Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 15, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1896
Page 8
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Last Call on Shirt THE GOLDEN RULE'S MOTTO IS Never Carry Any Goods Over Until Next Season, ^ Therefore we will put the Knife in our Shirt Waist Department and will place the Entire Stock in 3 lots on our first floor. LOT NO. 1. All of our real fine Persian, Dresden and Dimitiesfand£in fact any of the finest Shirt Waists in the store worth $1.60 to PAID THEM OFF And the Ottos are No More On of Us. SUIT 15 COMPROMISED A City League Organized--5che dule of Games. $2.00. You Choice oi lot LOT NO. 2. Many Waists made in best material slightly scuffed from handling, many worth up to $2.00. Your choice - I -, 69c LOT NO. 3. Waists that were sold at 48c, B8c and 66c, all go at 25c THE GOLDEN RULE. SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. Q. GRACE WILL1 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUlt TODAY FOR LESSMONEY 1*1 * •' • THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing Plenty colory at RathtenueL Klosey watermdoai fiwisb, nt Rather net • Hammocks at your own price at Qeo Harrison'*. Bicycle hose. Bwlrock prices at Fer Last day but two to make a guess .on the bicycle—Bee Hfrc. Buy your peaches now, prices 90c and fl.OO per bushel.—McCaffrey & Co, Wdfsh suits for chiUdren as low as 38 «ante to close -thiem. out—Ferguson J«nks, 322 Market street. . . Scalsomnible morcliandteo go,es for mere song amd a guesw .free. Buy a Columbia cigar and guess for the $20 prize. Look out for today. 'I d» !s slauglitei day at Trade Fula/ce on hoiery, men's BUlpta, underwear, al must go. Doii'fr mtsB tlite snle or you will regret It The people flpprecliite Ha.rry Frank's •acrlflces ou -lids stock by not selling 'ft at half prtoe rather fhan selling It talk to the so-caiUcd sharks at same, jrlee. ' ; ! The press is mightier flhian- tlie sword. Jt atmonnwd Harry Frank's farewell •ale aud Ms store is crowded dally nod ftaddeos the hearts of miany carrying sway suits at lialf price. '• Since 1878 there have been nine epiJ tfemlcs of dysentery to different parts «f the country in which Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy TTO8 used with'perfect success. Dysentery, when epidemic, ta almost as severe *ntl dangerous as Asiatic cholera. Hereto* ore the best efforts of the most skilled jcyslclans have failed to check Its ravages, this remedy, however, has cured tile most malignant cases, both of children and adults, and unilcr the most 'trying.conditions, which proves It to, be the best medicine Jn the world for bOTvel Mrmp'laints. For sale by B, F. Keesling flruggiut. •.-•-. ' . UNEARTHED A BIG TOOTH. Anoth'er lairge tooth, of "a presumed antediluvian has been umeavth.od in a gravel pJlt at Milshaiwaia. Die tooth ia.d eigM prongs ajrwl was'alx Inches below the surface. Tnte really seems, from' the unusual -nu/mber of finds, to have been a favorite haunt of those .gigantic anJimate.so says the paleon^ol- ogiHt^orthe person wbo.,studies- the setonce of organic remains. These ant- mails were, of course 'mamimals, and grega-rious, and from,,the m'any loca- tiione giving up these remia'ins lit Is qulite ceitalin th-ey were, at a preliistoile Hme, very plentiful dm the St. Joe valley, wMch itecritooy toas for Jits breadth from Leetfburg, Indiana, to aa east and west Mine inm'nilii'g near Ooldwater, Michigan being-the south sumimlft. FOR SOUND MONEY. A SMOOTH GERMAN. Terre Haute Tribune: The Indianapolis auibhoriitles are soarcldng for Ernest uMe, 1 .who clailims to be the son of a wealthy brersv.er in Stuttgart, Gennany. He operates aimong the beat class of Genmhns, gerts their confidence, barrows money on worthless notes and about the tllme they begin to fall due ibe skips out "' He is 35 years oJ'd, weighs 200 pounds Is light complected, wears .large light inouetacihei and ' walks somewliat stooped. He is believed to be the same foltow wno attempted to work- a eonfl- den'co game..on Herman .Mewes and othere here some time ago. CANTON ATTENTION. 