The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1955 · Page 31
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 31

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1955
Page 31
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Judith Sorensen Bride of Donald Nauman Here, Oct. 2 •tv N, Cf«co M-D Club The Cresco M and D club will meet at the home of Mrs Bob BiiRcher on Wednesday, Oct. 12 C. D. A. Meeting Change The C. D. of A. met'ting which was to have been held Thursday, Oct. 13 will meet Thursday, Oel (i instead. Rebecca Lodge Rebecca Lodge will meet at 7:30 on Tuesday. Oct. 11 at Ihe Moose Hall. Members are asked lo briny canned goods for the IOOF home. Pot Luck Supper Royal Neighbors Lodge will hold a pot luck supper Wednesday, Oct. 12 in the Moose Hall. Serving will start at G:30 and those attending ?hou'd bring a covered dish and their own table service. Methodist Brotherhood The Methodist Brotherhood met Monday evening for a six-thirty dinner >erved by the October circle of the WSCS. Mrs Ralph Harbert and Mrs William Runchey are the chairman and cochairman of the group. Judiih Kay. daughter of Mr and Mrs Richard V. Sorensen, Alptma, became the bride of Donald E., son of Mr and Mrs Ernest Naimu,n. Burl, Sunday at 2 p.m. in a double-ring ceremony performed by Rev. M. H. Brower in the Presbyterian Church in Algona. The bride wore a gown with scalloped bodice, collar of Chanlilly lace which was gracefully trimmed with lace and extra tulle over <atm. The Juliet cap with silk illusion fell to a finger-tip veil. She virr.fd a bouquet of white mums and pink carnations. Robeita Simonsen. Cu aettinger, served as maid of honor. Robert Mittag was best man.. Linda Parkins was flower-girl and Sinda tin kins was ung bearer. Mrs Rex Taylor was organist and Mis Betty Anne H>chaidson served as soloist. A wedding reception was held following the wedding ceremony .:i the church parlors with 125 guests present. Jeannette Sorensen ..•as in (harge of the guest book. Donna Nauman cut the cake. Mrs I. F, Mallo.,- pom.-.,!. Mrs M ;IX Stratton and Mrs Bob Deal helped '••ilh the gilts and Carol Sore?isen and Sandra Simonsen served as Jvaiti esses. The l»: idi-Guiiiin graduated from Algona high scnool and is (aiming ru-ai Burt. Tlv bride graduated this spiing from Algona fiigli^ school and I,as been working at the J. C. Penney stoic here. 'Ihe bndal couple left following the reception f ( ,i a one week ''.'J.'J.'L.P' 11 '!''"- 'I'hoto by Nels Isaacson! ^One had debt will out the profi Janice Wibbcn, 14 Janice, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ben Wihbr-n. is celebrating her Mil) birthday today (Thursday) and is having as guests at dinner Janice Kinsey, Judy McVay, Nancy Ditsvvoi-th and Joan Minb. They will attend-the show in the evening. Teeter - Car/son Nuptials Farewell Dinner Mi- and Mr< Hurley Hanson bn- ti'itaiiH'tl rcl;itivc> and friends ;it Sunday dinner in honor of their M>n, Grrald Dean, who left Sund;iv for Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Gi-ttild is in the army reserve ;md \\-il! ret-f.-ivc six month* training at Leonard Wood. Doan Woman's Club The Doan Woman's Club met Sept. 28 in the home of Mrs Robert Bolenens. Guest speaker was Mrs Kail Kulsholm. who discussed "Our Education of Today." The club will have a guest t:-a j at the Doan church annex Wed- , neday. Oct. 12 from 2:'M to -i p.m ; Mrs Merle Hoover will be in The Algona Methodist church was .'C-remony for Marijean Teeter, diuighti Algona. and John Carlson, Sunday. Sep't. and groom are pictured above in a werlclir of Al^ona. The biidemoom is the son of Mr ant! '. Rev. Hariy Whyte performe/1 the d" Vaughn Rising played the musical preliki Carlson, sister of tin bridegroom, who sa: The bride was given in marriage b\ She wore a brown faille dress with beige white Bible and a bouquet of yellow i <>*<bracelet, a gift of the groom. Paul Carlson, Mary Ann Engstrom , Carlson were their attendants. Ralph and the bridegroom, and John and Kenneth T> were ushers. A reception was held at the John: after which the couple left for.Poi tkind. O: moon trip. chai go of Cne program. Othel clubs and the public are enrdij!