Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 22, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
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Friday, June 22, 1973
Page 21
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Kansas City Trading Zone Should Become Big Market By LettOY POPE UPI Business Writer NEW YORK (UP!) - Most Americans think a foreign trade zone is just an area of an international airport where you can buy liquor.or perfume duty free, but it's something vastly more important, says Marshall Miller of Kansas City, fiuslnem Today Miller expect* the new Great Midwest International Trade Center to make landlocked Kansas City one of the world's ABINGDON MRS. GERALDINE BAUER CORRESPONDENT Home Address: RFD St. Augustine, 111. Ph. 462-2477 Motorcycle Races Planned ABINGDON - The Abingdon Motorcycle Club will hold races at the Abingdon Fall Festival grounds Saturday at 8 p.m. Practice laps will begin at 6:30 p.m. Plans Were discussed for a District 8 meeting to be hosted by the Abingdon group in the fall when Abingdon Business & Professional Women met last Tuesday. It was announced that the annual meeting will be held at Harbor Lights July 17. Talmage Wimer, ag teacher at Abingdon High School, was presented a first place trophy in the field and shop aid category in a contest sponsored by Ciba-Geigy Corp. at the Illinois Assn. of Vocational Agricultural Teachers at Champaign this week. His entry was a small engine dynamometer. The luncheon for persons attending the Hedding College reunion will be at Abingdon Grade School Sunday at 12:15 p.m. Members of United Methodist Women -will serve. Mrs. Lester Wicks and daughter Bev attended the Festival of Brass at Geneseg-last Sunday. Bcnnie Wicks was publicity director for the event,*,. ^ List Services Christian—Donald T. Hogan, pastor. Church school at 9:45. Worship, at 10:50. Sermon: Working On Love. United Methodist — Frank Deninger, pastor. Church school at 9:30. Worship at 10:45. Sermon: Seed of Disruption. Berean Baptist — Joseph Wilser, pastor. Church school at 9:30. Junior church at 10:30. Sermon: Characteristics of a Happy Christian. Service at 7 p.m. Sermon: The Unequal Yoke. Congregational — Kenneth Schultz, pastor. Church school | at 9:30. Worship at 10:45. Sermon: Help From the Hills. Sacred Heart Catholic—Joseph C. O'Connor Hunt, pastor. Sat jurday Mass at 6 p.m. Sunday Masses at 8 and 10. First Assembly of God—Kenneth File, pastor. Church school at 9:30. Worship at 10:30. Ser mon: The Christian Home Youth at 6 p.m. Service at 7 p.m. General Baptist — James A Jennings, pastor. Church school at 10. Worship at 11. Service at 7 p.m. OES Initiation Scheduled XNOXVILLE-Initiation ceremonies into the Khbxville Chap : ter of the OES will be held Monday, members announced during recent past officers' night observation. Past officers serving included Mrs. Helen Gehring, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Templeton, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stone, Mr.' and Mrs. Gilbert Unger, Mr. and Mrs. William Dawdy, Miss 'Hielma Hoyme, Mrs. Raymond Higgins, Mrs. John Thurman, Mrs. Lucille Turner, Mrs. Estella Cook, Kermit Hoyme, John Fry, Mr. and Mrs. John Clarke and Miss Naomi Danielson. Mrs. Harold Goff and Mrs. John Thurman, grand lecturers, were escorted and introduced. Mrs. Orlo Mastin and John Thurman were introduced as guests of honor and guests in the east. Rev. John Clarke served as soloist and songs were sung to olfleers, guests of honor and Mr. and Mrs. James Woolsey, worthy patron and matron. ftnoxville ANNABEL PETERSON , CORRESPONDENT Home Address: 210 N. Timber St, Phone 289-2816 Questions Answered. Church school at 10:15. Jehovah's Witnesses — James Weimer, Geneseo, speaker. Talk at 9:30: Preparing Your Children to Meet the Problem of Life. Watehtower study at 10:30 Pilgrim Congregational — E D. Lyon, pastor. Worship at 10. Sermon: Who Builds the House? United Methodist — Prosper Tournear, pastor. Worship at 8:15 and 10:45. Sermon: Sin Kills Me. Church school at 9:30. Christian — Clifford Parke, pastor. Worship at 10:30. Church school at 9:30. United Presbyterian — Dr. Stafford Weeks, pastor. Worship at 11. Church school at 9:45. Kitt- Grace Lutheran—Lloyd ,laus, pastor. Worship at 10.