The Sedalia Democrat from Sedalia, Missouri on November 5, 1950 · Page 12
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The Sedalia Democrat from Sedalia, Missouri · Page 12

Sedalia, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 5, 1950
Page 12
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Hiiskers Missouri, Hob Keynol(l^ Runs 33 Yanis lo Cinch Offensive Battle nf Ihr M M« nu n-> r bra ski Football F’,r*l dowTS P-ishins >ardacc Pa-^sinf '-ardasc a'tcmpîed Pa-sO' roij’plotrd Passes ¡jiterccpted Pv;nts P:nlinc a'erag* F ; i m h i r ■- Ì ' Yard- ppnaii.’-ed Outlast 40 To 34 I -----------------_____------------------------------------------------------ Bears Upsel Mules, 27-12 Thtrh Huvter's Cnriirr Nov. 5 Oprri f re—6:15. C ease fire—4:08. Nov. 6 Open fire—6:16. Cease fire—4;07. M Roundup Soort Scrans BïiJnark By D. Kelly Seruton "^lyjFRESTLING in the midget type was .'^een for NEW YORK. Nov. 4 — rT. — Texas smacked down top-ranking Southern Methodist today and Army stretched it< streak of in- 4 —,.p,— x-incibilily to 26 games in a day M". Neh 22 24 340 432 lk2 120 I 7 12 ' 33 fi I 1 1 2 2 .31 .3.3 ! ,3 1 .3.x 50 WARRENSBURG. Nov. 4— ..-P> -Bogey Harrison pitched three! Fwo Hunters Drown In Missouri River SIBLEY, Mo„ Nov. Two young duck hunters drowned (V mighty decision for the nation’s and a third barely managed to football powers. safct'>’ after their boat Onrc-bcatcn Texas in the Missouri nx'cr near magnificent hciglhs to reacO.eo shatter SMU’s dream of a national cham- touchdown passes todav m lead- B.'.,;»rsi'tr' xta «« 24. of Sibley, and Herbert M. Neal, played game ocforc 6a.49o at Aus- By Randall VV. Blake LINCOLN. Nebr., Nov. 4—oPi— Nebraska whipped Missouri 40 to in a homecoming Big Se\en ^'otball game here today that had » capacity crowd of 39.000 absolutely hybtcrical and bug-cved as the Nebraskan.« came from behind three times. It was as frenzied a football '■ontcst as had e\er been flayed on Nebraska soil. Defense xx as absolutely forgotten. It xvas more a matter of one team kicking off, the other team .scoring and then the process being reversed. Sensational plays xxrrc piled one upon another. The touchdoxvn that put Nebraska in front to slay xvas sensational —yet, in a xvay, only typical of this game. Nagel Passes For TD Nebraska was trailing 26 to 27 a« the fourth period started, with the ball on the Nebraska 45. f’ran Nagic passed and Bobby Reynolds ran until Nebraska reached the 15 yard line. NagIc then drifted back and rifled the ball to-, xvard end Dick Reiger over ihe] goal line. Regier hit the tremendously hard-thrown ball into the air xvith one hand, then turned and caught it as it came doxvn. Reynold’s place kick then put Nebraska in the lead 33 to 27. Reynolds Stuns Croxx d 7’herc folloxved within txxo minutes the play that xvas to xvin for I Nebraska. Thi.s xxas one that stun-; ned the crowd, xvhich needed a few seconds to recover before lhci hysterical cheering broke out. ; Nebraska held the ball on thcj Missouri 33 xvhen this thriller started. It xvas fourth doxvn and a yard to go. The hand-off xvas to Reynolds for a wide sweep. He started out around the Missouri left side. He xvas trapped, forced to turn back, chased way back to his oxvn 35. Then Reynolds saw .ijigylighi. turned on the speed, ^xept back toward the left the way he had started and zig-zag-, ged doxvn the field for his third ^ louchdoxxn. j Bobby Counts 22 Points Reynolds added the point, givingj him 22 for the game. Thi.s dizzy game started off on ; an odd note xvith only three offi-! rials. This was because A. L. Has-| kins of Oklahoma City, xvho was. scheduled to referee, failed to geti here. The reason for Haskins’ nonappearance xvas not known here. The first half ended 14-13 for; Missouri, the Tigers hax ing taken | « quick 14.