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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • Page 4
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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • Page 4

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:

I Gannett Wefctchester Newspapers Monday September 17 1984 LocnlArea PQ Section Annie Henrlksen Obituaries ITS NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER Most classes begin October 1 LARCHMONT-MAMARONECK CENTER FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION Sally Aiiffi Goedecke retired Union Carbide executive EVENING PROGRAM Sally Abb Goedecke retired u-iaUat director of odvertisiiig for UbIob Carbide aod a former Rye resident died Sundsy- it Shsroo (Cooa) Koepital after a abort ill-She was SPECIAL INTEREST Update on the World Art Gallery Mystique Modem Dramatists Public Speaking Creative Writing Coping with Stress Van Gogh Earth Science Redesigning Interiors MiddMIass Tax Shelters as a lieutenant la the Ni en'i 71 the first midshipmen dam of the Day Wooden" training rnnmt Miaa Goedecke received her commivion in IMS and served in Hawaii Miss Goedecke retired in 1911 from Union Carbide Gorp in New York City as assistant director of advertising She wae previously manager of publicity and had been with tbe chemical company's advertising and promotion department since 1949 She was a member of the Now YorfcWomea'AdvgtJsing Phh While in Rye she was a member of Church Miss Goedecke is survived by one brother William Skinner Goedecke of Rye 1b Cornwall Cobb for the part ft yean and prior to tbai io New York City for many yean She grew up 1b Rye liviag with her family oo Hill-crest Lane and at Blind Brook Lodge Born in Brooklyn on Feb 11 1930 Min Goedecke waa tbe daughter of Milton and Rebecca Skinner Goedecke She attended Milton Elementary School Ryo Country Day School and Ryo Higli School and graduated from Friend! Academy on Long Island She received a bachelors degree in chemistry from Smith College Northampton Man During War II she served member of Us Lady's Guild She wu a member of the Ancient Order of HUieriiiiiuS ami Urn Greenwich Chapter of the Amerieu Asncistioa of Retired Persons Her husbandi Edward Henrik-sen died in 1005 lira Henriksea is survived by one daughter Mary Fox of Greenwich two sons Edward of Bowie M4- and Arthur of Petaluma Calif one sister Rou Grimlcy of Scotland on brother George Grim- ley of Scotland seven grandchil-j dm and six great-grandchildren Laura Sammarco Laura Sammarco of 169 Convent Road In Nanuet a retired insurance company clerical staff supervisor: "and former 70-year resident of Port Chester died Sunday at Good Samaritan Hospital in Stiffen She was ft- Min Sammarco worked far what is now the Rye Brook office of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co-She worked for the company for 47 years until she retired in 1974 Miu Sammarco wu born Sept 17 1910 in Port Chester She wu the daughter id John and Coocet-1 ta Giraldl Sammarco Miu Sammarco teat lived on Olivia Street in Port Chester before moving to Nanuet three year ago to live with her niece Linds Baui Miu Sammafco wu a pnriahio-l ner of Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Port Chester She wu honored four times by the Veteran Society of New York for her chairmanship of the war bond drive in Westchester County Min Summarco is survived by I three sisters Helen Sammarco Ida Sammarco both of the -home address and Fina