Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 20, 1973 · 12
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 12

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1973
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till: WMgPii fnSft-. T , V gllffXDdk;la that tradttonal city sere;-1". ---.,. r raad v UJU4UUUUU, Py8i?Wter uid tha beariiigihave'; demonstrated thai t&k&M&g,. Oddi .contend!, .that even if -- -- - - - itefiof revenue sharingis chaa 11 msaerai cramuam rieawwf.; wra leaning agamw mo railing pr6gr eanefftor the aoniicBto qieMlhea the'berf'speif Jean"-; separating. to aadtence from fi ??c!??..?Kat leaat a part of the Mvemf Barnharfra MwStiif1he;rdieatra pity"', 2.'. 5w w rot 'i-'gep. chairman: of'lhe I tie agaiastinflition,! yy,Presidenta Council of Eco. the .rise la coming to an end .l&nonile Adviseroiaid today the-! becanae of, the Admlnistra-&M?-iAnetnM In 'food nricea la near tkniactlon to increase sup-, Increase in lood prices near tioni .actlon to IfeliiMAnd ' thes-White -'Househb-y ducers.- . ebM mu' Asked If . the Administration ive consumer discontent over wouhl support food boycotts by M;1 -prices, produced housewives, StetautaTIits to taticato the problem a free counfry. if your wife MIJe worse, in other prosperous . doesnt want tq buy you. any nattoua.6$;tW.,!Weti I dont see that I should ,.. ,,e Stein Mill group of exRn:rcdmptaln'S'v;.f.-. 'ttvseat a cdbference here thatyHepredictod " fahn prices should beno high-; aisis would go , er at tbeendoftfaia year than he said international monetuy were at tbe endof J97l v crfaea have diaappeamL - v- tf-!.atd..the- reductlon la9lali said the Uihrm prices . ihoidd?at least -alowiown markedly the Use t?ta' fpod prtces at letaiL .. . . Vtncedlng ? thatijlhe ; food ,2 price tacroase has come at an awkward time, for the Nixon VoterExcl usions fi divided 8up ,6mrt rtled; ;nmtoday: that katste, may,amit tteOillot to,thoe primarily, OVITfr mental' bcxties. iudi aS'wat-S::;-j':;::enhed districts ' taeatfligMck districts ta': CSUfornla and Wyoming, which 'taMtaprMgbt'acctardiBM to noae and of the 1 ate effect an its acttvtttea mi Vthe; landowners as a group ta the: sort of exception contemplated in earlier (tecisioos on. who , is entitled to cast a ballot, said Justice William II. Behnqulst that' wMterahed dta- for the. mujortiy. not exercise ; what The court at the same time kSk i acreage;:-''' ip. , ni ta'anotber action fyk court ruled I 'to; 1 that! awns half the oil-rich land un-iider-the Sabine : River which .dividet Texu and Louisiana ' Ni trtets - might be thought of u normal reached a like decision governmental authority, the ease chaflengiiig tha apportion-majority said that a state meat of the Tottec Watershed "could rationally conclude that Improvement ; District In landownere an primarily burdened and benefited by the estaMMunent and operation of watershed diatrlcts and that it ,.2 Arrested ih School 'Sniper Death fit .W h . Csuttaied frsm Page 1 ? a if pistol, took cover behind some bushes and began firing at random into the fleeing . crowd below. ' Mrs. ifrqr, - standing beside her car, was hit in the head . Just as her son approached. Tbe suspects ran through the schoolyard and hid their weap- dra, both of wMcta were later recovered. ' Ballistics tests showed that the fatal bullet came from the rifle. Both weapons were taken in East Oakland burglaries. . The officers said the bearer - of the rifle had no prior anf at ... record, but bis companion was i parole from the California . .'Youth Authority, having been sentenced on a' robbery ' . charge.. One of the youths is a Bib-grader and the other, a former ; h grader, is being tutored at home, the officers said. . Funeral services for Mrs. Key win be at 11 a.m. Thursday at the Copper A11E Zion Church, 1420 llyrtta SL, with ' tbe Rev. J ltayo Roberta offl-. dating under the direction of Fouches Hudson Funeral Home, 3665 Telegraph Ave. 1 Mrs. Key is survived by her husband. Walter Key, of the family home: her children . Leonard, Deborah, and Alysia: her parents, Mr, and Mrs, Wilber Blade. Sr.:' sistrs Mrs. Marie Allison, Mrs. Margaret Thomas, Mrs. Beatrice. Jones. Mrs. Winona Miller, Mire Bob-' hie Blade, Mis. Amy Beaird, Mire Ruth Blade, and Min' Jo . Ann Blade, and brothers