'All chevaliers of Cnuton Logansport No.'lCi I. O. O. F,, are reqiiesltcd to meet nt tboJa 1 ball ifchis (Saturday) evemllng a:t 8 o'clock- sharp In fatigue umlljoinn to attend to a 1 body 'the 'wedding .anniversary of one of tho cievaUbirs. V ' ' „. J. D. ALLISON, Capt. 'SprLnig- cWc-kcn.—Rothfti-me!. Another Booming Club; Organized at Red School House. At thte eomnd m^ney meetiilttg -at the , Red school ho;iise to Noble lo-wnelilp Thursday uilbht tMrty-flve momibers ware secured in the audience for the McKimley. Oluib organized by Attorney G«o. Gamble; Quimcy A. ilyers^Bpoke ou 'Uhle nii'oney [ queaU(0(U; Hte audience wos a good one, ,thO(ugh thte ndghibor- ihooa tew been mosltly Ddmoicratic here^ itofo,re. Tlhtere rwas thte enthnislapm that imaiiiks all' the recept sound nHUnJey gath- iQiiiings, and the leaders of the movemeint Jin Noble itowmshlp projntoe thait the McKiMey dub started last nlgM. w;lill have 150 nTiom-beaB to a Shout time. Tlie officers aUosen wei-e as foilowst President—Frank Light. Secretary and Treasurer-4-Albert Brandt. •' '• • The dub -mill hold to first iueettag -at •this Red. School 1 house Thursday night,. August 27th. ...'•- The base buJl war Is ended at last The players who claimed flCkinetJilnig lit four hundred dollars of back salary, af ter aujfng im Justifee Fender's court, nn< gdlitllmg Judgment iu the sum of $430.75 98C cotnpiiom-lsed wilth the s'tockholders in the. -association and received $180 for their claims. -Ttols was to effect wha 1 was doue, though' the matter was gone .about Jin a different manner. The play- ; ers, after the suit was appealed to tlie Circuit count, decided to sell theii claims ami HaiTy Rogeis decided that •he \vanited to purchase them at the figure uifiutLoned. Tlie deal was made, the rnon : ey was paifl over to the players and they have all loft tow,ti, with''the •exception of Ed Bohm, wlio will probably take a poallttomi tore and remain Ln- deflnillteily. And- so ends the troubles of the base ball assO|Olailiou r . The members are glad that it te no worse; they have had some expaiiieiice to running a base ball club and .lit is e.ife to say they have .had a plouity of it And now, on the heels of the demise of -the old association, comes another doatlu. Kokomo has thrown- up both hands, airter the sliabby way in w-hScli •they were treated by tlie Cincinnati Beds, aiud the club has been disbanded. They hare rented thelir base ball gixxunJ .'to -thie.Panson Davies-SullLvun. .athletic com-Mna'tilon far a grawl open-air ewter- taii'uinieait, a eoi-t of Remain gladlatoa-lal show as it were, ami whieii that IB done, tHc boards which fonned tlie boundaries of the field will bo .torn down a/ml .hauled back to the llzuiber rnoi-chaiH', The associflition thew wos iiu no better shape fiuanoinlly tton was the Logansport organization. They were coimpe:lled to go doiwii in tliei-r pockets to pay the players, just as -rlie members here had to do; but worse tlniai that, they have a pile, of lumber to pay for. Logansport was just thai niu-ch, a.hcad of the deal. On the ashes of the old club there )ins sprung up a now aind vigorous league, .a ckty league wJiich wlM play a series of SiHid'ay games, commending; next Sunday niiixj continuing unitEl October IS, wheu the seascnu will close. This league will stiick; there will be no fuas about dilvfeion of gate receipts, for there will be no pa-tc i-eceijJts to divide. Nor will tihere be any quarrel as to guarantee iiMiiiey or forfeit money. It will be •a friendly contest among four city cJubs, ((lit 1 Unions, Hie Clippeiis, the Orientals a.utl trhe Boston Lights-. All four of the .clulx> are strong amateur organ- J/.atlons, u,nd the race foj- tlie pennant will be :\n Iiateresting one. Tike Journal .will give the gaiines in detail! and wi;ll cajM7 the table