Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 24, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1947
Page 5
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Men's Chorus Opens Rehearsals For Spring Concert for jii. KtuipitucU Men's Chorus wil i-ln rohciitwilK Monday ovcnln r it* sprlnR concert to he given In April, according- to «n nn- noimccmont thin morning by ErlRnt ^ \Vynlt. pro.ilclen-t of the group"The Men '-i Chorus, which plunsc 1 dipiicity iMdlcncc ut tho hljrh 'jchool iLiiditorlum lust month, will eiwor HI oven more ambitious >ror.i the program nrrnntfod by Joyyc r Duvls. Supervisor of Music in jh'c local school*, and director of .'he chorus. Mr, Wyntc itlxo announced this n-.orn'lnf,'.' that membership In the lo'cul sroup is iignln open, and has invited any man In the borough u:.v. - members In their rehearsal \( the Y. M, C. A, this coming Monday evening. Kehctirsiiil.'' tire held once n wcdc on the uhovo mentioned day at 7:-15 p, m. Health Talks By IIBRMAN UUNUK.SKN. M. I (.iiiiirilmg Against 1'loLTS Vlcor of the stomach or tho tlr.-t cart of the Intestine is a condition whiff" si-ems to run in certain families. The individuals In they hmilif-i Jiri! nervous, thin and C' hjphsti'unj:. Ulcer causes attack of p'jln in the abdomen which come- on from one to three houm atioi- meals and are relieved, usual |v, hy the tiiking of t'nod or some n'liciiino substance such as bilk 'No Skating' Sign Seldom Displayed At Ed Baummer's Field Street Rink Thi uxnct cause of stomach ul- cor Id not known hut many thing" which help to produce it arc roc ognized. Acco.lUng to Dr. Ashcr Wlnki'lsti'in of Nfrsv York, If per jons :n thot-p fnmllle.-i in which ulcers ix-c-'.lr WCTU made iisvtire. of those tilings, much could be elonc to prevent ulcers. }IL' trunk.< that the eating hablU of ihe Anii-riciin people in general r.ocd improvi'mcnt. The excessive IMC of .stimulating hovc-rages, spices, chfirgod water, fried foods .ir.e! law .imounts of fat, all may li'.ul tt) increased secretion of add hy th'- stomnch and spasm of the [ s'.om.ich muscle which, in turn, i.-nd t-j rausc stomach Inflammation. Alcoholic hevcrHg'-j.s and co- tiiircn .'ilso may he f.ictors In pro- ducirr tilt-Pi's or in causing their r r .'cun''.'nc<-. Arcordinu- tn Dr. \VinUo"stoin. '.hi- tniru,'; which CULI--U: recunvnco nt ulci-r.-i in tho order of their Im- jxirt.'inci 1 are: dietetic errors, al- c-il:ol and tolncco, emotional U|>s"U iihysic-al and mental fatigue, inferti'jn.i. nnd disorders clse- u-hc'iT in thi- body. It Is ,-il-io known !ha: nl«,M-.-< tuncl to occur most often ilnrir.g thi.- spring and fall. The importune.'!,' of emotional ruiHCH, stirf-h .'is a sudden dctith or rc'immii'r strain. Is well recognized. KAI- [his reason, after such iin cmotinnal upsi-t. it has (icon ad- vMtl that .strict ulcer treatment 1)" s'.art'.'d whether or no: thi 1 symptoms of ulcer have occurred. Tins include.-! giving fcedlnprs fv"i-y hinir and alUnllni; substance:Ji! niirht. It is also advised that the r.ornml tension O f tho patient's life Ice Expert Attributes Success In Venture To "Good Weather Eye," But Results Reflect Long Hours Of Work By ART BKRNIJ Bad weather may force some .-skating rinks in the state to close hut Baummcr's rink, off Field street in ^Nnugatuck,' because of 1 Baummcr's experience and hard work, defies snow and hail. Every day Mr. Baummer check ihe weather forecast. If snow threatens he gets a crew ready, I inow starts to fall Mr. Baummer with a crow of eight or 10 men sweeps the rink. They have two rucks nnd three plows to hnlp :hem. Often It Is an all night job. Tn case of ball Mr. Baummer i. eady with a special Kcrapcr to clean the frozen rain from the ico Mr. Biaumancr said that the most important thing for good skating was the mutter of flooding the ice Severe cold weather will crack the ice causing snags for the skaters to catch their skates in, So the lake in flooded to even off the surface. After a crowd or skaters lenves the ice the surface is covered with chunks and shavings o f ico chipped off by the flashing skates. Mr. Baummnr's crew scrape the surface clean and then flood it tn create nn even surface. For flood- Ing purposes Mr. Baummer has two pumps, one running on a gaj Dean Of Women Assembly Guest Miss Velma Haydcn. dean of