The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on September 12, 1973 · Page 1
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 1

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 1973
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iNor so cooi Im rrawn clou4irr ivl not so coul ttht. low in middle 3. Thursday mmtfy rl'uJy with erunre of shower tn4 thunlrrirms. huh In middle ?0, iMre r aihrr dii4 mi Vage 01) 128th Year. 255th Day. Bloom ington-Normal, III., Wednesday, September 12, 1 973.-64 Pages 6 Sections Final Edition 15c r Extremists resist Chile's new junta r r 1 r f mm VI- i 1 v f r : - , It . v n r, 1) Decisions Members of the Wotergote Committee met with newsmen prior to their ecutive session Wednesday on Copitol Hill to docido tho future course of tho Senote Wotergote heeringt. Pictured in foreground ore Son. Howord fbker, R Tenn., tho committee vico cheirmon, et loft, ond Son. Sons Ervin, D N.C.. committeo choirmon, t ' right. (AP Wirephoto) Watergate windup will be condensed WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate Watergate committee Wednesd.iv decided to the remainder of its complete and that u proposal to divide into two subcommittees to probe areas of political dirty tricks and campaign fi- public Jiearings Into a six-week period naneing have been discarded. UtwcwSVpt. 24 and Nov:!.' " -iCC ehaim'ian Howard II. "IfciRer Jr.. The panel will call only key witnesses R-Tenn.. told newsmen after an ex- in an effort to finish Us remaining investigations into the Watergate wiretapping and cover-up. campaign financing and political sabotage. Hut it rejected an idea to discourage further live television coverage by dividing into separate subcommittees. Chairman Sam J. Krvin Jr., D-N.C. Mid that the hearings would be full and ccutivc session of the committee that the (May Is intended to give tin? committee staff additional time in which to prepare. Wednesday's meeting, the first since tlie committee took a month-long rcccsst will be followed by another closed session on Sept. 18 to make final the witness list. Baker said. Both Baker and Krvin said that all Mitchell, Stans gain postponement of trial NEW YORK (LTD - John N. Mitchell and Maurice II. Stans won a last-minute delay Tuesday in their trial on conspiracy and perjury charges. Mitchell and Stans, the first former Cabinet secretaries to be tried since the Teapot Dome scandal of the 1920s, arc charged with conspiring to influence a fraud investigation of financier Robert L. Vesco. A federal appeals court recommended, but did not order, that the trial judge reconsider a defense motion that the case be postponed because lawyers did Sold The Motorcycle-With A Pantograph Want Ad Nothing works like a Pantagraph Want Ad to sell wheels of most any kind. Jark Huss, 103 H. Phoenix, Normal, offered this Motorcycle: MOIOSCYCLE-Honda 350, 190. $400 or bst oHr, slightly chopped. fh. 438-8894. "Sold it had 4 prospecta" was the message from the advertiser. To place your ad ph. "829-9411 ask for classified. CALL COLLECT if placing your ad by long distance. Open Mon. thru Sat., 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M., Just 93$ per day for 15 words or only 49t per day more for 28 words both on ' the special 8 day plan. not have time to prepare a defense. ' The trial judge, Lee Gagliardi, followed the recommendation and told attorneys for both sides to confer on a "mutual satisfactory trial date." When the lawyers could not agree on' a date, Gagliardi said he would set one "in due course." The defense attorneys, maintained that' because of the Watergate investigation, Mitchell, former attorney general who became President Nixon's campaign director in 1972, and Stans, former commerce secretary, were not yet able to defend themselves. Mitchell, 60, and Stans, 65, are accused of conspiring to Influence a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into Vesco's activities. They also are charged with perjury before a grand ct forts will be taken to expedite the hearings and Krvin said only those witnesses with highly relevant informa tion will be heard. The two senators renewed demands for tlie release oTtapc recordings of presidential conversations and said that the resumed Senate hearings will not be abbreviated at the expense of making a Aill and thorough investigation. Charles Alan Wright, President Nixon's lawyer, told a federal appeals court Tuesday that giving up tapes of presidential conversations to the Watergate grand jury would cause grave damage to the presidency. Archibald Cox. the special Watergate prosecutor, said that access to those tapes is crucial to the successful unraveling of key parts of the Watergate mystery. ,e Nixon has calle'dfor. an early end to the Senate committee's probe, and that call has been echoed by a number of congressional Republicans. The three national commercial television networks have not disclosed whether they plan live coverage of the final phases of the Hearings. BULLETIN SANTIAGO. (AP) Tho newly Installed military junto confirmed Wednesday Mm! Moriitt President Solved Allende committed suicide during tho violent covp thot toppled hit government. By Tho Associated Press Uuic'i Me military ruler wrre re-lird facing opposition in the street , including pocket of Miner Wednesday Mowing their takeover from lrrsident ' Salvador AllenoV. Allmde wai said to haw committed suicide rather than surrender to the military coup Tuesday ended hi attempt to soriallr tin' Outran inmo-m. First r-prt said tlie fci.viar-o!d president had ' surrendered, but later police s aim's reported lie had committed suicide. This