE-NT ElSHIXCi—in a noon. Bob Williams, promoter pond 01 the farm of B. Robert- A*nnounccxi Saturday night. If ne- son. .six miles south of Sedalia ce.^sarv we will run In the mud to on Route 1 and came back with’Sive ‘aciiig fan> that anticipated a nice string of bass and blue thrill, but I don’t think this will gill—but not too many. In the he jjkely. above picture are Jimmy Dick- Time trials are scheduled for man. 1816 East Seventh: Maurice 1-30 p.m . with the feature events Griffin. 1724 South Barrett, hold- to get underway about 2 or 2:30 Sports Scraps (By D. KELLV S( IU TON) T K KKT ><ties at tbe Unn‘^rsii> of Mis.b-oiiM f-u“ t* c So irhctr: Mrifinui."t game Oct. 11. ha\e been b(»«»sU c‘ ith tnc i;rca* goine ihc Tigers put up against the No. 2 u.tin the N.ttion, Maryland. Saturday. A 27 untierdog ^Ii.oour cani»' through and aliliOLigli losing, played M..rvland ofi thcT tco» f(»r m<tre than 5n minutes of the game The 10-13 lo.' .'.a n.» fU-gracr and put plenty of future custtiinei' *>n rush 1 im tu.kci- for the remainder t»f the season. The game was well utu’h '¿tttiiu t!intu»;it * ui !e of i iui and the chill air. Fainot'.*: men played e,\ceptionall\ well for l ' .» a / xn t ’ u tt • their first appearance in 1052. both oifen.-'iv t; and doti n i\c. COJ-tL IVlHIA. AIO., OOpl. »*11 'AP* i hc universit^ I niigiit say that fbarics PI. 1 II 11 .S, ho im,k o-or icit la-kic Maryland's proud 12-1'ame winning streak and nal- did >cdalia prtiua. Phillips was m for awer.ti cxccMi'ni ta*-kie.-. • , , . i , lonal rtputation rode the pitching and passing arm of Jack Scarbath and the churning legs of Ralph Felton loo a narrow comeback 13-10 vitcury todav over the Univer.sity of Missouri's supposedly out-classed Tigers. It was Felton who took Upset Margin ed in the crowd-gripping run to- *®”* day as Nebraska blasted South Moses made the tackle. oo“« umpire. ^ 0,00 Pb'-^ony, Kohcrt-* Rllill*i most of whom came mostly to’*''''"'' ■ *“ anfi hi." playin.’ Saturday wa superior hi< 19.‘>1 season. Hr mo\ cd uf) tnifu guard to l.K'klc w h -n <1 >ri Ruttci- h-=i to quit the game last week w hen he nndorwent an opcratn»n Wi* «inn't Want to ioT i*o< to mentn»o .fnn "Coi ti Fîr ad" Martin, who last ."Ummr; was «'inployed at the Sctiaiia Water (.’o.. ftii a shtH't time. Mar in who canv’ up froiu H ckn an Hid School of Columbia, played an oulstahdmg game at right guard. Martin didn't mis> a bet on anv p!a\.' w hn-h hewdcii mi . s wa>. and broke through the line time and again to break up the Mniw land baoktield. .\ftcr the exhibition Saturday !t>otbail tans ctt'i rc.'t as.- neo Faurot anti his staff will be bu.\v this week making corrections m .<ome <4 the mistakes the team made. This w ith the thought m mind they have a tar better chance this year than they were given by early predicticns of the expert'^. land gaii'o today; ; tries have been in contact wdth Williams regarding today’s events. Oi this number at !ea.^t 2.5 will announced there was but two-;^7 be on hand a.s entry fees have al- two Toachel^*oti The All-American (Hants* Hopes mrilbp 1 ru«. Who rode the bench much of last ■ uuuiuci . scrrmmage piav Lnigle i usbed the nnit#» while to ■wot o .. t . Herbie rhoma.'On. Holru :i, .vho line for three yard.s. “Buck” Ben- ^ when he did ?t vvas a E i" i ♦ a i “a *>> hi Henry J in the time nett then carried around left end| -Bik^ „-ials dm inr f,m for s placing line. Schi sharp u«*s> uvei uic uiit: invu i-.m- * _________u_ ................................................ ‘-’i<• ... ...■ gle'sarmr and he wenOhe distance, t^nal League pennant race with curve and he was thrown to pay dirt. Ferguson’s place kick Joudi seven Sames Ir to P lay T,,e ,.ar ua.s ba,||^ «recked .ed V....L. 01 III I U-2 b 0, the spill and lould not be used 00« OOL IOx-3 9 2 in the race. Golden gloves may be sponsored in Sedaba thiy year — providing of course—boxers can be found who will stay in !li(' .sport Th<‘ Sedalia Club ■.< taking on tiir si»onsoi>hip o1 tiie Colden dove- with .«ome op’sidr holt an-i the hope to build a ’cam tf i S^tudia. A na'cting ha." been CtilU'd tor all ' b'.\ ht. fi» ite Pi (h) .■sonu* f)o.\'i»g Th(‘ meeîin;- v ill be lulo al íhe Moti.» Club Wettnesd iv n ght at 7-30 p m. .\t this mectiii... ixixint. it wtl! be exol. tneci 'tu iiov ■ di bc mtvi u' e»- ato it dtrv ,»i- h-vii- rdiie t*i ’ht tut I. ,\!ìt» o!.»n to «‘' ’he ìt'am th-'v ji’ Ix* i-it'-i. .\n .\.\r cty.itc! !ui -liii-adv b*-cn rei' reti lui oHicr "tcpr h.ivi Ix'fii taken io m.ike it ptissd)’ • to hoki atuaU u lai.x ng !.eu* again. F'ii-t dtnt > Ru.' > .irdaae Pa'bUi? \aiä.i2r Pa-'f' atlptipled Pa- coijtplettrd Pd-.'rv iiitrrfeDtfd P i (Its P.jnti ij( avet’.iÿr Fan bles Vaid» i>«*' .1 t¿rd Vio *»2 ìi 24 10 2 « ♦0 2 IV went «iTd and the ho^^ h?.'*' ing the contest " toward the goal scoring Coach Ralph'••Stub” bow's at- the*^1lrXTt' wan'ted ‘^from fh^ " unom lo,. tn. j|,p ricalership of the Hem v .1 ready thin hair was thinner, aod; ia,^,biOT and Yvars. Westrimi Rooerts ,i„.|aied Ihc ear would haxe heen Philadelphia Corwin. Wilhelm (6). Ktrslo (B) and Burgess. he rush^ out onto the field to: ^ Dakota’s , p congratulate his Tigermen. but re- f Reynolri.s ^“ 0 , ¡h elnh -i Buree.s • markcd at the sanie Ume. ’How consistently picked ><R Philadclph.a-Buigcss.. luckv can a man be, ^ gains he was unable to get Kemper Hon the Toss away for anything more than Kemper won the toss and chose nine vards at a time, to receive. From the opening until South Dakota .... h n h u~ 0 In those final seconds there was little Xebraska .............. 6 20 7 13—46 ■■■ ' Home Huns K(X‘|> ODIEILD tut k <‘.ir i.icmg s bt'ing hk -«- ii St .ptlii ai «t undt'i the prumotion of Bub Wilii'im.". The t ¡cc> ait to b<* hclfi up ’he half-mile track a’ t' t' .^Tw.-'Ul n ^v.U- F. ir grutuid witli ’he fli t of a K<>rie.''' ’o be rur thi aftuiiiu»*u. Willi .nu i.-i cupfir-eMt }|»- \ ill ht* able : > h .ihi .‘"»'ti ha ’ r .. tilt* ' hull' OÍ muujiitfi oi' ’al«»!.iv ¡’acii;;.. H< h. m»» » tl-.u *_*.v dn < IS vitti .tie turi'-l’lL ‘I ’ ’■■ It» I; Tp- ijoti d)v; t* ■I'i <.ii(! oiiie .vhich u cl’-t' t'u = •: “tiu’-rufi COLL'.MBI. . Mo Sept 20».4’» siatiatu- if the Mi.*.souri-.Mai' - a pilchout from Scarbath vro and carried it 15 vards 2 fi across the goal line earlv 1 ’ *» * 12 in the fourth quarter to 2 '4ive Maryland its first « touchdown. 11 It wa.* Searbath. calmly pick- irg his receivers under the pressure of dving seconds, who spot- Icfi Lloyd Colteryahn on Mis».»i ri’.s 26 V ard line and opened the dour fi»r .\iaryland'« winning :eort‘ with banIv nuife ’han a te rcusainif-g. C-i*U'i' ’ {' *re pa.'S'. he-!j'Peu ' i!e Felt»»n *hrcw a key ofo ’*^ fhaf remei erl the onlv Ti’IT k’"''- *er anfi Ih'^n raced to the end /une, F cent for thf»* hridiant come- Kansas Trims TCI : Reidi SVa's SI mov LAWRLNCF. K.m.. .S4 pi. 2U «4’» Cili Rcich. itn IK 1 icfvi: »VC tar at West Fornì, hh)- .»