The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on December 30, 1946 · 1
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · 1

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1946
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““ ' i r rr ‘Viii'rt 'll" 7 fc‘‘ ’’ 1 v----'5--' V i" : 'f '-'“-V 'V- -V v I 'i'-r: F v 1 1 ? -' x - W ' 'X j:- -f - r ? T 4- f- v- - v- ' ' ' ’I' L I I ' ' ' T IK' ' ! mf I- ' " ' ' f 1 - ' V - ' i - -m ” V 1 - : j ' - I 'V a "X "v ' v ' V fr ' 7 J vii vv: j I- H ' I I ? r v: -t- S'L i- ' : 1 J " r ” r : ' ' ' r (1 VOLUMECXXII Pried In the Citya 3c Outside City 5c WICHITA KANSAS MONDAY MOANING DECEMBER’ 301 946 V 1 1 TENTAGES! n NUMBER 183 M tf a P I a ne W recka ge i n : Wh icK T2 l Heroism Rewarded I -H- ® - t mr ’ — ' - i to Save distress 'y j- ' M Republican Senators Meet-j fng today also i to Look j into Other Problems’ TAX CUT UP FOR STUDY I I Group Expected- to ! Favor Continuation of Some Vartime Controls CHATTANOOGA TENS' Dec Mrs Elizabeth Ray 77 was drowned In swollen Chicka-mauf creek today despite a valiant' four-hour atempt by her Boston bulldoy to save her' Poliee told this story: After Mrs Ray fell into ' the e r e e k her 5-year-old dor “ Corky” plunged Into the strpam after her He- swam for almost a quarter of 'a mile and eventually tuned the 135-pound woman to shove When police found the two the' doy had his left forepaw around a small sapling on the bankfand ujas fighting the swiff current to keep It from dragging him and his mistress downstream He had dug a hole In the bank i an effort to ' climb to shore ' Police said the 25-pound dog had been fighting the streaifl tor four hours Fumes from Drug Supplies Boui Uver Fighters in Blaze at Atlantia 52 SENT TO HOSPITALS j Washington Dec 29 ’i-jCAP)— The SI trife-rid-deh but 'dommanl Repub- licans of tjid new senate meet' for the first time to-f morrow to ‘ consider tbeir legislative program withria-bor controls atpplthe list 1 Representative Case (R-SD) - author ol a unionregulation billwhich was- vetoed during the last session Jold a reporter he 1 a planning ia new measure for- early Introduction but ‘would net say suat may be in it LAST AMBASSADOR TO GERMANY DEAD AT VERMONT HQ f QME I Steady Stream of Ambulances Used Doctors ’ Administer Oxygen ( y T i'- Hugh Robert Wilson Served Special A U‘nt for unldentlIlt(1 poured up from Secretary of State Waslthe basement jof the building They Adviser of Hull BENNINGTON VT Dec 29— week with Senator Ball (R-Minh) rHugh Robert Wilson’ 51 ca-and’ others who have i teen givlhg-rcer diplomat and the last United study to labor law revision for such States ambassador to Nazi Ger-helpf as they may give each other! many died last night at his home On the :eve of the GOP sena-iin Bennington4 ' torlal- conference Senator her (D-NY) author of "the ’"i relations act a’jpptaled 'ta the fte- Wag-labor He became seriously ill earlp In August and was under treatment for several- weeks at the Puttuun Memorial hospital here The nature of the illness was not disclosed at that time ' Funeral services will be held at Wilson’s birthplace Evanston 111 "The whole country -would next Tuesday i 5 breathe more easily" I Jv publican! leadership not to “take Its' cue from its reactionary wing" t V and "tear down the edificei jbuilt ‘ J :r since 1933 to intiprove the lot of -the ayerag man” - his statement! declared "If I over the Republf — caucus room! -were Inscribed JJtSiSl Given Eosf in 1938' 1 Wilson was appointed ambassa-fh- d6r to Germany in March 1938 ' 52Ji t?irJTrkJ'cT?"BreSS’ ant recalled ini November of the -Don t turn back theclock Mme mr M tfnlted States pro- Stttdy Several Problems The Republican conference sill get recommendations from subcommittees hotf only on labor legisla-tlon but on Income tax cuts -spend- :- :a curbs Removal -of goverxknent j Controls ' and other phases of a big program plus such side-issues as a proposal to oust Senator Bilbo 4 ID-MissWf - P ' - ( But first up will be- a squabble over assignment of chqice com-rxittte ebairmanshibs and' abat- JContinued on Page 6 Column 4) of the IVisecracl Gets Scientist into Jam ' By HOWARD W BLAKESLEE J lAsiorUtni Pwu jSciencW Reporteri I Boston Dec 29— (AP) — Dr