of per cautages throughout the season. Following is the schedule wMch hjis been aiTa/Qged: August 10—Unions with (the Clippers, Southtertde grounds; Boston Liighis with thc'Oi'liehfcils, Westsfde gixninds. August 23—dippers and . Boston Llgbts, Driving park; Orientate aind "Dnl-ons, Westslde. August 30—Boston Lights and Un- tonis; -Orientals aind Clippers, . Septeamber 6—Clippers and Unions; Onl-onitate and Boston- Lights. September 13—Unions and Orientals; Boston.LJglits and OTippeHS. .September 20—Cllippers and Unions; Orientals amd Boston Lights. . September 27—Clippers, and Boston Lights; Unions and Orientals. October 4—Unions and Boston Lights; CUppers and Oiismtate . . - October 11—Orientals and- Boston Lights; Clippers and Unions. 'October 18—Boston Lights and Clip- pens; Unions and Orientals. -There will be a chance for the devel- .opuMint of some good talent in tlie base ball 1 line ajmcmig the amateurs. AH the great ball players got a s-tart in. . Just sucb company, and if there are any stars to be developed, they wilH have an .opportunity .to shine here. There may not be another George Cuppy come to the front, yet w.h.o knot's but that "Little George" may be matched by a boy froim Me home town; -. " . ' • • Tfe Event of the Day. :>: THE ABSOLUTE log Out Sale -Of Harry Frank's Stock at Actual Half Price, September First, THE LAST DAY. We Quote a few of the many articles. Our ? 7.50 Ca«imer Suits, now 53.43 Our 10.50 Cheviot Suits, now 5.50 Our 13.50 Black Clay Suits, now. .' „ e.98 Our 12.00 Irish Frelze Ulsters, now 5.93 Our. 8.50 AH Wool Beaver Overcoat, now 3.08 Our 2.50 'All Wool Casslmer Pants, now l.te Our 1.00 Working Pants, now jgj Our 1.00 Fine Laundered Shirts, now .65 Our .50 Unlauncfered Shirts, now 25 Our .50 WJiite Shirts and Drawers, no-w .23 Our ,50 Gray Shirrs and Drawers, now .29 Our .25 Buy Shirts and Drawers, now ,. .16 Our ,25 Suspenders, now : , ,og Our .10 Socks, UOTV ...... .04 Our .20 Coon Co-Bars, now ,jj Our .15 All Linen Collars, now ,. JQ Choice of any ?6.50 and 57.50 Children's suit* go at ?3.24. Children'* Panti HALF PRICE. Boys' Suits Half Price. Hats Half Price. Gloves Half Price. It will pay anybody to come 25 mllee to attend this sale, as you'll never 868 such a chanc* again., Respectfully, '. ; ;1 ifj HARRY FRANK, 314 FOURT H STREET. within, sight of' .fourth, place. Following are the scores of the games played yesterday: '•• : At Piiftsburg-Clevelamd 4, Pittsburg 6. At PhdtadetoMa—Washington 0, Philadelphia 14. At Boston—New York 0," Boston 4. At Ixwi^vfflle—Chicago 4, Louisville 5. . STANDING OP THE CLUBS. dubs Won Lost Per Ct Cincinnati! •.., 66 30 .688 Baltimore.... 64 29 .088 Cleveland '• 58 35 .624 Chllicago 57 42 .576 Pittsburg ..'....... .53 .." . 41 | .504 Boston; ............51 42 j .548 Phdladelptola 43 50 ' .462 Brooklyn 43 51 . ...457 New York 41 ,55 .427 Wasliington. 35 -57 - .380 St. Loots...- '...29 ' 63 .315 Louisville 24 66 :267 THE -ORDER OF LINCOLN. An Organization to Perpetual His Heniory. SOUND MONEY DEMOCRATS. At a meeting of eomnd money Democrats ait Peru Wednesday Charles A. Colo of Peru was chosen district eom- Every .county In- the dis- 'was represented -except Grant couuty, It was decided to puisJi the organization in> each couinty-,. and while a ticket may no,t be put in the field the men- will array themselves 1 on bhe side of sound money. . . . j ANOTHER DEFEAT. Cleveland Gollng Down .to Keep Chicago Company. Today. 'Justin walste, the ones that flt, only lOc; choice - of' .aH- : summer waists, ,75c; $4 sffik waists-only $1.48.