Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina on December 5, 1955 · Page 1
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Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina · Page 1

Florence, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1955
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THE WEATHER PARTLY CLOUDY and Cooler today and tonight. High today near 60. Low tonight JO-42 Details Poqe 3. READER'S TIP PLAN TO DIRECT farm price support assistance to smaller farms is under study in Washing Published In The Heart Of The Pee Dee Section Richest Farm Area In The Palmetto State ton, ilory, rage 5. DAILYc SUNDAY 10c; WEEKLY 35c VOL XXXII NO. 280" FLORENCE, S. C. MONDAY MORNING, DKCMMIiHU 5, I'JTio Brownsville Twister Demolishes 3 Homes Storm Chops 2-Mi!e Swathe Through County CURIOUS KNOT of passersby gathered around wreckage of this cor in which six passengers were killed yesterday at a grade crossing near Greenville. The car was rammed by u crack passenger train of the Southern Railway. Only a 10-month-old baby in the car survived. (AP Whephoio) Six Killed Near Greenville; Passenger Train Rams Auto C It '. K XV ILL hi. Dec. ) -ft-' Of the seven passengers in the ;as James F. Brook: 1:10 honuieru Kaiiways crack, car. Kenny button, a Jo-niamhold la-.ongcr train, (lit- Crescent ..baby was the only survivor, He rammed an automobile at a grade suffered only miner injuries, crossing near here it dusk, killing lioudon said he saw the aitloino-!:-. pr-f-oiis. .None (if the pasicn. Ibile, heading eastward, approach K-r or. the train was injured, 'the Waddell Road Crossing ct hnu'.aet.- ;. ", 1,tAhi said tlo:a pa vby Paris,. etArai about 10 n-rthb-nind train as stains 7j.n-. p.h. He said the car proceeded jfied. inpu. when it smashed into tiie onto the crossing without stopping.) Tiie sheriff said tin eac lu-lunged ear. dragging it a liali-aiiie do'.vn ! Greenville County Slieriff It. V.jto Brooks and that .Mrs. Brooks tl.e track. Chandler Jr. idem ified he dead was driving. Ry 1Ylornm News Staff Writers BROWNSVILLE, Dec. A A baby-sized tornado ripped County tonight, demolishing i nree riweinnrrs and uaaiy (lainapinc two others. The twister roared in about dunk, cuttintr a swathe approximately 200 ytirdt; wide and two mile? Ions; tbroupfh the rural commttti-ily. Miraculously, nobody was hurt. In every case residents of the affected homes were out when the storm burst out of the Pee Dee swumps. was dene on had Mrs. Louise Brook.-, 26; Holland Benny Sutton, 23; Sutton Mrs. Kosa i-cc Mittun, zj; and j a total of 10 buildings damaged ua htir 3-year-old daughter. Wanda i his property, along with livestock Sutton, all of Greenville. Tfte sixth and equipment. viciim, a woman, was not idenii- Glenn Martin Dies of Stroke BALTIMORE. Dee. -i .? L Martin, aviation pi'jnoer whose career ranged from production of 2a-cent box kites to (anlnvic man-made earth salrililes, died trc-rc tonight, lie was o'j. He was striked by a cerebral hemorrhage this rooming at his farm between Ccnlrevitle ar.d Roc,k Hall, on Maryland's Baslern Shore of Chesapeake Bay. Taken to University of Maryland hospital, he died there at fl;2.i p.m. Martin, whose namesake i-onipri-ny recently was awarded the primary Defense Department contract to build and launch earth satellites, had been ill since ta'.e October. Lad's Punishment, Must Light Tree Until Yule Dies in Crash bennf.ttsvii.lf.. nee 4 up J.'