The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1955 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 7
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WHERE MORE PEOPLE DO MORE BUYING AND SELLING ! 11 CLASS Livestock FOR SALE: PUREBRED BLACK Poland China boars. Loo Garman, LuVerne, phone 16F1G Corwith. 41-40* FOR SALE — P. B. DUROC boars and gilt?. Good moat typo. Sirrd by 3rd eroup boar Io'\vn State Sale. A. H. Streoter, 13 mi. S. 3. E. Wesley. 41 If FOR S ALE — PUREBRED Hampshire boars. D. A. & Lyle Fraser, Burt. Iowa. Phono 4-!)3 or 191. 41-42' FOR SALE -- 1 EXTRA GOOD Suffolk 2 ye in- old sheep buck. Meivin J. Kern, Algona. 41* FOR s A L E — PUREBRED Hampshire spring arui ("all boars. Trim, smooth wi at-lvp<\ Ciuaranterd to settle sows. Ih'ifl- ^>n Bros.. 2 miles south. '-• mile west of Ottoson: 5 : ? miles w^st of Bode. Telephone OU<.M-n L'.>l r >. 41 FOR SALE—PUREBRED CHES- ter While and T.'iinworlh Boars.. George arid Gail Wolf, LuVerne, la. 37tfn FOR SALE — PUREBRED MON- tana No. 1 (MEAT-TYPE HOG) Boars and Gilts. February and March pigs. Jerry and Marlene Froyholtz, Fentori, Iowa, phone 110." 36-48* ANNUAL REXALL ORIGINAL Ic SALE NEXT WEEK AT HONSBRUCH DRUG — ASK FOR ADVANCE SHOPPING LIST. ORDER NOW, AND PICK UP YOUR MERCHANDISE ANY DAY OF SALE — OCT. 17-22. 41 GRANULATED ZONOLITE IN- sulation Rock Wool Batts and granulated wool are available for your home. You too can insulate your home. See Uj. F. S. Norton & Son. 28wl9tfn FOR SALE — LINCOLN ELEC- und Cutting Torches. Welding trie welders, Victor Welding equipment of all kinds. Cook's Welders Supply, Algona,. Iowa. 3G-37tfn GET YOUR SARGENT FEEDS— Grain Balancer and Mineral Meal — at Algona Flour & Feed, phone 257. Itfn. LOANS FOR SALE Land race Boars .Hereford Cattle Jue firadley, Bradley Bros. Phone 714 — Algona I NOTICE Home Loans, special I plan low interest best terms. See The Home Federal Savings & Wanted ASSISTANT DISTRICT MANAGER We arc looking for part time reliable Farm Representatives to assist a District Manager for a large, well known Mid-western Seed Company in booking farm seeds during next five months. Need farmers, retired farmers, or men acquainted with farming operations who can spare a few hours each week. Excellent proposition. No investment on your part. Earnings far above average for this work. Write box 69, c/o this newspaper for complete information. 41 Loan at Algona, la. 2Gtfn tfn FOR SALE — REGISTERED Hampshire spting and fall boars. Harold Fischer, Swea City. Iowa. 39-42 FOR~ SALE ---PUREBRED spotted Poland China boars. Also purebrrd Hampshire Buck. Fas m<T v - pr.o<-'. Ernest Carlson, r/o Guy Cailson. Wesley. 3!Mfn For Sale FOR SALE - i' Hampshire Boars. February and March farrow- La\v: mci. Hanson, 1'2 west and I 1 ? north :>' Wesley. 40-4;!* FOR SALE-SPOTTED BOARS, purebred, with plenty of |< niith. Reasonable. Elmer Kubly, 5 F.. LuVerne. " 40-42' TOR SALE ~YEARLING Dm oc boar. Phone ^liiii. Bo:le Will Reding. Bode. 40-42* FOR SALE YORKSHIRE boars. P.iu! and Mike An-iv.i. ': mile east. •"': mi. north, of Burl. 40-4!' FOR SALE — Purebred Spott. ,i P'-land China boars, including 4-H rhampion at county f.iir. Stanley Klein, Irvington. phone 101-M2 Algon;i. 40-4.1- FOR SALE — PUREBRED Dunn- boars. 