Wilbur Blade Jr., Red Blade, and ; Herman Made. Blow OaUand la suffering tw - eamkdmi,'alba aomlnbtraUon during tU but- baa a number of. things going . fhr.lt ta roductag inflation thta year. He; said the-Phase wage-price" standards may have ' created soma uncertainty, but added that labor unions ,ccort vv : - : . a haro ,dia .Justice Wimam O.Bouglaa aald. the wmiam O. Itauglaa aald the maJorttyviolBtOddot only the Oouatltmcn, but the future of ?' ts&w&;is2ik trict iq California. ' Tulare district gave', votes only to landowners and . weighted votes on the amount oflland owned. ihe state legislation establishing the district wu challenged by a group of landowners, those who (sue land in ' tbe district, , and other rest-dents. .The 193,00fracre district has a population id 77, most of them employes of the four corporations that own 85 per cent-, of the land in the 'district. Not oitiy does the. district not exercise .what, might be thought of as normal governmental authority, but Us action disproportionatety affect landowners, said Rehnquist. AH of tbe coats of district are assessed against by assessors ta proportion to the benefits received. Rehnquist acknowledged that residents In the . districts were effected by its acta, but so are others, he said. For instance, he said, persons in cities who buy products from the farnis in each ' district might claim to be affected because the levies in the district might increase prices. We conclude therefore that nothing ta the equal protection clause of the Constitution precluded California from limiting tbs voting . . ."by. totally excluding those who merely reride within the district, be Justice Wifiiam 0. Douglas ta dissent charged that the decision puts corporations per-mapently in the saddle. The largest of the landowners, he Aotcd, is J. G. Boswell Co. It commands 17,825 votes. "The hold of J. G. Boswell Co. is so strong that there has been no election since 1147, making httle point of the provi-jdon in . . . the California Water. Code.for an election every other year, said . Douglas. One corporation can outvote 77 individuals in the district Four corporations can exercise these governmental powers as they choose, leaving every individual inhabitant with a Weak, ineffective voice. - y inter i.v who hss chosen not to respond to och,iemarkl during -the fwT heaftags;; had" suggested! that Oakland la " ' - - - - - - hoferbeing led 1 kkrk : :: have cooperated with than. apuMtQMIW Mme. rrSMOTnaiteitE. year. J ygs.yg.gfwwt'i, iwmiim. k um& r SK! rtw.inManM,Md away, JnU aa ta r compare food prices date.1!! and abroad last y. k,. A document prepared hy the . Council of Economic Advisers Indicated inflation, of food was less ta tim United bat year than in Qana- JP. Frince, Germany, r and tha United Kingdom. . .. kereas. consumer t food prices here, increased .by 4.8 per cent hut year, increases of 8 per cent or more were registered in Ranee, Germany and Italy, according to. the atatta-tics, and . nearly matched that era of Britain, Northern Ireland, and tha Irish BepUbUe. . It would have the following objectives: ; ' ;.f 'J-k-y Acceptance of Northern Xrelandi present, status and the powibtaty of. s Pennsytvaala (riaie, wtat consent, ttouM 'Iowultatltai. and,' all-ont marocltomSig . Se United States euaSm .r otaSoodic rottanS : oSSbtaywAI -pee cent, tha council Senate and RepublidUi lead-; of Penney! pictured tfao Admintatration as ' SaSS1. taPSSTwar'! rlsine food costa and predlctedthm the second half of 187! win Jdxnr a definite downward .trend ta prices chatgedhy supermartosT Scott laid he wu to announce that Nixon soon Will pend Congress upecial message on the subject of eliminating a Bcent per pound duty oh imported meats, with the aim of increasing supplies and encouraging price reduc- tints. : Press secretary Ronald L. Ziegler sal. he wu not absolutely sure at this point whether Nixon would heed congressional. approval. to remove the duty, or could do so . by executive action , : U.S. to Offer New Panama Canal Treaty PANAMA (API The United States told the U.N. Security Council today it is ready to conclude promptly a new treaty on the Panama Canal Zone. Ambassador John ScaU said the Untied Statu nevertheless . believes it is necessary for it to maintain control