Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 21, 1973 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1973
Page 22
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22 Galesburg R6gister*Mciil y Golesburg, HI. Thursday, June 21, 1973 i Q family ft 4 •Mil Diabetic Wants Lower Blood Sugar Dr. Lamb miflllw'Ui 1 nirrrrtii inu«ttiEi* Summits Bother Small Nations By LAWRENCE LAMB, M. D. Dear Dr. Lamb — I have a hard time In bringing my blood sugar down. I have sugar diabetes, and even when I stick to my diet I have a hard time keeping it down. I take two shots of insulin for a total of 60 units a day. I test my urine every day. I am overweight and 52 years old. What do you recommend I do to get my blood sugar down? Even when it is high, 1 don't feel too bad, but sometimes I do feel sluggish. Dear Header — If a person has sufficiently severe diabetes to require insulin therapy, the amount of insulin has to be regulated in relationship to the diet that's eaten. If you don't stay on your diet, the insulin dosage may either be too little or too much. People with untreated diabetes often feel sluggish because they don't have enough energy in the cells to carry out normal cell function. This happens because the glucose sugar used for cell energy requires insulin to be metabolized, that is, converted to carbon dioxide and oxygen to release energy. When the insulin is not effective or when there is not enough insulin in [converted to glucose sugar in this way. Of course, the glucose sugar can't be used by the cells if there is no insulin, and as the blood sugar goes up this causes sugar in the urine. One of the functions of your insulin then is to enable the cells to use normally produced glucose sugar and give you energy. This ,in turn combats the "sluggish feeling" or fatigue that diabetics [experience. Different Opinions Diabetic specialists have different opinions on how well controlled the blood sugar level should be. Certainly the diabetes should be controlled well enough !that the body doesn't have to depend on fat and protein for energy alone and cause acidosis or other problems. By STEWART HENSLEY . WASHINGTON (UP I) Whenever the two nuclear super powers hold a summit oonfen&nce tthe smaller clients of Moscow and Waslhington begin io exhibit signs of extreme; nenrosttess. Washington Window This- is particularly true in the Middle East—(for a variety of reasons. The Arabs always fear tihat flhe Kremlin may sell them down the river in return for [concessions by the United States on issues valuable to Moscow. NEW QUARTERS - This modem building is New Scotland Yard, Headquarters of London's famed metropolitan police. Scotland Yard Image Hides The Israelis inevitably view with alamm any developments which they believe might remotely threaten diheir defense against the millions of Arabs swounding them. This week, during the meet­ ings of President Nixon and Soviet party leader Leonid I Brezhnev, the Middle Bast scenario has followed a predict able paittern. Some Arabs have asserted there is Soviet*AmeriiCAft "collu* sion" on the Midldle East. The nature of this "collusion" is unspecified but presumably it would increase Israel's military advantage. The Israelis, for their part, greeted the news that Washington may sell a few Phantom |jets to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait by "leaking" reports that Israel may find it necessary to ask Washington for more these planes herself. Israel, which already has about 120 Phantoms, made a [deal in March for 49 more of the planes plus 36 Skyhawks to be delivered over the next four iyears. Now, according to re­ ports which Israel does iio deny, she may be back soon in the American market, shopping list in hand. There also are the usua_ Imiwofs that the United States and Russia intend to try to "impose" some sort of peace solution on the Arabs and I Israelis. The,State Department denies all these various rumors Meanwhile, Nixon and Brezh­ nev are expected to come to the same conclusion regarding the Middle East that they did a year ago. Officiate say this can be expressed in the following way. Russia and the United 0 f|States agree that: —They will continue to support efforts for a peaceful settlement under fihe umbrella of the United Nations Security Council resolution of 1967. —The Arab-Israeli dispute must, in no way, be permitted to escalate into a war which would risk a military confrontation between the two nuclear super-powers. —Tho United States and Russia will continue to stand ready ito assist in the peacemaking process but will not, in any way, try to impose a settlement. Oil Vital Factor The situation in the Middle East land (the Persian Gulf Is bound to Ibecotne more perilous as the Western world's energy crisis escalates. The oil in that region will become a lar more vital factor in libe peaoe-or-war equation in tlhiat region. However, as things stand now lithe Kremlin and the White House arc far more likely to .collaborate in arranging a just distribution of the rich oil yields of the region than they -are to fight over it, particularly in view of the unreliability of tiheir surrogates. Confused Editors in Brazil Fired JOAO PESSOA, Brazil (UPI) — The governor of the state of "araiba fired the editors of the state government newspaper Wednesday for confusing their General Geisels. On Tuesday, when newspapers all over Brazil printed the report that President Emilio G. Medici had chosen retired four-1 star Gen. Ernesto Geisel as his successor, the Paraiba state 'government newspaper proclaimed that the next president would be Gen. Orlando Geisel. Orlando