The Bradenton Herald from Bradenton, Florida on February 9, 1960 · 14
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The Bradenton Herald from Bradenton, Florida · 14

Bradenton, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1960
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' -j ' ’ t t ’ "? '? -— -' i— - e j - 14 Thi Bradenton Herald Tuesday February f 1960 chool-To-Home Teaching A Manatee County First’ po'rf '4 J "tv?' -v - s y ft y f y t "1 s sv- i V iW i -Vj :“ 7 ? 14 PORTABLE CLASSROOM — In this two-way SchooI-to-IIome hook-up installed by General Telephone Co Bob Matthews 16 -year -old sophomore at Manatee High School is able to participate in classroom work although ill at home Here the camera has pictured both ends of the hook-up At left Robert L Williams geometry instructor at MHS has the portable classroom station on his desk as he teaches his regular class At right Bob confined to his bed takes notes on the lesson which can be heard clearly over his home station (Herald Photos by Messick) 'DUFFY' LEWIS ix-Diamond Star Stymied BIRTH RECORD DILEMMA— Duffy Lewis former famed outfielder with the Boston Red Sox and now traveling secretary for the Milwaukee Braves sits in the patio of the Twi-Light Motel recalling with his wife Eleanor (and pet dog “Tiger”) how his birth certificate was destroyed in a California forest fire in 1923 New Chief Of Police Slated To Be Announced Tomorrow MANATEE NOTEBOOK By KENT CI1FTLAIN Herald Slaf( Writer - A forest fire that destroyed the town of Boyes Hot Springs Calif In 1923 became an important -thins to George Edward (Duffy ) Lewis yesterday Braves traveling Secretary 'The member of the famed Boston Red Sox (treat outfield of Tris Speaker and Harry Hooper Lewis grill be 72 years old on April 18 and will be eligible for Social Security I v While attempting to register for his social security pension he jsan asked to produce his birth 'certificate ' 'Lewis recalled that it was lost In the 1923 conflagration at his home in Boyes Hot Springs In an effort to establish Lewis’ 'age Mrs Eleanor Lewis visited the Herald office to try io find a baseball record book with his birth record Unsuccessful in finding the suit--able book Bill McKechnie form-er league manager who resides on Rlverview Blvd was contact-ed and he verified the date at April 18 1888 in San Francisco Duffy meantime had sent a letter to the Milwaukee Braves home office to have a certified copy mailed to the social security office He and his wife live in Milwaukee but are staying at the Twi-Light Motel north of Palmetto until the team nrrives on Feb 23 Recalling the fire this morning Lewis said: "That was a funny thing We lived in Boyes Hot Springs back in 1923 At the time of the fire I was managing Salt Lake City's Missions in the Pacific Coast League They had one of those terrible forest fires in Califor nia that swept the area and burn ed out the entire town of Boyes Hot Springs "When 1 got back there wasn't a house or building left standing" Lewis said "My birth certificate was in the house at the time" Lewis has been traveling secretary for the Boston and Milwaukee Braves since 1936 He was first employed by the Braves back in 1932 when McKechnie then club manager made him a coach on the club Top item to be brought before tomorrow's meeting of the City Council involves the appointment of a new police chief He will succeed Mack Britt and will be one of the four lieutenants The four W W (Bill) Durrance Lloyd Mims W J Lingo and Harry Wilkison were examined in writing and orally in aptitude personality and leadership compatibility and law enforcement knowledge last Tuesday and Wednesday in Tampa Mayor A Sterling Hall has said the reason for limiting the field to the four officers was “department morale” He also emphasized "the final decision will he up to the city councilmen " Of the four Mims has the most seniority He began as a patrolman on the Manatee force in 1932 The other three in the order of their time of service are: Lingo 11 years Durrance eight and one-half years and Wilkison nine years Britt whose resignation from the department becomes effective Feb 15 has served with the Florida Highway Patrol and has held the chief's position since 1933 Another piece of business for the council's consideration tomorrow pertains to the rumored move of General Telephone facilities from Bradenton to Sarasota In a meeting with Mayor Hall last Tuesday E L Williams Jr South division manager for the company staled the company would not move its facilities from Bradenton He did say the direct distance dialing system to be installed during 1962 would be located in Sarasota He offered the assurance that Bradenton residents are not going to loose their identity concerning telephone service Ellenton Group To Appoint Committee ELLENTON - Pat Duke president of Ellenton Area Civic Association will appoint a nominating committee at a meeting of the Association tonight at 7:30 o'clock in Ellenton School auditorium The committee will prepare a slate of nominations to be voted upon at the March meeting of the Association A full report also will be given tonight on the food concession the group sponsored at the 1960 Manatee County Fair Tip For Drivers 4 Man having trouble starting ear these mornings finally bought a new battery