was confirmed by lliee Prefect Rene Carrasco. and Chilean newsmen who accompanied the troops imo the burning palace Mid Um body wa hunched up on a blood -covered sofa in tlie main salon on the second floor, il.ircntly shot in the head. Carrasco said AllenoV" press aduM-r. Atigusto Olivarc. ,iImi had killed lunwlf. The leaders of the coup were (Jen. Augusto Pinochet, the army commander: (Jen. Gustavo I-cigh. the thief of the air force: Adm. Jose Tonbino Merino, chief of naval operations, and , (Jen. Cesar Mendoza of the national police. It was the first time In 46 years that tlie traditionally nonpolitical Chilean armed forces overturned a civilian gov-eminent. Broadcast from Chilean radio networks controlled by the new junta snd Santiago was paralyzed and troops were patrolling the streets. They called on Chileans to stay indoors unless they lad military authorization to he in the streets. ITie broadcasts, monitored in Argentina, said "extremist groups continue to resist the action of the armed forces in downtown Santiago." The reports, described as official Information from the new junta, said stores, factories and government agencies were closed and no newspapers were published. The terse announcements interspersed with martial music gave no idea of the .vale of resistance in Santiago or whether any shooting was going on in other parts of the country. Alletvte'n ouMrr on Tuesday followed wrrks of unrest created by tin M.irV'l prrstdent's refusal lo come u terms with the country's moderate and ronvrvatuf majority and hi Inatnlny to end strike, snartng Inflation and ccofVimic st.ijjfu-in tlie factories nd on the f.irm (minuiil-atKins Mween Out and tU-injiMde world were ciH off tnirily after tfic ffmp, Tliry rfind for a few hour in tlie evening, tlwti wrre lroken again with no indication wlx n they whiM again lie operating. The junta Ksud a list of di prinnineiit .Socialist and Communist leaifc'rs wlv wcro ordncl to appear at the defense ministry or f.uv arnst. AnHng thov n-nniHl were Foreign Minister Carlos Altamirano atul the presidnitS sister I.iura. a numU r of Congres. Hie junta aki nrrlerH all foreign "in the country In irregular or illegal situations" t report to tin rmlitf. Thu ajivinrntly referred to ttie estimated 2sm left-wln; terrorists or subversives from Uruguay and Itrail given as)lum in diile by Allende. tr t Gabriel Valdez Valdez new president? Flight triggers rumors NEW YOltK tLTIt - The flight of former Chilean Foreign Minister Gabriel Valdez from New York to Peru Tuesday night triggered reports he would be appointed the new president of Chile, replacing ousted Marxist President Salvador Allende. Valdez denied it. "That is absolutely false." lie said. Valdez. now a member of the executive staff of L'nited Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldlieim. said his trip to Peru had been planned for 15 days and had nothing to do w ith the coup in Chile. Valdez, who was foreign minister in the Christian Democratic government i Inside today Itirths . Comics Deaths Farm . . :.:.a.2 ...B- 5 ....f 1 ... D- I Opinion Sports . Todav . .A-.-.C- Wcathcr I)- 2 44ow4W4we that preceded Allende. said he was flying only as far a Lima for a I'.N. meeting. . The Hraniff Airlines flight he took, however, had been scheduled to proceed on from Lima to tlx Chilean capital of S.mtiago. A Hraniff spokesman viid the Santiago airport had been closed as a result of the coup and tin' airline was not sure wlx'ther the plane. Flight 979. would be allowed to land. If not. a spokesman said tlie flight would continue from lima to Ihicnos Aires. Argentina. "I am not going to Chile," said Valdez "I have nothing to do with Chilean politics." Valdez declined all comment on the developments in Qiilc. Valdez was foreign minister during the six-year administration of President Kduardo Fret, which preceded Allcndc's government. Valdez now is an assistant U.N. secretary general, responsible for Latin America in the organization's develop-nxnt program. World news roundup VIENTIANE. Laos (LTD - The neutralist government of Premier Souvanna Phouma and the Communist-led Pathet Lao initialed a peace protocol Wednesday setting up a coalition government and ending more than a decade of war in Laos. WASHINGTON (UPI) - Federal He-serve Chairman Arthur F. Burns called anew Wednesday for a federal tax increase to cool off the economy despite President Nixon's rejection of his advice last week. IPngiTD2ftfilfi) Will Rogers philosophy 'needed today, says son HAPID CITY. S.D. (AP) - Will Rogers Jr. says there is a bitterness in jury. Vesco, a codefendant, lias been out of. today's political humor that is destruc the country for at least six months, tive. Harry L. Sears, a prominent New Jersey Republican and lawyer, is a fourth defendant. He will be tried later. The 16-count indictment filed May 10 charged that Vesco made a secret $200,000 contribution to Nixon's reelection campaign last year. This allegedly was in exchange for pressure by Mitchell and Stans, who then acted as the reelection campaign's finance director, for favorable treatment in the SEC investigation. Rogers, a lecturer and humorist who fdrmerly served as a U.S. congressman and a newspapaer publisher, spoke to delegates attending the, Midwestern Conference of The Council of State Governments Tuesday night. "I see a . polarization in the political life of the country," he said. "There is a bitterness, meanness in political humor. I think the philosophy of Will Rogers would bq useful today." ' He remembered the wit of his famous father, the author and humorist. "He used his voice and philosophy to try to