mer innocently started a-minor tempest tonight by wisecracking that -the only 'way to save the human species might be to kill qff all young men of promising' genius Before hts words had stopped P Harlow Shapley Harvard astrono- same year as a test against persecution Jews by the Nasds -Wilson who fmade nls home at Washington D Cu became ill last summer at bis Rennington summer borne He is survived by' his Widow Katharine a son Robert a sister Mrs Charles little of Chicago and a brother Morris K Wilson also of Chicago -Wilson made a career of diplomacy He started in 1911 as private secretary to the American minister at Lisbon and traveled over-the world! for 29 years retiring at the end of-1940 In that period he served In Guatemala' Buenos Aires three times in Berlin Vienna- Bern and Tokyo besides 'several tours of duty in Washington His last foreign assignment was 1 that of ambassadqz-to Germany - i Adviser for IIulP After his recall from Germany Wilson iwas appointed ia special assistant to' the secretary of state and became one of: Secretary Cordell Hulls closest advisers on foreign affairs He made up his mind that if Adolf Hitler began a war he would tender his resignation as ambassador to Germany in protest As soon a a the Nazis Invaded Poland in September of 1939 precipitating ATLANTA Dec 29 (AP)— -Chemical iumds rei leased when a stubborn eight-hour fire ate into sup plies in a drug store in’ Atlanta's financial district overcame 75 firemen today sending 52 to hospitals Firemen dropped like flies as the BUFFALO N Y Dec 29t-(P) — Altnoughj wet ' and cold 12- yemr-old Nevin McCluskey felt no regrets for his action yesterday when be -plunged twice into frigid Delaware' park -lake to rescue Paul II Fritton also 12 who had fallen -through ice into ninie feet of water -"v "Anyway" ’ said - Kevin as he-and Paul slipped on dry clothes ln a nearby building "we won’t ' have to take our Saturday night hath 1 - X i HouseCommitteemen Urge Materials and “Know How” Be Withheld FAVOR RUSSIAH OUSTER j ' ' mm " ‘4 Propose' Insistence Russia ' ceept International Atomic Control t SHANNON AIRPORT EIRE DEC 29U— (AP WIREPHOTO)— Two nn examine the VokQ fuselage of the Trans World airline Constellation "Star of Cairo” 1 which crashed and 'exploded 'in a teg near here The crash resulted In the deaths of 12 persons and injury to 11 others IBy radio) fell In the buildpig and on the street Twenty-seven were sprawled along the street and sidewalk at one time as doctors and attendants moved among ' thim administering oxygen r Ambulances j with sirens screaming dashed from the scene to Grady hospital and then back again in a steady stream reminiscent of the December 7 conflagration which snuffed out 119 lives at the Wine-coff hotel seven blocks away ‘Every time the Wind tossed that smoke at a fireman he went down said Assistant Fire Chief F J Bowen "It had a sweetish smell and when you licked your lips you got a sweet taste This was the most difficult- basement fire -we have ever battled in Atlanta-: The wind wafted the amoke and fumes to the street In heavy waves As the fight went1' on In the early morning hours Bowen ordered evacuation of an adjacent three-story hotel - and the five-story Atlanta Journal building' housing southern division headquarters of the Associated Press 'A two -block' area was roped off1! v'- GOVERNMENT FOR BUSTING THE EDITOR SPEAKING: Georgia is ejtpecfed to wind up with two governors-and probably can expect twice as much trotible as they've J had with one V' :iyy Six Burglars at Base Air Force Private in Service Three Months Bailies Group Attempting to Steal $250000 Payroll at Hamilton Field Cal ACTION TRUSTS LABELED AS FAILURE Report to House Committee Claims Agencies of U S Work Against Each Other oh Regulation 'Policies echoing In 'Harvard's Sanders theater - Shapely began getting World war 11 he quit his Beilin queries from persons who tgld post from which he had been ab- ‘ sent for almost a year-: Born January 29 1885 Wilson was not heard the -whole speech- They wanted to know how he would ac-eomplish the destruction' and how soon he proposed to begin educated at' Yale from which he was graduated in 1906 with a bache- :-In the and to halt growing 