.nies Elliot! Ifouti. about 20, was killed insianlly ai U p.m. last night on Highway Si about six miles north of Rennetlsville. according to Sheriff W. J. Wealhcrly. The investigating officer sairi Hood's car struck a hno-ge and was "ripped apart." Hood was on his way to work at a ioclory in nearby Wallace ar.ri was the lone occupant of the car. SARANAC LAKE. N Y. Dee. 4 f Each bfterr.oon until Ctirisimas. ITA-car-old Joseph C. Marlin inns' march along Main Street of this Adirondack resort, with a police escort and light the big community Christmas tree in the village square. . The public ponnanee was ordered joy Judge Irving M. Edetbcrg of jibe village police court for a tree- lighting prank that kept police on the jump until the wee hours yesterday. At 11 p.m. Friday, police turned off the electric lights on the -12 foot tree. At midnight they found the lights on again and once more turned them olf. The same thing happened at t a.m. and 2 a.m. Saturday. The chase finally ended about 3 o'clock when a policeman hidden in a store doorway captured Martin. In court yesterday. Martin pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. F.delherg fined hirr, $25 and put him on probation for six months. Then the judge suspended the fine but ordered Martin to report at village police headquarters at 3-5 () Meal's wife and some guests were in the O'N'eal home shortly beforc the winds hit. "SomE body hollered there comes a leraado or something'." Mrs. O'N'eal said. "Then we all jumped in the car and went up the road. We saw it go by and when we gol back, it was so dark we couldn't see anything and didn't know any damage had been done nntU somebody came and told us a house had been blown m. each day until rl'.ri-' tra, - awl 'I en.,:; i lb company of a rnlicema alk the block to the Christinas! The tenanl house served as iiatr. ! for Franklin Nick ar.:: nr- v, ile. tree. Martin started paying the penal- hut they ty yeitetday aftenioon, awriv siling rela- Mayor Ignorant Of K!an Parade F.LLOBEE, Dec. 4 Si City officials. Mayor W. J. Deer em-phasized tonight, "didn't know" that Knights uf the Ku Klus; Klau had planned a Saturday night parade through city streets. "The first I knew of the parade and rally," the major declared, "was when 1 came back from Orangeburg. 1 was in Orangeburg visiting my wife when the Klan staged its parade here." The mayor pointed out the Klans-men merely paraded through El-loree. The conclave was held outside the city limits. A tall cress, ignited by robed hlnnsrrien, provided light for the rally. East German Red Leader Hints West Berliners To Feel Squeeze BERLIN". Dec. 4 Uv-A Cotnmu ni.-,t leader today called Wet! Berlin a "NATO stronghold" which will surely he eliminated. Alfred Neumann. Communist party chief in Ea.it Berlin, de dared in a speech to a workers' rally: "Berlin is the capital of the German Democratic Republic. The position of the DDR (East Germany) U unshakcaWe. The position ot Hie industrialists and militarists in West Berlin, the NATO stronghold, is based on weak foundations and HAHBONE'S MEDITATIONS By Alley OUi Tom HAD A WRECK -YisT.dpy But PY wa'm'T MOCH To IT- - HlTDlDN' EB'n GfT A cffowP o' LOADERS feoiW T Look.' ill not last. The nolicv of Hie n!d war will fail." Neumann's reference lo Kr-rtin is the capital of Fast Germany 'allowed a pattern set last week when the Soviet commandant. Maj. Gen. P. A. Dibrova. exploded is bombshell about the Western sectors of the divided, four-power city. Replying to an American protest over the detention of two US, con gressmen at gunpoint in East Berlin last Sunday because Uie two-way radio in their military car llegedly violated East German laws, Dibrova asserted the sovereignty of East Germany over the Eastern sector. In effect he denied its four-power position, and thus placed in question the righls of the West here as defined by tour-power agreements, The Communists thus laid the gal foundation, lo their own satis faction, for a return to the Hock- conditions of 10-ift-lO-SU if they e. Their wish, apparentlv. is