Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 22, 1973 · Page 30
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 30

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1973
Page 30
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teeaaie •tH HI Meat, Irt reliable Battery electric power always has been dependable power. The reliability of our nationwide telephone system rests on battery electric power. Our astronauts' lives depend on battery power in space. Until the nuclear era, all submerged submarines ran on storage batteries. And every gas tractor engine needs a battery to start it. Small gasoline engines, of course, will do your job when they are properly tuned, oiled, greased, tightened ... if you change the oil, air and fuel filters regularly and don't mind replacing belts that break in the middle of the lawn. And many mower engines put out as much pollution perhourasafull size car. Just imagine if your home appliances were all run by gas engines! If electric power is so superior to gas power, why aren't all automobiles electric? They would be, except for the problem of range at highway speeds; 50 miles is about the limit for most electric cars without a recharge, but at tractor speeds they could go four times as far. This is what makes electric power so ideal for a garden tractor. You can work your electric tractor by day and recharge it while you sleep, taking full advantage of electric superiority. Your home already has its own fuel station . . . every electric outlet. No more lugging and storing hazardous gasoline, or pouring it into a hpt engine. There's really no need to suffer the disadvantages of gas power, unless you plan to drive your tractor non-stop day and night. It's convenient We've lived so long with the internal combustion engine that we tend to forget what we put up with. Wouldn't it be nice to live without: Sunday trips to the gas station, changing spark plugs, condensers, filters, distributor points, oil leaks, ring jobs, carburetors, mufflers, gaskets? And what do you get from all this trouble? Heat, noise, fumes, dirt, and vibration! Can you learn to live with cool, clean, quiet, civilized gardening? Mow in the early morning or late at night without disturbing anyone? Instant starting? Practically no routine maintenance? And when you run low on "fuel" how about just plugging into the nearest electric outlet for a few minutes or overnight. Your Elec-Trak tractor is always ready to go when you want it. A built-in charger makes any standard 110- volt outlet your fuel supply. Throw away that gas can forever. When your gas tractor runs out of gas, that's it. . . start walking. But Elec-Trak tractors won't leave you stranded: even if you forget to check your fuel gauge, just let it rest for 10 minutes and the power pack will recover enough strength for the trip home. The heart of the system is the Elec-Trak tractor power pack. Elec-Trak tractors carry from three to six power pack modules. The E10M, E12M, E12, E15 and E20 models carry a five year power pack warranty, the E8M and E8HM heavy duty unit, 3 years. Elec-Trak tractor power packs are built like industrial batteries with up to 2,000 hours of rolling time before losing any real storage capacity. Ordinary car batteries wouldn't retain full power for 50 hours in an Elec-Trak tractor. The Elec-Trak tractor power pack stores enough "fuel" to mow • from % acres per charge with the "suburban" E8M up to 3.5 acres with the heavy-duty models. You can use the chain saw or trim hedges for several days on one charge. You can even add an auxiliary booster pack for up to 5-}- acres of mowing on one recharge. Ifs powerful Electric power is different from gas power it rises to the challenge. The torque (applied force) increases automatically with the load applied to it. The stall,torque of an electric motor is far superior to that of a gas engine, with peak output up to 10 times continuous rated capacity. That's one of the reasons that all modern locomotives are either all electric or , convert diesel power to electric for driving their rows of powerful wheels. The Elec-Trak tractor's peak torque ranges from the equivalent of an 8 horsepower gas engine with the E8M to 16-18 horsepower with the E20. What's more, Elec-Trak tractors have up to 70% of their weight over the rear wheels, just the opposite of gas tractors. This gives Elec-Trak.tractors traction at the wheels, and in actual tug-of-war tests, an E12 has easily out-pulled the five leading makes of gas tractors of equivalent rating. In fact, an Elec-Trak tractor has pulled a 20-ton locomotive and a 30,000 pound airplane, in case you keep things like that on your lawn. ' ' x It's economical There are three ways to measure economy — the cost of day-to-day operation, maintenance and service, and overall wear and tear. The short, medium, and long range view. Short view. It costs about 5 cents an acre for the electricity to mow with an Elec-Trak tractor, compared with about 35 cents an acre for well-tuned gasoline engines. Medium view: You have no oil to keep fuH or change, no spark plugs, points, or filters to replace — just a minimum of routine maintenance. There are fewer parts to lubricate, wear out and replace. LQD8 view: It normally costs up to $50 per year to maintain, repair and rebuild the average gas tractor, or about $250 for a five year period. If you had to replace all your Elec-Trak tractor power pack modules (very unlikely), after even 8 years, you could do it for about $200 . . . giving new life and many more years of \ service to your tractor. GE makes available ! "mm

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