LaRou of Port I Cheater Annie Greenwich High School matron and a longtime Greenwich resident died Sunday at Greenwich Hospital after a long illnen She wu-99 and Uvea in Greenwich for the peat 40 years residing at 241 Milbank Ave Mrs Henrlksen worked at Greenwich High School from 1950 until retiring in 1072 Born in Glasgow Scotland on Jane SO 1004 Mrs Henriksen was the daughter of Peter and Mary FernGrknley In Greenwich she was a parishioner of St Mary's Church and a Aurora Sardina Aurora Sardinia of 05 Grace jphurdrSL in Port Chanter an employee of Arnold Bakeri in Green-" wich died Friday at United Hospital in Put Cheater after suffering a heart attack She waa 54 She worked a line opera tor packing the baked products for 17 years at Arwdd Mrs Sardinu wh a parishioner of Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Port Chester She wh born on Dec 4 1929 In Merlan Pnmar Chant ada in Spain She wu the daughter of Joee and Esberanu Vence Fernandez She lived in Port Cheater for 23 years moving from New York City where die lived for one year Mrs Sardinu is survived by her husband Dionisio Sardinu of the home address a 20-year machine operator at Arnold Bakers and one lister Anna Fernandez of the home address BRIDGE I II MUSIC Preludes for the Keyboard Guitar Beginning 7-Advanced v- Police report in lieu of $2500 bail and waa sched- died to appear today in Port Chester Court $1000 clarinwt stolen Rye Brook police reported the theft of a $1000 clarinet man Blind Brook High School Police said the Instrument which belonged to Christina Salong of 01 Rockridge Drive Rye Brook was stolen from a staircase sometime after 4:30 pm Thursday Misa Salong had left the ciarinefin the-taircase police aaid The incident was reported to police Saturday Cos Cob man chargsd in taxi offico burglary Port Cheater police charged a 20-year-old Cot Cob man with third-degree burglary after police said he was caupt iniide the office of Adee Taxi Police uid Patrick Ravieie of 12 Wyndover Lane was caught at 4:20 am Saturday hiding in the bathroom of Adee Thai offices at 109 Adee St Police aaid Ravieie broke into a building under construction next to Adee Taxi and kicked in a plasterboard wall to get into the taxi office Nothing waa mining but police Hid some items were damaged llingirh nflllPPS Police uid Ravieie was being brid WCWMI COMPUTERS AND WORD PROCESSING Computer Programming I Computer Literacy Computers: Advanced Word Processing FOOD AND WINE Gourmet Meals Chinese Cooking Winetasting DO IT YOURSELF Photography: Beginnning Advanced Knitting Woodworking Auto Mechanics Upholstery Fall Gardening LANGUAGES French Conversation Italian Spanish English: Intermediate Advanced ARTS AND CRAFTS Batik Calligraphy Pottery Painting Workshop Clay Sculpture Stained Glass Watercoior Fire calls HBNEWUIL Aaaia Erhnlay at GraoawtcGCt Sapl ta NS WHa al Hie lata Edward Hcnrlkian Mather al Mary Fqx Edward and Arthur HanrHuun Staler al Raaa and George Grlndey Mail al Chrltltaa Burial at SI Mary Church Greenwich an Wad at am Interment SI Mary Flra cam from pm Saturday la IMS am May SAMMARCO Laura an Sapl ta HS4 Pram the JAMES GUN-IPERO FUNERAL: HOME INC Ml Westchester Ave I Fart Chester NY Mau elj Christian Burial at Our Lady al Thu Rosary Churcfc Wad i am interment SI Mary's Camatary Rye Break NY Friends may visit Mon pm aodTuas7-4G7-tprn SCHMVONE Aaaa Lucy as Sapl ta ISM at Phelps Atom Hasp Survived by I tana aa-'t tanG Harry and Anlhany 1 daughlar Mrs Tarata HUpari IS graadchlldran