Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 6, 1894 · Page 7
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 7

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1894
Page 7
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OAKIiAITP ? DAILY f EVPniirQ TOiPpiTIX ; ZIOITPAT; - AUOTJOT V 1894. AX. Party Isics j as Viewed by the lists. Etpiillcia DjeirUes Da let iitcter ttol Faior. Bn Morgan oi Berkeley addrejead ft lug arjdleoce is the Tabernacle 8ttar-- day night uader the auspices of tie Pop ulist patty. Mr. Morgan derated hit attention in the aaia to reply In 2 to tha speech of Jd. M. Est of a few night before. "Bstee be declared, "is beaded right for the Populist parly, but we won't bare htm if we bare to drive ftirnJ back with bat bed wire fence." .a W Behbeek, frank rainier. Harry Parley. J Fe.d . turn Sanaa yuan; an, Kaurlo Serene: if ueary, Miaa Bleach Gray, George I HaaNE, Mies S HartseU, Mra V A. Harris. Oliver Hlrn, Freak Holme, Johnnie . Hopkins, Lofts Habbard.HO Irwin. Wm Y Jeeksen, J Johason, Cept (Mef Kaler, Boss ' aUrkpetriek, J O Lh. Mary ... Leaker. Mrs B Lid ley. i I Lowry, MrsRebl Mehoney. Bdwsrd MaUaewa.ee -Mayblaaa, Louts Meciei.au, Mr a jb . . Craa., w'illl H c7kT.B a j I I ' lPfl Wyj? 'AH ilOtiad TNc lilnb, A I ,-. uj cauc. ,Kie 1 ilM&ntts 1 fw-i i m xtnrf All. Blssstider, Mias lata X VAI Xtl'ilV Bh3F WASHING POWDERp Huffsbatt. Prank - II - 1 . ' SJf"!8" U C5V K floe the wok la half IP X How,u' m thetime. ICakeethka V V. IrJlchtbeBSS - r J.haeoa, HOma iMlSold by ail groTn ' jeoaaoa. Miaa Mny - V Urgephg. price a cents. Kendal, Alice Made Only by VtV l X Tte II. K. Fafrbanfc Company, YjElX lj3Cr5W St. Louie, Chicago, New York, wfi4$DSl 'Mr. Estee " ha eon tin n ad. "meaksf tteBoaaid, J H - v r mama .af the tariff datiea, Bat Mr. Setee for gets to tell yoa that hie owo party, yean age, naa eommxeren appelated to find aome aaeaas to redao tbe bardea upoa the cooatry occasioned by the war tariff. Why, Grant recommended the reform of the tariff and all the great Eeanb-liean leaders; ia fact, tbe party nuder-took to do what Estee cenaemna ia tbe paaaage of the McKinley bi!i. which Rare inch alight release that the party wae oTereome." . i Epaaking on the silver question he said : ''Who ia the same of God demonetized silver in 1873? Did yen ever hear Esiee'a voice raiaed against that act of las party from that time to now and hehaa run for moat every effics in the gift of the people? li a member of State and National conventions he has approved all the past act of hi psrtv. "Bat he tells yoa that the act of 1893 was passed by tbe Republicans with its provision for tbe parohase of silver. Well, what of it? Did that help silver? To bay foar and a half millions per month, coin two ard a half million and pnt silver bullion upon the free list so that the whole world might cone . into competition! "Your miners were robbed by the Government itself. Well, that act, ao iniquitous and intamoa. wrs repealed by the next Congress elected, by the people. Then where was silver? They refused to remonetlze it or coin the sur- pins. Gold was made the only currency of the country. They took away the equality between the poor and rich. The currency wae coatr acted when there was not enough of it already. . Gold appreciated, silver depreciated. - Thawssia the interests of the people, mind yefcO Cleveland never looks to the Great West when money