4 miles west Swea C'itv. L' mil. north. Phone 9F26. William Sanders, Swea City. 39-41* FOR SALE—PUREBRED HAMP- shircs — Purebred Durocs — Purebred Spotted Poland China Boars and Gilts. New blood lines for old customers. Calvin Vaudt. phone 409, and Frit/. Freyholt;', phone 116, Fenton, Iowa. '30-52* FOR SALE — 60 BIG RUGGED purebred Spotted Poland China spring boars. With a lot of type and quality Clarence Hock. 1 mile north '2 east of Gilmoie City, Iowa. 39-52 NOTICE Feeder Pigs and Feeder Lambs SALES EVERY DAY See Rich Reiling Located on Hy. 18 on the west edge of Wesley PHONE 3961 FOP, SALE — DRIFTWOOD. Ornarr.ontal Gourds. Indian Corn. Strawberry Popcorn, and all types of dried materials. Decorator's Workshop. North Lawn Ceim-'erv. '•: mile north of Fort Dodge on Highway 169. 37tfn HEAVYWETlGHT TARPS LIGHTWEIGHT PRICES If We Havc-n'l Got It, or Can'! Get It, It's Not Manufactured. DIAMOND'S SURPLUS 40tfn Card of Thanks CARD OF THANKS i I want to express my sincere ' thanks to my relatives and friend? fo: the prayers offered in my behalf, for the cards, visits, and gifts. I received while I was ill at Holy Family and those who visited HI' at home. Al=o to ex- I press my deep appreciation to th<. | men who came to do my combin- i nif.:. plowing and corn piekinc. ; thi. women who helped prep.ire I tin food. Ralph Thompson. Lotv. Ri,ek. 41' For Rent PIANOS - TWO BEAl'TIFUL one slightly UMH. Al.-" !• bu:!t MM iirr,m -.<"' npncht. All ;:;i'-i f> •: quick .-a'c in vicinity. C'e.p,\ i ;i:i lit term*. Write Midwest Pi.,no Co . Sp' m < '.'. Iowa 41-42 CHARTS mcnt.- FOR KENT — « ROOM MODERN !vn;se in Burt. 1 block from | stoics. '2 block* from school. $40 I pc; month. 1'u.xscff ion imme;'iiale- i ly. Incj'.nre Mrs Anna ReimtTs or i call 2 -r. D:" 1 at Bui t. -11* i ^^_____,__ 1 __ __—^«MVMHMM^M^BM-M I Real Estate i FOR SALF. -- SUBURBAN GRO• ft ; v and '.i-roorr, modern hoiite ! £.nci Kr.v-p: it '.-A modern 2-room i Ivn-c located in Alconu. Also I !)u ; i:i. ." lot mi Hy. 169 — 2 blks. i mirth of fairprounds. Call collect I 3!.;01. Bancroft. '37tfn ; U-D-M Want Ads Brinrj Re*ult< MEN WANTED — Distributors for Mary Jane Food products. Average net earnings over $5.000 [innually. Small investment required c.r a good credit rating. "all L. K. Bagenstos. phone 94o, Humboldt to arrange an interview. 41 WANTED — COCKER SPANIEL male pup. Blonde preferred. Phone 3401, Robert Schmidt. Lone Rock. 4! WANTED - COOK — DAYTIME hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays nff. Transportation furnished. Van's Cafe.' 41 WANTED -- HOUSEWIVES interested in earning extra money by working 2 or more evenings per week in your area, car rr'cr^snry. No parties. Write Box 424. Ames. 41-42* REPORT OF CONDITION OF "IOWA STATE fiANK" of Algona, Iowa a member r>( the Federal Reserve System, at the close of business on October 5, IfiSS. published in accordance with a call made by the Federal Reserve bank of this district pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Reserve Act. ASSETS 1. C'ash. balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and cash, items in process of collection _1.650.166.47 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 2,124.264.50 3. Oblisations of States and political subdivisions 621,756.23 5. Corporate slocks (including $6.000.00 stock of Federal Reserve l>.