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Hollywood, California
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Food Policy of Nation Called Many VMers Needed-but So Is Housing Section Two Insolvent Thurrfay, July 22, 1943 Page 11 i- 1- r--': CHICAGO. July 22. UP) J. A By JERKY CBAVEY McConnell, chairman of the Feed You've been redding about the flimor and the patriotism and the Downey in Plea For Soldiers Industry Council, said today that the national food oollcv was "in because there was profits or. a- Southern-California War worker.

7 Now you have the pathos. The War Manpower Commiuion way of making good on the many commitments the country has made to the consumers, to the As Farm Help farmers and to our 'Allies." aayi war plants in thii area muit have an additional 58,000 workers in the next three month. The WMC will them, The In an address, prepared for delivery to the all-industry wartim? SAN FRANCISCO. July 2. UP conference of the International WMC hu a- way with it.

But where? v. Califorriia farmers had, the as surance 'of Senator Sheridan Baby Chick Association, McConnell listed the: following as. commitments which, he said the Gov- It will gain Rome, when the 48-hour week taken effect. But more will have to come from other Downey today that an effort Will be. made to enliat soldiers for work In the fields and In fond processing plants through emihent has made-, and cannot meet: ii: "The promise to industrial workers' and city consumers that the war could besought without making substantial sacrifices in the And when they arrive, there'll be a sien at the depot: put he State.

1 GUADALCANAL VETERANS Pfc Jack Seward, left, 20, itmI nx 1 I Ml i'LJ." I 1 A' I aL Witnesses told yester "Sorry, there are no houses for ric. n. yv. nou jcwqru, io, uruiriers wno miu guwuyi the United -States jast summer encountered each IMPRINTED. ON FACER kinds and costs' or foods; the promise to farmers that they months later on Guadalcanal.

Here thev are with Burtrw day at a hearing of a. Senate Military Affairs sub-committee that California faced the loss of millions of dollars In food crops because of the shortage of farm workers. y- would haw forthcoming the Waters, whom they met when they 1 visited their brotheg Tommy Seward; assistant director on a set at MC-M. Well, not really with painted letter. Nothing new arrivals can read at a glance.

But after they're here a while, they'll look hack and. say," "Sure, I re- wherewithal to. freet crop goals which called for them to. produce as never.1: before, and, commitments, through lend-lease, to sup. 2 col.

Caption SEC Page y- i'1 Clarence: Harshman, chief ply the -people of the Allied Na Marine Nabs i Airliners Small ii of the labor branch. Ninth Service Command, Fort Douglas, Utah, testified that present regulations forbade furloughs for agricultural r-: tions, during war and alter, with great supplies of food." i member. It was written all over the faces of scores of men and women in the depot." 1 They will be heading back to Texas, to to Louisiana and People live in houses back Maybe the wages aren't so high. But people live-in. houses.

And that's better than glamor and Chow Pilferer; Why, Brother! Ha declared the first two commitments "have not and cannot be met," and asserted that the na- Forll.iUrg83 Downey- said: "We will attempt to go directly to General Marshall, Chief of Staff, and the War De Two brothers said goodby in the tliMt waa trying to live up to the third bat that "the degree to which we fulfill this commitment will determine the degree tn which DENVER. July aMtVr-Ne partment at Washington to obtain United States last Six soldier: help in meeting me. crop super-transport planes may stimtft late world business after the waj( months later they, met on Guadalcanal. 'v we default on the. commitments but America's domestic air trait profits.

A man likes a shelter': over hi head: And a warm place i to lie down of. nights. And his wife likes a place in which to; crisisv-- Opening a 30-day hearing on food and farm problems, the sub made to mir own Pfc. H. W.

"Hots" Seward. 18. portation will continue to emplojf Declaring. that "after nearly three years of supplying food for was guarding the food supplies of the war. effort we have not yet.

as smaller, more flexiDle types of caf Hers, L. Welch Pogue, chalrmaa of the avil Aeronautics Boafg predicted committee headed by the California senator, received complaints from growers and. food processors alike against price ceilings on a nation, determined a workable PAGEANT: PLAYERS Jacob Ben-Ami and Katina- Paxinou his Marine unit on Guadalcanal in. January when a Marine from' another, outfit cautiously the 'area to forage a little of the grUb.y were-two of the cast, of ...1000 who last night reminded an rThe long-haul itratollnera post-war world will be valtf food policy, McConnell said that some, if not all, of these commitments "will be short-changed." 1 But one food eommltment that audience of 10,000 at Hollywood Bowl that the lews must able primarily In global transport One grower, George Curtis of LaRe declared heatedly As he spied the guard, he rushed not be forgqtten. were principals inrthe.