|the City officials have announced!Laymen's Sunday. C h u r c hJpaying that no horses will be allowed!school at 9. foreign cost component in the city park. They said they; Maxey Chapel—Raymond Bas-jper cent or less. received numerous com-sett, pastor. Worship at 9.; bigger import-export markets, He says it Will Increase the foreign trade f of Kansas City and ltd hinterland from a [present $3 billion a year to $6 billion within three years. ^ Recently f>ack from a month's visit to Japan, Miller has all but completed deals with several big Japanese companies to locate in the Kansas City trade zone. A number of European and some American firms also plan to locate there. The Zone is Unique The Kansas City zone is unique among the United States' 10 foreign trade zones designated by the federal government. It is the only one far inland, and it is the biggest. It is the only one with two separate areas and underground storage and travel facilities. And it is the first to be entirely operated by private enterprise with no bureaucratic supervision. It is on a water, rail, highway and air transportation hub that can tap the entire Midwest overnight. It is even served by 1,200-ton barges in the Missouri - Mississippi river system. But this trade zone isn't (designed to dispense liquor and other luxury goods at bargain prices. Rather, it is a manufacturing assembly and warehousing center for goods from all over the world. It enables manufacturers to bring products into the United States without paying tariff duty, and warehouse and process them until they leave the trade zone to be marketed in other parts of the United States. If they go to other foreign countries after being processed, there is no American duty. American workers, however, are paid for processing the goods, and American financial institutions and American transportation companies benefit from processing and distribution of the goods. Conditions Vary Conditions that promise to make the Kansas City zone attractive to world's manufacturers vary tremendously, Miller said. He cited two examples to explain the basic principle. "A foreign bicycle manufacturer can ship components into the Kansas City trade zone without paying any duty. He then can assemble them into complete bicycles with American labor. When he ships them out of Kansas City to other parts of the United States, he pays only the 5Mi per cent duty." x The other example rests on the fact that American makers of products can import up to 49 per cent foreign components at substantial savings into the Kansas City trade zone without paying any tariff duty. The finished products can be assembled in the trade zone with American labor, then can be legally shipped anywhere in United States without duty so long as the Bank Claims Freeze Will Hurt Economy NEW YORK (UPI) - "The announcement of a price freeze will not help an economy beset by demand-pull inflation," says Franklin National Bank, "but it probably aggravates our problems." The bank says the price freeze will heighten financial and economic strains because consumer spending trends will remain strovg at a time when many sectors of the economy are operating at capacity. "As a result, it is likely that a mini- recession has increased in probability for 1974," it adds. Galesburg; Register-Mail, Galesburg, III. Fridoy, J une 22, 1973 1 V tfaleibutl, 111. Classified Advertising Dial .143-7181 o .ffiuri^y .HS: Monday through Saturday fly- .4 :30 P. I WordjL nectiv« iwarco i, i»" 7-daya 4*aaya 1-day 1-20 I 6.21 1 3 .fs lib 21-2* 1 113 I 4.20 1 ,68 28-30 i «.7« 1 4.49 1 .82 31-d* I 7.84 | Si4 2 ,13 Card of Thanki. in Mamorlam. Lodge Notice*, Other Notlcei, 1 inch or lea*—12.75. CASH HATE~ADpll«a when ad It paid within 8 daya from data of lait iniertlon. In Mcmoriam— 2 IRONS, Harry — In memory of our " father, who passed away Business Service*? DYKE'S TYPEWRITER SERVICE, cleaning and repair, 1871 Beecher Ave. 342-8803. Free pickup, Moving • Storage-*!! STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE NOW! Puckett Moving & Storage Grand and Penna.