-mki __ 6.000.00 6. Lo.nis discounts (including $2.357.75 overdrafts) ..1,381.320.87 7. Bank premises owned $14.500.0(1 _ 14.500.00 (Bank premises owned are subject to no liens not assumed by bank) 12. TOTAL ASSETS .Ti/TSfTooYoT LIABILITIES 13. Dfimnd deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 4.474,885.40 14. T;me ckpoFits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 12.311.66 15. D'posits of United States Government (including postal savings) 97,125.64 IB. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 702.755.70 17. Deposits of banks 41.165.40 18. Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, rlc.i 6.282.16 19. TOTAL DEPOSITS ..$5.334.526.05 24. 2C. Su'i 27. ;.:iv 23. TO 30. TO • Tlsis Coinni' 31. As> I. , that !r. TOTAL LIABILITIES (not Including subordinated obligations siioi'.n below 5.334.526.05 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS I'.ir .. 100.000.00 l-'U.s _ 100.000.00 iivided profits 263.482.02 Thursday, October 13, 1955 Algona (la.) Upper Dot Molnes-7 Mrs A. F. Agena, Mrs Harold Erickson, and Mrs Beth Miller. Those who plan to renew their membership in the auxiliary and all who wish to join arc \irged to mail their $1.00 dues to Miss Kathleen McEnroe, 712 East McGregor. TAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS __ 403.482.02 TAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 5,798.008.07 liank's capital consists of: n stock with total par value of $100,000.00. MEMORANDA ;? pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other .ov-s 300.000.00 A F. Agena. Vice-President, of the above-named bank, hereby certify .t above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. A. F. Apena. Vice President CORRECT—ATTEST: H. L. Gilmore. H. R. Cowan. F. L. McMahon. J. C. Mawdsley, L. E. Linnan, Hugh Raney Directors WANTED — TO BUY SCRAP iron, junk cars, trtirtors. We also pick up tin and wire. Write to Leonard Pesicka. Box 232. Al- s.'ona. 41* TYPEWRITER REPAIR SERVICE Typewriter and business machine service men call at our office weekly. If you have !a machine that needs adjustment, repair or cleaning call us. All work guaranteed. Upper Des Moines Publishing Co., phone 1100. 37tf back g'.ia: antec. If s-o;i dv-.: e both rror.oir.y i.nri (lie coinfort of CSiar:- r.;.tented fecitu: p vs, with personal ii'tini: in t!i< : r;vac\' of voiir o'.tn l.i '.je. i-e:i'.;-"t Klo-.'en-e Bell, Eagle c;.,,ve. o: piu>i;r S3 I.I 5 a. 41' t'ELYlN-VP WANTED — BRICKLAYERS on Corwith school job. Anderson Const. Co.. phone 26392 at Emmetsburg. 41-43* OIL SALESMEN WANTED FOR prcti/eted local territory. Full trainine provided. Home nights. No investment. Must be married and over 25. Immediate steady income with permanent future. Write for interview appointment. Centra! Petroleum Company, Walcott. Iowa. 41 i WANTED — WAITRESS. Transportation furnished. Chrome Cafe. 40-41 WANTED -- GARDEN PLOW- inc. Ph-inr 8PJ. Richard Dullman 40-41* Machinery FOR SALF. !l-ft M'lr::; merit. FOR SALF 41 Cornpickers - !!I4'» 2M curnpu-k' v. i-om- ;;!: i, ;>• i.vr:-haulcd St.ii'5 -;:»•«:» HI No. 24 cornpicki'iv. WANTED - EXPERIENCED 'I-'K'K mechanic. Also tractor and farm i.-i;uip:r.:'nt nr.cchanic. McC'.'r'i-!.;-!; F a r m Eouipmrnt Si-:: . Fmriiei.