Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on August 24, 1887 · Page 3
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 3

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1887
Page 3
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A Potpourri of tlie Days Doings. Expects to IJeave : WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 24, 1887. Coming Events Casting := =: ^" i Shadows Before. ' Richmond. I ' for To-morrow. Port and T HE EA3TETW MAINE PAIR, ^he East- waidone. The day passed socially and _!__!__ eTM Maine |fclr, which LJ to be held In this happily, making It one long to be rme " " "~ olty/ne^t week, promises to be a'great bered by all present with pleasure. ' Wmawlllbo cent to per- sncteas, both In the' amount and variety Seventh Day Adventlit*. The Seventh Day Adventlsts commenced their meetings on the camp ground last yTM*^TM' 01 ^ 10 * -rP-W of L ofe S hlblts,and ln'the~nTtendance;a"s'aU VISITING PATB^Scls Mlt- l^ p ^^^^^°^ Tbe -Accident to th A NimERIOUS CASE. Attemitel Poisoning Karmlngton. at [Special Correpp BAR HAI to-day is very like the Bar Harbor young women, coquettish and coy, hot altogether 1 uncertain. If the weather clerk Is at all wise he'll clear the sky for the reception on board the Richmond, which has been -- j MUIB ant address changed as often as de- Wdloailons point to a! great number of A Big Kole Forty Fep% "Long and s| fe£i at the regular yearly rates as fol- Visitors to our city at tint time. The list i · lows: 1 week, 16 cts.: 3 weeks, 33, cts.; of entries for the trots has been closed 3 Weeks, 48 cts.; 4'WBeksj 64 cts. .The ind. as will be seen a our advertising above prices include postage, which is pre- tolumns this morning. It Is very large and contains the names of tnany well-known 4nd speedy horses. Alii the other depart- IT ANT. great eoncoarse of peopled The following ,,-.,,,,, _ *?7 T * " h»n.,nrtin litidgej where she on a ig the harbor ( at Milat Mitchell's beached Immeclate- Katahdln , No. 4, and Can. a r - .. ,, M t . W.-A. Brophy, of Boston, is in the men* Indicate correspondingly iareeen- ton BanB ° r patri H hs Mllitan t. "**n- and we have no hesltatlfn in alterl "'««,'" «« FellowF Hall yesterday after- DAILY PROGRAMME: Rising, » Prayer Meeting, Breakfast, I " " "Torship, in rooms H an ( iintlii't'"! V I I tin' Statements Regarding- t h e Mutter. rurties Under Heavy *..i days. Commander and Mrs. Boyd have become very popular her they are wherever known time Is expected on board their sh p those who have been so fortunate is have been Invited. The harbor .is . . . au X 3 \°L W ..T temporary re P/'" a vis t to Bar Har to enable her to itach ,, . . ,, . . ,, ,, _ t ^ i. F. M. LaughtOL has returned from «"ff Our belief that the cc mlng fair will be n °" n J"' ^° and 809U after torla ^ '" line to Bar Harbor. ,"H f the most Interesting ever held In , . "^ by th ? Ban K° r Band * nd a platoon of police, ihe procession marched eld at 10 o'clock A. M. to-day, to Port- ty or forty, feet long and about ]nve feet land yesterday on a visit to hep friends in wide. A tug and e team pump pavs ar- that city. s r ved from Both and an attempt wDtbe Arrivals In the harbor were few and made to flcat the sfieamer to-night. It is far between yesteijday, and but two or expected that she will be able to eav^r three'light crafts made their appearance. Mr, O, M. Farrlngton and wife, who ren's Meeting, - «tcckton assistant superintendent few days. Union street to the Car Company, was In the ^ Encampment, No" w"L Is now at Bar Harbor for h » r and B mgor Bell for Retiring, to receive Bell for Silence, A. M. o.OO 5.30 7.00 8.00 9.00 P. M. 1.00 2.30 8.00 7\30 au918 2w Pres't, DEEEIKO, ME. ew ?anhg -ouse -- te-^- · BAR HARBOR. i^S'^SC^Sffi' sa In Sproul's Block, Mufti StrcotTlJar Harbor. 0.00 Sj.30 hy which " iss, 'J;!. The Knngeley £ rase wtis the great MI in northern Franklin IXH'klinand Mrs. Dun- returned to Kangely ,, ,, . . . 1 ..... ha,,, ,,,ul brought him often i caught yesterday. .,,,.,,,, rt , j, The Iroquols has folned the rest of the r","j^|£":"*;!^ ' ?, ** large yachts laying at anchor and the Gal- '"""" N "^ WS '" en " ble atea is hourly expected. The Galena , t i,, I'hillips, bringing Searles salls to-night at ten o'clock! for Boston, ,.,,! a f t e r t u r n i n g the latter where she ships a lot of neWmtin. Froijn Boston she goes to Newport and sals thence to Philadelphia with the fleet. Captain and Mrs. Chester are very popular and will be missed greatly by their here. The rest of thefleet will sail to-morrow and the Bar Har jor rustlcator giV "' gthe "»P-!on of carefu niforms sh Our Own Folki and other Folio. i for a trip to Boston. turned to their home in Gaine?TM*'. £ betweeTM ^rk auTCh'lngt'onTnt" ** V ^°^ TM '" DUml)er ' "** the ^^ f ~ BradbUry ' ' e " '° r a Bhort tri " yesterday. next summer. The train will then be re- command of Major:J. M. Adams, arrived to Portland yesterday noon. ;;,,,. « l , T r . i hearing was had ·riu- s i n r y a