and granl 1 IMP am Sunday SIS Oeilan Pail Uaad Saar hrafca an car avarhaatad IMS am Sunday Oanaral Foods Imefce delecler maWuacHanad Friend may caN at Ike FRED KNAPP AND SONS MEMORIAL ON Tea MG Ft pm PAVLIK Jeha Dear SmBiar ef EmHy TemtkuG Mrs John lltataa) Mkh and Emil Pavlik Funeral Services at THE DUCHYNSKI-CHERKO FUNERAL HOME III Yankam Avg an Wad Sapl IK al 1PM In-tarmaat Oakland Camatary Visiting hr an wad ham VAM ta IPM POLIAK Rasa (aaa Omrkir) an iaptamhar ta NSL al Tar-rytownNY wife at ieymeur Poliak Malhar ef Martha Jean Smith and Carat Jean Ntmllch and tta Grandchildren Staler ef Mrs Victor Es prtta Baalrica Druckar aad FMHp Druckar Sarvlcat at Tamgla hath Abraham Torry-town Tuesday September 1G al MAM Flaata an SASIA AHrad JL al Mamnra each Suddenly an Sapl ta NSL Mau al Christian Burial ajn Wad Sapl al Holy Trinity Church Mam Interment Gala of Hoovon Cama-lary Repealng O'NEILL FUNERAL HOME OF MAMARONECK INC 4H Boston Fad Ed Mamk wham family will racalva friend Mon 7-f pm Tut t-4 74 In lltu of Bourn canlrlbutlan la Ma-mnmnnek Raicua Squad Mnmnmnnch Sanlar CHImn Canter would be ippmelnM CHENEY Bmay RaNar al Shet-taGCt Saptta HSA farmerty al Irawilar FManlllla-NY Wife Itw lala Charta Chanay Mather al Emily LeulM Cola and David Cha-any Slilar al Frederick Mor-RaHar and am Sunday Uuehlleld Lana Sro-ken water pi pe- ISH pm I Wladreie Way Alarm mVIlMillOII Ids pm 4 Laura! Lana Alarm mal-funcHaa Ml pm Band Lana Fire In gorbnpo I Yarn- kariNYon Sapl-IG MSI SI- tap dS itafon lliihhlERnn IUI W1 nEWn VWStaSVSIlHOTIo MUM survived by saver al Cousins Funeral Service al MJshns Eplscapal Church (Gefty iq) am Wad at IG1SAM lotvr-mani Ml Hope Camatary The Family wld racalva Friends at THE HAVEY-MALONEY HOMES FOE FUNERALS INC 711 Ynnksrs Ava Yonkers NY an Man TmlH 7- DORSEY FUNERAL HOME INC Smart Itan FL Osstalag I Man 74 gm Funaral Mau Tues II am SI AugusBnn Church Interment si John's Camatary Middle Village 1 Queans i TAYLOR Mahal Dl an HU Ealovad SI star at Frances I Flanagan Dear Aunt at Elisa-1 DANCE AND EXERCISE Social Dancing Middle East Dancing Dancercize Yoga al flue Samlet 1PM BEECHER FUNERAL HOME FleataatullleNV wham Family win racalva Ml am May Wattara Junior Nigh School Ugh! haMml smoking' 5 killed in plane crash MAM until lima at Service Interment Konsico Conefory KELLY Marcalla Aaaalaan IA9MI BriaNGd itafhflf mi NN UWVWWWU UUMT Mrs John jMnisy (Marlnrto) and Mrs Hamid EGatsNck (Mary) Laving Graadmalhar at taur and Gmal Grandmufh-er at an a Mast al ChrlsNaa Gurlai at SlJoha The Eapthl ChureG Tuesday al MGM ta-tarmaaL at StJasaph Cama-lary Friends may caN at THE HAVEY-MALONEY HOMES FOE FUNERALS INC 777 Yan-kars Avg Yankark NY an Monday from 74 74PM BUSINESS SKILLS Accounting Typing Keyboarding Ik Secretarial Pra Typing ctice aad Teresa Os-1 watd Rapaslng at LLOYD-1 MAXCY'S BEAUCHAMP CHAPEL Shea FI New Rschids NY Mau at Chrtsllaa Burial at Etauad Sacrament ChureG Tuns al MJSAM IntarmanL Gal a at Han van Camatary tailing hrs 74 74PJM '1 WALSHNL Hataa 77 yrs eld sud- Ummlaa mm aa RalauaJ UWllYf XI Nl I7M RraVal Daughlar at Iris and Martin Stator at Linda Dear Oraad 1 Daughlar aad Niece ServIceG 9 Tuesday tlNOON at GARLICK1 FUNERAL HOME N71 Yan-if bars Avg Yeakers IntarmanL Bath! Camatary HJ Ropes 1 tag Maaday tram- 74FM ta 1 lieu at flewers cuntrlhulluns DAYTIME PROGRAM ttie American Cancer Sodoty REILLY DaaM aa iapllS HU Rapesing at THE MC MAHON LYON HARTNETT FUNERAL HOME 411 Mama-AVG White FtaluNY al Christian EurtaL Wadntsday