-btirR. Iowa. 40-41 Lost & Found Beverage Headquarters LOWER PRICES Barry's Recreation Council Minutes ... 2-." f')NSOLE Syhama. <-«:^r' l ''\c -\\:h ^n'.cri- na. intur, K-.-5 thai', yi ;u uld. S'';u> C.-ild.^pot 15 (-u. ft. (ioi-p fr^c/c. P.- vi'x old. l)rr:cati Phyfr nia •', ir.atcliitv; cl-a.i.;. n< v. Alfri'.i Srl-.ip-.ill. 2 <-i:\, !-..-;'.I-., : ' :• 'M.-t of 1... ; c Rrck -51 1-" FOR SALE LV.O HY-LINE hi n<. 'Jr-O Imv.rui't i 41 ?OF. SALF. -- KIMH't'LARS. All f-i.'i 1 -. 7 x T-'i cual< d lens SUi) !);') plu.-> tuX. Diai'K.nd's Surplus. 29tfn i- i America's Top l^uhu- l^ar.o.- lowa's Lowest Prices New & Used Bargains Fivr Delivery in I"v,\, Open Allen Piano Shop Noisli end of IBth Stint Km t Dodge, Iowa 41-43 Livestock Sale! ALGONA SALE BARN For Owr Sale Friday, Oct. 14, 8:00 p.m. 25 YOUNG FEEDER COWS 30 WHITE-FACE STEERS 600 Ibs., good quality And other light steers & heifers CONSIGN YOUR LIVESTOCK TO OUR SALE AND RECEIVE THE HIGH DOLLAR AIGONA SALE BARN Phone 398-W Tractors !M3 Cato SC Ti actor, with cultivator. A-l and £liar;iP.U-rd . _.._... S312."> - lO.'il IH Sup> r "C", ovc-r- h.-iiilcfi and A-l . S79"i •••\VC' Allis, \ cry grmd. Miscellaneous --Ni-v. 1 ('.'; Hyd. \vaj;on l.,.i-t . ........ 550 — HCi'J Mpls.-Mohiu 2-row Hu--.k.,r. A-l So95 Ni.\v HJi'iOT IH 11 actor i-pi oi.df'rs on i ui'lu-;. i rj.:. piii-v $-i;VJ.!)fi . SPECIAL —Ill all-stot'l wa.ynn box, r<-t;. p.-ii't- ?lfi7..iO. SPECIAL $12;J --ti\10 Diiltnu'ii'r Bariji' box \viili 2" ilvinr iind 3-way rnd-.-tf _. $137.50 Dull:iu-i«.'i- llavi' box . . .. SI 13 i ;d ;t. I-'ai nn ;.- Fi u nd ik-vatoi. K';i\i - S125 1—No. b'2 conibiiif \vith niotur and pickup .. SlloO ,i—(only) 14" lugh speed slat l.uittonis, very good. 1--.I. D. Hamincrniill - _ S25 1 -111 No. 10 Mill $63 1—10' Golil mill . . . S50 TWO 4-CAN IH MILK COOLERS - Reg. $420 < SPECIAL $225 ' WANTED - COMPTOMETER i i-iperat>-';• f f >r \veeks work. Top F 1 a v. McC'irmick Equipment j Store. Emrnet.'-biir.e. Iowa. 40-41 I V/ANTED. V.'i'nu'n's orcnnization \vhich wants !•. make S200 nr .iH'ro spor.s- •:".im '. \v,-> exc'd'cni •IHIVH^- "Student Prince," and •R ..M. M.::-h" " See Dick Phillips. nsr A'.u-na t!ioatrc. 40-42 WANTED — CHAIN SAWING. Horses to break. Horse shoeinfi and other odd jobs. Phone 1390 R2 o; see J. G. Graham, Algona. 37tf WANTED -- ON THE CAR radiator and block cleaning. 55.00. Cook's Radiator Repair South Pnillips street. HHfn Notice COUNCIL MINUTES TV -C C *. C^u^ci 1 met Sep f cn->bcr 29, l^rl- .v ' 30 P V m rcguijr session with thf '.'a-/:' u -..I ail Cojncilmcn present c>.:-:p* K"-,sc', <Tnd Cook The rnmutes v-f ••• rctvj ,T>d app'c.ed Tre C :i :rK was instructed to write *o the ^Tntf H-ghwa, Commission for pcr- rr. -.-.:•• t. t/jco s traffic warning flasher S' ;r. highway 169 between Oak St cei inTcr^cct-on and the railroad un- dcTiiss. Tf-o Street Commissioner was instrjcfcd fo plicc a sign "To U. 5. 169 r .->oth" on highwav IS just cast of the C !y. Bu'kvr s pcr~- f, wc'e orantcrj to Peter Loren^ M \v Vii'er Low-s G'lbnde, ~ R. Irons a-^.O o't'^ K ^"••l£f Ar ap- i icatioo titen t:-. Dua^c ;er.sen was rc- iv rted for n: n-co^p • jnco. Extra work orders to the G over Con- st-uct on Corr-p^n, .-ere oDprOved. Afi assignric 1 "' t^- 'ne Carictcn D. Ech C~., Des ,*.