The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on February 21, 1951 · Page 58
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 58

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1951
Page 58
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TEN · .THE BRIDGEPORT :POST, WEDNESDAY,* 21; 19511 The listening Post Let Miss Kellems Capp the Climax! By ftOCKY'CLARK Vicious political propaganda Is be- Einnlnp to-enter our living room In the disguise of television enttrtain- xnant ...and, frankly, we don't llhfl It' Our temper reached the toiling point Sunday n i g h t w h e n we witched "Who Said That'"', an NBC-TV qulr show en which ft panel ot jo-called experts are supposed to identify current nevps quotntlona tired at them by a gem w)fh a bljr] bl»fk mount ache. Boh Troul, by nm*. Sunday nlehi'n 'VJIJIPI la" liirludnd former POMmatei-General James A. Farley, with whose performance we could find no fault; AI Capp.the loud-mouthed eartormlst, who used tbs program na a snundtn for his political bates; Faye ion m a low-cut gown, who and tittered at everything Mr. Capp had to say. and John Cameron Swayz*. permanent panel member, with inborn we have no compHitat. IfEC apparently feds that* cartoonist Capp's brand of humor wan vi hat the doctor ordered. Ha haj been booked for a return atocur- ancE next Sunday night. A-lene Francis and Paul Galileo will also be on toe panel. ' Last Sunday's guests wero all Democrats, although "Gentleman Jim" Farley refused to indulge In the smeai tactics employed by Capp and bts one-woman cheering section. Although admitting that he disagreed vita Sen. Robert Tail's political ideas. Mr. Farley expressed an admiration for the Ohio Republican leader and admitted that he was a brilliant man. Miss Vivien Kellems. Connecticut Industrialist who has been campaigning against the governmental decree that ihe and other emjiloy- ers act as Income Tax collect orgf tvas the target of Capp's rnosl vicious remarks He referred to her as "the lady who files around Connecticut on a broom" and than, to keep Miss Emerson's laughter (it a high pilch, mado reference to con- Combination Windows MADE OF REDWOOD NEED NO PAINTiNG No* 10 ^iiihm f«r tin coimnliaiul titmc SUO mililM IBt, dmn -- 3D BiMtnl Is WE alto Bin t In grind Alumnm PHONE 4-l?.t54 ANY TIME FUEL Oil. Oil Burners DIAL 6-1161 MILPORD 2-2S84 OVER OF PUBLIC SERVICE Juoinf Vivien with m, picture of Ray Bolifer (the scarecrow of "The WJ*- ard erf Oa"). In addition t.o expressing agreement -with everything Mr. Capp had to say, Miss Kmeraon laughed 10 hard at times* she found it neowtai'y to lean her pretty little- head against the cartoonist whose face would then twist Into a aelf-satle- fied grin that reminded us of seme of the ·yrelrd Dogpatch characters that have graced bis "Li'l Abner" cartoons. Thn grin wai Him liar to that employed by comedian Frnkie Mi.rfow« Irvhli imitation of n dopey aweeT)»lak(sa- winner. If Miu* Kallema wer* to take my advice, ·which ot course she doesn't need, she would 'write a hot letter to NBC. demanding