s n e a r a s can . . - u l - L m i i a l l y as follows: J. , , , ) , , , , , . ,,r llangt-ley, who a government a^rr/crgi^^^ TM«t.wio^ monflngto make an extended new! route the train will be called tho lat popular resort. Congressional Limited 'Vestibule Train, Regular business meeting of the Crusade ana -j It will be running soon after Septem- this passage of the tide, and lino knowledge of'the c Sisire she struck. ! h » j e n d d b\ b e BanT B d' and headed bytbe Bangor ,Band · FBOM BBIDGTON. D^uk D raW.nkn» wn p hy .tc a». BRiDGTONi Aug. 23. Dr. William P. Franklin street. n this afternoon at half past two. Prayer ber lOth. It will make ^he fastest time an _ meeting, to which all aro cordially invited, eveit attempted between these two cities, , P ro ee8S'on marcned through the slrects at foir. Held at the reading rooms, probably only making stops at Philadel- p atr torcte WP^ Mt^ 7 ! ,,, dearies to do tlie will heave a big sigh of relief thereat, and Shattuck, riii eminent physician widely All bf the western tra ns from this city phla and Baltimore, although it has not l , , . i i i . i hml w i t h his wife for find himself restored to favor in the eyes known throughout the country, and for yesteijday were unusual y well filled with of the fair sex. One drawback to his per- 33 years the manager of the Maine Hy- passengers, andanumber who wlshedseata at Watcrford, ME., died J D (he Pulta -" · "« r making; her home with l.:i*l .Inly Inmhnin had ,1 a n i l tiroi.gliE before a l u l l i p s i-lutr^ed with coin\ u i : h Mre. Dunham. At iniiy \vilnosses tcstilied, · i \jir**ed positive knowl- p l ! cf the parties and his | . - | H i l , ' . l in every particular ffct happiness will be the presence ol the - gienic Inst tutj yachtsman, many of whom carry them- yesterday it the ige of 09., lie has selves with a jaunty grace that woull do beeii in a critical condition for several credit to a Middy. Jollity Reigned Supreme at the St. Sauveur last night; the |mask the^ullmnn cars had to be refused, as they were all taken. ' pston and Bar Harbor this season, and who have been enthusiastic iii the visiting dinner. The much £ tten- liey are a fine " .TT "IT" look| ng °°dy of men and march with ex- ,ade the trip ce i| en t nr«,l»lnn. I ." This train has given ? tO the . tol «» »»- hl »' n. P h g Ptttriarch9 weeks, afflcted with gangrene in the loot. lie leave no fatal their praise of the elegant « * The, Eastern Ice Company has disposed ££ ££~t o l t h e ears -ether bUt OWlDS t0 the rai " which had been ' abrmt dnnhiA ih« » m n,,nc n f !,,,, «,i. .. _»«TMKTMent or the ears, together fal i ln ,, .ii..,,,,- ,,. inte ^ 0 i 0 ,,,, ,.,,,, ,, ,.,,,,, fall|ng 8llghtly at Interva)a al , dny jt was and domino party was a very great success. Nearly all the lady guests musked, among whom were the Misses Hunter, Miss Betz, ;M| rrohahlf Cau«e - fur the September rn in -?20). Since the i]i ha-: limLinued living shcrifTs | sale at auction of the real I ftlOM IIATII1 . ' An Attachment Placed on a Steamer. BATH! Aug. 2?. At the instance of ( , T -- -- ,, Mrs. Theodore King, Miss Htaufler, and Portland crcdlto-s, Sherlfl liallou, of this estate) In Hampden, In which William N. Miss Harry, and other hotels were wel^ city, served an attachment on' the stea'ncr Baker) of Hampden, is Interested, will represented. No characters were ta^en; Jessie B., of tl^e Kennebec and Portland occur this forenoon at ten o'clock at the white nnd red dominoes with a sprinkling line, last night, at Fort Po^hain, where la«f office of Henry W. Hnyo nt Hampden or blnck and blue were prevalent. Jinmie thestenmer-,vasstormbound. Surisequcntly Corner/ Messrs. George E. B. Putnam, W. B. of abmt double the amount of Ice this «,»i, fll . ,,,,,,,, , .. . season as last, and has reared a ,arge Srt±'Sr^^u''.^^ ^ " *TM "» ** »»« °* "* ^ ry it to the differ- nr ennrati nno r n n p ... , B gramme, so nothing further was done dur- rnCSonvl, e 'F,: £ n^ win" £" -f*~~, * «f T ^ «,"*· t6r and spring ,«i""'B «'= win themselves comfortable at the hotfl or ST. AI.BANS ITEMS. Our correspondent writes: The GeorgeG6odwin Post attend- line wafe again formed on Barlow street and the-home Encampment and Canton, ,, . ,, musier ai Newport and report a Mr. George Webster and family are at tlie Katahdin Iron Works for a short visit. Hnn. S. W. Matthews and Miss Matthews were at .the Bangor House last night. Dr. \V. H, Thompson and wife, of New Haven, passed last night lit the Bangor · Dr. Alfred R. Taney returned home last evening from a visit in the eastern part of the State. MIsa Ettu Lisson, of Newport, ]!. I., is visiting at the residence of Mrs. A. S. Feckham. Mr. Gyms K. Clark, of Boston, who has been visiting friends in this city, returned horn« yesterday. Mr. D. A.JBooker, Maine Central bridge . , . . . . . . ,. builder, was in the city yesterday on A few minutes before eight o'clo^ the busincss connected with the ,,[,,,.,,,/ Mrs. .1. II. Harrison and Miss Minnie A. 3VIOOE3 Honey, ·J". K. SHERMAN'S. 28 aot 1 30 Central Street. ; nPORTRAlfARTISTS. n-riteto haV ' Ploture8 ^ on w!sh ooplcit call or J. F. CERRITY CO. THE PORTRAIT ARTISTS. .