-0 lead. The third quarter was another proposition of swapping touch- doxvns. both teams getting txvo each. Glorioso’s conversion ability; kept Missouri in the lead at 27-26 as the period ended. : The xvin made Nebraska's con-i ference record txK o xk on and one lost: Missouri’s record one xvon. one lost and one tied. Special gucst.s at the gam^ were I former Nebraska Coach Col. Lau-i rence (Biff) Jones and members' of the 1910 Nebraska team xvhich i pla.Ncd in the 1941 Rose Bowl! Missouri .... 7 7 13 7—34 Nebraska .... n 13 13 14—40 Nebraska scoring: Touchdoxvns, Reynolds 3: Simon, Clark. Regier., Conversions, Reynolds 4. I Missouri scoring; Touchdoxvns. Stephens 3. Glorioso. Klein, Con- x ersions. Glorioso 4. 3,000. Springfield's I came in the opening period on tin. It xvas the Mustangs’ loss. The victory made ‘he Longhorns Warrensburg, Mo., Mules in . ^ MIAA game before a croxx’d of Kansas Cit\ Fred B. Boyer. 33. Kansas Ciiy, fir«t touchdoxvn a powerful, rugged man, managed a favorite for .«outhxvest cenfer- to remove his hcaw outer cloth-! once honors and the host role in i Harrison's 30->T7'‘hcaT'tTjaL ‘"S battle the current 75 yards | Dallas' Cotton Bowl. Tliey hace ¡Larson on the goal line. In the -'bore. He collapsed in the water. lost only to Oklahoma. U-1.3. third quarter Harrison threw 23 : at the bank but his arm caught in .^rmy, No. - m the rankings, vads to J. D. Rcmck and the lat-:» f ee root and kept him from kept it.s title hopes alive wilh a ciroxxiiing. He estimated he wa.s 23-i3 triumph over powerful ; ter stepped five more yards to I score. Then Joe Stevens xveni 20 about an i yards around end for a Spring- I field counter, and Harrison hit ; Larson from 10 yards out for the j Bear'.« last touchdoxvn. Warrensburg rumbled back for I its txvo tallies in the last period. jJim Bodenhamer got the first on a four-yard end run, and Kelly ■ Me.yer passed 30 yards to Bill Rav; j in the end zone for the other. Paul Mullins kickcrl three extra j points for Springfield. j The x'ictory was Springfield’s: second in league play, against one. ; lo.'S and a tic. Warrensburg now | ; has a 2-2 league record. ' X^allov Streak Braken. 21-20 Arkansas Stale* (iocs 90 Yanis lo Score In l.asl 2 Minnies MARSHALL. Mo., Nov, 4--.T’. —Arkansas State of Jono.sboro ^ slashed 90 yards to a touchdoxvn in 55.000 at Seattle Pcnnsyhania bcfure 78.000 at Philadelphia. It xvas the “big” game on the schedule of the Cadets, noxv favored to go through the season xvithout a setback. The post-season bowl picture also began lo .icll in games across the continent—played in snoxv and rain in the east and middle xxcst and near-freezing cold in the south. (’al Hurdles Washington California, unbeaten and untied, hurdled a giant obstacle in its march to a third straight Rose Boxx'l bid bv humbling Washing- iMcxicaii Cadel Wins r<)|) Rank III Horse Show NEW YORK, Nov. 4—i.-P.— the last txvo minutes to knock sixth-ranked Bears mox'cd to .Missouri Valley collcce from the ranks of unbeaten teams I'riday f^, ^ncc race. night, 21 t > 20 . Don Bcbbert made th.c tyitig touchdown on the fourth doxx'ii fi'om the otic-x'ard line. Arkansa.'- State's Indians covered the 90 Ca- yards in nine plans. Don LaPIata Illinois became a solid fax'orttc for tc Big Ten Rose Boxxl as.dcn- mcnt by upending Michigan. i-O. in a sxx’irling sno'wstorm al Ann Arbor. Mich. Fullback Dick Hak- loxits and halfback Ron Stex'ens det Roberto Vinals, of the Mexi-; kicked his third .straight second con- can army team, won the interna-; point for the x ictory margin, iional special challenge trophy to-' Webb Knots Count single night in the national horse shoxx- at Indians score-l the Lr: ‘he first time m the Sedalia ring last Wednesday nigin and it xva.< accepted with much interest. Sedalia fans were tl = nr:c>i xvith the action seen in the ring, the ait displayed by t’hesc 'ifh' men in using many holds that arc used by the big heavx xvcig’ T xvrcst- lers. It xvas real entertainment for forty-five lung mmiiics lo the xvrestlers. but short minutes to the rmgsidcrs. match other than they enjoyed them and xvondcrcd xx hen the Not one person did I hear make any remark.' about the midgets xvould return to the Sedalia ring. 1 ui'aicr: tand the Commission has barred these little men in St. Louis, who I feel haxe the same right to a living xvhcther they xvrcs'dc arc b’ack- smith-s. mechanics and many are mechanic.'