Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 24, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1947
Page 2
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PAOK 2—NAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FBIDAY, JAN. 24, 1947 DREW PEARSON f^ ON °The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Georgia Big Business Pulls For Talmadge; Republicans Pick Interesting Sergeant-At-Arms; Congressmen Use Sergeant-At-Arms As Bank Washington—Not many o!' them will admit it, but it Avas the powerful backstage support given Herman Tal- madgc by Georgia big business that really boosted him up the steps of the state capitol. One (.iuorgiu businessman franker than the rest is genial Chip Kobcrt, ex-Treasurer of the Democratic National Committee and enjrincer for some of the biggest Army-Navy construction jobs. Chip candidly .admits that 'b<; pulled all the wires possible to put the cracker dictator on the throne of Georgia. Chip is not so (rank, however, is not so about one hitherto undlsclo.iod brush he had with rctlrinR Cover- __ ,.„.„ .„. „ nor Ellis Arnnll which may shed ' c iVnt' 'TrunvTn, instead", "he began Mr. Robert Immediately dropped his plans for entertaining Presi on his love for Talmadge. Some time «s°. Governor Arnall called at the White House and in vlted President Truman to visit Georgia, the second homeiof Franlt- lin Roosevelt. Truman tentatively ncccpted, though plarus -were left indefinite. Shortly thereafter, Chip Robert went Ho tho White House and also Invited Truman to come to Georgia. And, unlike Arnall, who had said little to the press, Chip fwvn out a detailed statement of his plans for entertaining tho President 'of the United States. Back in Atlanta, Governor Ar- iMill read Chip',* ornate entertainment schedule in the morning pn- pn'. Immediately he picked up the telephone and called Mr. Robert. "Chip," said the Governor, "j""5ec you have invited the President to come to GeorKln. That's fine. I also note thru you're urran^'cd for 'him to have brmkfast at the Driving Club, n luncheon nt tho City Club and >v reception at the Atlanta Billmore. That's fine, too. Wo Georgians are hospitable. "But I think you should also kaow that :it the same time' you'ro invitinj.; Mr. Trurnnn to breakfast at the Driving Club. I'm Inviting •him to breakfast at the Governor'* mansion. And at the same time you nay 'he's going 1 to be lunching ut the City Club, I'm inviting him to lunch with mis. And at the time you're Inviting him tu a raccptlon at the Atlanta Eiltmorc, I'm inviting hl-rn to Warm Springs, "And" concluded Arnall, "The President Is going to have to choose between Chip Robert anc. the Governor of Georgia," Whot to do about h«r DIAMOND! Wl- f,. w T-t |h n t .toil »|, lulnnlrx ulih u, ,,nil xrl nur »tnrv Illmilt llliiini>nil«. . .mill lllxnrrt unr »<•!- ' crlliili «r IMiilily »fi,i,F». $62.50 to $3,500 PIERPONT'S Knil»lrn>fl .1,-u HIT-, .\ini-rlaiii Urni ' 130 HANK ST.— WATERBURY ! ....... '""rrrrtrttttt STILL AVAILABLE!! A llniltrd inimlMir of Ciithnllo «nd J'rntcfttiint rcllKloii if*, rinmo telephone- Jf BUCKMILLER Funeral Home FLACK Tnjrplinno 43,'H FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 laying plans to put Talmadge in the Governor's mansion. GOF Pot vn. Democratic Kettle If there la one spot in black Republican Pennsylvania that really needs cleaning UR. It Is Delaware County — run by tho notorious McCIuro machine, u bunch of Ramblers, bootleggers, and petty chiselers. And If there is one spot in Washington that reaily noeds cleaning up, it Is the Sort:cant-at-Arms office in the House of Keprpscntii- tives, presided over lor 13 yean by a genial democratic M^o-tracV. fan and oil speculator, who left behind n shortage of over $125.000. Yet of all pl'occs, and with th« entire' USA to pick from, thn Republicans went to graft-ridden Delaware, County, Pennsylvania, (former home of this columnlstl to pick tho man entrusted with cleaning up the Democratic Scr- geant-nt-Arma mess. The new Republican Sorgeant-ol- Arms, William Russell, was form-1 or treasure!