matters . are concerned, bat casts his eye over to Lombard street. He never sees the Great West atracgUng fsr existence. Estee paint a aad picter of tha coa-' dittos of the coaatry with its 60,000,000 atarving people. Well who brought aboat ihl condition ?" lie then asserted tftat Mr. Estee did not know where he stands upon the question a to whether or not labor has a right to organize. He then paid his attention, to troste, and claimed tha. they are he result ef Republican legislation. yEctee, he said, makes the best bLthesitaation, but has no defense. He advised his hearers to marcb no longer under the flags of the old parties, bat to join hand with the Populists. McfllandT. Meale McJCeazle. Kate McLaiuiUim. Mrs Mlikie, mnie Miller. Arthur Morrtwa, ilea W W Muilea, T Muxrr, MO Rasper. John Neian, JuUe O'Connall, Kobt' Olito, Loreas Orem, a rage. M far trldt a, C A & Co Payne, i W Feteraen, MraSllaa PhutUr. Geo Price, BJr Fetter. Chas ruinam, chas B llafferty, PrBF Katliff, Mra s : Keener, 11 B,tckan,.Mre Masr Kattalge, Wax Sanborn, Mr W K bohuyler, Mrs C A doott, Mrs Belle Simpaon, J W binkey. KM fcmlth, Mra Arthur Smith. Joel Homer, MUs Hettte bparrow, beo -bteadman, Geo Stoeker dc Bonea fll..t flap. Ik Slater Maete, care of Eweetlaaa, Dr m ae Joruets TaUy, Miss FrancU Tbermont, Mra U as worth, H : V andercook, F J Wade, Mrs wtm, w a Le Ferro, JCarfaaa Lee. KLRr Marakall. Mrs M U Matbjwa, Levis Maseett, et0 : McOleake. J B " Metektfi.vaak MeOtesoc, Mlie McXaU, fee FO ' MalBLBA Kiiia, Mfi Wm Mltcaei. Mra Ma4e, BO Maaea, Geo Neison. Amelia Olveo, Hilda ' Qrr, iauraace Outoalt, Mrs Peter Pack, John W Paraoaa, J W Peckhart, A PteiL Mra A . Pieatoa, Mrs Dr Price, AG -Parry, ill as JeanlsT Ratmasen, Forge Heed. Mra A W Keyaolda, Harry B Hobinaun. Dr O Batheriord A McPike Eaatlna, Jno Bcbniu. Kosia Ceabrook, Mrs A D fcioger, Joa emille, H I Bmltb, Mis Joha smith; W a, Dr Konar, V L tpau, 8arab BteTena, O Etoombarg, Wra Biargeoa, r u Taylor, Keater Tarpen, MlisMsttle Vincent, Mra MA WeUatrom. Miat Aanie Watera. Mreioaie Webtter. Mra Mary and Weateott, Mist M D Whlttaker, W W wigiey. Mrs M Wexzel. Miaa Lou Wood, .Engeae Wood, t-r X M family Wlglay, Mrs F i Wiaakw, Chas Wooe. Ore ' Wood, Ernest Wood, Lester Wood, Kalpa Wrignt. Mra roapg, lira Willie A Young, Mrs W A ?lelaa, Henry eimer,- Tillie.' Miaoell aneona Osborn, Trathi" Pae Printms Co. Poatagtte due tlaa Hallberg; uiovaani ioeia. 'Paokeges Vra C H Goodrich: J Norton. i J. J. WHITB, Pottmaster. wood, Oarr Woolery, Mrs Jennie Yoang, Harry W Zalger, Mr Drag Store; "The A Lind in. - V 4 mi-urn mm $ MAIIHOOD RESTQREDS CUPIDEHB- Vetefbte Cenatipation. 1 1 atopa all lii. by day or nlirbt7 tS SxSdt. Ma of: diacbarg which U not cbecked Wade to epwinaibrrSoiaod arrnp inrn aui l&e aorrora 01 impotancy. CViIIKnEeieaaaeaUeUver. taa BEFORE aaa AFTER kWney and Uj urtnlry orrua oj mU lmpurtaear w.y,um CUPlUin atienstbeaa aad reatorae amall wlt orsana. Tbe reaaoo anffarera are cot cored by Dortora.ia becanae ninety per cent ere troablad lta tetevHtta. CuPIDENB Is Ihaonly known remedy to core without an operation. SQoe iMttmoirk A written amaraatae airen and mrBT r torn a If b(x bozaa doea mat 4rwt a. nmu.n.an UO a boi, alx far j.0Q, by mail. Bend for setaa drenlar and tt'ntrnw la. Addraaa PAVOL HATDICISK CO, 7. 