—343-9149 Child Carc-10 I WOULD like to care for 2 more children by day or week. State licensed, Can supply reference if necessary. Call 343-5381 WANTED — Babysitting jobs, time, northeast. Phone 342-29 beloved June 22, 1980. Current domestic monetary policies offer a cure worse than the disease of resurgent inflation, according to Wright I Investors' Service, a Bridgeport, Conn. firm. "Excessive reliance on the monetary policy anti-inflation weapon actually exerts upward pressure on the prices of goods and services" and leads to a reduction in productive capacity, it says. Wright warns if the Federal Reserve Board stays too long with a tight money policy, "the prospect exists for a pronounced increase in unemployment." A father is a thing that is forced to endure childbirth without anesthetic. That growls when it feels good, laughs loud when it's, scared, That works hard to try and smooth the rough places for those of his own who v/ill follow him. The Children Notices - Lodge—3 GALESBURG COMMANDERY No. 8 STATED conclave and annual elec tion of officers, Monday, June 25, 1973 at 7;30 P.M. Potluck sup per at 6:30 P.M. Victor E. Faust. Comm. Eric O. Hale, Rec. Notices - Special • Personal—5 PREGNANT and NEED HELP? Call Birthright 343-4913 DRINKING PROBLEM? Want to do something about it? Let us help you help yourself. Phone 342-2179, 24 hours. Confidential. have plaints from residents. 1 Church school at 10. List Services | Orange Chapel— Carroll Och- Gilson—Smith Terpening, pas-|sner, pastor. Worship at 9. tor. Worship at 9. Sermon: Life's Church school at 10. How Can a New Car Save Doctor Bills? THEY DON'T HAPPEN to have medical degree. But they do have a theory with which they think all doctors will agree — and that is that you've got to get a little fun out of life to stay healthy. Especially here in Knoxville. (The climate here won't do it alone.) And they're convinced that one of the best ways to do this is to give your morale a big boost once in awhile. Like buying a new car, (Does wonders for the digestion — not to mention brightening your smile.) But by "new oar" they don't mean just four wheels and something to make them move. They mean all the other jthings that make owning one a pleasure. ("Fun" things Included-) No, they're not doctors. But your health is their business too — and if a new car would give you pleasure, then leit them have the pleasure of loaning you the money. They're "The 'Money Store' Bank", you know. At "The "Money Store' Bank". Come See Us. ". . . whert Cuitomtri Ard M#ndi." The "Monty" Store The Farmers National Bank Member F.D.I C. Kno¥vllle, Illinois Gets Sentence MARION, 111. (UPI) Court Judge W. A JThursday sentenced Cynthia Barnes, 17, Chicago, to 20 to[ 1973 100 years in prison for the murder of an elderly Marion resident. Blyth Eastman Dillon & Co.! says although most economists and market analysts agree; President Nixon's speech on the economy was "too late with too little," the firm thinks "the freeze on prices without the freeze on wages could have a I'oeneficial effect on public' psychology." Despite the "disastrous" reaction of the market to the freeze, it says the chances of slowing the economy without producing a recession has been greatly enhanced by the move. It advises the investor to take appropriate defensive action in the current bear market until the longer- term view improves. Legal Notice NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS The City of Galesburg, Illinois, hereby invites sealed bids for the Repairing of existing 78- inch diameter, brick and reinforced concrete pipe storm sewer with Gunite located at Kiwanis Park for a total distance of 813 feet or .1540 miles, known as Section 1001-43 CS. Bids will be . received until 10:00 A.M., C.D.S.T., on July 9, 1973; arid,, at that time, publicly opened and read aloud in the office of the City Engineer located on the Second Floor of City Hall, 161 South Cherry Street, Galesburg, Illinois. Plans, Specifications and Bid Forms are on file with the City and Plans may be obtained at the office of the City Engineer upon payment of $10.00 for each set which shall not be.refunded. All proposals or bids offered must be accompanied by a Bank Cashier's Check, Bank Draft or Certified Check payable to the City Treasurer of Galesburg, Illinois, for not less than ten (10%) percent of the amount of the proposal or bid. The successful bidder shall be is 49! required to furnish a Performance Bond in a sum equal to :the amount bid. I Resolution No. 73-382 requires rir „.