an opportunity to appear on the program to voke hrr own viewe o( Mr. Capp, Mia* Emerjon, their Ideu and manners. Than the public noukl d*old« for It- nclf fh« winner of th* controversy, It's A pretty eure ,b*t that Vivien would he the victor, hmds down, JACKPOT JABBER So Eil Pert It was right again. and a Baltimore woman wen the jnekpot ·tar identifying Albie Booth u the "phintem voice" en CBS' "Sing It Again" Saturday night! Marge Cilrrf thinks th* n*w "phantom" t* M*ry Martin. . . . A n d Winehdl, nnxt door neighbor te Sunday night'* WNA8-ASC "Stop th« Music," »«ys ths mystsry M«ttfl !* "If Alt the SUr* W*r« Pretty lab. les." WOMEN WHE8TLERS ON TV Aren't the local authorities getting- pretty puritantcul* in .banning women wrestlers from performing here -- especially in view of the *aet we can watch the girls toss -each other around the ring on television? They were onTVABD Monday night And is their performance anymore "demoralizing" th^n ^the so-called "S" cirls who Are permitted to perform in local g i n - m i l ? Today's Radio Program,: Net* (*). indicate* program i* hwnt on WJZ and WELL 1:00 Glii'ct tt Llt*Um H«w»: Dui]»i Hetody Bvnir Ult MmiUrul tt) Htt, Von Mwln 3:18 flCOM 111 tl OunUt Hfilfrdj BdllflH ItoM tf Utt It ll'W'd l'wtmtn'« *'eH(U S'ral«llMlllT tilt. Wiotiot Tike /.tl Mail 1. 1 N«ITI Motlo Bill Lore Skrky* lBt __ WIP1X wxic WJZ WlAD wow ·wxfrx wurw tnttu. BtHDllUl Uotlb 1)11) Dgn)» Haute roittilD'l B'fnaa Simpluiiltc Hit, BOUM L'irtj Bll lanij" ttnw ^Bw^, Wtiult Lori T«l)l Diet ^ Dill Omnliv.' I" Itinltitm Inn I.U: Uittlc Ball . | Lori SOBgB · DIAL S^TTINQS WNAB--H50 WLIZ--1MO WICC-- «» WNIC-WU WOR-710 WMCA-- S7D WEL1--S60 WCHS-WO ro 1, B. tiUu R A D I O RIPPLES Sir Stork IB scheduled to visit Gildcrsleeve's niece Marjorie on NBC's "Great GitdarMctv*" program tonight at 8:30* but you'll have ta tune in to learn whether It's a boy. girl, twins or triplets . . . Vice Pretfdent ·irVtlvy is to r be heard in a xpsclal Washington's Birthday message on Nancy Craig's WJZ program tomorrow at 4 p.m., and he'll be hack on her Friday program to reminisce about hla boyhood . . . . John 1. Kennedy'* 10.30 newscasts on WWAB-JUBC will be replaced next week by * new 15- mlnute "News of Tomorrow" program with John Daly as editor-narrator, Monday through Thursday nights. Louelta Partons, who usually does the Interviewing, will be Interviewed by Frances Scully on WNAB- ABC Friday at 2:19 pjn, . , . Fibber McGes and Molly 'i repeat performance of "Back Seat Driver" on CBS' "Suapenae" ihow tomorrow *t 9 p. m, wilt be the first draiaa in the series repeated since Ajnes Moorehead's "Sorry, Wiong Number,", . . Janet Gaynor and Charles FarreH will emerge from retirement to play their origin*] rolea in the 1828 silent film success, "Seventh Heaven", on CB8* "Radio Theater" Monday at 9 p.m. Oust Oof! PH'ILGp 17-in.TV YANKEES ON 2 CHANNELS Afticnoon biltbull gim« ef th« Naw York YjinktM witl fa* itilttviMd from Yanke4 Stadium over two ftatiaho, WAID' and , WPIX, this saaion, but WPIX alone will carry th* night