The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1955 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1955
Page 20
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' ?v ' : ''"- (la.) Up^er De» Thursday, Oefabe? 6;j 1955 A tlUt* 01 »W«, .'i <•! Thill Not Muck .the season of the yea* is here again when I'd find out how many .leaves the trees in the city will shed. True, we have lots of Wees in Algona, and they seem, to 'have grown a peachy crop of, leaves and now they're .beginning to fall and just think ;of all the raking there will have to be done soon. I wish a committee could be appointed to take over the job of counting the leaves in Algona. Yes, I have • reference to the leaves which grow on trees and not the leaves which gents may have from their jobs, etc. The average man, I find, believes in knowing the number of leaves which leave the trees and so the ,lawn receives. No one really grieves because of falling leaves and I don't mean . table, top leaves' or book leaves or newspaper leaves, it's leaves off the trees, so to speak. And I'd sure like to know the'num- ber'of leaves which leaves'the trees, but I just can't do it alone. Too many trees and takes too much time. So, if you are interested in knowing the number of billions or trillions of leaves which fall from Algona trees in . a day, let's get together and get . a gang to help Us do the job. Wouldn't take long if we could get a gang with a big membership and those who can count at least to ten, so to speak. ' There sure was a big crowd in town the day of the band parade when 27 different town and school bands paraded the main drag and blew, a top-notch kind of band music. And the rhythm,, musical and marching, of those bands was certainly something they could all be proud of. Outside of the drums and cymbals all ,of .trie instruments were wind ones and it's a cinch the musicians all knew how to blow and when to blow. • Yep, the parade and the music delivered by the bands were highly enjoyable and we sure have some dandy good bands in this city and neighboring towns. . And C. V. Fowler as*ed. me why didn't I do some arithmaticing regarding the wind pressure which was used in doing that parade and playing those band numbers by those hundreds of dandy musicians. And I wish I could do some such arithmatic- ing because it would be interesting to know to what extent those 'breaths, were they all gathered into one solid breath, could take on cyclonic effects and tumble houses and • trees and poles in a given area. But, be that as it may, those bands, those musicians, sure put on a fine parade & their music was tops in every regard. And it's a cinch that the crowd of folks who'took in the parade and enjoyed it ran into thi thousands. Both sides of the main drag for four blocks were packed with listeners, young and old. And I made a remark as to how many possibly were listening and watching the parade and it was then that Dwaine Lighter suggested that we get a dozen guys together and start counting the crowd at Jones street to Harlan street, both sides, that is he thought we should count their feet and then divide the total by two and we'd have the number of folks who were enjoyably getting a bang out of the parade and peachy music, so to speak. We quizzed several in our crowd as to how they would help us and the answer was always in the negative because the boys would rather count faces because on account of there were so many beautiful girls and ladies in the crowd, and the boys all admitted that they liked pretty faces much better than they did pretty feet. So we had to give up the counting notion, but I asked a dozen or more gents as to how many they thought were in the five blocK stretch of the main drag and their answers all reached way into the thousands, so to speak. —o— Yep. politics aie the day's big subject just now and will be for another month arid I sure get a kick oyt of politics because on account of I like politics. And right here in Algona it looks like there was going to be a big vote cast on election day because on account of there are five Algona gents in the ring for the office of mayor. And I admit that all of the candidates are nice gents, and any one of them or all of them would serve as mayor in a beneficent and creditable manner. And, funny as it may seem, I've been approached several times to come out for mayor but which I don't propose to do because on account of I might be elected, so to speak. I've been told by