The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 29, 1955 · Page 43
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 43

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1955
Page 43
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Tidbit* From fvelyn It is easy to do a column when one has had a trip to write about, but when one comes down to earth, so to speak, one often has to "dig" to find material. I am in that state this morning. There is one point however that was omitted, one which I think is interesting and certainly is unusual. At Davenport we were taken to a drive-in for supper. There is a dining room if one wishes to use it, but there were also plenty of spaces for those who prefer eating in their car. A roof covered the area where about eight cars could be placed facing a center "aisle" for use of the car hops, each car in a stall. Over this "stall" was a heater contraption fastened to the roof which is said to be able to heat the outdoors even in twenty degree below temperature. It is said to be only one of two in the U. S. A. Surely such a gadget merits mention and I don't think it has been publicized here. Davenport had a big write-up on it at the time of installation. And so farewell to summer and a wonderful vacation trip, or trips. For I must not forget the one to Houston last May. What a long time ago it seems. • » • Little Diane Allen, daughter of Mr and Mrs Bill Allen has become tooth conscious as the outcome of having some dental work done and a drill used. She announced to her family recently that she had to have all her teeth drilled by Friday for inspection. From this her astrunded parents interpreted the real facts — there was to be FIRE DRILL and every child was to do their part hand- somelv. Another child sf6ry — Mot long after school had begun we saw David Stienblock in the role of new traffic cop. He was out here on our corner directing cars in a most official manner. It is the outcome of school instructions, of course, and since this is his first year, everything told him makes quite an impression. I might add he was doing a really professional job. * * * This is a tale about an adult—rather a typical story, for this is one of Algona's busiest women, and in haste, she has oft come a "cropper." I won't name her — she probably will appreciate my consideration — but here's the story. She had be^n told to pin curl her hair, use hair spray on it and by the time she'd be put of the bath, she could take her hair down and would be ready to arrange in curls or waves as she saw fit. But bless my soul— in her haste she gave her hail' a very generous treatment with a spray of "air freshener," followed by a shampoo of course, and a treatment of "hair spray" as a finale. * * * When I phoned for news the other day Mrs Rusk was in the yard trying to remove string from the lawn mower. I thought of a playful kitten and a ball of yarn. I've been kept busy in years past untangling string a pet has messed up in fine shape. There's a test of patience, be it mowers or kittens. ' « * » Mrs Glen Strayer told me she h;is been at the lakes "all by herself," I asked. "To get away from it all?'' Well, I guess it's a" r In Minneapolis X., you'll be glad you did In the very center of the city- near depots, jtheaters, wholesale district and all shopping. Air-Conditioned Rooms- Radio — TV available. Dining Room, Coffee Shop, Cocktail Lounge. Garage Service. 35O modern roomi, moderately priced Leslie F. Long, Mgr. <@3$> 4th Street at Hennepin MINNEAPOLIS cure for "nerves" for some, but I'd get the jitters being somewhere all by myself, but everyone to his own notions. I always think of Byrfl down there at the South Pole all alone and in such a remote place and no chance of anydne getting to him if needed —I'd have thought he'd have lost his mind. • * * Probably most of ihe dollars won on Lucky Dollar days have changed hands many times since being won, but Mrs Harvey Reid is keeping her's "for luck." "I have an old three cent piece which mother had kept many years. I am always hoping some one will offer me a fabulous sum for it. Do I hear any bids? * ' * * Do any of you women readers remember hardanger, or harclun- ger? I don't remember how it is spelled. It really should be HUMDINGER for it is just that — beautiful hand work, a combination of weaving and all-over em- Hroidery. I used to see pieces of it at Lucille Grose's home. Her mother had made several lovely pieces. The other evening I was dinner guest at Mr and Mrs Glen Raney's. Ruth had a lunch cloth with hardanger border—one of the lovliest pieces of fancy work I've ever seen. It %vas made by the late Lettie Matson. The art of making it should be revived. • • • After repeated questions about "my time" which is also "your time" I will repeat. I do not start my work till 9 o'clock. That gives housewives time to get the children off to school and the morning work under way. Also gives me time for a leisurely breakfast, for I do not get up till 8:15 or 8:30. I take a breather from 11:30 till 1—this