The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1955 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1955
Page 2
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-felts ' 2-Als6tid (ta.) Ujifitr D«t Molnii Thursday, Oetdbar 6, 19i3 . rrtet Friday aftersiobn Xvith . Mrs fid filumet, • Mr ftttd Mr*. James Uit -recently spent a day at Garner with the latter's parents. Mr and ,Mfs Ale* Demand spent Sunday at Clarion visiting the Hojffian Andersons. Mrs Bella M<SKe* atid ion arcl are moving into {he Foth apartment on North Thorington street. Mr and Mrs f joyd leji « Wednesday on a vacation' trip oi I about three .weeks to Colorado t and California. i Mrs Esther Hayes spent .a * days last, week with her hro], \ in-Iaw and.sister, Mr and..Mrs t .Gilbert" Hargreaves. -.* Mr and Mrs Lawrence :Pfeffer ' and Mr and Mrs Vic Frideres ,, drove to Carroll Sunday to see * Mrs Pfeffer's parents. ' •/ Mrs Deb Hall and" Maxine r Sweet spent the weekend at " Huron, S. D., where they .dttend- % ed a beauty operator's convention; Mr and Mrs Jack Craig had ' Mr and Mrs Clyde Hatch of Ali bert Lea as guests'Sunday.'They » wore residents here several years •' ago. Mr and Mrs Joe Tsehelter were visited last week by the latter's ' father, Burton 'Lounsbury-'-.a.nd ' her sister, Mrs Orville Howard , of Huron, S. D. « The "Eight Specks" card club met Wednesday evening ^vith Mrs • Clara Pratt. Mrs Geoi'ge'Sle'wart .. of Phoenjx, Ariz, "was a guest . and the group ate dinner out. ; • Mr and Mrs-Floyd .'Turner and , daughter, Mrs,-Marjorie Apple ., and children spent the weekend < at Sheldon with' Mr and Mrs Cornelius De Kruif, son-in-law and daughter of My'arid Mss Tur- •j ner. • • Mr and Mrs F. K, Hobbs, Wash' ington, D. -C:, visited over' the , weekend at. the John Belser home, T leaving, Monday -for Minneapolis • for a visit with -friends •,there. Mrs Hobbs and Mrs Beiser ai;e sisters. Mr • Hobbs |s associated with the Department'' of Labor In Washington: • Airmen fijird"«lass John C. ' Elbert has 'just completed. 12 . weeks of basic ele6trqnics .training and 28. weeks at the Atomic Energy School. He 'was the o'nlj' [ one from r his 'squadrpn at-'Parks - Air Force baaie : (6,'rgfet' intof-the Atomic Enfeery'seho>l:«:''John; the .. - son of Mr ajKl Mrs'Walter Elttert, ' is now stationed at .'JJowry Field: Mr and S^r» ; ^rifJlilW^i|ljali were -'dfrthbrj ,;g|je^^.; "" ' " evening -of -Mr : and Evans -at Spencer. • Mr -and Mrs . Willis Marshall have returned from a-two week's expenses paid vacation 'the former won from the, insurance company for which he' ; is underwriter. They were at Denver and Rocky Mountain National. Park. ' Mr and Mrs Joe WiUger and : Mr and Mrs Vic Frideres have returned from Cassell, N. D. where they visited Mrs Willger's " brother and sister-in-law?, Mr and Mrs Henry Faber. They also Were' at Park Rapids, Minn., and visit- t'd other relatives. The Willgers were dinner guests Sunday ol Mrs Willger's son and daughter- in-law, Mr and Mrs Alfred Miller ' ;it Corwith. Mrs Violei Walker, son Merlin and Donna May Hanson drove to Lone Rock Sunday and were joined by Mrs Walker's son-in- law and daughter, M>- and Mrs Lewis Broesder, going from there tu Mr and Mrs Orville Holdren's • to spend the afternoon und evening. Mr and