of caul operations and defense for a period of time to be negotiated with Panama. ScaU, in. his first full-dress speech u the U.S. ambassador to the Untied Nations, used u moderate tone to answer a long parade of charges that the United States should give Panama a new deal on the canal and turn over sovereignty and Jurisdiction. Scalis remarks at the spe-. dal Security Cbuncil session ' here followed a night of negotiations between U.S. and Panamanian envoys on a possible compromise of a resolution dealing with the caujL TV fo Link Hospital, Indian Rosorvdtions TUCSON - A TeleMedidne Project with federal funding is being' planned here to fink by twoway television the University Hospital . with doctors' aides on remote Indian reservation ta the state. Indiiuu with heatth care ex- perimee are being trained fer. service on the reservations by the Indian. Health Service. When operative, .the video hookup win be able to supply there paramedics with technical knowledge available at the hospitaL . .; I , . the fSrffnniTinfl, B;wtlwttf Wtaot; wfl. Pnnngtbe mefoeom- wft ypnr white vibetoric'dii ; era Chris Lamp gotaU arm- me.? ' - -,.-.. 10 thSSr d- Caatfaued tram Page 1 . ''r4'-','- : ' ' Britain imposed direct rule. Elections will be by propoiy tonal representation. ' v . . - ; The pmpaaalst contained in . a WUte Paper, alao maintains . Britains right to 'legislate la Northern Irelandaffairs. .The lougwaited White: Pa- SiS&STtS. advance notice date, 'This wai to foil any attempt at terrorist- bomb sttackr like dona ta wetanLndotflMBt one Mfe and left 243 persona. . Every - legislator ', was searched personally and had Ms ear screened at the House of Commons. There were special guards on all public buildings and at air and set porta. The paper said that after the election of .the new provincial srauMss 2? . .. SJJ ? bweflt ,Sotth , . , Propose "m1 it dear ff S ween Protestants ana tbe Catholics they outnumber 2 to 1 ta the North. Discrimination against any section of. the. community by central and local government -and other public bodies one of the deep-rooted Catholic grievances will be forbid- . den. Dtred rule , from London ia to continue but tbe London government win Introduce-a law setting forth a new constitution for Northern Ireland be-, fore March 24 1874. ' Tfa province hu been administered during the last year of direct rule by Ncrthernlre- . land Secretary William White-law. , Britain will remain responsible for security in the province despite the urging of Protestant leaden in Belfast that control of- 'security forces Should be returned to any new provincial ParHamenL Tbe new constitution Northern Ire bar the Northern Ireland assembly from passing laws that discriminate against Catholics. It will alao ban de-' mands for an oath or declaration u a qualification for employment, office, etc where there is not one required ta comparable circumstances in the rest of the Untied King-dun. . This is another hedge against ant&athoUc discrimination. It will no longer be necessary for a Catholic nationalist seeking a government Job to swear allegiance to the - crown. r The British made it dear the - new Northern Ireland legislature will still retain a greater degree of autonomy than comparable- areu of the United Kingdom such, u Wales and. Scotland. The assembly replacing the Stormont Parhament will be . beaded by an -executive committee rather than a cabinet or isaiaiimw -cent1 analysis indicates Oak-minister. But executive mem land may receive more dob bers win each head a depart- bra than previously when the meat of state. They win also be chairmen l individual as-- e. They at tamv sembly committees whose membership will reflect the balance of parties. The intent iooUs -to 'prevent any one section of tbe community from dominating the gov-' eminent u the Protestant- .