The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1955 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1955
Page 18
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.^.^ se Clol»d 5 The " fefttrl&S' • iH :lhe;vForeign 'Foods category,of the ninth A1-, 'gona -Upper Des MoinesrAlgoha; ;Merchants 'Recipe Contest sound' •like a Cook's tour of the world, but they brought just'one typical*- •ly American comment from thei board pf judges—"W.owl" ,• These contests', have been in r 'teresting and-exciting every week ibut the-unusual dishes from other lands, are absolutely fascinating. ;And, almost without exception, '.they .contain , ; ingredients available at all times at your local grocer's. , \ • Teri dollars prize 'money goes, this week to Mrs James Wildin of'Irvington for'her recipe for Sukiyaki, a Japanese main, course dish. It's really authentic for Mrs Wildin is a native of'Japan and came to this country as a G. I. bride. She learned to cook at college, in Japan and picked up quite a few' tricks at home from her mother.-"Mrs Wildin says it's about the only Japanese dish her husband is fond of and, that Is true mostly because there's lots f*t nt Ant in 44- ** A «^ ttf{/t<"»MP aQT Of meat in much more it. "Americans meat than the eat Japanese do.", she said. She also, commented that Sukiyakiv-ds, often Americanized by adding. chopped celery f .but her recipe does hot call for itv ' A C1646 S&orid Helen Comfort, .who., puts out such excellent hot ItlhChes fof Out school children, ,can also Whip u"pX|ti6ife ex*otic corteoctidns: if we can judge by,her entries .in this week.'s contest. She Was'a close rimner-up with her recipe fof Blinde Vinken, ,v(Blind Finches of Beef'Birds). .{Che dish is from The,'Netherlands and it uses thin bSef.'Steaks rolled ,.afound ;StfipS of:pork steak arid gherkins.. Her Other recipe came from Cssechbs- lovakia-MilOsti .which is Fried Pastries. They are flavored with grated lemon rind and grape or other fruit,,juice. •, As • far as•! numbers go,. Scandinavian recipes lead the field. From/Norway We have .Kringle, a figure. 8.pastry, from both Mrs Albert Mitchell of'.Fentons. and! Audrey Frye of AJgona. These 1 same two ladies also sent recipe for Lefse or Lefsa—a kind of : thin 'pancake .often served; with 1 Lutefish 'iOr meat!.ball.; Audrey Frye also sent a recipe for ; an-l other kind of Norwegian Pancake anclone for Komile, (Potato Dumplings). Mrs George Jorgenso«i of .Fenton .sent a recipe for Smqr Kranser,. a yeast dough 'butter ring which sounds Jike a typical Norwegian accompaniment for coffee. . When/we stop in Sweden on our cook's tpUr we're sure to have meat'.balls. Mrs Ben Reid, Audrey Frye and Theresa Thilges of Algona have recipes for them and r^Vivian' Dutton of Burt has Swedish Ham Balls in Brown SaUce; Margaret.FJ-aiei of t. Under has a recipe ft* SttickhcJlrrt SalM sb tye'fe all set for Smor- gasbtod even If we dort't have a'reclpejrom Chris Reese's native Hungarian Dishes . There.,was only,one recipe for Huhgariari Goulash and.; that came ;froftir -Theresa:, Thilges j-of Algona but,Mrs W. A. Hammond of Wesley sent a Hungarian Hasty Tasty Stew recipe, complete with dumplings, .that sounds like a first cousin to goulash. Vivian Button., has a recipe for Hungarian Schrazy—a beef, .steak roll- up with a vegetable stuffing. GladysiiBarker of Cedar Rapids sent several' Hungarian dishes- Hungarian Lipton Cheese (Koro- zolt Lipton),,Veal,Paprika GOUT-met and Hungarian Paprika (WESTERN AUTO STORE Tinifeteible For Duck Shooters Paste this Official Time Table in your hunting cap for future use. Opens 8 .... Date Oct. Oct. 9 Oct. 10 Oct. 11 Oct. 12 Oct. 13 Oct. 14 Oct. .15 Oct. 16^.