Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 27, 1963 · Page 12
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 12

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1963
Page 12
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10 Galesburg Register-Moil, Golesbur I Fridoy, Sept. 27, 1963 Notes 90th Birthd Two decades ago, at the age of 70, Mrs. Adda Gentry George, started a movement to restore the Carl Sandburg birthplace. Just a decade ago in 1953, when she was 80, Mrs. George was named "Woman of the Year" by the Cosmopolitan Club for her idea for the restoration of the Carl Sandburg birthplace. Now a decade later, 1963, she is in Galesburg to celebrate her 90th birthday, which is today, and receive recognition for her work on (he cottage from the Carl Sandburg Birthplace Association. The newly acquired host residence is to be named the Adda George House. Mrs. George, who resides in Philadelphia, Pa., flew in from the east with her daughter, Mrs. C. Y. Belknap, for the occasion. The house, located at 313 E. Third St., is west of the cottage at 331 E. Third St., and will be the home for the host and hostess. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Goff. While in Galesburg, Mrs. George and her daughter are staying in the Sandburg Suite at Custer Inn. Mrs. George began the search for the Sandburg birthplace when she returned to her home town after an absence of many years. When finally, with the aid of the poet's sister Mary, she found the little house near the" railroad yards, it was in "very dilapidated condition." front door, and a boulder was placed on the terrace. The equally determined owner sometimes hid the plaque and often tried to roll the boulder away. But eventually a sixty-day option to buy was offered by the owner's son. A fund-raising campaign was begun in 1945 and the purchase price was raised within the option period. Next came the task of restoration and selection of items for the home. This was a long and tedious process, but was finally accomplished by Mrs. George, as the leader, plus many, many friends. Through the efforts of the late Senator Wallace Thompson state funds were received by the association and the Lincoln Room was restored and Lincoln period pine furnishings secured. Dedication of the cottage was Oct. 7, 1946, and dedication of the Lincoln Room was May 30, 1949. Mrs. George, who was graduated from Knox College in 1895, was married to Professor John E. George, a professor at Northwest- After his Under much protest from the who owned the Italian women house, a plaque was hung by the am taught for a Milwaukee ew m emberd Junior Woman's Club board members entertained new members Thursday evening at a coffee the home of Mrs. George Stephenson, 738 N. B road St., with Mrs. John Churchill serving as co-hostess. Mrs. Walter Smith, first vice president, explained the goals and objectives of the Federation of Women's Clubs from the national level to the local. She stated the object of the Junior Woman's Club is to stimulate self- improvement and to encourage a more active interest in the community, state and nation. Each board member in turn explained the duties of her office. New members, who will be inducted Tuesday at the fall luncheon, include Mrs. Earl Brehm Jr., Mrs. Robert Buck, Mrs. Leo Cash Jr., Mrs. Ted Childers, Mrs. Rollahd Chivell, Mrs. John Gage, Mrs. William Geer, Mrs. Dale Harvey, Mrs. F. M. Knapp, Mrs. Robert LeMay, Mrs. Tom Lentz, Mrs. Kenneth Sargent, Mrs. Norbert Schactner and Mrs, James Swanson. Refreshments were served from an attractively decorated table by Mrs. Forrest McGrew, club adviser. em University, in 1898. death in 1905, she number of years in and Galesburg schools. She started work on the restoration of the birthplace in 1941. Dedication and open house for the host and hostess residence next door to the birthplace will be Saturday and Sunday. Dedication ceremonies are being planned for 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Public open house will be held at the newly remodeled residence on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock. T