^?S. 1 lTMlTM?. of ."'.?V"'artI»t. in New Eiw. KenfluBkeag Blofck ~ 22 Stu.Ho july'ifl cellent precision. It had been the Intention to have For small »4.50. t rade after the visitors had taken diiner, r t;irj_'Ct prarticc. 1'riro^ $2.W to AT W. P. DICKEY CO.'S. The Many Thousands Sold Kslablhli Them »s walk about the streets. ;i-l sunclay the two re- . ,-7 , im-ic frcini the Held andi Gerard masqueraded as a woman ant to- the steainei was released, ajfter tiling! a n\ hut iliouglit nothing day some of the fair ones are'wild to know sufficient bond, the steamer proceeding to i . t l n - r of tho woman, and what secrets they imparted to his too at- sea this morning. , ami f o r t h previouslj'. tentive ear. Dancing begun at 11.30, at - i v i n t i r i i years old and which hour quite a number of guests be- , L * l .mi* v..^ iiuujc .^uuaiuuiucui. Uliu VUULUU, -E. good time and plenty of rations. Several with the visitois, uroceeded to Noromibe-a Everctt ' of Anoka, Minn., who have been otour citizens also went over Thursday, Hall, where a banquet was to be served V ' Slt " lg fncnds in tllis ' cit y left for " K \r out the rain made their stay and return Four lone tables were arranged lenMhrakn home last evening. fh^^^trloThTc/'l 11 , rr 8 ," 111 V^-^ TM»I« rt^XZ^ZXZ**^ Mr. Char te .E.e., 1 ,er. Wl wife arrived I..."! 1 ". "'A A :, GrCC T! 1Kh * C °-'°' Mathew f broke Wsarmwhlledolng chores handsome service, with flowers and Iruit in t h i s cit '" yesterday morning and w i l l AN UNSAFE DEPOSIT. m i m l f U . ' W h i l e Mrs. i n n e r she noticpil n , l . i -. i t t c n - i l uvcr «onie apple i, p s mi [ I n - -tuvc, which excited ( , . i _ ' l n i -nun-thing was wrong, , : i . , : i I'.ii'ii f m i m l quite a qimiti- i ...Mt.'i in ( l i t - tcap'ot antl a dish h ID i l l y Mime was notU'ed on ,: -l«'Vt- ami he was at-cuscd of ^ t - I'ui-ou t h e family. After .'.- M U . - t H M i i i i ) ; he confessed, but ^.l !,, n, I I UK I took themselves to Lynanffi wliere ft-hop w:i« in ,progress. Admiral I.uce, who is most popular with the fair sex, was present, as were 11 great number of officers. Masks wrre not removed at all, but it is safe to say the keen-eyed cavalier who did not mask penetrated the disguises in many instances. While there are many departures ,h;ey are offset by the daily arrivals, and the regatta here will no doubt be largely attended. The Hilvef Star will be used as Judges'boat. It has not as yet b?en decided who will be selected as judges, Mr. Herbert. Leeds will undoubtedly be one. Saturday there is to be a race for gentlemen riders only, at Rural Park. Entrance fee for riders on horses, $2, on ponies, $I|. The ;iffnir will wind up with a race between two horse buckboards, for wh u i no enErunce fee is charged. The purse for the latter race Is $50. No doubt some of our local Jehus will outdo some of the chariot drivers of giddy I to me, and cover themselves with glory. Mr. De Grisse Fox and Mr. Charles How areinteiested ID getting up the races. " * ; ' , A Great Ieal of Interest IB Felt in the. races between the crews of the roeiH of-war this afternoon and quite a good deal of money is upon th.e different crews. Mr. I)urney.-or Durnee, who is in the employ of the Electric Light Comrany at ("Jlom*e*ter, Mass., who was so unfcrtu- iiiile us to meet with a severe accUent yesterday coming down the gang of the Forest City, is doing nicely under the care of Dr. Moore.' dislocating the knee fracture of the lower part of the femur. He is at Hotel Hamilton, Among the recent arrivals am Hon. J. II. Manley and wife. Mr. F. II. Clergue left this morning. The Tourist will make its furewell ow for the season in Saturday's issue. It is hard to decide whether handscme Mayor Chapman, of Portland, or his equally handsome and popular wife,' is the greater favorite hero. They are, with the oflicers of the fleet, equally popular. At this tnte day it is ours to chronicle the arrival of Mr. Parsons, of New Ycrk, u very wealth}' and popular man, at tlie Kodlck. .... to'poiso'n Alas and nlas! The feeling that per- l i i n i three dol- "'eatcs the anatomy of tne obituary .bard \ Milkman ha* 85,000 Stolon From Him. LEWISTON, Aug. 23. The sjisterpf Jihn Brophy, who lives with him on IJnioln street, died Sunday. John went fdr money Monday to a chest where in milk cans, he says e hac. some $5,000 in coio and b 11s, but the cash was missing, lie claims that the whble amount hiir. | has been stolen frojn Iy this year will be at Havefhill, Mass.,the for ai couple of months. Mr. and Mrs. 14th fl?, September. The descendants of G- L- Turner have arrived home on a visit the late Albert Dole, of this city, are the from the West. Mrs. Turner's health is descendants of Jpha Poo.