Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 24, 1947 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1947
Page 7
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Telephone, Motion Pictures Aid Modern Football Team 'Crafty' Kitty Yale Line Coach Reginald Root Tells Rotary Club Of Current Strategems n modern collage football u:;>'s the telephone ami movie Vojcotoi tci help win football frames or t i.»m shown to bo muinly responsible for ;x gain by a bull-carrying 1 mate. In another, an inside chiu'fTc by n guard instead of an outside was shown as the main reason why.a kick waa almost blocked. Mr. Root said that nil Yale films arc taken by George Webber who has been filling the photographic M-IIS (IcMCrlhPd In de-tail by gin>sa Yfilo exchanges football films with ™vc n running co.Tum'ntary al the siirtii- limn. In particular sptiu ho would reverse the machine .lovornl times to p»int out IKJW Individual plnycrs had ccmtrituiter! to the success or I'ailuro n!' tho play bolng run In one Inxtunco a p:irilcuturly effective block by a haifliaok was MKTAI, WAS'IT. MASIiKTS — !M*c TKl.M/ WAI.I, I'Al'KH KKADV I'ASTKII HOKDKKS KKMTONK GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 17* M.YTU-; STItKKT (Across from City Bakery) t'teo Dellvrry Teltf(iJmno 5(>I4 Gorman - Rupp World's'lilcst, S«ilf I'rlining Centrifugal Pump "The Midget" tVflfilis I'M) MM. rilln|>s ;->,IIIH> Klllli>li wut'T an lidiir, itt tolul hciul fif ^1 feet, Including .*> [out suction lift. col!p;:cfl till over the country. Mr Root, said, and mentioned Notre Dame find U. S. C. especially in truil connection. AH a matter of fact, hi; added, one 01" Yale's most el'- fectivc plays last season was picked up from films obtained from U S C. Tolophonr Tips Mr. Root, in the course of his commentary, pointed out how use of tho telephone helps college teams. Ho -i.-iid thiil a broken telephone connection was one of the reasons why Yale played so ineffectively durinr,'-the first half of last season's Yale-Harvard f, Mi 1 . Root was high up in the stands on one end of a telephone. :tn assistant to Howie Odcll, Yale head coach, was on the players' bench at the other. The Hai-vaid line WHS employing loop- ins tactics which wore apparent ! to Mr. Root from his van-tape point. | However, he wast unable to relay this information to the bench bo- ' cause the telephone connection had j broken, During half time Reggie ' gave his report to Coach Odell, with the result that Yale began to func- NAUTICAL INDEED js the "Bosun", bomcdaled feline mascot of the Seaman's Institute as he takes over the holm ol a speedboat on display at the Now York Motor Boat Show. "Bosun", winner of many pet show awards, is the pride of his salty pal» nt the institute. (International) tion more effectively in the second half. After showing the pictures, Mr. Root remained for an informal discussion with some members of l.l-m cub. r-fe .said that Yale football prospects for next, year- were "good." Herb Billings of -the Program Curiimittcc introduced Mr. Hoot. Deposits of iron ore in southern Swedish Lapland arc among thu most extensive in the world. 532 M1KT1I MAIN ST. Union City - T«l. ?rw,1 HAY! HAY! • Timothy & Clover Mixed • Timothy & .Alfalfa Mixed • Oat-Straw Priced Reasonable • Car or Truckload Lots James Metcalf Woodbury, Conn. riinnr Wati-rhury -l-dlUKi Before fi I'. HI. or Woiiilhiiry 801-5 after 7:Bit I 1 . M. Parachute Material Not So Wearable Ames, la, '.'UP)—Lucille Rca, ex- Lension clothing specialist at Iowa Suite Col.'cfrc, w.irns that parachute material of rayon or nylon, now advertised as army surplus materi;il, \ never meant for woarini^ ,'i.pp-i I'd, She noted that humemaltc'i's \vhn may bi- consiclcririK huyinp such niiterial should heed the manu- I'.iclurers' advice that the material UMS pi-imnrily for parachutes and not for garments. WhurovtM 1 cut. the: material rav- s quickly, so it would requirn spo cial s''am (Irishes which the aver- n^e housoxvife doos not have tho patience or time to apply. Thread .slippage svill show markedly aftor- .iprons or similar household car- men'ts arc laundered, she said.' .