„ m- ^ "v'Io-A'nd hio -'cd'like a“ fa't- CK had it not been Thoma'on hit a htile in the tra<‘k and eaused him to io-se cut irui nf *he ear and it rolled uvei Well Known Drivers Here Fdftie Schnidei. troni W.u t. .w Croi kc* Thompson uf cimtur,, Sooii«*r All'io l)ro|> .S#*iial(»r?* Elici Jiiiv: ’uek choice between the teams. They Nebraska scoring: Touchdown.«, beat themselves out trying to .score, Novak 2, Cifra 2. Reynolds. Tha- trying to set up scoring plays and ver. Korinek. Conversions. Revn- shifted the ball back and forth, okis 4. • up and dow’n the gridiron with little — Oric Hammond, Sedalia. Jm * i ■» ■» ■■ ^ mx ^ bines. Stuekiori. John Bu vt ii. f f >111» iD VrkîlIWatS Hf*îlt rîirilciL HM> to a att .eking quartt r- i><ick luiiav i'.y eruineeiing the K'»n.'i to a 13-0 \ ie- •urv over Te\a Chi .-tian l.'ni- vci in » ina;»)i m’ei r-tiuu ! i«K>’ ,»11 gaiee. Reit : . a la"-; d <-• iui t •* S’ce’t.iii. F . pa «eo for ooth Kan.HuS iouchii».> .\ n «gait'i -l tne »’c- tenriing champion .S»e !hvve-i o: - ^crei'cp Horned Frogs. He icic'h- ixi Halfback .Joiin Konck on a 11- vpi’d toss in The firs’, quailcr 'uid Brandebcrry, another ith a .)-v arder in *hc final 25.000 fans turned out Players received their usual iec- Hiihbarcl Pleases tures at the half time, and mis- ■ _ mr /*» 1 takes were discussed and players |t 8 il(*W 1 given advice on what and how to ^ t , i> . if do things. But the .second half Coach Tipton was sui prised white' (B> aiKi Fcdcroff- C.cK ia '-anou c.u« in li L i . mik . . •. i!»u-p..und ufcn.^iw ij.n m started out in the same fa.shion pleasantly with Friday’s ’ He-an ' 2 i.u u .»» I u. f» n-iv* end. .uim-xd as the first with little change m scrimmage. It was a knock-down. WF—Carcia: LP—Chav. " ” ” ’’ ’ ' " * ' ' ' ......‘ '...................‘........... cither team. drag-out affidr and a real work - Dcising; Cic r- However, the Tigers saw mure out for the Tigews. laiui—Ru.sen Easter, of the shadows of the Kemper He was especially pleased with !r*i 'd =n?. For three cn»'*rters it re'(••nu!e»'i u-vthieg hut the team that rrAf'fl 1-2 arnong the . Pif.vutui-ll greats with VI- hi >; ,J «t’.lte. I*.,. ? rre oc'.rter.« ’he vrowd Ii, ouir --d in da n > stadium • ■at . • h ; « t r •ny ’u r.*«hc\c they v ert;’ to ua in f. i the first major up'cr of th 1952 sea »on. They : w i'lpnwlr-; dispose of a terrific vTr-ryhnd first half advantage, hile Mi«"Ouri.’’hivins as though it had ncv’er «“’'en the team rank- ing.s followed along behind quarterback Tony Scardino and . ... Jim Hook, and fullback Bill R*xt- iir.t on the Notion- ,^0 ex-U’cst Point cadet. Tcrps Outgain Tlgerj Mi.«<ouri maragcxi only four date Athletic .Associa- ationall.v televised pro- mormng-iong rain thaï goal line than the Military ix»ys the running of “Big Jim” Goodw in < ^ ■ did of the Tigers’. Drive after and “Short Boy” Bobby Thomas. ISl'OH IIH‘8 IfrHll drive faltered at the most crucial Hi talking to Coach Tipton , /'I • time and it started dl over about scheduled games, he .«tafed P riUII t 4 IIISOX he would those oridges uii liie when he came to them. His phi- ST. I.UCIS. .-xept. 2<» *4‘ 'he .-\ifrcd H íil wiü in tiic fl.»-*iii<»n "n t’w un the tr.ick Hall p. cun.'UicM-d <•« P't» 0*10 of thf* 'icv? .■.’.'»rif'r.« uf 'uiTu 'cuu. ratx'S m .\l 1 .-"uuri. JudgC" electro * kc»’p tr.K-k uf dir \ .u'ions r\eti'‘ a»**' .luniur Hanunuiiti. Cur!\ Bru> í<*,". Bud •Abnc.v an-'{ Giri < v. »ms < ) iu i u:- ficial.’*- ai'F* tu .’ip (.am*-(i i.