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vwi meser 1-' i- l- -at EE Cribuni J6 April'22, 1976 Raiders NFL Schedule liras'' tafc OfKtaMfl fl Attulft DbMm i MKi Oct IrpH HNNton.M tan zsxss'xssi s25 RAIDERS so -gi RI to el NeeNon; Oct New lade Mi Oct. IM BAVi Oct CMcaia a Lee to ftHtourak; Clove-NaotoH. Lauto De- yortdanti KADIO TODAY Only eight California ski la- eilities remain open this "Wg MLitoV, to- Man. Mt Dec. t-cmcMNATUPoc a sar 5 TBe uauana Kaiders have, Pina w- signed ft contract to bsve 'alt, 4 mas SmM this son cMSieosLtSSli aalmVoctt t4a "TELEVlSlONTOMORROW breadcRgtDO radio mat vork jrts; 9-u-nuje saw- -v; station ill announce.shortly.' STaTSSL525M BASEBALL: Aa- n.

Clew- Rju vino will wintimf as s-wasnincton; nc. M-at Indians. Channel 5, 4 JO pty-fc-puy man. with ex- LM! Channel 40 (tape de- er Monty Stickle repYk'ing lEyed) 7 Scatty Stirling Ihe color lmiw.jatB Channel "SES1 -fetStt Stirling is the aporta direct M-KANSAS KV at Ha. to-TAto Ne at DaHaa; to Kernel etptiitesiiptiie; Oanar; PM I Seattle to Tempo Mndoy.Od.

to Vert Jell el New England. SatoOw. Oct. at Saa FrancNc fcamp. Oat Si at Nm Vorfc Mk CMcaga Clndamtl at Hauatan; Denver CHy; Detroit at Saatttei Green (Wj Newlnjiena aTscSZo; cv cH St.LouktoT Wml 'Wtt te IKv, a Green CHy-to Tampa New Eng- tor tor a rival station, KNBR.

pm. Prep Baseball CATHOLIC lal its its Yesterday the National Football League announced 1976 schedule and it was learned the Haiders and 49ers each will play two Monday TV games. i-The Raiders go to Kansas weekend and conditions on the slopes run from icy in the mornings to slushy in the afternoons. snow showers forthe weekend -and skim hould chafia in their cars. mt.

sNasta-itMnci. i. t. Possible fight snow have been forecast Sierras thisweeke CALIFORNIA MT. SHASTA 102-Inch MnoperaHng.

Open vmb May 2. SdHiSShT SXl Sam Sm? -J i- Fishing Lanes mm. ALAMiM -wnt-a- cedMltva) Miller (SI. Detoae It) end NetoenaH and hmcmm, van i Pod ID. ntaruiLL i 111 Ctovetand'at PHMojrak; DaltaaatNew.

r-iK omane; Green ByafSt. LouHrHeueton City tor a Monday game alter at BuHtoo: la Angetoe at Mlnmiota; opening st the Oakland Colise- Yir PMIedeWdn," New Vorfc Jah at Um against the World Cham- Denveri SaToiage al Tampa Bay; pion PituBufgh'Steelers play the last of the 1J Monday oeliand ai.Kaiw night games at home against sr." FrandtcOt' Cleveland AHante al CMcagni measures that have to be taken, added Heurien; DeireH at Minneooia; whd readily admitted plunk-to MwSIUi'Se? fiw Metsl Pel Unser and Gtonto at Mlae; Oakland el SliieRku, 1 OH purpose Tijesttay raw. Wethtnglcn el Sen Frendtce- UnSCT Will miSS at leaSt foUT itoAngetoeMOndmati. v-games with an elbow injury certahtm MOMig-iis I Sefumen end Homm; den. HR Sovnden (Ml leeSoWi TIgen 7, As I BASBALL STANDINGi5 American loogua WEST Pct'GB 6 4 .000 1 ATHLETICS.