0. Box X78, Ban Prandsco, Cal. JhrSaUbt C0. sniTH a; ca - - - - 4SO Twelfth) Street, svlLlam. T LET Fine Building for manufacturing: purposes. Ires ScoYille, eor. of Second and Brush Stsu Apply at Scoville Iron Works. ty AdJmellotlem ef Xnsetv. t tboi eyrxnioa couxt a. aw uvwj Of -XTrL iTanwry ia meetveaey. , tbe eald SiulaalaliuM nuan. A. Maaalmo. ia k.K. i.4 M k in in worn. ilaaaaJa fltafcaa r ttimn( i &Wr Tlaao1vSe74W0t . nnwuBN eatiea a. "J. viae filed la tbie eoast his pa fre debter, called if'.Tr,". iIv,, er?hT orderM thu Bobert uuiis Bimia cm Aiameaa eoaatr. be aad 'KJii1 Srer the 7 ' aJ'eot. aad that apoa hie gtring a bAad so the Peepie el tn etate of cajfiornia la the earn of tit. eeadiOoned ee reqalredby tawaad eWfyW a. take cbSgaaJ poaaeaatoa .of all tha aatate. vaal aad personal, of said Maaaiae AadrVeeT eonTe- or, whatsoerar i and wberaaoTar aituate. exeept sneh ss may oa iw iv empt Craca exeenuem. aad t all lis aeeaa, Toaenera, eeexs ei aeeoant aad aaaare aad as keep aad eai- far aad dtapoa oftfca u UU4 warn ,ipnii l an mum a biaeatatab All paraoaa bavUg tbe aameot aay part tbereof la hie or their poeaeaaioa. ere ber by directed to pay the eame to sal? reeetveT ana iaai aaia raeeiver xeep ute eald proeertr er tbe arooeeda tbereot tin tha fnrtha, ITiZ bi aim uoarw a au Fwraona are aereby tor-btadea to par aay debts to aald ineolvaat, Tor to uauTaraaT propersy Dawnnaa 10 aaoa tnaniv. ent, to hlia. or be any paraoa. firm, corpora tion c aaaaaianoo . lor aie dm aad ih. uii debtor ia hereby for bidden to braaafarorto oeMTer aay property aaui aae xunaer order ef thie Coart, except as herein ordered. It is farther ordered that ail tn creditors ot said debtor he and appear before tbe Saoerlor Coort of the County of Alameda. Department Ma S, la open Court, at the Courtroom ot said Coari. la IM Coantx of Abamede. oa the Utb dmT of Augaat. im. at b o'cUoek a. jr. of tbat day, to proTe their debta aad choose aae or more aaairaeea of the estate ot aalJ debtor. It ie twrtbtr ordered that this order be published la tha Oakland TsrsoHir a newspaper of general elrcnlatlen. publiahedin the County of Alameda, as often as tbe aaid paper ia pub-nabed before the day set lor tbe meeting ot creditors. Aad it ia further ordered that. In tbe mean time, all proceedings against eald insolvent be stayed. i ' Dated July 9. 1891. I T, B. 08SVN. Jndgs of tbe Superior Court Indorsed: File l July . vm. JAMsa K. u&ANB, County Clark. By N. a bTcarrvAWT. i Deputy Clerk. - ! . B. BleKKE. Atieraty for Fetltloaer eaHae; ieepe af SUMIONS. in IiBSTTHU UIBX. Mossat. Angusteth. Weekly Kst or letters remeinlag la tbe Poet, office. These letter are held two weeks from the date of thia eavertleemeat and are Utea aant to the Dead Letter Office. Adams, LW AUatdyoe, 1 C Aaderaon. lames Armstrong. William Avery, Mrs Bails; Baker, Freak Bedaer, btra Bank, Miss Sarah B Baraam, Geoage A fceraett, Alliupa " Batchelder, lfrs C L Beynon. waUast Bockrlman, Job a H Boyee, Mra Magrie tBradley, Laura V Brown, Mend Adara. Mrs Dixie L Atien. Alice Atmitrong, Miss Hazel Atherstoae, George A Baird, Miaa Lela Beaka, Jaiacs Barber. KM Baraam, Paul Beaaferd, W Berry. James O Binder, M B Borge, Chsrtes K Korea. Mra Bert Brazil. Jroan Brown, He lea Werth Kitvlair. That Aucocz'i Poaocs Plabtxb Is the high est retolt of medical sclenoe end skill, aad lsgredlents aad method baa never been equalled. That it Is the original and gsnains porous plaster. That Aluoci'i Poaous Plastbs never f aile to perform its remedial work auiekly