The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1955 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 3
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T •? Winner of 16 Slate & Naiional Awards. 1950-1955 General Excellence, Iowa Press Ass'n. 1955 Mr and Mrs George Balluff riml family attended the C.iltl- (..(innre'>s iit Wnteioi, ,i \ V i'"k a", Suml;iy. " The Cresco Riverside Town- M'ip Hniiie'iNikors will in'-t with Mi> Bull Bur-eher on Wedne.-d;iv Oft. 1!). Mr and Mrs Emil Sloffel recently visiled dm lattcr's brother and sister-in-law. Mr and Mrs A' Mrs Henry Seller was recently visited by her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Muitin B!eirh of Miller. Mr and Mrs P. W. Hansen V!-it<'ii Sun-lay evening ill tin home of Les Huif. where Mr, (-•.iriie oNon is ill. Mrs L. L. Clement of Ames wai hull- last week and calkd un relatives ;md friends. She is the former Nina Blossom Mr and Mrs J. F. Milder were v;s:lc'fl Mondav bv Mrs ,J J. Kme- lik i>[ C-dar Rapids anil Mrs G T Mapper o! Fnrt Dodge. Mr and Mrs P. W. Hansen and Mr and Mrs John Bahr were Sunday visitors at the Jai k B'ahie home in Cfirwith. Mr and Mrs Max Bartholomew were vi.-itfd ovi'r the weekend bv Mr and Mrs M K. Ma.-on and daughters. Lynn aivi L-.;> of De.- Mr and Mrs A. M. Andersen of .'Uli Wot State Street had Sun- | <:ay guests Mr and Mrs A. K. Arn- "Jii and Mr and Mrs Henry Blew of PA ry. Iowa. Ma and Mrs Dick Allen were Vi-;reli Tuesday by Ih.e hitter's m.-thlfer ;,nd s-i-'ter. Mis Fud Geh- k:n of Bii; ! and Mrs Lonmer Ol.-••:; of Spirit I ,akc. Mr and Mrs John Lavignc are '• e p:i'en<- of a son bom Tues'• '.v a* St. Ann hospital. He w. ;,;l-.ed ,", ii..- 13 OA and has b< ' n named Mu-h.iel John Donald Kalahar of Algona. rep: e-entative for Investors Divesi- fn'ci Service.., inc.. is attending a des finferenee of the company in Minneapolis. Oct. 13. .14 and if). Mrs John Arndorfer was laken t_> Si. Ann hospital last week 1 .".ursd.n She has not been '.'. . I! of late and recently fell but -i;"-:-!ed i;,. in.iur:- . except shock. Airmar. 2/C Bill Lampright is -['•' nd.n.: a V) dav furi"Uj.'h \vith 1 •!•• pa:. :;•-, Mr and M-- Harokl L .:np- :.:iit. !!.• , • s'a'.n iv-d witli Mrs Minnie Malern had as visi- ' i; •-' !'"' ••!)• iv ijt ;' >:>ters and Martha Mr, 11 Mfs Safah Geigel was visited last week Thursday by her niece. Lena Geige), and Mrs James Kelling of Renwick. Mf and Mrs Andrew Hansen spent Sunday at Goldficld with Mr and Mrs Jack McCutcheon. Other guests were Mr and Mrs Clarence Zinser of Faulkner. The women taught school together many years ago. Mr and Mrs Walter Schild- knt:cht spent Tuesday at, Sibley wilh relatives. A group of Des Moines women recently chartered a bus to go to West Bend to see the Grotto and made reservations tor dinner there. Katherine Kain and Lor- nine Tierney of Dos Moints joined the group for dinner and caim- here for a weekend visit. Mr and Mrs C. E. Zaugg visited Mr and Mis Ray Hogan Saturday at Clair. Mrs Nannie McMahon drove to Storm Lake Wednesday to spend a few days with her daughter. Mis Richard Schmitz while Mr Schinitx is on a tishing trip at Lake .-of-the -Woods, Minn. The .Semnii/. are building a new home >' Stoim Lake. Mr and Mrs Allen Hidlebaugh and Mr and Mrs Lee Vann'er Waai plan to attend a Scout'convention at Carroll Sunday. Baptismal rites were held Sunday at Sheklahl for Ronald Dc.