women at New Haven State Teachers •allege, was speaker at the Junior lassrissembiy held yrstorday morn- ng at the High school. The assembly program follows: I. Salute to the Flag. TT. Song, "America the Bcauti- 'ul-" III. Speaker: Miss Vulmn Haylen. Dean of Women, New Haven V.tJite Teachers college. IV. .Song, "Battle Hymn of the "-^public." electrical. • with motor, the othel 500 feet of hose. Mr. Baummct weather eye peeled at the sky and the first snow flake mean* the appearance of crow and equipment to jnsure smooth skating for Naugatuck residents. Little wondci ^Thlbodeau Photo EDWARD I1ADMMI5R Mr. Baummer often spends 12 or 13 hours a day supervising upkeep of the rink. The dcptii of the lake is con:rolled by a gate and Mr. Baummer keeps the winter depth at a maximum of four feet In order to be safe to hold crowds the lake must freeze to five inches. Mr. Baummer ilway.s tests the safety of tho ice icforo allowing skating. Mr. Baummer said that children of .two yours of ;ige are often scon • kating at Ihe rink. He didn't say how old the oldest skaters were, >ut said their ages went way up. "nstruclors are available for f.hi> tho average maxjmum depth at six feet and provides shallow spots for children. Mr. Baummer said that-the children today arc careful of when they should go into the water after a snack. He said youngsters often tell him when they have eaten ant jsk if it is safe to go swimming. The lake water is regularly tost od by the State Board of Health and has always passed all lasts .with flying colors. About tho Manager Mr. Baummer, although he runs a farm at Field street and worked aa n salesman for Armour Packing Company for 12 years before quit ting in 1937 to devote more timi> to his recreation area, is above nil. concerned with his work In providing a play ground for Nau< gatuck. In operating a skating i-lnk Mr Baummer is fulfilling a childhood wiah. When he was but two years old his father moved, his family {from School street to the farm or, I field street where Mr, Baummer now lives. Near the farm was the three acre lake f«d by springs. In Mr. Baummer's childhood the lake was I private property and there was no place for N'augatuck children to skate In tho winter or swim in the summer. And it was the .childhood wish of Mr, Bnummer to own this very tyikc so oil could enjoy it. Many years, over a dccado of years, were to pass but that wish finally c.ime true. Before his wish came true,- however, he assisted his late brothel- Charles, Jr., In opening, 1921, n rink known as the Field street •ink. The skating area was formed by clamming a swamp a few miles away from the present rink. This Rosko To Visit ~ State Prison At Wethersfield Assipnmcnf to five sub-commH- 'ces of the appropriations commit- l.oe of the General Assembly, to which he recently was named, has been received by State Represent,-/ live Joseph V. Rosko. 'They are: Department of public welfare and general hospitals; oublic utilities commission; department of labor and factory Inspection; state hospitals at Nov/town, Mktdletov.-n and Norwich and the judicial department. The committee will pay a visit lo • he state prison at. Wethcrsfield today. Representative Rosko also is preparing a bill to change the borough charter pertaining to special elections of : lhc freemen. The bill would amend the charter so that the freemen would vote In all throe wards by machine instead of by paper ballot in the court room- •oungsters and refreshment hi- ri'lii>vi'd hy frequent week-end every few • rips and vacations, montlu-i. The rllngnosis of ulcer is not (iiitlctilt in most cases. The symptoms «(•/• usually different 'from Air Route Brings Alaska Close To U. S. Minneapolis ( UP I— North wpst Air- ines service to Alaska via the in- : de rnutr. launched Jan. 2. pro- ides a striking contrast to former ifthods. Tin- run from Minneapolis to Anchorngp via Edmonton Is made in 13 h-Mirs and 2. r > minutes. In 1808, when the gold rush was on. fortune hunters took a boat from Settle to Skagvvay, then wpp.t by rlns; sled to Marsh Lake 'ind fhrr.i')? to Oawson via scow on the Yukon river. The trip took nearly three months. Until the .start of tho direct. NWA route from the twin cities, travelers had to go to Seattle either by train or plane: take a steamship to Reward, in southeastern