-,-Oct. 17 Oct. 18 ----Oct. 19 Oct. 20 Oct. 21 Oct. 22 Oct. 23 Oct. 24 Oct. 25 Oct. 26 ._.Oct. 27 Oct. 28 Oct. 29 Oct. 30. Oct. 31 <: 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ... 8 ... 9 „. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. 10 Nov. 11 .... Nov. 12 .... Nov. 13 Nov. 14 .... Nov. 15 Nov. 16 .... Nov. 17 .... Nov. 18 .... Nov. 19 ... Nov. 20 ... Nov. 21 ... Nov. 22 ... Nov. 23 ... Nov. 24 ... Nov. 25 ... Nov. 26 ... Nov. 27 ... Nov. 28 ... Nov. 29 ... Nov. 30 ... A.M. 5*56 . 5:57 . 5:58 . 5:59 . 6:01 . 6:02 . 6:03 . 6:04 . ,6:05.. 6:07 . 6:08 . 6:09 . 6:10 . 6:11 . 6;13 . 6:14 . 6:15 . 6:16 . 6:18 . 6s'l9 . 6:20 . 6:21 . 6:23 . 6:24 . 6:25 . 6:26 . 6:28 . 6:29 '. 6-.30 . 6:32 6:33 . 6:34 6:35 6:37 6:38 6:39 . 6:41 . 6:42 . 6:43 . 6:44 . 6:46 - 6:47 . 6:48 . 6:49 . 6:51 . 6:52 , 6:53 . 6:54 - 6:55 . 6:57 . 6:58 . 6:59 . 7:00 . 7:01 Closes — 5:21 ... 5:19 ... 5:17 ... 5:16 ... 5:14 ... 5:12 ... 5:11 ... 5:09 ... 5:07 ... 5:06 ... 5:04 — 5:03 ... 5:01 .- 4:59 ... 4:58 .. 4:56 ...4:55 .— 4:53 ...4:52 ... 4:50 ... 4:49 ... 4:48 — 4:46 ... 4:45 ... 4:44 ... 4:42 ... 4:41 ... 4:40 ... 4:39 — '4:37 ... 4:36 — 4:35 III 4:34 — 4:33 — 4:32 ... 4:31 ... 4:30 ... 4:29 ... 4:28 ... 4:27 ... 4:26 _— 4:25 ... 4:24 — 4:24 — 4:23 — 4:22 ... 4:22 ... 4:21 ... 4:20 ... 4:20 ... 4:19 .III 4:19 .— 4:18 ... 4:18 P.M. Dec. 12 ... Dec. 13 — Dec. 14 ... Dec. 15 ... Dec. 16 — BAG AND POSSESSION LIMIT DUCKS — Bag limit: 4 ducks per day;' possession limit: 8 after the first day. Only • I Hooded Merganser may be possessed at any lime. 1 Wood duck. GEESE — Bag limit and possession limit 5. Not more than 2 of .which may be Canadian, Hutchins, Cackling or White-Fronted geese. Two (2) of any of the above • named may be included in the limit. The entire bag may be made up of either blue or snow geese or any combination of them. COOT or MUD HEN — Bag and possession limit 10. This table gives the offu cial time shooters may begin banging away (30 minutes before sunrise) and the time they must stop (30 minutes before sunset) daily from Oct. 8 through Dec. 16. These hours are good for Palo Alto. Emmet, Kossuth. Clay and Dickinson counties and hunters should save this copy for a guide. Cut this ad out and keep it. You'll use it throughout the season. Fresh Shells * 410 .£0-16-12-10 Gauge Famous Brands "A faulty gun may miss the birds but get you!" let's Trade Guns • Decpys • Duck Calls • Hunting Caps • Hip t All Your Hunting Needs Western Auto STORE — Harry Ireland, Owner Merry Olde England is represented ,by Enilish Porki and Tater Pie from - Mrs George Jorgen- sdn.of Fenton and by Old English Coojcles. front; Margaret, Fraser. jytrs'Jprgenson' also' sent- a recipe for Icelandic Pancakes' which are senfed'asjdessert in Iceland and they sound like they'd go pretty good in loWa, too. Mrs George Wildin sent a recipe for German Zitrimt. Sterne (Cinnamon Stars) which puts us in mind of-Christmas. •, They call for a pound of g'round almonds. »-, '•'•';• ! Spain and. France ;. • .: From Spain bonies Vivi'ah Duton's recipe fori Plaf, a. jrice dish : and Theresa Thilges' recipe ipi Spanish Rice. Mrs Leonard' Goecke of Algona.;senf Us, ,our; only recipe from France—French 1 Orange Cakei a luscious glazed' affair that needs no frosting.. Greece is represented m two; recipes from Gladys - Barker—' Yiaprokia with egg'sauce and Dolmades.i Mrs Barker says, "I've known quite a few Greeks. They are sure good'cooks." ' ; ' From Mexico comes Mi's Clifford Haase recipe for Tamales and Gladys:Barkers' for Tamale Pie, rtfal Chile' Con Carne, and Sopaipillas a kind of pastry to be eaten with Chile. Hawaii is. represented, by Mrs Ben: Reid's recipe for Hawaiian Ham and Mrs Barker sent two recipes rrom Austria — Cheese Varenki and Zauner: • Kropfen. - «When .this same lady goes to Italy, .figuratively,' she. brings