and got a good tip from mechanic at same time mechanic says never fill battery with water unless you plan on driving at least 20 minutes H you fill it Just before parking for eight (he water weakens the acid solution and this invites battery failure" he says Happy Birthday today te Yvotte De Sear Roland ' De Sear Charles Sharp Mary Alice Hilliard Mrs Clyde Phelps R A McClure Mrs Kate Homan Trailer Strikes Parked Truck PALMETTO — Orrin Rice Bailey 70 of Middletown la was arrested by Patrolman Harry Bass of the Palmetto Police Department at 10:45 am Monday on a charge of failure lo have his vehicle under control causing on accident According to Bass Bailey was driving south on Eighth Ave pulling a 26-foot eight-foot wide house trailer Near the intersection of Seventh St and Eighth Ave the trailer hit a parked truck owned by Bradley Drug Store Palmetto inflicting damage estimated at 975 Damage to the house trailer was estimated at $39 Bailey posted $15 bond The case will come up in Palmetto City Court next Monday Bids To Be Open On Trash Truck PALMETTO — Bids will he opened on a new trash truck for this city at a meeting of Palmetto City Council tonight at 7:30 o'clock at city hall The truck of one and one-half or two-ton capacity will have a hydraulic lift and dump body Matters pertaining to the proposed issue of City water and sewer bonds also will be discussed ART DEMONSTRATION The Art League of Manatee County announces that there wil he a demonstration by Hilton Leech at the Art Center at 7:30 tonight Leech who has his own school in Sarasota and is well-known locally and throughout the country as a painter in pure watercolor and mixed media wil give both the members and the public the benefit of his expert ence If you really have eight hours work eight hours play and eight hours sleep you haven't got television set' By MYRTLE B FAITHFUL (Herald Staff Writer) Manatee County known widely as a leader In education techniques has done It again Through cooperation of General Telephone Co of Florida the first School-to-Home two-way communication equipment Installed by General in the State of Florida was put into operation here yesterday Die installation will make it possible for William Robert "Bob” Mathews 16-year-oid Sophomore student at Manatee High School to "attend” all of his regular classes at MHS although confined to hia home by illness Bob was able to attend his sophomore classes during only the first two weeks of school last September Since that time he has been suffering from inflammation of the cartilege between the vertebrae of hia spine and has had to spend much of hia time in bed ' He has worked manfully to keep abreast of hia studies Hia mother Mrs Robert M Mathews and a friend of the family have shared the task of making regular visits to Manatee High School to pick up assignments and deliver completed lessons several times each week The going has been rough but Bob is determined to get his education on schedule About three weeks ago Paul Davis principal of Manatee High School contacted the General Telephone Co of Florida to see if some sort of two-way communication between the High School and the Mathews home at 101 47th St W could be arranged Schaub Bowing Kiwoniuns Out Of Post FRANK SCHAUB Frank Schaub Justice of the peace for the Bradenton District for the past seven years announced this morning he will not seek reelection The attorney laid he has been considering” running for another office but has no definite plans at this time "I have received fine legal training and experience serving the people as Justice of the peace and Judge of small claims court but 1 do not wish to serve more than two terms in this office” he stated "I sincerely hope that I have merited the wonderful confidence placed in me by the voters in electing me to this office on two occasions and I will he forever grateful" he concluded Hear Bishop Bishop William Jones Gordon Jr addressed the Kiwanis Club of Manatee yesterday as a member of the Florida Chain of Missionary Assemblies Bishop Gordon told of his many interesting experiences as a missionary in Alaska from 1943 to the present Because of the vast expanse of the new stale he flies his "circuit” comprised of some 46 churches within an area of 2000 square miles Since Alaska became the 49th state he told his audience economic potential has greatly increased The area has greater hydro electric possibilities than most of the northwestern states Bishop Gordon was the first minister named by the US Junior Chamber of Commerce as 'one of the ten outstanding young men” of the country CEDAR HAMMOCK The Cedar Hammock Civic Association will hold their regular monthly meeting Thursday at 6:30 pm beginning with a covered dish supper A speaker from the Inter-City National Bank will give a talk on banking procedures ANNUAL DINNER Pennsylvania resident! will hold their annual pot luck dinner at the Bradenton Trailer Park Auditorium Friday at noon Bring ta bio service drink and a dish to pass Other than the valley areas most of Syria receives about four inches of rain a year PALMETTO - Nine bonds totaling $230 were estreated in Palmetto City Court Monday Persona forfeiting bond by reason of non-appearance in court were: William B Rose charged with failure to have vehicle under control causing accident $15 Ailecn Barber Thurmond reckless driving while drinking $100 Oliver Frazier Negro ana bammie Lee Morris Negro both charged with disorderly conduct $23 each James Emory Brooks reckless driving by excessive speed $15 Lemuel Cecil Worley speeding $10 Oran Darty drunk $10 Harley D Tipton failure to have vehicle under control causing an accident $15 Lucy Powell Willett speeding $15 In other cases which came before City Judge Robert Marshall yesterday Ernest Luzar Jr charged with operating a motor vehicle with no valid driver's license was fined $25 Versil Howard Wilbcck charged with leaving the scene of an accident $40 fine suspended for lack of criminal intent Willard Wendall Wilson failure to have vehicle under control causing an accident $10 fine William Lopez Puerto Rican $10 or five days on a charge of being drunk and $25 or 12 Vi days for disorderly conduct $15 fines on disorderly conduct charges were suspended in the cases of Marine Mitchell and Gloria Frazier both Negroes Jack Print of 3802 Ninth St E Bradenton was fined $15 for failure to have hia tractor-trailer under control causing an accident Mrs Myrtle Josey paid a $20 fine on a disorderly conduct charge Mary Ellen Ishman Negro wag fined $25 or 12'i days in Palmetto City Jail for residing arrest An additional fine of $50 or 25 days in Jail on a petty larceny charge was suspended FBI Official i Here Tonight The Annual Crime Prevention Week banquet is scheduled for 7 o'clock tonight at Beiro'i restaurant Guest speaker at the Banquet program will be Lee O Teague head of the FBI in the southeastern area The banquet which is high-point of Crime Prevention Week activities ia sponsored by the Exchange club as part of its national project Heads of area law enforcement agencies civic leaders and school authorities will be present at the dinner program Crime Prevention Week this year focuses attention on Juvenile crime and the prevention of Juvenile delinquency As part of this program local Judges and lawyers will speak to school children in th Bradenton area CORRECTION Sale of IN loti for $32000 off US 301 north of Ellenton reported Sunday as purchased by Gulf Coast Construction Co should have been announced as pur chased by Gulf Coast Corporation FLOWN IN W L Lawrence district commercial manager for General Immediately contacted the Mathews family and made arrangements to have equipment flown hero from -out-of-state Last Friday within three weeks from the original contact the equipment had been completely installed and was ready for service Lawrence says that the service which will be financed by tho Mathews family now will be available to other aludents in the area on a similar basis He describes the two-way communication set-up briefly as follows: The student has a compact home transmitting and receiving station with volume control enabling him to pick up every sound in the classroom A special telephone jack has been installed in each room where Bob has a class so a portable transmitting and receiving station at the school may be moved from room to room and plugged in to connect Bob with each of his classes When the student has a question to ask he merely punches a button on his homo station and talks directly with his teacher The home and School stations are connected by leased telephone lines and an amplifier located at the school Now though Bob may not bo able to go to school he will be able to participate actively in all of hia regular classes including Latin II with Mrs Elizabeth Davis as teacher Biology taught by Mrs Marjorie Rushlander English taught by Mrs Jeanne Parrish and Geometry taught by Robert L Williams LIKES GEOMETRY Bob's mother states "Geometry is Bob's favorite subject He would work on it all the time if I'd let him” He also has been enjoying studying bilogy via the educational TV circuit But now she says he’ll actually be able to ask questions during class periods and converse with hia teacher at length whenever it ia necessary to straighten out hie understanding of some difficult point Bob's classmates and teachers are Just aa thrilled at the prospect of using the SchoohTo-Hame equipment as he and his parents are Teachers and students will share the responsibility of moving tho portable school station from classroom to classroom throughout the school day to plug Bob in to his ' private pipeline to knowledge The Most Distinctive Cafeteria on Florida's Suncoast announces its TTOIMV ATT " Ns s' "-V Kt N T U The Greetert Feed Special Kver Offered On The Sen Ceeit 1 REGULAR 2 rannsr? ON THE BIGGEST BEST DELICATESSEN SANDWICH YOU EVER ATEI Prime Sirloin of Beef Corned Beef Boiled Beef Tongue Roost Fresh Brisket of Beef Baked Imported Virginia Ham Hot Postraml All White Meat Turkey a Salami On Rye or White Breod or our own special rolls baked In our own bokery! Yjmtwoedt ef the SunmedT ! - ' ’V- - v - - FREE RECORDS all day long from WIRL broadcasting direct from the cafeteria! FREE BALLOONS that float for all the children get yours today! ruse 100 AIL IEEF 'ADVENTURERS FRANKFURTERS REG 105 POUND OPENING SPECIAL 39c POUND HOT FUDGE SUNDAE WITH WHIPPED CREAM REGULARLY 55c OPENING DAY SPECIAL A f - If 5 -s A -sj --j$ it rri i ! : fliUd - ®oG is— -w OSrL DOLLY MADISON eREAf'l — 2 LIMIT — REG PRICE 6Sc FT

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