I 1 ins mphony Guild Newcomer Greeting Club heard about the purpose and operation of the Knox- Galesburg Symphony Wo- Guild from Mrs. man s George Madsen. Guests introduced at the coffee were Mrs. James' Mrs. James Wallace, Thursday Swanson, Mrs. Wayne Beach, Mrs. K. R. Polk, Mrs. Everett Brown, Mrs Edward Care], Mrs. Richard Laney, Mrs. Joseph LoPresti, Mrs. Larry Barnes, Mrs. Richard Mason, Mrs. Louis Martin, Mrs. James Agee and Mrs. James Deef, Mrs. Peter R. Olson and Mrs. Arthur Scholz served as hostesses in the home of Mrs. Harold Canada, club hostess, 370 Hawkinson Ave. Mrs. Helen Aldrich, Mrs. Robert Bryan, Mrs. Melvin Stinebaugh,, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Davis and Mr. and Mrs, Harold Wickman became members of the club. Bowling couples will meet at Northgate Lanes at 6:30 o'clock Sunday evening. Evenings Sunday Matinee at 2:30 Special Student Matinee Monday at 12:45 PRICES Main Floor Balcony _$2J5-$2.20 —$2.20 -$1,60 Students (Special Matinee) Tax Included. Evenings and Sunday Matinee Seats Reserved. Call 342-5161 Reservations Information. Ticket Office (Register-Mail Business Office) Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. n Mis 8 Miss Appell liind has been the honoree at a series of parties which will conclude this evening with the rehearsal party at the Virgil £, Appeli home, Lake Bracken, where the hosts will be Mr. and Mrs. Virgil E. Appell and Mr. and Mrs. William Chinlund, Aledo, parents of the bride- elect and her fiance, t Thfe couple will pledge wedding vows at 7:30 o'efock Sunday evening at the Galesburg First Lutheran Church. No invitations have been sent but ail friends and relatives are invited to attend the ceremony and the reception to • :;I: - ; ; :, '.'"V ^^'-''"'''ilX 11 M'fill!! 'I Will!i, • , • ^Jlr^ililBI I .1.1 I- jir'* ittljj" '^i'" 1 ' 1 '' ' :' : '' 1 ; 1,1 'i lL ' L |•" , '• , ^ '' niJ r -\' i >i : ' , :j;''i' r -^'''fjV '\-" Yjv '/ [ : -J : "' s "j! r "*jl'-'!-" 1-1-1 ir '^ lW i*t| I! M:J '""'1.11;" SURROUNDED BY animals which will be is the serving of a ham dinner, an ice cream featured at a booth at the St. Joseph's Fall Festi- social, games and a variety of booths. The fall val from left to right arc Mrs. Larry Owens, Mrs. D, A. Nelson, Mrs. Robert Ronk, chairman, and Mrs. Robert Bullock, PTA president. Included on the program for this annual event festival is being sponsored by St. Joseph's Parent-Teacher Association at the school from noon until 9 o'clock in the evening on Oct 6. Friends' Night Noted By Violet Chapter, OES Glimpses of our 50th state provided the theme for the annual observance of Friends' Night Tuesday evening at the Masonic Temple by Violet Chapter 235, Order of the Eastern Star. First to enter were the 1963 officers, and their invited guests served as follows: Mr, and Mrs. Royal Litchfield, Rio, worthy patron and worthy matron; Mrs. E. S, Griffith, associate matron; Everett Olin, associate patron; Mrs. Wilma Andrews, seci-etary; Mrs Eloise Staggs, Yates City, treasurer; Mrs. Betty Moore, Knoxville, conductress; Mrs. George Kennedy, associate conductress; Mrs. Ethel Sevems, Oneida, chaplain; Miss Jeanne Bradley, Nonpareil, marshal; Mrs. Harry AUender, organist; Mrs. Margaret Sanner, Kirkwood. Adah; Mrs. Chanottc Booth, Vates City, Ruth; Mrs. John Harper. Esther; Mrs. A. L. Stephens, Martha; Mrs. E. R. Naslund, Electa; Mrs. Lee Wheeler, Nonpareil, warder; C. A. Lieber, guest sentinel, Don M. Johnson, sentinel. The flag was presented by Kenneth Fell, Oneida. Mrs. Mauritz Hodges, accompanied by Mrs. Reid Carson, both of Oneida, in keeping with the evening's theme sang, "Blue Hawaii" to the guest officers. Escorted and introduced were T. Lee Wheeler, three grand lecturers; 23 members of grand chapter committees Mrs. Charles Swegle Nonpariel chapter, Mrs. Ruth Fell, Oneida and Mrs. Eloise Staggs, Yates City, worthy matrons, and two past officers, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gibson of Sioux Falls, S.D. were welcomed as visitors. Mrs. James McFall, a member of the Christian Fellowship committee of the