-based .Unionist- party did at Stormont- assembly . make Its own laws with regard to bousinft the development of regional. infrutruo-'r tun. edneatiro and emjdoy-. ment. f A' : ' .somomore,tartingveta fec-j tvshaltering thoatteched a. - .wtv. .i-. : The .disreptioaWauaed BtOe commeot from the audience. -. Mi. Banhait then moved to the microphone that era left working and mgsd thr,couhdl tareqaeetConeresatocotmit'V itaiy spendtagteflrvra. of ! csTb d.;i went .'iBpeaaer lfsdsen,' a bandidate Mr jetty andltir, .focused hia romarka 1 vwmM rffk ttg . ' sane revenue during funds cottld be spent on threatened social programs. . Madsen, an Oakland accountant, declared that since ' 1170 cit y spending h as increased .a1 total years.' In the four-year period dnce 1KI, city spending has' increased 3 minkm while revenues have increased 111 mil-. Eon,. Madsen eaid:'; And' if, it .hadnt beed for a tax tacreaae thta year, dty spending would have Jumped even more, klad-aen wddei:;': i. i- v. 'r. -There are three ways ta solve the problem,, cut spending; toaeaee taxea or . appro-, priato revenue sbartag monies . recover deficits, Mwtoeu said. He went oo to charge that the city atari is ignoring the alternative of cutting spending. uThe only reasonable andri- ty spending ',.'.':..','ipbnse to idirective, siUiSrWdnJrtfle .Vr I way or the other,1' Gray four-year period since ;mm v'" i.;-t'-T. H'apX'r'f-v , him, adding he was Just c SAIGON "AT) The' United States may ask that the four-party Joint Military Commja-rion be exteaded ta aa effort to fanprove chances for a trite cease-fire; U.S. sources dis-dosed today.';:.''- ", The commission, . set np by the Jan.: 27 ease-fire agreement, ta to be daaolved March ML The sources said the Untied. State is considering proposing an extension, of the; body, tional aotution ta the budget , which includes North Vietnam, crisis is for the dty council to . South Vietnam' and the -Viet place a ceiling on spending, he fold councUmen. He called; ftr a two-to-three per cent cut ta spending lor two years, re-mlttagin aomarevenua sharing fluids to bo available for., uses other than balancing the dty budget , . A ftUowtag speaker,' Char-nee 1 Sum, president of the (fetond Uagua of Wemea offlciaUfenials. but rioqipn)nawnvemmi j-for social services end to esk Wellington to tom tide w-tiros priorities around So that ' more of our resources are used to aHevtato poverty.' - She noted that some speakers have said that no taxpayers were represented ta croupe cafilng'fer allocation of revenue sharing Audi far social programs. I wish for one day that the ' league's name wu the League of women Taxpayers, she ' said, adding ihm taxpayers are willing to pay tor the services they think nq Jiecee- sudiLid extension, posal is expected to be put' before the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong deleft-; tiara soon, the informants said. - The proposal would home at a time when Resident Nixon has expressed concern over roof North Vietnamese tool .troops .and. war materials. -The extension. of the four-party commission la -under couriderxtion, said one U.S. source, but its really in the . ... elementary stage. There ta .'.Another ipeeker,Eddie . pnthinp fbm. There has been i t-i . erorara ,,T7" n1 Washington, a representative kj) talk within our drde. our drde, . but it may never come to past . s . The source, said the. United ' Boyle Denies $20,000 Was For Slayings ERIE, Pa. (APHDqposed He said it ta imperative that Untied Mine Workers . Preri-the dty council find out what dert WA. (Tony) Boyle terit of Oakland Citizens- Advocates Union, said he reafixed that traditionally the dty had not been concerned with social programs. 1 further realise that there b no precedent for the dty of Oakland spending money-in the rectal service area that I nqmed. But there b alw no precedent fer the dty of Oakland receiving a check lor $4.3 milUon from tbe Federal Government , he said. ta really going on with revenue sharing and the dty budget in general, and not rubber stamp the-city staff reports. After the speakers had finished-only llOf some 41 who had requested to speak were present-Coundlnian Sutter in-' traduced his motion requesting the city staff to prepare a rerejution which would can for the. restoration of federal spending ta Oakland at its pre-cutback levri. Mayra Reading questioned the appropriateneu of the res-olulioa ta fight of the councils approach of using the hearings fra the reception of informs" tiro only and then was naytag your motion dies for a lack of a second; when Councilman Joshua Bose spoke up to second the motion. ' Councilman George J. Vuka-rin then-called for comment from the stafL Oty Manager. Cecil & RUey noted that re- federal