- Miss Rea added that the -matf- I'kil is 'sometimes very inflammably and would be hazardous 'for.the u'cvirer in the kitchen. It would also dangerous to Iron with a hot ii-on, cspcuialy when • the iKiusewife would have a tendency to "bear clown" to remove axcoB- sivt; wrinkles. DRIVKB DIES- Dead man's curve in.East Lyme- has lived up to its name. A Florida truck .driver ..died af New London of injuries received who his truck left the road a.nd plunged down an embankment. Thi! driver—William H. McAllister —suffered a hroknn 'hip. 1 . FLO BEATS HIM TO IT NEVER. MIND! ILLJUSTASK NFOR.MATION FOR. IT OH ETHEL 1 . WHATS THE GREGG'S TELEPHONE DADDY! iuT\ BET I CAN LOO£ THAT NUMBER UP FASTER. IN THE PHONE BOOK. N FORM ATI ON? I'D LIKE THE NUMBER. OF GIVE ME INFORMATION PLEASE HERE IT IS,DADDY 1-2345 NEVER. MIND OPERATOR 'WITH TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT STILL SCAR.CE AND MORE CALLS BEING MADE THAN EVER BEFORE, INFORMATION OPERATORS ARE BUSIER THAN EVER.,YOU'LL HELP KEEP THE LINES FREE BY LOOKING THE NUMBER. UP HRST IN YOUR VM£J?r ) ///, TELEPHONE DIRECTORY DADDY ILL ADD THE GREGG'S NUMBER,TO OUR. LIST ON THE INSIDE FRONT COVER. OF THE PHONE BOOK. The Southern New England TELEPHONE Company Forests Collect, Purify City Water Supplies ; 7 By GEORGE A. CROMDB : New Haven:, ' ' . Farm Foreator, Southwestern Connecticut '".','; As wo turn on the faucets in our home how rarely do we ap,- prcciate the planning and careful maintenance that has made abundant supplies of water available for our use! In western Connecticut, without glaciers-'or mountain lakea, practically ail .afcroage above coastal ci'ies In elevation'-. : njurt' : :Tj'e maintained so that.': rainfall; ; and flowagc can be conserved.''.for-rnu- niclpal water: aiid'' .this:'., moans keeping it in forc,st., Recently I made the circuit of several water company-, -woodlands In my district, and tho ^delicate balance between the available raintoll: and local community- 1 needs amazed me. At one watershed serving a well known cityi with a collection area of 56 square miles, the Venturl meter at., the., final reservoir ftutlet showed aniavcrago daily diversion of 13 million gallons into the waternwins, and, at 'the time, only one and one-third million gallons left for flowago down the original streambed. The storage capacity of this series of reservoirs is flvc billion gallons. The minimum daily summer time flowage into it is about seven million' gallons, and the maximum during heavy rainstorms, .300 million gallons; although during 24 hours of the 1938 .hurricane the over the lowest dam wa'/ 'estimated-, to have been three and one-half billion gallons. . '.-. The' c'l.ty:'referred to (has showji wi^c foresight In its land acqulsi lion policy;-and all of its water ah«d area Is forested. I stood ob- serving''this -forest during-, one heavy,-rain, and'-watched the force of- the raindrops '-being 1 broken as .they spattered through tree tofw and;i" -foliage. A* it reached tho ground Che moisture trickled and saitk., .slowly through underbrush, ferns, pi-ant a and leaf mulch instead ".of running- off in genera) surface' flow and wash.' Streams leading. . towards tho reservoirs gradually, began to swell in vol- .uwie,-.-hilt; remained almost crystal clear-, and' free from silt. «>iAa, to'.additional usage for our areas the future possi- bUltfaaiiare not entirely clear. Cer talnly, human habitation must be limited, -'J Recreation and outdoor llfe-'nj'ay.'be allowable to a degree. Modified methods of silviculture and lumbering ban produce from •them vast quantities of wood products, the great value of which countrywide we are rather tardily beginning to realize. RESIGNS Goyrnor McConaughy has written himself a letter, resigning as a member of the sta-te commission on the care arid treatment of the chronically ill, aged and inform. He had ,moro than four months of his term to serve, ' The resignation came in a letter through regular channels but in ithe interests of economy the envelope bore no stamp. Lake Lauoga, on the border of Finland, has an area of 7,000 square miles, about the size of Lake Ontario. 