grand chapter, was introduced as guest of honor. Mrs. Hodges solo was "Sweet LeLanai" with original words Mrs. Spencer presented a chapter gift to Mrs. McFall arranged in a colorful sea shell. During the business session at which Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Spencer presided, the chapter heard rtcarved tor over 100 yean WELLINGTON RING $90.00 Easy Terms ELLIS Jewelers 219 E Main AWhonwd A ^tCarved Jeweler reports by Mrs. Wayne Adcock of the recent dinner and country store. Plans were made for initiation of a class of candidates on Oct. 8 with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swegle guests in the East. Named Delegate Official delegate from Violet chapter to the 89th grand chapter sessions in Chicago Oct. 2-3 is Mrs, Irvin Spencei, worthy matron. Brief talks were given by Mrs. McFall, Mr. and Mrs. Litchfield, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Bradbury and Mrs. Gibson, The coin collection was donated to the Illinois grand chapter scholarship fund committee of which Mrs. A. F, Bradbury is a local member. Mrs. Kenneth Fell presented a gift from Rio chapter to the Litchfields. Sea shells and nets, palm trees, colorful leis and dolls dressed as native Hawaiian dancers decorated the guest tables for the social hour following the meeting. Mrs. Fell and Mrs. Swegle were given serving honors at the lace covered tea table centered with a bowl of vivid glads and ti foliage. Decorations were in charge of Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Bradbury and Mrs. Griffith. The social committee included Mrs. Helen Campbell, chairman, Mrs. R. O Babbitt, Mrs. Esther Babbitt, Mrs. D. D. DeForest, Mrs. George Sauter and Mrs. David Boots. Mrs. Ralph V. Rogers charge of the guest book. tod *'Since 1951 the Galesburg League of Women Voters has been active in promoting the sanitary landfill method of disposing of garbage refuse in the city of Galesburg/' so stated the report researched and written by Mrs. Leland Smith, local agenda chairman. Due to the absence of Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Werner Michelson read her report to the league at their opening meeting Thursday at the home of Mrs. William Johnson at Willow Creek Farm. Continuing the report, Mrs. Smith had traced the work of the league over the past 12 years in trying to have garbage and refuse picked up by compacted trucks, which would pulverize the combination and would then be disposed of in a large trench which would be covered nightly by soil. During the aldermanic form of government, the paper stated the council approved of this disposal, but the zoning was vetoed by the zoning board. In 1957 a scientific poll was taken by the league, with the help of Dr. Robert Harper of Knox College, of names taken by random from the telephone book. \t that time 99 per cent were in favor of the landfill method of disposing of garbage and refuse. In 1958 the Council-Manager form of government also approved the landfill method, but again the zoning board disap- pz'oved of the land selected. Bringing the report up to the present, Mrs. Smith had reiterated that the league its Store leftover egg whites up to 10 days by putting them in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator. Snow Friday & Saturday! Weather bureau forecasters are not aware of jt yet, but It was learned from a reliable source that there will be snow in the Galesburg Community Friday and Saturday. Exact location mentioned in the prediction is the sidewalk in front of the Shane & Shower Shoe Store located at 153 E. Main St. where two tons of snow will be dumped Friday and Saturday in connection with a sales promotion for ladies snow boots. A pretty model will help cali attention to the weather freak. —Adv. still has "garbage" on its continuing responsibilities agenda, and with Mr* Asbury's contract expiring ir the near future, it is again time to take action in trying to m. ke Galesburg a cleaner and healthier city in which to live. Garbage disposal is of vital concern as is evidenced by Governor Kerner's signing of a bill last month, stating