Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 23, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 2
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a-NAUGATUCK NEWS (C6VN.), THURSDAY, JAN. 88, 1MT I DREW PEARSON «^> ON V: •• ' •'• ; • °The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: RFC Sabotages Loans To Small Business; Big Banker Representative On RFC Stages Lightning Maneuver; Truman Tells Cabinet How To Get Along With G. O. P. Congress "Washington—Last week the Eeconstruction Finance Corporation issued an inconspicuous routine announcement stating that its BPA program would expire Jan. 22. To most people this meant nothing. To thousands of little businessmen throughout the country, however, it meant the difference between prosperity and the opposite. To people inside the RFC, furthermore, it represented one of the cleverest rush-jobs of backstage maneuvering in recent EFC history. Two Republican BFCommis- sioncrs, taking advantage of two Democratic absences, abrogratcd the RFC plan to guarantee 75 per cent of bank loans to small business up to $100,000. In the hist year these support loans to small business have been the most important loans the RFC lins made. ^ .Here 's the insiide story of what happened. Charles Henderson, RFC Chairman and generally considered n. man and generally considered n. F i shcl . Brothers, of Fisher Booy rricncl of small business, was- ab- (a ' mc anc ] General Motors. They sent in California. George Allen, n[ , e ' a]so un^ed with the Banker.-; another Democrat, and a staunch Tnlgt an( i tn e G*iranty Trust in _. L. „: jv« —. r tji-ii'i 11 KIIQI n r»MW. T(\* •• _ i_ «\\_ i n r«.Aim i*«npfVQf*n t -t champion ot small business, re signed effective Jan, 16. John Goodloe, nominated to take his place ns a Democratic commissioner, had not been confirmed by the In This left thf RFC, on Jan. 17 tho day after Allen resigned tho day after Allen resigned—in p p A pi-o^ram. Democratic corn- control of three men—two Rcpub- mlssl i oncl . Henry Mulligan opposed. licuns and one Democrat. On that date the two Con- f,'resKion;il Committees on Small .Business had not yet been reorganized. Both have staunchly championed RFC loans to small business, but since the new Congress began, the two committees have boon in tho throes ot reorganization. Bl«- Iliinkvr Viewpoint On Jan. 17. therefore, one clay utter Allen resigned, uncl before the Small Business Committees on Capitol Hill could got going, com- mlfslonor Henry T. Bodman moved to drop tho BPA program, in other words, the "Blnnke.t Participation Agreement" whereby tho RFC automatically underwrote 75 per cent of loans which a bank extends to a amail business. Commissioner Boclmnn's background Is the 'National Ennk of Detroit, one of tho most powerful Wfcot to do about her DIAMOND! \\'f HHifttfitt tllllt .VMII N|irm| n fi-tv nil mi ffH with tit tiiMl irri our Mory jlh(Mlt iliiimoiMf*. , ,11 nil lll.spr'rt Otir ni'l- t'C(i(»ll 11 f (futility Mnni'M, $62.50 to $3,500 PIERPONT'S K^nlMtiTrl! .Irwi'lcr*. ftiurrlrtin (ii'/n !!»» IVLNK ST.—WATliRBUKV ••»•••»>*•** ftffff-»»»f»fff<** ft STILL AVAILABLE!! A llmltnl numlior of Cuthollc and 1'rotRHtitnt rnllKl(Mi.ii culon- dlir.H. ricusc trlophonu If you do.slru one. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 23 I-AHK PLACE Telephone 43.14 FIT/GERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Fnr All Oucnulora 1XOWK11S EVERYWHERE MELBOURNE'S 7LOWER SHOP !-; IN HVBBEB Avzn Telephone OWO financial Institutions of the automobile capital. Behind it are the Flshci- Ei-others, of Fisher Body New York. Thia group represents bifc business, and generally speak- InR does not favor loans to small business. So- with two Democratic commissioners absent, Detroit banking friend Bodman moved to <!nd the Democratic com- GOP commissioner Harvey Oun- dcr.ton went along with Bodman —thoiifrh without enthusiasm. The Hepublicana incidentally had the unofficial blessing of Democratic Secretary ot the Treasury Snydcr, And that was how the RFC maneuvered to take one of Its most significant steps of the past two years. For, since the BPA program was put into effect in March 19-15, the RFC had lent small business a total of $464,650,1.02—a flow of capi-ial which could not help but have a tremendous i.-npac: on the country. Note — Though Republican RFCommissionei-s voted against small business, GOP leaders on Capitol Hill generally hold the opposite. Republican National Chairman Carroll Recce has been strong for smtilt business. Cnpltul Chaff At his latest Cabinet meeting President Truman gave instructions on how to pot along with the new Republican Congress. He told his Cabinet members not to fight the new Congress, but to insist upon Justice, Be courteous, care-, ful, and cooperative, he advised,! but stand up for your rights. Of late, incidentally, the President has seemed much more confident, . . . President Truman may havo to put a "help wanted" sign out- .