Republican-Northwestern from Belvidere, Illinois on May 5, 1922 · Page 3
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Republican-Northwestern from Belvidere, Illinois · Page 3

Belvidere, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 5, 1922
Page 3
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REPUBLICAN-NORTHWESTERN, BELVIDERE, ILL., FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1922. ADLlllllSllllillO SLQGAII UP CHAIRMAN DEMP8EY NEWLY APPOINTED OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE ADDRESSES COUN-CIL IN, EXPLANATION OF THE NEED OF CONSERVING FINAN-DE8 OLD COUNCItr-OUTrtJEW ALDERMEN TAKE HOLD. . . The old city council held Its final mHnar on Thursday evening and the new council was organized and pro- i ceeded to the transaction of busi ness. . 1 . .. ' , The oath of office was administered by City Clerk Collier to the newly-elected aldermen, Paul L. Parsons from the First ward; A. P. Sisson, Second ward and Warren F. Poulton, Third ward, and those re-elected, C. II, Whitman, Fourth ward, and LeRoy Read. Fifth" ward, who with Aid. S. P. Teeple, First ward; A. V. Dempsey, Second ward; A. J. Edwards, Third ward W. H. Robinson, Fourth ward and Fred A. Reed, Fifth ward. holding over, form the new council. Names Finance Committee. In the proceedings of the new council Mayor Perkins announced the appointment of Aid. A. V. Dempsy as :halrman pf the finance committee, with Aldermerf Roy Read and Paul , Parsons as, the' other members, and th'at the remaining apointnujpts and the committees would be named at the regular meeting of the council next Monday evening. The" mayor" stated that he had Indicated to the now chairman of the finance committee several days ago that his appointment would be made, in order that he miffht familiarize himself with the financial conditions of the city arid be prepared to enter at once upon duty when the new council organized and the general appropriation ordinance was taken up. In the session of the old council Aldermen Teeple and Whitman reported on some street and sewer repairs and Aid. Swift, chairman of the finance committee, presented the new general appropriation ordinance, which it was stated had been prepared from est! mates furnished by the heads of the different departments. The total for the various departments and funds was given as $118,580. It was stated that the estimates for the water department had been cut $8,000 from those of last year of $38,651, on ac count of installations they represent ed having been made and that the OPEIHUG 11H amount for extra police had been re-, mg eacn day, gome to spend the eum-duced one-half. No action could be aS our guest8 and others which ; taken on the ordinance and it was for,onl a few dayg before f0n. passed, on t. the new council lulng tjourney-to the north -ior 72ir"73 r- 7 Salaries and payrolls, payment ofH have to go far from home to study he bonds of $1,500 and Interest, and mis- birds for besides the species, which cellaneous. It we.s stated that there ' stay with us; many of the migrants are I is money enough on hand to pay the ' likely to drop' in on our lawns or gar-- bills. I dens while passing. Some days In. For Tourists' Camp. May the blossoming apple trees are Sidney Veaco, Thos. Becklngton and Mve whh beautifully-colored W. A. Catlin appeared before the ; war51er8 and they are seen nearly council as a committee from the, here The pretty white throat- Chamber of Commerce to request that , ' ' the council appropriate. Messrs. Vea-, "?a w naf alreadf 8n co and Becklngton explaining, a suf-hin the residence district of the flcient sum to provide signs to he city, as has also the wood thrush, placed on various roads and streets j The greatest interest In the study directing tourists to the proposed of birds centers in their home life, camping site to be set apart by the goon after they arrive from their win-park board. It was explained by the ter quarters their thoughts turn to mayor that the matter belonged to the ! neBt buiidns. It js encouraging to ,new council to tm up ana in "?!note tne number of hoU8e8 pr0vlded sum required could be put In the aiw igpfscMf h martln8 time DrODimuuii uiuiuoiito a ouj within three months after its pass age. Pay Water By Month. At the suggestion of Aid. Ralrdin the ordinance recently passed with reference to the raise in water rents is to be amended to Insert payment at so much per month and at that of -Supt. 1 cubic foot Instead of gallon by meter V Sunt. Marean that it shall read per A letter from B. J. Arnold In reply to one written by Aid. Robinson, char-man of the street and alley committee, read by the clerk stated that the 'track