— '" '' ' Myers- hutan*gmelbm--^RO|tb«rraeI:' ; no accounting for It. Just why tho white-legged Pfcates -.from Pjiittebu/rg Should be a hoodoo to 'the Spld<>rs -has no reasonable explanation. Tire lads from cievdla'nd w.ould better have called in the services of a voudoo doctor and lot htoi exeralse his mysterious charms- in taktag away the trance under which ;th«y seem' to-be-bound hanld and foot, bofoi'e they etai'ted : for tlie East, for the ctoanties.are 1 ten to.'one aigainst tham comdmg back l-onie with, a better.pei- cent, than that -which,'they -(kke Bast wilth tbem. Baltimore and iCJnclnnaitil stdiH remain 1 a tie for;.'first plaice, as noltaor olub played yesterday^ Chicago sefams to liftvc. struck .Qie-tor boggan:ated, The Logansport lodge of the Order o Lincoln, wMch lias recently .been organ Jzed In OUT olity, wiill be instituted Mon day night at S o'clock, at tlie Elk» •lodge rooms. It •includes' about. slxt; of the proiniiment tnen- of the city. A tlie conclusion of the exercises a ban quet will be served at the Baraett fo the niemibens and visiting members o the Order from Ft Wayne and Indiana poffls, IndudJiug sevei-al of the Suprenj' officers. Tho toasts at the banquet wii be in keeping with the purposes of th< Order and are as fallows: "Lincoln— The Mani," Hon. Jesse \V Weik, of Greencaetie, lad. "Lincoln-— A Retrospect," Judge Hor ace P. Biddle. "Dtaooto— Orator, Lawyer and Pa tribt," Hon. W. T. Wilson. "Lliucoln— Ami .Humjaulty," Prof. D C. Arthur. , As expressed in its laws, the objects of the order are to own or control the pkwes and articles wbfltahi are historical from their conmectioh with the life of the limmoftal Lincoln, and preserve them for affl time. As a social, patriotic and historical order lit is. naving a rapid growth, -.The .membersliip up to tast wight was aibont fifty, and it 4s hoped to Increase thte number to : seventy-five before the ,-nlgM . of lodge. •«•..•.-. instituting the . There has been but little ttoe this suinmer wlijen the. fly nsherman coald cast a- lure for the- gamey-Tasa to the rivers. The continued heavy, rains have kept tlie rivers in/uddy. and; murky, and •this (spoils , fly .fishing. There sho-nld ; be 1 good'.fls-Ung wst season; as;'there Republican Speakings. Republican speakings will be held at' the foMoiwing places to Caas county: Royal Center, Saturday evenUng, Aug. 15th—W. T. Wlteott. Clymere, Saturday evening; Ang. 15th —Q. A. Myers. Deacon, Deer Greek townSHp, Thwns- day eventing, Aug. 20th—Q. A. Myers, Twelve Mile, Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—W. T. Wilson. Young America, Saturday eveml'n?, Aug. 22d-D. C. Justtee. Loganisport Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—Hon. Theodore Shhctmey of Union Ctty. • W. T. Wolsott will speak at Galveston on Tuesday' evening.-'August 18. Logansport, Thursday evening, • August 27th.—Honi. Frank S. Posey of Evansville, at the -rink. . Palmer school bouse, Washington towmship, FrJdoy evening, August 21st —W. T. Wilson. . : Anoka Tuesday eventog, August 25, —W. T. WHson. The N'oble towmship McEjnley. club •mlil meet at Rod school house Thursday nighit, August 27thi " There ie a new free silver purge in the market. At fii-st sight it looks Just like an ordiuarj'- coin, pouch, but Lt you ask the owner to give you change, he -will touch the spring and yoor eyes will be dazzled by tte flash 1 of gay- coJored hosiery. A gorgeously, striped stockJog, eome three feet long (more or less) unfolds and away down In the toe nestles a flfty-cent Mexican 1 dollar. SHOE STYLES Some of the Now Things for Tlito Fall— Pilling, the Shoe Man Always In the Lead. , Line PSlHing received today ofle of tLe largest shJpmente of *adl«6' floe shoe* ever sent at any one time to any, fircn to thda cWy; and to say that tlbtese gooda are beautiful and the very Initeei In style and flue to quality, IB Ugbtiy put ttog it. Some of cBiK-ciaiJy nobby lasts to thia lot of (shoes Is th»,Savoy.; The new Bonton and the new Tokfo, all of whlcli are. dedOedly new. The Savoy Is tak- ng tie lead in tbc East and promise* to the leader for ail. correct drawers both Ittdfcs and genUeman) to thto ctty. Everybody IS requested to call and «ee . Itese new tMngs to shoes, even: tbough on are not .ready.to.buy;- PUllng'i Itoe nouee,,412..'-

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