unite the country," Rogers said. "It is quite different from the political humor of today, much of which is destructive." "My father was critical'of President Hoover, but he did not blame him for all the country's problems." He cited the well-known Will Rogers quote, "I never met a man I didn't like" as an example of the Rogers philosophy. "He liked to be strong on one side and equally strong on the other ... My father was careful to try to be objective. I would like to see it back in this country today." PIINOM PENH (UPI) - The Cambodian high command said Wednesday the Communist-led rebel siege against the provincial capital of Kompong Cham had been broken and the city was entirely under government control. The announcement said the 13-day battle for the town 50 miles northeast of the capital was over. LONDON (AP) Britain and France Wednesday pledged full backing for a plan to link this island kingdom with continental Europe' through a 32-mile tunnel beneath the English Channel. PEORIA (AP) - The Methodist Hospital board of trustees has voted to permit abortions during the first three months of pregnancy at the request of a patient. CAIRO (AP) The leaders of Egypt. Syria and Jordan ended three days of talks Wednesday without any sign of agreement on unifying their forces against Israel. BUENOS AIRES (UPI) - Gunmen in a speeding car Wednesday attacked Mayor Herminio Iglesias of nearby Avellaneda, wounding both the politician and a friend, neither seriously. LONDON t UPI) A bomb exploded in an insurance building on London's busy Oxford Street Wednesday, showering shoppers with glass, witnesses said. At least six persons were injured. WASHINGTON (AP) - The confirmation hearing on Secretary of State-designate Henry A. Kissinger was in recess Wednesday while a two-man subcommittee prepared a report on his involvement in national security wire; taps. TOKYO (UPI) France and the United States papered over their differences Wednesday and agreed on language for the ground rules governing sweeping trade negotiations to revise the international commerce system of the non-Communist world. CHICAGO (AP) The Sheraton" Blackstone Hotel, a Michigan Avenue landmark, was sold Wednesday to Chicago hotelman Mark Friedman for $5 million. It was the fifth time the hotel changed hands since it was built in 1910 at a cost of more than $3 million. Roll call BULLETIN WASHINGTON (UPI) Tho House voted Wednesday to sustain President Nixon's veto of a medical services bill, the fifth time this year the Democrat-iccontrolled Congress had failed to override a presidential veto. WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate Tuesday adopted, 58-31, an amendment by Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, D-MmrC' to make next year's 5.9 per cent Social Security benefit increase effective immediately. Sens. Charles H. Percy. R-Ill., and Adlai E. Stevenson. D-Ill.. voted for the amendment. Cancer quacks slapped by health educator CHICAGO (AP) - A health educator asserts that medical science is capable of curing 70 per cent of all cancer cases but in fact cures only 38 per cent because many cancer victims turn to quacks instead of qualified doctors. Quacks, said Helene G. Brown of the University of California, Los Angeles, "are really committing murder." Mrs. Brown spoke Tuesday at the American Cancer Society's first national conference on cancer nursing and later at a news conference. "The quack always offers early diagnosis (often erroneous) and treatment that is instantaneous, easy, less expensive, nontoxic and magical ... and in the process a life is lost and a greedy ghoul makes another trip to the bank," she said. The Food and Drug Administration has estimated that cancer quackery is a $2-billion-ayear business but the "cost in lives cannot be computed," Mrs. Brown said. The "three big Ds" of cancer quackery, she said, are diet, devices and drugs. She said the interest in dietary treatment has grown with the increasing popularity of health food stores, noting that many such store operators diagnose illness and prescribe treatments. "This practice is rampant today and despicable," Mrs. Brown said. Machines easily fool some people, she said, because so many machines are legitimately used in contemporary medicine. ' Devices used by quacks, she said, are worthless. Mrs. Brown said the most popular quack drug now in use is Laetrile, which is derived from apricot pits. It has been deemed worthless by the FDA and banned in interstate commerce, she said, but "a fantastic underground railroad" leads Americans to Mexico, Germany or the Philippines to obtain this treatment. ' Laetrile has been sold in health food stores as Vitamin B17, which does not exist scientifically, she said, adding that Krebiozen, another contraband drug, is still available in some states. Mrs. Brown, president of the American Cancer Society's California division, said 1.5 to 2 million Americans have been cured of cancer and that none of these was treated with the unproved methods promoted by quacks. Reasons why people go to quacks, she said, include the fact quack treatment' costs less than the expensive legitimate treatment and that quacks offer instantaneous cures as opposed to the slow, legitimate process that often discourages cancer victims. Mrs. Brown said greater public education about quackery is needed along with medical personnel spending more time with cancer patients to allay their fears, to offer psychological support and to explain that the path to overcoming cancer can be a long, slow and sometimes discouraging process.

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