renalrs on Logan avenue and Church street had not been made on account of bad weather. Mayor Per-kins stated that It was necessary to ave these made at once. Other street work was being done and this could also be undertaken. It was voted, on motion of Aid. Ralrdin, with second by Aid. Teeple that It was the sense of the council the work should be at once started and the mayor directed the clerk to so notify Mr. Arnold. On motion--of Aid. Ralrdin, with second by Aid. Swlfth, the old coun-cll .adjourned sine die. : New- Council Takes Hold. After a short recess the new council was organized, as stated,.and first took ud the granting of licenses.' These were voted lo the following for the terra of six months from May 1: Billiard, hall: J. O. Anderson, Chas. Penwell, Fred K. Lane, McNeal & Payne, Fred C. Glenders and Ander-Bon, Siwn Bros., Ernest Whitworth, Maas Felch, Walter Reed. Belvidere Poster Advertising company. Second-hand store; Chas. J. Bry-den, Edward f. Dorn. Junk dealers: Louis Silver, Abraham Berman. Near beer and cider; Maas & Felch, Delaney & Hamlin, Glenders A Anderson, McNeal & Payne, Simon Bros., Joyce & Arnold. , Plumbers: George H. Ray, Cun- nlngham & Welch, Azro Fellows. Geheral electrician: J. W, Fred Welch. Luce, . A penult was voted to Andrews t Co. to place a sign in front of their place of business at 412 South State street. Hospital Payment A communication from Mrs. Harriet P. Sabin for the board of the Public hospital, requesting that payment of ; 42,Q0T appropriated for the hospital be made and also that city water and sewer service be extended to the hospital, was read.. . - Appropriations Up. The general appropriation ordi-pance Was then taken up and gone over in its various sections. Deductions and additions were made with the final totalof $123,334 remaining. The ordinance will be taken up again at the meeting on Monday evening for . revision and Its second reading and passage, with the likelihood that considerable cuts will be made In the various amounts appropriated. The ordinance when finally passed will be published. Program of Economy. The new chairman of the finance committee, Aid. Dempsey, addressed the council at some length with re gard to the financial status of the city and said that it would be necessary to cut appropriations for all depart nients as close as possible. The total revenue for the city to. be expected would not be, stated the chairman, over $76,000, and the city has got to live for the coming year within that sum. The city borrows of the banks, Jn anticipation , of Us share of taxes paid over by the county treasurer, up to seventy -five per cent of the tax levy for municipal purposes, which has beeB' somewhat exceeded during the current year. It will be necessary, stated the chairman, to begin : next Monday borrowing In anticipation of the taxes to be paid In a year rrom this spring. There is some $60,000 still to come in from the county treasurer on this spring's payment of. taxes to take up warrants already issued, which are outstanding in the amount of $67,000 -for money borrowed. Any idea that the city could go Into any special Improvement projects such as boulevard Hghts etc., was not to be entertained, however much this might be desired Necessity for the strict est economy in city expenditures and cuts in expense where possible exists and there is no way to get away from It, stated the chairman. Chairman Dempsey explained that Including Items In the appropriation ordinance did not necessary mean that they were to be expended. About The Birds The days of late April and early May are full of interest to the lover of birds, so many new birds are arriv- and wrens, about our city this year. Some of the birds, however, do not occupy bird houses but build their nests In the shrubs, in the trees and some in the grasses on the ground. The different species use various klnds of nesting material In the construction of their nests and generally build their homes where they can find the I . i material for their particular kind of nest. . It Is almost impossible for them to find the suitable material on well kept lawns so if we are thoughtful enough to put out nesting material for the little strangers, such as bits of string, rags, small twigs, lawn clippings, etc., they will be quick to avail themselves of these "house furnishings." Some of the birds which we may expect to partake pf our hospitality are the robins, catbirds, orioles, chipping? sparrows phoebes, rose-breasted grosbeaks apd tanagers. BELIEVED JUDGE CLIFFE IS TO SUCCEED LANOfS Advices from Washington indicate that Circuit Judge Adam C. Cliffe of Sycamore is slated to succeed Judge