-e, one of t lie first poor and her friends hope that the bracing air of her native State will restore her to ry, but will be obliged to lay by the 8p iendid repast that was served by American Express Company, has returned inln nt mnr.fl... W.. T f _ r ..--· J | . * Landlord Chose of the Windsor,was luart- ily enjoyed by every one who partook of the tootisome viands. It was one of Landlord Chase's best efforts, and that is saying a great deal. After the banquet the assemblage was Tuesday a series of lectures on"~eTy1nology Lincoln where he has been spending his vaention of two weeks. Prof. Carl Braun was in Lewiston Monday where lie announces the opening of a class in German. Pror. Braun began I-., r l l t l l r f i l l.y IMlllhalll - -11.t. titnl ngrceil to give him - f . ' i l i n i n g t l i i jol. Sei.r)es i-; \\ fitiifstl.'iy Duntiiun met ,.|. I i l i r o t t e r j u i i i a^i three , i ! i I I I ^ P . i t p u u i n t t o h i m h e D I M ; 1 i i n i t i a m , hi 1 Pays, went . I -:n!.- t i n - 1'itri- green .and !h'' p ii k i ^ r , p ' o t i t u i n i n g a h a l f i I i ! i ' l u l t i l l S u n d a y morning. -on i\ i- ili-pii-H-d of as above i - - . u i l l i it i . o r k l i n employs i!i. i n! i i . i u d * nn hi-; f n r m and i !· - (ip'rii F-II b a c k w a r d in dis- ,. |-;-i.|i i ] l l i t c il loss Of l i f e i n . ^ I ' l l , f m f i i n u ^ h w a s p u t · . - |i! u t r - I n l.oi-klin'-i hou^e .1 i i | . i / , ' i i f j i n i l i i ' s . t i n l l , - O t l i i - r Shle : i: I- n - p n r t i ' i l in r h i i l i p s t h a t i · i 1.1 - , . . i i l i - j , t i l get D u n h a m .» p i -" t h i t lie i-.ui'l appear i n '" I t i n 1 gr.iml j u r y . Su in l .n u tlit* piirlie.-; in the affair M l , l , , - i . ArrnltllfO. p n : J . o f l.'iuigeify, was ar- l - . ' f i l i r l n i i ' Trial .luxtk-e | i i i . ' i | i l . in I ' l i i l i i ] ) ? , on the · iii['iii;i,' I n prison the f a m i l y - u p . , of K i i n g f l c v , w i t h I'aris | · ' i n i t nf the i n t e r e s t in the '·X u.i' In-liJ in Lambert Hall. ' , ' i ' l n ' i l pi-nplr \ \ e r e present. i ' i 'ri'iicared f o r tlie defend. " \. v .|^ycr for c o m p l a i n a n t . in! t \\ n men i n h U employ BASE BALL. Tuesday's Record. National I*oaguo. burgs, J. Hit Ills--Nev Vorli;s, 7; Errors--New,Yorks, 0; Pittsburgsi 3. 1. Batteriee'T--IpVelc i and Browne McCormick and Miller. ° ' At Waahl ngtnn: Detroits, 4; iugtons, 1. Hits--Detroits, 11; Washingtqns, 5. Errors--DefoiU, 1; Washlngtqns, 1. Earned ruft»j--t'etroits, 4 ; Washington, settlerp of Newbury, Mass. The outgoing vessels from this port health again. The farmers had a bee have cot had-nnch difficulty lately in ob- Friday, August 19th, and graded up the called to order by [he presiding officer, talning sailors, and no delay has been ' corn .factory lot. Mr. Phlnney and his Major Thomas White, who, after a few re! used by this want. A short time ago foreman, Mr. Scammon, are getting the » m arks, introduced as'the Brst speakei, L. ' · machinery in place as fast as possible to A. Barker, Esq. Mr. Barker said tnat it be ready foipacking as soon as'the eorn gave him great pleasure to welcome the M Arnold on Essex street left for matures and is suitable'for canning. The jyuitora and in behll if of Katahdin En- ' street, left 1» ladies turned out in force furnished an cempmcnt he gave them a hearty sreet- cxcellent dinner for the bee. Mr. A. J. many vessels were detained here ._ to the.scarcity of sailors, but this is not A£ New York: Few Yorks, 2; j Pi ;ts- the cage at present. Plttsburgs, 0. The schooner Sjophla Godfrey sailed last Monday with a cargo of ice for Richmpnd, Va., frpm Ayer's ice house. The Frank Pratt Lee sails to-day with ice for Phila- Waah- delphia, from the Orrington Company's houses, and the William J. Boyd with ice frorn Sargent's Sons, for Philadelphia. 1. Batteries--Getzein arid'Bennett, j Whit- Railroad has iccently Issued a very neat "T.'SnliE^,..- ^........K,.. n . , A 'folder containing some of the points of At Philadelphia: dianapolis, 4. Hits--Philade phlas. Philadelphlas, 10; In 17; Indianapolis, poi interest on the railroad, together with quite an amount of various information, Bonriey died Saturday morning, Aug. 20. Mr. Bonney has been conHned to the house for the past year with chronic diseases which were very painful but born by him with!christiiin patience and forbearance. He has been an active and worthy member of St. Albans Grange since its organization and was always foremost in good work. A good citizen and townsman has gone to ills reward. 12. Errors--Pjhlladelphlas, 5; Indiana- rules of diflerent'jjarnes, amusements etc polls. 