-an, son of Mr and Mrs Dean Ringyenberg. They were dinner guests of Dean's father, Claude Ringgenberg and spent the day with him. Thursday, October 13, 1955 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines-3 Mrs Roy Bjustrom and her mother, Mrs Bo-sir- Walker visited friends at Mason City Tuesday. Mr and Mrs Games Ackefrman were visited over the weekend by the Litter's brother-in-law ami sister. Mr and Mrs Don X.ook, of DPS Moines and Mr and Mrs Marvin Belcher of Stuartville. Mr and Mrs M. C. Mefcalf attended the Iowa-Indiana football game Saturday and from there drove to Guttenberg to spend the weekend with Mr and Mrs Robert Pousch. Mr and Mrs Pousch, former residents here, moved to Guttenberg befoie the opening of schools. Si. Cl- K'TI, ; C! and nry Brown Mnin. Mrs Gene Blanchard, Susan and Mr iiL"! and -'.-'-'d Mr- Saiij'-d-.\ -' Sir.i'h's miflt. Mr> Frit/ Steve of Loin D;-virl Sml'h in - aftrinoon It Mrs Harry Nolle and Mrs Cliff ,':rk-'y -p-'ilt t!n- v.'i-ekend ;-.t Dulu'h. Minn. v. ith -.TI. Hob. and faivily. tu: n trip. !ln- ladles V.':.'ki y's -laiiL;!:ler a Mr> Xoltc's On 'h,- re- v:-;1ed Mr.- Mr end Mrs Fred Bartholo- Mr and iv h.- b Mrs Mauru'i' •iiu; visited l'iy H..r!ii»l.-.mew of ('o:.,na IV! M „•. Calif. He v. ill remain !.-r several more. Mr and Mrs A. V. Larson had a:, nue-ts fro-n Sunday til! Wed- n.'-clav the lalter's unele and aunt. Mr and M;s W. J Weiland .if C iioi.,do SpniiLj--, Colo The sun K'l.-sell I.iir-cin and his wi!e and l imilv of Decor.,!] were also liere Sund.iv. Mrs Kathryn Doege has returned from a month'.- visit with her . Mis V.'oodrow Kraelit Roek. She ac'eompan- Krarht, Linda Sue and Taylor tu Des Moines, where Marilyn left by return to Gallaudet Col at Lone .• 1 Mr- Marilyn S, pt. 2'2. tram to li'He in Wa.-hmKton, D. C. John Hargreaves has been here from Fed'.'ialsbert;. Md., liaviog eoiiie here from Des Moim-s where he had transaeti-d business. He vi-ited his mother. Mrs P. 11. Har- lirravcs who is ?ti!l ronfinti.l ti 1.H 'd following; injuries suffered in a ial). his brother-in-law and sis!i i , Mr and Mr- Ralph K!bert and brotlier and si.-ter-in-law. Mr and Mrs Gilbert Har.ureaves. Mr and Mrs William Becker were visited a week ago Sunday bv their -on. Bill and his fiancee Kffie Karamitros of Masun City Both teach at Rudd. The wed- diiiij.Jdate is November '10 and the "Ihanksgivins holiday weekend W'lll be used for their honeymoon'. Mr and Mrs Becker were .uuests of the bride-elect's parents at Mason City, Sunday. Mrs John Mahoney visited 5 days in Minneapolis staying with her daughter's family, Mr and Mrs Don Ludwig, who are parents i >f a new daughter, named Becky Jolt-lie. Mrs Malumey also v i.-ited another daughter and faintly, Mr and Mrs Lawrence \\Yir. and her son, Jim Mahonoy ;.r.'-J family. While Mrs Mahoney was gone.-, Mrs Will Ludwia took )nT place Friday and Monday at the Academy preparing hot lunches. Mr and Mrs George Balluff were visited Sunday by Mr and Mrs- Claude Nuss of Fifty Lakes. Minn. Mrs Bridget Tobin had her nieee Lorraine Tiernoy as gucs ia-t weekend, Lorraine is employ.«! at Des Moines. Mrs Forest Twogood of Los Angeles, Cal., has been visiting her mother and sister, Mrs Bessie Haggard and Barbara. Dr. and Mrs F. E. Sawyer attended an optic-ill convention a'. Minneapolis, Minn., last week Sunday. Monday and Tuesday. Mr and Mrs Waller Boeckholl . nd daughter Cheri .spent Sunday .it Kaeje Grove with Mr and Mrs Me! Thompson. The men ure war buddies. Mr and Mrs G. A. Sharp were recently visited by Mrs Barton Boehlmer of Lattimer. Another (Uie-'t dunng the week was Mr? Mcri" N't 11 son of Spencer. Mr and Mrs R. L. Scheming were \-jsited a week ago by Mr and Mrs Irvin Foster of Buone. They were joined for pot luck supper by Mr and Mrs Paul Me Crea and Mr and Mrs Charles Schlieveit. Dr. and Mrs S. W. Meyer have left lor their home at Phoenix. Ai i/., after visiting the doctor's brother and si-ter-in-law. Dr. and 1 Mis Harold Meyer. They stopped at Des Moines to visit another brother and sister-in-law, Dr. and Mrs Clayton Meyer. Mr and Mrs John Helmers have moved from the Irene Corle rental property on east College street !o the house on west Collegv .