Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 23, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 23, 1973
Page 6
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6 Qalesbuffl Register-Mail, Golesbura,,lll _JQturdoy /i June,23, 1973 Mood of A 19/3 ~ • A Common Thread Unites People NEW YORK (NEA) - Can a nation have a mood, ait essential feeling which changes as events change? Can we honestly announce, as politicians so often do, that "the people are fed up," or "the p«ople demand a change," or "the people are frustrated *nd confused"? As a nation, we are probably not so homogeneous to accept such sweeping general!- stations without careful scrutiny. And yet there are common concerns. The national surveys and polls attest to that. In fact, the pollsters have long assumed the role of national assayer but their conclusions are couched in the bloodlessness of statistics. MORE THAN A few national observers of considerable repute have taken the pulse of the nation and have determined that the tragedy of Watergate may be the watershed of a general American malaise. They may be right. Or wrong. Our own soundings, however, suggest other conclusions. In a special series of articles, which begins Monday, reporters and columnists at newspapers in 12 American cities consider the mood of Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, end everywhere The ceremony of innocence Is drowned . . , William Butler Yeats the people they know best, their neighbors. And, interestingly, there is a common thread. In San Jose, Calif., "Watergate, inflation, the new moral­ ity, the energy crisis tend to be deplored pro forma — and lived with as tolerable irritants rather than impending tragedies." IN WILMINGTON, Del., "Watergate fascinates and troubles us, but it may bo peripheral to the more immediate question of how well we are able to live." In Tacoma, Wash., where citizen action groups .are growing in size and number, "there seems to be a nagging suspicion by politicians that In San Antonio, Tex., where the energy crisis pushed Watergate temporarily off front pages, the crisis "reinforced a disenchantment with government that has been typified by reaction to the White House scandal," For many, then, Watergate Is considered to be just another complicated existence. the genral public would rather Many wish life could be simp- just be left alone . . ." lw, but .they are realistic enough to know tlhat the clock isn't about to be turned back. THESE 12 REPORTS reflect a persistent optimism. As San Jose's Wes Peyton/ puts it, "the good life is not only something a person can hope to attain, it Is something he can define for himself with a minimum of intenfetettce from his neighbors." (FIRST: San Jose, California) Nixon Grants Interview to Russian Reporters By HELEN THOMAS WASHINGTON (UPI) Backstairs at the White House: President Nixon has not held a press conference for three months because of the Water gate scandal. But Russian reporters apparently are something else. NeWswomen covering the state dinner honoring Soviet Communist leader Leonid I. Brezhnev last Monday evening were hurriedly herded into the East Room before the start of the entertainment so that they would not see Nixon meeting with 17 Russian reporters who were spirited into the Red Room with their tape recorders. Brezhnev had met for three hours with American reporters in Moscow before he arrived here. Nixon met with the Russians 10 minutes. Filling in American reporters later, the Russians said that Nixon told them that he expected some "solid agreements" to emerge 'from the summit talks with Brezhnev. That, of course, would have been news in the American press too. The President has had only three press conferences this ( year and cannot yet bring himself to be questioned about Watergate despite the major changes in the administration and White House staff since the scandal broke. The word has been passed around the White House that Nixon plans to "fight to the end" to hold on to the Oval Office. Many aides are smiling again, apparently feeling that "the boss" has passed the crisis stage of the Watergate scandal. They also arc smiling "on the inside" because they are no longer being "chewed out" by H. R. Haldeman, the hard-driving former chief of staff who was respected by many of his