us Spaghetti and Meat Balls, Veal Scalopirii, Lasagna, Pork Chops Giacimo, Zabalione (Wine Custard)* and Italian Style Meat Balls. Our prize winner isn't the only one with, a Japanese recipe. Mrs Albert Mitchell of Fenton has one for Chawan Mushi, 7 a hot - dish CompOiSetf-tif-'chicken • or -fish, noodles aftd vegetables. Othei oriental entries came from Mrs W. A. Hammond of Wesley with her Chinese Delight and Mrs Clifford* Haase for Genuine Chinese Chop Suey. Halloween Next Time If. any- lady. who. entered a recipe this week should say ,"I should have wpn the money.", the judges would -be forced to admit that she is right. . There wasn't a single entry not deserving first prize. Unfortunately, everyone can't have the ten dollars prize money and the judges are certainly delighted to have the recipes. •We hope you'll try again next week with your Halloween party specialties. Be sure to get them in by 4 p.m. on Monday. There were 2 excellent frosting recipes which came in too late td judge last week. This week's prize winner Appears on our special conest page together with the messages from the sponsoring Algona Merchants. We hope you will read both. —GRACE. NttlM exfondltil) HOSPITALS ! Sepf.. 20 — Dean Grau, Algona, medical; Mrs Robert Brecht, Bancroft, girl, ii-3%; Melvin Walker, Algona, medical. Sept. 22 — Mrs R. J. Krause, Fenton, girl, 8-9; Mrs J. D. Ferguson, West Bend, maternity. Sept. 23—Mrs Harold Hovnger, Algona, boy, 8-3; Susan K. Bierle, Lone Rock, medical. Sept. 25 — Mrs Richard Gross, Lone Rock, girl, 7-12; Mrs Fred Schurg, Whittemore, medical (expired); Paula M. Bollig, Bancroft, boarder; Mrs John Schnakenberg, Irvington, medical; Mrs Harry Bode, Algona, medical. Sept. 26 — Mrs Harold Reddel, LuVerne, boy, 7-7; Mrs James Will, Algpna, boy, 7-9*4; Mrs Robert Bunkofske, Algona, medical; Mrs Terry Behlmer, Whittemore, medical; James Elkins, Algona, burns; Mrs Charles Elmore, Algona, medical. [ By The Village Gossip . Sexton4-The Friendly GlUb had a real closed meeting a,t the Ambrose Lickteig home With Mary MiJMahpn; assistant hostess. The doors and; windowsi were covered! for the showing of colored slides taken on their' California trip by Mr and Mrs Glenn Gabrielson. Another trip Was described in Mrs Everett; Steven's history efthe"Passion Play in the Black Hills." Because Of Mrs Carrie Olsen's illness the 1 next meeting will be a pot -luck lunch in the Gabrielson Community Hall. Mrs Everett Steven, Mrs' Am- srose Lickteig and Mrs Glenn "rabrielson were "appointed entertainment committee and Mrs August Kirschbaum, Mrs Wilford ATard, Mrs Merle" Hoover ana Wary McMahon were put in charge of decorations and food for the party on Oct. 27. It Always Happens • • .It was one of those afternoons when ^ everything' happened for Mrs JUlia Taft. . While she was at Club her three sisters, Mrs William Speicher of Buffalo Center; Mrs Speicher of Ti tonka; . at*l Mrs Harvey Graham of Algona came to call on her at the Fred Jennings home. Mrs Carrie Olsen had been released from the hospital. One good . sign she is . feeling better is that; she wants to. come home now but she is in good hands at the home of;her daughter< ; -and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Leslie Huff of'Algona. .. ; : , Joyce Gatrielspn ., ,enjpy,ed. ; a big day when she accompanied her grandmother, Mrs Vinnie Laymort.ito Mason City. Mr and Mrs Art Klein are still entertaining Alabama visitors as Mr ancj Mrs William Klein and Mrs Rpy -Bornholt '• of Fairhope are spertdirig-a few days here.