and effectually. That this fact is attested by tboaisads ot volant ary and unimpeachable testimonials from grateful patients. Thst for rheumatism, weak back, sciatica, lung troable, kidney disease, dyspepsls, malaria and all local pains. It is Inrainafcla. That whea yoa buy Aucacz'i Poaous Pias txb you obtain absolutely the best plaster asade. B ah dxbtb b Pills are a vegetable purgative. - " e eAVTaanx, the pride of Livermore, tat at Theo. Gier a. SIS Wsahlagtoa street. sale James E. Pepper's celebrated whisky oa sale bv K. F. Thayer. di Eighth street Barab pargatttvo rometfioe are fast ajaitna way to the geaOe aotioa and mild effecisot Carter's Little Uver Pills. If you try them they win srtslaly pWaee yoa. Tsra rbjaieiana aead an their patients to Tkeo. filar. MS WaAblair tna ataaat. tar mmrm f wttss snduquors tor modloiaal par pes as. A epeeiel hack add wait horses for wedding parties, etc. Teleehene S88. THB GIANT OF THB ROCKIES, THE' ANACONDA STANDARD OF MONTANA-OVER IO.OOO ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED CIRCULATION. IT STANDS THB PEER IN NEWS AND CIRCULATION OF ALL DAILY NEWSPAPERS FROM THE UPPER MISSISSIPPI TO THE PACIFIC. EXECTJTOIVS BALE. AS EXXCUTOB OF THB WILL OF JA-aon A. Bosa. deeaaaad. and hr nrdar or the eourx I offer lor sale the toJlorwfcx rala- ie property of aaid eetete eltaate In and Bear Pleaaanton, Alameda Countr. CaL liS.60 aerea near Plaasanton. tarmmrltr kim as the Lew Atkineon place; Very fertile, and es peel all adapted as a breeding farm for thoroughbred horses. 323 acres near Plesjianton. More than two-thirds la in bearing Tinea, tha best assortment for wines. This aeigbboroood la noted ae producing tbe flneat wiaet lu the State. Ahw tha Boae Hotel property in Pleasanton, Including the furniture. Among tbe beat Hotel proper-tie in tbe Bute, Tbe acreage property will be cold ae a whole or in parcels tbe hotel property ea a wtiols. Addreaa. for farther information." oY inquire of the undersigned at ban i.eaadroa or of my attorney, o. 6. Mya, 891 Broadway. Oaklaad, Cel. L. C. MOBBUODSE. Executor. Assessment Notice. DIED MONT BATH X pany. Location AND POWER COM- oi principal place of bnafneaa. Oakland. Californl Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of tbe dlreotoie held on Saturday, July 2 1st, 14, an aaseaament of $10 pet share was leried upon tbe capital etoek of tbe corporation, payable Immediately to tbe secretary, at tbe office of tbe company, xwenty-ioarm street aad Oak' land arenae. Any stock apoa wbleh thia assessment shall remain unpaid upon the 22d day of August, 1894. will be delinquent and advertised for aaia at public auction, and unless payment ia made before will be sold on the 7th day of Bantam. ber, 1894, to pay delinquent assessment, to- gemer wiw ine coat oi auTBrusing ana penses ox saie. DANIEL GBANT. Secretary, Offioe Twenty-fourth, street and Oakland avsaue, Oakland, (Jai. ex- Notloe ef Annual Meotin; of Btook. holder a. T3ABSION COMPOUND BAIL COMPANY J Notice la hereby given that the annual meeting oi ui otoexnoiaefS ot tne Barxion Compound Kail Company, a corporation, win be bold at the office of tbe company, Ko, SM mwuiitj, luvwa x mat city oi uaxiaao. ooauiy ox aismsaa etate oi California, on j aesaay, tne roarteenin fittni aay of Ausmst. 