'lor of arts dfegre and then studied misconception he was forrird 4o xplain that his remark about llllng-off geniuses was "merely a wisecrack" one of "all sorts of 7 (wilt lets ms" wovciiin to brighten' : ‘very heavy treatment of a very trim- subject — survival !of the i pedes” -1 ’ - ’ I Shapley saddened that his re-l 1 nark' had hern lifted out of count ext and misunderstood said his ' 1 cientiflc audience appreciated the ! tumor and laughed happily I y : Thq - astronomer made his - re- ' -- nark about geniuses after noting ' 'that geniuses may invent means cf worldwide destruction that should be used because of -the lag ’ in social controls ambassador to Great Britain S- - SILfeNT ON APPOINTMENT i : - CHARLOTTE N C Dec 29-(ff) L M Wiggins former presi-of the American Bankers AS-atidn tonight refused to either - coiifirtn or deny reports that he will - pi Uppolnted to fill O Max Gard-nens post as undersecretary ef the treasury Gardner is vacating i the tiqn to become the United States political science : in Paris Before entering the-diplomatic service he was connected jwith his family’s wholesale men’s clothing business In Chicago: - In i l914 he married Miss Katharine Bogle' THREE LOSE LIVES IN PLAIIE SMASHUP - WASHINGTON Dec: 29 — VPy— Investigators for a house committee stamped an "imprint of failure" tonight on - government trust-busting actlvitfesand recommended that unions be s Jbjected to anti-trust laws ” A report' to the monopoly subcommittee of the house small business committee drafted by its staff of seven Investigators concluded that the government has been largely ineffective with sortie agencies combating concentration and others fostering policies “which actually promote" It - Called Staff Study Chairman Kefaiiver (D-Tenn) emphasized in an introduction that the report is only a staff study and ‘does not represent conclusions of the subcommittee as a whole" It was made public over 'objections of (R-NY) and Reps Leonard W Hall Walter C Ploeser ( R-Mo) theonl Republicans on the subcommittee It is up to congress the repo: said to strengthen the anti-trust ily J’ art HAMILTON FIELD cAh Dee 29— (AP)— fAn' air- force' rookie' only -three months in the armed services routed six- burglars in a pre-dawn gun fight at' Hamilton field today- and saved the qir force base’s -payroll of approximately 5259000 Hamilton field is'-- an army air base 18 miles 'north of San Francisco ' Eighteen-year-old Pvt: James M - Hill from Robinson jllL was on routine post guard duty when at 4:30 a m he heard glass shattering at the' rer of the post finance offiee J Pulling his 45-calibee automatic -pistol III1I ran around the finance building encountering' two men with revolvers They fired point-blank"' at him - and missed Hill dodged behind’ some cans and returned the fireLln return he drew the fire of (the entire sz would -he payroll robbers Hill yelled for the corporal- oft the guard and was answered by an MP guard in a jeep who al ready bad heard thej firing As more'’ Jeeps arrived the : bandits fled into the rain -and darkness and escaped Oni seen' to stumble and fall was believed hit ' Federal bureau of investigation agents started work on the case — their second army finance offiee case this week-end They already are investigating the $4500 robbery jatthe Presidio of San Fran- cisco The Presidio robbery - was TWO SLUG JAILER AND ESCAPE JAIL i One -of Pair Recaptured Jby Indiana Officer Kansan Remains at -Large i SANTA FE N M Dee 29--YP— Three persons died in the wreckage of a private airplane here today a few minutes rafter taking off 'for a 'return flight home following a "1-“ “““ J J -verj? T visit with friends The dead wen identified as Fred W Lindermarj Jr 22 employe of the Skyport airfield Edward Franklin Ridenour 30 Bernalillo county deputy sheriff and Virginia Grace age unknown all of AlbuqUerque -1 Fred Valdez a Santa said Linderman arid his pa crashed when the pilot att a half-loop a few mlnut taking off The plane cr a field about one-half mile east of the airport TERRE HAUTE IND- Dec 29 laws and make “all segments of the() — one of ‘two prisoners who Irom yleo county Jall to- unified policy designed to prevent I night bras recaptured two hours