. or a:yv other profession. as a xvcll dcx'clopcd man. Apparently someone has lost .siglv* of •'hxe a^.-i let -i'c on the Commission in making such a ruling. Certainly 'i-c of Missouri enjoys the nice big tax checks tlicy gc: when good matclics draw large crowds. The midget.' haxe hicen a wrestling attraction xvliich ha' been a leal draxvmg of paying cii>tomers. Incidentally, xxdien they appear, the gate is vich that the othei xxrcstlcrs make a. little more money, the <p<<nsor nvtkes more, the promoter makes more and the State make.' more both on sales tax and athletic a.x and he Croxernmeidt comes in for a nice big slice—So why ban these Little Men. When the xvord “midget.''” is 'poken many think of ficaks. but these little xvrestlers are anything luit f-caks. they arc real xvrestlers on a smaller scale. An example of tlicir ncrx e xvas sliow n w iicn Sky L-wv Loxv in last xveck's cxent suffered a sexcre^ injury to the kr-iicklc on his ring fingci' of the right hand. The injury occurred in the second period and he had the hand taped and continued on through the match. X-ray pictures taken h.y Dr L. L. hnoacs. Commission Physician, rexcalcd a bacil.x' brui.«cd knuckle and a possible chip of the bone. r- i ,• I hax'c been informed they 1! be bas k tc Sedalia sometime in January. P OLITICS and athletics arc being compared by the Democratic State Committee in regards to Thomas C. Hennings. Jr., candidate for United States Senator. The comparison comes through the present campaign and the candidaics younger days while in school and college. It is Iun record as a track star, and he is in one of his greatest races at the [)irseiit time. Thirtv vrars ago at Solden High in St. Loui< he held records in the quarter and half miic event.'. It Cornell University. Ithica. N. Y.. he xxH' again I'tarnng m that si-cr! and '^el 'Cxera! records. in the shorter di.dancc runs. , „ r • After finishing at Corncil. ilenning;- returned to St Louis and for t'vo x’car^-- coached the Washington Unixcrsity track and ru'fi'iiiced soxcra! xxuniiers. Recently. Hennings was riiseus>ing v. itii friends the fact that his prr.'Cnt campaign xxas something like the races he ran on the track m high s(‘hool and eollnge. ‘ arc xery much the same”, he laugheri. -“^'ou get a lot ol applause in both, if you win if voLi lose, you arc tired, you feci that you'xr run a good race, and then you start figuring out where you mane your mistakes so that v’ou can do better the next time. I like to break the tape first “ The finish line i.s 7:00 o’clock Tues-rlay nrglst at xvhich time the tape xviil be broken--bul the results will probably not be known until late at night. Esteppe Will Meet Moto on W etliie!?(lay Jiininy Sears From Marshall W ill Meet "liad Bov*' Brown wRFSTiivo «ifurniiF Ma in Event Xtari^halî E.^tpppr \ "The Great ’ Mr'<> St'.irsron. .Mo Tnk>o, Janan 2 falP o-.n ■; 90 -»-;', ;{r ture limit. Semi-XX Indup Frank s'oofro Jerry "Killrr” Meeker St I Mir.'ouia. Mf’”t. 2 fall- out of 't -t.i-minutf time hintt Opening fvent • Rad R<^' ■* Brown \5. .lunir.y Sea * Shrerep-'i!. I.a. Marsha'.l. Mn, One fall with a nn-mimite time limi* T'u.e: R:PS p in , XVedne'dav Place: National Guard .Arnvn DELMERE GANN W’ork will be cut out for William Jexxfll ball carriers xxhen thc.v try to run through Ocl- mere Gami, 238 pound .iunior tackle of .Missouri Valley at 2 o’clock Saturday in Blues Stadium. Kansas City. The conference football championship will be at stake. Heart Ailiiieiit Eiuh Life of Grover GJevelaiul Alexander ference xdctory against defeat. - Ohio Slate, fourth-ranked na- Madison Square Garden. touchdown on Rill Columbo s 65- ti,,nally. continued to look like tl'C \ inals. riding Altcno. won the in the second jrcritxi. of t'nc middle xxest bx' ox*- evcnt in the second jump-off ovcr| Vancy matched it with Briu'c crwhelming .Northwestern. ' 32-0. the difficult eight-fcnch course.; Wo’q'q's ccuutcr from eight yards Buckcx'cs arc ineligible Second in the competition between A irinutc later Valley grab- teams from six nations xxas W. H. fumhblc on the Indian's five California in the Ro.