The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1955 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1955
Page 14
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(to.) Uppet Des Maine* Thursday, Oetaber 6, 1955 fidbifs from Evelyn Sand Festival weather is winning as: bad a reputation as the KossUth bounty fair — always rainy or cold, Fhe fair went in reverse this year and the heat kept many away, but the Festi* val ran true to form — a chilly, threatening day. 'Nevertheless there Was' a good crowd., If the number of cars parked in my vicinity Was any indication. * * . * Another friend furnished a "hair story" for me. She h'fls very heavy growth and hds i thinned frequently. The othe' •^ '-'- *' " - '' - Ends Thursday: /'^RANCIS IN THE NAVY" FRI. -SAT. THE BOOK WRITTEN AGAINST A DATE WITH DEATH! N6W THE SHOCK \EVENf OF THE SCREEN YEAR! WILLIAM CAMPBELL • ROBERT CAMPBELL PLUS THIS BONUS HIT THE WAR AGAINST "BLACK CAT"! . day she decided to do a little" herself, a thing she has dotii often before and for Which sh has sniall scissbrs. After doirij the • job a few days ago, sh glanced,'at = the sfelsbrs and dis cove'red She had jtfsM 'flNtfW scissors. What an elegant frlttgi she'must have made! * ?. •:.,*,,* *- • -,from all I hear abeui Jeffet son, Hazel Lusby's parakeet, hi mdst be-iihe.mflst educated birc of birds? He pushes a little car with a- tiny Weighted "duck" ih it, pulls the duck around by its bill and if, a caller holds the phony bird, Jeff is right there to try and;ge,t;it aWay, acting as though he ( was faying, "You can't have my playmate." Of perhaps it's jealousy;; '.,-'*-•*' * ' .', Never lei it be said Texas mel ons won't grow hej-e. ;.From the seeds Lizzie Post planted from the melon we ate in Houston last June, fifteen melons matured and were delicious. 'She brought one to me and it was a fine specimen. * * * This is such a Wonderful lime of year to go places. It was hard or Bob Sigsbee to say "No"-to his riends, Robert Duhsnioor and Darwin Brand of Fort Dodge when they stopped to try and per- sude him to go fishing with hem at Spirit Lake.i But Bob was too busy. • v . •• v * *; *;;] :• Mr and Mrs Brundage a*e more fortunate. They-,are taking Mr •B's vacation time'to go to Chicago, points in Indiana and Michigan where .they will visit relatives, and will (then drop down to Kentucky and Tennessee, and thence to Little..Rqbk, Ark., where they will visit their soti-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs James Biggers and qhildren. T^ey-plah to be gone: three weeks. .'*•..* ' * •': , ' At a parly the other, evening the women got to tajking politics-. It would be interesting-if I dared tell you the candidates'fot mayor they favored, and for couricilmen. It would be .fun to know the reactions of others to the names mentioned.'• They were mighty good, too, I'm here to tell you. Who knows, maybe some will be approached and their name will appear on the tickets; * . * * •' I called on Mrs Lolla Ladendorff Thursday when I read her afl and knew she was moving. I have-known her ever since I was a very little girl and one of the things I remembered of having to play with -for amusement was her stereoptican views. - U've poured 1 over them by the hour She gave me the pictures and no"w I want to borrow a camera. Her's had been lost or misplaced. '••:.* » . ; • Two persons called to lell me I had erred in saying Joel Taylor was father of Nellie,- as- reported in the old time part'of my column last week. Her father was Frank Taylor. And well as I knew the difference, I said Harvey Wadsworth was. a son ot Henry. Harvey was the son of Rustlers No, 1 thV RJV^6%Rtotlifs"'lJni% l ott| •sl Joe Hall;" * " . "* """ * .Election of, officers.' was hek afld ihfc fojliwiftf Were Voted 'in President,' Lois Waifdngj-- -vict president, Alice Reding; secretary* $H. treasurer, Kafeh Zeimetj* his^ torian, Aflene ^orm'anftj; tepbft eft DiaM Reding; Miotfegrahei? Cdnnie SinHwell; and^biig^-sistef Kathy GaleS. • Nbrrrhth Jeaft Reding gave a talk on her trip to the state fair.: •-•>-" •> • -••-•'-• • A style '- f ]pTa'* '•>'••'•; r * •, ' •' Around — ~ , —-y—— .