VWe Wilj Never lakes precedence, he added, Is to forward and grabbed him. The the armed forces and the nation would-be raider was brother, Jack Seward, -20. vannot default oh this for the peo cook and wash and sew for her husband and, her children. WORK AFFECTED The WMC- and the war plant bosses are learning that when a man has no shelter, over his head, and his wire has no place to look after the children, the isn't going, to work. The Which has a way with it when it comes.

-to increasing the labor supply, can't find a way to. house the people it re- emits. v'-. The National Housing Agency says it' is doing the best it can. It's "best" in this immediate vicinity was told, yesterday at the Hollywood branch, 5644 Hollywood WgVVi Neylf Disproves They had last six months be the cab chairman said as "But the chief value of domestic air service la in its frequency ei he added.

"Thus, sord plane say about 30-pajsenger capacity would be more feasltue for development of America's air "We've taken an awful beating on this He said the growers' ceiling of $65 a ton for peart hardly covered production Melville Ehrlich, head of. CPA's fruit and vegetable section, re-, plied to criticism of his agency ple of this country will Insist, that we make good on that one at the expense of all others." fore in this country. The brothers recounted the in Stirring Appeal for Jews cident yesterday when, on 40-day sick leave, they visited a third Woman HW Up; with the statement that it did not transportation." Hymn of the Ghetto" was present set. the -pear prices, but that; it Another's Home Robbed brother, Tommy Seward, assistant director on a set at Metro-Gold-wyn-Mayer Studios. ed.

The music was by Waxman was by the War Food Admin, 'V. i. and the lyrics by Frank Lbesser, Ry DOROTHY WATXON A stirring plea for. humanity In remember the Jews was made last night in Hollywood. Bowl to an audience of 10,000 when the pa- INFANT ACROBAT Five CLIMAX OF-PAGEANT "Hots," a veteran of two major month-old Bonita He rijnih Climax of the pageant-: was Blvd Holdup robbery of Mrs.

Betty Jane Hughes, of 1864 W. 11th PL. resulted in loss of $47 to an armed man, she reported to police. The holdup took place near-her home last nieht. reached when the fry, "Give hu battles, contracted malaria several weeks ago and was sent to a San Tlifim hnanltal Tim than amb Thi.

office hat been ven an geani" we Will never uw re- does a one-foot stand (top) on COHEN, SCHNEE FACE SENTENCE IN DRAFTS CONSPIRACY CASE allotment of 100(1 housing units i waled, the achievements of the. rp th. In which it oners ten. -race amid persecutions 'down the hand of her manlty bark Its fair name, was "Give that fair name bark hot later Jack, a veteran of five major Alva Henning of Chicago, and through the ages, battles, arrived at. the hospital, ill When Mrs.

Jonette D. Bnice, fogue, attending sessions or rne air traffic conference- of America; praised the part that Amerieajf air lines are contributing to the war "They are doing'a maximwa) Job," he said, despite the fact that the Army has taken over half their equipment. air lines have become just vital as the telephone," he said "However, they need additional planes badly not many, but "25 or more to fill a desperate need for of mall and doi only to the lews but to mankind" with. the same diteaje. E.

Max Cohen, 40, and Alfred C. the words spoken by Robinson "We Will Never Die" fulfilled itself as a mammoth undertaking. It pointed out that humanity, has That area, so' far as easing the housing is concerned, "covers earth." MANY AREAS INVOLVED It. takes in Glehdale, Burbank, Today they were, en route: to defense worker, of 324 S. Rampart returned home from work, she discovered that burglars had as narrator seemed to echo thrnnrhnut th'a Philadelphia to visit their parents, and Mrs.

Victor Seward. failed (o be more, than momentar 44,. sentenced at 10 a.m. tomorrow, having been found guilty by a jury in Federal Judee J. F.

T. O'Connor's court stolen $100 cash and Jewelry val ued at its final picture were. blended ily aroused by the extermination Hollywood and, fact the great- hangs from, a coat hanger (below) Normal in every respect except for a prodigious appetite; Bohita began her. career, when at three she was found standing alone. She.

is said to eat. twice', as much as an ordinary peasants, priests and er. portion; of the big local war of 2,000,000 civilian Jews in Eur ope. during- this war and urged Levites out of Jewish history, the Double-Duty fins Go To Port Tfne Workers of conspiracy to collect $300. for obtaining a draft deferment.

jury took only three hours plant thousand, units! nags or all nations: with whom that at the peace conferences these Nazis uf frce on Hood of Montenegrin; this race has Joined, its fate. And the WMC says it must have Jews be not forgotten, "We Will Never stood '-Sixty part-time employes of the to find Schnee, former motion picture assigns director, and Cohen. The Berlin radio announced to attorney, guilty of the conspiracy 58.000 more OF 1000 The housing office says The drama from the pen of Ben thing that has stymied the hdusejHecht was staged with a chorus of finding program is a certain city. 200 and a cast of 1000 headed by forth as a unique event in the Bowl. It was produced by Billy Rose and directed by Moss.