^e Box>T la>-’ x™,cofthr cquc.tra.n „ Oenc Mcrison <vcm over ,, -,,r, ,u.d „ In. one-,i,no The .pccUI challcn-c tn.qhvT'N’/.'iL fT. " Okl..homa Sooners "’»VT-Grover Cleveland Alexander, a Nebraska farm br,y was napping ^ nCHFCiBncil m o?'t ccrtnin lucrnlivc , . . , i*qm ti^r du'^oiit Hftor c'dobrstinn was thus retired, haviriR been won. i„ ,„c third period the Valic.v j assiqnmcnt b.v snhdn- “biiloii,s majoi lea uc pitrhei three times by .Mexico. The tro-, vikings went r,3 yards with ■li.n'i’,, Colorado. 27-in, for their 27,h ‘oO*» iT „Lh. lil? i'A : n,aT-- phy xxas presented by A hivncy j Wpi^ht scoring from the nine straight xnctory—a modern xvin- Stone. former president of the yjorrison after kicking the first ¡-jjog record. The great Cornell horse show. extra points, missed this one. teams of the carlv txvcnties held A total of 46 horses competed but after the first round, only six Then Arkansas State cut had completed the course without winnins drive. The Vik- ine,s, knockdown. In addition to the ,i,e visitor's IS Kentuckv Skein In liithi year-old Vuials and White, they Kcnturkv's Wilrifab became 'lie 'Cconds. but tlic gun stoitpcd them major bo'vl plum in the souVx af- therc. Tr smashing Florida. 40-6. for It xxas Missouri Va:lc.x’’s firM tlicir eighth in a row thi--’ scat-on. in ci^iii games—since Arkan- KcnUicky is fiitii in the Associat- sas State beat tne \hking:- at cd Pit:.' national rating'. tltr previous mm-k of m a row. .j. loose Oklanoma is No. .3 in the rank- ^ ^ vele JonCiJjoro last year, i- 6 . I-Slalc (Jiudls Kansas Stale I prising. 1>*7 xverc Capt. Alberto Valdes of Mexico, and three horses of the United Stales, ridden by Mrs. Carol Durand of Kansas City and Arthur McCashin of Pluckcmin. .N J. McCashin jocic ixxo horses faultlessly. Paleface and Eager Beaxer. Mrs. Durand xxas astride Reno Kirk. They tied for third place in the jump-off. both knocking doxvn the third fence, which had been raised. It xvas the fourth international jumping xhclor.'" of the shoxv for Mexico, against txxo each for the United States and England. Tulsa Wiilistaiuls .Wic Kallv. 27-1 ;i vcars loauy mu luv, . o..v „v „ Dame, the dctcnding na- TULSA. Okla.. Nov, 4 — bPi — I [l’ùvm ancrVnatchcd a 13-7 Vu-: Finely-tuned Tulsa got a firsl-haH i umph. !to subciue Nf'> • J-’ ‘‘V .«„.c of the xvorUi sene- in 1926 jump on a confused Oklahoma A TPr Wihirats hct! thf'i'- h.mir- and M eleven, then withstood a rumirig bay ciowrl of 1 4.500 count- late comeback by the .Aggies to jnc a 7-0 victorv xx-hcn the ro<»f register a 27-13 Mi.«souri Valley fdl in early in the fourth period. cr,^,vnv ^..-nred three .. ........ ^ Conference football triumph io-;iowa State turned two Kansasi ‘ • _ . J. , . r-. L 5’ork 5 ankccs in 5 ankce Stadium day, .State fumblrn into scorins drive, touehuown. a In 1:ie ea 1 . Prin«Tton tcructi i’s lazor--harp single xving attack on Colgate, scorcci four times in the opening pcrifd and won. 15-7, biTczing. T’r.c unbicmishcd T'lgcrs rii>mi- natc ’;m Ix-'- league, which pro- duccci tv.o of the day’s first-clas.« suigo'iscs. Undcrciog Coluhxbia rocked defcnfiing champion Cornel!. 