program b ironed out But. he said, the-staff wu certainly willing to prepare the motion. . .At thta point Chblve nude bis remarks about the revenue sharing situation, adding that the motion was ta order although ho wasnt sure what good it would accomplish. Sutter raged the council to utifize pretest which can be effective with poUttctane and called fer councflmen' to not take. a defeatist attitude The resolution wu adopted unanimouriy. .,... Actress Liza Minnelli tals the arnj of her fiance, t)psi fnqz -lr- orr their arrival at q tondon airport today, Lizg the daughter ;fef the latis Judy- Gariand and cm Academy Award nominee for her role' in the -film Gsbaret and Desi the; son of -Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaf, ' announced they ' plan ' to - marry soon. (APJ L H - Cong's Provisional revolution-; aiy Government s South Viet-., nanv V well as the. Untied . Tbe 8outh Vietnamese delegation to Ihe miUtaiy peacekeeping commissioU has been filled in on tbe American coo-pMmttoW, Queries to- UJL delegailro u 'Sugori,.km - laurotais. but other tafrnqsutoriA UMritiro ' to. know? confindro tptl the Untied States laConsidering fled today that he authorized the transfer of 820,100 to union . funds, but denied government : dt?? jy., t!eii,rir- mt to flntitc the mwtor ct UMW Insurgent Joseph A. Ye-blonskL.. ...v ' Boyle Said the money, transferred from union headquarters to a district Ota Kentucky, wu fer union organizing purposes. .He denied that -there was anything unusual to such transfers. " ' Boyle wu the. leadoff de-1 fens witness here to the trial of Wfifiam J. Praterv a former UMW Add organiser charged , , , . . with three counts of murder ta Tw Kllhf!lCa the staying of Yablonski, his 8WIGU3G wife and daughter. Prater is nAUf. Cn Jlf one of . seven defendants- rUWS CarlV charged with' -the -WU- mur- dens.- R0vvc Death Laid DPJr yemn. WIO ToTwb Dogs INKSTER, Mich. (AP-Hannibal and Cannibal, two 15tpound Great Danes, killed Synroid David Young, state police crime laboratory experts said yesterday. . Tbe boys mauled body wu found new bis home bere Sat-, unlay, and neighbor told police they bad seen, two dogs ta . tbe area. -1 . : ' James Fonville, a neighbor of the victims parents; Mr. and Mrs. Danyl Young, owns the dogs.' No charges have been filed.'-..-'. . " r -J Police are bOUtag-tbo dogs in tbe city pound. ik States feds it is posstble for the fourparty commission to acconqiliih more than it has in ita precekeeping role if given - mare-time; 1 - .'? "It might be able to create s more fndtful envirtament far the. two-party - commission, said one source. ; ' The peace agreement stipulated that the four-party commission would be dinolved within (0 days after the signing 'determination' of the agrednent on Jan. 27. North' Vietnam and the United Sates would pull out and the two-party commission made up, of rep representatives of the Saigon .government end .the Viet Cong would take over. . .' ' ; . GIAPSAYS ; ;; U.S. Power . - - ',ii4a.' t-V-n Discouraged T iiAAfmwyf' Ppfly lYluny- K6US fitical rituation in Chile ta 178 with the bead-or 'the Central Intelligence Agency's Latin PARIS AP) - Hanoi, de- American pediro.; fense minister Gen, Vo Ngu- ' . yraGtap said in an interview Be also confirmed, that-he . published here today that d other ITT offlebto mgdp many North Vietnamese be contact .with Whita House. dune downhearted during the aides. Joim D.-Ehrilchnuui iniij war ' because of the ; insur- Charles Colson end oflier.high - -mountable superiority . of ranking Nixon administration American Weaponry. - officials. ' - , When the Amertcan aggrw 21 -i ' shn s . . took . on enormous . Merriam testified, however, : dimensioM, concern wu felt' he never discussed with' by mpny people," he told WDtam Bine, the CIA man, Jacques Decornoy of the news- ny proposal,' suggestion or Le Monde in the Hanoi piah of dther the UR. government or RT to ptop Salvador AUende from taking office u paper Le interview, - He said the Soviet Union, China and other Communist countries helped to modernise North Vietnam'i tafanfry and artillery weapon. But on the whole they remained inferior to the American equipment, he added, There res a technical gap,' and furthermore, practically no air power. So. we had to adapt our .combat methods to the rituation. . He uid thehumaii factor waa tbe decisive 'element bo the Ftenchfand . Oaf military science . . .