--Ann Steven had- a double celebration of-her 12th birthday. Her friend, Jurteadel -Lieb of Algona spent thelnight with her. , The Steven .family was also invited to the A. M. Genrich home at LuVerne 'for a birthday dinner. , Mr and Mrs Everett Hodgin and family of Slater spent Sunday at the Everett Steven home. Mr and Mrs John Jennings are one couple who really enjoy their grandchildren and each new one is a big thrill. They are happy to welcome a new grandson, a son born to Mr and Mrs Virgil Jennings at Iowa City. Mr and Mrs Glenn Gabrielson aren't all traveled out yet as they spent another weekend in Chicago seeing .the sights with Mr and Mrs Charles Nygaard of Wesley. Looks like Mrs Nick Krieps Is going back to farming again with the time she spent the past week on trying to keep a wandering herd of hogs in and painting ;n\, corn crib. The Sexton population had a big increase for a while when the railroad moved in three work cars as home for a crew of gandy dancers. There. was a rumor their,company wasn't wanted in Algona but the city shouldn't have worried as the fellows were very quiet neighbors. Perhaps the fact the boss' wife accompanied the gang was a good influence. The four young men from here joining the crew ami planning to travel on with them arfe John and Alfred Opheim, Lloyd Wise and Jack Schaeffer. Some doctor didn't work a miracle to make Mrs Arch Burger feel so well this week. The best medicine of all came on the morning train in the person of Leroy Burger of Hamburg, N. Y., youngest son of Mr and Mrs Arch Burger. Their other son, Frank, of Montrose, la. also planned to visit but is unable to leave his mink ranch at this time. An unusual birthday present was received by August Kirsch- "baum when a cuckoo clocK arrived from the Netherlands. It was from his daughter and son- in-law, Mr and Mrs Roland Bode of Algona. Mrs Leand^r Seefeldt, Mrs Julius Seiler, Mrs Clarence Huff, Mrs Stanley Gardner, Mrs Hank Arndurfer, Mrs Don Krause, Mrs Francis Pfeffcr and Mrs Don Pccoy were hostesses for a bridal shower at the Wesley Methodist Church in honor of Miss Beverly Dalrnan of Britt. Miss Dalrnan and Eugene Huff of Wesley were TICKETS AVAILABLE DEMOCRATIC MIDWEST CONFERENCE-Des Moines SATURDAY, OCT. 22 Grand Ball Room — Hotel Fort Des Moines k*» ., r —— _.—iyi%».-v.. •«««r..^ wl j(''.-'.<|»,-»'-»«* t — GOV. AVEREU HARRIMAN - SPfAKER PHONE 419-J ALGONA fnarried Fflday.evehinl nt Bfltt. The young couple will go ori a farm near Woden next sprlrig, At present Mr Huff isiworkihg on dOnstrUcUbn of government corn bins," ;.•;,;•• ••..'•,- ' '' | • > 'Now that most.of the clsrn Is In, the local .elevator has";at dlf* ferent kind of traffic Jain. Farmers are lining, up .their Wactors and trailers;,with soy beans -riow that' comblhlng is in full swing. Ddn't let the rhen*s clothes fool yoti though because' some of the tractor drivers are women.* One town resident, Mrs Bud/Elberts, is doing her share helping--wlth the Henry Bailey's combining. One group of flowers bringing a lot of comment,are the morning glories near'the front door of the Bob Kelley home. They look like a different kihd of animal to everyone who notices them. Hi Jinks * * .-*,--* Devoted lo "Behind The Scenes" Hems From Algona High School. Overzealous student council members who volunteered to ring the victory bell after the Hampton game got carried away and decided that although a tie wasnft exaclly-a victory, it wasn't a loss either, so they rang the ball anyway. * * « The AHS marching band has,a new motto, "Gus Must Go," referring not to the instructor, Mr Guster, but to Ronnie Tschetter's dog, Gus, who .follows the band around protesting loudly. '-,,•* *. *• A .Hp of the Hi Jinks hat to Darlene Skogstrom. for her pep meeting skit last week based on the Al Capp cartoon, "Fearless Fosdick." This Junior's whirling pen can turn out some' real gems. * * * ' Again last week the school week was cut short, this time because of the