Mrs Broesder are looking for a farm location us the pliK-e they have occupied, the Burlingame farm wns recently sold in Mrs Emma Hauberg, w)io \\-ith tier sons, will lak finn in the near future. visited this'week by her cousins! Mr and Mrs Julius Meyers ol Dubuque. Mr and Mrs W, A. Barry Jr. had the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs •Lloyd Hood of Fort Dodge as •guests Sunday. Mr and Mrs D. H. Carver and sons spent Sunday at Des Moines wjith Mrs Carver's parents, Mr ;arid Mrs L. A. Halberg.' Mr and Mrs William Watkihs had the former's parents, Mr and Mrs C. M. Walking of Fort-Dodge as dinner guests Tuesday. : Mr and Mrs John Seman have jbeen visited by their son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Irwin Seman of San Diego, Calif. Mr and Mrs Fred Will are being visited .ten days by their son Fred Jr., of Pomona, Cal. He accompanied ' a friend who ivent on to Hurley, Wis., for a visit. ••''-....••. Mr and M" Ralph Herberts irove to Clare City, 'Minn; Sunday io visit relatives and to- attend the baptism of Pajftel^ Mae, dau- ;hte> of cousins,Mr and.Mrs Dale De Grote. " Mr and" Mrs James Will % are jarents of a sqn born last week Monday at St. Ann hospital. He las been named There is another Brian Scott, child 'in the passes- amily, a daughter Debbie Rae. Jack Craig and son Jerry drove o Iowa City last week to bring lome Mrs Craig who had gone to the University hospital to consult, doctors in regard to a" gall bladder ailment. It was found surgery' was not necessary. .Mr and Mrs Homer Tuttle spent last week Friday and Saturday at Des Moines where Mrs Tuttle. visited her husband's fa? ther, W. E. Tuttle and Homer attended a sales meeting. They Were accompanied .by Mrs Alvin Weber of LuVerne. Mr .and Mrs CecU Steward of Hazelcrest, 111., were happy to welcome a daughter to their family of three boys. She has been named Rita Marie. Mrs Steward is 'the former Bonnie Rent?, daughter-of'Mr and Mrs Milo Rent? of Algona. Mr and Mrs Jajnesilrejand and family plan to' visit 'Aigona this month. • She--is- the-former Connie 'Rentz, 'daughter of Mr and Mrs Milo'...Rente. While here they S ill.. haye .the -pppijrtu'nity to see ary Reniz from California. He plans to be in AJgona about .Oct. 15: v '' C.,{ visited last week by their daughter, Mrs Dwight Sabin and 'little ~ Mrs .Sabin came to band ' festival and attend the. while' here also visited iMr and Mrs 'Harry Sabin, Mr and Mrs Mrs Harold Sabin and- Mr and Ronald Sabin. Alen Hidlebaugh and Morris Givens are leaving Thursday afternoon (today) with a group of Explorer Scouts to Pine City and other points in Minnesota where they will go on .a river trip. Those who will accompany the men are Paul Christoffers, Charles Clark, Jae Givens, Bob Hardy, Joe Hoenk, Bill Laing, David Macumber, Larry Wicks, Wayne Williams and Glen Stray- c-r. Mr and Mrs W. A. Barry Sr. have returned from an eight days vacation, . traveling some 1400 miles. The first visit was ai Minneapolis and took the Mississippi river road to Carthage and Keokuk. At Mount Pleasant they visited their niece and husband, Mr and Mrs J. V'oit who was also being visited at the time by her sister, Mrs Peter Bauman of Eagle Grove. They also visited Mr Barry's brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs C. B. Moore Smith in Des Moines. Looking for.. HJ6S 6- CARPETS ? TJJHOIiSTBBBRS ? VEmTJW BUNDS ? in the PAGES Mr and Mrs Qall fbWrle 16(1 Tuesday for Mp£Jfet8f artd* Liris- irfg and frofh there went td PrBirie Du Chtein,' Wls., sight' '"" , - ,.' Mr ttttet M» "QfdjIjfB' . Slfewarl ciWhe, -FnicMy from PJioerjix, Ariz., and Will 'be* he^c '•till* sortie time next week. While here they are houseguests of Mrs May Raney. Nancy Hudson who -attends business college at ;Masoti City spent the weekend here with her parents,- Mi- and Mrs Oran Hudson. Mr and Mrs Orville Wicks were visited Friday by \Mts, Wicks' sister and niece, Mrs Lee Rasmussen and Suzanne of Kan- awh'a, •-...'• Mrs R. M. Wallace ahd her sister, Marie Grover, were recently visited by relatives,,, Bert Strea- te_r, of Beaumont,' Tex. and Carle Streatef of Minneapolis'. Bob, ien year old son of Mr and Mrs Chester Willey, fell from his bicycle Monday when he hit a ; slippery mud spot and broke the little finger on his left Hand. Mr and Mrs Frank Vera returned Monday . from. Waterjoo where they had " spent 'a " week with their son-rmlaw.- and-daugh-' ter, Mr and Mrs Melvin J$utchin- son and family. ..They-:, assisted the Hutchinsons move Jntq their nfew nome. Mrs Waller Lfchler wa« ( hb»l ; oss to the menipers of Mef ' jCrif club Monday ewening. v, % Mrs Ciek Allen iuierf atted -;*t an informal pjarty :Weaffesd*ay everting. The ftirfte v ,was tspsrit speli-tlly . / •".' ,.,;..'-l '; Mrs filfcel epes'tirifi ttei ther, R. A. Deyidson, ^ drove to Emmclsburg, Sainday and visited friends briefly.! ''' . copal church lield a picnic at the Hollis BenselSoter- honie after 1 services Sunday- mottiirtgi Mr and Nfas Nev#16ri Mieier we're visited.' Sunday by the former's brother' ahd, sisterMrt> law, Mr and /Mrs A. • T. ttietec of Rolfe. / ! -- v - ; ' ' <«'*. i-J- Ut and Mrs Clarence WeSefler of Ringsted /arid his '.Mother, Mrs Kate Wegeineiv went 'to,,, Fort Dodge Sundlay ' Weber' Yeg- ger at Merty Kospital.""" •-•'-; Mr and /Mrs C. M. Whiiehill arht their /daughter, Mrs Harold Angus of .Burf.spfirit last% v eek at Colesburg with theil- son and daU- ghler-in-law,. Mr; arid Mrs Claude Whitehill.f , , , ' , ,. . . work at. the Algona rendering works following a, ipainftu acci? dent. Aicoojcer at.'the/plaht ex-. ploded, ihrowin^ grease; on hii race and arms.. - He --has- ; been- under a doctor's care. '••.-'•:..' '.^ ',•••.'-• . Mr and Mrs 'Maxwell Miller 61 : Diy6rij4ort -Have bfecome parents v£y .the? adoptiog^bf a 15 months (>ld< daughtSijAWhorrt they hav'e rilfmed Matm.lWj'ii. They &-C s6?i and daugmfcr-in-law • 01 Mi :ahd Mrs.MaJpMJlJer, foi-rnfcl 1 ,r6Si* dents here wn$f JftoVed to DaVen* port a few "itlotitn's ago. Mr and Mrs.^iiHes V/alker and Mr. arid MnTJiKr Walker 'spirit :Sunday at Norfhropi Minn, with Mr and Mrs Boniiin'and family. •MrsrBonnin is a daughter of the James Walkers. , Sunday evening thfey visited Mrs Nettie Fisher and Mrs, Nora Oarner at • Hurt. Mr and Mrs fiotmin'are parent? of a daughter born recently. . Mr aria Mrs Ben -Wibben are, entertairfing at. a family dinner Sunday honoring the 14th anniversary of their daughter •Janice, - .'Guests . -will -be -Mr ant! Mrs Nels Godfredson and Mr and Mr^ -Ed .Godfredson- and Eugene ,of Bancroft; Mr' and Mr-s ...Cecil Godfreasoff and Mrs Cora ' Stoll -'of Hurt; ajid-'Mtv and -Mrs Mer- viri 'Johnson and Douglas; "— Mrs'J. "H. •Wai-burton - ied Rev. and Mrs Fritz Springis to '.their borne irr'Elma last Tuesday and ••returned home Sunday with .Mr .and, Mrs Gsorge. Thompson of- ' RayKresensky funeral ; 8erviceft s for Rajmiciffd ; KreseMky> 57, We|l knowtWlft- gtJria resident who was found dead in the home of his si»:cr aad brbther-ift-law in Dos Moines, Monday of last week, were held fit the First Presbyterian church in- Algeria, Saturday morning. Rev. Brower officiating, and burial was in Riverview cemetery. Mrs Ethel Loss was soloist, and Mrs Leotjt Geigel jftas -,6rgStt? ist at the services. Rev. .firowef read some of Ray's pbenis as;,a' : part of his iuriei'al set-moni i ; .' Pallbearers were Louis Holstrom of Elmhurst, 111.; David Weisbrod-of- Denveiy'Gok; James Dodds of Algona, Tom Kresensky of Mankato, Joe McGovern of Riceville and Robert ...Krauze of ' . Miv and, Mrs Don Allen, at whose home the death from a heart attack occurred, were Jo- pste'd'in 'DenveiY \vhileTeiurning jfrom a west coast trip. Ray had been making his home.with them. in addition to his sister, Mrs Alien, a bro'ther, Louis of Mankato, Minn., survives. 'tne Mrs Mipnie JLarsen and Cavroil attended ,, their' .Circe meeting at 'the -Methodist 'church, Wednesday afternoon- «.• _ . Mr and Mrs Harold PfesthuS and Mr and Mrs Lewis Lai-fen had , supper Wednesday with'" the. young married 'Vaft's'Cafe *&i Algdita, v sapper the group ".toured pioneer jseed', corn plant. ; -,.; Ji John Boeckhoit,: little Son M Mr ' and Mrs Harley Boeckhplt, was taken to the doctoA Sunday afternoon -to remove-a -large sliver from his hand. He had been sliding on a board. ;, ' ' , Mr and Mrs Jim -Steven ;apd boys visited Thuriday: e'yenirigiat the Joe Presthus homej 1 ifi -Al gona. . Mrs Ray Fitch visited Mrs Ray McWMorter Saturdfjy ri aft§f- noon. - ' '"• -:• " --' Mrs Paul -Kr6minga f -speht ••Sat'- urday afternoon at the Bernard Phelps'homS. '." % ' , ; Mr -and ; Mrs ' Jayl S / t4v'eri,,ancl Sunday dinrtgr giieist* • and Boeckholt af tw- ,lh% : nJ:8te-'%r,4 home in 1 if f^tuf ' stayjat ';HoSpital r iti Des along Mr 'aM iMfrs iKWiS ,Iiar sSri , were dinnefV gueStist. Sunday at the home df Mr find, Mrs Russell Beesott of Humboldt.; Mr Beeson is a cotisin of.JVt^sV'Ijai'sen's. ;. Mrs. Minnie L-artSn; and Velma, Mrs Mamie Speichef' and .Mrs tucy, Newville visited 'Mr /and •Mils Prtftf fencings and Mrs Julia Taft of Sextdh,' Sunday afternpdn. 1 My ,and Mrs "Clateftee McDowell and i little grandson ''Rdhneth,' and 'Mr iand Mrs Richartf McDowell and Michael visited at the Ray Fitdh' home Sunday afternoon. Mrsf Richard McDdwell'Js a granddaughter of .Mr and -Mrs Fitch. Mr. '.and. Mrs George <Hix, ^Mr and* Mrs Arthur ,Hfx and family, Mr and Mrs Timer Harms and family and Mr and Mrs Victor Fitch^Korene and Judy enjoyed a picriTc dinner at the Dwight iRUse • home- : Sun4ay, Oct. 2 in honor. of. Mrs Ruses' birtijday. Mr', and Mrs : Ray Fitch were SUriday evening supper guests at the Gebrge Jo,hnson :home. DINNER Modern Colors for Modern Tables 1-9!', INCH DINNER PLATE l-.tUP 1- SAUCER START YOUR TABLE SERVICE HOW WITH SEVERAL 5 PIECE SETS!.... 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