SarMt, WAKD, which had th* gatneti tied up en 'an MCtuaivo bail*, h*a arrangtd to "fitd" them i» WP1X which will e«rry them axeluilvily for 4h* fallowing five year*. WARD will glv* up the. right* b*eiuw tha game* mterfens with Dument ntfnork shawt. N*w Balanced Btam ISO ,Sq. Inch Picture Lowest price ever for Philco 17-inch television with Balanced Beam True-Focus picture--no blur or smear! rlua Duplex ChaaBiB. Built-In AenaJ. and newest iaaturei. It's the Philco 1800 in Mahoff- any-finish cabinet. P H I L C O TV SETS AS LOW AS Appliance Center f INC. -3921 MAIN STREET PHONE 6-4511 · OPEN EVENINGS * TELEVISION TOPICS Because of the holiday temni- IDW, WPD£ wilt televise n pref*» ilonut baskotbatl deubl (header at 3:28 p. »., the N. 7. Knlcki va, Tri-City, and Boston vs. Baltimore i . . . Don't misa Kals Smith'* blg- j time NBC-TV show tomorrow at 4 I p. m., with Katln* Paxinou doing' i dramatic sketch, Leonard SLIM {playing his trumpet, anil other big acts . . - Erneit rteuter ( Mayor oJ West Berlin, Germany, will be interviewed by Douglas ErJwaids on his CBS-TV newt) program tomorrow night at 7:30 , . . On his CBS- TV show tomorrow at 9 p. m., Alan Young wjll icferee a wrestling match between two real mean wrestlers, Hahmut Youaof and the Super Swedish Anfrel , . . Susan Dougla* stars as "Mtse Cinderella'' in tomorrow night's "Bifr Town' d)ama on CBS-TV at 9:30; which was Inspired by the experience of Reba Tassell, _the TV Cinderella girl who* made such a bit on "Studio One" last montb. Bozo ,th» Clown returns, by juvenile request, to A! Gannaway's Half Pint Party on WJS-TV Friday, at 4;*5 . . . LyU M. president of Science Research sociatis, will give the Qulr Kids cf- fscial mental tests on their NEC- TV show Friday at 8 p. m,, -and listeners can do them, too--to compare their own bralng with the tie imartlcs . . . Red Barber ,tnj his 12-yeor-nlti daughter Barbarn will be guests on Sam Levensoii's CBS-TV show Saturday at 7 p. m. , , . Sen. Robert A. Tafl and Sen. Joseph C. O'Mahoney will debate on the question, "Is Our European Policy Sound?" on CfBS-TV's "People's Platform" Sunday at 8:. tf his health permits, ·tnfl Crotby will do a duet with Mary Martin on the NBC-TV salutd to Hiehirt Rodg'eM, March 4 ,at 9 p. m., bui you'll only see Maiy, 'cuz Sing's voice will be "piped In" from Hollywood . . l . The Metropolitan Intercollegiate Swimming ChamplonrMp Final* will be televised from the Pool March 7 at «" p.' m. That's the same night that CBS- TV will televise the Einrd Ch»i;l«- Jot Waleott championship fight at 10 o'cJoek. ·rUce«t*rt9 Frltmfly Ster* . . . Dfp In eaff IB* Ifi* Iff Cirrft, M or ·«!. 