1 •""••• •• v Middlebury Minister Guest Preacher At St. Michael's Training men for. the ministry and In leadership will be the theme of the sermon to be delivered Sunday morning by tho I?ev. Richard Vf. Baxter of Middlebury, who will be guest preacher at the 11'O'clock service at St. Michael's -Episcopal church, . - . A plea la being made throughout the church for this training:, and on Theological Sunday, Jan, 26, the work of the Episcopal' Seminaries will be brought to the attention of every congregation. . '••' In the Diocese of Connecticut, the Berkeley Divinity school in New Haven has- been serving the Episcopal church .for more than 70 years. Founded by Blahop Williams, it has given many outstanding religious leaders, including several famous missionary bishops to the church. The Rev. Baxter is a member of St- Michael's parish and in well known both in the. borough and Middlebury. He was graduated .from the General Theological' seminary and did post graduate work at Co- umbia university. He successively served parishes in Sew York, Pennsylvania, Long IB- and and northern New' Jersey. During World War I he was an active Army chaplain being stationed at Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont. His duties also included the supervision of 11 CCC camps situated in New Hampshire and .Vermont. KAUOATtJOK NEWS '(COW.), FRIDAY, JAW. 14, 1M7—PAOB T France is slightly smaller he state of Texas. than Old Railroad Cars Make New Homes Concord, N. H. (UP) — Two local architect!, a railroad car in- specUr-r, a contractor and a. mechanic have pooled-.their talents in an attempt to beat the Housing shortage by converting antiquated railroad passenger cars into inexpensive new homes. The idea was originated by James Ross, chief car inspector of the Boston & Maine Railroad, o.fter this company announced it was scrapping about 50 sidetracked wooden cars. The railroad had planned to salvage motal and hardware fr'om the cars and then ! bur,n them. Ross passed his idea along to the architects, Stewart Lyford and Eugene Mapcnau, who told him it was feasible. Carroll Garland, ;i! contractor, and Clinton Su-cet, n ! railroad mechanic, entered tho j 60 cars. When the flrat c»r ready for delivery, ROM tnd him associates bought a 100-by-100- foot Jot in Concord Height* ftnd laid the foundation for their flrat house. Vestibules were removed and tli« car, which cost $100, waa cut Int* Uiren sections -to form m. U-ibap«d house. The first model, which wll sell for about S-sfXJOi including- .the lot, conio.ins ii morion automatic oil circuljtinc hoi. wator heating cyo- icm, Jiving room, modern kitchen. iwc bedrooms, o'baUi and asphalt 1ile floor- 1 *. OUicr models will sell from ?3,300 to $!5,000. Icel.-tnd, thought of .as a frigid' land, at least 300 volcanoes and numerous boiling spring*). ELECTRICAL NEEDS Electric Appliance Co. Tan railroad agreed to sell 40 to ! *,^,»^,^., Uitldwin St. Wat. — Tel. 4-1241 Everything In Millinery "THE STORE OF 3,000 HATS" 40 CENTER ST. WATERBUBT TRADITIONAL QUALITY SIX E |f>OO 7 RECAPTURE ITS BEAUTY WITH A SPLENDIDLY STYLED KEW SETTING Diamond* «r* latpcrithabry lovely . . . but old-faihjon«d, outmoded mountings black out their beauty noticeably. Sea how we can rekindle the fir* in your stone with-a superb modern setting ... in 14K gold or Platinum, with or without side diamonds. Prices quoted are for I OK gold and include the mounting, side diamonds, resetting of your-diamond, and Federal tax. DIVIDED PAYMENTS INVITED AT NO ADDED COST ; '- '•' - v, *r- ^ ... $110 $23 68 BANK ST. AT CENTER ST., WATERBU^Y

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