to drive a hard bargain for some form of recognition of the East German government by the Wcsl, .i icni.L'nihon lhal would harden the division of Germany In a further step, the Russians have handed over tn th Germans control of barge tvaflic linking the isolated city with VV'esi Germany. The East Germans are insisting that the matter of per mits for traffic on the canals hi handled between the transport ministries of East and West Ger many. Determined to avoid any semblance or recognition of the East German regime, the West wants the matttr handled lower technical level. 1 issue could become acute around the new year when many permits expire. The barges carry itually all Berlin's coal and about ne-third of its other supplies. However. West Berlin already has (h coal on hand for I he winter to supply its homes and industries, shield with debris Another tenant house or the O'Neal farm was demolished. a!onB with seven barns, and a hnuse belonging to his brnthftr, Charley O'N'eal, was badly damaged. Also destroyed was a lie use on Ihe J. J. Hood farm, where stdl another and several outbuildings were damaged. The only casualty, so far as is known, was one of O'Neal's four nudes, which was pinned be.iealh his stable and several tons of hay. Neighbors heard the mule grnan-ing and shot it. Another neighbor reported later that he had corraled the other three mulct. Also extensively damaged was O'Neal's (arm machinery. The winds tore down his storage shed and battered tractors with beams and shee! metal. The exhaust of one tractor was blown away when the gust lore the threads out of place. O'Neal, who had insurance only for fire, said he coutd not begin lo estimate the damage until he had had an opportunity to make an inventory tomorrow. Although most homes along the highway still had the cons-enienre Df electricity, telephone lines were out for several miles. .Fllrl trxtay vti an In addition. O'Neal's automobile ; mobile alter a was prelty badly damaged. ; halted her husband s dash to ; It had broken down on bun at f hospital. It a her 2filh birlhdny tiie barns yesterday and he had I Seven persons, including Mi s to leave it there. The Iwlsler push- Kremnlc. suffered minor injur in ed il about KM) feet from where he but she ami the baby, her fiflli had left it. shattering he wind-1 were reported in satisfticlory cn I dtlion at a hosnilal SCENES ON THE TOM O'NEAL form near Brownsville last night showed where a twister had passed Ihrough. (Above), whet is left of O'Neal's tool and equipment shed where several tractors were severly domoqod. At left Franklin Nick (left) and Charley Lee Brncy check en the food that mat left in the icebox in Nick's home on the O'Neal place. Nick ond his wife were visiting friends when the storm struck the Morlboro County community. fMoiiiia News photos by Kiiklandj Georgia Tech Board May Buck- Governor ATLANTA, Dee. 4 LP The play Pittsburgh, which has a Ne-Board cf Regents may deny Guv.Uro on the squad, in Ihc Sugar Marvin Gnlfiiii's request lhatl., . , fir'nin r ,-i i who do nol maintain se-cgano::. schedule also might he upset. Chairman Robert O. Arnnld i::di iTecli has signed to play in the litlhl. jOiuvn Ci'.v lo'.irn.'.js-.c-ai at Ruiado, cry hojwfiil Ihe whole ts- x y u ! Scr(,ril, k.Eins l,e iL-,olved anil the s;tt:- ... m will quiet (town In norm: s.'tul. "I've lalked to a g ny hoard members and th; at aia.kes me hopeful " : agatust -'n h an athletic p:iii-! '' -i :..-1 .o 1 1 ' ' fof Genritia :e. a play against teams witii .Nlb U'.i (ici vers. longer period Tech and might Kise seme ot their rtion as nalinnai foot hall pow ers. In the hist la years, Tech and Georgia have a;;HMied in 11 ma- aiibe:' P.oaiu of Stei ats ; jur ix;wi contests. i irt.Mti.IEit story, vxc.v. i act on the governor, which brought sharp rea. many people and w, See Power Bid 'i eg by I LONDON. Dee 4 -If.imblmgs Arr, -nl-: rr.'