-Jthe compliance with ILL. FEPC , rcuil j "Equal Employment Opportuni- LewiS: ty Clause." Dated this 22nd day of June, Lost and Found—6 T3 LICENSED babysitter would like one more pre-schooler to care for in my home. Best of references. Northeast part of town. Prefer full time Job. Phone 342-3496. STORY BOOK CHILD CAKE CENTER 3(59 N, Kellogg HOurs: 6:30 to 8:00 Air Conditioned 342-3060 Help Wanted - Male~ll AftE You over 30 and now working on large livestock farm? we are looking for a married man with at least 5 years, full time experience on a cattle and grain farm. Nice 2 story house. State name and address of each employer in the past ft years. Write Box 899, care Galesburg Register-Mall. SALESMAN — Married man, pre' ferably with agricultural background, sales dealing with farming and agricultural construction. Your salary will be determined by a commission base. Your ambition Is your limit. Phone 217333-2339 evenings. ASSISTANT MANAGER For meat packing plant. Experience desirable but not necessary. Phone 343-0814. OUR business is very good — We now need permanent men for our appliance service and sales department, Top pay — plan Includes bonus and high percentage. No previous experience needed, car helpful. Phone 3432106. An equal opportunity employer. Help Wanted • Male-11 TRUCK DRIVERS We are looking for intermediate haul scml . and rivers ,,. out of the central nilnols area tab . r ye ployment (118,000 to 120 ,666 W6 are a large established company and offer year around em a Cl I company yr.j arid excellent paid benefits. Call toll free 1-80O-888-2B11, Ext, 212. Schneider Transport, Inc. An Equal Opportunity Employer Help Wanted - Male—11 HUSKY type dog, male, name King, lost Monday afternoon. Ph. 342-5887. 2 HORSES and 1 pony lost, in the Victoria area, in Saturday's storm. Phone 879-2487. Business Service—7 B & R CARPET SERVICE New St. Used Installed. Repairs — All Kinds. 342-4650 TREE cutting, roofing, general hauling. Call 343-2908. Reasonable rates. Insured. MAUREEN the MAGICIAN will enchant your children. Give a party they'll never forget.. Call 343-9822 for information. Available anytime. ROOFING and chimney repair. All work guaranteed and insured. 20 years experience. 342-0247. ROOFING REPAIRS Free estimates. Phone 343-6271 KNOX Summer painting service, professional experience, low prices. For free estimate call 3430865. ROOFING — The personal touch given to all your roofing problems, shingles, leaks, repairs. Free estimates. Call 343-6446 or 343-3592 PAINTING—Exterior and interior Wallpaper hanging, airless spring farm buildings, fences. Insured Free estimate. Call after 5, 3422574. . Lawn Building and Grading Steve WUson—343-3946 HOUSE Painting, interior and exterior. Barns and buildings. For free estimates call 342-3996 anytime. i TYPEWRITER REPAIRS Cash & Carry C. J. Stoltie — 343-5651 ELLISON'S Refrigeration & Appliance Service 342-2567 Seeding &" Sodding E. J. MARTIN - 342-0521 CARPET CLEANING. Dirt is actually extracted, not just surface cleaned with clean, clear soft water steam. No long drying period. Ron's Steamliner, 3424232. WEED MOWING E. J. MARTIN - 342-0521 CITYWIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL We furnish metal containers for apts., business offices, stores and factories. 1 cubic yard thru 50 cubic yard sizes. We rent flatbed trucks or containers for one stop spring cleanup, remodeling or Honey Do special projects. Call low bidder Bill. 3421134. 24 years of experience. Immediate Openings for Journeymen Machine Maintenance Men (Millwrights) and . Electricians (OUTSTANDING COMPANY PAID BENEFITS) -a- Send resume to JOHN DEERE FOUNDRY 19th St. & 14th Ave. East Moline, 111. 61244 An equal opportunity employer SALES: Well known national firm will train college graduate. Choice of locations in U.S., 19,500. Call Jim Scattergood, 342-1112, Wlttle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. TRAtN&E: ' Seri~t6^tofes~»nd~a'u- permarketii. Must be personable, married, success-minded. $7,800. Management potential. Call Jim Scattergood, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. INDUSTRIAL SALES: Fast moving line of hard goods to purchasing agents. Some business sales experience, $12,000. Call Jim Scattergood, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. 