colleagues, feared as well. Sheer delight is the newly published book "LBJ, Images of a Vibrant Life" and it should be a best seller. The nostalgic tribute was published by friends of the LBJ Library to raise funds for seminars and special projects which were dear to the heart of the late President. The book sells for $10, hardbound, and $5 in paperback. It can be ordered from the LBJ Library in Texas and as a eulogy it is described by Lady Bird Johnson as a "book of life, rather than a book of death." It was edited by Liz Carpenter, former press (secretary to Mrs. Johnson. The memorabilia includes sentimental stories, sayings and photos of the Johnson era. Oquawka Group OQUAWKA - Berice Robertson was elected president of the Oquawka Rebekah Lodge's Past Noble Grands Club at a meeting June 19 at Mrs. Esther Pirtle's home. Also elected were Belva Tee, vice presiednt and Esther Anderson, secretary treasurer. The club's next meeting will be July 9 at Mrs. Ruth Thompson's home. Members of Oquawka Chap- Selects Of ficers At June Meeting | Athletic Prowess Ipian Bulb Sale WORST SEAT IN THE HOUSE It's no fun to be confined by a serious accident or illness. But it is comfort- ins; to know that an JStna Life Major Medical Expense Plan can help free ? 'OU from the worry of uge medical bills. Get the facts from us. LAWRENCE D. JOHNSON INSURANCE Main & Cherry Sts. Phone 342-4181 I Representing the Aetna Caaualtr and Surely Company et Hartford, Conn. ATM CASUALTY MB SURETY COMPANY MRTFOtD. CONNECTICUT ter, Order of "Eastern Star, held a memorial service for the late William Reber at a recent meeting. Pro-tern officers for tiie evening were Virginia Law, Ruth Thompson, Bernice Welch, Daisy Devore and Robert Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Ercel Davis, Appeals Court Leaves Standing Judge's Ruling WASHINGTON (UPI) - The U.S. Court of Appeals Friday left standing a judge's ruling thlat Howaird J. Phillips is serving illegally as acting director of the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO). President Nixon appointed Phillips to head the anfcipoverty agency for six mioniths and dissolve it by June 30, the end of the fiscal year. Judge William B. Jones ruled June 11 that the appointment was illegal because Phillips was not confirmed by the Senate. Consideration by the Senate (would have resulted in a vote on dismantling. Since then, community action groups have asked Jones to order that OEO funds unused as off that date be spent on the programs for which they were intended naither than revert toj the U.S. Treasury. Also, Glen R. Graves, attorney tfor a group of OEO employes involved in the court case, said he expected Congress will pass a resolution to keep the funds active and the agency in business. Got a SUNBURN?? Tired of the HEAT? ? Like to SWIM? ? Beat the heat at the Galesburg Municipal Pool. Located off of North Seminary and Carl Sandburg Drive. Open: 1 to 5 p.m. and 6 to 10 p.m. Wednesday thru Sunday Adults: 70c Children: 35c NOTICE We will be closed oil day MONDAY and TUESDAY to prepare for our huge SEMI - ANNUAL CLEARANCE, STARTS 7 A.M. WED, Warehouse Shoe Center 120 E. Main Galesburg Dubuque, Iowa, attended the GladiS'tone-Oquawka High School Class of 1953's reunion June 36 at Meling's Restaurant, Monmouth. They spent the weekend in Oquawka with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Dixon. Jim Thorpe was the first per son to win both the decathlon and pentathlon in the Olympic games. He performed the feat in 1912 and officials later took back his medals, charging he had previously played professional baseball. LITTLE YORK - Little York Lions Club members will con- [duot a dioor-to-doior lighitbulb sale here and in the surrounding area June 25. Proceeds will I go to the Lions' Blind Activity Fund and for local activities. GREMADINB RECEIVED AN EXTRA- 6PECIAL WEDDING 6IFT FRO/A HER BEST FRIEND pl/v \6NTA"' GETS THE MOST USE OUT OP Tr? GIVE A LOOK AND LISTEN*** it* I I m This Week Only!... Francs Special Introductory Offer On The Complete New 1973 Sealy Fire Retardant Bedding Line HERE ARE 4 TYPICAL EXAMPLES Regular $59.95 M M Qfi Regular $179.95 4 O A 9fi Twin-Size Mattress gLgL* 1 * Complete 2-Piece B * " uu Or Box-Spring For... • • Queen-Size Set For... 25% OFF ... SAVE $14.99 25% OFF ... 