6 J45 ft 4 4 J00 1 5 7 .417 2 KansasCity 2 5 J75. 2 3 7 J00 3 Pet GB NewYork.v,; 7 2 .778 2.714 1 5 .500 4 .500 2V4 3- 6.400-3: Boston Cleveland. Baltimore 7,, New CMcom7 F- Trxo, el Cleveland, CNy al MlWiQukee, gpd. -(re CoWonuo week! M.V Oaklands other home oppo-4) nmts are Green Bay, ol' smini in end Kansas City, Tampa Stouten. Crane (S) and Madge, pjpgg son it ions Tlto49ers irtert the Lop Ah- -Hi ne e- si geles Hams at Los Angeles sn Minnesota at Candlestick, IS) and Hendmen, Park Monday TV.

games. They also have night home game against.At- lanta. Pllltburgh MMmneeota. i- San Franciscos other honfe opponents are Chicago. New.

1 JfJvSk'gJm! York Jets, New Orleans. wnmnbton; Miami at Baitlmera; New England Oe-Iratt; Oakland al San Diego; PtttibuiW at Cleveland: St. Louie al PMIadriphlo; LeoLematfU) ae e-e)i SunonMIi and Fordertr; Rothschild and TfOOO. 'w t. York Giento al Lee i Jett Miami; Loult al San New York At Ct Seattle; Derail al Green I Kenone Cily-nl Ruffator' el Miami; Nett Vorfc Glanti New York Jell at Sen Fran.

'Oakland el New appearance is the first of five successive Mad games. Cincinnati. The Kinsar Football Transactions 7ENVER BRONCOS Stoned raokle DENVER BRONCOS Stoned raokle Me agents John SchuHi. a wide recentor tram Maryland, and Bruce SeamatL a detonUve back Iram Grain Bay al Chicago; Denver el Sen-Diego; el New Orteane; Houeton Cindnnell; oH; -Kenup Miami el PMeburw; New Engiend elf PhiledeipMa al Cleigand; Louie al Lee Angelae; Sen FrencHee al -Saattto-al Mimwala; Tampa Bay al New Vorfc Jail; WeNdnglcn at New Vorfc Giants. UK IMHHVi NMa OuNatoat Dallas.

It I Dehwl; cindnnall al Kan- Chicago al sas City: Cleveiand al Tampa In at Attonla; Houston mf LosAngetoe al San Frmdscn; Mlimesola-vsTGraen Say al MINnukae; New Ena lend el New York Jets; New Oricwns et Seattle; New Vorfc Giants al Oakland al EMIadhia; WaNiMgtonatSI. aam ASmo mUftoVyi NWi Baltimore at Miami. al Green Miami al Cleveland; Lea New York' PhMadripMa al Ween-el Ckidnnatl; Seattle CHy Giants; Tempo Bay al Oak- wt. n-rnnwiw; Oct MEIN New vam Jett at amSi at Dal laa. PttMurgh at Oaklaadi St.

Louia at totottor Saa Diego at Kernel ggp Gr" J- al. LyffLTampe lidn neoola al Delratt; New OrtMnenl I at PHto CHy; New Vi Gram jMSwavkaeiL Tempo Bay al Crndnitoll. Monday. ieco 1 Lot OcL II Sen FrancHco 1st) (415) 521-6951 f' y. ncnaiTo '-f Richmond British Automobiles 11820 San Pablo Ave.

HAYWARD Union Jack British Cars 22101 Mission Blvd. al 'V 294 805 sis. league pitcher jund want-to be around' awhile," lynn McGlothen said yesterday aa the Louis ''L 1 1 KOflllhflllCi DeanDa115 righthander explained why he made the York Meta the targets of abean-hall assault VI just think that there pie There are some situstions when a pitcher goes out to hit a batter, continued McGto' then. This was one of them. I just think that pitchers have a right to contain the hitters.

lot hens words, coming he was the victlpi id a run barrage and 9-0 weren't warmly received in the. Meta clubhouse. Everybodys got to' pitch inside, said pitcher Matlack, who retaliated and Was an. automatic 950. Thatls- eof the game, but and a half inside.

