Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 21, 1973 · Page 36
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 36

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1973
Page 36
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|g Golesbufg Re^iste^Mdil, Galesb'urg, III. Thursday, June 21,J 973 Scientific Questions Still Drive Nobel Chemist at 80 fey RAYMOND C. MEANS SAN DIEGO (UPI) - As Nftbel Prize-winning chemist Dr. Harold Urey sees his career hearing an end, the problems of nuclear energy and formation of the universe still drive him. Science Today "I think the only thing to do when you get to be imy age is retire gracefully and pleasantly and not worry too much about THANK YOU • Our sincere appreciation and Thanks to everyone for their expressions of sympathy, memorial gifts and flowers and for the many kindnesses extended to us during the loss of bur loved one. The Family of Alma E. Anderson it," the University of California at San Diego professor emeri tus said after celebrating his 80th birthday earlier this year. But his actions belie the words. He still makes numerous speaking engagements to urge a moratorium on construction of nuclear power plants and has developed a new theory of formation of the universe. Nobel Prize Awarded Urey was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1934 for the discovery of deuterium or heavy hydrogen. It subsequently became an integral part of the hydrogen bomb. "I'm sorry for this," Urey said. "I wish they (hydrogen bombs) didn't exist. We are in more danger from this growing buildup of bigger and bigger bombs than we would be if the Russians took over our government. "If we shot all the bombs we have it would make the entire continent of Asia uninhabitable. No one knows the maximum effect on the world of all that radiation." Of more concern recently, however, is construction of nuclear power plants. Urey is one of 31 scientists who last year issued a statement urging a moratorium on their construction. "Nuclear power plants pre sent a safety hazard .because of their very nature," he said. "A reactor has to be cooled so it will operate safely. In case something should go wrong with the cooling system, the reactor would imelt, and this melt-down would result in the release of radiation which could harm thousands." The deuterium he discovered could eventually solve the energy problem. "If we could get fusion of deuterium," he said, "the deuterium of the ocean would supply enough power in the world for the next five billion years." the Atomic Energy Commission plant at Livermore and General Atomic in San Diego are among those working on the fusion aspect, and the Soviet Union is believed to have many plants doing similar research. But the key to the present says Urey, is his philosophy. "Science is a wonderful, intellectual thing," he said. "I think from the beginning of time men wanted to understand the universe around them, just understand it." His theory of the formation of the solar system represents such a search. It was presented to the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society last year as Urey was awarded that society's highest honor, for distinguished service in chemistry. Urey theorizes that the sun originally was larger than the orbit of Neptune but gradually 'contracted to its present size. U.S. Balance of Payments Brightens in 1973 WASHINGTON (UPI) - The U.S. balance of payments situation, a gauge of the nation's international financial standing, brightened considerably during the first three months of 1973. The payments deficit was reduced by $300 million during that period, according to government statistics. The Commerce Department reported Wednesday a first- quarter deficit of $1.2 billion on current and long-term capital accounts. This compares with deficits of $1.5 billion for the last quarter of 1972, $2.6 billion for the third quarter of last year and $3.7 billion in the first quarter of 1972. Balance Measures The balance of payments measures trade in goods and services, U.S. government grants, private long-term capi' tal investments and pensions paid to overseas residents. The figures exclude the volatile flow of liquid funds which tend to reflect foreign exchange market pressures on the dollar. The department said the improvements in the over-all figures resulted from the elimination of the deficit in goods and services and a substantial decline in the trade deficit. But long-term capital outflows shifted in the other direction in the first quarter. The department statistics showed a $120 million deficit in long-term capital outflows compared to a fourth-quarter 1972 surplus of $781 million. Buys Rise The department also said net foreign purchases of U.S. stocks rose to a record $1.3 billion during the first quarter, an increase of $200 million, "But there was an offsetting decline in new issues sold abroad by U.S. corporations." In a related development, Yoshizanc Iwasa, chairman of the Fuji Bank of Japan, told a group of American businessmen that the 1972 trade deficit between the United States and Japan—which totaled $4 billion —will foe cut in half this year and brought into near balance in 1974. Iwasa said during the first five months of this year "we have seen the beginnings of a long awaited turnaround, both in the U.S. trade deficit with Japan and in the over-all deficit in its trade with the world." THANK YOU We want to Thank all of our friends, relatives, and also our children, nieces, and sister-in-law for all they did for us on our Golden Wedding Anniversary. Also, for the nice gifts, cards and flowers, we received. Glenn & Lucille Boyer COLEMAN FUEL GAS STOVE & LANTERN 1 Gal. *1» HEAVY DUTY EXTENSION CORD 100 Ft. #AY390O Reg. |S $19.88 ^ GARDEN HOSE Gering Estate & Marine \ Reinforced WitPi • \ Monsanto Nylon 5 / 8 xl5 Ft. #EM 58-25 $2129 FRESH-UP DEODERANT SOAP Campers Soap Bag - Bag of 4 5 oz. 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