several gents, both republican and democrat, that I'd make a good mayor because I'm sort of a nuts gent and which I admit. But you don't have to be nuts to be mayor of this town, in fact you've got to show a pretty good mental capacity, although it isn't necessary that you are a windy sort. But if the windy son ot gent would make the best mayor then I'm .sure I'd do a good job because on account of I've got plenty of shooting off at the mouth, and no wonder I'm accused of being just a nitwit nut, bo (o speak. There is no right way to do a wrong thing. Steam F 0^ £xwision trip, Oct. 16 ALL ABOARD! Railroad fans, young or old, who want 16 ride in a passenger train drawn by a steam locomotive will have that chance Sunday. Oct. 16, in Kossulh county. The above train will travel from Eagle Grove to Elmore, Minn., making all stops to load and discharge, passengers, on a special excursion. , , . , . The train will feach Algona about 10:30 a,ro, and depart 10 minutes later. There will be a. two hour stop at Elmore for lunch. , . . ; Tickets for this excursion may be obtained from the Upper Des Molnes. of f ice 'or the Northwestern depot here. RoUnd trip fare for adults, from Algona to Elmore will be $2.75 and for children; $1.38 with kids under five free. The excursion is being sponsored by the.Iowa chapter Of the National'Railway Historical, Society. , Livermore Gridder Gets Broken Leg; Recuperates Livermore— Ivan Larson who had the misfortune to break his leg in two places while playing football at Renwick, is recuperating. He is a member of the Senior class and the. son of Mr and Mrs Herman Larson. Infant Baptized The infant daughter of -Mr ana Mrs Leonard Wilson was baptized Sunday morning at the church services at the Methodist church. She was named Ellen Loraine. Delta Dek Club The Delta Dek Club was entertained at the home of Mrs Harry Zigrong at Humboldt Friday afternoon. High auction prize went to Mrs Gale Berryhill, second high to Mrs August Paulson, and traveling prize to Mrs Joe Sanders. Party For Teachers The Band Mothers Club entertained the teachers, the school board members, the janitor and the parents at a reception in the field house Tuesday evening. Mrs Harold.Stoddafd was mistress of ceremonies. Jerry Stiles and George Donalds led the group singing. L. E. Kay introduced the teachers and Supt. L. E. Cochrill introduced the school board members. Hartley Machintosh presented the teachers with red apples and Maurice McGee presented the teachers and the board members each with a red rose. Weds Sept. 16 Northa Jean Smdth, daughter of Mr and Mrs Burrell Smith of Livermore and Charles Chaudoin of Humboldt, son of Mrs Pearl Chaudoin of Riceville, were united in marriage in the Methodist church in Laurens, Sept. 16. Dinner guests Sunday at the Keith Logue home in honor of the first birthday of their daughter, Denise were Mr and Mrs Ed Miller, Mr and Mrs Charles Murphy of Algona; Mr and Mrs Stanley Seger, Mr and Mrs Donald Armstrong, and Mr and Mrs Ernest Logue. Mr and Mrs Berdine Nygaard and family of Lake Mills and Mr and Mrs Andrew Nygaard of Ft. Dodge were Sunday visitors at the Virgil Smith home. Mr and Mrs John Olson were Sunday visitors at the Roy Adams home in Whittemore. Mrs Olson is a sister to Mrs Adams. Mr and Mrs Gordon Foth and family of LuVerne were Sunday dinner guests of his parents, Mr and Mrs George Foth. Mrs Bess Devine was in Omaha, Neb. to spend a few days visiting her son, Robert Devine, and family and also visiting her brother-in-law and sister in Council Bluffs. Mr and Mrs Leslie Jensen and family attended the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs Albert Jensen at Rolfe Sunday. Mr and Mrs Jerry Bonnstetter and son of Fort Dodge were Sunday dinner and supper guests of her parents, Mr and Mrs Carl V. Johnson. Mrs William Murray assisted Mrs Vera Ramus, Mrs Rud Hansen, Mrs Audrey DeNio, Mrs Fern Neal and Mrs Gladys Genrich with a tea at the Methodist church Wednesday afternoon at LuVerne. Mrs Harry Rutz and daughter Audrey, visited Saturday at the Franklin Lee home in McCalls- burg. In the evening they attended the wedding of Beverly Grunstead and Thorston Stole at the Lutheran Church in Roland. Audrey was candlelighter and Janet Lee was bridesmaid. All three girls were classmates at Waldorf college. Mrs Stella Melk and Vivian Ship of Austin, Minn, and Mrs Paul Druschella of Dakota City- were Sunday dinner guests at the Bill Wilson home. Mrs Meek is Mrs Wilson's aunt and Mrs