\ Wij- iiam iirfurc t itn g tune Wlliia ins ha ama iu:u » 1 ' iC plans f<» »’uiiduat ¡r ,<jífien !»i, k car l ace« c’ri v .Sun’av aitti ''u,iti a- long as thr .scath' r a. ih p» - ...... ,u..t octorc the kickoff Hist duv U. Maryland's seven !!»n-puund u fen."i\e ipn ing in ’h» fu..nh inning. |eft the turf m a «lipfxtr condi- Hie fnwt half. .And m rushing (»<»(( niMi (inn - 6 H 1 tion. -•X.:.,!*’ imidd»*« aiio iitt»i- \y . n ^n.n n.ii hou upx -10 15 0 w <- the >,up( 1 jia«v ?,» >ct up .AiKaii.',!« .\n.. C rjH itU f. the unlv l a tnu' t ui ” '• Rii/ui baek'"' ingh!',- tu,iti‘(i b,.-i.iU’iU .I’dc tu niuvt a.;an.«t ,>-m -n .\ M an*.’. • »11 » I - u t(,'.iehuu M" Famed!. Xixui I . Seram uv, (.V ai.i WiÜK'i .Vno’“'».' (.5); S'’ i. XiaMc-.-oi 1 H > aii’i CL’,, ■-o. Wi’ Sue. LF-F ruoli. HR .Wa.'-o;n..,tun Verm-n, again. Although Kemper wa. .... . i- , 1 , • -r' * defensive the greater part of the losopy is that the boys .«houldjSt. Luuis Br<j-A n.« luuk uutli gaini*s game, thev were a constant threat, concentrate on one game at a • 01 a tw iiigiit-niuiii u<niblehcad« r This thread was largely due to the H'ne and Friday’s game with R. irum tiie Chicagi. U biti S.,)\ 1 »,brilliant all-around playing of lit- Coles is his first concern. right, winnio, the in. t vum a tie Harlev ? oses, in the quarter- T'ho Tiger backficld is small livc-mn nintfi innin, raliv. !» to back slot. ^ Moises handled his The lino features .Aubrey ;,,)(! -.ic ('(-»m-i. 4 u. »>. Bon \n team with ease and constaiuly ^ hi,«m .and Lonnie Banks it !ctt >■ ns 1 <> ham.» r iiv novt* in Hlai’k Will gave me Tioers a • lai he in ano Thomas Uvalt :»t right tivr m dii B iu . m mn« m ire his broking'’ through the line end. At center position .vitb Don- tim* t)ui ’n< c. urn , V pen he cairied the ball. Prepared For Fcrifuson .Sporliiijr Nfu«* ST. i.rd is. .Svi. _’(! hci Juc B'- ’’K (f tm P Pr-' u nie Junes aiui .Ahred Burns ¡ i . t ujud niunqjh tor piicijcr S;»t- should puii througn even if Hub- chel Paige who allowed seven . ,, bard has to u « p the platuon svs- hit" in iu sdnig his ve.-und inn- There ,.5 no doub »t’® ' ^'o« ¡cm ,„,t :,„r, his 12th M.fov ■„ ihe U.xue, - i„k. C.,,. C’ün- O.i, Jackets went thiough some haid 'There nave been nu serious in- vceii. practice in preparing to take care fjyjijjg ihe entire practice r.Second» >a< red Heart .S<dtballrrs •Spj^il U iih lloiiotonia In* S., , , I H t , o : -• >f t ; ',o I λ .,m " t (.»vci H’lU ''J pi ÎU ui .ue }'! ■’'■t- f nu I' .it H> iis- i ui I. Na 1 f a >'i.,'. l eu 1 h Ii * , i-j,.l i'.i .’MX’ a. Of ;}'i,i’'t;ii u- c '»m ■’ *'o Í ie, • *. ,• ;)< Tue-.i.t '• ’ PiUsiiurg ,>tate \ip> Rulla B.v run .WI mii » Mfivrs-i 'p In IVIelirities louniev W.-\SH!\G !» »X. .S*’pi Jo I V — .Í» ’ r "' Bai ''iqim tcna- Iv t<* tn ,'i >Ki e '• t.iv ui ti:e *’eU ui i*J..V _oIt ttu.rr M- vsil’i .1 .i4-î'u,:i ’o al d 2h9, r. t\ n uu ' kf’ a Tí v.i' ’v - he turf m a «iipfxtr condi- ‘“v ».u.i. .-»nu ... 1 ^^,,,,,^ uut on ,,Mv fooling Kan.^as me Terrapm.« of Mary- the mpenor team. gruund out I2n yard.s to the Reich .\l.vays There v, ir u u It We." tne fii"t tune Couch U oi'kmg half w a> through the iDu’cn \i vei'.< Frog.« nave been -'ocond ponod .Mis.mun opened up u, ! « me Riee game ot ^ spread formation, that 1947- 43 games ago. And Reich, five men in the center of the ». .0 of the huvs rushed out of the . i^fattercd five eligible Aca-i<_ mv in t'ne cribbing scan- ffccivers. lai * vcar ..„u. was in the ric- btandmg deep. Scardino Bip- time TCU *^vd ;>a.