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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 35

Lincoln, Nebraska
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38 Lincoln Evening Journal Nebraska State Journal Sept. 23, I union May Be Wrong lOiiiiiiiHnmnitDiniinininiiiiHiiiiiiiiiMiiiiHNiiiiiiniuiiHiMiiM By Don Forsytite Journal Sports Editor first veotured to Nebraska from to have been by When Donnie McGhee FHnt, he was big freight. weighed about 310 pounds when I first came. They. weighed me at 305 the second day I was here and that was after a workout which probably took off five the big Comhusker offensive guard recalls.

NelMTiska backfield coach Mike Corgan, who recmits the Michigan area for the Cornhuskers, knew he was bringing in a big one bat not quite that big. McGhee played at 270 pounds as a prep at Northwestern H.S. in Flint. been extra large for about as long as he can remember. weighed 250 in 8th or 9th grade.

I was sort of a he smiles. At 305 pounds he was something of a butterball, too. The first day he reported for practice varsity lineman Bob Liggett spotted him running and said at that guy float across the The tag stuck and Donnie has been ever since. He going to lose the nickname, but Donnie claims, a faster floater Battle of The Bulge Excess poundage slowed progress as a Comhusker. It came close to ending his career prematurely.

had a prescribed weight of 250 pounds for me when I came back as a sophomore, but I reported at 294. I remember coach Devaney telling me when I weighed in told you to come back looking like a greyhound and you come rolling in like a Mack he relates. a couple days of practice he told me that I keep up and I had to either lose weight or forget it. I took him at his Donnie says. But it took more than just losing weight for McGhee to make his mark.

He had a good shot at the No. 1 right tackle spot during spring drills a year ago, but lost the job to Paul Topliff. year applying myself he says. is my last year. all wasted if I do it now.

When I got a starting job last spring I decided it was something I going to Disappointment Last Long That determination helped him put aside a brief disappointment about being shifted from tackle to guard. Selmer told me I might come back as a guard last winter. I really in favor of it at all at the says Donnie. guard was a position for a smaller man because of the pulling and trapping a guard does and never been a speed he explains. But the disappointment vanished quickly.

liked it the first time we started hitting. I put my finger on it, but I really like it better than tackle. Now soiTy I switched The coaches might be thinking that way, too, after excellent grades at guard in the first two games. always been regarded as a powerful straight-ahead blocker. Now displaying some finesse in other techniques as well.

For the first time in his Cornhusker career McGhee failed to lead the assault on the scales on weigh-in day this fall. Wally Winter and Bob Newton beat me this he says. Putting it in the simplest of terms, loss has been the Cornhusker gain. Wesleyan Shows Edge In Football Statistics After easily disposing of two weak early foes, Nebraska Wesleyan shows a commanding statistical edge on opponents heading into its Saturday encounter at home with Missouri Western. Dana and Midland gained only 94 total yards rushing Tapp and a mere 12 passes were completed in 47 attempts.

The Plainsmen are averaging 147.5 totals yards passing and 89.5 on the ground. Quarterback Steve McKelvey is 21-41 with four TDs for 262 yards. Lonnie Tapp is the top rusher with 104 yards in 33 carries. RUSHING Att. Gain Loss ..................33 107 ...................26 76 9 23 .....................5 8 Nat Av9.

3 104 3.2 2 74 2.9 7 16 1.8 0 8 1.6 McCormick Holds Lead 3 0 27 -27 83 232 53 179 2.2 OPP TOTALS 70 162 94 1.3 PASSING Att Comp int. Pet. Yds. TO Pistol Not Loaded? Tallahassee, Fla. To hear Pete Marvich tell it the was blanks in his first pro basketball exhibition game for the Atlanta Hawks the all-time major college basketball scoring leader, sewed but 16 points for the Hawks in a 121-105 loss to the Boston Celtics Tuesday night.

not even half of 40 plus averages at Louisiana State. really worth a said the softnspoken southerner as he pulled on a pair of natty ben in the cramped, steambath-hot locker room at Florida State Tally gym. was too tired and I he said. was physically Part of the trouble, Marvich said, was the oppressive heat in the tiny gym. Some 4,500 spectators crowded into Tully, pushing the courtside temperatm'e near 90 on a muggy night.

felt it was a thousand degrees in Marvich said. even breathe. When you breathe you get your second But the performance of the shooter with the floppy socks belied his own appraisal. Maravich simply got letter as the game went on. His first shot, a 20-foot jumper thrown up as a teammate cried it in, fell off the rim.

Marvich shot stx more times in the first half, hitting only on a jumper at 10:30 of the second period. But the shot true in the second half, sinking six of 11 field goal attempts and two of three free throws. In fact, Marvich hit 12 of hfs 16 points in the final period when he barraged the basket with looping, off balance jump shots from the 25-foot range. In typicaly self-deprecating fashion, only comment on the deadeye passes he zipped to and through Hawks teammates was, was just throwing the Maravich was credited with three assists, one of them on pass to 6-9 center Jim Davis off a between the legs dribble. Davis canned an easy layup.