concentration and r e strlc tive'later in a taxicab -here practices" It suggested tightening the C ay- fConliriued on Page 3 Column 1) NOTED PAINTER PASSES NEW YORK Dec 29— (AV-Arnold Friedman 73 prominent American artist and member of a group of painters who opposed the academic policies of the National Academy of Art died today lio Program on Page 7 Sheriff John Trierweiler sgld Hugh O'Neil' 19 dL Omaha ' Nebraska was picked ' up by a po lice patrol a short 'time -after he and his companion in the break Clarencei Heckens Jr 24 of Great Bend Kan had made a telephone call He said they separated after' the call - : The two men escaped from the jail shortly after 7 p m after slugging a jailer They1 were being ' held for removal to ' the state reformatory to serve 10-year sen Triplets Make Armful for Mother Z f 't J - V: -r- y : ' -v 1' ‘ u i - XmmKdOw t && ' s -4-X- ‘ RIVERSIDE 1 CAL DEC 294-(AP WIREPHOTO) j— Mnu Sally Bush of West Riverside wife of ’ veteran of ' the - Solomons campaign holds her triplet sons v In the hospital here when they were tern s week-ago today Lef to right they are Rodney Richard and Raymond i - - - - ' '‘v V ' J tjerices for auto banditry l-The two escaped when Jailer Charles Rigin 54 opened their cell door after they had asked for tobacco Trierweiler said they’ slugged the turnkey with their fists took his keys and left-the jail on foot ( Both Heckens arid O'Neil had been sentenced to the state reformatory December 21 after pleadc Ipg guilty in circuit court here to Charges: df auto banditry The car they were- driving at the - time of their capture had been stolen from Dr Carroll D Monroe of Selma Kaiu ' -ri The Weather (Midnight Forecast by tbs Wichita -C 8 Weather Bureau) WICIIITA AND VICINITY: ‘Clear and cold this morning warmer this afternoon a Rdl tonight ron-tinned clear and warmer Tuesday low this - morning xero high this' afternoon 30 low Tuesday morning 10 - : -T ?v " accomplished by breaking a irin dow at the rear of the finance Office ' SOLDIER CONFESSES-KILUNG ANDRAPING ILLINOIS COMPANION Gloves Lead to Arrest -for Private After Near-riude Body of Laundry Worker Is Found on Porch CHAMPAIGN IU2 Dec 29— (JF) — The almostj nude blScly of a 20r year-old girl was found today on the front porch of her rooming house and an assistant prosecutor announced later that a 'solder had confessed he killed and raped her becartse he felt aiir “overwhelming desire to strangle:" The 'victim was Helen Marie idler a Champaign 1 a i p dry employe whose parents live in hrtarby'Philof HI ' MosO of her clothes- had 'been ripped foxn her A- pair of men’s gloves waiT fbund beneath the body ' - Gloves Trap Soldier The - soldier Pf6 Maurice T Garrett 21 son oftari Akron :0 dairy superintendent was held iri county jail ion a murder charge Polioe said the gloves led to -his arrest at his barracks at neabby Chanute field - Assistant State's Attorney John Barth said Garrett signed a state ment that hie strangled and raped Miss Cler on the porch after' he escorted her home last night from a tavern Where they -met Barth said Garrett gave this account in the statement: “Wp ascended to the front porch and embraced a couple of times -I then felt an overwhelming desire to strangle her which I did until she jbecame unconscious I raped her r described as hazardous A heavy rain and Wind storm struck Camp r Campbell Kyl'Sunr (day injuring an undetermined number of ' persons and causing Started to' Struggle - “She then started to struggle: a bit and then I strangled her until I no -longer could feel’ a pulse beat1 Barth said Garrejtt related he then went to a Champaign bus station where he fell asleep before returii-to the army ‘field at Rantoul 111 by bus He said he had been in bed - at his barraqks about'' an hour when police arrested him there Police said soldier friends of 'Gar rett told them he had mentioned he jtiad lost his gloves: 1 - - ' Miss Cler’s body: wax found- early today iqr another girl resident of the rooming house when she returned home ' ' J j Barth said Garrett ' is 4 ’son of Forrest C Garrett of Akron " SHIPS TURNED BACK BY POUR ICE PACK f- : 4 Bad Visibility 0 Causes Lead Vessel of Expedition to Approach -‘Big Massif I KANSAS': Fair and warmer j