4:00 3(tw«; Suri neivi. IfFHtrDin'tB 1 HfllDOT flgMM Mukilu* Witt itrlnt« Wtllw 41IDJ fttl» iler jtfmila tt* it niiii Rat Tnnt) ·"* tntti Hill «»«, IrlM) OtHtl Homy Hel. Hoiw*. Oowi HLttlfl Ualllt » Wtllw, Hi *i NIBLT Crali TliBiur If ni la btrUn IF Bluli Ha) Tunlp 1 KF*I Uuilg Rail lfmir Him WDAB W11Z wno WXBC wnx Viz wiftc WOA 4:30 Stuilrnt ITadln Btoitn Of, 4)45 Pitt titiptl Ihtlttl MUilc Sllwsi Mk*)i(ilrf' Btnelra aSl. Ma utiD 8:00 ; JDU rk' Tr»)) klirt Trill Inile fenttval *B CewA: Ntin: 9)15 ft h^ariB Slitir BpoctB «KK Trail Viiftll *ml U!B Mark 1ml) Mntlu Viitlral H'ntttlvai LiAga a us inir jBuditaj JlvhbT StlPfHDDd Rij Blocb ItBTltlT W5U wico WMO WOK WVTD WOBI wxon WHEW WHOA WttZX (lit in* Air Cljrfe e^ttj Jmt fliln flf!I CI?Hi outtt Wist Point Conc't HIU toa Iflhftev HUHlni BABllltllDlt Ktwui Bitlronn BlioA CmbT Cecil nil 'Due Fnlnt Cene't Uici Bail ii B. fl*ur«TM Caalttill 'llmi 8;00 Bportitlte tiakt* N*w ^twa ,Tl* VM, H*wi !«! BtHl Hpoftt Twt Point Oojic't L JtCfcMiBh Htt^p Ranlnf HiadBtind dlAltBt Ktmi* Kiwt: Bolljn cm) *!": lliijle 6;15 Anitttr MID El»a u CiBtur^ DririiD Et Uaeri* Weat Plnt Conc't Imi ft rhe Worlfl Uulo of Border i Wnthir . «;30 Nnirh ^ilbvt'n KddlB Mictln Ot. V t l j n u Horttll Nnrw TTtn Point Cone't Curt Kinrj Cull no freuirleit MeuH: Indna i:45 e tQtl T- LBBI ai*n LdBiii, thila, Kcirm H»ik«DiiDjf« CaacBrt: AewX r Lnwetl , SI Bts Glll ' Spit Pinapj CuBPeft 7iM i»wi. Tbcu I«r» III tin LaiTlf B' Hill; Budlmm BlBllH' Oil!" The star* Blni Hnt»«l Elmer UAVIH Suit)) anil Short It ttiltietln Hour Dick · wioo wxso ' WO* wJBT WDB* WMIIK wsin WHOA ·raia. 7)30 Alulcal EcrcniOt (iibrleJ Uulrer Glbd«l Beitter l.nna ^lAEir Clttlr IS OTlon ItDMB't P«7 Nsni. Tea nil mil Happy Italian Er 7:46 Unties! Sercntili LUflfcr Jim Pbtttfii, Situ, aijipj Imllu Er B:00 ltan A M n Truth Of lit B Truth HI fit Tbrn Rau Oe. nt Ml»le HirpirrlMi 8:15 AiarrlctT A lent Hladtn Troth Rain of in Bidden Truth Ataalo vl ^lailc Thru annul tins" Bis Tin* KDBBBB WNAB* WIDO wnao vox WWTO WOBB TUB Ftt Dan lireaB tillclBrjl Tut' I atrmrt Nirwc tliale OA.n. Tcm Sif It wHIi H 1:48 Xhe Fit ill Intl. Airport iptvit iJildv] llirlittii r« SccteT Mijk ,,( Until TrnpTcaqi MIT It wit* tlntlo WMGM-- 1060 W LAO-- WO WTIC-;18BO WNEW-- 1130 WAV2-- 1Z60 WSTC-- 140D WN^K-- 13SO WQXB-- 1560 WNHC-- 13« Sports 9:00 iiB'^ Gnll« 3.0WO cliu i.OOO rotkRD JIKIBT 1 1» IB *affit; llcurnt Ran S,0(W Plus linHli'kfi lt 91)00 PI in lon Prq fiorltfir K»UJT Mistlct Mnilc W)CO mnc wo* mnre wois witoa Itc. tltlldtnt Paul); Tomer ap D.A. Kite II T Thulcr Saws, CrMti Kquftri L^RLin rtrrj CDIBB Arnjiiii tttr W »5i« llr Precedent TudEUT Tlicitcr Hr »..\ Family Itiaitor tluuelni id lluilt il(K rrtalr )tt ffadb Rieb !oilB ?ro B Cool' Huitc ^I*B; Sinn: 10:09 Llfi GUM Cdwirtf er; Edvatd* Ulf fttvut Hnut DlIti^ ColUll KDU (rut Lift DIM* 10:15 BSfb LU H*TUI I LOTS * UTKtflT Sir ttOrj A L Aieuddcr Hlffll USf! IlBTUt AoklnK Scut 7tv Hotkcr 'Cool' Colllm JJmlo lou Win* LtC Dluce WSA1 WIOO VW1D WO* WJZ WHOM wizw ·max WMCA 10:30 ^(iori 1 Mary VTftltb . J^liaw £hop OHIHI! Ttoop KBW^I. Mvtilc PmiliF Uinie Lll'j DlBCt Hen Pnnte Time J 1^1 1 II 111 K 11:00 Ptmt-T.. DP H»l JBW1 E. Btnji't n*wt Mmti 'til UiDBlt* t Kt Wttil) m Ha ilt V KlllfnWtr. BtlOD ·ftia ElUW KBWWTBBI Miiki 'ill Kldnlli Nltht W«t(ii ffurkt of Minie wion wsmc Wo* WJ* WMOJt WKKW Oritn l Plin riHti Flan 11:49 PfffrtBm Slnrr Wnthec Mule Or. of Mimlq .Mid, tt. CtrlfTe Or. n; Sin Went. Art W«n«r IftTfJ Art BfB k Dt. 0!1 OCT. til tbD Mtt. W«1C won WJZ WCJI WJIBK 12(30 Stl»Ht)0*7 Sill AlliD Ra(i»B O BIB 4]niii^ hn t: Utinwtn Ciirllt Ssl iTIBhhnBT «r J» I* Lit Itnrflnr MM. ttft "^TMplHlpJ 91(t Bit Id* Jnvk BIKIJCI MltliiiaR'i Hit, Barrr Gtu J itoll. 