The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 23, 1973 · Page 16
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 16

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1973
Page 16
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Umlnf -Nf mat. III. f rt Nv. 3 J, 1 173 McLean Countv 4-H w J 1 I f J .1 .... - f r: ,;:7r .ivsa cites too teen-aaers Tanrph 2 9 i--.- .'O ;r. r ' . " . CfleriCk Urnn4 NCHS, ISU exchange football show programs 0f J4ki 0rflr TM9fptt Editor li O'H r'ty h fch l-l ImilJ in a CH lo nun l a t nil-jr IImII turthrim-Mi. ill rvn cttry lnh .viucil ha a rMlg m.iftliui4 Uml j rf-rmt if.iifM(l tfimo. Ilrt niKh H llr with Nrml r.mrruaity ll.h Sthml n4 lllirvM't S.! fiuvrrMiy.- 'II in.irl"4 ImikI fnm Oniimiiiiity llifi Jvll will ! f rlrm 1114 it l!lui'i M ill I'mwrxtv fiiiUill jj.n It.ilf tun- SiiunLiy. It will nn r. futyo wilii tJr IM) fii.irrliin Imii-I dinlril ly (iiitri K'I!r. I ttf r UukI pruw'fct! tlx h.tll Ihih h.iw lr Nl'IIS l'ir !) Iirs :" f !irrfvMi. fil.ivH fmif Aty after M'lyml fui .start!. Itiu 11k fi-Jiiin,T M ILS lo l.'iy I' ISI' Siillrrii I iirKii R;inM Sit unlay wlule ISIT Mil-Ut iils arc ImiiMf fr llwinksivuirf vara- ll'HI. UimiH by R.J-rt Ail.m. ll NCI IS h.iii'1. jxmKifi mikI fLi( ifrpi ami Uk nwioifttM will pvil'inn 11 al NCHS d-il a Inll jiihI Itilf lnlrrlu.1"'." aii-l a ilnll t "Slm-n.iinlt.ih." Tim Kimj.n ju:i'l will iilvi do a nmimr l i:vfi-tlunj Coinin l Tlt It.uid If.iturrs f) m.inliors iind was Iint pUiv winmr in d.iss A rtnd AA Towanda 4-H to go caroling TOWANDA-TV Tow.indi Cirls 4 11 Club rlfctoil a SIvirc-ilm-Kun mminilli'p at its List imilinn. Mrmlirn who will vrvo on the mmmittiv arc SlMTri (tilth, Ciithy Schiiinm. Hoxlf Anderson. Kelly Mi-Kinney. Ivhhic Del.idn, Jikiii Merna and Julie AmlerNon. The next inirliiig will he a rarnlinjj party on Dec. 21. (iirls will lake canned K'ds to U ( ed to families who need them. After caroling, the girls will attend a parly at a rncmhrr s home. Teen pageant broadcast includes Illinois girl I'aula Zalin of Aurora is aiming the candidates who will niiiix'le for the Miss Teenage America title Saturday night, in Fort Worth, Tex. The l.'ith annual couictitinn in which tfirls Ix'twoen the ages of 1. 1 and 17 who have lieen named winners in preliminary regional pageants throughout the country ' Miss Galbraith " .' ' '4 1 1 4 mill , i ,, - . Tnl?vtnf ml It littt U'f Hwmi Nml Cmvruf M.h IK twvd HMlliof ISU, kwt mil K iiiii tih tii .it t'- lC Ihiiih oin.M uf ,i TIm' UiihI .!. - W"(l liil I' hi Urn l!hiiM V-.i .n I nm rn'v p.if.nle Ii4 Tli- drusn tivi'M win alvi .r4 tn !! 1st; pir.i.i ) y arc M.miu IUtiwii and h Um- lli-l J. anfiie M.utiii is irnpnn ji' i.i'l captain, lilxind.i Artim Mr r.iK lm I! 14 rorpn. newly al. to tl Kind this majorette H llliiniin Mis Tunes take to jazz-rock ( IIICAtiO iAI'i-lyn.i lauvfrMty H Iry mJl ! turn on terti mm wlm time in la the lop rankiil disr ft key nt;ram!i in IHiiKtiH. liyol.i. tlie aitiiKi'i largest Citlndic ('Diversity. 11 flunlin air waves with IjO thematie musical commercials Ix o.i'lra .1 ihi (In lea. 1 1 11;; riN K radio sJxiwi. "Would ou r.nlnT funl an np)Je or learn to j;rov tin- Inv?" j-i one of tl jingles that tl' Hev. John .1. Ihrkman. direelor of adniisiiHLs. Imes will pi lii,:h M'hiHilers thinking almiit liyol.i. lunula, like all major iimversiUes. has been (ollivrilfd ahollt leveling off and in .vuiie cases. II' ikilme. of collej;!? enrollments. Alllnui;;li hiyol.i has experienced only a two r cent drop in enrollment. Father lleikman is already hoM-ful of filling Hie lllil and l!l.Vi Ireshmiii by llie radio commercials. Ii(ila used . ifl tpOseeond commercials on radio stations in Chicago. .St. buns and Itoekford. Tin silnxd lm s to reai li fill ier cent of iIm- teen