The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1949
Page 11
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. MAHCH 11, 1!M» >UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLTTHEVTLU! <ARK.) COUHtER NE Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ANOTHER ARTICLE... THEV PUG UP AM O4.D HAND- EATCHET DRILL TO SHOW TH' FIRST MACHINE TH' BULL OF TH' WOODS WORKED I HALF WISH WE HAD THEM VET-J THINK SCHEMIN'TO GET OUT OF THAT MAPE HIM,' VEH. I THINK I'D OF TRIED TOBEANV- THINC ELSE CAK1 BE DROVE UR V'KXIOW CJUST UK£ X BALD H660D llJ A MOW ABOUT OWE leer? I'LL CALL TH& FIRE LET 'ew PLAY nose ooi IT FOR A 8OVCOP SOUP WOULD «XL, Off -rue &ARMEMT/ —-•Mis is CAkl COfJQGeC A>) OYSTER ST6VJ WITH THIS TRICK. BlB-"-AfOD A. PAIR OP HLP BOOTS E TRY UMDER MfA&ARft FALLS * Some of the rncing snow-shoes »:sed in Alaska are more that seven Ifcet long. Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Eloctioii April S, 1949 For Mayor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON far Alderman first Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C- GATES J. W. ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS O. NASH Fourth Ward (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE At DREIFUS AMERICA'S BULOVA hi. Ton Ind. [Open An Account n F - • .;n, VUM \nn TIIK STOHVi Jn h, iirrnunH- rlT kld- . Jnhi.n r mifl Sin «cldr thcy'vr k*« »n»acl. »nrf wi,m ,„ »„ »„„„, Johnnr flnd« kl« tnr kcr* hnve fc«e» .Inlrn ,. ,1,,.^ ,. ke F «jc'. ••wr, Trhirk hff» it* kej-* lit If. Th* y »r» pDr.iird by Gnr I ,,. r ..^d V cr- Bn« In .nothrr »»r 9n d Jnhnnr *!>«•• linrk In ll.r cnml.rinr rnnri wher» he rinrolp, tn m.d 1-cillr, I.ltlllr>>»>i> l,, T . H, a,,,,. M Hl.r.,.]uu it,,. In.Irnd. XXIV "J DIDNT expccl you so soon," Barscloii rcmavkcd. Unperturbed, he scooped up the quarters wilh one clench of his hand. The pseudo -waiter gestured shortly with the gun barrel. "Come the rest o{ the way in. And close the door." The stupefied Conovers obeyed. A melaj panel swung open on the side of the slot machine. Barselou dumped the jackpot back in, closed the panel and locked it. He pulled the key from the lock and jerkad his head at the fat man. "Belter check the situation, Odell." Odell advanced watchfully and patted John Henry's pockets and armpits and thighs with a questing hand. Then he looked at the girl and grinned lopsided. Sin shrank behind her husband and Conover clenched his fists. "We won't causa . bad feeling," Barselou told his henchman. Odell shrugged too late to be convincing He moved away a few feet. John Henry recovered his voice, though when he spoke it was scarcely better than a croak. •Lieutenant Lay?" he asked. "Oh, were you expecting to meet him here?" Barselou asked suspiciously. When they didn't answer he said, "H doesn't matter. He's been cone a good hour. Lay's a conscientious boy." "Too conscientious," Odell put in. "His bright Idea \v,ns that we close down until the Anglin killing blows over. I didn't argue the point. Sidney and the boys deserve a couple days oft." John Henry mentally cursed himself /or not heeding the warning of the empty parking loL * • * JJARSELOU waved them to the nearest circular table. "We niight as well be comfortable." As 'he Conovers took chairs at the green-shrouded board, he said, "You see, the Bar C is more than a place of business to me. I like to know I can get up any lime during the night and watch people making money for me. This is also my home." John Henry couldn't svipprcss an audible groan. Barselou sat in R chair opposite. Odell leaned against the slot machine, carefully inattentive. "All right," said the big man. He was nol deliberately unsmiling but, relaxed, his face was a cruel passionless block. "Now suppose we talk business." "Okay," said John Henry, thinking fast, "we're willing to'listen to a proposition." Odell grunied. He was cleaning his nails with a matchstick. The gun had disappeared into a side coat pocket. Barselou looked more as if he were not smiling on purpose. "You don't catch on. You're in no position to bargain. We hold the cards, Conover." "But_not the Queen," Sin's small voice said from her chair. "Don't let Ibis room fool you " Barselou said coldly. "Gambling is for people who have to. This is my place—but it's not my way of life." From somewhere beneath (he table, his hands came up with a deck of cards. They blurred in a shuttle and then he dealt the four top cr.rds mito the |fre«n cloth, face up. Four queens. "You see, 1 don'l gamble." Rar- selon said. "You're right, 1 don't hold (he bic Queen. But I do