^—•--•*',*•,, .»' «—"; IIX.AVA a TIC model* were:''as'* follows: Joafl Reding, . twd" bjece; blue plaid" ?inghanr dress; eubari''hefel shoeSj blue and black plaid wool, xioat, with matching blue -'- ••- '"^ Ann KohlhadS," cotal dress with quarter; length ,. •"ull 'sklft .with' i black*,'hat ahS ihoes. ,-.'•... >;..'. i" 'f^'f: ,' r: : v ' '-''•*•! Joan Welter, blue; ^laid priffi cesd ; style ^ginghamsiidj-es^. witr) srown hat "and bla'ck-Bued^tghoe^ A delicious -lunch ;<w^' : .ser1vedi >y Dianna Altman arid.'Pa'trraM Wagner following the style shoW, HAVE Equipmei inf For BLOCKING Sweaters & Knit Dresses lift THE LATEST AND MOST MODERN BLOCKING EQUIPMENT For Sweaters And Knit Dresses Is Available Now At Algona Laundry & Dry Cleaners 9 Put Your Knits Back To Their Original Measurements COME IN OR CALL FOR FURTHER INFORMATION JL_J FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY PHONE 267 AND Dry Cleaners Across Street Cast of Courthouse Square Joe Wadsworth. -.-, the*. Henry^ Wadsworths had no children. F am glad/to,iihflke 'the .corrections! arid the fadtVthe^e persons phon-! ed me proves the cplumn is read.i Always good'news to-one who] writes, no matter hp r w trivial tha column- may be. ,.,;.; I. •'•'*; ; y.| j ' r s 3 May and October are* my" fav! orite : months; I wonder how many, of you remember, the ; old song we sang in-high r school. "The, suns of May for the school-girls' play, but give to the boys October." • * * * 11 There has beeh a new addition to the Cady clan, little James Thomas Who was born Sept. 24 to Dr. and Mrs Jerry Cady at China' Lake, Calif. This is the third child, the third son, so my reactions to that blue card wasn't too. pleasant. I -wanted a GIRL. China Lake is situated in the middle of California, an arid, hot place that is made livable by air conditioning in each house. Jerry has several months yet before .his and will eventually.. Seattle. ~ ' fl s Mr" ftnd Mis ftbger Phillips ha sir guests seveHal dftfys las week their daughter "arid sort-iri Jaw, Mr and Mrs Glen Frederick' Son and Cindy and'C^miiie of T)e iMoines. Connie celebrated- he [fourth birthday- on Suhday. 'M* and Mrs Willis Colwell had js their guests on Sunday, Sept -25, Mrs C'olwell's mother, Mrs ° tis of Clarion and her Mrs Clarence,Day of Bellas, Tex Mr and Mrs Mi¥dn Will ente* ; tained their couple card: club on Sunday evening at ^their home Rex Voyles' and Marvin Calhoun received the low scores withf the attached penalty of doing the dishes. ' . Mr and Mrs G. C. Barton had as their guests recently, Mrs Bar- and Mr arid Mrs J. R. Cook of Webb, • .>• —O-fs.- ••*'•"' : The September .j Pack meeting ~1 the Cub Scouts\was held,.last week at Lucia,WaUacX:3chp61."Th( curreBtJyiJMrider- thei- super; ? yonde * Craig discharge settle in , He returned from service in Korea last Dec. -* * * . " . - . A letter from Mabel Living^ ston to friends says it is probable she and her husband Charley, will be in Phoenix till mid-Nov. They had planned to be home early' in' October, but changes in plans cancels that earlier return. Geo, and Lela SteWart plan to drive back with their daughter, Leona Reckers, of Buffalo'Center, who accompanied her. mother and the Livingstons to Phoenix, George has some business here, so while the Stewarts are in Algona, the Livingstons will carry on a} Phoenix. * * * . News under dale of August, 1907—B. F. Grose and W. J. Brun ; son (fathers of two of my nearest friends, Lucille Grose .and Zada Brunson) we're at Stratford, la., Monday. Carl Wauge's barber shop has been beautifed with new paint and paper. (His shop was under the .J. C< Penney store") Remember what a-good gardener he was? Mrs A. A. Beane is at Orookston, Minn., .attending pie- wedding of a niece (Remember her adopted daughters, Myrtle and Dicie?) Miss Ruth Reed.and a-friend from Grinnell spent, sev-i eral days at Okoboji last week. Mr and Mrs Madson and Mr Hanson are off for a vacation on Lake Superior. They will be home August 12. (ft must have been Mr and Mrs O. Madson and L. C. Hanson.of the old Madson and Hanson tailor shop.) * * * To date as of Sunday, Hurray for the Dodgers! /vision of-Mrs- 1 Craig" 'S'rrtith 'pre- jsented a program oh Robin Hood. (Eugene Hutchins, was in charge of the Father's 1 skit the cast being composed of Harold Brandt, as the 'Horrible King, Allan Buchanan i&s the Lady With-The Long-Hair.'and other i pa'rts wej-e takeh • by Everett Barr, 1 Harold Sundet and Dr. John Schutter.' , Rev. Callahan, Methodist min- iter at Fenton, presented a very interesting" talk on the .United Nations at the reception for'the teachers at the local Methodist church last week. - • * **.