Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 25, 1963 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1963
Page 17
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Galesbur Okays Bud ALEXIS Mrs. Maurice Fla* herty, president, presided when Alexis Parent - Teacher Association opened its current season in all-purpose room of Alexis Grade teachers. Hostess count was 181. Alexis Briefs Mr. and Mrs. James Eads of Paris spent a weekend with her sister, Mrs. Josephine Azdell. Carrie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Liggett, returned to Naperville to resume her studies at North Central College. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Retzke and Mr. and Mrs. W. Anderson of Tallos Park were recent guests of Mr and Mrs. Charles Y. Hous- SIDE GLANCES ister-Mail, Galesbur By Gill Fox I (26) Sane Students'Guide to Tests School Sept. 17. Group singing led torK Mrs . Retzke and ^ H ous- by Louis Simpson was accom panied by Grace Swanson at piano. Mrs. Glenn Lipp read an invitation to annual fall conference in Aledo Oct. 8. The budget and finance committee presented proposed budget for coming year and it was approved. George Zarcoff, superintendent, introduced the new Senior High School Principal, Ronald Patterson, who introduced his teachers. Miss Ruth Anderson introduced grade teachers. Room mother, Mrs. Bernard | more than 20. Mott, read a "tribute to the ton are cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foster of Rochester and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Farmer of Rantoul spent a weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Deal. Ted Ferris of Anderson Florists, Galesburg, has offered to come to Alexis to teach course in flower arrangement. This is a 10- week course meeting Monday evenings in Alexis Library Building from 7 to 9 p.m. Anyone interested may contact Barbara Moore at Alexis High School. Minimum enrollment is 10 and not Carpet Cleaning I Enters Nursing Home September - - - and the children are back in school. It's time to pay some attention to your carpeting. We recommend Host, the new method of cleaning carpets without water. The carpet is dry and ready to walk on immediately. Use our Host Electric Up- Brush Free. It's easy. Clean 300 sq. ft. only $9.95. Phone for information. Ferris Beautiful Furniture, 463-465 E. Mulberry. Phone 343-2184. _Adv. NEW WINDSOR Mrs. Alice m t? NtA, he. TM. tt 9 OA tni. m Robertson who had spent the past "Think hard, Donald! Do you want the milkman to three months at the home of Miss Betty Wadhams, entered the Mercer County Nursing Home at Aledo Sept. 21. Mr. and Mrs. William Schoenbein of Pekin, spent a weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schoenbein. William and Ernest are brothers. know I can't spell homogenized?" Biggsville Circle Works For Mission BIGGSVILLE The Florence USE YOUR CREDIT AS THE KEY TO TAKE THE SIMMER OUT OF SUMMER RV COOi the mode with coon oc attic fan imtaflatjofit tod other ooofoct* cresting wuinownfiflnfi foe yoot home* WWAWOt UK COST thtoogh oar office with A convenient month* If aqMyment plan that fits your income and your expenses. cReoir OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT UNTIL 7:30 351 E. Main St. DAVE PATTERSON, Mgr. Galesburg 343-3157 Mann Circle met at the United Presbyterian Church Sept. 17. Mrs David Hill was the hostess. The group is making baby sacques as a mission activity for the year. Mrs. Charles Detrick discussed the lesson entitled "The One Body." Mrs. Ben Hill reviewed several articles from the Concern Magazine. Biggsville Briefs Mrs. Jerry Brown the former Kathleen Griffitts ended her work Friday night at the Dorothy Jacobs Beauty Shoppe to join her husband at Sedalia, Mo. He is with the Air Force at the Whiteman Air Force Base. Mrs. Brown was accompanied to Se­ dalia by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Griffitts. Mrs. Frank Olson and family are hosts to her brother Kessler Ross of Las Vegas, Nev. He is also visiting his parents and other relatives in Monmouth and community. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Milligan and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Leinbach of Stronghurst were recent guests of their nephew and family, Maj. and Mrs. Robert Price and sons at Ft. Leonard Wood, The remainder of their Mo. week's vacation was spent the Lake of the Ozarks. at Marks 15th Birthday GILSON — Margaret Ann Ray celebrated her 15th birthday Sept. 16 at a party. In attendance at the party were Jody Curry, Doro- and Donnie thy, Laura, Mary Eaves, Ruthie Putnam, Kathy Curry, Micky Jefferson, Jerry and Arlene Jefferson, Sandra Putnam, Ronnie Buster, Mr. and Mrs. Bob By The Reading Laboratory, Inc. Written for Newspaper Enterprise Association Make sure you get to class on time for the test, but don't get We'll spend this article on the best ways to review for a test. t | lcrc cflr | v TWe'Il ilwavs be But before we start, one very important thought: don't get all shook up because a test is coming. Actually it's very unproductive to get upset before an exam. You don't score any extra points for a wildly palpitating heart. As a matter of fact, the more anxious you get. the more chance there is of ''freezing" on the test. Getting shook just gets you lower marks. And even if you don't do as well as you would like to, the sun will still como up the next day. Really. So let's assume you're calm, cool, collected and have been doing what these articles have been telling you to do. (If you haven't been studying the way you should