*o:nos ct the proceeds due t n e .rover Con.i'rjc'- :-n Co fcr a contract .?*ardrd Jui,- T'. i'55, «as accepted and .-pprtne^ A rc'-o'-.-it io-i accept T-VG t'ne storm scw- r r inipro'. cment constructed tn the C'ark .md Fitz Ccn'.truct.on Co , Bagiey. Iowa, ».is approved A resolution w.i'. aJcpted calling for :r-ecial cloct o-^ •.. " '^^ • 6. '955 en tne ;j<uancc Ct t.v-n-;:-, tor tn,? construction of .^ muniCrpa! CvV^jc ru'id:n9. A let»cr rt of Varsha! A. C Weishaaf ,:nj ictter-j cr appo.ntmcnt c • Albert Bockeirran, ^/arshal r;nd Ra>- mr.ncl Krebs Deput-, Marshal were read. The follow-ing clams were allowed. General Government Fund 1 50 CO 239.50 6716 1677 4725 7630 1005 469 760 1,030.87 1- Good used We electric range ._ §50 SEE OUR GOOD USED PLOWS ALL PRICES 4- V v ALGONA IMPLEMENT ! Phone 52 1407 Commercial YES—3 r ; Current Earnings on savings &.- investment accounts fn. ured to 510,000. Check Hosii' Federal's 31! year record, write 01 call in person, best investment plan. Home Federal Savings & Loan of Algona, la. 2titfn KARLOTTA NOW GIVES Private Readings at 4117 Hickman Rd.; Tel, 74074 DES MOINES, IOWA Consult on business or domestic troubles !'. P. Richardson, '-•» Scuffnam S,;it.r, . Nancv, SalJr, ... .. L K. Ferguson, Salary ....... /'•twrt Sa.'a ri , . l.'-a 5totc Bank. T JV . f..V Bell Telephone. . IL.'.A, Corp, Supplies .... '•'.:tt Parrott i Son> Suppnes .Vhn R. Carroll, Fees _____ .. L , per DCS V-.->i"Ci P-D Cc , Legais ___ . . . . . ....... Street Fund . e.< Lasr.t-rjct, ____ . A sort P^rgan;:,-,> . .. ^. ..'tn Bur!:s S.i:.V, - - •••ctiard Fran-t.,Kt\ Saiar, . [ 5a>mond Vetzen i' Saiar, . ;ark Wears Salary .... rXnald Prew, Salarv Kenneth Frank!. Saiar> /..•ron Vvheoier S.i ar\ ... H^rry \%ara., . '•"•••a State Bank Tav _ r..V Bell Telephon (. :-unts Recorder. Fees . *.',ller Engineering C^>f Enj 1 '-s M Hafcner " l;;-,:r . . C3i'ns p Thompson £. V.-i'i», Er :• nol.i Deal, Labor ____ .. i'. ..ok Scrau lion. iu; - rv Clerk AJ\ . Cdsh .... ^•'t'bs-Cook Eju.p Co, Repa ••'• C Sro*n Sufipl-, , Suppl'es •V ...-:, n a Vachinc Shop, Repa !S J ; :ienberrj Auto SuppK S^p INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER OPENING FALL SEASON Sat., Oct. 8 Open every nite at 6 p.m. Serving prize steaks, golden fried chicken, french fried shrimp, prime ribs of beef (med. rare or well done) with hot rolls and plenty of coffee, many other extras. Banquets and divner parties our specialty. Can serve 10 to 400. LET US PLAN YOUR NEXT PARTY SMORGASBORD EVERY SUNDAY HAND'S PARK | 9 Mi. South pi Fairmont, Minn. -4041. i- .jnitiaas HciAe Suppnes . • ssutn Oil Co Kerosene .. " -1-\\cbt Scr.ico, Fuel _ . •orton Machine VVks . ' S Norton & Son Supples r'e' Molars Repairs ... . Public Safety Fund C Weishaar, Sjlar, A f>cri Bookelman Salary .. "j,monj Krebs, ijlar> .. .. . . • nard Grocn, Salar, ____ .... 66 60 13352 12)49 I'. 5 76 9551 91.24 93 23 10556 106 10 41 !6 756 6090 10 S5 l.SO 75924 50500 1,26000 326 88 2 S5 134 16:- u5 2i 03 6 25 10 57 28 97 1740 1S460 64 S3 6 2.5 40.52 134 75 13495 121 /O 132.30 COAL Delivery City or Country PHONE 229 F. S. Norton & Son MOBILE HOMES TRADE NOW ! I Why not live in warmth! Get one ! of ours — They're warm! KING'S KOURT Trailer Sales Webster Cily. Iowa Phone 1261 Leo Counley, Salary 126.70 Icwa State Bank, Tax ._ 30.00 NW Bell Telephone, Service .. 