But Maravich, a playmak ing guard in the Hawks offensive scheme, could have doubled or even tripled his assists had the been ready for his bullet passes. That is an adjustment that will come from knowing the style better. So no matter how Maravich graded himself, he passed two of the toughest tests. He had the fans screaming with glee a his incredible shots and passes And the pros were impressed. is going to be hell of a commented Celtics Coach Tom Heinsohn.

Gridders Vote to Accept Blacks Back Syracuse, N.Y. The members of the Syracuse University football team have voted to accept eight suspended black athletes back on the squad, apparently amid suggestions their failure to do so would force cancellation of home against Kansas. There was no immediate comment from the black athletes, and it was not immediately known how many of the eight remained and academically, to play. Among the eight were last two leading ground gainers, A1 Newton and Greg Allen. Three weeks ago Chancellor John E.

Corbally, indicated the black failure to accept university terms for San Francisco (iP) McCormick of San $680, maidens, five two-year-olds furlongs 3.402.80 3.60 McKelvey .................41 21 1 .512 262 4 McGrane .............6 3 0 .900 33 0 TOTAL ..................47 24 1 .511 295 4 OPP TOTAL .......47 12 4 .255 161 1 PASS RECEIVING No. Yds. TD Kemling -1 0 Tapp 3 47 0 Tucsday Shibata ...............................................1 -16 0 Gill ....................................................1 0 0 Bruce McLaughllng .....................................4 81 2 Boa Is ...................................................4 47 2 Gabriel, j. 4 4o 0 who won the U.S. Public 1 Links title 33 years ago, led 31 "i V.w 295 4 other veterans into match play punting Wednesday in the 16th annual 3 2 U.S.

Senior Amateur Golf 372 33:8 OPP total 19 555 29.2 Championships. punt returns McCormick, 61-year-old eiiis operator of an industrial towel 4 uo business, had a one-over-par 73 OPP total 3 1 Bettor Bee Jlasty.MertleMa in round and a total KICKOFF RETURNS Dally 1 in luesoay rouna ana a loiai jgpo purse 50 four-y of 147 for the two days of play 1 11 11.8 up, claiming 1 50041 200 which cut down the starting Avg. KIngTe'lvet (Ray) 3.60 2.1 field of 130. nter pt on 12 Reed Stephenson 2 21 wTs Also ran Bold Rage, Silly Robus, Ross Stephenson .........................1 0 0 AAlss Khalette, Foxy mcj Inducement. Roffers 1 5 5.0 Fourth race, purse WOO, four-year olds 4 26 5 up, claiming $1,500, mile and 70, OPP TOTAL Salad Nights First raea, Nebraskabrad; Kandy Korn (Ray) .............4.40 2.60 2.60 Whoa Robe (Anderson) Allwaunda (Armstrong) Also ran Cholcey, Robin's Bow 01 Appla Traa.

Precious Butch, Barm race, purse $508, three ft four- year-olds, maidens, five furlongs, 2-5. Apache Blue (Stallings) .........................4.80 2.40 2.20 Terri M. (Barnes) 2.40 2.20 Mr. Sew Sew 2.20 Also ran Ambush Boy, Atoll Of Coral aar-olds IV reinstatement in time for the opening of fall practice meant the suspensions would remain in effect for the season. The official reinstatement announcement from the university came late Tuesday.

It followed by about six hours a meeting with the Commissioner of Human Rights, Robert J. Mangum, and a later meeting of the team. The annonncement said head football coach Ben Schwa rtzwalder the reinstatement to the chancellor. Schwartzwalder told the Associated Press, however, that Tuesday team meeting had been recommended by university officials. He said the unnamed officials predicted that if the team voted to accept the eight back on the squad might have a chance to play the A statement by the 68 team members was carefully worded, Schwartzwalder said.

He quoted the team as saying: take the suspended players back in order to play the He indicated the university officials were present at the meetihg and that they predicted if a statement first developed was not toned down to the released form an in- be sought to prevent a potential for violence on Saturday. The first order of business for the reinstated players was expected to be physicd ez- aminations and the earliest they could in full drills, by National Collegiate Athletic Association rules, would be next Tuesday. The suspension followed a boycott of spring practice by the eight players. They said the action was taken to protest what they called the racist attitudes of Schwartzwalder and his coaching staff. CJorbally denied the formal charges filed with the local human rights commission, but offered to reinstate the players in August if they made a commitment to the coaching staff and the team and accepted responsibility for their suspension.