- of Delaware County.' placed in that oflice by the famous i McClure machine. Tho McCIuro; machine has placed some other! interesting pcpolc In positions of public trust, and here arc some or them: Wm. J. McClurg. who served nine months In jal! for gambling, now sealer of weights and measures of the City of Chester; Hubert J. What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar of ey.«nts .foi today, tomorrow and every day Today St. Francis -church bingo party. Basketball, Greeks against Persians; Parthians .against Romans nt Y. M. C, A. Pond Hill Community club party. Congregational church Youth Fellowship dance. Theater party, Twenty Plus club of Methodist church. Jan. 35 Ladies •auxiliary, Crusader post, VFW, bingo party. Valley Players party. Ladles' auxiliary, V. F. W. party. Jan. 8« Bowling, Veterans league. Jan. 27 Junior Woman's club, installation of officers. Jan. 20 Teachers L e a g u (.', Naugatuck meeting, Columbian Robekah lodge, installation of officers. Si. Michael's Men's club, smoker. "National Bank of Washington," an institution which never existed, and charged'his borrowers an overall interest rate of 14 per cent. It was a 'bonanza deal and would •hnve netted him more than his $12,000 salary had nqt some of tha checks bounced. One $10,000 check signed by John . Smi'th. ex-Congressman from. Florida, was/found by probcrs never to have been presented to a. bank. Romne.y apparently knew it wa no good, so never tried to cash i Incidentally, the s-ibrtagos tended hack to the Republican day between 1GKG and 1930. so Sorgoan st-Arms trouble apparently is a ancient nvil enjoyed by both pat tics. It will now be interesting t see how now incumbent Russcl trained in the malodorous politic of Delaware County, Pa,, handle his important office. •FOLLOWING SENATE APPROVAL of the. resolution to continue tho special Senate War Investigating Committee tor-another year, three member! ol the committee'meet in the. Capitol.,to,discuss the group's program.' They are (1. to r.): Republican Senators Owen.Browster, of Maine, who ^rill head .the war-profits probers; Joseph H. Ball, of Minnesota, and William F. Knowland. ot California. • ..' (International Soundphoto) (Copyright, 1047 Syndicate, Inc.) by The Be Funerals Miss Mary Clifford Funeral services for Miss Murj (Minnie) E. Clifford, C2 Cherr.i street, who died Tuesday in St Mary's hospital, Waterbury, wci- held this morning at S:3<"i o'clocl fi-r-m the Buckmiller Funera Ryan, sentenced to one year and i Home, 22 Park place, -to St. Fran a clny in a Fcdertil rum conspiracy, cis church, where a Solemn higf now meat inspector of Chester: Albert J. Reading, sor.itenced to 18 montlfc suspended sentence and three years probation in n rum conspiracy, now -deputy sheriff; Hnrry O. Tillmnn. sentenced to Mass of requiem was celebrated 9 o'clock. The Rev Albert Taylo was celebrant: the Rev^ Gcorgi Dunn, deacon, and the Rov. F. Keating sub-deacon Tho \ cal service in cha.rgi! of Mrs ono year and n day and fined $3,000 , Albcrtine O'Donnpll and included i na rum conspiracy, now deputy sheriff. Then there is John J. McClui-e himself, boss of tho county, who wa.