22.10 City Clerk, Adv. Cash . . 7.04 Ira Kohl. Salary 20.00 Ralph Elbert. Salary 1000 John Chalgrcn, Supplier 10.85 Siouffer Fire Equip., Mdse. 50.80 Norton Machine Wks., Repairs _ 18.34 Sanitation Fund L K. Ferguson, Salary . 132.30 Harr/ Ward, Salary 75.60 Kcakus Helrr.ers, Labor 164.43 Reiner Helmers, Labor 158.76 George We;g Jr., Labor 132.30 Clarence Helgcson. Labor . 133.13 Eugene Helmers, Labor 8.33 George Miller, Labor 109.51 NW Bell Telephone, Service .. 21.50 Thorson Constr. Co., Refund .. 20.00 Donovan Cabinet Shop, Supplies 15.60 Kcssuth Motor Co., Repairs .. 27.81 Lcc M. Hatcher, Labor 782.00 F. S Norton & Son, Supplies .. 99.51 Ralph Lmdhorst. Fees 114.09 Glover Construction Co, Mdsc. 111.28 East End Foundry, Mdse. 49.00 Mason City Blue Print, Map __ 1.50 County Recorder, Fees 2.40 Concrete Products Corp., Mdse. 1,611.18 Count> Treasurer, Mdse. 44.66 M T & Florence McGuire, Easement .. -.._. 1.00 Clark & Fitz Constr. Co , Sewer Cons: 6,807.17 Jan^es Egli, Salary . .. 149.36 Fred Grohbach. Salary 92.91 Iowa State Bank, Tax 13.80 Snap-On-Tools Corp., Supplies _ 10.75 Hutzell £. Supplies 6.65 Citv Clerk, Adv. Cash 6 66 Albert Baas. Salary 155,92 Tcre;a Norton, Salary 66.15 D'. Sawyer, Rent 35.00 L S. Muckey, Repairs 1.50 Recreation Fund Cfy Clerk, Adv. Cash 300 Airport Fund Bohannon Ins., Ins. 37.32 Debt Service Fund lc.*a Stare Bank, Interest 123.75 Parking Meter Fund Finest Hutchison. Salary .... 132.30 Park-O-Metcr Co.. Mdse. 690.62 Meeting adiourned to Oct. 13 1955 at 7.30 P.M. Byron P. Richardson, f/ayor Attest Ivy D. Scuffham, Grv Clerk St. Ann Auxiliary Holds Luncheon A '.arse group of members from Algona and surrounding towns attended the membership luncheon of St. Ann Hospital Auxiliary at the Algona Country Club oh Oct. 4th. Dr. Dan Bray gave an interesting and informative talk on "Women's Diseases", and Miss Mary Beth Sartor, Mason City, pleased her audience with several tap danees. As favors each guest received a small box of candy, contributed by the Honsbruch Drug Store. Social committee members who had charge of arrangements were: Mrs Craig Smith and Mrs Jack Chrischilles, chairmen; Mrs Barney Fiankl, Mrs George Powers, Mrs Wm. Finn, Mrs Ted Herbst, TYPING PAPER 98c ream Upper Des Moines FOR SALE or WANTED Loans — Free Inspection Farm Management EMMETT KNARY Phone 2291 — LuVerne, la. QUONSEf UTILITY BUILDINGS 14 tfn QUONSII <J IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Sols come in pairs, four, or six. Financial Terms Easily Arranged MILLER $*tf{ §U#lfc!UI £i- ~. Phone 1290 Milw. Depot Plan To Buick Prevue Mr and Mrs Harold Brandt, and Mr and Mr Dick Sprensen are leaving Friday for Chicago, where they will attend the dealers showing of the 1956 Buicks at the Chicago Civic Opera House. PAPER MATE PENS — THE ball point pen that bankers' approve. Guaranteed not to leak. The best writing bb pen on the market. Upper Des Moines Publishing Co., phone 1100, Algona. DIRECTORY PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS Services WEAVE-BAC Repair Burns, Moth Holes Tears in Clothing ILA'S WEAVE-BAC SHOP 15 E. College St. Phone 837-W Algona BOTTLE GAS Install — Service — Deliver BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE During Business Hours