have been, we have a special article coming next to help you.) Start to book. review from your note- You've been keeping a general outline of the course in your notebook, so the best thing to do is to read that over. As you come to each major point, stop and think about it. Consider its possible ramifications — thing that it means, that it leads to. — every- every thing Try to infer what the next major point should be. Use your textbook Idxlteck anything that's not completely clear from your notes, Or If you like, make a general overview of the chapters that pertain, just to confirm the accuracy of your notes. You won't have every little detail in your notes, but you'll have notes on where they can be found. At first, don't bother wilh anything that may require memorization. Begin your reviewing at least a week before the test is scheduled so you can study somewhat leisurely and with a minimum of pressure. Save the memorization until the night before, or at most, two nights before the test. As a rule, memorization doesn't stick for a long time. Review for the test the same way you've been studying. Get the main idea first; learn the general overview before you start to get involved in details. You can afford to miss a detail or two, because if you really understand the main idea of the course, you'll be able to figure out the details Eaves, Willard Roy and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson. — or at least you'll be able to make good guesses. For most people, a brain-picking session with four or five others is a good idea — with two cautions: if they turn into bull- sessions, nothing gets accomplished, and secondly, if anyone starts to panic, go off and study by yourself. Panic is contagious. Finally, the morning of thr test, a quick general overview of the notes is In order. It'll refresh your memory and put you In perfect shape. News Notes of North Henderson NORTH HENDERSON - Mrs. William Fox and baby have returned home from Cottage Hospital. Paul Wheeler of Ottumwa, Iowa recently called on his grandmother, Mrs. Kate Leander. He came to visit at the home of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adams. Adams took him to Bettendorf to visit Jim Adams who is employed there. Wheeler, a Navy man, is en route from Memphis, Tenn., to California. ELLESON'S BAKERY 144 MAIN Formerly Federal Bakery Specializing French Pastries, Pastries, Cream Cookies, Breads. in Danish Puffs, DECORATED CAKES DAY OLD BAKERY GOODS Price Monday thru Sat. Monday & Friday Owners Mr. k Mrs. Richard EHeson one or two panicky .students running around, asking questions and getting everybody else shook. As a general rule, your aim in preparation is this: get. yourself to the point where you can give, off the top of your head, about a l.Vminufe summary of all the material covered. If you can do that you can afford In relax; you can be sure you wont have any trouble. (NF.XT: Cramming why and how!) when, New Windsor Scout Banquet Is Planned NEW WINDSOR — Pamela Foster was elected reporter at th# meeting of the Girl Scout troop recently. Nancy and Nora Anderson and Mellma Hamilton demonstrated work for their badges. The troop discussed plans for the dad-daughter date-night in November. Mrs. Dean Foster and Mrs. Larry Anderson, the leaders, will be ill charge of the arrangements. Nancy Fowler and Julie Pierca served the treats. READ THE WANT ADS! ear • • • Before You Buy Enfoy n wonderful world of rmtste «9Th this Stereophonic Hiffh-Fldeliry Cocktail Xtbfci htm SYIVANIA. 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Reg. 8.88 9-cp.PERC0LAT0R West Bend aluminum. Brews 5-9 cups; keeps it hot. 3O-c |i .iElt <jPm «ktor / >JU0 .u .ai 10 .11 Y/e$tinghouse Reg, 73.97 - SLICE TOASTER Extra high toast lift; extra-wide slots. Chrome; **^J f * m » * • * p * • * • * • *™ 1 1 fj» • I WW > t * * -J * * * *m++***w* + + r •^4*^*****ftA4ftp «i # V 4» ft ^^'^'^YftiV**** * + * ,r, * PH "*P*P**P** **ft*#i l^*ft***-^ * * t'|t*iv*tt«»M*i ******* * * » • P »#»*#ftin*#»ft»ftit ** + + + mm*+* + +m + w* + + » # ^ • •******>**j**i + *f«»***t" »*v«ft>ftjftft-ft> m-¥ «-w*pv *i*ftft + + + •#*#**f *»***4*#** + *- ^*ft**4>*«>ft**##ftft«j**»^4fl »*4V*ftH V i * * • **#»ft™ #4 ft f * * J* * t ft * P- • • * I * * • * - V_ V # - ft ft * * * # • * * * • ftj * + * ^ * .3 Day$l Reg. 7.09 Sfcein 3 Days! Women's Reg. T.49 KNITTING YARN I CUDDLER ROOTIES 4-oau skein 4*ply virgin wooL Do55en5 of new colors* Knit bootees with T r soft padded soles. 5 colors, S, M, L OVEN FRESH m + Mil pkbt> Peach, Raisin, Apricot, Apple EACH BAKED HAM T«fty *nd r#«dy to $©rv« lb. t4if H «*ii *iip.r **«ft>4ft«ftftfripi. if »Mif i4tt«4|trt4 »«>44i«*ft V MMiti'iMtf Ml^tfi ftftfi f »*|t# if f ||« t# |f * ft^#*lfti*«« i t|d4-»t4ftttti t4f tfn . * * ft • i Htllt*flt»llflllMi4 4'«V-ft >«J4hlrl** >4*J*p». W ***** * ltt|*M#|f t «4Av#4 i l*ftP« it *>Mt4ll« t «4f I t« m * * * r 4 r F .->3 m i * •» p •*VA i + H 'I * * II ft • * ft t ft- 4 * ft • ft ft ft * 41 t # *** P * 4B-* ftl p-« * «J-^ I #q * * *>» ** # 4 • 4ft>4> l|| 4 * ' * • 1 V * ft 1 I * ft* ft -1 4i - F h 4 4! # n - * 4i * -r- ft * ft -1 * * 4! * * * * ft -4 *P>P ft V ft P 4K-4t* * + + ft*l * * ft M • *• * m. I* " ^mmm^mmwm ^9j ^J ^mmm ^mmm * ft> •#+»*4T4Jft*| H #*«4>4P -^P «. 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Matching sets for boys and girls. :?5 •'Ji f •f * litem it'** A- HI 3. s '•A: -A, * -a 4 / YV*. •0 •V •ft' i Y 5 H 1 # v 4 (f 9 mi •4* ' r Famous Brands fcr BETTER FIT BETTER WEAR - BETTER VALUE

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