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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 17

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 17

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

A -Hi You Lose SAN JOS (AP) The Easter bunny Jost-a sex discrimination dispute after a state commissioner conduded Santa Claus is enti-i tied to 90 cents more per hour because he-works harder. In San Jose last Easter, Cheryl Struthers, 7 23, apd six other female department store lxinnies left the Job, alleging sex discrimination. The women complained that thejredomi-nantly male Santas get $3 an hour while the predominantly female bunnies get $2.10 an hour. The complaint was ctiBftisaed Tuesday after a tvo-hour hearing in which commis sioner Andrew Evans of the states Division of Labor Standards and Enforcement found that women suited as Santa earn the same wage as the male Santas, and men dressed as bunnies earn the same as their female counterparts. -Theres sane basic difference in- the Job," Evans concluded.

Santa works har der. Busing Dispute Teachers Ignore Two Sisters 4 BIG DAYS: TODAY thru SUNDAY! mSIISTIIUmillDEimKBtlOBMM.I, Hum NOW AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE BARGAINS! SPRH LATEX FLAT WAU PAINT DriHtpitttohllrtiMlk RT49 HWt 4" NYLON WAU BRUSH Msa lTT llGHTlNCftlXIURES GALVAMZH) SHELF BRACKETS MdONNET CABINET HINGES folina.Ybckoici of rtyhs attack wcoppir.lwkGP.85G CUPBOARD DOOR CATCH ktea.fipik.tet Oc 4" HOUSE NUMERALS Ihckhaa.lig3tc O20xT 7 VANITY ht 169 att Mate awth lag 23x17 VANITY teg 79J9 aifk crttartk PKkklHi WASKRLESS LAVATORY FAUCET 37 FRANKLIN RREPLACI has not agreed "to that," he said. Mrs. Pinson said her daughters don't felly understand the reasons for her decision, and teachers, although they enforce the administration's pol icy of keeping the two girls separated from other students, "dont like tt. Mrs.

Pinson said she qnd her husband have received three fetters, from achooi administration officials asking than to cooperate with the busing program. But she says she will continue to -resist, adding. "I am not against desegregation. "Anna seems to be coping with it well, even though she cannot see from the back of class," Mrs. Pinson wrote in a diary she is keeping.

"Kim more upset What can I do to stop this punishment of our girts? I will not conform to something I do not bdfeva in. CMbned bun Page II to tell me it's no good. Denver's desegregation plan requires come of the Pinson sisters' fellow students to spend the morning at the school nesr their homes, he fere being bused to another for the afternoon. The pro ghls are accepted as regiilar class members only during the morning ses-' liona. The situation different in the afternoon, and Mrs.

Pin son spends her afternoons between her (laughs classrooms to. heap them company. A school administration spokesman said the two girls are "not considered to be enrolled at the achooi they are attending in the after' noons. Walter Oliver, an as sistant superintendent, said the court ordered that children from the school be bused ia the afternoons. "The parent 34 BAR BATHROOM SI 1 88 FIXTURE Motto 431, HMOfeL II 4" BAUCBUNO FIXTURE $Q48 SlUO ht.

Poppy map kwW604-3m 7 OUTDOOR WAU FIXTUEE $012SF' S4fe Krt. Black toy. 10-20-99. JL HANGING FORM LIGHT SI 078 TMMrt.raUtlhckialy.m085. 14 OUTDOOR WAU LIGHT 11905 Id.

Ktomk tent 2441 ML OUTDOOR POST LIGHT S0098 Site Krt. Mack toy. rU0. 40 FRIGID AWE tetSSr 2qMk.Kqdi.lth.capL FRKNDAHE teg359 fcoi7cch.Ua.aa. 298 318 198' DRYERS 3-PfecoFREPlACE ENSEMBLE Si Q97 Ft 37L 3185 tel I 7 CHROME MHXONE CABINET fteaMMaaKqtoag SI 176 Ih.

11211 $2259 ota. II DECORATIVE MEDfCtNE CABINET 2rMhMwtanMM $21 97 COSMETIC CABINETS ftophw Sort 510(7 Switt S1B97 I OUTDOOR WAU LIGHT SOA68. 5UMrt.6hckaakitowgia.miSe. 40 266 $3 FUUOOWN FIXTURE 95MS WMH V99I uhII, mHIIIHNNB tan.lS39lS44 BEDROOM CHUNG FIXTURE Yj0JteLMdiprticteiaIU29IK KHVMATOt toot hg 9119 4hop.Iorty.akte. GENERAL BECTMCofeb 17A St KELVMATOR alac.