-i sentenced to 38 month* In jail and fined $10,000 in a rum conspiracy while serving as state senator, but who got his jail sentence dropped when the prohibition act was repeir'.cd. GOP Shortage Trouble the Funeral March, Pnnis Angeli cus, and Lead Kindly Bear ers were: Daniel Casey, Patricl McKeon, Sol Ar.nenberf, John Kelly. Thomas Dunning and Pan iel Fitzgerald. Burial was in Col Chester, with the Rev. Thomas Wood reading prayers ct the gi'a It was ad a part of this machine t-hat now Sergcant-at-Arms William Russell served as Delaware County treasurer from 1936 through 193!), FLOWERS Fur Mt Oocanlonn FLOWKRS EVERYWKCRK MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP Ut BCBBEB A.VXN1TB Telephone 6IU by ConRi'CAsman Wolfcnclcn for'a mlno> job In the Sci-ffcant-at-nrmi office. Hiivin? served as a GOP moni- l)or of the Sorp;eant-at-Arm3 ollico under tho Democrats, William Rus.foll, accordlnp to that sacrocl shibbolcch, .seniority, stood in line to become tho new Tiepubiican S\.r-«t-Arms. And Pennsylvania Congressmen, ever /oalous to fc'arn- ci- patriiraw.- foi their state, hast enocl to put him in. In fact they were in such a 'hurry and MO zealous that they hushed tip one interesting fact in Mr. Ru.ssell'3 past career—'his row with tho Aronomink Swimming Pool Club rtt Drcxcl Hill, whose hooks, at the time Russell was roatiuror, showed n shortage of >6.000. Ft'i'llns apnlnst Mr. Russell ontf 'other club members was ilf;h. They even resorted to a court order to make him brln™ back their books. Finally, the club sot its money, thanks to Russell's ambi'tion to be Sorsoant,-at-Arms. For, just ten clays before Congress opened. Con- pressman Richard Simpson of Huntlnprton. Pa., required Russell to cct a lo-ttcr from the cluh ahovy- Inc that the money had been paid. IncldenUily he admonished Russell to keep the whole mutter quiet. Whi>re Russell suddenly got tho Sfi.OOO (o pay the club is his secret. Ji thiy connection, it is In Kto note that, a fc\v years before, hi; n«cl lost h_ls house through inability to pay interest on the mortfWfrn. Got the $8,000 ho did, hownver. and Is now comfortably i-nsconcecl as Serpca.nt-at-Arms of thn now House of Representative.-! with a salary of $12,000. Congi-eHHincn'M Bank Meanwhile, because tho Scr- pcn.nt-at-Arm» .odlce was closed and In the procesj of being- audited, many Congressmen wero up against It financially. With hea%'y cam- palRn expenses and 'low exchequers they had been looking forward to dropping In on th'eSerjrean-t at Ai>m3 tor a advance on their flrs't pay check. But his window was closed. Keant-at-Arma Is a time-honored custom and accounts in part for the $125.000 shortage under retired Kenneth Hotnney. Ths genial Democrat operated a bank for members of f.hc House of Representatives, in effect, loaning the advance yainrlfs nf prosperous Congressmen to the less prosperous. Rmnney hnil notes drawn on the BAR MIvGlUMAGE The anufll DAR pilgrimage to Washington—which was suspender rlurinfr the war—is being revived. A hip;h school pirl will be chosen by lot next month toy tho State iL" ."!r 0 - El ^,A° ^ as ' hi ^ton Education Department. 'Thr lucky ..... ~ "'""• J " " ' onc w jj| the R necticut DAR durinjr of the Con the nationa meetinfi- nt Washington in May. Hopes for Sight A FORMER CARPENTER, Edward L. Gibson, of Pine Grove, Pa,, Is examined by Dr. Donald Weeks Bo- Bart, in New York, prior to an operation in an effort to restore his •ight. Gibson lost the sight of hi* right eye in a childhood accident •nd was blinded in the other eye 19 years ago when a sliver from a tool tore the retina. (International) — Attention Students — Graduate Name Curds by Kraft. Sunshine Notes, PorHOniillzed Stationary. Tel. 3889 VERPLEX SHADES 69c to $9.95 STMSIK'S (0 Center St. WntarDury. Conn, Locksmith Makes Converted Jeep Pay Boston —(UP)— More than one woman who looked her automobile keys inside .the car has reason to thank Boston's "Flying Locksmith'." 