«ses to end Jim Jennings atid Roi'kamo that carried the B ■i I».. *(’« M . .'■f S . -1 ktCi '.Í JIO of Ferguson as they were on him most of the time. This however Ghicago -St Louis (»UÜ OOP nun- OUt» l(»t» U3x- •!to L»il! (I . ball team .'(pjee.'cd Littlefield, H.ini-st Dii. î logue bv San State. J»»-14. (6». Stinií t 9 i .i’ut (*ourmc>. IllUdL Ui lllC’ lilUC. 111!' II gave Lingle his opportunity and he l^oloraflo took advantage of it when he was . Slal,‘ 2U-1 I the ball carrier. J»*"»* .-"lai«. I Bennett didn’t depend too much orii'i nr o r-. i- • ni ,■ on any individual in his backfield. BOLLDLR. 0,!o . >,cp.. -0 .1 and kept the entire back field de- “Sobh°more UariK^ .“‘'' “'t'k partment at work, trving to confusei pun, ictuin lui a louch- Se opposition. HU head w„rk ; down proven w omii.g ,,,hi iin. riiows up m the statistics and ,he fabirday as t ,.lorado .s .Mroncl.i results of the game. The boys played hard and tried. Lvnn .Xplanalp’s on.poiiii p.,-.- WP-.S' h H: I.P .XiouiH. STrd^lUf ?h"is'*”“cl^^^^ 5^'KLsaTak* heVon oTx Itallv Xi|.> aeyeral other weak -spots «.11 prub_ Saturda.v’.s mcotlnc «,.1, ■ vvaci . T.- v ., s ,-,.’. I’n ably come in f i s mighty Oklahoma in a Bis Seien B.i'loiX Bchi,. Uiiigin Ik.i ^actice. conference game. Tigers Had The Edge Statistics in each depa rtment fl 3 2 4 10 0 nev OI the .S* Li»ins ; * c so named ruiiiiiC" ul the >i'.i i>> Spurting ,\'c I'hc '.v^eklv pajK'i Fil 'ISFt. RG. K.IÎ,.. S pt. Ju Fit'-uui.., ^■.;l.í .l,»-.i-' .ic •'»»•'¡I.-. IIV»' ^,,0 m,.t Wri.« ' H.*U,il !ut » ; (»: -I’ualercotc \ u toi v I OM ! M VI I -t OKI W p.t V', ■ i 1* pit”. - o\ «-I U'i«."oni, Doristi (7l. Kenncftv cti Black . 1 - Xaiu-;i ! Lt o ue (M’ ano Lollar: Paige a?.d Cinir'- fuuki»,* fur ''hi,- ,ut."t non ■' friitf Dc; . .'.ork " t’-im ‘no'.’ a 1 -ole ■» LF’ (i ¡«."On.. '-»e.e of li •"¡cl-n';_ •. Re ic (Eir«.t> IV» . M'l’ ^ i ‘..:.l!l’ to (’hiea^u ..... <»'»4 ]0<i liti* tt :it 0 take charge" S;. L'tuis . (HK î iiuj i»j,) -λ 1.Î 2 ~ r.ol \itt. .Mitu*i « in to ’ • '» r.t'i f»t oiCh t( , 1 :;.« tu- wuh tht- S ti\» Imn’N -Mild oil' e ' r* oi 1 ,» (’ .01 It icti-'ivc Imcup evci'N ,i;vpoaic.l (taiigi runs. , Gnlv in m liual quarter tmd Tigers Jo vards to the -Maryland aPi. t.c ."un hao cracktxl tiie^ Then fading deep, Scardino : \ V l air. loud, did the Texans ^ anotiicr pass to Jennings that "u.o.v' ai v sort of an offen.«ive. 'kipped off hi.- fingers and th^e Ti.e Fru...«. wifh R,»v .McKown M' rvR.nd’s Ben le ^aloney m- liurw -rie UM«.«.n_. moved once to Ric K =1 6 - 1 .’. :d line a»ui a„c»iii -^Likm t n nci on the three and : t • 12 i’.nc a stroo, Jai lut. k ^vcnt n to the ena zone with the ., , ; tht UI ack Tiscr touchdown. Paul Fuchs it wcc ’’ t tmc-’ Kti «a« uc- ■'Vcond conversion attempt vvas R ow* III vcai and the defender«’ Maryland was offside rule w,. as i iq .rtart :is Reich’s ’“wt. This gave Missouri a ..rv.ckm-: upcicitions to the Jav- Ífcorjíia f pcli EooIxh i.ikr nollar^ ATL.\.NTA. S 2«» 4'. Gctirgia 'rcch, ti ird team in college fu«»t!»,*.l) !ui»ke<l hk* t»i iinderrated «•luo tf.d.a’ .vhcn i fleet of fuidmen i.nlt-d up a 34-») «core ti’i. cr the (’li,»* t 1 it. t-at'icr p _ be’trr .«uite.'i fur a .« *. immn g !»e- riH’Cf. limd T.v U'i* to lie the ,"C»»rc thet. In ai’eu: 1:. e in .ti.’, tin Giiao I The crowd totaled 19.99.'