3: KCITB Jpbft MEiJ Trln Sviiiunfitly Mlri ATlAB H^ftfflBI Or. Bit K*l«iB Show MtUtaaii'i Slit, Bttrf wax *nz wou WJCSM wxnr WHO* TOMORROW'S PROGRAM: tttrfc El KM Strrt: Htnu tint " auia nfr Itif ,\lr Hum Htd (o n 45 BlB 100 ItC 31 MHtoiin," to « 1A.M. *lr ii^r *lr It Ihi Uttet JoM G Off tin Mi Itut HtBillnl 6:30 R«c Qt · Uci lonn Crl« ibow BtttlDBT MltUl B:4d, U«fi*i1 Unit Mawi: J Stfrllnt NttWBTBtl New*: in.Ttlilni: Mntlral, jifnigafl WJ2 vuv WCBB WHEW WMCA ·i WJZ 7*7«r~ «wi» 145^ Olutt [ : StUrJi ; t tinzn -Wp»tl!cf i Ktrlr \tnitr WEU 14.10 Club WeotUcr: Ctltr . tlurinl Qlouk WH1U7: Nawjf Newt Eirlj MM HterllnK, Nam retf Drihifv fteoia Nut I. «J.'tSlBI Snln llnut T«» lla Aaron 4 t: Afli:TiMU kev N*wa ». Mltih 1*I Bfciin itew Went: Uullii Nairn. U«11tsl»r 171S HBO Cloh JDITII Cricp rh« EirlT Bird foil Cm* Mxnr Tii Bfunn flion Blunt-- Ui WIJI W1IBC wo* WIAD WCM 8.30 iJinW ClFh ftmUj Ofll* BIBB Qiwitrj Hit J!ni Ufproth* *fi0 OUik Th* FlriiC^taJLft Bird Ttd Bnmn Nofft Wl llltr . X^im Crier B^nnOtoihj; Oant HIT JU» DdrotUf ABU Dick ritisernJitii: atmt B.rlj Bird . HjirB«trt ttl«i Ted Brown; Nt»« Wilier ttiOQ nktiti cinb _ iTJtJth Newt J1 n j *u«1 I mt 'fem; BtiUHtir ILJ9 t ^«w TwJr ·Itoti l"r*di*rli*at^ 9:16 OHB Blnx Polka llmF J^qi Anrf T^x 'Anra Edwirdt BBHR UvaHiirvilBt Tiln it KBW tor* Cirltmi FrMericki Ao.Tttim COM nocli KnJ Ted Stetlr llllt HB'll WDAB* WtlE WIOO wmro woi WLAB WOBB · WKEW 9:30 nruktaM dab. Anna Ttii« in N Fnlkt Pirtj AndE* 9«mLji at- Home ndqU Turk ilfllc FlBbn Oil* Listen Lul)» BlttliJaf Ltrrj Andre Batocb UtCiunb at Stm A DC a Roudfll Tommt Kits! ran Wur/i WUto Dick Baraea KlffD tnt T«l sttelt ' M) 10:00 M It N**wv Uailr KPHW* ^iBKlr Siorr . « 1 H VHl Prnnp Arthm riutliu ItaRel* nm K B Ballmnn Hair* AliB^iitn Mnmliffl Mflnnl vox wmc wax WXJJ) WHTO wot* witos virur 18;30 Bftn rmlttr Aelaj QaLc Pcttkdlt Pinulc Htiltt Artliar iB Dnnt Slur rr: QalErnnid :t nun uunl Vlclnr l.luamlir Ifitrtnd vf Here? H««Ub: N Arrtitir G Hwlnv BABEt M B BAltrv SIT tt wit" Mornlnz VPJ 11:00 . Udl» Fair Rrtik tlia Hank Arthur UutlfRT lni BaoAitko R ttlllHiara . ni^4itaa ; Tpij'al 11:15 DtviJ Amlt7 htrvnidc Lcltiei fill, Nrni Etui tin- Blnl! Ttlio-Ti-nt (lr(Jn ttPtltill Arthur led steelr Mnrjrjn*, Cancart wttz wicc WNXO wo* WH10 WOBI WHEW wmjc 11-30 OntM luf a Du J«cl BfnA QBPBII Tbr A DAJ OrHn Roelttl Grstit Slim Hatlnf: ntiikffilAad Keif*; Hint, sun Elm TeA IIKir in » Klia* tttopittjrf lor » [)»J GirravraT frr B dir Noon , John flJiBn flh^tr IS n'Ctwh Hr*i "XpivK ^mb^idff Nrtrp Si Itch Kftlt Hfnfth Tatkn Jehn OlnBn tlhow PlHla Stnw Com« tnd Cict It KBITB. Hec'4 Shop- 12:15 Kltltct) tlnit Get It WflAB W14K W1DD wmc worn w« WL1D WJIIW WXCA Herb HhiHon ^uni'Utn] riftttvri HllWlf Bj-mpbotsj Jnt] Btrrun Or Nam; Stan Bit 12:43 LlO Club | Lfltlltn vf Btwr Lunrh (it *trd]' Bcrb ]ifld,j] Ijiti' bmrt llmli