is also a breather for the housewife who by that time is knee deep in lunch preparations. I work from 1 till 4—then call it a day and usually rest from 4 tfll 5 when my dinner is served. I do not work Wednesday or Thursday. Oh. occasionally I use an hour or two Wednesday a.m. if I haven't sufficient material. With this schedule I am free of the phone a part of the time, and by using it you know where I can be reached. If I do a show Monday afternoon, as I quite often do, then I use Wednesday A.M. to make up. I hope I've made this clear to all of you who have asked about it. • • • Six of us spent Wednesday at Clear Lake and three are avid fisherwomen. Unfortunately it was not a day for it—wind in the wrong direction or something, and there was never so much as a nibble. The only fish they contacted was a couple of them left on the beach to be found by a stray cat, or what ever likes decomposed fish. The lines were left on the docks and after awhile "SOMETHING" came along that had a bobber attached. Two of the women were all for wading out and bringing it in. But when a "sea monster" was suggested, the women retreated. Women talk a lot about dieting, but if you could have seen that table loaded with a great variety of food, you'd think, and rightly, that all the women were out of bounds that day. And you should have seen me with sacks pulled over my shoes. It had rained a little and the yard was quite muddy, and with thm Beverly Kain To Wed On Dec. 27 Mr and Mrs Edward Kain are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Beverly Kain, above, to Leonard Plaehn. son of Mrs Emma Plaehn of Reinbeck. Miss Kain is teaching kindergarten at Iowa Falls. , Mr Plaehn is stationed at the Naval Air Base at Oceana, Va. The wedding will be December 27. cloth-topped shoes, it didn't seem like a good idea to pf-t my feet wet, especially since I'd acquired quite a cough along with a cold. Well, whenever you need protection. use sacks. They worked perfectly. * * * A year or so ago Mr and Mrs Charles Patterson were in Old Mexico enrouU to or from California. I don't recall which. At any rate. Mrs Patterson found the place so interesting =he decided if the opportunity ever came, she would like to .stay longer ond drive over a wider territory. The opportunity has come and she and her husband, with their son and daughter-in-law. Mr ;md Mrs W. E. Patterson, of Chicago, are leaving soon for a vacation there. South America hu ; , been mentioned but there art- certain drawbacks to that. I wouldn't be surprised if they would make arrangements somehow and tour at least the northern portion of firtv. A far cry ( o a pcnnf seven clays ago. The day was made cnmplo'e by ;) phone cal! from Mrs Beck's sister, Mrs Verm/n .lamps-, of Bradentnn, Fla. * * « Let's finish 1906 — Miss Nellie Tavlur cnnn; from Sioux Falls, K. I.) Monday to spend a few days visit,n£ at the home of her parents. Mr and Mrs Joel Taylor and oi!u-r relatives and old friends (The old home is the house just noiih-of the Matthew Streits. It was made into a duplex a few veiris ago. As I recall. Nellie was a stenographer— u i least I used to see her around Ihe Court H'ii.jse a Jot and she did office woi k for some attorney I think.) Little Dorothy Hutchison, daughter (,f A. Hutchison, was operated on for appendicitis by local physicians the first of the week. The operation was entirely .successful.—Henry Wadsworth and Harvey Wadsworth (his son) left for Colorado yesterday. It is expected that "the latter, will go down into New Mexico before cornim; homo. Miss Mae and Ruth Palmer leave for Chicago today where Mae will resume her musical >Uidies (vocal) and Ruth will inter Evanston University. — Among the pilgrims to the Minnesota state fair last week were R^y Me Gethchie. John P. Byson, I Louis Nelson and C. E. Lamp- jptmht. Mr Me Gethchie was 1 American Express agent—or at least he worked there and old t.rrier-- like I will remember see- in i? him deliver express in a low hung, big two wheeled cart. I took a ride in it once—a hal- lowe'cn prank, hauled by Earl Cr;,ni- to a party at Ethel (Shortie) Liiwr's. All, to i ecover departed Youth! that continent home. before j (.'turning Summer was a "meaniee" but I'D bet there are a good many who wish right now WL- had some of its heat. I haven't begun to squak yet. but probably will. The usual reports on flu and colds has begun. * * * Mrs John Homer passed another milestone Sunday and wa? given a picnic by members of her family, those in attendance beine Alma Doan and Warren Donn of St. Paul, Minn.. Carl Mcquart of Minneapolis. Minn., her brother. Irwin Beck of Vallejo, Calif., tht father. William Beck and Willia;:Crane of Dickens and her hu~- band and son. Th.t-re wer-: many others picnicing at the Ambrose Call State Park a.irl ;s-' were glad to circli- around th. Anything less is an old-fashioned truck! Mrs Rueb Heads Children's Drive , Mi, Fiur.k Rueb of 1314 E. N'> 'itii street, has been appointed ••iui.rii.iin fr.r the Iowa Children's II ::i" Society campaign, which will be concluded here Oct. 1-15, ,•:•..