CALL 520-W Evenings, Holidays & Sundays CALL 1008 or 1229-W If no answer call 787-J F-R-E- E LOANER TIRES While We Retread or Replace Your Tractor Tires See Us For All Your Tire Needs Low Prices Easy Terms BRADLEY BROS. Collins, Thompson and Willis Professional Engineers Morton W. Bittinger, P.E. Manager, Algona Office 122'A E. State Phone 1372W Civil — Agricultural — Municipal Land Development INSURANCE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY C. R. LaBarre and R. C. LaBarre Surety Bonds—All Lines of Insurance 206 East State St. BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone 125 Let Us Solve Your PLUMBING & HEATING PROBLEMS * Emergency Service Depend on us any hour of the day or night when you need expert plumbing or heating repairs. CALL 1070 SIGSBEE PLUMBING & HEATING Algona BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 6 N. Dodge St. Phone 103 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone 251W KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over 49,000,000 worth of insurance in force. A home company. Safe, secure. Lola Scuffham, Sec'y MAURICE THOMPSON Insurance For Every Need Service - Savings - Security 610 East McGregor St. Phone 1368 TELEVISION and RADIO SERVICE When you buy a television set or a radio, you want to know that there is prompt, expert service to back up the sale. That's what you'll get when you buy from GENE'S RADIO & TELEVISION (7 Years Experience) Phone 215-W Algona Across from Norton's Lumber HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House Household Goods, and Many Other Forms Phone 93 Ted S. Herbst ANDY CflAWFORD General Agent Iowa Farm Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail - Tractor A. J. RICKLEFS All types, including Life, Accident, and Hospitilization Insurance Phone 354 HAROLD C. SUNDET Representing State Farm Ins. Co. 300 E. Elm St. Algona Phone 841 AUTO—LIFE—FIRE—HAIL OPTOMETRISTS BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE Headquarters For COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Phone 520-W, 1008, 787-J, 1452-W for evening appointments Established 1925 Easy Terms ZENITH GENERAL ELECTRIC Radio & Television Service Phonograph Records Popular — Children — Classic KOSSUTH RADIO Milton D*hl 214 E. State Phone 1190 Drs. SAWYER and ERICKSON Specialists in Vision 9 East State Phone 564 Hours: 9.00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Saturday Afternoons DOCTORS J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office Ph. 300, Res. Ph. 326 MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D, Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office Ph. 197 Res. Ph. 19 C. H. CRETZMEYER. M. D. Surgeon & Physician 108 So. Harlan St. Phones: Office, 310; Home 444 DR. R. A. EVANS, M. D. Specializing In Asthma ALGONA. IOWA DENTISTS DR. KARLR. HOFFMAN " Office in Home Federal Bldg. Office phone 44 Residence phone 116 DR. N. J. KELLEY Office over Hall-Strahorn Hdwe Office Phone 605 Residence Phone 425 DR. C. D. SCHAAP Office over S & L Store Office phone 991 Residence phone 174 BEAUTICIANS MODERNISTIC BEAUT SHOP Valeria — Orpha 501 South Dodge Phone 290 STAR BEAUTY SHOP Alice Wilkins Delores Hac^b*rth 118 N. Moore St Phunu 279

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