Alaska, nnd then by train to AnchoraKC, The trip took about one woek. project proved n great success with the Nautratuck residents, especially the younger set of the borough. In 1937 Mr. Baummnr's childhood dream became n. reality when he bought the T>. Thurston property r.n which tho three acre laku is located. D. Thurston and Son had used the lake as n. source of commercial ice since the company had bought it nrnund the turn of tho century from Thomas Scott. Since Hint Mr. Eaummor has been building a fine recreation center for this'arcn, and his work is not yet clone for he devotes much of I his time to planning hig-g-cr and liettei 1 fun far t.'ic future. Mr. Faummcr sairl that he often snes children skating who are the offspring of children who skated the firsjl rin;: ho helped operate. alls-wed .it the rink mmcr rules over the Mr. Kaummer has made many Im-; v , un -r skaters with a firm hand, priivements and plans to make' N- 1; ug':t-ick io fortunate In having more-. T,a,-t year,'ho main ho.-ich cor- ].. ;ich n w i, f ilcsomo recraation araa. fi-cd nn .-iron of about ICO by.JOO;f 0r thr youngsters of the commun- tancl iw there with hot doss and lot chocolate. A small building quipped with a stove is at the ako so skaters can put their skates n in comfort. Skaters can waltz to the strain of skaters' waltzes coming- over, 'oud-spenkers. Ar.:l sometimes jit-! terbug music Is broadcast nvor the 1 system. . Tho -skating rink opens at 9 in tho morning and floodlights enable it to remain opan until 11 o'clock at night. Swimming In th? summer the lalte is uscdl.No rowclyiVm'is" for swimming. Since last, season ! anc i Mr.' Baiimr Farmers Exceed Townsfolk In Cash Plymouth, Ind, (UP)—In Mar shall County at least -the rural population would appear to have more money than the town people. . County Treasurer Harry Speycr cvealed that farmers paid up ap- iroximatcly 40 per cent of dclin- jucnt taxes due, and town residents less than 25 per cent of their lelinquencicB. Sneyer also said the rural areas if the county led in payment of urrent taxes for 1!M6. In none of he smaller townships, the treasurer noted, was the payment under 94 per cent. In the cities and towns, however, payments were for the most part around 92 per cent. FUN1> SOUGHT Three hundred thousand dollars which occur in other dlsor-'' 14 to 1)c "ought for tho ei-oction of affecting the nbdonien. Fui-l' 1 moclcl 'n dairy industry building at tho University of Connecticut. The Connecticut Dairymen's as- i socintion has adopted a resolution ate inni-mon:, the diagnosis may be wi'd<f-d with tho X-ray and the! u? 1 ! of a gfisti-OHCope, nn Instrument marl,, up of a tube with |i"nts. which makes it possible for •!"• physician to look directly into '•I' 1 -Uumach. °ni.-f the tllT^noiis nf ulcer Is; ---'." m '"K trontmont .ihoilld bo st-'irtod i . <•• the til,.,., h,. 1}l hr.-ili-fl. -ill of inn iTiPii.siirrs outlined above urging the legislature to appropri- that amount. The association i:i asking ?2CO,000 for addition al laboratory facilities at the uni- fool, hut since then it has boon on-' Inrgerl to n sl/.e five tim(.-.-; those figures. At the present time Mr. Baum- nieh Is hot on the trail for a mrr- ry-go-round but is having- trouble gotting one. That's one improve mpnt he has in mind. Othe." work done lately tn make the area :i merrier recreation park consists cf a s.oftball Hold for children built across from the bench. Next summer swimmers will tint] something new in tho lake, a chute to slide into the water, bottom first. This in .addition to the two floats and the high and low diving board* the lake already boasts. And soon aj the lumber situation permits Mr. Baummer will JUild .1 roller skating rink to replace the one that was destroyed !-| by fire in JSM1, As in th? winter tho summer depth of tho hike is controlled. For , swimming 'Mr-. Baummer maintains ity to enicy. And growns-u'ps have •n Shore too. SKCKKTABIAl. KBI'OKTINO Di-Vl'lopinrnt ill liri'BK Slinrthiinil In I<10| WIHII. New flrnih) hrKliiH Jun. THE PERRY SCHOOL "OFFICIAL fiBECG SCHOOL 11 nriiwn IHUit. H'uKTks PARTS «n<l SERVICE ON ALL MAKES OK CARS B & M Motors, Inc. Niiiigatuck's Hudson Agency General Repairing 80-83 SOUTH MAIN ST. Tel. G441 GOING AWAY? 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