Mets' -General Manager Joe McDonald has since filed pro-; test Way umpire Bruce Froemminjg handled the problem. tripled Jo highlight 113 spread over Chicago. Littlt Loogua Start Manager Bill Rigney and 'shortstop Chris Speier of the Giants will be guests at the 18th opening davof the San Ramon VaUey'lJtUe League season Saturday morning at 9 1 o'clock on McMillen Field in Danville, -v -v 1 i -r X'. 'rtw v. JWAINHAPTE FORECLOSURE OFFERIHBS TUOLOMNE COUNTV Xaeeoi CHy ni MHwoukee, Ngtrt.

Nafionaf LaDgur 7 WEST mGB 8 5 .815 6 4 .600 Atlante 8. 4 .800 Vi GIANTS SJ68 lVi San Diego 5 6 .455 2 LooAngeles 2 8 .208 4Vi 1 EAST Pet GB Pittsburgh 6 3 .687 Philadelphia 3 .625 NewYork 6 6 .500 Chicago 4 5 .444 2 tt: St. Louis 4 .400 3 5 ,375 7 (CAN BE FINANCED -LONG TERMS) In the National League, Mike Schmidt clubbed Ms-seventh homer in four games in Philadelphia's 34) blanking of Pittsburgh; Ken Griffey's two-run single triggered a five-ruh third inning to give Cincinnati a 5-4 verdict over San Diego; Reggie Smith cracked a two-run homer and Rim Fairly added a tie-breaking' single to. push St. Louis past the Mets, and in a six-inning suspended contest, Chicago; Green Bay ef iff.

Tim Foil singled, doubled Slid pa kikiiMii Ua.im4uiPn Sunday, Doc. MMumf; CNcago al SaMHt; tetrawraas Clavaiand; Kneaa Cily-al OYeans al New Engiend; al Sen Dtogn; Weehmgion al Now. Mendey, Oac ol Oakland Snfcatoey, Dec. II e) Oefcnit; Mlnneiato PHtsburgh el Houston. Sunday.

Doc. If Battltnere; Ckid null at Mew Cleveland Kenses City; Oncage; Green. Bay af At- oStanisTsSn Montreal's LOOK AT THESE BARSAIM PRICES All tell pi nee surrounded byStemslaus Forest. Nuar white water rapids oi Stemsley Water enri eiKtricity clot. 4 BEAUTIFUL 11-ACRE SS00J1D Near Twain Harte.

Sportsmen's parafm. (Store At) Unspoiled for bunting arKUithingjOO' elevetwn. I-: Spustoculer ywws Stcluoea choidebuiiding eites. $S9MJ Ail with pevud roads, poi wafer and (And 'J: covered with pine at 2500 elevation end lame at 4000' etovatiultfci a reel. I LUXURY HOMESITES i S7IS0M Megnrl'cent pineybverlpokt 500 square.

(And Laos) miles ol Swrre Mountains end National Forest. Truly en except ipnellaceliuni. 3400' elevation. Parfact for rat iremant. Heady to build.

VESTERDAV-S CAME Attoeto Giento 1 PluiegelDliin I PJlKburgn A OnuunOK San Diege 4. M. LouH 7, New Vorfc 4l Maul real al CNcoua, nnpendeg, derlF ncto, Eegee leodiog ll-x HeuNon Lai Angelee A knHnge. TODAY'S GAMES Manttegl (kirav AM al CNcaga I R. Heuickcl gm.

Loi Angelae (Kau VO) el (Caserave 04), rngnt- I Buffalo Howton tor San Frencieco al Pihsbgrgh, Cincinnati Lee Angeieo Miami; ael Jett; al ei oo Oakland; Lost Nights Fights TOKYO, Jonon Attense Laoei. mo, outpointed Shell Ouomo. IS to retoie hie World LAS VEGAS. Neu. Lorry Bonds.

147, Denver, euteomlad Wnvne-Beeto. URi, riA SEATTLE I bar Airfrtoten, Everett, ni-i, eutoeimed Terry Domett, Dalles, IM, Ml. i'v OAKLAND Oakland British Motors 27th Street PALO ALTO Peninsula British Cars Inc. El Camino Real SAN FRANCISCO 523 San 3144 5 coodifcted KIRKWOOD as le sateen beae. i tta.

