The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1955 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1955
Page 16
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nil K< ra! va thj II keejiffli .'' > '-. *• -T. • . . ':V .' . • ' V' : "'-.':-' '* • . ' '•' : •.••- -...• ••>. 5 -- : ;•; 'iv','. '-.: • .-.-• >> 'Oil PROGRESS WEEK 1 Show Ways in Which OIL OIL PROGRESS DO YOU KNOW That we produce almost two of oil a year in this country a day? and a half billion barrels — over six million barrels DO YOU KNOW That-the first little oil well in this country was.drilled at Titusville, Pennsylvania, in the year 1859 . . . and,that an "expert" at that time said North America could only support ONE well? . Little-Known of to Petroleum provides nearly 1,650.000 jobs in America. The oil industry has created about 60,000 jobs in the city of New Orleans alone; ' Big ,four-engined planes can lake over 5,000 gallons of gasoline at a fueling, and burn it up at the rate of 500 gallons an hour. / , ; ;•• •/-.; * . *• * , In another .decade, forecasters say, '. 87 million passenger cars, trucks, and busses will be using the highways. r'Ji-V * - * '•"'-'<> Ini the past 15 years, power farming with petroleum - fueled machinery has -tripled-the acreage 'each farmer is capable of working. ' •'•: . ; * » • In .Russia, it's a criminal offense for-an oil well to fail to strike oil. Under Soviet law, a geologist who 'locales a well and brings in a dry hole can be, and sometimes it. packed off to Siberia. <'!,»'• • • ; '• By; 'contrast, a man in Texas named Morris K. Womack has drilled; 196 dry holes in succession, iand as a matter of fact, he is,keeping right on drilling. !".'.• • •* The" products of petroleum are today'powering 4,400,000 tractors and $40,000. combines in the Uii- ed States. • •* • . * * * SOI Land IPROGRESS m go HAND inHAND • Home, Oil, And You Oil Progress Week Is October 9 To 15 .Just as individual U. S, Oil companies present an annual report to their stockholders, the industry as a whole, including every dealer, dedicates one week each year j to a comprehensive report to the people. From October 9 through 15, a period designated as "OH Progress Week", it invites the general public to inspect its stewardship of a vital natural resource. Mention oil fields to the aver-' age woman and she probably thinks of roughnecks, drills, rigs, and maybe a thick, sticky fluid which, by some magic/ scientists manage to convert into "gas and oil" for the car. But the average woman in the United'States today depends : far more tBSn that on~p0teoleum~and its myriad products. Before reading the list below (which is only a partial one) try to answer this question: How many of the things you use in your everyday life are made from oil or oil derivatives? .-Write your answers on a sheet of paper and then compare them with the following listing: ..Lipsticks, nylon stockings, dresses, lingerie, and umbrellas, any "Dacron" garment, plastic containers (that squeeze bottle ypu used this morning), thermos bottles, plastic sheets for wrapping meats and vegetables in freezers, cold cream, baby oil, bath lotions, suntan oil, bath salts, cologne, detergents, paper cups, any waxed paper, matches, and fountain pens. , Also: plastic phonograph records, crayons, shoe polish, galoshes, tooth brushes, sun glasses, garment bags, the comb in your pocketbook, and thousands of other things. /AH of these items are made from oil or oil derivatives. © DO YOU KNOW That geologists belive that over three million square miles ot our land — 49.6 per cent of total U. S. land area —arc favorable for oil deposits? DO YOU KNOW Thai oil scientists say they can develop over 500,000 compounds from oelroleum—from nlastics and incnrtiriripc pounds from petroleum—from to sausage skins? plastics and insecticides 150 Million free Road Maps That one road map you asked for and got free at your service station' last week may not sewn like much, but add them up and you get the enormous figure of 150,000,000 free road maps that were handed out during 1954. And at least $7,500,000 worth of maps were given to the traveling public during the spring and summer