hold you." "Thai's a nice show," said John Henry. "I'm still lisleninR." "Then listen to this—I wan! to know everything thai went on between you and Austin." "And if we don't (eel like telling?" JJARSELOU nearly got up. Odell moved forward from the slot machine, his hand fulling Into his coal pocket. Sin grabbed her husband's tense arm nnd said quickly "Wait! please wail a minute!" The men all looked M her. "Mr. Har- sclou, we have a confession to make." "You came to the right church," said Odell. "We don't know what all Ibis s about." Barselou Inughccl incredulously. The harsh sound died somewhere in (he unlit reaches of Hie casino. "Thai's right, Dai-scion," said John Henry with angry deliberation. "And furthermore, we don't want to know. All we want to do is get put of here and forRct all about it. We were going home when we got sidetracked here." Barselou shook his heavy head slowly. "That won't do. Not « all." "Please, Mr. Bmselou," Si,, pleaded. "It's true. We're telling you the truth. We cion'l have anything you want. We don't know anything. Please believe us!" A vision ol n pencil in a desk drawer suddenly rose in John Henry's mind — Anglin's pencil thai contained the long safe combination, lie sneaked a suilty look at his wife, but her beseeching eyes were holding to their hnst. Either sin had forgotten the pencil or she was using her feminine guile to throw B.irsclou a trifle off balance. "So you don't know what it's all about," mocked Barjelou, considering them with narrowed eyes "I don't swallow 'hat, Mrs. Conover. You yourself told Gayucr " "Please." Sin said earnestly. (To Be Continued) Fruslrailon rius PASCOAG. R. I. (U.P.)-Bremise telephoned alarm gave firemen he wrong address, they found hemselves on one side of Echo Lake while flames were sweeping a house on the opposite shore 4% HOME LOANS Eibert S. Johnson Tlte Equitable Life Assurance Society Phone 6228 Evcnlnss SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Better Service 8(18 North Franklin Phone 3203 THE GRAMS COMPANY I\EAL10[\S Real Estate - Mortqaqe Loan«.- [nsuranco rt r 1 rrrTj-.» A -' ' ' Phone 521 BL>THL\IIIr Phone 3075 COTTON FARMERS Chemically dellnted cotton seed fermln.le quicker, plant and plo* the urne week. Reduce chcpplni expense and produce more cotton per aer«. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE O. * r. L, No. H, pef 40 Lb. Bar .. «,„ m O. * r.L. No. IS, Peri* Lb. Bar ,!„ Ston.vill. * B, p« r SO Lb Ba, H£ Stoneville Z C, Per 50 Lb. B.J J.M Rowden «-B, Per 59 Lb Bar '" ?«'.« Half* Half (Hibred). Per 30 Lb Ba, ,J« SM r^tr"- M "•""«"""": !«• Kmpire, per so Lb. ^\::]:::^"]]\]]^—— jj;jj Come in ,nrl pl,r, roar ord( . r or w , four , ni)j>|y ^^ BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. "ijtheville. Ark. Phone 857 Branches: Lwehrllle, Ark.. Horncrsvillc, Mo »nd Scnath. Mo. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY » EXCAVATON TUDEBAKER, Here's Your Truck! S. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLOG. BLYTHEVILIE ARK. C o „, There's a new kind of Opcrallng Econnmy in every ° « »ize Riiri wheelhuse of the New Iflt3 Slur)cl>aker OB ^ Trucks. Come Iiy today nnd look over our complete m line of 'IDers. ^ Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phoiw 21«S •STUDEBAKER' PAGE BLBVTEN FRECKLES 4 HIS FRIENDS By ME^ILL BL088ER Spending It POTATO CUPS --- CONTEST H TWOWfEKS/ "I've decided to enlarge my reading scops til! Freddy K8 1 ov«r b«ing mad at ma!" I'KISCIIXA'S POP By AL VERMEBR , L °2 tC A! THAT/ VOUR SON WELL, HAZEL, THAT'S THE WAV H GOES WITH LITTLE BOYS. PAIR OF TROUSERS/ THEY GET TOO BIG FOR THEIR BRITCHES' By MICUABLO'HAMEY and RALPH NOW THE Twni FIGURE OUT KIDDING,) SO WHAT, CHUM/ ... DOfSN'T KNOWWI'BI ON BOARD. WE'LL BE Srtff M 7HE NOW 5HADDUPAND GET^ T . IS, WHAT \ OCEAN LOOKS MILL WE DO 1 M16HTV DEEP WITH HER? A. AND DARK: BACK TO VOUR HASH BW85: IVSHYTH1NG LOOKS NAT- WASH TUB IIS By LKSLIE TURNER EASY JUsr CA116D IHM HE'S VOU, TOO. OLftCSTONC. BLM(B ME IOC. TO GO LIKE WITH HI OWN OAOOY! COMIMS TO GET VOU, CAW. (IE YOU'D DO ""It SAME IP VOU HAD THE HICE6T DADOT IN A'-L THE WORLD TO LOVE WU AMD HURW.'CATHY CAPTAIM ISHEBE...IT'« TIME TO GO! H«,s PLAME TICKD1& FOR. BUGS BUNNY By FR.EO HARMAN , WOW...HOW MUCH C'N I *EU. YA, ELMER ? HOW MUCH VJILL THIS CI»A\NtTT6 LIOHTJR =r\ HOLD? Rv V. T. HAML1N IF A SUV IVA/VTFD 7<j£T HITCHEP HE COULDN'T PO BETTEK'N fWMCESS ZEE 'SHE'S A CINCH T'BE OUEEN OF LEM F I K/CK HE/Z BROTHER. OFF TH' BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN

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