24-year-old Bill McMcnl- nion. His jeep equipped with all the gadgets needed to open any lock or make any type of key, McMcnimon is o familiar Jig-lire on Boston streets, On 'the back of the jeep a winged l<cy flags the eye of passers-by, and a message udmor.ishcs them to "Get that extra key made now— while you wail, Don't put it off— one minute service." In the army for almost five years, McMenimon did considerable jeep driving on Lcyl.c. Ho takes other chor™ besides koymaking, such ns plowing the drives of a s-tring of filling stations., with a snow plow which cnn be ntinched to the front of his jeep. He'll tow cars or clear yards of stumps with his versatile vehicle, too. Dairy Men Warned On Frozen Milk Charleston, W. Va.—(UP)—The State Department of Agriculture suggests three .w.-iys to dairy farmers to protect milk against damaging; freezes during the winter. Warning that frozen milk cuugus loss of production ns well as reducing the quality, thn department suggested that dairy-farmers: (1)—Store the milk in a gooil, covered, insulated cooling trvn!'. filled with cold, cle.-ir water. T!>e level -of water should bo ;it least equal to the level of the milk to insure proper cooling and at the same pre-vent free/.ing. (2)—See that the milk or cream is in good condition before it leaves the farm. (3)—Seek an insulated, covered truck to haul the milk to dairies. If such trucks arc not available demand that the cans be protected with a clean tarpnulin. 'Shoplifting Coat 7 Gets Him 30 Days On-.ahn. Nob. (UP)—Many Om.-i-; lions blossomed out in new clothes during the Christmas season, but Roy E. Milin wasn't able to show off a self-tailored job until -the sea- | son was over. Police picked up Mills on suspicion and discovered his overcoat nad been remodeled for "shoplifting purposes." Cnpt. Harry Green told Judge Perry Wheeler the department would like to have Mills out of the way until the Christmas season was over. The judge obliged with 30 days. Desert Fruit Areas Hailed As Miracle Canberra. AiiFtmlia —(U P) — Hugh Williams, high commissioner for the b'nitcul Kingdom, bclicvos the transformation of desert lands in southern Australia into citrus fruit nrna is ono of the greatest experiments of its kind in the world. After ii- tour of the nrcas, Williams said. "I B.IW the desert grim and foreboding, and then I F.-IW nearby areas fertile and productive. I shall never forget the sight. "What Australia has clone in these arid parts is :i miracle. There is no reason why Australia cannot become the ^rrc.ite.^t producer of dried and fresh fruits in the wcrld-" * PERMANENTLY . KEMOVED BY James H.Greer Retires March 1 From Railroad After a career of 53 yearn as a rail render, James H. Greer, assistant superintendent of the New Haven Railroad, Hartford division at Waterbury, will retire the first of March. . _^^ Mr. Greer, a resident of W^i-er- bury for 33 yearn, started out as a section laborer on the Northampton division In Westfield, Mass. Before becoming assistant superintendent in 1935, Mr- Grcer was train master for 10 years, Mr. Grcer said last nlgrht that from a railroad man's point of view, his opinion was that Naujpv- tuck Valley was the "greatest industrial section in this nation." A testimonial dinner in his honor is being arranged for Wednesday, Feb. 26, at The Elton in Waterbury. Waterbury Doctors Conn. Chiropodist Journal Editors . Dr. Earl A. Albert and Dr. Raymond J- Barth, both of Waterbury, have been appointed editor and associate editor respectively of "The Connecticut Chiropodist," it was announced today by the Connecticut Chiropody Society, publishers of the journal. . ' . . "The Connecticut Chiropodist" was formerly printed in Anaonia but is now edited and published in Waterbury. It has a circulation ex- lendinp; throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Under the guidance of Dr. Albert and Dr. Earth, both experienced in scientific publications, tlic journal is expected to become one of the foremost, chiropody pub- lic.