1894, at 8 o'clock r. a., for the election of directors for the atuulag year and the transaction of aach other business as may come before Secretary', rooms 1 aad Uak , Office MQ4 Broadway. land, CaL 7N THB EUFBBIOK COURT OF THI 1 County of Alameda, Stare et California, WILLIAM V. PBYTUM, 1 PleAnUff. I va I CHARLES KR06E aad f JOHANNA KKUSB, I DefendantaJ Aotien brourht in the 8uDerier Court. Countr of Alameda, state of t'aUfornla. end the complaint fired in eajd County of Alamada, in tbe office of the Clerk of aaid eaperior Ceutt. xne people ot toe btate oi California send resting; to Charles Kruss end Johanna Kruae, efendanta. You see hereby required to appear in an aetaoa brought against yen by tb above named plaintiff, la the eaperior Court, County ox Aiameaa, etasa oi uauiornia, ana io answer the complaint tiled therein within ten days (exclusive of tne day ef service) erai the service oa yon of thia sammons. if served within thie couary or it eerved elsewhere, within thirty oj aays Tata aetloa u brought to obtain a decree of thia Court, declaring fraduUnt aad void that certain deed executed by aaid Charles Kruse to Johanna Kruse (hi mother), recorded April 26th, 1892, in Liber 4C9 ot Deeds at page 86, etesqnens, in the otfice of the County Recorder of aeid Alameda Ooamy. which id dead pur- orta to convey to said Johanna Kruse and her ieirs and aasisna. forever, all that certain lot. iece cerparcelof land, situate, lying aod being n tha lownabip of Oakland. County of Ala meda -Ptaie ot California, and bo a a dad and described as follows, to wit: Beginning at a etaka on lino of fenoe on the soutnweateriy line of Plot 29 of undivided mountain land, aa per Kelleraberger'a surrey tnareoi, tnia stake Deing tna most weaiesty corner of tract "A" of said undivided mountain land, and running thence aonth 31V degrees east aloug tha southwesterly line of said tract "A enaina to tna center oi tne road leading from Oakland to Moraga Valley; thence, along the center of aaid road ai follows. P-z: North 58 degrees eaat 0.93 ehalnp, aorth-87 derreea east L75 chains, south e 5 decrees east L60 ehains, north 77J4 decrees eat 227 chains, north 67 de (Trees east 100 ehalna, north 8:i degreea eaat 2.6'i chains, north Hx4. decrees east 0.21 chaine; thence leaving said road north 44i degreea weat 12.85 cbalna to a atake. thnce south 45? degreea weat 8.W cha ne to a atake on the southwesterly line of Plot No. 2t; thence alone the southwesterly line of Plot No 23, aouth 44 degreea east 6.41 ehains to place of beginning, containing ten acres and being a portion of Plot 29 and a portion ot tract "A" ot aaid undivided mountain land above referred to. Tbet tbe aald defendant. Johanna Kruse. be required to deliver up and caneel eald deed or that a commissioner of thia court be appointed for thst purpose: for costs of this sett and for sncb other and farther relief aaia fitting and proper In tbe premises, as will mora rally ap pear by reference to taeeompiaiatniea nerein, to whlnh von era hereby referred. And you ere hereby notified that If yp fan to anneai and anawer the aald complaint aa above required, the said plaintiff wlU apply to tne coart tor me reuai oensauea m ui xju- Given under my bend and the teal of the aaid Superior coart et the County ot Alameda, State ot California, this 5th day of June, in tbe year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety thiee. JAMES B. OBANB. istAUj i Clerk. By N. Q. STUBTSVAaTT, Deputy Clerk, WALTER J. BSRTNBIT, l Attorney for Plaintiff. 