20-19. on a last pcriofi toucii- ailmcnt. night betöre. C'dd as a mack Death tame to the 63-year-old era!. Alex took llic mound, struck baseball immortal in the one rent- out Lazzeri on three pitched balls ed room he occupied in a private xxcnt on to win the game. lie obscurity xxhich had en- eloped Alex in late years lifted jj(^[-)sion. bricny last month when lie man- AlexaivJer been in ill aged, xxiih t!ic help of a friend in nralth in recent ycar.s—iic lost an St. Paul iinu a radio .'iioxx- in Clii- car to cancer—but friends xx ho cage, to get tw Ne v York for the .saxv him yestcrdax said he men- xxfrTl ‘ccric:'. He had hclucd the tinned nothing about feeling ill. Phils to their la.T previous pcn- To Hall of Fame in 1938 nant .35 ,veers rirlicr. He hadn't, Alexancici got his la.-i big ba.^^c- seen a gac.c m nearly 20, ball triljytc in 1933 xxiien he xx'as >car.« MANHATTAN. Kas., Nov. t - ;p, — Kansa.-, State's doo-ntrodden Wildcats i ame within one fool and one fumble of woriiu; its .scvoiifl . ,j,,k b> A! Wuni. B.q Seven footoiill vrHory in sin .x’cars today but loxxa State sti uck fvr two fourth fiuaricr touch- doxxns and snatchcfl a 13- xoicd into bascnudl Hall of ha me at CoocTrstoxxn. N.5T He liaci earned it xx-|th a remarkable assortment of records chalked up in a career that covered nearly 20 >cars—from 1911 to 1930. It xxa:- txpical nf tl:c colorful Alexander, a notable breaker of training rules, that his bcst-rc- ''"'t" V mcmbctcd n-iumph rame at a „me xxhen bis grcalncss appcaied to oc inding, As a pifchicr for tl-.c St. Louis hind txx icc to subciue Nax'v. 19-10. and atid a bit of late luster to a '..cason already marred defeat.'''. Spartans .Maul Indiana bx' til ree After the t:ip. i.un letters and- rcfiucsti-r f'-r pictures and auto-! graph' jiouiTcl in to him here. Quentin I^xuch, ymurg St. PauL .icxxckr an-:! longtime friend xxdio iiad at'v-c.mpanicd him to New 5'ork. >a;d old Pete lixr again." after trin. Won 373 Games Aicxauiici xx'nn games he rid'hed for the Phillies, Cubs, and Cards. This tied him xx ilh Christy rxlatexxson a:' the National league's biggest xxiimcr. He ir.'U’C shutous than anv National Icacgiic hiirlcr—90 Jeivell-V alley Meet for MCV Championship Whatever the Missouri X’allcy and William Jcwcli football squads arc. or liopc to be, this season will be determined at 2 o’clock Saturday in Blues Stadium, Kansas Cit}, wncn they play for the Missouri College Union I championship. ' A Small College Classic Both squads played non-confer- i ence games last week, but all stops were pulled out IMonday as they pointed toward the small college football (lassie of the season. If xvcathcr conditions are favorable the largest crowd to see a college game in Kansas City in recent years i> expected. A month ago Missouri Valley xvas expected to cake xvalk to a sixth succcssixc championship. But Jcxvell has made amazing strides under the direction of Norris Patterson, former Missouri Valley star who graduated to the wllegc coaching ranks after successful seasons a t Excelsior Springs and Danxille, 111., high schools. He is a native of Odessa, Mo. Teacher vs. Pupil It xxill be a teacher vs. pupil duel xvith a three-way strctct. Patterson played two years under Henri Godfriaux and two for \'ol- ney Ashford at Valley. Ashford is the astute Viking (ioach xvho has attracted nation xx idc attention.; Godfriaux, who also had Ashford as a pupil, now is professor at William Jewell and acts at Patterson's confidant and adviser. ! PROF.API I I.I.NFl r Mo. X'^llp.V ' Enjoying a successful xxeck m ■ Chicago. "The Great” Moto. Toj k.x'o, Japan, returns to the Sedalia ring next Wednesday to meet a I local ring favorite in the “xx rcst: ling postmaster" of Sturgeon. Mo . in Marshall Esteppe. They xx' ll be the feature contc.'iants in tlie main event on the regular xveekly card sponsored by the Pettis County Post No. 16. American Legion. Moto who used his jui jutsi to .an advantage txvo weeks ago I against Daniel Boone Sax’age, but , lost on a third fall xvhen the ; Mountaineer came through to give ! the Jap some real Kentucky rough istutf. is expected to try it on ! Esteppe. However. Esteppe. a teacher of xvrcstling and former instructor at the University ,.f - Missouri is expected to be able to cone XX ith