MT, RESAi Three lifts eaeiatlnt i 41 Id Mtodi bam. MAMMOUTH MOUNTAIN Open i Ibrovsh June vHh Uhl ivnnlDa.4 CLOSED Soda Snrtnw. Tehee Danner, Nerlhilor, Homewood. Heavenly Vollevv Tahoe Ski- Bowl. Sierra Ski Nandi, Dodge Ridge, CMaa Peak, Aadg-: NEVADA CLOSED EM.

Rate, Ski IncHhe, ROAD CONDITIONS gat me latcH Skier con kl phone NISI M4A4AL It operalee hevn. The CoBtornlq Peel, el Tmnieeitotly MlntalM recordedsheur phene renorte which are undated whenever Mere le a change. From Eaelbav cell i tt Open I. CHI re The opening of Hie general trout season Saturday holds the interest of most fishermen, but theres plenty of action at hand on other fronts4 -Salmon are active at sea and in the upper Sacramento River, theres top spoft; for striped bass and improved action Jfet a variety of fish at low elevation lakes, Fishing is on 'the upswing i salmon trailers. Sportfishing- fleet scores thirr week' showed.a solid two-fish-perjfid average with lots of limits.

ThC present fishing area is be- tween Buoy and the Farallon Islands. There are also indications salmon will soon be closer to home. Slippers report bait fish moving along the north coast between Duxburyf Buoy Double Point and that should bring the salmon in, says Hank Schramm '-v at his Emeryville Sport Fishing Center. Meanwhile, spring-run kings continue move into the upper Sacramento River in force to' provide action for anglers. One of our guides just radioed he had two.

fish in the boat, said Jean Higgiim early yesterday at Balls Ferry RCsort. -i Theres no doubt about the show of fish in the river's upper regions. Last weeks count at the Red Bluff Diversion Dam hit 1,520 to bring the seasons total to 105,715. Sixteen: steelhead also showed at the counter. Striped bass are making a big bid for angler attention in the Freeport area of tlTe Sacramento River.

Fishing is great WevC weighed around 150, fish a day for the past five days. They run to 35 pounds, says Larry Lee at Freeport Bait and Tackle, Delta areas are also offering top action. Both trailers and bait fishermen are bringing in stripers to 34 pounds from Franks Tract; Falsie River and the Antioch Bridge area. Nearly everyone is getting fish, says Chuck Philippart at Bethel Island. The pinstripes are also showing in the Grant Line Canal near Tracy.

We weighed 15 fish Saturday that ranged to 35 pounds. Most were landed by trailers using a Rebel lure and bugeye on a spreader, says Del" Hansen at his Old River Resort. Biologist Don Stevens confirms the show of fish in upper river and delta regions. Our gill net boats arc togging some 150 fish a day in the San Juquin. and -were averaging 50 fish a day our Sacramento River fyke traps," he says.

There's also Port in the delta for special- hied shad bump-netters. We have four to five boats out every night and they're all bringing in fish. You need a reservation for a boat says Jen Deckcrt at New Hope Landing near Wplnut Grove, Another specialized sport is phniucing. It's surf smelt netting at Martins Beach below Half Moon Bay. We had a good run -Saturday afternoon and the 20 netters on the a beach landed 25pouiuLlimits" says Helen Watt at beach headquarters.

't As Avoragos- SATTINR ek Min lit I IJB A. I JM -A-II II 7 I .20 I I 0 4 7 2 11 7 2 i i i 2 i 7 0 A SICA I I.I1K tiii 2 I II II I A 0 0 I JM i i a 7 71 17 2 4 Rudl Ti Lmti Tetoh PITCHING (Sola by ModlilM, -y- 'k x'5 f. aniciur lish Me Shalt tick Avenue English Motors ol Berkeley 2900 Sh BURLINGAME Burlingame British Cars 65 California Drive DALT fITY BurgessGntigh Cars (nc. 7555 Mission Str- SAN RAFAIL Annex British Cars Inc. Francisco Boulevard.