a;;ers livini; in III county areas siirniiiiidiu Chicago. A .South Mend, Ind.. advertising agency planned tin? musical commercials for lioyola. A .sHkesman for the agency said. "We're not interrupt iiik their musical program with a .silly jingle, but rather blending with thematic music. Tim music used in the commercials has vie for the coveted title, will lie broad cast at ! p.m. Saturday on television. The event will lie broadcast live from the Tarrant County Convention Centre Theat re in Foil Worth. Actor entertainer Ken Herry will serve as master of ceremonies and entertainer for the broadcast. Mary Colleen Fitpal rick. Miss Teenage America I!I72, will act as hostess for the pageant. A panel of seven judges, headed by William Hranham, president of World Hook I'!ncycloH'dia. will choose the winner on the basis of scholastic achievement, talent and xnse and appearance. Five of the judges will lie former contestants. The winner will receive n $10,01)0 four-year college scholarship, a complete wardrolie. a year of travel and a guarantee of $..0!I0 in cash for personal appearances and stock in American industry. Kunneis-tip receive $1.00(1, $2,000 and $1,000 rcsxrlively. Melissa Calhraith, the current Miss Teenage. America, will present her successor with a gold medallion. A pageant feature this year will involve the Gary Moore Singers and the candidates doing a medley of songs with numerous sets of lx'lls for melodic effect. This pageant is not to Ik? confused with America's Junior Miss 'Pageant which is televised each Spring, and for which local winners were named in Blooming-ton Saturday, Nov. 17. There is no Illinios contest to select a Miss Teenage America condidate. .. t 6 a L .. , i Um tH W Nml trH4 pfiif H f hM Mm r WW UUnoiu (Pn9rpi PWil Saudi. 1 T lt"iii,iv.i it a vs. tn d.rnt'i" fl (in Uitid .il Ifi'd! Rinp 1 Kind pfesi. Kill Mrv' I';.iki i t4).r n( Un' iitini(i .iil i;.i4 OMp Hit l.inl ;."ii,'l Jl rtvmlrr tht i1 h.i pt-ilimmd at five hom i-it!u!l giiiKV It d tlx1 NCILS hoftviimnnj ,Vt on llw a;? rvli id he a Christ-nut cuiMTrt by tiie Uinl on liec. 20. college listeners a very rontrtnirar ja rx k sound." Father Itciiun-in heiees that collrj; admissions oHiccs slmild ltk at themselves as marketing oraniaiiotu who must use mixli rn nwirkctin techniques. l-oyola Ireshman class this Fall almost 2My-4Uc liighi-st In tlx? h IhhiI's history. Fatlier llei kman Irlieves tlie drop in over all enrollment is really a stopoi anions students already in school, jun- ims ami seniors, who have decided to take a year olf to reevaluate tm-ir career Loals. Most other schools in Illinois also have rNTcmecd (Imps in enrollment and the stoiHiuf has Us-n a major factor. Fducators also punt to the end of Hie (halt and tin' end of the baby-boom era of children reading college age. Hut so far Uvula is the only school that has tried to sell tin- value of a college education in twien ji.z and rock. Scholarships little known, await needy NF.W YOHK-CollcKe students and their families are learning that seeking a 8tu(knt loan is in itself a course in economics. Kven the friendly banker across the street prefers to lend money to businessmen at 10 per cent rather than grant a student loan at the required 7 per cent. And now middle-income students are finding it more difficult to get federal . aid. Hie Guaranteed Student Iian program, the plan in which the middle-income group could participate, is now ' giving most of its consideration to the needy, even though middle income families can no longer meet rising college costs. But don't let a shortage of funds stand between you and a college education. Financial aid opportunities still exist for any student who really wants a degree. Millions of dollars in financial aid actually go