318 Monte-omery S'.. ft P Vests af the tSSmaty r rttiiiM wt a. cat Otbera. Soa? tkso Faraeoe ar atosralat-S asaal Oaskralllsg aha SJssswsre tmr Water aa O aseatloai to It Oad-leotad bp tha Coattra Oeeta Wasaw Coaaaaay la th Oeesty AVIeaaeara. taio af Callforala- N NOTICB 18 HI RIB Y SXTKN THAT ON the lStb day ef Aagust lapt, at the Beard rooms of the Board ot Supervisees et tbe County of Alameda, at tha Courthouse, lty of Oakland, af aald eoaaty. at 10 aloe k a. sl ox ssia aay or aa eooa trtereaftar aa tna eame eaa be beard, the aatislaai of a. Oklaoai saA otbera, for the earpeae of regalattaf aad eost-brollinc tha rataa aad ta k uU 4ected by tbo Coatra Coata WataF Cwmaaay for tbe County ot Alameda, will be duly heard and Considered bv tbe Baud ot finaaryiaeM a the County of Alameda, Said petition reeds aa follows: 7 tec BoworeMe Boarat a iaeai rasas Jim-asrda Commit: Wbbbbas. Acting uader the power eoa-xerred oa these by law tha City Ooaacal eat Oakland have materially redaeed the ebarge tor the aseot water snapped to the pubu by the Contra Coata Wafer Cent pear, aad ea she new rates made by said City OowaeU are based upon the entire plant et said Coatra Costa Water Company, and apoa Its enUre revenae, ana are not eonanea te its expendltaree end f7eaa arlalag aolelf witbla tha aorporata limits of tha City of Oakland, therefore, rates wbleh wiu yield a lawful raven ne witala taa corporal 1 salts i tbe City el Oakland, will elso y laid a Uwf al revenae whea mads asaU-eable outside snob Usslts. Therefore, we, the anderalxned rssldsat tax-peyers and weter rat payers el eeldsa Oeae eod vicinity, do hereby most respeetfaUrjpe Utioa your Heraorabaa Board to aa aetLU under the powera eoarerred apoa yoa by sew for the regalauoa of ebargee for watte, at., ae laid down la the statutes of California of 1BSS. so reduce the r-Us lawful to be charred bp the toatra Costa Water Capaay tor tneaae it water within your leriadlcttoa oatslde the oar-porate 11m iu of tbe City of Oak lead, as Will maxo them uniform wttb each lawful ret as wers recently euaeted to apply wlthta ta OOO porate limiu of tbe City ot Oakland. G. Chicon. Folaom and Tenth etsasts. Wllliaiu Maruen, Menlo evaaae. George Hals'. ram. Eleveaih etreet Mra. J - &. Sanfoid. Men.a ayanta, B- W. Perry, 'leu tb street H. T. Barns, Central avenue. A. I), l eokwood. Park street, J. J. Lyon. Parsons street B. E. Keckwell. Central eveaaa, H. C Enudkon, Parsons atreet. A. J. Woodward, Pareone auest . A. J. sturgeon. Menlo steeet. J. Chr stopher. Park atreet J. M- rinck. San Pablo avaaua. H. Heeemeyer. Boa To a woe a. & li. StriU. 10S Mstue aveataa. . C. R. Deanett, 1 Mattle avttna eeorge a Barry, Villa aveawa. Henry tlee, ban Pablo aveaae. K. U. Mayo. Menlo aveaae. And ew Jenason. Park street, L. A. Tigne. -a:ter atreet. J. irendtoia. Folaom atreet. Frank Figoaia. Klaventb aad Foleesa srta, Mr. Uonsaon, Ninth street B. Marcoux, Nlntb stree- J. M. Page, ban Pablo ayenna. Said notice above eet forth la mad to notify ell such peraons. companies. SSSQCTstloB and corporattoas raeotlooed la said SoUUoa. and all pcr-onn Interested la tbe saaUere of aueb petition end notice ot the hearing of the said petition of O. Chicon and otbera. for the purpoee of reculatina and eoatrotllag tbe cbarge for water aod compensation" to bo collected bv tbo Coatra Cost Water Oeaapaoy la the aaid County of Alameda. james & crane, County Clerk aad ex-Offieie Clark oi tb Board ot Supervisor of tb said County of Alameda. UNDBRTAKBRii We are selling Metallic Caskets aad Cloth Carketaof dlfferen! ahadee. Plush Caskete of different shade. 