SANJOSE Jose British Motor Cars Inc Stevens Creek Blvd. SUNNYVALE British Motor Car Distributors Ud. Sunnyvale British Motor Cars 901 Van Ness Avenue 725 South Fairoaks Todd km -Lmdkkid TorSi 4 r-j Mt isn 1 2 I 4 HJO tt 17 37 -twtte. i Tore 1 Save-Flngeri 2,. Todd I.

Giants Avoragos i 1 'MoW (Tribune Reader Exclusive INTERESTING SPECIAL PRICE ONLY THROUGH the3W6 928 pages of the latest and standini records of more than 100 sport thiaew 1976 edition of The Associated Press SPORTS ALMANAC Is not available on newsstands. SEND FOR YOUR COPY TODAY Ust this coupon to order. Simply fill out and mall It with proper remittance to the addreas Indicated, allow four waaka for dalivary. Go Wribune more than newspaper AT 1976 SPORTS ALMANAC OAKLAND TRI8UNE BOX XX 1CANLCK, J. 0766S 4 I I tKkMdiiS.

I. copwi of The KF 197S Sports Alnuaie it SIRS par copy. jm leotui. cnv. SWL Harold Menzies Inc.

WALNUT CREEK 4249 Geary Blvd. Geissiers British Motor Cars Inc 2679 North Mam St BATTING to Jkkrrki I 2 I 2 I I ei aoN I 1 I IMI.M I- IS I I I JM I ll (t.i 7 II 1 I I 10 IXIII 1 J4 ii i it i 4 It I I I 2 73 i i i ii i 4 1 1 2 i in 2721 SI7M I I III JM I II II IMt I till II II I -1 IIM A till IIM I till IIM, Itoat I I t-l AN 4 I I II I I 4 7 7 I 4 4 24 PITCHING i era ert I I i I Id II i IS 12 1 233 2 1 t-l to 2 I 1 IN It I 4 I 4 It II tl I I Ml tt, to. It 111 II Pi It 2 i IM 1 lf'14 4 I IN tl I I I I IIIIT I 4 I I 4I2M IS to 41 42 41 4M -'I O' A4 enlg Tetoh Sde- Ldvehr A Giants Schedule L) -Jxgr i vinyl where you dont Theyre, also orthopcdically designed and mutthadjustable. All this comfort, doesn't sacrifice handling. Iri tact.

Motor Trend out Its cor- nmlng power In the same league as the Lotus Europas or the Ferrari DinoS. Its price, however, Is not. 'teiTliil WIIH II IfVI I Sdaeuntfet 'Wtet ADULT MOTOR INN ADULT MOTOR INN WM, x. Th weVe erf gr imimimeifiEiipF 11 II Mi'll 1 DN WHA Playoff 1 New (eglend I toditneteNt I New leemed Ned ktweMeven wrwt Al Nivuii A tan Own a Nevuen tern kwlewi wntoe I SHAVER SHOP SALES RfPXrM mw mieemi dW4i KWM NNttORMHUI MNdR Ml NNKl 'flSSMMUft KHIMf tCUNWI NMdetMR IGImhU'W IM mmmirmmi 444-1336 MAPI 1 experienced: ThoTR7s cockpit. Tor Most sports cars today are example, ts wider than a far better equipped to handle Corvette or a Z-car.

So it A. Foalurlng: RkMHitoEg NctnM whit khNi htogtiMU NM: wetot rguNf. 4 Day NigM YEAR AROUND Mrim NNng ew toe hMtoO (90) R90(. 'f 'v nttUMBNl. hit.

AM RlMF RNleHRININRNi Tkg Mrt gGuR mnh gn cncnN eeMl TV yRMWM. FOR RCSCfiVATlONl CALL 032-6262 4k MIJ tMr IB Special NCWIOWCR RATES ML SUNDAY THROUGH WCDNESOAY agyiixiiiaiagmx 01 the American road than to handle the American driver. Not so with the TR7 A sports car MotjorTrcnd hailed as Oncol the most comfortable two-seaters otters something most sports cars dont room. And, smeo fabric doesn't retain heat or cold like vinyl, Its scats arc covered with fabric where you sit and Pints Mekg ttocl Myabll iPimi A. -4.

MSiV 1-l 4 1 tAW 6 Wb.Rl tiJi..

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