The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1955 · Page 45
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 45

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1955
Page 45
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• When most wives fell their husbands to go to blazes its more or less merely a figure of speech. But there are 18 wives right here in Algona whoSc husbands go to blazes regularly. And they don't need a word Crom the little woman to make them do so. * * * These eighteen gals are the wives of the members of the Algona Volunteer Fire Department find I m proud to .say my Old Man is one of the firemen. And since next week, from October 9 to October 15. is Fire Prevention Week, perhaps a few words on the subject of Life With A Fireman would be appropriate * * » Volunieer fire departments are peculiar to the small town Though they are pretty skilled in the trade, they have other jobs and they don't sit around the fire house playing pinochle waiting for an alarm to sound. They don't have eight hour shifts and then go home for an undisturbed night for they are on 24 hour call. It often seems to the fireman's wife that these calls come only at mealtime, after the whole family is in bed or when Papa is all dressed up in his Sunday Mlit. * * • The first blast of the siren announcing a fire brings plenty of action in a firemen's home. Father can be snoozing most contentedly but when that whistle blows he really jumps! One of the most essential pieces of equipment in fighting fires is the Volunteer's pants and if he happens to be- without them at the moment, he digs them up in a hurry. Some pretty strange outfits have turned up at fires, but so far as I've been able to find no member of the Algona company has ever shown up trouser- flss. However, they frequently have their pajamas on under their pants. * « * Meanwhile, Mama is waiting for'the divided ring of the telephone and the operator's voice informing us of the location of the blaze. Sometimes before this information cftn be relayed the fireman is already out the door, into the car and zooming like a stock car racer toward the fire station. This extreme haste is motivated by two things—utter devotion to duty and by the fact that the first firemen to arrive get to drive the trucks. a * • Firemen. I'm convinced, have have their hearing tuned in on a special wave length so that they almost always hear the s,iren no matter how much noise there is at home and whether they are awake or asleep. I don't always hear the whistle, but Father does. On th'e other hand, I can hear the children call me in the night, go upstairs, tend to their needs and be back in bed and he won't even break the rhythm of, his snoring. But just let that fire whistle blow and he's off like a flash. * • • Fighting fires is not the only work a fireman does on the company. There's many thousands of dollars worth of equipment at the station—the average truck costs $12,000—and it must all be kept in tip top shape at all times. When the whistle blows, it's no time to wonder if the hoses are squirting right or if the water tanks for country fires are filled. The local company has one work meeting a month, more if necessary, and Chief Kohl and other members of the department work on trucks and equipment at other times. At least once a year every inch of the 2700 feet of hose has to be thoroughly tested, drained and re- rolled on the trucks. This takes three to four hours per truck with several men working. * '* * Fife can be a fetrible thing. The lives it can take and the property it can destroy is simply appalling. I'm apt to think about these things when my husband is out on a fire call and I always feel much easier when he's safely back home. Most of the time he's not gone long, but I can remember about a dozen times when the local company spent the better part of a day or a night battling a blaze. The volunteer fireman's pay is the same whether it takes ten minutes or ten hours. * * * Fires seem to come in threes. It's one of my pet superstitions so every time the whistle blows, I knock on wood and say to myself there'll be two more within the next few days. Several years back, the firemen were on their wtiy back from Wesley after fighting a gasoline fire when they say the light from the tragic Country Club fire. When they returned from that the next afternoon, thfey were just starling to rest up when there was a country grass fire. Fortunately, much of the time when this "theory of three" applied the fires were all minor and sometimes one fire doesn't Bring two more at all. * « * After a man has been on the company for ten years he can retire if he chooses and still have his fire company life insurance policy in force. But firemen rarely do this. The fireman at our house is within a few years of his second ten years on the company and he won't even consider giving up his membership until his rhematiz lays him up. The company is kind of an exclusive outfit, too. There's usually a wait- ting list of applicants and a man is admitted only after a vacancy' and a vote by the entire company. What makes a man want to be a fireman? The checks they receive make nice extra spending money in most households but the fireman could probably earn more on his regular job. Soci- bility at the fire house could be another reason for they do have fun together after the" meetings. Community service is another reason and a very commendable one. But I doubt"if any of these is the whole reason. * » • Without meaning to belittle the 8 FALL SALE SWARTZ SUPER A Bountiful Harvest of Bargains! 