at MAM Holy Name ef Jesus Church Interment Gala at Heaven Camatary Visiting hr aa Tuesday 'tram 74 WPM hi dee ef ItawafG Family svtahas csotrl-buttans ta Parhlasea Dhaasa FaundattaG Cahimhla University Mad leal center WMMh nyc mas RENNERT Chartae an Sagtta HU Eatavnd Husband at An-nlaaa Lanlgan) DavotoO Fa-Ihar at Charles and Richard Fnnd Brathar at Evelyn Twoe-may Aha survived by tour Grundchlldran Ropvslng al THE YANNANTUONO FUNERAL HOME Mass ef Christian EurtaL StUrsutes ChureG Wtad MAM Visiting Monday Tuesday tram 74 MPJW CARLO VhU CSr (raLJadgG I hr Caurtl at Flhum Manur NY Ml Start IS HM Btatvud Huthund at Raw Prlndpate Dl Carta Father at Joseph Jr EauBa CkrttllM and Narlna Baaary Dl Carta Rspostag FELHAM FUNERAL HOME S4 Lincoln Avg Prthant NY Mum Our Lady al Perpetual Hatp Church Falham Man-arNY an Tuesday al MGM VMtlng hr an Maaday from 74 74PM Aga II Died Friday September ta IWL Al the CarNandt ALL-DAY FINANCIAL1 PLANNING WORKSHOP 1 Va Father el the late Wih McKandrlck aad Agnes LINDEN (AP) A single-engine private airplane struck two utility poles flipped over and crashed while preparing to land at a small airport killing I and critically injuring a ties aaid today flew in too low it the runway clipping top of one pole and hitting another before stepping at the edge of an embankment on airport property at about 11:99 pm Sunday police uid The six-out due came to rest upside down with one wing sheared off and the victims were found inside uid Patrolman John Penn who wu the first officer at the at tha Moratlold Prathytarinn Church Shu to tumlvod by sovoral cousins Funaral sarv ic add bu Iaptamhar ITtti (la-day) CHAM HERS FUNERAL HOME al MiUam Ofticlatlng will ha Dr DanaM Swap a Gravoslda rights wHI ha at at Shanandaah Mama rial Park Winch osier VA Bruca McGoth wHI ha official-Ing al tha Qravailda right Ma Sapl ta HU Phelps Memerial Hatpl-tal Survived by Whether 7 brafhert 7 slttart grandpa rants tevaral aunts and pact Reposing LEACH THOMAS FJf a Stain Otslnlno Man 74 7-f pm Walshta Fund WASMRMAN URtaa Laving Molhor at Bally Dl Gragorto and Arthur Wasturmaa Adarad Graadmalhar at Phyt-1? Crain Larry WsimrmaG Jsffray OragoriG Philip and Jssaph Wosurmaa Ga-tovad Oram Graadmalhar ah) Julia aad Jasaa Crata Daarrf Stator at Emanuel London SorvkG Tuesday at ITiUFJM at The Wsslchoslsr RIvorsldG 71 WBraed II MlVsrnso- NV WELCH YtataWe (Fm) Sapl ta HM swit at Gaorga WekA Malhar at Albori Ackorty Memorial Sarvlca odd ho held Tuts Sapl ta HSt 7 pm la lha wirtta Plains Frew bytortaa ChureG Na Bread -1 ssuy WhUe PtataG NY ta Hau ItawerG camribultaos may bu mads si Agam Heepltalrtl or lha Whlta Flalae Prashytari aa ChureG Msrsflald Frosbylarlan ChureG Rostoroltan Fund MUSCINITTU Loltto On Sap-tarnhor Ul Hhi Funaral sarv-Icas Tunirtuy Mhn at ttm FRIMM FUNERAL HOME CHAPELS Ml Ml Vnrnan Ava DM Yarnsn Rapaslng San at Diana and Lawranca Laving Erathnr at Fstar and riougtes Dfad tragically at Itw ago of 74 SorvtcG Today (Monday) at Rpm at 77 Craamar RG ArmankNY ta Hau at Hswstg caMrltarttans may bu mads I Ihs tataaslvs Cara Unit Graonwich Hasp I Cl Tups I pm Rtv a short Coatk uffletattag I mormon! Data Cumctary FUMING Josoph sf Ysnkar so wso Sspt NFL Sou at Itw lot lomuol and Hhon Wnlknr Flsmlng Bolovod brathor nf Agnus Arthur ond ttw tata UStn Flaming Undo at Arthur Ftamtag' Funsral wns hold tram Itw FLYNN MEMORIAL HOMO SB Rraodwoy on am Sopl Hot am Rov Burtnsr -om-i-m Intaarnmnl IRnCfti OTTIEItafvlip MvwTMwni GGG Itanm agmlmioi Ufa Vtaltaltayi tawn