-!. Wake Foic«t 17-14 with mlv iearncd tu it> a.rnnv .mti via the All the scoring came in the iiist 14 -.f-cdiKis t(i gu tud.iv in a ::a'iic hard \\,»\. th. t ’.horr a nu have the Tigers the edge in the three periods with the tourth Ki’u ov ucii unusual in»'i- t.’ing ’. Ri :tn . {,» .»11 H ii » ball game. Penalties went against, qyarter a .«ucces.sion of mis.sed dent" as a pR.xi! coming uf! : e man. Dick Iht t/. Bii! Tea .m«» the Jacket« who lost 55 yards, scoring chance.«’ by both tcani>. tjonch tu take a runner aiu’ 1 Glenn rurncr. several times at a time when it showing customary fir.«;t game Bear ch.ogmg »m the field to steal That wa«n't all me inmKi.-, meant much to them, while the greenness. , an otficial'x flag. I'ech c»»uid couut f*n. Thi \ tu>! Tigers lost only 15 yards on San S .............. 7 0 7 0—14 (’ o Br.icalu the ru ggeo Bay- looked the bc.«t tofia.v. .A c»'uw(i of penalties, allow off sides. Colorado .............. 6 » 7 0—20 loj linebacker, h<iotcd the fu ht lo.uoo watched the track inc<*i The locat power paid little dm- -------------------------------------- o„al from the Wake Fure>t 11- It has been 16 gam.*« ince Te.-h dends, gaining 168 yards vaid hue to ciima.x a slomtv la.-'t Io.«t aiu! in that >tn ig i« ,t -------„»^109 «« 1 « tH*> hrpak 2 ^riiiv iic-i,. 4 ictiiiix fyotbali battle in which long v ictoiw in the ('>iaij.:e Bow ! over passes and long runs kept a cixivvd Ba.v lor. of 16.000 In pandemonium. ------------------ Kemper’s 123, and only the break of Ferguson intercepting the pass. To Take Exam Oct. 6 and carrying the pigskin 41 yards! down into dangerous territory.' Okla., Sept. 20 </Pi— ---------------------------------made it possible for the Tigers y^ekev Alaiitle. 2»l-year-old New Sacldlc (’lllll 1'o Hold to w'ln. A’ork Yankee »»utiielder, will be ‘ Milliani JcMcll Pin?« *T>-1 I On Baker BALDWIN. K.o:.. .Sept 19 P* - William Jewell riefratrd R«iker 3.5 to 14, Frida> night m the .-ea- With time being short the Tigers f^i* his third army physical Altlllial SllflW took a gamble twice in going mr examination Oct. 6. a date that , ... nine yards to the goal line, both fhid his club in the World. 1 (Mlav At ClUervillC were passes, the incomplete series plavoff.«:, it wa.«: disclosed ,, and another which proved .success-' u ^ opening footliHll game for ful. But the gamble paid off. iVIarsh, diairman of thtv i^Rd .Saddle Club , ^hmv,, The next CMC game for die. Coy^ty Draft Board, said J^dich b> R Win,am Jewell .«n.n^d t v». Sedalians will be on Oct. 10, whenKhp aider came through State | pe'^ree Claik Hai an «ccoiHi period,; they journey to Hannibal to meeti g^ig(.^jve service Director Col. j Legion Po.«t 34, will be held r’lJx c F Miirrnv’-i office under *^*^3 - P fmirfir R u L-«.the Pirates. Clive E. Aiurray’s office wider. f. , ^ fourth. Baker scored in the first whHt Ue Miami .N'ews-Record | ^ 'Gfnl I called In Its .Sunday edition. ’’The 'OOP m;!«’ «PS’ Fullback Jim Happv .cored * Mickey Mantle Rulhui." ’I’HnG'l 'h; «hnlf cd ^ “f «'‘"o"” ■' p '' p " P.DO M.TO. call,.. Se .^20 ’ t icguiauoii J ^ J . his touchdowns ciune on a .3-v<ud Stanford Opens Season tVlth A 28-13 Victory ,p,__ Stanford’s Indians oiciiinj» y< , ...... ,-i,u titr uriii\ rC2U a tlOll ‘ ‘c' umti luv juu»»»i ciiiu their seasonal football bow today fJucce-iul- by defeating the Santa v a»a P o.;teomvclitis with- T^is year the followmg ev» Rronco.s 28-13. I he defcudniH .. eligible be prese»ited atthe sho Coast Conference champion com- P devised S>and entry drill bv the •^ac Pletrd the non-league game scoring two speedv ccnterfieklrr nal period after being held to a ^ ^ osteom; ' ''satta"cia?a made‘rtouchduw n bone disease, for about fiv in the opening quarter and scor-, ii 1 ed again in the second. lowa letale Mail IS Wild Bill Schindler Dies *Soillll Oakdla Stati* fa Ra« to Pennsylvania ^ ALLENTOWN, Pa. Sept. 20 '46— Welch of Sonili Dakota .State re- Wild Bill Schindler, 43-year-oid turned a kickoff 9.5 yards for a veteran of Indianapolis speedway luuchdoVn today as his team was and other auto racing classics. overpO’,vereri 37-19 by the low.a was killed today in a big car event .tate C’yelones in a non-conierence a’ the .Allentow i fair. game. .Aulhoritics reported that ^cìí¡nd- WeUhV fer. a resident of Freeport. N. V., _d!lup clima Jnving an Offenhau^el'. wns killed toucndown in the third lap of the second big which prevented a .>hutout car race. It was scheduled as an Stan Cozci and Dick Mann fired sight-lap event. ' Iowa State’s which mark- Schindler apparently did not see ed up 271 yards rushing and 152 ' pa.ssing. Cozzi ran over three touchdowns in the last seven minutes of play on run.« of 10, 36 ;md 3 vards. enls show— run. . Ha It back Don J»»rdan «coico Mor tiiC winners ».n an 83-v.od '.■I' Ü’ . , ■ Í ’ I , I ;*. I'.f»-. r>» V rt. <J rv . ■ r. • g K. ’ N. .» I.. ■ «• ■ . 1 j%» ri . ’ ’ R 1 v.. 4 ’Vtrt ■«.•U» N M r «t ii •f • V «**U» »J t ! r;, ! V . D ..-» i'.. 7-0 lead. With a minute remaining in the n ilf. Fuch.s shot a 13-yard field goal through the uprights and MarvlaiKi trailed by 10. Interception Hurts That« ihr .vai it sto»'»d until 1 e Ì! tRo third quarter Marv»;, fin:4"v alert, moved on the ■!-'*l.\ »1 ..»ffen’'C - Dick .Nolan intercepted ft-, iial.i ScN i-i-'iMo nn«s and returned »t a !».n- »n-fiiui li tcknian tti ni' 33 Then w itl Scarbath <1 rtcrbnck. fimioicvi kccpir-; <n thr piit T. and full- n.» i 2’ 1 I M 2= r Mf H a., Q V Î XaliAnal I. prcup *•'• h„ ' K victury, TCU managt .i only 33 y,,i(f> Í cl ru«aing and 129 ’hruugn tne air again t the fircci-up Karu^a»;.« .V ¡ I h..»p(* t»i ».ie. t out po.vertui » k I. ■ ! • i i ' -lor-.’cio I'l the B .'«i c C ■ re e i cc. .51 »«cues ( i»?*t Frogs f'l I, i -« uc" ni «IV t I 'fii I !i: inmute.". V i.ik cal. ' I»■•» d . ’ tin ; ... kickoff anti K,»n><i« i.t.ick F. Barriti and halfback i‘‘t»\»’r* i »>■ tf'.c F’ro.,.«' JO Kan- Rot ■ iv \\ adrr. moling through ,« I." î: iic»i »0 ca"h in imniC>.iK.tcli. the R e, thr Ter i« made it to ! .ppm.. I »''If ith a fumble on .Gi>«».;i.,ri'- Î' F'elîon finally fe l-\ r ,í li. »rk. -J’ n didn't let hit ix.v .,ut. * c 'tcxan« out of the cra -k oc- R -ck; inp. woo piavo»' a hangup^ tor. '•orn g ,. . :c for dii- Ticer« at fullback M K»»wn puntv » oi t wcakK af- i.i'A itc:'c“'ivc right end. «mashed ter t c fu l'Io ií. = -ovt*rv ,»iut Kan- thriiugfi to Mock the conversion !ic»-C'i »'»niv 2 peifi'ct p,!:-.«c" attrn pt. ’I'C Î r ' '■» ♦ lu .Jc.rv Buguc T'ie T -ro« thcti 1 »Rt ' thr Tig» !■ ihr - Ml to K inek - to c-- I'n» five m bl»i» ked an- tii» k the IC* Ko.’ick n'i.--"C(i tfic v‘*'a r Fu<-'”" fmld goal atten Dt tn î’*!' t \ 1 s tint L’ot made the ."t^rí oo thrir 1 »n., Tonrnci down p < ’c ! cut a ‘»m t.‘C «ecv>nd touch- tic’ ». iiow r .Scai'Oa’h lot only *i-rec pa>."CS .-\:’tr Kt» i."t»" g»»i on top. Rcicli.« »m' < f u-n tnc" viu'ui_ the game, ti ’•? .«pot pi.iiti Kept ICC deep Rut i* «» o? rhc’*; -.’onc in that n It- oan tcrntor.v until Kansas final march th.»t a a* die final fiao oui’t up a 13-0 lead ui toe nayoff. 1-.'I .