- conriitirtM sn apjdicitioii. of Marxism-Leninism to the coo- Crete conditions of the struggle to w country he declared. - Neither the French nor tbe Americans were even able to put tbeir technical superiority to effective use against an enemy inspired by the creative power of intelligence, heroism and independence, GJap said. Heiriam said be furnished , . Broe with a copy iof a cable from Hal Hendrix .and Bob Berrdlez, ITT JLatin American -public relations officials outlining a aeries of recommenda-;tions resutttag from ITTIesr -of expropriation of ITTs Cbil-eaa properties riiouhl Allende become president ; ' The recommendations included, Merriam: uid, that f '.-we and other UR. firmrito. Chile pump some advertising .- -into the' Mercurto newspaper ' chain opposing Afiende; that s we bety with getting aom ; propaganda. working again oa ! radio and felevisiM,. that ; pressure be. brought on the UR. Informatiro Service to .Washington to start, moving Mercurio editorials 'arennd ' Ki America and into Eu.-' : ; and that the European, . . press be-raged to get. the-niaoners. said Capt t7 of what disaster could ; - PtLl5S3 fertraVtet Cong dnegatiro to .v tiu crontiy.V: the oint Mihiary Commission. . Mentam W'be gave me -"However, it has hen cablepwm. to Broe onty te agreed by the aUbcranudsribn beep Eta Intormed jEat . we tost efforts will be taken .to were dring. to the South-ta ; complete the release of both. a- ' Vietnamese military prisoners ' - Merriam arid he and Geneen ; . and American priapnen by ' Marti 2Sl House saristant, at leasl twice,..- - He arid the date and time of but that ITT affairs m Chile the releases would be in- wen discussed only In a -. vague sort of way. : - L-Ceuttaaed' frsutPagei i Interviews with the iBl that ', ;ahe regarded aa Confidential.'. . She . previously . had bee ; vflueattaned by; a grand Jury. ? Investigating Jhe . Watergate s. care, .and Bayh sald that:f . I indeed- this woman. did flefo ... ,: the grand. Jury! then it rdsad ; questions about the affidavit J f.she bad given Mm. :. : Barit - asked i,GraywStat.-- White House Counsel John W. -VDomm hadirecetrod any. la- -farmatiod about the tatOcyiewa ;'. ' Mrs. HobUk had giVen the i.mfr-.:-- vGray, who hu beat. acting (Erector of the FBI since last .-; May S, testified tfaat Dean . could It have received 1 1 ' portion- ber interviews until, : rhaph later time" . tiuuf1!: Hpbeck's affidavit indicated she,b4bea called, ia for questfaatagf'pifictali ; of' the" reeleitioilommittee ' about ber intervlew Wtth FBr agents, ..-..'"..f'tV'J '-k---, WuaskedbyBayh if be got the impresshm from , Hauroenst that u new. .order., 1 restricting scopes to. the files ..'' . was issued by the attmiipy . general on bjs'wn Or in re-, aponse ta a directive from President Nixon. I got no , Impression one ,; way or the other, Grsy .tokl him, adding he was Just 1 tag out the orders Klctafflemt-;. had given him, i . V, ; , : Gray' said that bp serves St the measure of the Fresident' and I have to take my orders from the attorney general add tbe President. Baqrh told Gray the Ktien- -. .dienst order was "no help .ta you. . He added be . thought Gny .himself had been dirwft ' and open with the committee. ' .Bayh said he assumed Klein-diensts action !must have -beeni result of the Prreidwtia, since ttwaain - , line with the policy President Nixon outlined at u -news con-ference last Thursday foe handling taw FBI files. IHReveals Concern, in Chile Affaire -, - y Asm Page 1 president of Chile. , : -. ' Merriam wu called before, the Senate foreign relatione , subcommittee on multinational ' ' corporations the start of Jta -investigation on tbe' rofe.pf the formulation M UR. foreign Pfcy-.. . ..' -S? ' . s 1 - . .'V. . Now -stationed., to .Borne, Merriam. was bead Pf theXTT ' Washington office When, be. said he first met Broe ' it '1 Washington hotel on JuIy lS, 1871. On that eccarion.be said, : nTboard chairmanHarold S. Geneen had a private convex . with Broe and later told him to k ta tm'iidtii " .55,' taSTlTS ki5 C the Latin American end of the ' " ' - .iv - r --y J

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