teachers' convention. Disappointed students took the blow bravely. • » f ,-,,», * The half-time program of tomorrow night's game is complete with acrobats, can-can girls, clowns, a fire-baton act, cracker jack girls, and all the trimmings. Talent is provided by the march-, ing band. So are the performers. Seriously, though, when Guster & Company unfold the big top, you'll find yourself enjoying it more than most professional circuses. m Yea -Think You've, <36t troubles Dept. — When Frank Kernj AHS football stalwart, broke his left hand in the Eagle Grove < Jarne,- 'that was bad enough,*but when he -dislocated his right shoulder in football practice last --weeky h'e was left With literally :«no hands. He still has t wo ! fingers or ! so with which to eat arid carry his books to classes; '• however; and that's something. ' ' ' • :•••; .;<:••.'• •;»• :/.*•• ; v;*., , , ,:«K' It seems to be a contest between AHS ! and Iowa U. to see which dart dome up With the most injured players. Proportionately it looks like a hot race. " •.'<>•. —SS Ill ffiti fM§ ii&B fe wi witerf owl will.-opnx Saturday, ^pdti fyiatra siatfe, conserVatlfin •. officei*S are- al* feady. feiEioifWnf'. the arrival of teal and other early ducks in the state. * • <Gitt iowa hunting license and. a federal duck stamp are, required ..«»v*^.,-. : ffo Shpt- i laflef, tph 10 gatige, ,„._ ff; shells. ^fi6t;tie shot with futtinfV " It's : the':''o|igirial .hdlse that CPttnts; most 1 : people' are merely echoes, j 5 >- : ':/.'^:v J , i V':.f_y' -, :...;• WHAT'NEXT We've heard about .kids, putting sand, gravel and .various, other items Into gas tanks but some pranksters at Madrid added a new, twisfthe Bother day. They slipped a balloon into the gas tank of ..a school; bus: The 1 bus got part way over its route and conked o.ut. Mechanics sweated long and hard before finding the source. Of the trouble. The balloo'h,' sucked from the gas tank, lodged but good in the bus' fuel pump. Many people could retire comfortably on what_ their experience fias.cost them. UDM Wknt Ads Pay Dividends Cattle Need Help" . . . and -you can depend on *"4x4"' Beef 'Supplements to help your cattle — • turn more feed Into beef . • put on that (lick, smooth fin• lih for top-market prices • stay on feed • stimulate rumen bacteria FEED WALNUT \\ GROVE 4x4 BEEF 'SUPPLEMENTS •ff*~nm+--"*'?~- I .•******+>**•*•• Eugene Huber Phone 12F32 Algona THE RIGHT SHOfS fOR MM — A n 'tfe^k LSI let-your feet relax in style Man, what comfort... soft and light casuals, fully flexible with thick'buoyant soles. Handsomely styled to complete your casual wardrobe. ALL SIZES—ALL WIDTHS AT THE NEW LOWER PRICES' N. i BROWN til* SHOE STORE ALGONA. IOWA THE SHOE STORE THAT TAKES CAST OF YOUR FEET; Top "Trade-ins Toddy ! Top \\\ IOCAL DELIVEREP PRICE Oldimobile "08" ? ! 0«9r Swfon $238862 Sfg* and locpl lq$*( extra, , Your prlc* dop«nd» uppo dtplf* of aiodtl and body »lylo, optional equip- mint and acc«>sorl«*. Prfcf»may vaiy •lightly in adjoining soramgnlliei, Super "86" Holiday Coupj OCTOBER DEALING OAV^ ARE HERB . ,.„ AND WE-lt. MEET YOU MORE THAN HAL.FWAY I Over to Olds in October ... that's the smartest move you could make! And it's smart in three big ways! First, you get the "Rocket" Engine OUsmobile that has set an all-time popularity rcr.ord. Sceoudjy, you'll fLwJ that our "October Offer" on your present cur is terrific! And finally, the Oldsuiobile you buy today will hold ita value. Aav way yot) look at it, thia is a time for action. So come in! There's a "iWkel" for every pocket... a deal that's riglit for you! *|\XI ^ ^ BB I I w w w .^^^^^^^ M9 m •HBH VI5II THI "RQCKST ROOM",,,AT yPUi OpSMOBILE DAU f § GARAGE - - 125 So, Dodge St PHONE 165 ISP / • -

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