unused each year because students and tlieir families are not aware that they may he eligible for funds. Don't let apathy keep you from receiving awards for which you qualify. Compile a mailing list of the names and addresses of organizations, business firms, government agencies, unions, religious groups, and others that offer scholarships. Crfxxl sources of financial aid are your high school guidance counselor or your college financial aid officer. Basic research for your fund-raising campaign can be done in public or school libraries. There you will find publications telling you how to find and apply for scholarships. Every communication or contact with a possible source of financial aid should be carefully thought out and executed. Conciseness and neatness are important. State clearly your reasons for wanting to go to college. 'Ask for information concerning financial aid requirements and request an application. TJirr M(U.m Cmtfy 4 1 1 r rl.ntnl np lnrt in iiad a Ii-m limit tuU iii!in MLiy u-rrlv r.;i 4 lru,? tv Miry Jair tm,t4 if Arrvi vnc.h wrfe fuu I lo ttttend N iimuI I II C.irr ,r ifw-ir III K in home rmiimuHi.t And llr ife an-l (iny pf)t1. rriivly. Ifc-vrrly a M'fc iH ut the l itiWTtity t4 Chnoit rnj-ifin in rn rrninn-. Miry Jam u a iur at I Itny Ibji Ml. Ibubiry Salmi tit ' Ji N Gnu. .Vifnul. wat mr ol 20 lil.if I II cr lu m an rlinc faam a.ird trip to ! t huiIwh rntmvriiu il Itrjdlcy t'mm!y, Jtjniir lr.'Vrli'p i itnp 4 U wol or J itn-t GiinMr. M n J.ioe . Boston to stage Tea Party Thr amh arotwruiry of thr IWimton Tea I'arly has Urn granted official rrcrrutjon and uc U the national Itlcmtmnml Imm a a map f vrnt ronirtirmoratlng tl rutK' lUcmtm-nial. The srxinwrlng organl.ttioo. Boston 2W. 1!l cowlial a arnm of Tea Party rrLdrd activities, culminating with Tea Party Weekend. Dec. M It. Mason County to recognize 4-H leaders HAVANA The annual Mason County 411 leader rfcogrutlon hanqmH will he Tburwlay. rec. at 7 pm. In the I'mted I'rrsbytcrtan Church In NLunn Oty. Miss Sue Strin. arra advLvr and director of Western Illinois 411 Camp, will he featured sjieaker. Cheerleaders chosen COLFAX-Wreslllng cheerleadera have been chosen at Octavia High School for the season. Tlry are Patty Willke. Denise Northcutt, Tccna Griffin and Kelli Shoemaker. Christmas Parade Contest . . . Boys, Girls, enter the Winners will ride on this special float in the Jaycee's Christmas Parade, Sun., Dec. 2. Youngsters age 4 to 7 eligible to enter. 1. Little Rirls and boys, betwwn the agon of 4 and 7, living within the rantauraph rirrulation aiva are eliKilile tn entor the rantaKrai.h'ii MISS MKRRY CHRISTMAS or JACK FROST contest. (Children of PantaKraph employers and former contest winners are not eliKi'lile.) 2. Send a recent photo to either the MISS MKRRY CHRISTMAS CONTKST or JACK PROST CONTKST to: The Daily PantaKniph; BlnominKton, 111. 61701. Phnhw must be at least. 2 by 3 inches in size. Be wire to include ON THE BACK SIDK of the photoKraih the following information: Name, address, ae. birthdate, parents' names, telephone number, school ami Krade. ' 3. Deadline for all photos to he considered by the panel of judges is Monday, noon. Nov. 2fi. 1973. Photos may be mailed or delivered in person to the Pantagraph so as to be received by this final deadline. 4. Preliminary judging of photos will be done Tuesday. Nov. 11. with the top FOUR finalists in each category invited for a Asa Merry Christma and Jack Front Contest sponsored as a community service by The Daily Pantograph i.