Monday" increasing cloudiness: west late afternoon becoming partly cloudy and colder extreme northwest Monday n' i g h t continued fair warmer remainder state ider west BY ALTON L BLAKESLEE 'ABOARD USS MT OLYMPUS Dec 29 — (SV-’This navy : Antarctic expedition ship suddenly met the South Polar ice ’ pack ip the fog early- this morning and had to do a full about-face streaming north four or five jmiles to stay outside the frozen rampart Rear Adm Richard H Cruzen expedition - commander said the Olympus leading three other ships encountered an outthrust tongue of the ice belt at right Angles The lead ship quickly changed course three times to get dear ( Visibility: was bad— only kbout ’ a mile— dnd ( the -ship came 1 within three-quarters of a mile of thet main Tuesday cloudy and- colder west and : north continued fair and warmer southeast: high tempera- mmerou mia zira southeast -Olympus headed westward toward OKLAHOMA: ' j fair ‘ and warmer Msnday increasing cloudiness ‘ west Tuesday' fair edit warmer Trie day high temperatures ' Monday 30 a rendezvous at the international dateline with the cargo ships -Merrick and Yancey: Admiral Cruzen said the two ships iare expected at the appointed spot early Monday EXTREME BOLD HITS CENTRAL SECTION OF NATION ON SUNDAYi' Major' Three 1 Sergeants ' Kidnaped and ‘Whipped i by Terrdrisf Bands WASHINGTON Dec 29 — (AP)— I’JTbe’ house post-war planning committee called tonight for action to withhold military 'arid economic materials and “know low" from Russia and td Ret ' Soviet troopg entirely - i of Germany if reports Floggings Are Retallaf ion Hw h (Red re rminZ I Nebraska and Norlh Dakota Seri Mercury” Drop as Low for Like Punishment to Bankr Robber as' 25 Below Zero Snow Hits Several -States ’ - 1-Br the 1 Associated Freu) Extreme cold weather overspread the central portiop ol the- nation Bunday from' the Dakotas southward to Texas and east to the Mississippi alley and hi the eastern and northeastern states cold wave arid storm Warnings were issued ' r Iowa was having Its coldest weather of the year andiempera-tures as low as 25 below zero were reported in North Dakota - arid Nebrarica The thermometer dipped to 111 - below Saturday night at Spencer la:' Cold to Continue' 'V - Chicago forecasters said the $uhr zero " weatiier in the I central and north central states ‘s-ould continue through Monday night Chadron Neb reported 25 below with the entire state below the zero mark : Sunday 7 Little ‘ Rock f Ark reported a record 74 Saturday be- JERUSALEM Dec - 29— (AP)— Three British Army sergeants and aTmajor were kidnaped -andi giyen-I8 lashes each tonight in whkt official renorts said was? an- rUnioil "meets l£s political obllga-orriciai reports saia was ap a-e-nT- run inbrniatii withj the products J of - Ger man : way plants prove' true The reports : if true 'call for scrapping-the entire ' Potsdam agreement of the big :four on how to deal "With Germany the committee said In a special report-Jt - added a recommendation 'that this" country hold up ' exports of “know how” arid of goods of "special military and economic ebarr - acter” to Russia - until the Soviet parent blow-hy-blow retaliation by Jewish-terroristf-for a- flogging administered 'Friday to Jew convicted' of bank robbery ! Shortly b ef ore midnight four Jews': were arrested -and one was serioUsly w o u-n ded by gunfire when thpy tried tQ rush -a roadblock near Lydda east of Tel Aviv ' f ! ' Police said they : f bund two - five foot rawhide whips a tommygun two 'revolvers a quantity - of 1 am munition and hreq grenades in the iar in which the arrelsted men were- riding The 1 official report 1 stated that fore high winds and rains hit the1 je quartet opened fire on the state Siot Jkantas tempera- jacihloch: and wounded one abl-tures geraUy drF pver 4(K de- lightly before r they were ar-grees- bringing freezuig in most v' - -r ' One 'Seriously Injured The major was taken fromr the grees bringing areas- - Four inches of snow fell by mid aftemoori Sunday in the Chicago 01 Metiopol hotel in b WNathanya-40 milesJriorth of -Tel (Continued on 'Page 6 Column 7) GEORGIA: MAY GET RIVAL GOVERNORS V-& I"'- V Talma dge’s 3 Strategy Calls for Letting- Arnall Stay V but Controlling