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P'S' m. I 1MI J4-IHUHDEPEHtENTJ Decorate 1 (fipou-F roducls. Cake. Nov SPERRY DRIFTED SNOW: This favorite flour of thousands of good cooks' in every part pf the Country can help you, too, to produce the best holiday masterpieces ever. And when you go to market remember.

It IsntJtOQ latelCLPer cure an entry blank for Sperrys Model Home contest pan, cover it with waxed paper, then put different fillings in two IF. YOU OWN A DOG: Cut yripced paper tablecloths to fit under 'his food and waer bowls. Twill saye you many an extra floor mopping and protect the floor fnunLjyatcgjiPQtstpg. THOUGHT for. sure that, once Thanksgiving was over I could relax mentally at least until Christmas time, but here I anf in a are the gourmet's answer to whats right in flavor.

Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, molasses all compler ment the tangy freshness, of rich red cranberry sauce, either jellied IT holiday, fruit rakes ate on your mind, stop minute to think about decorating them, too. Baking the cakes early is the best possible way to heat the holiday rush, and to have them "aged'. at the same time. If the. cakes are "made with lard, of course, they can be made months ahead with outdangeT of-losing-thei refresh- je ness.

V. But decorating is' too-the rakes should be as pretty as they are good. Da the decorating now, before the cakes are I want that minute agflitThcreoinuch-l orwhole: SACHET BAGS: To pleasantly perfume-. lingerie' drawers, make sachet bags ofyour favcfrite perfume by, putting a. few drops of perfume on a little cotton and KERNS FOOD PRODUCTS: -Have that "home flavored" touch which adds zip and zest.

to every Reasonably priced, tpor i WEBERS BREAD: Nothing Iftftfcs quite tn clean, frekhnnri to tell you. However, Sperry Flour Priie Home contest" growTmore. exciting' by the and. IU have to tellyou One-half can of jellied cranberry sauce, crushed an spread over the bottom Jayerjsf. freshly baked gingerbread, -covered with- vanilla cornstarch pudding, then tripped with the 'second layer of ginger-bread and a sprinkling of confec tionerVsugar there's -a dream cgke.

for menus this month. The recipe follows wrapping it. lopsely in waxrfpapejv stored, so you'll be; ready tojdraw A few drops oflavender or pine the beauties forth at die firsf oil may be used in the way of Christmas- that for bed iinens and blankets and is Crisp as blue and white Checked gingham arid wheif you buy bread in gingham checked paper rapperjoa. ties, too, plus delicious flavor, many of you have spanking, new home. in Manchester Square at decorate the top of each loaf with 1 to-ibe.

'a. dream' house answer to 1 Ginger Cranberry Cream Fla ciipi sifted ew1chd tkut iMipcw im blanched almonds and candied or maraschino cherries: Brush the KITCHEN GADGET: Have you seen-the new gaily deco 1 tHu pouit baklns powder 1 tcupoon ult tHupnon riniinimn tcupoon ult tHupnon riniin someone's housirig prayers. Maybe yours! bCiLT-BY the liberty Building Go, the home is designed for modern, easyi living. Both Indoor and outdoor areas are There are two large garage-arid separate service porch tiled 'dpubte sinks and coved "linoleum "NEW IDEAS TWO PIES IN ONE: When family preferences differ as to favorite pies or when more variety is'desired for any reason, try making two pies in Its fun, too, to. mystify: guests, Cut-strip of cardboard to fit in center of pie rated boxes Which hold and dispense both Wax- paper and paper kitchen towels? Fasten them to a convenient cupboard door or kitchen space.

-Wouldn't be without miner Around $2" and a boon to egery homemaker. 1 U- tMipooii nntmni teaapMW parti, ilnpcr and dov W-cup pup- auSar rup umulpburad molaixea ru unheatPit. -r I cup aour.mHk $ift together all dry ingredients except sugar. "Cream surface of each loaf with a -glaze made by mixing. 2 tablespoons molasses and ft cup of water.

Place the rake in a slow oven 300.degrees for SOminutes to dry slightly; Remove from pansand. cool on a wire rack or; 4iy To store.wrap the -several layers of. oiled paper and store in a tightly covered tin box for several weeks. floors in the kitchen; hardwood floors -throughout the house, slid jng panel wardrobes roomy closets. The large fenced-in yard prorides safety for children arid privacy for the family.

But why don't you go see it for yourselves? Then -hurry to your shortening an sugar. Gradually' blend, in molasses. -Stir in' 4 cup dry Ingredients. Beat egg. Al- temately add remaining dry ingredients and milk.

Beat, XA minute. Pour into well creased and -lightly floured 9inch pie pan. Bake 35-minutes-in moderate oven 350 INcwFInvor F(irlic. degrees F. Remove from pan.

Cbol. Split layer Spread grocer and ask for an. entry If you are a resident of Los An-les county Vou areell Ts a oeaut; ouse S' Pi autyand dont say I Traditional baking days are at days -when pumpkin and didnttellyoil. IJ111 1.1, crushed tom 1 spread prepared, cooled packaged vanilla pudding over cranberry with top, layer loners, ran jellied cranherry Irigerator until-' filling firm. iCut jji wedges.

arc-among the, most important flavors in the kitchen. Pumpkin sifrvnjMnWb-i" -seasoiv-and these are as easy to make as they are gdod. with lard used as shortening for the pastry in all. three, flew notescan be given, tothe pies or tarta this year by serving them with cinnamon or molasses, flavored whipped cream. flavor blerid'ra perfect.

the first. becomes Spices, and cranberries, of Serves KITCHEN TRICH Napkins kcli; Qr you might serve tiny cheese unipkins made by shaping grated pumpl CRANBERRY sauce is a hovel spread for hot cinnamon least. Goodr-toor-between- two slices of french feasl du steel with powdered sugar. HOUSEHOLD HINT cheese in- the- shape- of -pumpkins. A fall note acorns, and oak leaves cut from pastry are baked atop the1 filling.