5. Earned runs-Phlladelphias, 5; The mtu, volume has L handsome cover and is well gotten up. The barkentine Vidctte has been ing. The next speaker, W. II. Martin, of Boston Encampment, returned thanks for the hospitality extended the visiting encampment and said their entertainnent had been greatly enjoyed. He gave a short history of the progress of the society of Odd Fellows. Other happy, and interesting remarks were made by Dr. D. A. Robinson, of this city, Grand Junior Warden Duncan C. to the students of Bates. Hon..I. S. Arnold and family, of Minneapolis, who have been visiting at the residence of Mr. Arnold's brother, Mr. J. their isterday morning. Mr. Charles F. Flynt has purchased an interest in the SbmeiVc Journal establishment, and becomes a.member of the firm of Sprague Son. Mr. Flynt has been several years foreman of the job department of the Jvurnnl, Mr. E. B, Ilutchiuson, of Richmond, Indiana, arrived at West Auburn Friday forenoon, being too late to attend the funeral service of his father, Mr. Richard Hutchinson. Mr. II. is one of the Blake J.-.V_. J Witt Low End And I tiror A^h TIM FOR COAL OR 24 INCH WOOD! Furnished lulli Plain LEl.s or wllli t vntXFT BASE, LOW HOT CLOSKT, Kt.KY.VrEI) I H I T CLOSET, K L K V A T K M SIIKI.F, K N I I TANK, WATKR F1JONT, or BHA^S C H I . ; nlsn our WICKKT O\ KN J)OOK, .lint nntcnt I ' K D A I . ATTACIIMKXT, milking tlie most com])).« r,xik- injr nppamtiis ye! produced, ilailc by ski!ft|l nifi. ctianlrs from the best materials. EVERY RANGE WARRANTED. .Sold bv leadinp STOVE D E A L K K S . If nut for ' oar \ ir.lnlty, send your a.ldrL-ss fyr In. for sale formation t I " " ·· Mye-s. . ! NEW TOKK. Failure pa the Stock Exchange.! NEW vSinc, ing. 23. The failure'of George T. Dickinson was announced on -.o-d»y. ; and JOO loaded |e, a part of the cargo being ^rom remalqder from Ayer's. She will clear to-day for Washington, D. C. The L. Smith is being oad- Sons' ice house WINN ITEMS. A correspondent writes: W. Brown, of the Grand Encampment of heirs and will come to Bangor in a few This community received a shock this Maine, I. E. Millern nnd Lieutenant Perry n v 5 morning by the intelligence that Will S. ot Portland. LCD, a young man of 24 years of age, ai son The'Brockton Band, seated in the gal- ot the wife of J. R. Joy, Esq., died last le T' rendered some delightful music dur- Buzzell, has accepted a fine position with evening. There had been a levee on ac- Ingthe evening, which was attent veiy J. HJSeavey Co., wholesale hardware count of a lottery held by some French listened to and much enjoyed by all. The dealers, Dover, N. H., and leaves for his BANGOR, ME. Mr. John Collins, who for the last two years has'been connected with J. (j. Boston and Savannah HI£ ni^ci.y uuuei uie One tnousanu fcnarea of Heading aiju oOO eu with ice nt Sargents Sons' ice ho Mr. Durney bef»id6s of U.k« She re ^ere s^old under the rple f0r Philadelphia. The work will bo i, inlnt diiRprti fro ii fl for his account.: ! , , . .'. ,, f . (oini suners iro.u a . . ; pleted in a few days. 1 TEUKIBtK ACCIDENT. ^adlee anc. Four a|nd four children were crossing the rlrer near Boujhesvll e, yesterday, when their Tillsor with 805 tons of i;e at the Penobscot River Ice Company' completed yesterday forenoon and she is Merrill, some ten rods from Joy's,inflfct!ng , .... now receiving a further cargo of excelsior.] a wourd on his forehead. I He was carried boatupsei. The men swam ashore, but Tne schooner William E. Downes is being , nto tlie barbor sh anfl ba L, d tl|e woraei aad Children were drowned.SIx loadedlwlth icie at the same place and will h »fnm i,» OTn t, m i win r^ ' u^i» a iii,»oh».n «,,.r.vorc,l t . ,, , . . ; : ,, ,, . i before he expired. Will I^e was a very new place immediately. "Mr. Collins has many friends who regret his departure. Mr. George II. Ilaynes has just returned from Batlmrst, N. B., on the Inter-Uolo- nial Railway, where he has been collecting material for the descriptive book which he is about to publish, describing the resorts lowed he found Lee had fallen on the side- to De entertained by Wornmbus Enc: mp- and places for hunting and fishing on the walk near the barber- shop of Phineas ment i Worumbus Canton, of Lewiston,and line of the railways of New Brunswick. Pejepscot Encampment, of Auburn. The visit of the Boston Encampment people in Winn, and at the close a dance had been held at the rink. In the eyen- Wlll Lee and his uncle Moses S. Weymctuth had gone down to Mr. Joy's and rcmjain- eii there but a short "space of time, srtien Lee started off up street, Mr. Weymouth meeting then broke up after three cleers by the visiting Patriarchs for their eiter- tainers and the returning of the saint by the Katahdin Encam pment. The visitors will be escorted this morning to the Maine Central depot where Only land to Savannah, Thence to Jill points Sontli. '; Favorite Kpute to Florida. at4 I'. St. fnm KMv:uin:ili The work of loading the schooner Nina re , llaining a few lInO ments, then as he fol- tney will take the 8.30 train for LewUton, A. DeW SASPSO.\, C. I!. 11. Ascnt, -'"1 IV.IslP- Ington Street. 8. 0. PEARSON', S. K. anil U". P.aihvav Ani-nt. 211 Washington *treot. BICHABDSOX A B1RXAKIP, Aizp?n(*. Saranna]! Pier, Bo^nii, Aliiss, iulyi-, ' cod 3m bodies baye been recovered. 