30 par cent Less than iny otker Emt All Other Good at Redaeed Prlee. lenoasl Attention Given to all aarala. LE1TCH t SANTOBJ), Uadertakers ea Xmbalaera, Telephone 240. 866 Broadway. HENRY EVERS, ar 33 xa a. a? a. be: ooboiibb or alakb&a c S5 WaaBissrta Street. Bet 7taaadta. Telerbons No. 284. at'f OASXAND M. BkACPav. . 1. C KGAVOT. BEAUDKY & McAVOY ssmibai. ruBBisaiisa U N D ERTAKER8 STS W A SHTJtOTOW ST. Bet 7th aad 8th. Telephone Mo. a. Oakland I M. Beaadrv. ree. telephone Na sat. Every requisite for fnaerala at abort ntftie IV THE 1 TO 4 DAT CURE rami Cumlii. flket, tisstntaa SiiM II SMlthy Miul atiiSnin. Praa 019' 2& 'efvaBlseisee eVVotftujeadVsTtT St Drocx " IsjacUM Mi MALVDOR MFC. CO.. Lanoaator. On U.St iijor u -1 nimmn w an unBrrauMf i S3. 3 E B E 2 LOT CO 01 id aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 4fBW saaaaaawtWaWsWaaawaa saamssaaw o o ROSE TRACT LOT CLUB Poor Lot Club ere being established, each containing too member and operated as follows : awe a . . . w ?t . . Att A a. a" w - . io cmca ciuD 100 igxm wiu te apporaosca ana wmi bc wiwb vi u vac wmvc w on A weekly payment of ix will te reouircd rem each tacmbex, and at the expiration of fifty-one weeks ell py rocnt will cease. . . . The ptopositka ia one of all prize and no blanks, for earh member will be certain of a lot sooner or later withinthe fifty-on wek s theiub numbert vl not b '"' For instance, the first week, with a full membership of xco, the individual lucky enongh te win at the first drawm Will get bis lot for fa. The next week' there will be a drawing among the rrmstniig mnety-eine, the following wjote among the niaety-ight, and so on until the fifty-first week is re ched, when all tiose who have not won meantime wiU recsiy unincumbered deeds to their lota. -, i'.: . ' ' . -.V., -. . The advantage of thia method ar so apparent that they need but little commeut. ' - ;V "? . Tbe2e ia a chance that yon will get a lot for $a or f 4 -or sosae such imall amount, and, anyhow, there ia a certainty . that at the end of filty-one weeks yen will e the possessor of a fiae lot, sitaattd in one of the most desirable sectioss AlAtned Ctnmty. " . ; -? 19sedJ teet lot given iinmedUtyaileK TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE ROSE TRACT LOT CLUB- .. . . .This Club contains io mtmbers. J Ttis Clrib. is not. continuous, and as a number is draws ft is dropped from tha roU, :-A y yOne tot wlU be dawn for every week, aad tha member holding; the number ao drawn will fcanedl- ateryreceiwa anjttnnenmbeTed sbsolote .tiUe-dead for a lot in the ROSB T2ACT. Bach men the exviration of fifty -oma snh, be ewtitled to aa absolute tuaincumbcred title-deed for a lot in the ROSB TRACT. J' ' . The membership in this Club is $2 per week. All payments must be made In adwas Io CLs 4 - sum-payment of du by tha tiao the drawin; takes place, the delinquent number forf atts sll rijU ta. the result of the drawing. ;;..:-?.5:;i..r-;!. (:;""'. ' Any xnefaber who becomes two weeks ia arrears forfeits all rtefcts in tils CtttK and reEaedtJ il ' lights to any money previously paid in, ; t For Further Porticularo. Hapc, etc., addrcco or apply to IV. G. TAYLOR. Trlbuno Office. Oakland. Oal.

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