K. M. Landis as federal Judge for the Illinois district It is said Judge Cliffe has been recommended by Senators McKinley and McMormick and his name will be sent to the senate for confirmation within a few weeks. FRED ALBRIGHT HURT Fred Albright, employed on the Coon creek bridge Job by the Nelson company, sustained a scalp wound last Friday when he Was struck by i a, falling board. He was brought to the olty where a physician closed the t cut with a single stitch. CHIEF J. F, E II BUS AS 111 OF POLICE FORCE RESIGNATION READ AT THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING IS SURPRISE MAYOR MAKES NO IN- ! TIMATION AS TO THE APPOINTMENT OF A SUCCESSOR TO TH E CHIE F. - Chief of Police J. Frank Early has resigned as head of the Belvidere police force, the resignation to be effective May 1. His resignation, read at the meeting of. the city council on Thursday was a complete surprise to everyone except Mayor Perkins, and Is a surprise to the people of the city. The chief gave no reason for his action, and the mayor stated that Mr. Early had " been contemplating the move for some time. He wished to say, however, that there was no friction between himself and the chief. It is understood that the chief has been entertaining the thought of re signing so that he might avail him self of an opportunity to better bim- seli. TRIGIE11L BE "Persons wishing to donate shrubs or perennials to the Woman's club for beautifying triangle at the south end of State street. Call maln-448, or Blue-839." The above Is really self-explanatory and announces that the Wpman's club proposes to prevent the triangle from growing up to weeds and presenting an eye-sore to people entering or leaving the city by Grant highway The triangle referred to is located at the south end of state street whtsre the Grant highway cement roadway swings off toward Cherry Valley The eement navine. the east and west road, and the turn from Grant to take the road td the east form a triangle of open ground. Inevitably unless someone takes an interest In the matter this triangle will become a plot of tangled grass and weeds. The matter was discussed at the recent meeting of the Chamber of Commerce when the question of means, for, .beatfc tifying the city was up for discussion, and now the Woman's club is taking active steps to make it a spot of beauty and prevent its becoming a waste place on the edge of the city, the first to greet the eye of the visitor or the last to leave an impression as he departs from the city. WM. J. SLATER BURIED 8 m vuifi Many Belvidere people were at Cherry Valley on Sunday to attend the funeral of William J. Slater, mayor of that village and president of the local bank, who was laid at rest in the village cemetery. There were hundreds of people from the Valley and vicinity, Belvidere, Rockford, Chicago and other places, and a fine tribute was paid to one who has been for many years a leading citizen of tho village. Ceremonies were held at the home, where several hundred people gathered. Rev. John Gordon, pastor, of the Congregational church at Rockford, spoke, and Mesdames McFarland and Cronk of Rockford sang. Beautiful flowers In lavish numbers adorned the casket. The Cherry Valley lodge of Masons had charge of the obsequies, and the bearers were Clinton Buck and Frank Howe of Cherry Valley, George C. Spafford, E D. Reynolds, and David Turner of Rockford, and A. S. McCartney of Belvidere. Masons from Belvidere and, Rockford Joined the Valley Masons In the march to the cemetery under the direction of W. M. Lysle Reid, marshal. " The Masonic ceremonies at the grave were Impressive, and the address was giv en with effect by Walter Trigg of Rockford. Frank Howe and Ray Lee sang. The procession to ihe cemetery was- a long one. Exploding Tank Spreads w Fire Through Garage The light car garage In the quarter, master's area at Camp Grant was completely destroyed by the fire Saturday morning togethef with a convoy of motor trucks, motocycles and light cars soon to been shipped from the camp.. Damage is estimated at $50,000. Had not a 100 gallon tank of gasoline exploded) spreading the fire to all parts of the building, the structure could have been saved. Within 20 minutes the building was In' ashes. LAHDSGAPED BY MIS U 1 MASONIC HONOR SUNDAY CapronW.CT.U. Hears Sirs. BIcFarland Speak Capron, April 29. The W. C. T. U. held an Interesting meeting on Wednesday afternoon at the church. Mrs. McFarland gave an inspiring talk to those assembled. In the evening Mrs. O. L. Chester, president of the local church, entertained the teachers of the school and the members of the class of '22 with the members and friends of the union. A very