*vi HI He kicked oiit ot Mar.vl.uiti .............. <» 0 »» 13—13 tioumJ." oil tne 3->.»rv1 line m the 3^i'-«ouri »» I" 0 0—-10 third quartei ,.nd the F'log." were Scorin, im — Maryland: • i'le tu im the oall »),»ck oiilv 29 Touch'dow n . F'olton and CTolter- W 1 P, ’ í. H». ’» ;> t K.t,; ,N»*y V « -•»r >.Q '*9 , 1 • ; ......................K'. •»g >78 8 F* ..................... ’i .n t* ............... . : Í »!), t'*’ ■ »I’; .I»: hj *^■1 . *0 1* ' Rn • .. K r. J ;il i’OT >bi! ' S:' »nji 27'« Smrrlran 1 r.*eur W 1 p. • f ; iXfW V ot K HQ .R hi ►*, (.’»ei firOHl a« HliUI , 1 i’ilK’rtÇO .................. 77 71 .î2'> !2 PhilHClcU'liiii .................. 77 72 7 1.1 W ..«niofiif)" .................. 7H 73 ..lio 1 4 Boston ...... 74 7;t . 10 ;; 1.1 St L»iui»i . ...... «1 88 .41.1 28 D«*»voit 4» 9« ,.3;i;540 1,0 0." on Reich's eight kicks. Kramer Think.s Sedgman Will Turn Pro Soon LD.ND u N, Sept 20 ? - J » ck Kramer, pi»• tenni" pnimotci c»»m- ix'ln g Ui the World Pro tounicv here said todav 'I gather F’ratik Scdgm »11 wifi pr»*Rably turn pro after th»' Dav is Cup matches” St'dgman. generally rated the world s No. 1 amateur tennis player. is the bulwark of the Australian Davis Cup team and currently is playing in California. The ,\us—;;; ....................................... tralians now hold the cup and are The Gulfstream Park mi*ctiug expected to have the C. S. team next year will opv*n March 4 and as then* opponents in the chal- close .April 21. lengc round in December. '•ahn. Piiint aftei touchdown. Deckel' .Mi«"ttui'i T»»ach(icw ris: Makin. Field ’,»*a!s: Fu -hs Point after t*'uchc»*wn; F‘’uchplacement. We CALL and BLACK BEAUTY —. Alfred Glassell of Hou.ston, Tex,, is dwarfed beside the record 1090- pound black marlm boated off Cabo PJanco, Peru. (NTEA) under 16. best wmslorn outfit, men: »lest western on?fit. vvvimeii; i)c."t loc,»l walking norse. best pleasure hoist*; t(*la> ra»’e and ste»*r ridiiu in <’.»"<* ot ».oj tht' "fto'’, '.viil ÌH belli tin* !oll»e\mu Sunday. K-State Trips Rradlr.v MANHATTAN. K,»”... Sep*. 2n •R Kan."a" Sla’e inir.v up a ,eer"l''"*' e'loilics o-'«''' Biadlc.' Uia- a.vca Siatp’s ’.htce: I'-iS’’’ ana .Hshro four.h quarter sp.,.t ’ on Ki^.dioy .n.L-cucs ’n « in Ir.c ntrr; .'niiTniii .«eH."Oti .« lootbdil opcncr 21-.. 4 “go-slow” sign. His car plow*ed through the fence and tumbed dow’n a ^foot embankment. Schindler vvas killed instantly 1*1 THE SED ALI A J m The Sedalia Democrat, bunday Mominf, Nept, 31, DEMOCRAT-CAPITAL ~ 1952 113 so. OHIO Bowl Your Own MtlNISWICK BALL Ciei firtevl (or rour Brooswuk Miwralati** Bail loUav ’ 51.90 a week SfORT CENTER MODIFIED STOCK CAR R n CFC TODAY-SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 21st MISSOURI STATE FAIR CROUNDS TIME TRIALS 1:00 P.M. Admission *1.00 - Children under 12 Free! Grandstand Free! HOMFIED STOCI CM RACES SWEET SPRINGS. K4ISS0URI TODAY SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st TIME TRIALS START 1 P.M. 7 BIG RACES—A LARGE FIELD OF ENTRIES ADDED ATTRACTION—REVERSE RACE Rjces will be held on newly improved ' 4 -mile track. Admission $1.00 — Children 12 and under free. DELIVER CAR SERVICING THE EASY WAY No need to wait while your |or i* being serviced. No need to bring your cor down to the station and then go home some inconvenient woy. Just Phono Weil p!ck uo vnur cnr, gtvt it speedy service and d»l»ver it bock to you. Att services guaranteed' HANNING SERVICE Brnadvsay and Hamock PHONE 130« CITIES ® SIRVICE

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