Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 23, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 5
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Probate Notice District of Naupratuck »s, Pro- tr' Court. January 22nd, 1947. Rottc tloUin, lute .of in .Miiid DiKtrlct, di>- r^tati' "f Nn uniuuck. Thf Court of Probnto for tlio Dis( ^ ct of Nnujratuck hath limited 'nil allowed six month* from (la'tc hereof for the creditors of said CH- :e to exhibit their claims for sct- i|(.m«nt. who neRlect to pre- «i>nt their accounts, properly e j within said time, will bo do burred " raf.ovf.ry. All pi'-sona in- lii.btcd to said Kstotc nru pd to make immediate payment to Thf NitUKntuck National Eanlt, By: ROY M. JOHNSON, Assistant Trust Officer. Administrator, C. T. A. WALTER WINCHELL (Continued from Page Pour) ceased. The; Court o Probate Notice District of NaURatuck ss. Pro ; bate Court, January 22n'd, .19-17. 'Estate of M.iry Volpc, Inte of in said .District, dc f Probate for the Dia- of Nauffaluck hath limited and allowed six months from date iiimof for the creditors of sold i'stut>; to exhibit their clnimw for .wtilonicnt, Those who neplect to •ircwnt their Recounts, properly nt- [(•jiieU. within said time, will be (Vbarred a recovery. All persons indebted to snld Estate are requested to make Immediate payment to MIC'HAEI- VOLPE 123 Melbourne Street Boro. Administrator. NOTICE A luwinj: on the application of Refftm to conduct u >?nso- smvtion and auto repair busi- Ht Pro.'ipect street will be hold Krn-fiUKli Clerk's office, Room conveyed In jocular expression; when it infringes neither on religion, charity or justice, nor on pence; when It answers what Is below refutation; when it counterbalances the fashion of error and vice, playing off their own weapons of ridicule against them; when It adorns truth; when It follows great examples; when it Is not used upon subjects improper for It, or in a manner unbecoming, In measure company, with .malice;. «nd to smile at the jc.3l <vl)lch places a thorn !n another's 'breast 'Is to become a principal to the mischief." Of nil the Ariel's that hiivnw the distressed, Sure the most bitter Is a scornful jest; Fate never wounds mure Jefcp the SencroUK heart, Then when a blockhead^ :n- HUlt points tho dart. —Samuel Johnson or to a daneerous end.' That was penned In the .17th Century! It In significant that the vicious characteristics used for racial caricature:) have been applied to a wide variety of national and racial min- .The hackneyed charac- uscd to ridicule the Irish orities, [eristics have also been used against Jews, Slavs, Mexicans, Negroes, Chinese, Italians, etc. .. .Sociologists have discovered this type o t' ugly buffoonery was Inci'.cd here years ago —wher. Irish Immigatlon reached ts peak—and staid Now Englond- cr.-i became alarmed at the possible corruption of their litton Puritan tra- Here l<> something for the olewns :o paste on their dressing- i'oom mirrors, It wan written 'by author John Ojiborn: "Let your wit serve •ou as a shield to defend yourself, iy a handx->rp.e reply, than the word to wound others. though vlth never so facetious a reproach, vmemberlnf; that a word cuts deeper than u sharper weapon, and ' believe In When tin- Kluxers ridiculed William Allen Wteilte while he was cru- season, jading against the hooded hoodlums. White slapped them down by recalling the classic words of n.n old philosopher: "A contest between us is very unequal, for t'hou canst berir 111 humor with ease and return It wlbii pleasure—hut to me it ),s unusual to fieur 'ind dlsaRrop- able to speak It." One of ,£>o« Marquis' colyums Contained . this pertinent quote: "One of the most silly and contemptible of men ls-thi> was,-whose great aim In life is to raise a laugh which might better be used against himself than 'his ill-timed .Jokps" Those who pooh-pooli the dancer of offensive dialect clowning should be reminded 'that when Hitler first rose to 'power many sidered 'him a.-.loko pointed out before—w po.»e all dialecticlrtna. difference, between comic.\..Wc .have depeatedly emphasized the word OFFENSIVE ii. attacking obnoxious This re port ei Banquet Planned In Observance Of Safety Record Twenty-five years without,'an accident on the job—a record 1 'set by three groups of employes • in'• The .Southern New .England Telephone Company—will"" be' commemorated at. a Silver Jubilee Banquet In New Britain on Thursday evening, Jan. 23. . :' Allerton F. Brooks, president of the telephone company, will greet the quests of honor: six men of Construction Gang 78 of Danielson, six men of Construction' Gang 43 of Norwalk, and 54 men of the 'plant..service gupervluor'a force at i^Britain, Robert" 8. " Brunt, plant manager, will present hrien with .certificates of 'award..'