.s :. c p.agi :e: e is a (had- tsm iei l inon reticiicc me otnio-i matic colony here In-lay. Sartue an-n:lil afiect I'm- idysl-s of Russian a (lairs predicled of Ihe si.-ih sup-! a new st niggle within 'l-.e Kremlin, ImiiaiV.atelv at wilh Oim:iv.ii!il party hoss N'ikita Geur-ia Tc'.h'.- ' Kl'-nishcliev pos-ibly reinly to he pr-im'.tted to make a hid f:.r .-iiineme pwrr. Born After Crash TLl!!, Hll kit4- Clr Mystery of Own Disappearance INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. A i.? Mrs. Thelma Krcmplc gave birth to a sun today vti an overturned auto- ar sitiiisluip Red Boss Says B On Burmese People's Bangkok by r lalNvood !il-. maker AKredi timihlr. Hitchcock solved the mystery ofj H:U-hcork was expected today, lie 1 Sa'.iaeay iirid local ihh'tl that Iiis plar.i- had been Hives lu'ti bnitleil -.i ul Vue. iv,;-,i'a-ei r.n I Films nl M;,i::ya. Sue- . wilh TAU.VGYYI, Burma. Dec Nikiia Khrushchev Sashed c 1he most vigorous speech of his Asian tour last night, charging the British had been "sitting on the necks" of the Burmese people. The first secretary of the Sovh Communist parly picked live British for his particular target in a swashbuckling attack on "colonizers" before leaders of Burma's important Shan Slate near the fron-liet-s of Red Chisw. a.if-.a- I became J. r,, -,-,:(t their questioning of l!ie Co m mil-: not speak ian d nist leader concerning Soviet "coin-: Why arc ihry niahsm" in the Baltic state. : n ,y speechc .? Khruschev had chosen the sacred! "ItivanM- I ; precincts of the Shwe Dagoo. ihe British Rangoon's golden pag.aia off- jour r.f-eks and were i.ihh.r:,; yoi iheuf( remarks about Unrmc-c people. Ar.d Ih-cjiim- this w:i ri. i.r temples ouldating Bril.sli civiltza no! ;,r ihe bctieliT of rui.-:;-,-; rhc lion and the Western reporter; . standards r,i c iviha'.ani oi an (jiioted urn as adding, "and yet people They wen sitt'.ng in ya u they -liie llcilish' call you savagi-s i-oiiuiies to bring civ iliz.iti u. i and barbarians." I'cavda in Xla-1 bt.i-kuvi'd cnutitrirs. they s.-,j Ktil cow has since given a dn'feieut we s.'iv :'.:! i:iu-l " I'..:i,e,-.ing Soviet P.-- ::kr Nikolai account, omitling the quote jhout ! He thi-ii l.niuchi il in upl :'u. Itulganiii. w ho mailt his usual jsavagi ai.d biirh.n lai: - and a'.ti :l- .rr-mnrKs -ti.it I ie (i: .ti-h w.-ve .-i: speech about Russia's "ri cat pi iug lo a Burmese diplomat Inejlinu in ymn country to rob- thi friendship for ihe Burmese peo-iremark about Burmese rivilmaiion jlasi piece of bread from the ponph pie," Khrupchev summoned news-j antedating Britain as a nation 'and that is what they 'Ihe corn- paper correspondents in Ihc lour- hhruschev referred mdircttlj to! spoiling party into the banquet rocnii lojlhis conrrnvcrsy last night. : truth h hear his remarks. ; "There are some coi rcsin.nih-nts . Warn The reporters had been waiting'here who are not quile satilicil ol "colon aiilside. rhcy have hren kept some-. ii ith what said in India, rcr lac as what ai a dislar.ee from Khriis.li- what I said yesterday." he began. of van I chev since Friday when Burme'.e" 'They arc not going to like what i French. 'fly strath'. : :;.i!-..i Vue .v!.i I!. i; t"- as rk-l.iv.al t riTisn ar fstz Necks g pia-.-v "There m.iy !..- pr..v.,.:ii --. jlf, , . ,' - ' ' ..." ,.V i i ' I-' io' '! : 'y-i sM. -. ,i.- i.i ,.: h,' ia rl.-i 1 V , I ,'!'i"Vv ' ' : ' s' dan' like b",:"- 'iw'C iMi'j ' ; V'-V P f' ' .' ''Jar' .! ' no l.o :.( r, (, ..v" i AI.FkLD HITCrlCOCK 1 Ir ..-irn he rx-id's capital, plane also L-d bu-iness llilchceck. u! H.i'y he

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