3M COMPANY Cordova Chemical Division has opening for experienced ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENTATION MAN Minimum 5 years plant industrial experience, electrical trouble shooting experience required. Individual selected must be qualified in all aspects of industrial plant electrical work. INTERVIEW BY APP'T. ONLY. Please call Personnel Dept. A/C 309-654-2291 for ap'p't. An equal opportunity employer. WORK for a year 'round home manufacturer. Carpenter crews and carpenters wanted. Also can use apprentice carpenters. Call 319-355-5379. BOILER operator on swing shift for oil fired steam boilers at Knox College. Call 343-0112, ext 251, for information. Quilt As You Seiv Arvey W. Hanson Purchasing Agent 6/22; IT Lie Reported in Testimony Of Saigon Villa Vice Case CHICAGO (UPI)-One of the chief witnesses in the federal court trial of three men charged with transporting women to South Vietnam for enforced prostitution lied to the government, an assistant U.S. attorney said Thursday. Assistant U.S. Attorney Allan E. Lepidus told the court out of the presence of the jury that Bobby Jean Wheeler, one of the •.vomen allegedly held captive in a lavish Saigon villa, toM him Wednesday night she had lied to the federal grand jury that indicted the defendants. On trial are Raymond Auler, Craig Poulter and Charles Ze- mater, charged specifically with transporting women across state lines for immoral purposes, a charge for which they could be convicted even if it is shown they acted with the women's cooperation. Lepidus said Miss Wheeler told him she had observed two of the other women from the villa strolling through Saigon free and unguarded. Lepidus indicated he had heard a similar ; report from Sandra Lucido, | another of the women allegedly forced into prostitution. ! Neither Miss Wheeler nor iMiss Lucido has testified at the j trial. Lepidus said Miss Wheeler I also told him that the testimony jshe gave military investigators at the U.S. Embassy in Saigon was "only 50 per cent true." A fourth defendant, Robert Monahan, pleaded guilty earlier in the week and was expected to testify on behalf of the government. One other defendant, James Cotton, remained a fugitive. SHOP WHERE THE BARGAINS ARE THE CLASSIFIED ADS DIAL 343-7181 Wanted BODY MAN Good working habits — able to do Volkswagen and domestic repair. TOP PAY COOL — CLEAN SHOP UNIFORM FURNISHED INSURANCE PROGRAM 5 DAY WEEK PAID VACATIONS OTHER FRINGE BENEFITS Galesburg Volkswagen Inc. 343-5191 Jim Bevard PINKERTON, INC. Equal Opportunity Employer Needs security guard In Galesburg area, 4B hour work week from 12:01 A.M. to 7 A.M. on late shift. Job has many fringe benefits. Age no barrier If in good health; light work. Minimum age 21. Apply Holiday Inn, Galesburg. Come or call for app't. Ask for Capt. Hodges, Saturday from 9 A.M. to fl P.M. WANTED — Experienced all- around machinist. If you like challenge, responsibility, a n cf hard work, we can offer a good" salary and a chance to share In the profit and future of a new company. Write Box 903, care Galesburg Register-Mall. FAS7 paced office management training program. Fine local corn-, pany needs high school graduate, 21, and married, who <*nJoy* responsibility. $3,720. Call Tom Wit* tfe, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor &c Smith Personnel. 3M COMPANY Cordova Chemical Division has opening for experienced MAINTENANCE MECHANIC Minimum 5 years plant industrial experience, mechanical trouble shooting experience required. Individual selected must be qualified in all aspects of industrial • plant maintenance work. INTERVIEW BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call Personnel Dept. A/C 309-8542291 for app't. An equal oppor- tunlty employer. Help Wanted - Female—12 AVON, TO BUY OR SELL, CALL- 342-1622 or write Avon Manager. P.O. Box 1385, Galesburg, 111 6140L GIRL FRIDAY — Take"charge of boss's activities and assist at meetings. $412 and benefits. Call" Lynn Breeze, 342-1112, Wittle; Pryor & Smith Personnel. REALLY need woman to heir. a dependable p with weekly- cleaning, preferably Fridays. Give ! wages and transportation needs. | P.O. Box 429, Galesburg. < BEAUTICIAN NEEDED Full or part time. Weekly wage. Mr. Don's, 343-2903. 