the Jan tactics. Meeker Meets Shrofro Frank Shrofro of St, Louis, and “Killer’’ Jeffery Meeker, of Missoula. Montana, arc expected to . be tops in their match with plenty of xvrestling action for the ring; siders. Meeker needs no introduction and Shrofro xvho appear. ed earlier this year and both well built athletc.s and in excellent condition for their event. “Bad Boy" Brown who has gained a reputation for xvhich hr : xvell earned the title “Bad Boy.” ^ coming from Shrcx cnorl. La., is ■ expected to give the xvrestler from Marshall. Mo., some fine poiiVs in “Texas rules.” Sears who start: ed in the sport two years ago has j gradually been working out and I building himself up in hopes of ¡becoming one of the contenders in ‘ the sport. ' He requested a booking in Se; dalia in an opportunity to give hi.s home town folloxvers a chance to see him in action. Sears has proved he is ready and xxilling and desires to get on a top xxTCstling circuit. This xvrck xvill be a tryout for such an experience. Fined For Careless Driving Carl F. Miller. Kansas City, Kansa.s, charged with careless driving, pleaded guilty to Acting IMagistrate John C. McCloskcxg and xvas fined $50 and costs, Saturday. He xvas arrested by the state hi,ghxvay patrol. -lad “.'tarted to^ he New Yorkl 73 ‘J the 696. XX'îT, .lr\«,c:i Cranr Sindi S it C n Ta,\ lor Deinen' Hobrrk Sperirrr Butler Cook Nei Id \Vh;te IE l.T Î.G c: RG nr HF QR l.H nn FB .N'cbon Gann Rrookii H layior .Scavuizo Sciivveigiert Soxnian Parlett Hendrix Davis XXebb Camels once roamed the U. S , and some surxivcd in Ncx^ada until fairly recent times, according to the Enc.vclopedip Britannica. (Addilional Sport Pag(‘ 15) Kirkoff 2 Of) p '1 , .Saf'.nda.v. Blue Sfadiun- Kansa.' City. The Cards necrled the scx-cntii to x'.'in th.c senc.''. Came the sexcntn inuing of the'of them. In 1916 he chalked up an seventh game against the Ncxx amazing total of 16 shutous, aiso VV ___ ^ lecord. Michigan 'pwo men xx ere out. the bases xx ere 1’' three suiwcs.dve xcais. 1915 The victory before 15.315 per-'Mark Rothackcr .«vorrd one loaded, the Cards held a prccar- ' sons gave Tulsa's Golden Hurri- b ¡ i ¡ Weeks tim ot'urr foi' thr \ ir ­ ions 3-2 lead and Tony Lazzeri XX'.'t'- up Fanned Tunv in ( lutch Hr ncx’ci had a rw-hittcr but hurled four f>ric-hitlciin 1915. a rec-; ord. In 1911 he ))itched four con-' Legend, alxva.vs denied Alex- sccuti’'c shutouts. Miami Breeze^ l^l^l Briohi I jnh I. s Drake l o ill O m ' i * Bradli'v DES AÎOINES. Nov, 4—oT'— Skiers Buy 0 ( 1(1 Thiiijr? SCN VALLEY. Ida.— T.—pro- plo xxho think ‘.uat all a skier bu.v,s arc xvarm dotlies and skis arc dead-wrong. They buy articles which aie only remotely connected XX ith skung. says F. cd A. Picard. xxiio 'tacteu an exclusive mail-order ’o-nise foi' skicr.c at the Sun X’allc.x' ski rcsorl. A unique item Picard sells w 'X n;ie rho.-ola'c. Skiers like to hu;-' them bccau-e ‘hex are m the srxapr of sno-,x-ball.«: and because tlmx are \v 'Pe'-u.'ual-y a fax'oriw ro]ni' of .sk.crv Small cameras xxhich skiers can attach to their xxru-t' arc aVo big sdlers as are antimagnePc pocket watches. A .«pecial men's cologne for skiers i.s another of Ftc odd items they buy, Sxx iss-nes!gned bec’’ steins ate sol-1 in’ernaiionallx- bx' the Sun \'a-Ic'>nxpti, Picard ’ as dr-igncd a special xxall-papci ft; .ski ''uts xxiuch nc experts xx-il’ be t' c next h'g rr- quec* W' ,'U next'.’ .Inplm .1 ( . I osrx 14-13 ■ U »PUN, ' ' ' N ■ t r - I 'i-'ffe*. X ,! > ■ T ■ Tgf U<- tlas'C'' a .I",,’!' J..u-T»i .0:.cge trt."i'i-cuiarie!- ra'h' tierc !'■'•' gi t in 35-drgree .vcatner to eke out a 14-13 xiclory, their 7t,n straight. Dame voriqueror.s, 35-0. , , , „ ■ 1 Iowa whipped Minnesota. 13-0. caiin ..iccond plpce in the confer-; jois. Borii lown .>=UHe inn.ncloo , \v,fcoti.