Cash Aviv’ His wife1 who was with him In ‘the hotel ' was ' not molested The V government: announced that he was blindfolded tied to a rack and -whipped with i a cane 7 V One of the sergeants was' flogged at Rishon le’ Zion the historic Jewish settlement founded by Baron Rothschild 20 miles south of Tel Aviv Tied to 'a tree and whipped J he Was reported: In a serious conditicin in a military hospital:- M ' - The two -other sergeants were taken by ' eight" mert armed' yith ATLANTA Dec 29-r(ff)-rTWb rival governors of Georgia with offices less than Y0 yards apart may result: from an unprecedented scramble over the ’late Eugene Tal-piadge’s fourth term The rivals Would be Herman Tal-madge 33-year-old son of the dead governor-elect arid his political foe GoyEllis Arnall incumbent A high Talinadge sodree who declined to be Identified said j the' situation is expected to- arise if the legislature designates Herman to become gov ernor artd if Amall -refuses to sur-rqiif ol ns pledges of legislative support— 28 render l)i office - Talmadge lieutenants' claim 15& more than a clear majority of house and senate But Amall has -indicated he regards' such a move - as illegal Amall is expected to retain office unless allowed to resign in favor of the Lieutenant-governor-elect M E Thompson 1 ” Talmadge 1 e a d e r s ‘ originally planned to impeach Amall if he refused to yield but they abandoned this because" it would require two-thirds majority of the State senate! Now they are understood from trustworthy sources to plan merely to by-pass Amall- allowing him complete freedom of the capitol and possession of his office— but no money i '' L’’ - Herman Talmadge would be sworn in as Georgia-'s youngest governor in history and take possession of a desk in ( the rotunda beneath the Capitol’s dome There he jwould conduct state business in disregard of his rival: j Key to the Talmadge strategy would be control of - state pursed strings' v (Continued on1 Page 4 - Column 3) FOOD PRICES HIKED 34 PER CENT IN !46 — u Living Essentials as -Whole Rise 18 Per CentrMost -1 Since World! War I WASHINGTON Dec 29— F— Retail food prices rpse 34 per cent in 1946 and the cost of living essentials in general to up 18 per cent for the year the bureau of labor statistics reported tonight The- bureau called the year's price rises the greatest ’ since1 World war I arid said they were “many ‘-'times the moderate rises of thejthree pre-ceding years” ' “Increases were larger In primary markets than at retail” the BLS report said “arid increases for nonr well as agricultural commodities as for agricultural 'commodities1 became important In the movement of average prices It gave -'the average increase in primary xrtarket prices 'as 31 per cent with- foods up 50 per cent and farm products --showing a rise of 29 per ce: SEES! BIG FIRE LOSS ( Minneapolis Dec' 29— p— Although officials of the Brooks Elevator corporation declined today to make an estimate of the loss trom tne fire which destroyed its 67t-yearpld " elevator "C” yesterday Fira Chief George i Lockhart said ltl xnight exceed $20Q0 OOO or $2001000 ) : tions and accepts full international control of atomic energy” ' ' Charges Fly -V' '’1' The report was sent to the-house in the midst of a series' of major V' developments concerning big-power reUtionship These included: r -i 1 Disclosure without details that - ' somef of Hitler’smilitary and props- ganda experts have escaped the f Ailies ind are offering their serv- i Ites l to other powers That- was mentioned in a war department pamphlet- which noted that foreign i military staffs have access to plenty j ‘ j of data for r calculating how long- : it- would take to bring U S forces into action The pamphlet empha- sized army interest in full attention- ( ' to the' military phase in any uni-- '' l versal citizen training program’ V : 2 Flans by the state department:: to penetrate Soviet censorship cur- - v tain with Russian broadcasts start- 1 ing about January L through a pow- j erful new short-wave relay station at: Munich- Germany The idea Is to -acquaint the Russian people directly with U S ideas and' actions- Disclosure of an army plan to ipend on quick air movement of dipc (Co f ntinued on 'Page 