that by next year every city will be required to have a landfill for garbage. Mrs. Johnson, president announced that cookbooks entitled "Best of Illinois" will be sold by league members. Mrs. Johnson also reminded the members of the regional meeting in Peoria at the Holiday Inn of the leagues on Oct. 10. READ THE WANT ADS! follow in the social rooms of the church. Linen Shower On Sept, 19 a linen shower was held for the bride-to-be in the home of Mrs. Quinten Appell of Galva, with guests being relatives of the bride-elect. Recipes and advice were written and read for the bride- to-be. A miscellaneous shower was held on Sept. 14 by Mrs. Edwin Votter, Mrs. Duane Gerst, and Mrs. Elmer Young in the home of Mrs. William Chinlund with friends and neighbors of the honoree' s fiance as guests. The centerpiece was of orange and' yellow fall flowers with orange and white candles on each side and a wishing well covered with orange and white decorations of the wedding rings and the wedding bell, held gifts which were in it and around it on a table. Serving honors were given to the mothers of the couple. The bride-to-be was honored Sept. 12 in the home of Mrs. Hugh Reno, 79 Arnold St., with friends and neighbors as guests at a miscellaneous shower. A white bell and orange candles in white candlestick holders set off her selected wedding colors. Games were played with prizes won by Mrs. Charles Cross, Mrs. Dick Fennig, Mrs. Richard Torley and Mrs. Herb Wilier Jr. Two Parties A breakfast china and crystal shower was given by Mrs. Richard Bourdon for the bride-elect on Sept. 7. Sister of the bride- elect, Miss Vickie Appell had the serving honors at the table centered with an arrangement of orange and fall flowers. An or ange umbrella decorated the gift table. Games were played with prizes being won by Miss Linda Nyman, Mrs. Ted Glas, Miss Vickie Appell, Miss Sharon Shanks and Miss Sherry Ledbetter. Mrs. Charles Cross and Mrs. Reece Jones were co-hostesses at a miscellaneous shower given for the bride-to-be on Aug. 29 in the home of the former, 61 Circle Drive. Serving honors were given Mrs. Appell and Mrs. Chinlund at the table decorated with a centerpiece of orange and white flowers. The favors were little handmade wheelbarrows filled with candy corn for the farm scene. An original poem was written by Mr. and Mrs. Ron Norton of Connie's courtship days. Bridal games were won by Mrs. James R. Paulsgrove, Mrs. J. W. Paulsgrove and Miss Appell, who received the prizes. Guest Lift Attending one or more of the parties and not previously mentioned were Mrs. Harry Lamer, Mrs. Archie Eiker. Mrs. Mary Johnston, Miss Sharon Hissing, Miss Becky Meldrum, Miss Mfcirtna Erickson, Mrs. Donald Kinyon, Mrs. Thomas Van Duscn, Mrs. Gerald Hilton, Miss Patty Hilton, Mrs. Russell Cook, Miss Dariene Henwick, Miss Judy Broadhurst, Miss Pam Jones, Miss Peggy Paulsgrove, Mrs. Donald Norton. Also, Mrs. Ronald Lamer, Mrs. Kenneth Jones, Mrs. William Robinson, Miss Wilma Johnston, Mrs. Dana Edwardson, Mrs. Max Paulsgrove, Miss HarJene Mast, Miss Marinda Kessler. Miss Carol Bellinger, Mrs. Dan Isackson, Miss Rosie Allen, Mrs. Donald Vilardo, Miss Sharon Shanks, Miss Eloise Kopun, Miss Marsha Payton, Miss Diane Paulsgrove, Also, Mrs. Mary Penn, Mrs. Robert Swanson Sr., Mrs. Gerald Henderson, Mrs. Dave Hicks. Mrs. James Howard, Mrs. Orus Bird, Mrs. Ivan Barlow, Miss Barbara Barlow, Mrs. James Arie, Mrs. John Erwin, Mrs. W. C. Davis, Miss Janeen Davis, Miss Betty Davis, Mrs. Ruby Reed Mrs. Clifford Lovell, Mrs, William Wager, Mrs. Lorene Meldrum, Mrs. C. Blaine, Miss Nita Thacker, Miss Judy Thacker, Miss Judy Reno, Miss Sharon Brokaw, Miss Debra Brokaw, Mrs. Robert Brokaw, Mrs. Mary Ryan, Mrs. Arthur Ryan. Also, Mrs. William Gibson, Miss Cindy Gibson, Mrs. Margaret Peterson, Mrs. Einar Olson, Mrs. Leonard Olson, Mrs. Walter Nelson, Miss Margery Ann Nelson, Mrs. Chester Peterson, Mrj. Karl Nel(Continued on page 11) COFFEE CREAM Cheese Cake "Chuck Full of Calorie* But Delicious" 302 f. M§in Galesburg per bride-elect's Miss Mary Karen Smith •. * The buffet rehearsal sup- at the home of