- lv Invited to attend. th° scene of the wedding i of Mis Edna Teeter of 25. at 2:30 p.m. The bride i:)- 1 ph'ito by Nets Isaacson and xel Carl.-on of Burt. ing ceremony. Mrs. accompanied Mruy Thursday, Ottober 6, 195S Afgona (fa.) Upper Des Molnes-3 Announce ACP Program For '56 Conservation Aid A strong cost-sharing soil anrl water conservation program for Kossulh county farmers next year was assured this uvek by i'iie announcement thai the general plan proposed for Iowa in Hififi has been approved by I he United States Department of Agricultup As in past years, the state plan will be used as a guide in formulating the Kossuth county pro- giam, which is commonly known as the ACP. it was stated by Virgil L. Rohlf. manager of the county ASC. He said this step wi! 1 be taken soon after the county committee attends a district meeting in November to receive <;..•tailed instructions on the stale- wide program for Hlofi. Tie county ASC organization will '.hen be ready to explain the program on the local lev) an I re- ceive farmers' n-fjues's for cosl- ,-harin* on con:-<!valion woik Itlie earned out n.-xf year. The stafe's ;.)pp<ii' ionnu-ht o 1 ' ft-deral ACT* I'muts to a -sist owner.- an.I op:-! ato: s i:i aull.iori/i (! •••in.-ervation work on their farms n:-xl year is fcfi.2Hi).(|il(l. From Ihi.- stale apportionmeni, K o > > u t h county will bo allotted an amrrunl <!etermined on the basis ot fa,,-,-,- land acreage, productivity needs comparative erosion h a / a r d s. drainage need-- and the amour.! of ACP work completed in 195:' nn-i 10ii4. In annoimcin" the approved tov/a ARC program foi- 19:ifi. Stale ASC Chairman Dv.'ighl W. Me-yo: declared tliat it will lv- br,i;;dei in scope and more ('.exible in operation th;-n in past years in oi-rU'r to em iuraf;c> |.i i adjustments in hind use ,1ml to , help mr-'ei imrtV'diaU' c m-^rv.i lion problem-; on t-ii farms He said thai all of t!' - oio-.l common basic laivi treat n,. :i • no'edc'd in this si ale will !>.- pm- vifled by Ih, 21 IMS!-.-harm.', practices comprising the i;).v> program. They incltKle tlr- Mi practices offered this year. p'-:;-; Iwo new seeding pr..clii •.••, for which there ha.; In e;i <-. ,n : <|,.-, abk> demand. One nI' the ne\v pr:vt ic • : o-l;ihli~hm.'.: acie.-e-..- of a vegetal ive cover in r: - >•> i oi.-i (ion to i elard 'TO.---ion ,--n ; Improve soil siriic'ur: • is <i.'-:-i!>n '<! especially for con -..M viii••. !:it>l taken out of produc! ii n I hr^iii 1 !', allotment prom-am-;. TM- nlh., new practice --etab.'i-•ion;.: "T i vpgetiilivf i:over loi I'.r.-on m:r> ure ;'!id lor prnlec! II-M !'.,•:>; <•; .1 i sion is needc'l prim:ir.i\ IM !!,•• j heavy grain - i;r')'ni":iv.', arc••-• I where most nth: 1 , ACV |i:\''-! '.•.--. ai" nut generally ri (|in; r--l At prrsent. l!e u A ( ,•|i!'\rn' 1 - -ii.ire nf the cnst -if :.|jpr iv I A(.'P work cann i! exceed :Vl IKMI-<;/ lie i uncle, V'ern Teeter. .Accessories i.nd carried a Her jewelry was a gold Mr and Mrs Robert 1 Carlson, brothers uf . cousins of the bride, House for 135 guests, mi ii two weeks honev- Gas Dry Dry Your Clothes No heavy baskets No clotheslines No weather worries No dust, dirt, soot No drudgery Sun-Aire AUTOMATIC GAS CLOTHES DRYER You get all ihe advantages of sunny day, outdoor drying, oven on dreariest washdays, with none of the haru work. The Stiglitz Sun-Aire tumbles your clothes in fiist-movinK currents of fresh, warm air. and just th« right aniuunt of sunshine's ultra-violet rays. |-e( u» .