•!n-i-; owned by Harvey Rat:, and lecently vacated by Mis Loila Ladendojff. Mr and Mrs H. R. Cowan. Mr and Mrs Charles LaBarre, Mi and Mrs \V. A. Foster and Mi and Mrs Herman Hauberg attended a directors' meeting of the Building and Loan Company at Council Bluffs Sunday. Mr and Mrs Wesley Barllett hgdb;a9 bouse guests a few days this week. Mr and Mrs Abe Laur- tizen of Beaver Dam. They are former residents here when Mi LaunUen was Kossuth County schools superintendent. Mr and Mrs John Thuente were { v,: i!ed a week ago Sunday by j t.'ii ir s>. n-in-law and daughters Mr and Mr- William Sanguin and Ks'.Mer o: C'r.eiokee. Mr Sanguin ;:.i- gone to Mmiieapuiis, Minn. lecen'ly !o take a in x-ray. Recent guests ol Mr and Mrs Charles Snat-lfi-r were Mr and Mr.-. Kverett Wallen and Mr and Mis Paul Johnson uf Omaha. 1'i.ey came ti.) take home Mrs llaini Stienblock. mother of Mrs Scl:aeffer and Herman Stien- bloek w.-'io had .-pent a fortnight Dr. and Mrs R. K. Richardson recently went to. Blooming i'laine, Minn,, to visit Mrs Richard.-un's brother and sister-in- iaw, Mr ami Mrs George Carroll. Tho doct-a made a shorter visit and returned home while Ins wile and Mr and Mrs Carroll drove to B! alMt id to visit. Dr. and Mrs Karl Hoffman were driving to Des Moines today and the doctor was to take a plain- to San Francisco, Calif., where he will attend a National Di-ntal Association meeting. Mrs Hotiman will fly there Oct. 22 and join him. From there they will go to Hawaii for an 11 days vacation. Phil Anderson, freshman at the Iowa State University, Iowa City, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr and Mrs Everett Anderson. He is taking a Liberal Arts course leading to dentistry Mr and Mrs Anderson plan to go to Iowa City for homecoming and to see the Iowa-Purdue football game. Mrs Essie Sullivan acompanied Helen Dingley to Des Moines recently and visited Mi's Isabel Meiggs and others in the city. Helen accompanied her brother- in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs W. B. Nugent to Ohio for a visit at the former home of the late Mrs Frank Dingley. Upon her return she brought Mrs Sullivan home and they were accompanied by Mrs Meiggs who visited here several days. Coming Next Week Honsbruch Drug r&'sssssssss/r////r/r/r/r/m^ ?£\« € unS -<?••/ \i •«» r-'rv*' AND AT CONSUMERS '!' \i A -\\ exvp; YOU GET GREEN STAMPS WITH YOUR PURCHASE Biggest CAMPBELL SOUP SALE In Our History! The Best NORTH DAKOTA Potatoes - They'll Keep! No. Dak. Cobbler Your Choice Of All Of The Campbell's Soups! 10c Pillsbury Pie BOXES Sticks Or Mix PILLSBURY 50 Lb. SCHOOL BOY BU. BOX JONATHON APPLES..... 1.59 NEW CROP LB. PITTED DATES 29c SKIPPY PEANUT BUTTER, Jar 39c HI-C (BIG CANS) ORANGE JUICE 4for$l FOLGER'S COFFEE MB* CAN BILL BECKER, With 25 Years Experience Bill Becker comes here from Buffalo Center to take charge of Consumers Meat Department. He has had 25 years experience in the meat business, knows it backwards and forwards. His father was an old-time butcher, and Bill has four brothers who are also butchers in other stores in Iowa. Besides knowing meat, Bill is a friendly guy, so stop at the meat counter and say "hello" to him. Here Are Bil^s First Week-End Specials ! ALL "SELECT CUT" ARMOUR'S STAR Pure GROUND BEEF 3 Lbs. 89c 4-LB. PAIL 790 CUDAHY'S LB. BACON _.49c CUDAHY'S ROLL LB. SAUSAGE 35c LARGE LUX Detergent, . 29c FILLET OF LB. PERCH 29c FAVORITE LB. FISH STICKS ... 39c REG. SIZE LUX Soap, 3 bars 19c PER lr £mt\

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