Onr Gnl Bmtdi: Show Hufon if, Archti Henri ti. 1:00 1440 CJiih XQWJI: Flatten New* Ktaanor kooHvaJt Luncti At mra^i Uirr If. MrBrldi , WUlc t't Hli 14 WI Cljlh PlittBr Tirade Rude ro iv n hhair JIK PLtlccnn Ltucb it Mntl* »t:j M UPHrldt Tfichirs CoJtte* Muilr FomlTtl Pcrtlm WOB WH TiSB 1460 Olotl_ Platttr fiti OBHC4WJI fi TlMiUt llin B McBrldi Wnltt Tlnm Ainfl^. Cumr^jMrs YiflHir 1)r fulfill* Ktafi pn t^iriilc Kcvri. ftlutflc stir TJtx Fnii er and E^im 'd Shelter II UpBriilf The gteel used fn jet engines IE made heat resistant by adding small amounts of the metal columbium. Btu* Evening Radio Highlights . Mull« r«tiwt Ceniut ettm ttir»«lt Hid! t), « Mliltujr Bind mil Oulut OlH rUonti SIN 6nr«*» I. * jlino-- W1TTO th« World) Hft^ Boltir 4n ·Kmicil Otun*ii7'~ WCBB T:l*-- Joljp J.'i Fitipittjctt, Otllictir of In- iiraal anwne, an nar uiumt Tw 1 -- WTIC T.M-- Crlnn D»M No* FIT Telin Ehil- tta U '»ouih Cuitwnn J ~WM6K ItOO-- 'XlUi of ITJ" with «t Mid Xn. XtniM Oolretn-- WWBO , I:W-- 'Ilk Sitalij, Amiticw A [lot 1 with lack JtcOtrtbJ-- WKAB' Ht|l: Kouit Ptsflo Cm- » In * 'The Oitj'-- WIOC. t.W--Di. olnJitiu: Jam Hinhtlt in 00i« OMB'-- TV DBS I it)-- inmjcln *iiiii iBKiTai muuoiit Siiilon. llrthud Dur Bimitt, iii- 1M* TH Wir. Tim fi»tt, owir Vruicl, Woodr ttutkrie. Buki of mn, Id McOtudr ud othwt-- WMTO 9.(Mm' 1 Tdn fat Tcur Life 1 mth GrcruDbft Km-- WMBO 9 OB-- Broil PUTT Show-- WOBfl 8:»-- Mr. D. A,- 'Iht Caw «f ilii 0«i4- IT llikt'-- WHBC S W-- Finillj- Th«t«r: Jen* Wltker, jure iintinf SCil Titter In 'Tbi HoonJ f HMlttn'-- WICC, WOK I 30-- Jinr OrotiT thowi lallulih B»ni- lund ud Fa«t7 L«#-- WOBS 111 »0-JpmMB|LBE: Short Storr. Brunt 't Tirty Or«d'-- WNBC E Lswrtnci THREE ERRING HUSBANDS P L A C E D ON PROBATION DETROIT, Fnb. 21-- UV) Thine liuobunda WCIIQ on ptobatlon today leaving their ivlvoi nnd J.I children to run off with a baci'-huyinc Recorder's Judge Paul B. Kiauso placed Bale Bui icy, 23, and Hrtrnld Bentbe. 3T, on two ycais probation John Dnvlw, st, wao put- im one ycai pjobation. They \vetn convicted o f i non-support ol their -wives and fam- lllea, Thpy Ipft haftip lapl month on 3 t n p to Colltainiii with Mis Loi- inlian Bntnilatl, 27. whn[waH nrcustd hv Hn 1 vilici tit lining the men nvwiy liy liuyirjr them brci The men ,iml Mrs. Eriindon wonnri up j In n 9pi!nBflr!ti, Mn , j a i l when their ' monfy ran out. ELMS ORDERED CLEARED TO KEVEAL TREE VERSE Scauecd h piocpiscd ft] the duction ot such things a^ T.Ti ?i, iodine cattle r?ed and / i i t nrs. 7TT t'SBURGH. Pi Sb (UP) County cnmml.iSinm.r3 a pd ti day two-thiidi of tha tiPCB itiiinundmg poeL JiJjCC mt»i i nricmonal at Sou'h f h n p p r d down so paELT' 1 ^' leTil itiErilhpd on a pUque, I imou linn ' I t l i i n k tint 1 ^hall n a v c i A prcro loi?lv a-s a tree" T 'PlH for Sttrrl-nl', Hlltw tti Sil»«sr llii» It T mlutmtr ! ud eithm "The Star Spangled Banner" wja officially made the National Anthem by Congress In 1331, although already adopted as such by the Army and Navy. MINTS WALLPAPER , TILE8OARD FLOOR, SANDERS (Free Delivery) MEADE-SEMON !'l ·· l',,nr Proplt " · 250 M I D D L E STREET ·*· WIDE ANGLE VlliWING! CROSLEY 16-INCH CmtBle Moriii 11-446 MU. Buw- frant cfebliUt In hiind'-rubfat*' Hemhirnt v«Mtr or blend wend. 65 FULL WEEKS TO PAY 95 No more scasLmbling Co - position or huddling of chairs "out front" I Croslcy family Theatre TV with FULL ROOM VISION brings you clear, bright, undlstorted bi; pictures with three- dimensional effect, fro a any viewing seat in the room! 