01229 4hpp.ateate.qch low GBERALBBCIRICelefc $1 QO I 07 FRIGIDABGriec tegZ3S SOAfi ItaW-Uteop. ZVO FRR3IDARE aloe 4hapLlMttcych 159 224 $27 $397 9" 1 SESSSmA1" 50 2 ir i ir mirror -qguuuE'MChdimmMbL $J09 12" 12 CORK TILE $137 Mlrt4fcg1.9S plq. COLORFUL FREHMSHED 0)0 SHBFfetaiUtNOii ZU 0 SHELVES, STANDARD, A BRACKETS AO WNMdUM-MpiMh- OU Orff ROUGH TUFF WAUFANHJNO i- firjaJprttateSfhiikL I CHUNG EXHAUST FAN C99 M421.30i0Hta. 13 SOU MOISTURE DETECTOR IMS tote Mn-Mrtv ML-IDO. Battinr I Rilea Reservoir Work Begins OUTDOOR HANGING 1 0" 7" PICTURE UGHT SC4S -XRiitWrtNMi DECORATIVE CHUNG FIXTURE 30.

75 Krt. lUtiw SI 788 itowgiM wurc. I 0 WALNUT CHUNG FIXTURE S1A50 S21.00 Krt. 12" nan. Willi I GASRANGES lEfRGERAIPRS 4 FREEZERS: 20 MAGIC CHEF teg 171 HaoMahi 30 MAGIC CHEF teg 229 foNrtnlBQk '-SB teg 1279 Mt2at 30" MAGIC CHEF feg50 149 199 189 249 479 539 FRIGiDMRElwSH' tet3n.2tew;ateMwL WHHLPOatetNH l7aLft.ftoMmwawK wt km 1 pkL I Ht, 1 aklt FRKHDAHEIw(SOI UctlFMrt-kitJUhii 179 279 379 449 Gallagher Bark, Inc.

for $53,600. Of the nine bide on the project the highest was 1247300, and was weQ below the engineers estimate of $300,000. A separate contract, will he issued in June for the reservoir itself. Mr. BUea was a member of the Oakland city council from the West Oakland ward from 1851 to 1967 and served as vice-mayor from 1951 to 1191.

He was a Southern Pacific locomotive engineer who got into politics because of his opposition to public housing. He was instrumental in construction of the city's railroad park at. 7th and Harrison The East Bay Municipal Utility District has begun construction sf a 41 million gal fen steel reservoir in. the Best Oakland hUls which will be. raniwi -in Donor tonnor Oakland Vice-Mayor Howard E.Bifea..

The reservoir will be built within the controversial proposed Mountiln Village project area, but officials said it is designed to serve existing homes and bnsinssaea served by the Oak KnoD Pressure Zone where the ratio of atnr-age to maximum daily demand has dropped to very low levels. A site excavation contract was swarded yesterday to 30" MAGIC ktS99 mmaMMiaa I Hk im -HANGING RATTAN FIXTURE S3300 tel rt Nil arty. 1230. AillRACK w- SSL 50-60 AU CRYSTAL WBittoma 1 QiMWwuiiaNcMi OUTDOOR WAU BRACKET 89 788 S3L7S Krt ItaKMK. 2529 HANGING DOUBLE SWAG Clg 3561 tet 1792.

AU TIFFANY LIGHTS CAO" few52k(S45k 3 OHst SPECIAL PRICES ON 'SSS40-50m 11" POST LIGHT XJIteL EIECIR1C RANGES Cj 'Wmrmw Block A Dockar GRASS SI 077 TRIMMER 6200. teg 1431 14 UNDBGROUND REFUSE 74 LUMBER 3 Cemmon'Pfno 1x4 14 lin. ft. 1x6 18 lin. ft.

28 lin. REDWOOD 4x4x1 PMa $449 CoapnthSUI 4 2x4x8 Stoda $147 CaapMhSlJ! I GHBALHECTRfCtegSTOl 21 OLa.attteMitwDhpHHrflnkMr, QO 977 RUdDABtEfegSTH $710 22o.iiiktoytoLlHly,Btot 17 GH9ERAL ELECTRIC fcooior Utei2itohgS2SI GBCRAL HECTRIC from XteiiwfeLtegua OZ7 DISHWASHERS Of all filter kings: 209 209 346 248 WHRLPOOlbwdMii tert.ntethg239 MAGKO0bui)Makg2a 9qrtiattyrtKnafew.fhrt.towt' KnCHENAIDbwilMn CWhwwikriiaw9U9L MAGIC O0, teg OU IcydtMiphaookhpL. I cferttoaHHOfeMtl Hppw. PATIO UGHT 92995 tet MwteHwna2L 4 HAU CHUNG FIXTURE rtkatewyrtrtLHUOIrt. CtM.lwkt r.2w OUTDOOR LANTERN FIXTURE $799 S1IJ5 latitat ate coat toht 93160.