1 l i ' M H f r ' s Imusr', the same as · i;i ipl i-d. jniil nHo rcpcaU-d v Sr.'irlep. Searles THE WEATHER. I W A i t lEI'^r. O.FFOB C^IBF UlONAL JOFKICR t. Wailhtngton, D. C., AnguatSi-- (IIA.U.) 1 1 ' ' bidictions: For Maine, New Hampshire and VariTlont: Light rains, followed by'falrjwii-tls silfting to northerly; stationery temperature on Che coast, cooler In the Interior. .of the Philadelphia Ledger slowljr creeps up our spine as the season of farewells draws on apace. Tlie cprnerat the Rodlck Enaorsed pa i.iiUoninjf, neither - Kri-cn in his posses"i :uiy such purpose. ' i Iii'lil i M t n h a m in .'[·ln'iiriuu-e before the ram Moraumie a unoimn u n . n o - invlta f lon °* tnc President and Direct- on account of the delay In paving them. The races for the State of Maine colt duties w jthout the s for the past few evenings has beeii the biTMre^TMiSSlj?. aI Cimmffion e iloijSf 1 SoSM2 ors of the Bangor and Plscataquis Rail- ' n *y not having received their p»y for stakes, which on account of the rain last and I have 'escaped' a return attack. I srene of many pathetic farewblls. ' " n afiEg^d^led u n^offi« e .s!To!3ofo-' a «i TMad willimake an cxcnrsidn to Katahdln July; ^xpected luth. The two! abutments Thursday were postponed, took place prondunce Ely's Cream Balm a cure for Mr. Van Ktuddeford, Mr. Thompson and Us American Express 106 CentrslTFaclBo ... 38% Chen. A Ohio 6 Chicago Alton. ... 147 ·· preferred 165 t l i . I i . l p i l , , Hi, '"· lu ! M l II ' li.i iiiidil. ,in anil bears the :: 111:111. He gave en-.*' in a straight- i wuii him many |«iiiit lilauk a n y . . . f alfair He had a party (-xpcct to leave this week for Saratoga. M r. Johnson will spend a hveeli at Nai ragansett and then join his pafty at Har atoga. ' Miss Barnes, of Orange, N. J., has left Hodick's for Narragansett River, where she will flnish the season. She was a great favorite here. ' The large sloop Atlantic Is at South .West Harbor, and will arrive herel tculay. Tbe City of Richmond j will only lose two trips because of yesterday'* accident. Captain Bjatohelier, who was in the pilot house with C a i t a n $2 000 bonds f^""' 9011 . when the Richmond struck the rock, says she was exactly in the course marked out by the bonys. · Capt. COuplns, who .was for a long time pilot on the Ijewtaton, says- that his boqt struck the same rock n number of times withont ,"preferred... being Injured. All passengers who were on board the Richmond had their money refunded and were given passes to Portland, an notion. In keeping with the litoad policy of the Maine Central. Much praise is due Captain Deerlng, who so promptly came (o the Riuhinond's.aid. FINANCIAL,! AND COMMERCIAL Monetary Quotations. : New TOKK, AUK. 23. Honey on call, at * a ter cent., clof^lng^ at 4 ("rlmelMorciuitire paper ui be given acargo of about 1,200 tons. , A special stock car wil I leave Gardiner i at 7 A.'u. on Monday, the 29th, the day before the opening of th? Eastern Maine State Fair Ip this city, arriving here at 2.15 'same dayiat 10.30 A. M., leaching this city at3.20jp^M. Tlie dlflerent freight trains jwill all bring more or less s~,ock from the various points along the Inc of the Maine Central. . ' The members of the City Government, :pired. Will Lee was a very agreeable young man of a most genial nature to a fault, and will be greatly missed. His sudden death conies with a stiinlng force, and his family and friends, especially his mother who has for years greatly prostrated of late. The funeral will occur Wednesday afternoon. The most heartfelt sympathy is felt for the family.--The West I Branch' drive passed Winn Village the 22nd. The employes on Megantic railroad are complaining greatly and Camlndgc Canton has been a source ( j en of much pleasure to Katahdin EncLmp- Hon. IV. W. Thomas, Jr., of Portland, is losing none of his popularity in Swe- At present he is on a tour to the ,st of that country. On the fifth members of which hope thnt it 0 , August the K i n g of Swedeu gaye a diu . may be repeated at no distant date. AMUSEMENTS. Michael StrocofT. Mr. Andrews' company was greeted by last night, i Tlie play is a good one and we hope some day to see it presented here by a first-class company. ner party on board the royal yacht Drott. Mr. Thomas was the honored guest of the occasion. The King escorted him to the table and gave him a .seat on his (the The Maine Colt Stafaes. A correspondent at FairAeld HAY FEVER. For twenty-five years I have been severely afflicted with Hay Fever. While I was suffering intensely I was induced, through Mr. Tichenor's testimonial, to try Ely's Cream Balm. The effect was marvelous. It enabled me to perform my pastoral 'Hi* '* nil muse it was £aid IP'IKOII, becoming ''·- u n held in the same i: u t i a h l r to abtjain bonds- l l u U r i v i l l Hike him to T n , \ \ . I.orklin and Ills rr h,.|,l f u n i i ^ i c i ] , to appear as I h i n l n i i n stayed at the p i i i ^ ibf trial, where she Mi- runnity. She is quite '"it, IK a bystander re- K"t two inui'h brass in !