Camatary ramNV kit a pole Penn Three mu and two women wen dead at the scene and a fourth male wu transported to Rahway Hospital Patrolmu David Allison uid A nursing supervisor who would not give her name identified the is of South marly af Ytnfcars aa Sapl HU Malhar at WIHIam and Rvhart RushfariG Gracq -Caa-aady and vara Irwta Stator al IN MEMORIAM SPECIAL INTEREST French Conversation -Literature Nature Walks Shape Up American Through Its Literature Creative Writing ARTS AND CRAFTS SumLe (Brush Painting) Brazilian Stitchery Painting Workshop Quiltmaking GOING PLACES Clark Museum WiHiamstown Museum of Modem Art Culinary Institute Brooklyn: Art and Architecture ENGLISH LANGAGE Beginning Intermediate Advanced For Young Adults FREE COURSES DAY AND EVENING Basic Education High School Diploma Preparation Englsh Language Call 698-9126 or COME BETWEEN 9am and 1 un Weekdays Palmer BuHding Room 12S Mamaroneck High School gram graadnrteher at I Sarvtc at HAVEY-MALONEY HOMES FOR FUNERALS INC 7B Yaakars avg Yoa-kar NV Tuasday at am Oa year Mh Analvanary Gm taiaad imio and IwaS nan wu uvu ywiN wo im fHn Mk yAss srtSI tarn Ml HWiyi fW wVM SaEy A On Sopl ta NIL Lavtag slstar at WH-Nam Shtaaar Coodaeko aUtyG NV A Memorial TarvtcdME ha hM Tal Tap 77 al II gol al Pint church at Christ Cromwslt Cl Mumartal cam MbuBcns may ha mada ta lha tata Matttww aad Mary Koii-mlr Daar Slstar at Elhal Gradurlck Mrs William (Franca) MaotG Mrs eg ward (Mary) Krasntawskt kaaa Iradsrlck Frank Kail-mlr aad Ik tat WHHara Ed- -a GA A a IMfw BUM MHmH R8Hnlws Funaral tram tha DUCHYNSKKHERKO FUNERAL HOME INC Ill Yank an Avg aa Wsdnsday Sapl ta at MatG at CkrisBaa Buriat ta Tha Mart Hrty Trta-Hy CsIksHc ChurcG rt MAM tatarmaat 74 Isstgis Ciih laty VNIBag hrs an Maaday Tusidoy tram 7d 74FJIA She said he wu being treated loi severe bead injuries and called Us condition critlcal" The deceased were not identified and investigators uid they were- working to determine the Pune's route The plane a Cherokee Lance wu returning from airport at Martha'i Vineyard lfaas uid Eugene Carroll investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board The aircraft had taken off from the linden airfield for the reaort island earlier In the day he VtaHlag 74 aad 74 aa Maaday ta Hau at BewetG csstrlku Baas may ha mad In Hw Brya Mawr Park Frasbylerloa ChureG ThOaN 1 MmEi iiG asr 9 M0M9M VTO MIM Dawn thru IJw years gaaa by Vau're always by aur slda Lovingly srtta aad Chlldraa at MlVsr-acGNYAum at Batty Faida asrt at Now Jsraay Also sur-vlvad by souural Grand Ntaocs HARRISON Cad at THE HAVEY-MALO-NEY HOMES FOE FUNERALS INC 771 Yaakars Avg Ysa-korkNY aa Tom wsd rsm S4 74pjn Mau el dtaalaltau tawM ftauuta WhiHIOT MIMh nHn MMHI if xii9 oa ThwG at up am latar- 35 yar of sennet to it Innrfaithi Community i I The pfame did not entch fire or dode ud then urere no iqjurieo the kronnd snthoritiu ukL The crash occnrrud it the Lin-1 den Munlrtpsl Airport which hu two runwsys end wu boilt In the 1940B tbe sirplun tall hong off the edge of smbunkmul st -edge of the rummy rsocus rs hid difftentty ranching the victims end tow truck wu csDed to lift the wrocksgG of Wastchestor County! Now Ownofl 8 Managed by George Neil Migliore You With Vatarons CUimt Social SacurHy Claims 929 Hakisod Avg Social Sorvfca CUms HnwtuMLY i aa Sm taHSt Mau at Chrirttaa Gurl- rt pi lha Church at Our Laily Me MHPi IVMMy NMIh VlWW tag at Eta RUSSELL JL SHAW FUNERAL HOME Monday 74 :1

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