interesting program wasi given and refreshments served. Mri. McFarland at this time told many in teresting things relative to her work la the Children's home in Rockford. Among-thoBe-a,ttending7theIect at. Willow Creek, church on Wednes day when . William Jennings Bryan" ad dressed & large audience, were Messrs. and Mesdames Wm. Lascelles, M. J. Olson, W. R. Marriett, J. Ahlens- dorf, E. R. Hjtndman, Mrs. O. K. Nel son, Mrs. J. Goodrich, Robert Nelson and Miss Elsie Reid. E. P. Blodgett was a Belvidere vis itor Thursday. Mrs. Howell of . Belolt came Thurs day evening for a visit with her daughter Miss Ruth to attend a meeting of the social club of the O. E. S. which was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. C Downing oh that evening. Mrs. Cook and children and Miss El la Hopp were Rockford visitors Thurs day. y ",''.'',": Mrs. A. Dorr was a Harvard visitor Thursday. Mrs. Wm. Lascelles was a Rockford passenger Thursday. Mrs. Helen Paulson is a patient In the Cottage hospital where she will receive treatment for a time. Mrs. J. W. Wooster was a Harvaid visitor Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Conyes and Mrs. C. A. Logan were Rockford callers on Thursday. H. B. Stevenson was a Rockfuid business visitor Thursday. APPEARANCE OF MRS. ANNA MORE AS ATTORNEY AT TRACTS ATTENTIONS IT 18 BELIEVED TO BE THE FIRST TIME A WOMAN LAWYER HAS APPEARED INi-OCAL COURTS. (From' Saturday's Daily. At the close of the session this forenoon Judge Welsh adjourned circuit court until Monday, June 19. For the first time in the history of the courts of record in Boone county a woman lawyer appeared in the trial of a case beforethe court at the session today as attorney for one of the parties' In interest. The practicing attorney referred to is Mrs. Anna . Moore, of Dixon, who represented the Ash-ton bank In a foreclosure suit brought against Camille ..F, Rlbordy. Attorney Patrick It O'Donnelf represented the firm of Knapp; Barnes & Co., of Rockford, who had also been made defendants. The firm hold's, a first mortgage on t he-property, which is called the Henderson farm, near Caledonia, now owned. by Ribordy. The court ruled that the holders of the .first mortgage were not necessary parties to the case and they were dismissed. A decree of foreclosure was ordered on the second mortgage. No contest was made by the defendant. A divorce vas-geanted Walter Edward Thomas from Maude A. Thomas. Placed on Probation. Irving Ainsworth and Herman Buhl were arraigned and pleaded guilty on the first count In the indictment charging assault and battery and not guilty on the second count which charged . attempt to commit robbery. The defendants were placed on probation for one year, in the custody of Probatioi Officer Hannah, on the first count anf ' further proceedings on the sccoil count were continued. The of the qhancery docket was finished, 'r? entire ' docket having been cleaned up by Judge Welsh In the session 5 of the court this week. 1 ! What, will jome as a dlsllnct surprise to their friends wilt be the announcement of the marriage of Miss Viola Warner and Clark H. Burt, both of this city, which Was solemnized at Crown Point, Ind., on Saturday, April 8; - ' V The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Edwina Warner of 308 East Pleasant street,' and has always lived in Belvidere where she attended the schools and Is well known. The bridegroom ta employed In the shipping department of the N. S. M. company where he has een for some time. The new-ly weds will make their home with the bride's mother. Only a few immediate relatives of the bride knew of the nuptial event until she announced it Monday. LEE COUNTY BUYS , MEMORIAL TABLETS, Lee county board of supervisors has bought two bronze tablets twelve feet by six, to be erected In. the court house and bear the names of 2,500 soldiers, ; 600." " The tablets will cost $4, IM COURT HERE MISS1 VIA WahHER IDS CLARK BURT AI GROWN POINT, II WILLIAM Jiffi PRESIDENT OF VILLAGE BOARD AT. VALLEY SUCCUMBS IN-CHU CAGO HOSPITAL. WHERE HE HAD GONE FOR AN OPERATION LONG PROMINENT IN LOCAL ITY. - , William J. Slater, president of the State bank at Cherry Valley and mayor of that Village, died on Friday at the Frances Willard hospital in Chicago, where he went a week ago expecting to undergo an operation. Particulars of his death are not known here, the simple word coming that he had died. It is understood, however, that the operationhad not been performed. Mrs. Slater was with him In Chicago, and will bring the remains to Cherry Valley for bur ial. Mr. Slater had lived In Cherry Valley for many years, and was for a long time engaged in the operation of a retail store