-... Rebekah Lodge held a poi-luck supper Tuesday, Sept. ,27, in their clubrooms at the Moose Lodge. Aeroplane Bunco' furnished the entertainment with prizes being received by Mrs G«':-0.- ; Barton, Mrs W. J-. Sigsbee, Myrtle'-Turrt- baugh and .Mrs Marc Moore. Mrs Ed Blumer entertained ilie members "of her -sewing "club recently. Friday' ' afternoon Mrs Bjumer was hostess to the Happy Birthday club. Mrs Elizabeth Post entertained her bridge club Wednesday afternoon, Sept.;28, at her home. Mrs W. J. Sigsbee was a guest. Bill, son of Mr and Mrs E. E. Robinson, was honoree at a party, recently, for his sixteenth birthday. Fourteen young people participated. .They attended a movie and went to the Johnson House for refreshments. SUIMDAY '• ifp:ftff|^ Iflfef ; ? Hifftly' RdtfdrrtmeHtJedJ v ' ^ >^ ,, ;; ';>,;, " i'<. :\>;£ vssf; lllHiiplliili ^;Mf^KM^^^X:f-^:SfK;ff!yf!SigiSg^KSi •\ ^W^ •' $' & ;: ii : '•' :! ' ^'•".-'•> m alto •Urrln .LEEJ.COBB with AGNES MOOREHEAD CINEMASC 1. We'd like to show you some of the things that make the Ford one of America's finest cars . . . though it's one of the lowest- priced. Let's a tart ( with these long, low lines. Looks like it hate* to stand s(UJ, doesn't 'it? Beware of the man who talks about what he did instead of what he's doing. DAVIS New Scientific WICK-FED PUNTER Let's take a walk around the NEW '56 FORD! Frf., Safe, and Monday limit I t» '« Cutttmtt Ideal plgnter for African Violets and all Hous« Plants. Special reservoir stores water for days —fiberglass wick feeds moisture in correct quantities. Allows oir L?«T etrote to "»•$—NO Drip, NO Root Rot. Durable plastic in ehoic* of colors. 4 by 6 1 /? in. DAVIS PAINT ASSOCIATE STORi Mr and Mrs BUI Araon It's the fine car at half the fine car price! 2. Here, on your left, is the inspiration for (lie styling of the '56 Ford—the famous Ford Thunder bird. Look at those broad; Hut hoods, for example, Here in styling that will stay iu style. 4. The new 202-h.p. Thunderbird Y-8 will give you a new lease on driving enjoy* ment. It's available in Fordoinatic Fairlane and Station Wagon models, You can have the "G0"-packed 176-h.p. Y-S |n Fordomatic Mainlaine and Custdnilihe models, or Ford's new 137-h.p. Six is •vailablc iu any model* j 5, Note (tie deep-center design of thi? new lifeguard steering wheel. The jwlif el run is over three inches ahovp the post to help cushion (h* driver in case of an accident, U'» a fcature of new lifeguard Design which Ford spent over two years developing ,,, |o give you added pro. tection in caw of an 8, Here's what you ride on. This frame lias five cross-members including a special K-bar member up front. It can really take it! Ky the way, the control arms of Ford's Ball-Joint Front Suspension are angle-mounted to'cushion out the head.-on as well as the up- down shock of bumps. , 6, This Lifeguard cushioning for instrument panel and sun visors is optional. It gives you extra protection when thrown forward in an accident. You may also have optional seat belts to help keep occupants securely in scuts. 7t Here's Ford's new Lifeguard door latch. It is another member of Ford's new Lifeguard family. A double-grip locking engagement reduces the chance of doors springing open under unusual strain of impact. Chances of serious injury ni accidents are less when passengers remain w the car. Weil, thst covers the Important points. But there's a lot more So we'd hke to mvite you to come in and see the new '56 Ford for yourself. Then you'll see the colorful new exterior, and interiors, the quality workmanship that U evident mowfo* Then you'll l carn t | ie ful , P F.C.A, STATI KENT MOTOR CO. PHONi 414

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