*how \:>u how much longer dollies will wear, -how excessive fading is avoided, how much more fragrant and fluff}- your washing can be. Let Us Install A NEW "SUN-AI AUTOMATIC GAS Clothes Dryer IN YOUR HOME 169.50 $ No Money Down UP TO 4 Years to Pay 109 South (tartan St. Across From Norn Frieral North Central Public Service Co. Phone IU2 Algona Birthday Surprise Mrs Giitv.'it Ihii'sivavi-s ;md '.Iis V." !'. Hidi^- gave a surprisL Xivty Tr in-siiiiy iifternoun h.unur- ng th.- t.:it::.H;iy of Mrs Har- ^reave;-' 'i,,uu;i!er. Mrs Rit-harcl McGinn.-. 'J ;•,•..-..• in atu-ndanct \vero--. Mrs iia'pfi Elbert. Mrs .•l-'thei-. i!:,\t :. M.-> Perry Phillips. y C:ipi'sius. Mrs Ch;ir- -:!. Randy and Bt-rky. •.! Krpt-kling. Becky and D;>n P«'Coy and Debbie. McGinnis. and Merrv Mrs Lk;: .es Co:.. Mrs Ha. Jane. .Mi- Mrs Pe.'. Carole. Mr .,n<.i Cin..'v - Paul Pnrkin.s. Lindy and Mrs Albert Rich"• irvington By Marguerite Mulligan Mi i'nd Mrs Henry Scheppmiinn i :icci'i:!pan; ; .i iiy Mr ;;nd Mr.s Heiyv C!,. istnphi-rs of Lakefieki. I Mm:; r!:-^-e t:. Lake Park in no'.-f!.. r:i Minnesota to spend the W»M.;... f.-j ,,t tiie h.ome of Mr ami Mr.- .'..'mi Christophers. D :.:.lcl Hiiii-'-n cam:? liome Sum: .v iif..-i a -,t, v v at St. Ann h.i-.i; ;:il i illowint; a car wreck or. Sop" 13. He is. n cnveving satis- fin."..; ily hut will be able t.- Mtc:id schnn! l.), t:if balance o! thi- - -mt -ter. M.- Jnhn Sclnjh' is at horn,- o! her ..Liul-t-T. M. and Mrs tleni-j.;. H.ii: . n; Al^ona. Sh:> Is a.- been :!i -vvirii! week-- \\-;th virus pm-'.rnonia. NT. t:n 1 Mrs Elmer.. Dole are ' n.i > n-^. ii new Lincoln pur- ch-iM--.-: la :t U'eek. \"; 'a Schneider is at ;: •,-.- after sevi-ral months, spent ;.: :• : i>! liome i;i Bui 1 !. She was in-.-.!• d :it lo\va City hospital. And i.- :i -.v fu'.iy r'-c.n-' rc'd from hf" b!--,k- n hip. M. a;yi Mrs Lee Coiwell are "i••!! ' ' movt into their hoir.e. Tilt '•• 'U--*. wa> m-.>V(4 Jii from itu t'iiv- -iu- farm. A garage- will lie tr.r.':' on unc- end of the tu.use ..nd .lisn a b-i^ement has hf-en Ortosen Club Host To Teams Ollosen—Last Friday evemr. i Oltosen Commercial Club host to the two baseball it has sponsored tins ier, and members of their i-'s. The teams were the sehool team and Pet Wees. ()!:vor Christiansen, president ol t)-.'- club, presided. The pra- iir;. 1 !' was, presented by Pnscilla }loii. Judy Strut her.-,. Mrs Loran D:-:;:el. Russell Doyle and Kermit Fo-.v'--r. F. ilowing the program Bingo ;.n,i 500 was played. Mrs" Alfred S.'i'.u'.tz and Fred Kampen re- te;\'d the 500 prizes for high, an i Mrs Kermit Fowler and LI•:.-:! Daniel for low. a- ALG philosophical about what don't like but can't change. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION or ON'A RURAL LINE NUMBER IS, A Corporation WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: :i !if r.oik'c ii hereby given that •: a Kural Lini.- Number 15. a cor- .nun. organized uuck-r tile provt- - "I Chapter -UM of Uie 1954 Code I--. .1. unh its principal place ol n-ss at Algona. Iowa, by iht- un. .iii ,M./tiu" oi it* stocklH)lcit-rs has- i clisrolved as of the d»»U- of Sep- b. r. 28. 1(135. Jolui Schnakcnbeig President .John Web-»r S t • c 11-1.11 v • T rt 1 j .s\t re r ', ^li^ll•^^^ Of' 0. 13. 20 juj 27. Hi Tlir Algonj ilouai Upper Des Wiltgen Jewelers L«st 3 Days To Register For FREE PRIZES! LOOK WHAT YOU AT WILTGEN'S JEWEL FIRST PRIZE Ladies' Diamond-Set WYLEH Wrist Watch Balance staff & mainspring guaranteed for the Life of the watch. A regular $95 value. SECOND PRIZE Men's 14-K Gold BULOVA WATCH A perfect lime-keeper in an attractive modern styling. A regular 71.50 value. THIRD PRIZE PARKER PEN & PENCIL SET Writes perfectly under all conditions. 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