there. For some years he has devoted his attention to the bank which he organized and of which he was the president. He was also a director of the Third National bank of Rockford. He had served as the mayor of Cherry Valley for some years, and was prominent in many ways In Winnebago county and In this locality. He had long been a Mason. Of his immediate family there remains only the widowed wife. Two sons, grown to manhood, died within a few years. He was the oldest child In the famlly,of WUUlam Slater, Sr., former Cherry Valley merchantThose of his brothers and sisters sur viving are: Mrs. Sarah Packard of Cherry Valley, Mrs. Amelia Robin son of Rockford, and Charles G., Fred and Mrs. John Fair, of Belvidere. ill IESI RECORDS t Sonoma Johanna Champion, a full aged Holstein cow, owned by John Sexauer & Sons, of Belvidere, recent ly finished the milk and butter fat test under official supervision. This cow is reported in the latest official bulletin of the Holstein-Frieslan as sociation of America, as having made at the age of five years and ten months, a record of 607.1 lbS. of milk and 25.313 lb.. of butter fat, In sev en days, equivalent to 31.5 lbs. of but te.-.v Sonoma Kantje Alexander, a full aged Holstein cow, also . owned by John Sexauer & Sons, is listed in this bulletin, too. At the age of eight years and eight months, she is cred ited with producing 22,493.3 lbs. of milk and 726.10 lbs. of butter fat In 305 days, equivalent to 907.6 lbs. of butter. IE J) 1 An audience that entirely filled the Presbyterian church witnessed and enjoyed the dramatization of "Queen Esther" as presented Sunday evening by members of the Junior Christian Endeavor society. Action of the biblical offering was given in five scenes and those participating acquitted themselves creditably All wore oriental clothing which was typical of the period. Betty Huff' was Queen Esther and others who appeared were: Lucius Gilman, Avery Thompson; Eugene and Page Truesdell, John Schaeffer, Gerald Mitchell, Sherwood Lowe, Claude White, Virginia Berry. Helen Wick-wire, Evelyn Johnson, Helen Schaeffer, Bernida Schultz, Alice Comery, and Richard Weld.. Rev. A. O. HJer-pe trained the cast. Other dramatizations will be presented, It Is said. NO CHANCE IN PRICE OF Superintendent VanEtten of the Borden company Friday received notice that the company will pay $1.70 for milk of 4 per cent test for the month of May. That Is the same price that has prevailed for the past three months. ' . The price paid for milk a year ago now was $2.30, marking a sharp decrease. Optometrist Leaves City To Locate Elsewhere The office of Dr. D. C. Johnson; optometrist, located over the Piel grocery was closed Mon. and it was said that he and his family had left the city. Household effects were removed from the Johnson home, 1208 Whitney street, during the early hours of gone could not. be learned. BELVIDERE SEES 1E ESTHER DRAM MILK MAY 66 r, n r I I ! I II II I -T They ore Good! Buy this Cigarette Farmers Near Herbert Start Planting Grains Herbert, April 28. ' Many farmers have been busy with the delayed planting of oats, wheat and barley the past few days. Mr. Wilkeson was a Chicago vis itor Monday. Mrs John We'ch and daughter, Jes sie, visited relatives at DeKalb Sat-1 urday and attended a Bhower given in honor of the former's cousin, who Is soon to be a bride. Mrs. Fred Schwebke of Belolt and Mrs. Sophia Schwebke of Belvidere were guests at the Guy Powell home one day last week. Everett Jones, a former employe of the Bowman plant but who has been living in the south for some time, Is visiting relatives in this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Robs, who had been making an extended visit with rela tives in North Dakota and Minneso ta returned to their home in Herbert Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Robinson Visit ed friends at Cortland Sunday. Mr. Wllkeson and Mr. Ross made a business trip to Chicago Wednesday, .Guy Powell and family attended the supper given; by the ladies ; of St. John's church at Belvidere WedneS' day evening. .; ' " George Robinson has been on the sick list the past week end unable to be at work at the Bowman plant ' Mr. and Mrfl. Rubeck and' son tut Belv'ldere passed a few days'wlth relatives south of Herbert recently. :'i?;f Mrs. Julia Chamberlain of Belvidere was a guest of relatives here Thursday of Iasttweek. ; 'Mrs. John Babbler of Colvln .Park was a business visitor at Belvidere Tuesday. CHARLES SCHWEBKE, WHO UNTIL A FEW YEARS AGO RESIDED HERE, FOUND DEAD IN BED BY WIFE 8UNDAY MORNING DEATH ATTRIBUTED TO HEART FAILURE REMAINS BROUGHT HERE FOR INTERMENT. Charlea Schwebke, former well known