3 WAITRESSES FOR THE LOUNGE Must be 21 or older. Also 3 waitresses for The Coffee Shop. Day and night shifts. Apply in person. May call for app t. 343-5151 Ask for Mr. Peck. RECEPTIONIST — Greet clients and take care of their accounts. Plenty of future! $390 and benefits. Call Lynn Breeze, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. WANTED: By Monmouth office. Executive secretary. Knowledge of shorthand required. Hours and salary open. Reply Box 900, care Galesburg Register-Mail. ASSISTANT manager needed. Sale* work and bookkeeping. Include name, age, experience to Box 897, care Galesburg Register-Mall. VARIETY OF FINE JOBS! (partial listing) M.E.—Fee paid $20,000 Service Rep.—Boilers 815,000 Plant Engr—New facil. $15,000 Urban Planner—Area $14,000 Safety Engr.—O.S.H.A $13,000 Tool Design—Fixtures $10,500 Draftsman—Design $10,200 Diesel Mech.—No Tools! $9,100 Foreman—Warehousing- $9,000 Tool & Die—Local spot $8,500 Welder—Mig., Tig., Arc. $8,500 Appliance Rep.—Whitegoods .$7,500 Maint. Supv.—Mature $7,020 Auto. Mech.—Good Basics! ..$7,000 Maint. Custodian—Reliable! ..$5,000 Call Bob Tilton, 342-1112 Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. KITCHEN POSITION, EVENINGS Hilliers Restaurant, Henderson . and Main. LOCAL wholesale distributor needs a man to manage office. Must have some knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures. Must be aggressive with ability to motivate people and accept responsibility. Starting salary $7,200. 5 day week, vacation, pension and health insurance. Send resume to P.O. Box 1367, Galesburg, I1L ASSISTANT Manager, well known company. Some experience in retail sales and willing to supervise friendly group of employees. $7,200. Call Tom Wittle, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor ic Smith Personnel. TOP WAITRESS Job available for right person. Must be over 21, reliable, neat and dependable. Call 343-8645 before 5 P.M.; 3426415 after 7 P.M., ask for Jack Enes, Northgate Lounge. ATTRACTIVE ladles with nice figures and personalities wanted for"' sales positions with international; company. Good salary. Call Miss^ Brown for app't., 342-9104. k Help Wanted - Male, Female—13- EARLY Riser wanted to hand car-, ry daily Newsletter from Galva to Galesburg Register-Mail. Con-, tact Sue Hepner, 932-2725. Galva., NIGHT COOK WANTED Apply irt person Kozy Inn. WE NEED a few dependable peo-' pie to work in the Galesburg area> . in a management trainee capacity. Home every night. No invest-' ment. Must have car. Excellent* opportunity for advancement.. Full or part time. Apply in per-, son at 647 W. Losey or call 343-, 2133 between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M.. for app't. • (Continued on Page 22) Help Wanted • Male—11 Help Wanted - Male-11 Auto Mechanic i% Good Working Conditions i% Insurance § Paid Vacations Inquire at Galva Auto Sales 216N.W. 1st St. —Galva, III. Authorized Dodge Sales & Service NOTE: Sand Pattern Orders direct to New York. Watch address below. Orders will NOT be accepted at Galesburg newspaper office. Discover a different method with this dramatic quilt. Unique! Quilt as you sew Attic- Window Quilt - its made in five thicknesses. No interlining is necessary. Pattern 660: charts, patch I patterns, directions, yardages. SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS for each pattern — add 25 cents for eai-h pattern for Air Mail and Special Handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, Galesburg Register-Mail. Needlecraft Dept., Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY. 1001 1 Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. All new for 1973! Fath- too-hijpired Needlecraft calalog- moie knit, crochet styles, crafts FREE directions 7 .">c NEWI Instant Money Book • n .d -,e extra dollars at home fiom sour crafts t l.i-O Instant Crochet Book $1 MI Hairpin Crochet Book . $1 "J Inatant Macrame Book Ji "'• Inaiant Gift Book $1 < > Complete Afgbaa Book $! "» If Jttfy Rugi Bftok >v 11 PrUe Afghan* Book 5'-' Quilt Book—16 Patterns . ... Wc Museum Quilt Book 2 5uc li Quilt* for Today Book 50c IMMEDIATE OPENINGS FOR MECHANICAL ENGINEERS • CIVIL ENGINEERS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS "DRA'FTSMEN Laboratory Technicians/Analysts PIPEFITTER — WELDERS Iowa Army Ammunition Plant Burlington AEC Plant EXCELLENT COMPENSATION Generous Benefits Package CONTACT G. E. DAVIS Personnel Mgr. P.O. BOX 561 BURLINGTON, IA. 52601 Ph. (collect) 319754-5731, ext. 2118 MASON & HANGER SILAS MASON CO., INC. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER J

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