the parents will conclude the events honoring Miss Mary Karen Smith and John Charles Bodenhamer, who will be married Saturday at the First Lutheran Church. Hosts for the party will be the couples* parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J, Smith, 452 E. Losey St., and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Bodenhamer of Abingdon. Vows will be exchanged at 8 o'clock in the evening. Aunts of the bride, Mrs. Robert Fundenberger and Mrs. Bob Kauffman and in absentia Mrs. Carl J. Christensen and Mrs. Larry Anderson entertained at a brunch at the Fundenberger home, 957 N. Seminary St. on Sept. 14. Mrs. Harry F. Smith, the bride- elect's grandmother, presided at the coffee service from a table centered with wedding bells. At a table centered with a bride figurine the gifts were presented by Miss Ann Fundenberger, Miss Pamela Kauffman and Paul Kauffman. Recipes were presented to the honoree. The contest prize was won by Mrs. Russell A'Hearn. September Parties Hostesses, Mrs. Gary Davison, Mrs. William Rosenberg of Hy- atsville, Md., in absentia, and Mrs. Raymond Conrad of Galesburg entertained at the Iatter's home on Sept. 14. Bridal password was played with a team prize being awarded. Refreshments in keeping with the bride's colors of willow green and gold were served with honors being given to Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Bodenhamer. Gifts were presented by Lori Wenstrom and Ann Fundenberger. Mrs. Max Swanson, Nancy and Barbara of Galesburg, Mrs. Jack Smith of Peoria, Mrs. Dewayne Holmes, Janice and Nancy of Oneida, entertained for the bride- elect at the Holmes home, on Sept. 9. Contest winners were Miss Carlee Fundenberger and Mrs. Robert J. Smith. Gifts were presented by Mrs. DeWayne Plolmes, the (Continued on page 11) 4 14 4 I 1 *14.98 See Our Paris Inspired Fashions All Under '20.00 Between Size; Miss Marlene McMenimen • • • Miss Marlene Kay McMenimen, bride-elect of Edwin E.. Roach, has been honored at a series of bridal showers with the concluding event being the rehearsal party on Thursday evening. The bride-elect and her fiance will exchange wedding vows Saturday morning at 11 o'clock at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. Hosts for the Thursday rehearsal dinner were her fiance's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Roach of near Oneida, who entertained in their home. The bride- elect is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. McMenimen, 953 Beecher Ave. Tuesday Miss Karen Michael and Miss Virginia Eck entertained for the bride-elect in the home of the former at 490 E. Sixth St. Guests were high school friends. were won by James Isaacson, Mrs. Sutor, Miss Debbie McMenimen and Miss Maureen MiCue. Decorative motif was wedding bells, with accents of green. Mrs. Albert Roach and Mrs. Glen English were co-hostesses for a party at the Wataga country home of Mrs. John Sutor on Sept. 18. At this shower the honoree f s mother was accorded serving honors. Prizes were won by Miss Shirley Tucker and Mrs. Miles Pinckney. Two Parties Miniature umbrella of white net and ribbons with small wedding bells at the handle formed the table centerpiece at the shower given Sept. 17 by Mrs. Earl Stevens • and Mrs. Richard Johnson. The hostesses who entertained in the Johnson home, 1054 N. Prairie St., used the green and gold motif in decorating. Prize winners at this party included Mrs. John Sutor, Mrs. Ed Welch, Mrs. Pete Tadie and Mrs. Harold Witherell. On Sept. 15, the bride-elect's aunt, Mrs. Robert Fields, 589 S. Pearl St., entertained in her Prizes Mrs. John niece s St., honor with in Sunday (Continued on page 11) Kellogg's ARNEL SCULPTURED ENSEMBLE • V C«NSTAN1IN| • - > r +_ • 4 •AS f is*."* The costume that takes you any place, any time! It's easy-care Arnel* paved with an unusual sculptured print. The gored-skirt dress and cover-up jacket have a gracious air, a dash of dressmaker detailing and ft cut that slims and flatters. Drip dry. Black, Navy, NO MORE FITTING PROBLEMS WITH OUR BETWEEN SIZES 4

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