-.tions in the country. Roemer To Be Seated By Purchasing Agents William J. Roemer. associated with the Bristol Company, Waterbury, will be -installed as national director of the Purchasing Agent's Association at a .meeting at the Lawn Club, Whitney avenue, New Haven. Tuesday. Ja'n. 28. at C:30 p. m. W. A. Towle, Jr., of the Wall-ice Barnes Company, Bristol, will be installed as president. The installation wil! be conducted Fred G. Space of the Seymour Manufacturing company. Dr. Howard T. Lewis of the Harvard Graduate: School of Business will speak. His subect will be "Management Looks at Procurement," The purchasing class will meet at -1 p. m. and discuss the subject "Make or Buy." i - .._ Heads Annapolis Orch. Krl. ..* .81). .ivruii. vKri. -,« , MI. NMti — H ^«J*«^«nmt' lea-189. No. Main St Unlrrhiirv H-.l.llrlnit In Ilomr Onkrtf p _ Cluilre l,lc,iior«. Wlnr.. Kte Phone 4-9837 FOB RANGis REAR ADMIRAL James L. Holloway, Jr., is.shown as he took over the post of Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. He •ucceedi Adm. Aubrey W. Fitch. VS. Navy photo. (International) A postal savings bank system was adopted by Canada in 1867. It was not introduced into the United States unti 11910. FUEL OH. TEL. 5618 . Bill's Fuel Oil Service . ,SO Woodland Street "Bl»" Mnrlncllt, Prop. Bill's Danbury Hatter 07 SOOTH MAIN 8T. S Win. Mariano, Prop. ! Men's Jlati Cleaned, Blocked ' Factory Method* ' NEW HATS FOR SALE Hatn'Mndtr -to 'Order If You Want to Buy or Sen REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farm Tel. 4233 THE CHINA INN Jl lliirrfNflfi Avr. At l*»vni*orth In ' Amrrinin l>l*hrw Stop In After the Theater Oprn Oiilly II n. m. («i in p. M. Siinrtn.vh 13 noon to 10 n. m all day V. S. Certified Dealer* QUALITY SEAFOOD EXCLUSIVELY 32 UNION ST. (Rear) Waterbury Tel. 3-0902 or 3-0008 Open 8 A. .M. to 7 P. M. Ipswich Clams • Oysters and Steamer Clarat, Lobster Tails Little Necks • Chowder Clams Cherry Stone Clams • Live Lobsters (Select) « Shrimp • Periwinkles • Lobster Meat Crab Meat Fillet of Sole Fillet of Cod Fillet of Haddock Fillet of Hake Fillet of Boston Bluefish Frog- Leg's Smelts Swordfish Smoked Bloaters and Herring Whiting « Squid Dry Cod Salmon Shredded and Salted Cod Smoked Bone Herring Mackerel • Sea Scallops • Halibut -Drive Right In Plenty Of Parking- Space MEDICALLY APPROVED ELECTROLYSIS • Hig-hly RecommenflfCd By Leading Physicians • Positive Results Without Blemishes $2 *#• ; ^$f ^A TREATMENT " PHONE WATERBURY 5-2229 LEE GIRARD (Next Door to Clayton Jewelers) 42 BANK ST. . WATERBURY racious superbly crafted reproductions of classic 18th century designs .. . for a room that radiates the art of living... teces Ripley Says — "Believe It or Not" NOW IS THE TIME TO • Tune Up • Tube Up • Check Up You May Watch • Wait and • See How It Is Done FOR ONLY Labor Charge BKING IT IN NOW . . . BEi CONVINCED HJEADQUAliTJSKS FOR TUBES SIMON'S RADIO OPPOSITE TOKES 68 GRAND ST., WATERBURY PHONE 3-6217 Hero is living room furniture to soml your imagination soaring'. . . to intrigue yon with its exquisite design, graceful lines and fine upholstering ... to invite you with its enduring comfort TJie type of furniture you've seen in hotter home maga'/incs, produced hy skilled craftsmen from nationn.lly known makers, to delight you i'or years to come. All have full innerspring- construction and are quality built to the last detail. These sofas and chairs have been designed to form harmoniously unils with each other and you'If enjoy creating your living room around them. Tho covers include a wonderful selection of decorator approved fabrics and colors. Here is heirloom quality, and luxurious comfort. . . . moderately priced i'or medium .budgets. J URNITURE CHURCH ST., NATOATUCK ..ATERTOWN AVE., OAKVILLE

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