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The proposed Agreement'pro­ vides ias floiows: i 1. Upon lUhe execution of the proposeid annexatfon agree- imenit, Ohio Ownora will annex to <Jhe Viiaigc of WaHiaiga, KNOX Oounlby, Illinois, it he following described read ostotc: The North 183 feet; the Baislt 218 fecit of tfJhc South 148.83 feet of the North 331.83 iCeeft; dftie Basit 218 leet of itihe SouiUh 390 ifecit; the . Bast 198 ifeet of itlhc S/outh 1920 ifeeit of *he Norlfjh 2251.83 sfeet; situated ill *lhe iNIoitUhoaisil; quarter of Sec; ition 17, Township 12 NOTbh, tomge 2 Baislt of itbe Bourth Principal (Meddiiian, 'KNOX County, lilniais, said described real estate /to be known BIS Watauga West, •secltii 'On 1, a subdivision of pant of ithe Nonbheast Quarter of Seciliion 17, Township 12 Noirl ^h, Hange 2 Bast of ithe Fourth •Principal Meridian, in the Village of Watoga, KNOX County, 11- ilinoiis. 2. The Village will rezone the South 240 feet of the East 218 feet BB B Commercial District and the balance as A residential district. Dated Mite 2J»t day of June 1A73. VliDliACHE COWCIli OF THE VJOjAOE OF WATAGA, ILLINOIS Doniaild L. Stolifel e Altemey it Arcade Giailosibuirg, IilHnols 61401 6-23-lt Exceiriwrw ond ( JO said flt- liorncynj, Daited June 21, 197.1 BDWAUD If. WRfXJH Clerk Pro Tom of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illtnoi* 6 /23 -6 /30-7/7 CLAIM NOTICE In <UhsG Oirouiit Count for The Judicial Oiirouit, Knox County, Iilliimols, in Probate. In itho iMiaMcr of itihe Estetc of MULDRED M. LACKY, Deceased. No. 73-P-1S8. NOTICE is -given of the death Of MILDRED iM. LAiOKY. Letters of office were issued on June 21, 1973, to 'Paul W. Laeky, 642 West Losey Street, Giaileaburg, Ilimols 61401, and Ohairles Ivan Uaicky, 396 North Ada'demy Street, <Mesburg, II- iiiniais 61401 as Exeouitors whose sltltorneys are Neteon, Gustef son & ©lake, 3014 Hill Arcade Building, Galesburg, Illinois 61401. Claims imiay be filed within 6 months Irom the date of issuance of Letters of Office and a n y daim not filed Withiin diait period is 'barred as to the estate whiich is inven- itoried within' itibat period. Claims must be liled in 'the office of ithe Clerk of flhis Court, Kniox County Courthouse, Golesbuirg, Illinois, amid copies mailed or delivered to the CLAIM NOTICE In the Circuit Court for The Ninth Judicial Circuit. Knox County, Illinois, In Probate. In the Matter of the Estate of ALDUINA SEGHI, Deceased No. 73-P-I42. NOTICE is given of the death of ALDUINA SEGHI. Letters of office were issued on June 21 1973, to Marie Prina, 2410 Grand Avenue, Galesburg, Illinois 81401 and Pred Scghi, 490 West Pine, Canton, Illinois 61520 as Executors, whose attorneys arc Borash and Stoerzbach, 121 South Cherry Street, Galesburg, Illinois 61401. Claims may be filed within 6 months from the dale of issuance of Letters of Office and any claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate which is inventoried within that period. Claims must be filed In the office of the Clerk of this Court, Knox County Courthouse, Galesburg, Illinois, and copies mailed or delivered to the Executors and to said attorneys. Dated June 21, 1973. EDWARD P. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County. Illinois 6/23-30 ; 7/7; 3T PUBLIC NOTICE • Public Notice is hereby given that the Village Board of the Village of Wataga, Illinois wil hold a Public Hearing on Mon day, July 9, 1973, at 7:30 P.M. in the Municipal Hall in Wfltfl- ga, Illinois on a proposed Annexation Agreement between the Village of Wataga, Illinois, hereinafter called "Village", and Max Q. Peterson, Jr., as Trustee of Number Seventy-Two (72), hereinafter called, "Owner". The proposed agreement provides as follows: 1. Upon the execution of the Pre-Annexalion Agreement, the Owner will annex to the Village of Wataga, Illinois, the following described real estate: That portion of the W'/z of the NW V* of Section 16, Township 12 North, Range 2 East of the 4th Principal Meridian situated in the County of Knox, in the State of Illinois more particularly described as follow; Commencing at the SW corner of the NW Vi of Section 16, Thence easterly along the south line of the NW 14 of Section 16, 703.31 feet, thence Northeasterly along the arc of a circle curving to the right for a distance of 305 feet more