Drus- chella is her mother. A daughter was born Sept. 16 to Mr and Mrs Donald Berryhill at Duluth, Minn. She was named Ann Gail. Mr Berryhill is the son of Mr and Mrs Gale Berryhill. Dinner guests .Monday at .'the Mrs Arna Berte home were Henry Berte of Denver, Colo., and Elizabeth Berte of St. Joe. Mrs ,Mary Sittler of Merna, Neb. is visiting relatives at. the Ole < Sittler,. William Hastings and Richard Fullerton homes. Carol Curran, who has been attended a business school in Idaho, has returned home. She, is employed by the Agro plant in Humboldt. Harry Miller, who was ill at his home following a stroke, was taken by ambulance to Mercy hospital in' Ft. Dodge Thursday evening. Carol Fiderlick, daughter of Mr and Mrs Vernon Fiderlick, is confined to her home with the mumps. Eldon Mansor, who is stationed at Chaunte Field, 111., spent the weekend here with his parents, Mr and Mrs Harold Mansor. Mr and Mrs Clarence Wells have returned from a two week's vacation visiting their son-in-law and daughter in Colorado, Springs.' i Mrs Frank Hundertmark, who was a patient at the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge, has returned home, where she is convalescing. . Mrs Elmer Schreiber,, who has •been ill at her home,. was taken to the Mercy Hospital in Fort Dodge Tuesday. : Mr and Mrs . Vern W.akefield and son, Donald oi Perry spent the day Sunday at the Laurence Frederick home. Mrs, Wakefield is Mrs Frederick's sister. . Florence Altman, who is employed in Outwood, Ky., arrived borne Monday to spent her vacar tion with her sisters, Anna arid Lena Altman, and her brother, Peter Altman. Mrs Dick Schultz was hostess to the Deal and Chat Club members at her home Thursday afternoon. High prize- went to Mrs Keith Logue, second high to Mrs Robert Wonderley, and consolation prize to Mrs Burrell Smith. Mrs Gale Berryhill and Mrs Karl Boessler attended a Know Your Neighbor Club at Renwick last week Thursday. Mrs Henry Groh was hostess to the Neighborhood Club .members Tuesday afternoon. Following the luncheon five hundred was the afternoon's entertainment. High prize went to Mrs Harold Stoddard, traveling prize to Mrs John Sorlie and consolation prize to Mrs Chester Ogan. Guests Sunday at the Ernest Haack home were Mr and Mrs Irvin Emrick and son Greg of Ringsted and Mr and Mrs Allen Foth ; and son Brad. The Presbyterian Women's Association was entertained at the farm home of Mrs Elwood Rum- mens Wednesday afternoon. The business meeting was conducted by Mrs Laurence Frederick. Algona Airport Log If lie* By M« >hillr> Arhdorfar On M&ndayV S>1itV Sg^jfe fiffl Hauptly/t and -h6f dBughterY'MfS Harold Eiseheft^aM ' Mf& .'FfaftK Bleich Wferle aitemdb:h^ Sailers at the home of Mrs Nick;Arfidbrfer, Mrs Doft McCarthy and" 'David' drove to Krafisburg, JS. ]D. ( Friday to spend the weekend with her father, Nick"'tta'&nV whoVis recuperating frorn medical ^treat- men.t ' " '.", V.->y-' ri/ '', 1; '~' ••• '.'• :'$•'••' Tuesday, Sept. 27, ; Mary RdisR" opf of Seattle, W£shV Visited.Mrs Nick ArndorfeiY -Mary and Mrs" Al Rosenmeyef <are'sistersv; Jeanette McCarthy. wa's 1 an overnight guest of Mary "Kay Duffy at Algona' Sunday night. They attended a movie party celebrating the birthday ; df 5 a/clas's"-' mate, Mary HardgfoVe. • V , On Sept. 25, Sunday dinner and supper guests at the .Oryille Thill's were Mr and Mrs,', Hfrhry, Zeimet and Margie, Mr. and'Mi's Art Zeimet and Je^ry, allxcH Swea City, Mr and Mrs George 1 Diers and family of Bancroft,'' : "mr* and Mrs Bernard. Kunkel. and family of Clarion and Mt and Mrs James Kunkel arid family'of Crystal Lake. The Bernard Kunkel and James Kunkel "families spent the evening here. :.'.,.,.'• Mir and Mrs Don McCarthy'and Jeanette wtent visiting at the home of' Mr ' and Mrs George Simons and girls last Sunday night. Mrs John Thill and Mr and Mrs Gerald Carman were . dinner guests at the Matt Fabers of St. Joe. fhey Were alsd, suppef "guests of « Mary Garmarl of At' fpria sfettettnfi ; the evening there; I hel Harold .TJHfflB 'also^ Visited ;there jifitetfjn the evening, ^,;s *:'> Orillera at the Don 1 JlcGafthf hdriie hi the; pist week wererMft, ifid aache, Mrs tiesi Mflfray 'ana 'Mr and Mrs Albert McCarthy, all of Bancroft;, ;v. ^ -, ,-'• Three of, the Bancroft Sisters Were Vls'l.tofi*. at'.the Sister's, home In St. BeneclkSt Saturday p.m. Among them was 'Sister Marcel" line Who .is Nick Arndorfer'si.Sis» ter. Mrs Ed Goche of Bancroft brought them Mrs Bess Murray also of Ba'ncroft, accompanied the. group; SUnda'y dinner guests" at the Pfiillp Arhdbrfer home • were Mr and Mrs Harold Hunt and daughter, Lois Jean of Algona, Mr and Mrs Bernard iCapesius and Jeanne, ahd Mr and Mrs Clarence Sie'fnera.hd -Ellen and Vicki of LuVerne,' . Rev. Wilkie Gets New Church Post Wilkie, husband of the "ftff.'rner Margaret Vigars of ^Ig'bfia, viand son-in-law of the '.l$$.'