4 Coloacm l ) HEAVY STORM HITS CAMP IN KENTUCKY t $250000 Worth of’ Goyern- xnent ‘ Property Lost in " Storm 2 Injured : ' L " li OPfelNSVILLE ! KY Dec : 29 ) — UP) — A severe windstorm swept across a part of southwest Ken- if of 10 Ut S - i ' 1: ' 1 : f T it : ' -') f - - 4 “Progressive Gitizens 'of America” Formed at: Hew ' York Meeting yiih Third Pariy as ' Possibility Headiner Label$ Senator Taft Reactionary NEW YORK' Dec 29—Cr-Sparked by the jyresence - and ' oratory of rienry A Wallace ten independent liberal groups from throughout the (United States banded -together tonight under the banner of the Progressive Citizen of America1 ' -y Casting off the Identities of their separate organizations 300 dele gatesrsaia to represent a membership (of 15000 In -the ten groups throughout - 21 states--voted to affiliate! with the new 'organization and raised the possibili of ar third party movement f Wallace himself wai elected to ho official position in the group but the former secretary of i commerce who now- is eqitor of the New Republic magazine - had a headline spot ih formation of the new organization - ? -y:?-: Labels Tkft "Reactionary -X ' 1 Wallace addressing the convention singled qui for particular mention the name!) of - Sen Robert A Taft (R-ObioV saying progressives “would prefer ' he electionAof an out-and-out reactionary likevTaft in 1947 to a lukewarm liberaI7‘ ' Walkipe said “progressives want a genuine’ two-party country and not a country operated by a-fake one- party system under the-guise of a bipartisan bloc However the con v srition by unanimous " vote: adopted a state- (Con on' Page ft Column !) tucky today cutting -’a swath of destruction through Camp Campbell and nearby sections j of Chris tlan and Todd counties ' j -MaJ Gen Jens Dob commander of Camp Campbell reported the dtohri flattened ‘ several buildings on the ' army post injured slightly' one army officer and one small boy and destroyed approximately $250-QPO worthed government property The injured officer -was Lieut F W Coriard of Columbus Ohio who served 43 months overseas without a scratch only to have his left eye- ' brow shaved off and a' few cuts and : if brUises left on his forehead when ati$e fell on the trailer in which ? ' he and his wife were sleeping v The only other patient treated 'at v the -post hospital was Billy Jones t son of civilian employe William j : Jones Hilly had a bloody nose the hospital reported Property damage however1': was A high according to reports Gbneral -Doe -said- four buildings were de : molished ’ including an : ordnance '-building ordnance shop a ' laundry and a warehouse used by the war assets' administration' to store sup- plus property' far disposal - z The commander said IS other ‘ buildings were damaged heavily and scores of others damaged ’slightly Besides the buildings General Doe listed as destroyed! 100 trucks several passenger automobiles the contents of the WAA -'warehouse and telephone and power lines oh the post ' !'-:' Many miles of telephone i and power lines across southern Chris- tlan and Todd counties were reported broken and service was interrupted v t s HIROIIITO’SACTIOH BIGGEST JAP STORY I: vf ’ f TOKYO Dec SO (Monday)— CP) — Emperor Hirobito’s renunciation of divinity was the top news story in - Japan ‘ this year Kjrodo news- J agency said today in listing 194S's ten biggest The emperor still wor- shiped by thousands of his subjects t said in' an’ imperial rescript January 1 1946' that it was iinpfr'opefr for Japanese to regard him as ' 4 supernatural being Number two on Kyodo’s list was the purge directive from Allied -headquarters banning - militarists and ultya nation alists from top gov- -eminent economic financial and - publishing positions The trial of wartime Premier Hideki Jo Jo arid other onetime leaders as war crim- inals ranked as the sixth best story of the year ! ft A Ji : FAMED ARTIST DIES ' LAGUNA BEACH CAL Dec' 29 —47— William Wendt SI internationally known landscape painter Ued here today after V short Illness following a heart at tack -i ' HI' li ' i t -N ‘ '1 1 1 u y - ' 1 hx-r y- x-'1 j - v " - j iL— i f- - y - - - - - 4- i j “F- j'-— 'I: I 3‘-

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