„n fubcluccl rintlue, ence standings and made its game came xvithin a span of 1 minute _ , here .Xoy. IR with WichiU the and '24 seconds. '’ ’Vennessec, bckten once, innirov- one which will decide tne cnatr.p-. A; that, Iowa Slate had to chances bv knockina ’“■r’P' . c- a Kans.ns State fourth n^arty: Tulsa ran rings around the Coxx - drive one foot short of a foLich-. ,,-hpn fteni-ei« \t;* i *, 1 pokes in the first half, scoring : down that would have o-cncd “xi ,^nintc in the nuen- ivlllla I .• .W -1 »> three times, but xvas hard-pressed eranie. Then tlrcy did it again on to halt their traditional rivals' the eight-yard line as time ran fourth-quarter .«urge. *out. The game ended xvith A and M The Wildcats never tried harder. For three full quarters it appeared thrr gridiron miseries werr to be eased. Lynn Burris, a lanky, 175-lb. halfback from Wellington. Kas.. and a noble player all day. swept through a xx idc gap in the right „ side of the Iowa State line vards for the Kansai? Sta^c touchdown midw.v of the fust quarter p cH n T . c*. .Y n n n m LCLA remained in th loxxa bra e . .. -• • (joast record title race, turning Wichita came back in the first Briglit carried the ball 23 times en Tulsa's three-yard line. FOOTBALL S(ORES Ri| S^Trn N>bra«kfl in. M ir - outi S4. low a State I-", Kan-av T, Oklahoma 27, Col<^rado Ir, Kansa' 39, Utah 2S. Bi|: Ten Illinoi' 7, Michigai": 0, XX’i.«con.'!in 33. Piirdiif T. Ohio Siatr 32, Northwestern 0. loxva 1.3. Minne'Ota ft, Michigan 3.5. Ind ana 0. I.a«at Bo'ton I*. Ifi. Wnhanx avd Ma;- 'i. C'Dltnrb-a 20, Cornrll IP . Mai- e 20, Colby 7 Ruckt-ell 41 NYU 7. Trn'plc 39. Deauare I.chigh 42. Miihlrnbf g ;3 DarfinoiCh 7. Va c 0. Bov dntn m. Ba‘r- fx P C ger« 1.5, Rrnv*. i 1 2. 72. 2<x Arn". 2« Per'I 1"- P*-nn Sta’e Rn,str.n C^l'eg» P U. of Ma 'achuseU? 27, Ver—',nnt 13 Fcch scored 21 points in the o};cn ing period, came charging back to OXFORD. O., .Nov. 4 — u-P [whip the 5’ellow Jackets at Dm- Miami scored in each quarter to Drake's Johnnv Brmht ivistlcd to ham. N. C.. 30-21. defeat the Unixcrsity of Wichita xx'ithm 17 yards of a new national' Maryland xvon oxer George today, 39 to 13, in 4h-dcgrrc tern- total nffc’ve recurd today as he Washington. 23-7. pcraturc with rain. .«Iret and snow led ins team to a 24-14 victory Alabama won oxti - Georgia. 1 1- alternating. ox er Biac icy lu a .MiS.NOUii 5 alley 7 . in one of the south’s oui.standing Miami Si’orrfi txxo quick oi cs in Confcrciue foui’UrU >amc. Washington and Lee. a the first eight minutes on a ]5- The 2()0-poun(i junior halfback contender for the Southern Con-;Xard run by Jim (Boxcar) Bailey, turmi .2 in bus mo't f'rilliant pcr- fcrencc crown, defeated \drginia and a 16-yard pa.NS from Nobby foi'inancc a< counted for 136 yardS; Wirkowski to Al Maccioli. Paul to boo.'t ni.s ei'gnt-gamc total to, Wyoming protected its perfect ^ Sautter missed both conversion 2.171 x aro:. 16 short of the 14-7. kicks, thus ending his consceutix’c record 2.L37 b.v Frank Sinkwich of; UCLA remained in the Pacific P A.T. string at 19. Georgia, in 11 games in 1942. Mar>\illr. IHilldojis Plav lo 13-13 Tie iMARYVILLE, Mo.. Nov. 4—CD —The Maryville. Mo., Bearcats rolled 73 yards to a fourth-quarter touchdoxvn to gain a 13-13 tic with the Kirksvillc. Mo.. Bulldogs in an MIAA game today. Maryxjllc had scored in the first quarter on Chuck Graham’s seven-yard plunge at the end of a 64-yard march. But Kirksville swept to the front on txvo second-period counters. Doxx’cll dashed 49 yards to the one and Frazier xvcnt oxer from there. Seconds later Dowell intcrccplcd a pass and romped 45 x-aids. Albrcet's kick was good and Kirksx'illc had a 13-6 lead. Then Maryvi lc drm c 73 yarclvS in the last period xvith Marlin Carey going oxer from the txvo The conversion xvas made, tying the score. The Bearcats failed on a field goal attempt in the closing seconds. TURKEY SHOOT Xf.F.W. POST 5741 Sunday, Nov. 19' 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. WEST 16fh STREET South of Glass Plant Shotguns and shells furnished or bring your own gun. Guineas or Turkeys nnxxn«. At Palo Alto. Southern Cali- yard line fumble. The Drake star finishes hivS fornia held favored Stanford to a Wayne Ubbcn. a guard, made schcdulr against loxxa State next 7-7 tie, Washington State topped i I. g first of the txvo eonx crsion at-: Saturday and bvr rirg a,-i m.iurv Oregon. 