or less, said circle having a radius of 5690.46 feet, said circle bei n g the northwesterly R .O .W. line of P.A. Route 29, thence West 860 feet more or less, to a point that intersects the west line of the NW V\ of section 16, said point being 260 feet North of the SW corner of the NW »A of section 16, thence south 260 feet on the west line of the NW V* of section 16 to the point of beginning. Said area to con- t 'a 1 n approximately 4.8 Acres more or less, and subject to easements of record; 2. The Village will zone said real estate as Agriculture end agree to future zoning of Multl Residential, Commercial of Residential in such pareels and at such time as requested by Owner. 3. The Village will not include eaid real estate as member of .Sanitary District until such services are available to said real estate. 4. The Village will reserve one on sale and one off sale liquor license and/or permit for said real estate. Said license must first be approved by Liquor Commissioner and Village Board. Dated this 22nd day of June, 1973. PRESIDENT AND VILLAGE BOARD VILLAGE OP WATAGA, ILLINOIS 6/23; IT PUBLIC NOTICE Notice Is hereby given lihal the Board of Zoning Appeals of bhe City of Galesburg, Illinois WiH hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, July 10, 1973 ait 4:00 P.M. in ithe Council Chamber in iflhe City Hall in said City of Galesburg to consider a Petition (for a conditional use permit ito allow ihe consibruction and operaition of a pharmacy on tte (following - desariibed real esOate, -which is zoned R3A and R3B: Lefts 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 •and 3 in Block 1 of Gale's First Addition to the City of Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois. Said premises aire located on the Southeast corner of Kellogg and 'Losey Streets an said City of Gaiesbung. The Petitioner is Doctors golflibuffl Register-Mall, Galesburg, III, Saturday, Jam 23. 1973 7 Building (Land Trust Dated tftte 21at day of June, 1973. iBOARD OF ZONING APPEALS OF THE CITY OF GALESBURG, ILLINOIS John W. Hianlon C% Attorney H4U Arcade Galesburg, Illinois 61401 309/342-4139 6-23-lt CLAIM NOTICE In the Circuit Court lor The Ninth Judicial Circuit, Knox County, lilinois, in Pirobato. In bhe iMafter of ithe Estate of CHARES MUTTON WliLKINS JR., Deceased. No. 73-P4&4. NOTICE is given of the death of OHARiLES MILTON Wit KINS, J'R. Lotiters of office wore issued on June 18, 1973, to Miary Louise Wilkinis, 1089 Hawkinson Avenue, Galesburg, Illinois 61401 aa Executor whose attorneys are Barash & Stoerz­ bach, 121 South Cherry Street, Galesburg, Illinois 61401. Claims may be (Med within 6 raonlUhs (from ithe date of issuance of (Letbers of Office and any claim not •filed within that iperiod lis barred as to the estate which is inventoried within that period. Claims must be filed In the office of the Clerk of this Count, Knox County Courthouse, Goilegbung, Illinois, and copies mailed or delivered to the Executor and to said attorneys*. Dated June 18, 1973 EDWARD F. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois 6/23-6/30-7/7 CLAIM NOTICE In the Circuit Court for The Ninth Judicial Circuit, Knox County, Illinois, in Probate. In the Matter of the Estate of THERESA t. BYBEE, Deceased. No. 73-M55. NOTICE is given of the death of THERESA Z. BYBEE. Letters of office were issued on June 18, 1973. to Feme Dyke man, R.R. No. 4, Galesburg, Illinois 61401 as Administrator, whose attorneys are Nelson, Guatafson & Blake, 301-4 Hill Arcade Building, Galesburg Illinois 61401. Claims may be filed within 6 months from the date of issuance of Letters of Office and any claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate which is inven toricd within that period. Claims must be filed in the office o the Clerk of this Court, Knox County Courthouse, Galesburg, Illinois, and copies mailed or delivered to the Administrator and to said attorneys. Dated June 18, 1973. EDWARD F. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois 6/23-30; 7/7; 3T CLAIM NOTICE In the Circuit Court for The Ninth ' Judicial Circuit, Knox County, Illinois, in Probate. In the Matter of the Estate o. OPAL HOADLEY, Deceased No. 73-P-156. NOTICE is given of the death of OPAL HOADLEY. Letters of office were Issued on June 18, 1973, to Betty J. Whitney, 102 North Carlysle, Abingdon, Illinois 61410 as Executor, whose attorney is Charles A. Wesner, North Main Street, Abingdon, Illinois 61410. Claims may be filed within 6 months from the date of issuance of Letters of Office and any claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate which is inventoried within that period. Clamis must be filed in the office of the Clerk of this Court, Knox County Courthouse, Galesburg, Illinois, and copies mailed or delivered to the Executor and to said attorney. Dated June 18, 1973. EDWARD F. WEIXJH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court ment should not be «'dmHH »d to probate. Dated thi« 2iit day of June, 1973. (SEAL) EDWARD F. WELCH Cl«rk Pro Teth of the Ctreult Court Knox County, Wmfa Nelson, Gustafson & Blake Atomeys lor Petitioner 3014 HMi Arcade fiuMng Gailesburg, Illinois 61401 Telephone: 309-3434155 6/23-6/30-7/7 CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP OF BUSINESS STATE OF .I'LINOIS ) )«s. COUNTY OF KNOX ) Public notice is hereby given . Iteit on ithe 19tih day of June 1973, a Certificate of Ownership of <a Business tewown as Orville D. liesman, Insurance Consultant located at 1&1B North Kellogg Street, Gailesburg, Illinois was filed In the office of the County Clerk of Knox County, Illinois sotting forth the names and post office addresses of the following: Orville D. Liesman 1515 North Kellogg Street Galesburg, Illinois alleged to foe all <Jhe (persons owning, conducting and transacting said business. Dated this 15th day of June 1973. YVONNE B. O'BRIEN County Clerk 6/23-30-7/7-Xt Knox County, Illinois 6/23-30; 7/7; 3T NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL State of Illinois in The Circuit Court of The Ninth Judicial Circuit, County Of Knox an Probate. Case No. 73-P-159 In the Matter of the Probate of the Will of HARVEY A. JOHNSON, (Deceased. TO: W. H. Johnson, George Johnson, Robert Johnson, Mldred Brause, Edward Johnson, Marshall Johnson, Marion Stork, Clyde Johnson, Jr., Edward A, Johnson, Itobert R. Reichert, Jane Cochran, Cecilia Stuart, Feline Studer, Bernard Studier, Miary V. iMaquire, Lucille Johnson, Alfred iReichert and Unknown Heirs and Legatees of HARVEY A. JOHNSON, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that an instrument in writing purporting to be the Will of HARVEY A. JOHNSON, Deceased, and the petition for probate of said Wail has been filed in said Court and tot said instrument wflli be offered for probate, in the Circuit Court, in probate, at the Court House in Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois, on the 26th day of July, 1973, at 11:00 o'clock A.M. at which time and place all interested parties may appear and show, cause why said instru- Student Tour To Mainland China Starts CHICAGO (UPI) - Twenty ' Chicago high school and college students from the city's four Model Cities areas were scheduled to leave today for a seven- city tour of the People's Republic of China, Erwin A. France, director of the Model Cities program, announced. The students, chosen on the basis of academic achievement, leadership and concern for foreign affairs, were selected from among 300 applicants by a committee appointed by Mayor Richard J. Daley, France said. Their trip will be financed by local businesses and civic organizations. France said the tour will emphasize the daily lives of Chinese families. The Model Cities program is a federally funded operation designed to assist residents of selected disadvantaged neighborhoods in matters of health, housing and family life. READ THE WANT ADS! ADVERTISEMENT you're going deaf? Chicago, 111. — A free offer to special interest to those who hear but do not understand words has been announced by Bel tone. A non-operating model of the smallest Belbone aid ever made will be given absolutely free to anyone answering this > advertisement. « Try it to see how It is worn I in the privacy of your own I home without cost or obligation of any kind. It's yours to keep, • free. It weighs less than a third ! of an ounce, and it's all at ear \ level, in one unit. No wires lead * from body to head. J These models are free, so we 1 suggest you write for yours ; now. Again, we repeat, there is > no cost, and certainly no obli- * gation. Write to Dept. 4068, . 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