of this year, . ... This Informative Message Presented by These Local Oil Dealers: HUTZELL'S CITIES SERVICE SERVICE STATION BULK DELIVERY PHONE 122 RUSS & KY'S OIL CO. SERVICE STATION pULK DELIVERY PHONE 1086 KOSSUTH OIL CO. SERVJCE STATION BULK DELIVERY PHONE 695 STRUECKER CONOCO SERVICE STATION-WERNER STRUECKER BUtK WAGON-CY J/ENTEICHER * CHROME SERVICE STATION COMPLETE CAR & TRUCK SERVICE PHONE 1030 ~~ KEN & LEO'S "66" SERVICE * SERVICE STATION WINTERIZING PHONE 967 SCOBBA'S SKEllY SERVICE SERVICE STATION WINTERIZING PHONE 788 WAUBURG'S TEXACO SERVICE GENE MUUER, LESSEE PHONE 565 BU1K PAUL PAWNS SKftlY SERVICE SERVICE PHONE 1044-W HAROLD PETER TEXACO SERVICE PHONE 9S9'W SERVICE STATION VIKING m xo. • PUIK WA6QN PJUVERY PHONE 530 AW50NA SERVICE STATION {RIAMERY'CO, STATION-BILL SUlVICf DELIVER Y-JERRY FERRIS HOPIflNS SUPIR SIRVICE STATE & JONES is jrANOABPQIL , PHONI 132 lO-WIST SfRVla m O* MSJRJByiQRS WAGNER'S D-X-OEAliR IP'S P-X-DEALER RALPH STBAYIH BULK AGT, '* * » local Dealers Ready As Cold Weather Hits j__ Saluting nation-wide "Oil Progress Week", the oil industry's annual ~observ,ance~"of~its service to. the public, the Algona oil dealers listed below present this informative page of "pil facts". From its beginnings in* 1859, when^the^firsl successful U. S. oil drilling rig went into operation -at- Titusyille, Pennsylvania, the oil industry'has grown to a point where 42,000 separate businesses serve the American oil and gas customer. The U. S. petroleum industry produces one-half of that produced in the entire world.. Bringing Ihe matter'of "oil" down to local proportions, the. Algona dealers wish to emphasize that as cold, weather again closes in, they are completely ready in all phases of their service to take care of the public's cold weather'needs. * Car Winffrizifig Time Is Here 'With zero weather close at hand, it's good to know that your car can be made completely, ready to meet Winter's .driving .needs after "one stop" at your favorite service station. From battery!to transmission, your service 1 station can prepare your Car, or truck, lor IhT wFrsl^bhsWttgTifs^oi:?^^ rnps* lirgeVil corn*; panics, who -supply bur Algona dealers, sub-ariic conditions are simulated to lest and re-lest oil products to meet exacting cold weather tests, and these'oil products are available at Algona stations. \ -.'',. Modern Service Stations Here Automobile and truck owners in ^this community are "blessed" with, a large choice of service .stations equipped in every modern way to lubricate, service and refill with ihe best products produced by the *pil industry. In addition, equipment to. "do the job" is of the most modern kind.; and most service station attendants have received "factory training" in the handling, of their wares. Efficient fuel Service to Homes With the arrival of nippy weather, the heating season get* under way, and it is here that your oil dealer renders one of hit most important services — the delivery to homes, in city and country, of high quality fuel oil for home healing. Local bulk dealers have plentiful stock on hand of all grades of fuel used in home furnaces, and are on deck to make prompt delivery to your tank. Handle Oil Needs of Farmers The busy harvest season always sees local fuel dealers in action, serving the fuel needs of farmers "on the spot". Full lines of tractor and diesel iuel are on hand, and farm requirements are filled from the bulk wagons which deliver on the farm. These dealers also stock alt types of greases and lubricants for farm machinery operation, to keep equipment humming without interruption during harvest time, Algona Dealers Invite You To See TV Program An authentic allmp,« into Jb B futvjre, two d«c»do* from today, will form Jh» dmmatlc fr«m«work of an NBC-TV "Ulemwitary" to make Itl wotld prs-mitr »n fiundaj, October 9th, «1 Z:30 p.m. CST., ' " V f *h« Amt)rlc»n Petroleum Inttitute. Th7 next Sunday KQTV WpuW - ~F ---- — W «°; TV ', D " Moln«. KWWL-TV, Wtttrlop; U U enh'Jl.d "q.t R..dy P. 9 . Ilk. to ... ol B« .iuit to lun. In tbU TV prggrsm ttom 2i3p to 3i30 Suttdiy. October 9, » i->- <*,:» <(.OIL

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