·! hi-ariiij; I nil,hum's (esti- f'-'-lint; u m l r r u e n t a great Jiiy now as.iTt that "rig; that it is a deep laid 'liani out of the way, so she l-orklin unmolested, using If wilted brother, as a cats- '"J'ltiain ]* one who, prominent cit- l l n l l i | n *ay, could just as easily "'" 'Jri-U Wu.iXX) bonds if necessary, uouat ^'(juired by the jus- f of the alleged poisoning '" a farm owned '·. liangeley, and run by liirri'-il brother. IMrs. Dao- liis housekeeper for some her bus- Iron Woi}ks to-day, leaving on the early °' the, Mattawamkcag bridge |have, been Monday afternoon. The attendance was Ha y Fever.--WM. T. CARR, Presbyterian imornlrig Wain and return ng In the even- completed, onepierhalf done arid the other good, taking, into account the threateAing Pil3tor ' Eli/.abeth, X. J. WFMw The members of Me City Govern- commenced on. A veranda, or piazza, is wca ther. The races were very interesting, being- built on the Katahdln House. The Bee Hive, a well known tenement house, ment will be accompanied by their wives and friends and the occas on will without doubt be a most pleasant one. The body of James. Constantino who was drowned last Friday.-was found yes- terday.alternoon about five o'clock by persons who bad been using the grapnel Iron in a · boat, at the gap at Conner's boom. The clothing had nearly all .been torn from the body wjlch was nmch Swollen but easily reccjgnlzable. The funeral services wl!l be held this forenoon at 11 o'clock at St. Mary's church. Mr.'Fr'ed S. Palmer, of ,he Electric Light Station, put an electric motor of one being in fact the best colt races that -3ver took place In the State. The time made was remarkable, as well as the number , . bee ad. beside the railroad, has been condemned and closed up as unsafe, both tc on account of fire. The farmers i(re now That our breeders are not to be left be- them." Carter's" Little Liver Pills may gathering their grain, which is ,very good, hind by those of other States is very evi- well be termed "Perfection." A Mrs. Burr, widow of a former engineer, dent. These colts represented the »ery au S 10 on the E. N. A. R. R.,is building a house best strains of trotting blood to be found. In Matuwamkeag on Main afreet, near Adams Hotel. In the yearling race, A. F. Gerald's Colt, Their gentle action and good effect on dwlw Peter Shaw, of West Winfleld, K. Y . was airlicted with a severe cough, with in the Jest ablishment to work most per- STARVING TO D^EATIr '' *«"'?· j ...._,. , ^na,ceoan6 of their Inability: to digest A lively row occarred yesterday after- Charles E. By d,. superintendent of the ·^^^^»^ n ^«n^ 0 g I1 '}^ noon afae foot of Broad street, » nam- ment of B. A. Burr yesterday afternoon, as an experiment, and It was run some time, gWlng the besd of satisfaction. The motor occupies a very small space, but Us birthday of the late John T. Claris, (who myBterioua power causes all the machinery died at the age of eighty-eight) of whom A Pleaiant Family Reunion, The residence of Wm. L. Cark, of ;, was the scene of a happy family ·Ing and reunion, on Thursday, the The relatives there assembled con- of seven brothers and sisters, with many of their children, grand-children and g real grand-child re n, making a company of about forty. The date'marked the 110th Longway, by Broadway, won in two P a i n ' n the side and lungs aad general de- straight heats, though closely pressed In pression, causing himself and friends great t. ^.t- \ r j i . i l * i- TM i -r, ti . alarm. lie tried many remedies with no the second by Vanderbilt, by Dick Lights good resu ]t 8 . One bottle of Wistar's Bal- heart. Time--1.49,1.48. In the two years old race sis colts appeared and three of them trotted In 2.J or better. The Belfast colt, owned by G* R. Kills, Elmbrook, by Hambletonian Chief, won the first, second and fourth heats, getting a record of 2.45, ai sam of Wild Cherry completely cured him. aug22 dwlw For FACE, JVEC1T, ARMS a it is Pearl-liLi- .-,] J( i Pceil^E ! Overcomes Hcmt,' Sunburn, T«n, Freckles,aid every kind oC Sit In lllcmisti. Harmless i Can't be detected. ___ J u n e I.'i MAW3m MESSENGER'S NOTICE. OFFICI; or nn: SHERIFF OK I'EXOBSCOT coryrv .^TATK O F i l A J N E . PEXOHSCUT, ss. August 15. A. T. 1S»7. This ia to #ive notice, Hint on the luih iluy f»f August. A. U. 1SS7, a, Warrant in Insojvcno ·\vas issued out of the Court of Insolvency fy,r sai«'l County of rciiobstot, airalribt the estate of said Ttiomas Wcymouth ot Lincoln. In the (Joijnty of Penobscot, aiijudgcd to be oca Insolvent' debt or on petition of saiil debtor, \rhich petition was IH'Kl on tho ninth day of August, A. I). 