Hart day that i the German military commander In Yugoslavia had of, charge which carries a maximum penalty of $10,000 and one-. year North American Aviation Corp. haw been presented double-duty The workers include linemen, insurance agents, school teachers, bookkeep Young Robber Trok Shoots Cuver; Moiijf I1: ordinance. the Edward G. Robinsnn, Edward Ar fered a reward -of 100,000 marks for information leading to the cap imprisonment on eacn or the two counts on which the- pair was Tomorrow rrlday Luacheoa Ctatv Native Sons of the Golden.

West, meeting; 12:15 p.m., Roaslyn Hotel Speak. er, Walter OM)anlelson oh SweoV en's Neutrality Position. I nold, 'John Garfield. Jacob Joan Leslie, Paul Henreid, ers anq others; The men work a Clyde; Wolfe, filling, station op ture dead or alive of Josipl Bros, Montenegrin guerrilla leader convicted. ''s Edward Bromherg.

Roman Bbh- Schnee and Cohen, the Govern shift from 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m five nights a week. agency says, stipulates that' for every unit of famlly living qiiar-lers in a building, there must be a garage. Vet slUa.milies do not own cars. What the housing.

agency is tryi popularly known as. "Tito. erator at lllth St." and Prairie is in the Culver City hos Warm Cbngrafuofes Grand Jury iMembtrs Got. Earl Warren extended congratulations to the 1943. Los Angeles County Grand Jury yesterday at.

an informal luncheon at the Caylnrd Hotel, ment contended, conspired to col MM. IMIP fcHM Helene Thimig, Art Smith; Alexander "Gfanarh, Akim Tamir-off. Blanche Yurka, Io Bulgakov, Shimen Ruskin and Paul Stewart. lect. 9000 from James L.

Sartor, liquor store proprietor, tor obtaining a 60-day deferment from draft pital today, after being shot in the. abdomen by three young men who robbed him of $100. Ing to do is to have the city repeal that ordinam. There are old.i Musjc. by Kurt Weill, conducted induction for him.

by Franz Waxman, provided the proper atmosphere and contribut in Hollywood presently housing only one family each. They would house jnore if each had more than one garage. ed emotionally. "We Will Never Die" began with the prayer of a rabbi intoned against the background of two large tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. The entire nrrhMtra thull U'a (hrniiHmt in DAUGHTER SEEKS MARY FULLER Mary Fuller, stage and screen black with the Star of David) ctress of silent film days, is be-.

imminently displayed, on either; 0 JzrK--BI8L If e- W05rW I a I ing snugni ny mm. mnnon nunon njde Elliott, 23. of 1424i S. Lu- Angc-J i.Am, the role of Ihe.rah-les St who reported In the Police hi w. k.M idissirig Persons BHreau that thm ('th.

to the actress daughter. the vtrtorr bf their dy- Mrs. Fuller was employed Universal Pictures and retired in For lit linr Testament are wrlt-1917 because ii health, accord- Word, of Hahakkuk the in5.u .1 r. 'prophet of Israel, They Shall Xev- She told Lieut. D.

ni. I 1 I I i Ritualistic, processional followed iiams inai-snoniy aiier nrr mnn in 1920 her mother pennitted her to be adopted by Mr. and Mrs, rren miner. or rrcsno. and Robinson and Arnold took up the story.

ACHIEVEMENTS CITED "The Roll: CbII'! cited: Ihn achievements of Jews throughout the The role of. this race jn the, present holocaust was depicted in the tableau "The Jew i in War" with Garfield and Sam; Levene as During. this! scene the capacity audience ob-! ser-ed a minute's Paiil Henreid and Katina Paxl- Founrf Daad in Shop A woman believed to be Estelle Pierson about' 62, with no immediate members of her family in this was found dead yes-. in the front room of her Pasadena millinery, shop. Police, -who were unable In learn her home address, believed she died from, natural There will he aq autopsy; nnu desrrihed "The Battle of the Wiimw flhetto," as patient figures, enarteri the scene In Which Jewish, civilians with only a few guns and stlrka killed 6000 Xsii troopers and held them off for a Department of the Interior was the- seventh division of the execu-.

tlve 1 departments of the United States. It Was established In 1849 by act of Congress, week before all of the Jews la the Ghetto were exterminated. As an Interlude the "Battle NANCY'S OPEN Saturday Friday and J' Lvenmgtii i-Hsl vilifelsSi ASSmI ffl' 100 pure wool fall SS.f.''''1' Z-WmW': -V- -i- -K Mff HOLLYWOOD. BQULgvARD Tw i uyu huullvaru i-j 6 3 BOULEVARD -y-L -i-.

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