( II.K.I1.1. .ijli Su li w.ih J.ih t h-iiCH fJ ll'd ltui"-r ;irro.iir I Dre ttkt a if J win?r wi-te Miry Jtt llaiita. Gjry l. nrr. iMIe .HinUuw. J.u1 K-ol. CIihJiib' l.i.r. p4n Pn k. It .I Itaw.vr m. ItuiM.d S tirmxb r, Vf Kuem M 1m' l r tiiarhip d wna to It wrly FUil il ,i rr, f Cvl Itair ti" I !' IMiuun citiitt Ji.ia.o I ;itfii F41111 f.lln.'n-.iSiti Cniiril a ir U witil to ltU y .S-i'-nk tnp ol ) km I; J.uvt K.ol tovl Mary J oe Ikidta. j.irkH Uin Mi-r w i tir vo l I H' M.irJi.p Divil (Mat wMi liie 1.I0 t,',H I.iiiMi M.irl nd lit . lied ttiJb .w-it M- m-'tMi pl.ej 4 prc4 uiisl to .m fy M 4r Key CJuh Witurrt 'v M-r' Ji'"1 Ihiiit4. J.i net C.iliiVifC. M,)ir, H01I Hnrr and ! Sdiwarll. St4te outl-mlin4 4 II rn ate ftlocy I'mrml. IXirn-n Kntn-itt. Gary lnrr. TtnlJ Ahlroiik. fH.ifte Shwart. hutx-M Curtii. tliri4ine Mdicr. Pfn IVk. J.inet lUftil. J.imt SrldiM-r. lundi Srldm-r. J.n1 Gdnirr. Ikfl M r. Cimll NrulMtar. .ie Hach iw l'4 nanii-"! M ie mituanduu 'ir Itcvrrly Kla Fr.ii u' ll.iia-aiii. I Gash. j(jny .Urfir. It i.L.I h -Utt. K -l llinjrr. Itnlntd Minn-drr. M iry tidi4. Mary hay G:cr. D. mi ((,. It a S.iIn( k. iirl.i Pritv. Kna--i. Sheryl Guth. Jam Mcm.1 CMiniy piitsl.mduu a.ud went to tui.Viuie Met or. Simly linnr. Muk H111S14. Ma in lie Kiiie. (ei ky I lac s. Pi fUy Curtis Anne Krauv. An;t.i Pruitt. Vnkl S.indi-rs. .Vuiilte WluU; Kami K.i-1.' l'4 K.ii-1. Khim-u-htrer. IVgv S-rldmr. M.irti.i Miller. Online Neuluunr. Jiuunne Walden. Ci-me ll.iwkin.s. J Jwi Lirkui. Itcid Su l rt. Ilccky Ikr. Kathy Pochard. Dons Ackerman. Stcvr Giles. Laurie Anderson. Mary Lirkln. Kathy Sdlovcr. and Diane ll.immitt. Numerous ntlur awards were also fMi-vnti-d Shari Wisegarver elected by 4-H'ers WKIJX)N iP.VS-Tlie WckKm Junior Champion I II tlub clecteil new oflin rs Snuriiiy. They are Sluri Wwegarver. president; Merry Wisegarver. vice president; Marsha Poff. secretary; Julie Howen. treasurer; Iis Sluie and .Shawn I tier, nrrcation: KLu la King, song leader, and Marti Jordan, reporter. Pantograph . Jack Frost and sV Miss Merry Christmas Contest fjl - iack Frost personal interview with the judged on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 2!) at 3 p.m. at the Panlagraph. Judges will then make their final selection of "Miss Merry Christ mas" and "Jack Frost," with the remaining six finalists named as the Royal Court. All 8 finalists (4 girls and 4 hoys) will ride in the giant Santa Christmas parade sponsored by the Bloomington-Normal Junior Chamber of Commerce on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 2. The Jaycee parade will start in the fiOO block of South Main h Normal at. 2:30 p.m. and proceed south to Chestnut Street in Kloomington. 5. "Miss Merry Christmas" receive a $25 United States Pantagraph. All eight, finalists The Pantagraph. 6. All photos entered in the contest may be picked up at th Pantagraph News Room starting Monday, Dec. 3. No photos will lie returned by mail . . . they must be picked up in person. Photos not called for by Dec. 31, 1973 will be destroyed. u 1 1 ff n Mary Jane Beverly Built a EUon Rodney Sabkk Washington school plans coffee hour W inGt iPVSA virflee hiir Wi.l ! jhosifd Thursday. IH"C. 20. Iiom 2 ! 4 put at WoslungttMt Community llih SivA bv l!ie guiiLir' ik p.irtment Fitriinr W CI IS grada.itc Will be special ;a-i. Faculty nieml r anJ interested high Mudeidt will have a chance to discuss post hi,:ri jkIxkiI careers and cullers Teen pageant plans announced Applications are available for firla bctwtrn the ages of 13 and 17 who want to enter the Miss Illinois Teen Ager Pageant. 11 event will he June 2S and 29 at the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago. Foitrants are judged on the basts of ncholastic achievement, civic contributions, poise, personality and appearance. Applications may be obtained by writing the National Teen Ager Pageant, Boi 4(. Jtockton, lit. and "Jack Frost" will each Savings bond from The Daily will each receive a trophy from , t

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