<; ::nu to an announcement by H'.:v:fT Jewett. president uf thc- AU"nans are b'.'ing asked to -i.!p;:> >: t ti.t; society programs !. : ::"U.un generous donations so it i:;;.uht continue.' the work of car- mc for neglected or abandoned c^;:ciK-n thn>imh adoptive or tj- <i::' r \!nv. home care. Mi'r Rueb will name chairmen thr uMivrut the town to her 'iu:'.ii« The drive. Alfma's goal !.•> ?'J!)i. the ..m Hint raised last Inva Children's Home Society. f'.iur/k'd in uil'.i:'.. has provided e;::e for more than 20.000 children. The society operates on the theory that adoptive or family board, nil homo care for un- f'.riunate children is preferable t" an institution or asylum. The methods have demonstrated outstanding results through the years, according to Mrs Rueb. WANT ADS BRING RESULTS Algona Airport Log Sept. 7 — Remmers-Tompkin s :. Burlington, arrived in Tri-Pacer. Thursday, Sept. 29, 1955 Algeria (la.) Upper Des Moine*-3 Sept. 9 — Cessna 140 from Phillipsburg. Montana, landed. Sept. 11 — Jack Cirs, Des Moines. flew-in with Cessna 140. Sept. 12 — Bert Hansen. Vernon City. Minn., landed in Cessna 170; Nielsen Const. Co., Bonanza, flew-in from Blencoe. Sept. 15 — Hartzell Propellor Co. Cessna 180 landed; Mr and Mrs Leonard Hume, Grand Island, Nebr., landed. Headed for Woden. Sept. 17 — Krause Milling Co., Milwaukee, Twin Beech landed. Sept. 19 — Harold Berryhill, Estherville, arrived in Champion; Mr and Mrs Hume got gas for return trip to Grand Island. New Chevrolet Most modern trucks on the road! If you don't get all the advantages they offer, you stand to lose money on the job today . .. end again at trode-in-time! Most modern power—V9 or 6 In most new Chevrolet truck models, you have your choice of V8* or 6. Chevrolet's new truck VS's have the shortest stroke of any V8 in any leading truck! That means less fric- Year Trucks tion and wear per mile. And all Chevrolet truck engines have a modern 12-volt electrical system for quicker starting, better ignition and a greater electrical reserve. The truck driver'* "dream cab" With wide panoramic windshield, concealed Safety Step and High- Level ventilation system. Work Styling—a Chevrolet exclusive Two fresh, functional styling treatments-one for light- and medium- after year, America's best selling Chevrolet Truck Work Styling is well illustrated in these four models ranging from the Low Cab Forward and Cameo Carrier at left to the pickup and tractor-trailer unit at right. duty models, another for heavy- duty. Your Chevrolet truck will do your job better-and look better! Most modern features throughout Advanced suspensions! More rigid, ladder-type frames! Tubele'ss tires standard on Vi-ton models! Come in and see all the ways you're way ahead with new Chevrolet trucks! • I'J ftandard in L.C.F. modrln. an titra-eott option in alt othert except /•'oritard Control truck! KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. SOUTHWEST OF COUBTHOMSI SQUABi PHONE 200 Auction Sale OF Farm SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1st 2 P.M. Sale on the Premises In order to settle the Estate of the late Birnie M. Burlingame, his heirs will sell at Public Auction to the highest bidder the following described real estate situated in Kossuth County, Iowa, to-wit; THE NORTHWEST QUARTER (NW!4) OF SECTION TWELVE (12),-TOWNSHIP NINETY-SEVEN (97) NORTH, RANGE THIRTY (30), WEST OF THE 5th P. M., KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA. This farm is located 1 Vz miles North and 1 mile West of Lone Rock, Iowa; or 16 miles Northwest of Algona, Iowa. • POSSESSION MARCH 1,1956 TERMS: 20^ cash on date of sale and balance in cash on or before March 1, 1956. Abstract and clear title with 1955 taxes paid will be furnished to the purchaser, except for formal closing of the estate probate proceedings. This farm consists of Webster and Clarion loam soils, is well fenced and has reasonably good buildings. Basement barn only 2 years old. M. P. BURLINGAME, Agent for the Heirs COLWELL BROTHERS, Auctioneers No Question About What Quality You Get In Felco Feed Miracle Ingredients? Sure, FELCO has them, too. But PELCO has no secrets. Research from the nation's top nutritionists go into the formulas for FELCO. Only the best ingredients go into FELCO. When miracle ingredients are recommended, you'll find them in FELCO . , • in the proper ratio. Want proof? Stop in. Watch FELCO being blended and mixed. We have no secrets. There's no question, either, who gets the cooperative savings. You do ... if you're a FELCO member. Stop in. Get the facts. Become a FELCO member. Farmers Cooperative Society. Wesley Burt Cooperative Elevaior. Burt Lone Rock Cooperative Elevaior Co.. Lone Rock West Bend Elevator Co., West Bend Fenton Cooperative Elevator Co., Fenion Whillemore Cooperative Elevator, Whittemore The Farmers Elevator, Bode Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., Swea City FUCO'S m BIST- SAVING'S mKlST ASK YOUR NCIGHBOR DO BUSINESS WITH YOURSELF 1

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