.. ••.... In referring to this unusual safely record, Mr. Brust explained Hint safety precautions on the part ol both management and employes had improved the safety record of telephone workers so successfully that life insurance rates, once ecaled high for such workers OB linemen and cable splicers whose work was then considered hazardous, arc now the .same as the rates for office workers, Michael J. Slattery, personnel relations assistant, will be maoter of ceremonies at the banquet. Other speakers will be Clarence W. Bennett, president of the Connecticut Union oC Telephone Workers, Inc.; Elmer P. Bradley, vlco-pi eoldent mid Koncral mnnugor of the telephone company: and llobcrt S- Judd. personnel vice-president. Francis Shopis Fractures Foot Francis Shopis, 27, of 24 Prospect street, 'Union City suffered a possible frncturo of the left foot last night 03 a result of getting It wedged bef.veen, a tree and a car he was pushing, according to authorities at St. Mary's hooplta], "Waterbury. After receivint treatment at the hospital he returned home. JfAPOATUCK NEWS (CONN.), THCR8DAV. .IAN. S». IMT—PACK B First Great Seal of the United States WOK designed and accepted by Congress in 1782. It WOB changed to its present form in 1885. ANOTHER SHIPMENT AMERICAN MADE GUARANTEED ALARM CLOCKS $2-20 Inc. Tax All but nine of the states their fiscal years on June 30. end SCHNEERC ^CREDIT JtWftlRS^ Soufh MoJn Sf Gives r[Wp important benefits. First it gives prompt relief of cough I and throat irritation duel to colds by its soothing effect on the throat. Second, it helps build resistance to colds caused by lack of vitamin A. Get Father John's Medicine today and get results. ho wound urinjr," it m alt e 3 is longer 3 .T,.v,, Hall, NuuKntucI,. Conn on i spoctcd W it, don't indu)I, th,. Ctl. day of February. I'M?. ftt. Iicious conu>dv . Frixamp 11 u m. LKO J. BROPHV, Warden. FOX CLEANERS H CHVRClt ST. TKL. M74 Work Culled I'or mid * STRISIK'S II Center St. WHtarrmry. Conn FTS OF AFJ, KTXDS Venetian Blinds In N(ock. • Ilk* Sfrv|r» LEBON'S tin Mi. Main HI. Trl. H.T121 Ainrrlca'* groutent and must ri>- e in ma- dy. Frixample, Will Rogers and Mark Twain. They were and are beloved because their wit came from the heart and head —never from the spleen..A friend once deftly summed up Will Rfog- ers' type of humor: "His wit tickles without scratching." Wtwn lleywood Broun wa« ro- viewing show.3 he often came out swinging at cl'j-wns who indulged U offensive humor. Heywood pointed out: "Vulgarity is not a '.substitute for comedy. Ridicule Is the first argument of a. t'ool^and the last." SPIIPPU, the ancient llomari phlU osophcr, cnce said: "There a r »> n'jne morfi abusive to others than they that lie most open to it themselves, But the humor t,'oe H round —and he that lauphs at me today will have somebody to laugh a: him tomorrow," even if it makes some people cry Humor is fine. But liko all proud things—it can be perverted ... There is nothing funny about com- tfdy that reminds us of the tragedy : of bigotry. New If Von Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 Playwright R I o h a r d Sheridan turned out some of the keenest satires in theatrical history. But fie knew where travesty ended and malice began. .. Sheridan opposed lh?se who used svit without regard to ta.3te or judgment. .. .His remarks on that subpect 'are wtorth memorizing; "Wit loses its respect with the good when seen in the •+++++++++ LAIIIKS* FLANNEL NIGHTGOWNS ' Reg, Size — $2.39 X-Size — $2.69 M IJKI'T. • STORK 14 SI'ItING StMEET Complete l.lno nf CARMOTE PAINTS for Intcrinr and exterior use.s SLEDS — $5.75 up Union City Hardware .•MM N. MAIN .ST. Union City M. Ttiitkluwlch, Prop. W. .1. Stokes. Mgr. — R&P METAL WORKS 5» .SO. MAIN .HTMKKT (Hrur) KxiMTt WelillnK of All Type* ForBlnc. flhevt Me tut «n<l Ornainvntnl (iteel Work *hi<H mid |inr Metvl tar Halo Toli-iilionu 0377 DYE WORK EMBRUSKI No, Main St. Tel. 3807 Bill's Danbury Hatter 31 SOt'TII MAIN ST, WKI. Miirhino, Prop. MI'.H lints Chimed, Blocked Factory Methods NKW HATS FOB SAtE Huts Miido to.Order HAY! HAY! Timothy & Clover Mixed • Timothy & Alfalfa Mixed • Oat-Straw Priced Reasonable • Car or Truckload Lots James Metcalf Woodbury, Conn. riiont \Vuterhury 4-0005 Before « P. M. or Woodbury 201-3 after 7:30 P.M. Jay I.AROF, MKTAL WASTE HASKETS — DHc TRIM/ WALL I'APKIl 1'ASTED HOKDKHS KKMTOXE GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAl'LE STREET McroRN from city Bukery) "« Delivery Telephone 5W4 TRY CLASSIFIED ADS Plastic Table Cloth ' Permanent Finish Organdy Sash Curtains Made full and wide 54 In. Table Oil Cloth KB In, Striped Seersucker Cleans easily and keeps its color. A dozen different pat terns. Fast color — In brown red, blue and grey. 48x54 72 «hl.*O«7 30 In. Permanent Finish Organdy Very fine count. 49C yd. anything for a laugh— Marquisette Tailored Curtains Eggshell only — si/.e ABSOLVED Haven, Jnn. 23—(UP)—An East Haven man has been absolved of criminal responnibility in Die death December 1C of a 7-yoar-old Coroner Jnmes J. 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PASTiiY IS HOME MADE. \ We cater to parties, anniversaries, weddings, etc. - OPEN SUNDAYS - PULL LIQUOR PRIVILEGES DIAMOND STREET BAR and RESTAURANT JOSEPH E, SODLOSKY, Prop, 11 DIAMOND ST. (Tel. 4960) UNION CITY

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