7-Pc. Screw Driver Set With Rack Magnetized 780 New and Colorful PLASTIC DISH PAN $1.98 Value $1.28 Enameled ROASTER Holds 6 to 7 Ibt. 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One of them that almost made it in the Frosting, Filling and Icing category is this one for Apple Frosting. ' It came from Mr.s Anna Berte of Livermore. 1 cup granulated sugar 4 tablsp. powdered sugar 1 medium grated apple. 1 egg white. Beat by hand with a wire whip or electric mixer until white and thick. —GRACE. thursdny, October 6, 1955 Algeria (lo.) Upper DM Ma!n«s-§ volunteer fireman one bit, I suspect it is all these reasons plus an even more potent one—the glamour of fire fighting. A small boy dreams of being a fireman as naturally as he breathes. The huge, red trucks, the screaming sirens, the respectful halt of traffic and the saving of life and property is the twentieth century boy's substitute for Knighthood and dragon slaying. This sense of adventure is not entirely lost when the boy- grows up, so he becomes a volunteer fireman. And whether this diagnosis is, right or wrong, Algona and thousands of towns like it are glad he does, for the volunteer fireman makes his community a better and safer place lo live. • • • Another community betterment organization is the St. Ann Hospital Auxiliary, currently conducting a membership' drive. Among the projects the organization is planning _to accomplish this year is a S500 nursing scho- larship to be awarded next spring end the purchase of a modern light-weight service cart, elec- ti )(.•;;!)>• ht'flfed food carts, a frac- tu;f' table and sound absorbing aioiustical ceilings for the h'->:-pi!<iI nursery and delivery ri.i'.m. Your dollar membership will help in these projects and your work on any of the many services provided by the auxiliary will be worthwhile. * » * Jusi before the killing frost and ju.-t lifter the heat wave, is the time flics seem to plague us most. The horrid little insects are plottint: to find a warm place for the winter, rest up and then raise disgustingly large families next spring. But no! if I can help it! The other day 1 was pursuing one .particularly pesky fly with a rolled up magazine. '"I'm going to commit murder!", I shouted. Jt-annie looked up from her cor.iic book and said ,"Oh. Are you mad at Daddy?" Ready To Start Child Aid Drive In preparation for the campaign in Kossuth County for the benefit o? the Iowa Children's Home Society, Mrs Elizabeth Schenck. Algona, chairman, announced the list of workers who will assist during the Oct. 1-30 drive. The helpers are: Mrs Frank Rueb, Algona; Mrs Bill Woltz. Burt: Mrs Ronald Newbrough. Wesley; Mrs Alfred Bell. Whittemore; Mrs Marlyn Bausman, Lone Rock; Mrs Leonard Dittmer, Burt twp.; Mrs Clarence Siemer, Iryington twp.; Mrs Glen Gabrielson, Plum Creek twp.; Mrs Paul Blumer. Sherman twp.: and Mrs Fred Bentele, Wesley twp. The society offers aid to children from broken homes and others who need help. LOTS OF HEALTH At least one apple tree is doing its best to "keep the doctor away 4 ' if one believes that old saying about the health-giving qualities of the fruit. At Manilla, an apple tree on the Claude Conrad place is doing right by its owner. The tree had produced its second crop of apples this season. • WESLEY By Mrs. Viola Sfuder Mr and Mrs Clarence Ptuetk ,'inci 'laughters of Estherville were Sunday guests uf her parents, Mr and Mrs Lon Gauge and of her sister. Mrs Wilfred Becker and family. Mr and. Mrs Bill Clomrnts o! Iowa City spent the September 18 weekend at the parental. R. C. Bauer home and attended the reception for ~Mr and Mrs Calvin Meineke on Sunday in the parish hall. Mr.s George Wellik and family of Britt spent Friday, Sept. 10, in the parental R. C." Bauer home. Mr.s Martha West and Walter. Mr and Mr.s Cletus West. Mr and Mrs Ben Matern of Meservey and Mr and Mr.s Gaylor Vitxthum and family went to Elmore Sunday morning where they attended the 20th wedding anniversary surprise party for Mr and Mrs Urban Hommerding. Mrs Hommerding is the former Laura Wolf, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Frank Wolf. There is always a to do something. better way "Public re!afions" is everything you' do. PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMOaE, IOWA Friday, Oct. 7 PRANK BUHR Sunday, Oct. 9 DON SHAW Friday, Oct. 14 PUG STUEFFEN Sunday, Oct. 16 LYNN KERNS Friday, Oct. 21 JOLLY LUMBERJACKS No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 U-D-M Classifieds Pay Dividend, Poland China Boar Sale Friday Nile, October 7th at 8:00 P.M. 40 Head of large, fast growing boars of known mealiness. / These arc long, rugged boars from large litters. We think we have just what the commercial pork producer needs. Bangs free herd No. 141, Free Delivery. Vaccinaled and Guaranteed. Sale at farm, 6 miles S, 2 miles E of Brill. 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