The black athletes refused, brought in former National Football League star Syracuse University Jimmy Brown to bolster their claims and last week submitted to Corbally their own for settling the oontsoversy. The documents turned over! to Corbally Included their own I version of a team commitment and a list of movM they expected the university to take to settle the discrimination In apparent acceptance of the Negro suggestions, Corbally announced a trustec- faculty-student investigation committee be convened. He said the committee would meet a tight time schedule and a comprehensive report at its earliest convenience. Curtis Person, a 60-year-old auto dealer from Memphis, who is defending the title he won the last two years, added a 75 Tuesday to his 73 on Monday to finish a stroke oack of medalist McCormick. Midwestern AAt Honors Athletes Grand Island Midwestern Association of the AAU presented awareds to its in 10 categories here over the weekend.

Those honored and their sports: BiskMball Age group Mary Ellen O'Neill; Ellen AAosher; Men's Al Maxey. Wrestling Weightlifting Andy Ness. Eoxing Men's Clem Tucker. Track Field Junior Olympics Girls Patty Barry and Kathy Trout; BarNing; Eobieszczyk; Lon Distance Charles Sayward. Swimming Age group Melanie Jakob and Jim Perry; Man's Kelly Cook; Women's Kate McAlister; DMng Rick Kincade; Baltord and Marcy Hartnett.

Jude AAaR'ew Floerchmger. (King)' .................................4.40 2M 2.20 Over Motion (Barns) 2.40 2.20 St. Exupery (Caniglla)' 4.40 Also ran Saint Tim's, Challadoll, Phil's Steva. Fifth race, pursa 500 fourjfear-olds and up, claiming 6Vi furlongs, 2-5. Albo Baby (Ray) .................4.20 2.60 2.40 Long Ann (Anderson) 2.60 2.60 Ducky Poke (King) 3.60 Also ran Swell Pal, Witch Pemberton, Scranton Hollow, Cherry Irish, YMCA jov Fo Vortheasl YMCA Bowling, Swim Competition Set Family and father-son bowling competition is to be included in the Northeast YMCA Joy Forme, community program this fall.

twi Registration for the leagues and up allowance, will be conducted at Hollywood Bowl at 5:15 p.m. Sept. 29. V.v'" IS Community program du-ector Do Wacky (Anderson) 2.40 Dave Snow has also sche(iuled dimming iustructKm at the Northeast pool. Father-son i :27.

swimming is set for 7 p.m. each Monday, by in- cJrii" struction for young begmnmg oin, ego, cfiamp ho swimmers at 7:40. YMCA graded swim instruction is to be held from 9 a.m. to noon each Saturday. Both programs last eight weeks.

(7 ft Mutuel H8Mlle-46S4tt Reserve Football Northeast 20, Southeast 6 Northeast 6 0 6 Southeast 6 0 0 Northeast Knopp, 1 run; Ketterer (2), 1 run, 20 run; pess from Sullivan. Southeast Olmstead, 47 pass from Buethe. Win LCC Title Jim Swanson and Don Bergquist teamed up to win the Uncoln Country two-mim golf championship with a and 1 triumph over Dale Ganz and Pete Jenkins in the final match. AAONTTGOAAERY tmaa On 2nd tire when you buy the Ut at reg. polyester snow tires eiACXWAil 6 79-15- PKICl 2.40 978 078- 978 .15 SfPlACSS 1.25-U t45-U TIPI OMLt ppicl ifVUS 078-13 1X7? 14.75^ I Txt? ot reg f.l.t.

2.85 2.39 ,15 V7t .15 4-p'y cord body- MSO SIZE belted tire PWCf till OH sho gw SHOtl ,99 SIZE .125.14 8.55. PSlirl bach 41.00* 44.00** 47.50* SIZES also 44.00* 22.00 tire ONLY 20.5022 00 23.75* cor. FLUS F.E.T. bach 3.01 SftLE priced 8.55:« blk. f.l-T- fRlCB iSt ENJOY MORE OF WHAT YOU NEED IT" WITH WARDS CHARG-ALL PLAN Riverside IMMIDIATI MPLACmiNT eUARANm If battery found defective end will not hold cborgoi (I) FREE raplocoment within 90 days of pwrchoie; 12) After 90 doyi will replace Ihe battery, chorsing you pro-roled amount of the current no-trode-in telling price for each monlh from dole of purcheio.

INSTALLED FREE 36-MOe ENERGY BATTERY- REGULAR OUTRIGHT PRICE 23e95 Bonneville Seat Covers Equals original equipnient on most of cars. 22f, 24, 24F, 29NL 53, 3EE, 60. 18 EXCH. REG. 29.98 WHEEL alignment 26 88 ONE GALLON RIVERSIDE ROUND COOLANT We correct caster, camber, toe-in, toe-out.

Restores steering control to your cor with air conditioning and compacts slightly highor Most Leather-groined vinyl is handsome, tough, stain-resistant. Adds value to your cor. Set of front and rear. Ethylene glycol base is fortified with special additives to prevent rust, foaming. 1 44 OAUON REG.

1.69 GALLON.

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