Filled mincemeatbbokies are a treat for the youngsters. Thanksgiving or And mincemeat ies or tarts are a part of the entire holiday season. i 7rT Thank common sense it run trie. I can think of lrits is at least occasionally the arbiter of things. Id.

rather do. than wash of accepted social custom-and I like and. appreciate -good linens, refer ta.the use of piper napkins iti the home: Women everywhere discovered king ago that by using paper nap- kins at meal time they coiildave SPEED UP Indoor clothes drying with your.electric. fan JPIace fan bn a table 2 feet from clothes, directing the air between the lines. V-- k.1 SlfiODSSTS BRIGHTEN.

Give your vegetables a new look with" anlnteresting sauce" IYy this combination for color and gockl.4aste.fook -cauliflower until naming for even the mogr lhfor- it barely then drain and money, time and energy. Precious table linens could -be reserved for the speciaLoccasions whichreally merited its use and the expense oTproper laundering afterward, However, 'many women have use-good linen RECIPE BREAb DUMPLINGS Sour Cream Never, never throw out soured cream! If you ordered too much cream some of it soured, you sretruly in luckor so thinks my Wonderful dishes may' be made from sour' cream, but one of the best is old fashioned sour Cream pie and here is the recipe. 4 Sour Cream Tie mal kind of entertaining or. to apologize to their if paper napkins were' used. Recently Emily Post was asked by one of New.

York citys large department stores. Which is bet- 1 at dinner or the linen napkins you used at breakfast replied, "Fresh paper napkins, of course II top with mayonnaise- mixedWRh pimiento and wedges of -ripe olives. VARIETY MEATS: Variety are very but many cooks are at a loss when it' medium thick white sauce and' cooked sweetbreads, I i ed Triasted, -almonds chopped parsley the -eje and taste appeal: C. Milk gigg snwtttip I Tktp. fiwlud mIm -1 ft c.

(Mated brand cubit Combine first-five ingredients. Add milk and shbrtengy jmfhr. Add onion, parsley and bread cubes cup of hMMy 2 Ublnpoou floor 1 tHipuua ruuumaa 1 cup obur.cnwni Uwn upoowo huurr 1 baked paltry iheil It far better form to use paper napkins ihan linen napkins that were teed at breakfast." As she says, freshness is first impbmnee7nmusda5kfrrls unpleaslng, a soiled -one js Separate he and- beat the a yolks: add one-third ciip' 'honey til5? which has been blendea with the flour and cinnamon. Add the sour cream. (One cup' of chopped ral- but we 33- Batter will lie moist and stiff.

Drop teaspoonfuls into 1 Yi quarts watefrCdverond xooirfor-twenfy minutes by the clockno 12 small dumplings. -v -jAVARIAN-DESSERTSThese sound so lavish and difficult to make-but they reqlly arent. They riaveTsjxrdaflyTood'ttavor when" So there you arc, girls. If you need authority you, have it now. like' it better without them.) Cook until Pour into baked shell.

ia whites-toaUfL -Ifour budget s. artunlimiteda nd apricot whole fruit nectar is used r-fori' thb liquid part. Gelatin and 4 w-hlppcd 7 cream 77; light and fluffy they melt in' your mouth. FreeTabl honey Spread on top of. the pie then this -little item doesn't con.

IridbroiVrt Tlghy in a stow oven. cenryour-Otherwise EBER'fffcriflhtrlihie nnd: wrappenrAnd HnriibFoyklt-luiewirJradfMl wonderful" lyi3' for' the 1 ixnz-MJaz SchooLlpnch box.Soak- prunes --T-; 'pineaTOlelccTriviriipit; stainless steel slitthoiri. down one "side andter move pita. and foil In granu-lated sugar, (Wrap in waxcd Smartest modern design now 1 offered in limited number Own and givai the Best I Gift pckcdrycr set, postpaid Bsautifultwcd tor gift wrapping 20S Ion ikaip Wn ttkolf. NEW' RAN FUTTfE Thens a kind of skinless frankfurter on the market which has a' rich smoky flavor.

Smoked bacon and mfld choddar chcese are added the ojUier.regular ingre-' din tfWnhiff fi pnf nrt(1si ti rntnrijM -to, give them this, delightful flavor. Soften Up Hard Stinging Callpuses FOM r'zrltiif swiss i sn grid hoW any tin Sriinim Swii Sfcwf iwemof KisOw. 1 Orcfer Now- $4-3? pw Mt (plus I3tn in CW.) postpaid 0.s pkiU; send dteckormoney ordtf for I0 iwo ie Calif. -prompt stiipmint- TOLUCA SPECIALTIES- Bex 67 Burbaqk Calif. w- 3 1 ftw biwSkiiir Uf --T imr rMkaOfi of taniai foot torturo.Ct Icr-Mlnt NOW! Mo tho millloni of happy pooplo who walk' In epoi fmh comfort UianK to this froity-whita modiratad kihn.

Enjoy Ito amaiinf cool inn loothina aclioa. Got Ico-Uiot tpdajr ct 9 arwuwt--.

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