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Dit Kpl RflDpftl* Hatlf Bill 5tflwljr Carouttl Hit TiTiff ritt* Hlmt Dettliier You can't trace the magic to any single feature . v . ^ ,, All Vw blow is that everything about this 1951 Packard is compiling to make you forget there's anything ·mechanical about motoring You Hash a wish to the new Packard Thunderbolt engine--and to its teammate, Packard's exclusive UltramatK Drtvs--and the toad ahead is suddenly behind you . . . with a silent smoothness that can't be matched. You breezfe along, cradled by a Limousine Ride that's as relaxing as lullaby--and gradually you remember you've been musing the'old kick-up at railroad crossings, the jab of the ftost* breaks, the side-thrust of winds Ifs more than a car "ifs a And bear in mind: Pickard precision-built qualny udl / eep this.en- chantment alive for yeais to come. So come m--dine the greatest Packard ever built 1 Within cei minutes, all oiher cars will seem tame' THE MAN WHO O W N S ONE PACKARD-BRIDGEPORT Inc. 386 FAIRFIELD AVENUE -- BRIDGEPORT, CONN. t n Mary Lou Rtv*r* Mar^ McClfVi, .Virelnilt CofUflzO *i! Donald Bsrlnnki INSTALLATION PLANNED Initailalton of offiPem of the Senior- league of the Noith End vtill take place Thmj- *t 8 p m In th* veitiy of th* Rabbi Nalh*n Buretyn ·wilt CHILll STRUCK BY CAR John I Moraan, Jr. 4 *f ithotit 2 JO p m uben police uufi. he wa* ilrnck hy an auto atSrea* and Prtupect Htieeta, v Taki*n In a private auto to Era*"- gtnrv h upltal. he uas treated by Di Jacnh Py«srtw for lacerations unti onntuelOjiJi of th^ h*«d He wns reTc»ed after trentmrnt Police said the boy run from bt- tws#n t so parked caie into the path of an auto driven bv AM ft Roue, 36 of Tl Castle dm* Slrat- foid Th' driver was not arte«t*d, Jennlnyi climbed i^ut i n a fallen tree, howevsi and j(iabh«d the gomtn l)y the nflck The poos* now M held In * omip at th* place of FntilMmnn Hoylc'x r»th«i-ln-Iaiv MsuriM Nort hi up ] Maple stieet pendinK arrival of the on net FaliTlfld police nl'O hud th« rum panv of a wandeilnK goo«e yea teidsy. An unidentified aiitoUt aald tit found th* gnoie meandering along King* highwav · utoff neai Gi4smeie avenue and tttnk him tn Pnlire he»dq(iait*i(i The goon vttled rtown in th* poliie «aiB*p with John GiywaJiki, depaitmBirt malnlinanc* man nnd uft* lutned over to stat* game wardens ti*day after efforts t« ., Incite Its owner wer* J A M t WVHAN « VAN JOHNtOH -ft HOWAD0 Kill * IMtY IUU1VAM Th* exciting lov* story of an American Airlin** Flagship stewardess \rv r PCRBRCKHE* or l^^P^EHR[:H[^E^ o r

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