Geisel, the minister [of the army, is the older brother of Ernesto Geisel, president of Petrobras, the I government-owned oil monopoly. Often an overhigh, «Mk Ifg Eff icjenCV needs less insulin once they eliminated their excess obesl ty. If you are able to stay on a good diet that gradually eliminates your excess fat this might |help you, but I think you should let your doctor worry about what your blood sugar level should be, and that your main effort should be to stick to the diet that he recommends for the amount of insulin he is giving (Continued From Page 16) fhfl hnrlv tha ahlnncra cm™ {„ a 111 ""™ 01 IHSUIUl fie IS glVing advantage of his help, and in fact could run into difficulties (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) increases to large its level amounts. The high blood sugar isn't what makes you tired. It's the inability to provide energy to the cells. Because sugar can't be utilized in severe untreated dia- 1 n j n * betes, these individuals use fat| FrodUCllOn JfriZe and proteins for metabolism. Avon Boy Wins The end products, particularly of the fat, are ketone bodies or acetone be dies which are strong acids. The excess accumulation of these leads to diabetes ad dosis and even coma. From Proteins Blood sugar is also formed from the proteins in the body, if you don't have any carbohydrates in your diet. An animal with no pancreas that's fed only fat and protein will maintain a high blood sugar level. This is done by converting the proteins to glucose sugar. Even the body proteins from muscles can be AVON — Jim Lock, Avon, received a state award for his corn project at the Illinois FFA convention June 13-15 at the jUniversity of Illinois. He is Avon FFA Chapter secretary, has sung in the state FFA chorus for the past two years and has participated in several FFA contests. He also was awarded the DeKalb corn production award. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs Hobart Lock Jr. Larry Melhouse is chapter adviser. READ THE WANT ADS! OPEN A CAN OF HOME IMPROVEMENT m LATEX „ HOUSE PAINT HOUSE PAINTING WAS NEVER EASIER LATEX HOUSE PAINT • 100% pure acrylic latex • unexcelled durability • non-fade colors • colors stay brighter Black Bros. PAINT DEPARTMENT MAIN & SEMINARY DOWNTOWN GALESBURG deal with unexpected congested conditions. These are a few of the items of equipment, some of (them costing up to $90,000 each, which make Scotland Yard one of the most up-to-date administrative headquarters. Even more valuable is the experience and ability of the men and women who work there. To mention a few: members of the arts and antiques squad have such an extensive knowledge of their subject that they are able to advise dealers throughout the world. The fingerprint branch has devel oped techniques, with the help of police scientists, which allow prints to be "lifted" from the scene of a crime and taken to headquarters for photographing and examination under perfect conditions. Some members of the fraud squad have because so expert that ithey are frequently able to outclass private accountants in speedily assessing matters relevant to their inquiries. The criminal intelligence unit has records and details of major criminals, their friends, habits, likes, dislikes, where they buy their clothes, their favorite brands of cigarettes — so much detail that if the criminal realized how clinically everything about him was recorded he would spend many sleepless nights. WOMEN PLAY an increasing part in London's police force. In the criminal investigation department, they have helped to smash organized gangs and they are invaluable as undercover agents in tracking down drug smugglers and on surveillance duties. In the uniformed branch they have joined sections once exclusive to men — the mount' ed police and patrol oar crews. In the civilian departments -they work as scientists and recently the first woman photographer of scenes of crime was appointed. Specialists abound at Scotland Yard — frogmen, explosives experts, counterfeiting and forgery specialists, mechanics, electronic technicians and engineers — all backed by sophisticated techniques and modem equipment. The expertise and experience that go with it were developed over a century and a half by the policemen and women of London; they make a formidable combination. Beer Drinker Caught Twice SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UPI) — The State Fish and Game Department reported Wednesday that a beer-drinking fisherman was arrested twice in the past 18 months for tossing an empty can aside at the same spot on a Riverside County canal. Robert Fritz of Blythe was arrested both times by Game I Warden John Ortman and fined ?25 by Justice Court Judge W. Stewart Miller on each occasion. The department said he was even drinking the same brand of beer. The Hope diamond weighs Wh carats and is a deep sapphire-blue in color. I CASH and CARRY TIRE SALE-SAVE $$ BUY'EM IN SETS Off 4 or 5 AND SAVE MORE! DO IT NOW! Diamond Superlux 78 BELTED! 'Quality D/acount Shopping' [FULL 4 PLY UNDER TREAD • 2 PLYS H.D. RAYON 2 PLYS POLYESTER G.L.P. F.E EACH IN SETS OF FOUR A78-13 ONE TIRE PRICE $18.23 G.L.P. F.E.T. 1.81 ea. BLACKWALL TUBELESS SIZE 1 TIRE PRICE 4 TIRE PRICE EA. F.E. Tax EACH A78-13 $18.23 $14.58 1.81 E78-I4 21.23 16.98 2.31 m-u 22.23 17.78 2.50 G78-U 23.23 18.58 2.67 G78-15 23.23 18.58 2.73 WHITEWALLS 3.00 MORE EACH Diamond ULTRA PREMIUM* FULL 4 PLY POLYESTER CORD TIRE , _ MASSIVE TREAD • 25% WIDER EACH IN SETS OF FOUR 700.13 ONE TIRE PRICE $22.23 F.E.T. 1.88- ea. 42 * '1TIRE PRICE 4 TIRE PRICE EA. F.E. 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