$fa, and Mrs Will Vigars, was installed^ Sept. 20 as; executive secretary/Of • the- Commission on Church and Ministry, of the Evangelical and Reformed church, at: a ceremony held in Cleveland. Ohip. i ,; ;. . ; :., • , Rev. -Wilkie is well known here, where he has visited' often with his wife, and has had extensive ministerial experience and is also author of several' theological books. WANT ADS BRING RESULTS Sept. 21—Earl Eden, Kanawha, Aeronca Champion. Sept. 22—J. E. Nelson, Dundee, 111., TWin Cessna; J. B. Kleinger, Rapid City, So. Dak., Callair. Sept. 23 — Paul Barker, Iowa Falls, Cessna 170. Sept. 25 — Hillis Rogers, Alden, Stinson; Jim Winslow, Minneapolis, Culver; Homer Sayers, Columbus, O., Cessna 195. Sept. 26 — Harold Quintis, Garner, Super Cruiser. < Sept. 27 — Harvey Fisher, Webster City, Cessna 140. Sept. 28 — CAA officials from Des Moines in Cessna 180; Roy Carwell, Emmetsburg, Cessna 140; Father O'Toole, Corwith, Piper Clipper; Roy Campbell, Kansas City, Cessna 120. A man has tact who won't change his mind but will change the subject. «»teen In Charm Glove Leather Heaven .. .for busy feet! Miles shorten...sidewalks are carpets...the open road's an invitation in fhi* flexible, somersault- soft flail Roomy loed, .unfirted^heel cling-y), on a foam-crepe "bubbles sole* to match: * •"".'.' CHARCOAL and BLACK SUEDE! 495 now Glovelier, softer, smoother..,h't newt In thoemaking, and now yours for to littlel »The teamleu* it toft-toed, eork'lntoled, liuue-leather lined...fttt like a fheoih drettl In CHESTNUT or BLACK CALF. y " " v "l 'WP- : &' ICKS "i : . ••:•' • •'•• ':- ' " •'"••'• v -..Tj ' : ' Our Dealer's Cost! Here are four "near-new" demonstrator Buicks, on which the actual miles are 10,000, 5,000, 350, and 2700 miles respectively, that are to be sold AT BELOW OUR DEALER'S COST I We are making this unprecedented offer in view of the fact that we will shortly be using 1956 model demonstrators, and are at this time making'four tremendous "buys" of these four fine automobiles. We are listing each below, together with all details about that particular car. 'Note the actual SAVING on each carl Then come to Brandt Buick and SEE THEM — but soonl 1955 Roadmaster Save $ 1200 MODEL: 4-Door Sedan MAJOR EQUIPMENT: Power Steering Po.wer Brakes Dynaflow Radio Heater - Defroster White Wall Tires Safety Group Under Coating . Foam-Tex Cushions Easy-Eye Glass Custom Interior COLOR: White and Black Tri-Tone MILEAGE: 10,000 miles MISC. EQUIPMENT Power Antenna Rear Seat Speaker Chrome Door Guards Chrome Gas Tank Guard . Rubber Front Seal Maps <*• Deluxe Steering Wheel : Solid Wheel Covers Back-up -Lites Windshield. Washer ' Trunk Lite . Sold With NEW CAR Guarantee Save 1000 MILEA'GE: 5,000 Miles MISC. EQUIPMENT: Back-up Lites Windshield Washer Trunk Lite Foam-Tex Cushions ' Deluxe Steering Wheel Solid Wheel Covers 1955 Super MODEL: 2-Door Riviera Hardtop MAJOR .EQUIPMENT: Dynaflow • / Heater it Defroster Radio Power Steering Safety Group Custom Interior Easy-Eye Glass Accessory Group White Wall Tires ,. . . Undercoating . . • Power Brakes ;•• •.••'• COLOR: Turquoise and Condor Yallow Tri-Tone Sold Wirh NEW CAR Guarantee 1955 Century Save $ 1000 MODEL: Convertible MAJOR EQUIPMENT: Dynaflow Custom Blue Interior Heater & Defroster Radio Safety Group Accessory Group White Wall Tires Easy-Eye Glass COLOR: White and Blue Comb. MILEAGE: 350 Miles MISC. EQUIPMENT: Deluxe Steering Wheel Electric Power Windows Back-up Lites Windshield Washer Trunk Lite Foam-Tex Cushions ' Solid Wheel Covers Sold With NEW CAR Guarantee 1955 Special MODEL: 4-Door Hardtop MAJOR EQUIPMENT! Save $ 800 Dynaflow Radio Heater b Defroster White Wftjl Tires Semi-Custom Interior Foam-Tex Cushions Easy-Eye Glass MILEAGE: 2700 Miles MISC. EQUIPMENT! Back-up Lites Windshield Washer Trunk Lite •Deluxe Steering Wheel Solid Wheel Covert COLOR: Carries Beige & Titign Red Tri-Tone Sold With NEW CAR Guarantee / Trade Your Present Car in tar High Allowance Will Finance « Up To 30 Months To Pay Bra On Courthouse Square Buick Algona ...Wife. : '-l(A<*r.

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