CRYSTAL CHANDELIER I1Q39 20Olt9M0irt. 7 NATURAL RATTAN SWAG $0088 2rt7aIM5irt. OO WICKER SWAG lUOO to. $0050 Mtert teak. 7325 40 GLOBE CHUNG FIXTURE 9hc5afeWimi.SlUlKrt.

A KITCHEN UGHT v3M euustet tyol 14 BATHROOM BAR FIXTURE 4" 1114 111 J5taL WdlllddilTO' 1 185 349 359 379 449 549 179 219 FRKHDAIRE oloc teg 229 $4AO thgHNa.tert.ntet ZVO MAGIC CHffofec.1 tog CH SOOQ DHthHHateCMtrtMa.2Hh.otot 440 WHRtPOaobc. teg 1379 DhMihh ate ntertna; Mick $007 gtotewtlwfek 04 WHIRLPOOL HEC SURFAS UNITS 9WtU9.fhtatenw. 108 MAGIC O0 $00 jrussuffkfftmuMiy.Rwsin 77 GENERAL ELECTRIC SURFACE $1A4 UNITS fta.hfrtiitealite.lig Sill I vt RASH-COMPACTOR PLASTIC HEAT DEFIECTOR $199 Hotel NO-5 I $1 SAtwwtlte.SI7ilHht I 4 240RAWER0RGAMZEI $097 CABINET tt toy. 11424 12JShIm. 7 McCUUOCH CHAM 1 AA95 lM9SHhLllWllK21lito I U7 Block A Dockor SANDER KIT $1 499 NIL 2491 tote IO Hack A Dockor DRU KIT $1099 713L 2499 tote I O.

SBttSSr Blwck A Dackor DELUXE CQ 77 7334 5989 tote 30 SUORWE-ftORU 457.3490tote 26w Look at die latest US. Government figures for other top brands that call thansdvesMlown tan 184 178 224 RANGE HOOOS FROM 9 GARBAGE DISPOSERS FROM 29 PUflr Many more Bom not BifedT Al pppfiiwHOi P.OJL tew IPAIMIDEUI SUPER STRIP PAINT REMOVER $4)19 tote aktot Ml tote pt SPREDSATMhtIUJI $7 00 fhtobhiwapiM 77 (wl. SINGLE CYUNOBIOEADBOLT SQ87 toteck 494 Cknwi orty. 1521 krt. 7 BRONZE ENTRANQ KEYLOCK $Z2S todtoSawiY 134 $11.19 krt.

11x24 DIRECTORY BOARD $1497 tokbnwilltlOLS2i5tote INTERIOR LOCKSETS fetal tali I4JS fowclMt Id kt Ml QmH. ItdrtML1 PHPtewlwInaitwcteMlitoi $Q99 lte'409-tet TZ-- TOOTHBRUSH H0IDE8 QQ( MUdnawiSMIirtte 7 DOOR BOTTOM DRIP CAP CA rwimsui DU ASSORTS) CABINET AROWARI fetal two He. 7n in SAVdTtaZIwji SAVE 10 'Hoovaf Upright VACUUM Mttrttatatort hg 17915 69.95 Carlton Menthol Carlton 70s (lowest of ail brands)' 1 mg. tar, 0.1 mg. nicotine puiwhi wrrci tlAVdJL: nmoN.l PAINTBRUSH RtKUMartte 1.57 ftmtepi ppiatapptwm IMIS COUPON WHKLPOa hg 279 ITqHHww.lqdt WHIRLPOOL fegen IWMilqdtfeHVjgW.

WHWIPOOl teg 1329 IqMilqKh.lakte.llto. No wonder Cariton is fastest growlngofthe top 25. WITH osaaraaiciiati Wvningi Thi Surgeon Gtntnl Hit Oitenninri ItaGptitnSinibDinpButttYourHeSilL AU SALES FINAL FIRST COME FIRST CHOICE! Mtoiiiii.HtM te to fenfe-n rtMp (tog targ qwld ArAwMfZJLllllfe HARDWAR I ri -iiit-- 1.1. Pi tm i.

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