18S7, to which date interest on clni"is. is to be computed. the paj-nicnt nf any debts to or l»y said debtor, and the transfer and delivery of any property by Mm are forbidden by l;iw; Tliat a meeting of flic creditors of said debtor, to prove tlicir debts and choose one or more asslnncc^ of his estate, will be held af a Court of Jnsol vency, to be holden at tho Probate Court (loom in Bangor, In said County of Penobscot, on the " Sei)tembcr,A. D. 1SS7, at ten otel^ck iy liand tiic date first above ivrit- ten. li \VESTON-'s Medicinal Horse and Cattle Food" is the best article in the market. "Give it a fair trial and you will never be without it in your stable," is the testimony of thousands who have used it dnring the past twelve vears. For sale by Whitney ' *" ' ng Nrw'E^Vd^lp'Band^Compary.of "^'^'^ffifX gf^. Ste n her of topeounloos tontlst. and Broad Bath, U here on his steam lirancb. , - j Waco, Texas, say*: '\I have u»ed your Captain Pendlatoil's new steamer, the .fenmlaloi " ' "'-"' ~ ' Winter Harbor, la expected to-night. [To AauoolBtoil Press.] The inception. j At the reception to-day on the flagship colt, Comrade, owned by C. S. Gilmar. of Watervllle. The Lothalr colt, Resolute, . ,, . ,, , i_ owned by Webb Vebb, of Waterv«lle, nd wife, of Brewer, with many of pre88ed f he others ^^ and h ^ separately taken, adit Is said, was $47. The three years old race was won easily by the bay stallion Haroldson, by Frea- augl? 1m* land, Mich., with daughter and granddaughter; Mrs. Sarah P. Seaver, of Law- EDGAIt W. STEVENS, Deputy Sheriff, As Messenger of the Court of I nsolvcnry for snld County of PenobscoU auglG cW-2^ STATE Of MAINE. Lourt of Probate, Ju]y Term, Tae Cora mission era of Insolvency on the Estate ot Arthur B. Sutton, late of Orono, having made return of the Warrant to them Issued for thin purpose, together with their doings thereon, Ordered, That public notice DC given to : sons interested, by causing- a copy of this t be published three weeks successively In the F Dally Whig Courier, a newspaper publia Bangor, in said County, that they may appear at a Court of Probate for said County, to be hfild at tho Probate Office In said .Bangor, on the last Tuesday In August next, atften o'clock In tho fore* noon, and show cause, ii any they have, why tlie -v-U'afijf*. -" ico, Texas, say.: '? hHveu«edyour 6t reet residents being tie participants., TM T " « ' f - T n h n - P ri«,t Tr' nf TJ.., b ? the ""? 8talllon Haroldson, by Fres^ 1w »«s»4,^ -^±^±^if±- KS^L^SSS ^r^^LTi^^^r: 11 ^ duly --,.. strength, and Increases the appetite. i|uly37 ! attract ng a large number of spectators. Ku tho Jl1 ' Lllc i **~r viv " " j "·--;-- --"-- f A Nasal In" ector frte witb eaol y Richmond by Admiral Lucfe and oQcjers gniioh'a Cata-rh Remedy. - · the vessel was crowded all the alternpon. Sold by W. C, True. Thececk ' I ·-------^ eighty years; Mrs. Temperance West, of ^ .,,,,,,,,,, this city, and Danforth L. Clark and colt8 and U '" eS Belfast. His best time was 2.44%. six also In this ,W The decorations were the maika of a pair of Wo We. lliepo- TSo one knows, better than those'who Hce weW engaged ID the jarade uptown ^ ye , re 9lno8 Their united ages are 007 years.! We N O R W A Y . form. Secretary and Mrs. Whitney, the p e p 9 ia, dizzlnssf, pain In the aide, conkl- offlcereof the other war ships and wl»j», patlon.ande sorderecstomash. Mayor Hewitt, ol jBTew ?o*,Ki*. DewlttJi «ragl» 1 , d w l w A ,., talmaze and daughter, Mfydr Chapinaii i Aug. 2-2. Charles E. Cates nnd wlre , of Portland, were preaehtL Her ;^' l g,'V^ ae .: K '"wn broke the Paris jail freshmenta- were genred and danolbg In-. dnlged lq. The races ;bcflnrred ; Horse boats from six ships. ^Secretary, the OTBtest'lrom-ttifyCiilfnav The 8qnadro.Bi,.8iUJ,|«in!irrp.wM^61^ fl.,' the Galena toNi ~ '" The Bclsast colts won the honors of the day, and the Belfast men who were f res- caaae9 ' l regrets Were t expre«sed that Hie! absent Conference of the Ypdng Peo- brajtber and slater could not be present. Mnnlclp«l Court. i Tuesday, August 23d. 'Timothy Collins, of this city, Kuel Hoi - Kford County Tro ^'soclation meeta to-morrow" . . - , , . . ;ForDyspe?8l»and^I -wier .,, A " B - ^t Oen - Hannibal the oli'J ^ and j^norea citizen and .of Christian Endeavor Will these 'being, Elbrldge In California, and. . on Thursday and Friday, Sep- Mrs. Nanoy, jfones, of Ibwa. Ajsopresmt .jls, of Oronol Martin Shaughnessy, James -.yberlstand SdVat the First] Baptist were C. K. Clark, wife j and Daughter ol Bandall, ot New York, tor drunkenness, i · ,.. cHureh.tBiites etreet, |LewUton.| Among Boston; Mrs. Edward Austin, ol Wild- ware eaehfined «3 and costs. S"2«» W,? 1 those waowU.addresBtliii ineetjngs will wood, W a.; ]*re. Harry C. Hs*rt4n"and Thomas, Caasldyi tor the same offence, same should not be accepted andupprored. JAMES H, BURGESS, Judge. Attest: AUBBOSE c. FLINT, Register. A true copy of the original, -Attest: AMBKOSE C. FLINT, Segiater. VISITORS TO BOSTON, will dhd flrst^asfi accommodUoiis at 6 AND 8 Location near Bcren* HOIUQ Is central anil elevated. The house la noted Cor Its excellent table. Booms and board may bo engaged In advance by letter or telegram. Terms, $· to $12 ' * $1.25 to II ^0 per day. Special rates to H. 5. KrBTRAT.T., Proprietor, angll cod recognized m»ht«. i33(WB;TiP.itl,ulpu, W .uwowu,- ~ WA · .V 1 *?.'··]§··· ·!···.^·BIV..!!!;IBiai^4 BB^K ,

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