Belvidere citizen, died in his sleep Saturday night at the family home, 1117 Cunningham street, Rockford, and his death was discovered by his wife who slept at his side when she awakened. Death was due to heart failure. For the past six years the family" home had been at Rockford where Mr. Schwebke was employed in the car barns. Prior to removing to Rockford the home had been made here for many years where Mr. Schwebke was employed in the plant of the National Sewing Machine Co. He was born in Germany, March 18, "1867, and came to this country with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Schwebke when four years old. .0 There survive the widow, a son, George, also four sisters, Mrs. Joseph Suhr, Mrs. John Peters and Mrs. Wm. Wascher, all of this city, Mrs. Fred Albright of Chicago and two- brothers, William of Wisconsin, and A. F. of Garden Prairie. The remains were brought to Belvidere .Sunday ' and at the Wit- beck & Ranger undertaking parlors. The funeral service was held," on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'cleex from the Memorial chapel with the Rev.'D. C. Jensen officiating and Interment was' In Belvidere cemetery. ELOPING PAIR ARE DISMISSED FROM SCHOOL. Bob Johonnet and his bride, formerly Miss Dorle Moses of Delavan, Wis., have been Informed they must leave the University of Wisconsin where both are students. They have appealed from the action of the deans to the faculty committee. The couple eloped to Rockford Feb-ruarv 1 but their marrlnpe remained I ajBetreL.unllLA-fewdaya-i FIND SPOUSE DEAD 99 cigarett PI and Save Money B. H. S. PROTESTS DESPITE OBJECTIONS OF COACH GRADY MARENGO ALLOWS STOCKWELL TO ENTER DUAL MEET. BELVIDERE DEFEATED 70 TO 48 RAHBAR WAS MAIN POINT GETTER FOR PURPLE AND GOLD TEAM. ' ' ' Re-entering track activities after a long layoff Belvidere high , athletes , were worsted -by Marengo high in their dual meet at Marengo ; Friday, 70 to 48. Coach Grady has protested Dudley Stockwell, principal , scorer for the Marengo team, who ran up 20 points. Protest was based on the fact that Stockwell Is now a ninth ' semester man whereas the rules provide that only eighth semester men are eligible. Marengo claims Stockwell was privileged to compete by reason of a clause which protects men who did military duty. However, Stockwell'B military duty was done on a ' farm. Use of Raymond Abraham was also protested and he was withdrawn. Rahbar was the principal scorer for Belvidere with 13 points. 1 Dawson, crack : sprinter, spurned n' ankle in the 80 'yard' Hash", -the 'mv event." and wag out of the meet, s ' " Stockwell set new marks for this vicinity in the 100 yard dash and 220 yard dash. ' ' ' 50-yd. Woleben (M), Daw9on (B)5 Schneider (M) :05 4-5..-. . Mile run-jRahbar (B), Dwan Kerwln M)-:40. : Discus J. DawFnn (B), Ward (M), and Dwan (B ; 88 feet. 100-yd Stockwell, Woleben, Schneider (all Marengo) :10 2-5. High Jump-JFry (B); Clowd (B)J Hopp (M) 6 feet. ' 880-yd. Rahbar IB); Moore B); Stockwell (M) 2:23. Pole vault Basley (M); Cooper (B); Taylor (M)- feet 9 Inches. Broad Jump Stockwell - (M) J Schneider (M) ; Cooper (B) 18 feet 11 inches. . ., ... . . . , . . 220-yd. Stockwell, Woleben, Hoppe (8.11 Marengo) .25. , Standing broad Jump -Stlenhe. (M); Rahbar (B), Burrows (B) 8 fee Inches. t , v 440 Stockwell, Hoppe, McGovern (all Marengo) :60. ' i Shot put Porter (B); Woleben (M); Ward (M) 33 feet Half mile Marengo 2: 53. A bill reported to the house by Congressman Fuller's committee on invalid pensions providing for ' tho monthly payment of pensions has passed both the house and senate and has been signed by President ' Harding. The new law takes effect September 1st. Heretofore pensioners of the Civil and Spanish-American wars have been "compelled r to wait three months for their pension vouchers while all World war payments have been made monthly. The monthly payment bill was passed by the house in June, 1921, and has been delayed on the senate side. Its long delay after passage by the house Is a fair example of the senate habit of moving at a slow pace. " COURT FINDS GALLO K 1 " INELIGIBLE TO OFFICE, Louis Gallo, who was' tied with hi opponent in the Cherry Valley election for school director and who later won the Job In a drawing, was remov- : ed from the place by Judge Carpenter of, Rockford in county court Satur day at Rockford. His removal wan ordered on the grounds he is an alien and not eligible to hold office. The court found that he is a citizen of France A new election will be held soon to fill the vacancy. The court ' action-wa Urted by Fred Hall. " ' Mil MIILEIE iBlillllS OF HIS soon ' ' - i

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