21-13. tempts. Wichita led until halfway seem.'; re-tT^ii- to break Sinkxvichs Other games in the southxxesi into the second quarter but nexcr record, saw Bavlor trump Texas Christian scored again. j Johnny, a bu.yv man all aftci- Miami. Ohio 39 . xvichitaQ3. PHILADELPHIA. No. 4—cT— 20-14: Tulsa beat Oklahoma A — ---------------------------------- 'noon, figured in all of Drakes Te*chprs ... f|pfcj.,j;ic halfback. Her-' 27-13, and Rice whipped Stagecoaches xvcre operated reg- touchdoxvn.s. He ran for three and i^ui-iviiie 28 . xva'hir.g'on ■scLoiii*.- T. Johnson, sct Army's football pp^as Tech. 13-7. , ularly in New Mexico until 1881. pas.sed for three. Cadvls Rlasl Penn. ‘28-13 Foxes abound on ti e Aleutian islands. I Hh <i:iLMJ \ HF.MOUR \ I \M)(\niM SrHalia, Mo., '^und.ixr, .Vn\#mh#»r S. J9.50 Mar.vville 13. Kirk«villp 13. .Nntrf- Darrf- 19 .N'a\ v 10. So. D. V. 14. a Sta-r T^acC.r . 7. D:«kc 42. R-adle' 14 T- 'a 27, Okla-ioma A and XI 13. .S n U1 h Ca T'ceip Tech 21. XX'a i'jnR'on »’d Jef(C r--; 14 X'MI 4k Dfli, idvoo k 1 f>'- r Kep ■ k nr» .•; i”"a • i : 3 f' n f.r .30 (..-oiir a T.- 7' Mi a 'd 7 dr.. £*• ’« a^h * r t- 2’ XX fv) V . s ' a ■ ( > in-' D'lO r 7'' Kr ■ ■ - ' 4 0 F ■ ;da k \ ii... a I Gnn ;ia 7 X‘ a ■ cTo:'. X Lcr 2.3 X' E ; * T" 7 X ' g- :ia 34 V itadri 14 V < «■ irpi ate 27. .x-ib'.i„5 h XX ■ ; arr-« 14. Union 13. XX C' \ £T ria State 27, Virginia State 12. Southu est R.ce 13. Texa- Tech 7. Bay or 20. TCU 14 Texas 'l.I, Soalhern Methodist 70, R est Rrig'.am Yo'.''5 27 U’a- S*=-'c 13 X'- a ' , - fc ■ ■ S t a • e 3 ; O - n i ■ XX • n ■ £ • i ¡"'a I'-'! ,X 2' n- ej/x. • f'slifnrr.t* H Ws»hin|ton 7 «•a.n'n.-a 3 (3a « f offcnsie in motion today and the na’iov’.' N'l 2 football :eam gmund ovt ti'C Cadets unbeaten streak to 26 g.'urc'' J nn-or. recexercri a Penn fum- , . Te -o pax'c the wav for the touch- vompod the Lnixcrsity o. Mis- rinv- a ' nianc ’•on T a pa?.': hx' LSr Stomp.s Ole Miss 40-14 BATON ROUGE. La. No\ ■p. — Louisiana State XX hen the first railroad.'' xx ere built into the state. Dernuirat class ads get results! 4- I'niversity vav ¡nr tne louxn- • — - • >^'e fii--t in-ercep- 40-14 here tonigut ’n .«core U- F- a ' 1 -Î i Re«' ) Southeastern Conferkni'e sea O' ’ ( iv'O.i 1 an : * O Pc C C' ' X ’ p ! ’ H p ‘ • tei iV s t;'. rriUglt Ra_ If. ( r n ■ivlen ti; ug, ,C'i Ai'iox o: t;'C fir.'t f.xn q-,n-hpU x'Kmrv nf tpr xrar W’-wr: an airfjanr q^eeo hoir'. p’. el'- p’ s ■f 125 mile« or riKue an i.« traveling fas’er than a pcnoG-;, trailing only 7-6 at half time. Then Army struck explos-, ivelv fo' txxo quick touchdown, one oti a nort pa.^s thrown tv B« 'o BU.k an i t c ot' c- o’t a 29 v o-d ” X E-.g.-, e f ' "r.. .5 "c p, ; :ed f' ■ f ■' ■ ' V. r .: 1 ‘ o ■' r . SPECIAL BOWLING .Monday Afternoon—U.S. Girls. Tiiesdav Afternoon—H..S. Boys Thursria V .\f ter no/m—Women 2 line« for 25r, Sedalia Bowling Lanes MOOSE LODGE 1494 TURKEY SHOOT SDNDAY- November 5 ond 12 West 16th-Across from Glass Plant 9 ’Til 7 Everyone Welcome Auspices Peilis Counly Post 16 American Legion WRESTLING WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8th 8:15 P.M. NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY —Main Event— Marshall Esteppe vs. "The Great" Moto Sturgeon. Mo. Tok.xo, Japan Txxo falls out of three xvith a 90-minute limit. —Semi-Windup— Frank Shrofro vs. "Killer" Jerry Meeker «t. Loui«. M«. Mis^'OuU ' Tx'o fall« otit of three—4.5-minute limit. —Opening Event— 'Bad Boy" Brown vs. Jimmy Sears Shreveport, La. .Marshall. .Mo. One fall with a 30-mInute litnit. RE.^ERVKI) HEATS ON SALE a* BEVERLY’S SNA( K SHOP Phone .33.5.5 .520 South Ohio Axennei

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