-ddc the White House. He's offering a job paying $30,000 a year and no income- tax (which Is more than his own not incoma), but the job is going begging. The vacancy is head of the World Bank—recently occupied by Eugene Meyer, So far, Truman has had no takers, Rc-ason is—it's almost as difficult as running the United Nations. . . Secretary of the Navy Forrestal is still unhappy over the Army-Navy merger. Even though there would be a new Secretary for National Defense, he wants the Secretary .ot the Navy to continue sitting in the with full Cabinet rank. , . Another of President Truman's •ulmlnlstrativc assistants, Raymond R. Zimmerman, will soon resign. ... No love is lost those days between those two old Minnesota friends. Senator Ball and ex-Governor Harold Stassen. !5tas- •-.en doesn't like Ball's anti-labor bills. Financial Squeeze-Play Here is how tho RFC program for aiding small business operated. If, for Instance, a small operator of a petroleum derivatives plant In Maryland went to his local bank and asked for a $100,000 loan, the bank probably would say: "Your legal limit is .$25,000, but we'll ask our affiliated banks if they'll participate with us and make It $100.000." The small town bank, would then query larger banks in Baltimore, Richmond and Washington to get takers for the remaining $75,000. And the larger banks, seeing that the petroleum wa.* competing with Shell. Standard, Texaco, Sunoco and other big companies, probobly would reply: 'Your competition to too strong." Actually, -the real reason .for turning down the, Joan might .be the bigger.-, banks' .ties with larger petroleum companies. When and if the biKSXT banks 'turned down tho loan, however, the small bank could KO to the RFC and be certain of underwriting the remaining 73 per cent. Following last week's RFC votp. however, this Is no longer possible, Mcrry-Go-Roilnd State Department Counselor Bon Cohen wants to practice law prl- va'toly in Washington now that Jimmy Byrnos has roslgncd,.,A Milwaukee department a tore sent 53 clubwomen to Chicago tho other day to hoar Assistant Secretary of State Bill Bonton report on the recent UNESCO Conference in Paris. .- .American Military Government officials in Korea have recommend- ol to the War Department that U. S. troops withdraw from tho American half of Korea completely unless reinforcements arrive at once. This would leave Russia supreme in nil Korea.. .The new Argentine Ambassador to Spain, 'Pedro Radio, is now on board th Spanish ship Cabo do Esporanza, en route to Madrid. This Is In open defiance of tho United Nations resolution ordering all member nations, to withdraw their ambassadors from Franco... Intelligence dispatches from Teheran dlacolle trat the withdrawal of Russian forces from Northerrvlran was connected with tho internal economic crisis now grlpplnK the Soviet Union. Stalin needed the troops at home to keep order, it was reported, Driver Granted Court Delay Edward Murray, 9 Dalton drive, charged in borough court this m'orning with violation of motor vehicle laws, was granted a continuance until Monday. Judfjo Maitin L. Cnine presided. Murray was notified to appear in court following- an accident last niKht on the New Haven- road near tho Grove cemetery. According to police n car driven by-Murray left the i-cad, knocked down two mail boxes and struck a stone wall. The right fenders of the car were badly damaged according to Patrolman Wilfred Evon who investigated. What's Doing JX. . t. i _* .-^ . t biNauj A calendar ol events foi tofiay, ; 'tomorrow and •very day Today Bowling, St. Francis' Mixed League at Y. M. C. A. Church council meeting, St. Paul 8 Lutheran church. Woman's auxiliary, Hillside Congregational church. , . Jan. 24 St. Francis churoh blngb party. Bowling, St. Fi-ancls Mixed league at Y.M.C.A. . Basketball, Greeks against Persians; Pai'thlnns against Romans at Y. M. C. A. Pond Hill Community club party. Congregational church Youth Fel- Icwslilp dance. Theater party, Twenty Plus club of Methodist church. Jan. 25 Ladies auxiliary, Crusader -post, VFW, bingo party. Valley Players party. Ladies' auxiliary, V. F. W. party. Jon. 36 Bowling, Veterans league. Funerals Miss Mary Clifford Funeral services for Miss Mary (Minnie) E, Clifford. .62 Cherry street, will be held tomorrow morning at 8:30 o'clock from the Buckmiller Funeral Home, 22 Park place, to St. Francis' church, where a solemn high Maes of requiem will be celebrated at 9 o'clock. Burial will be in St. Andrew's cemetery, Colchester." Friends may call at the funeral home 'this afternoon and evening from 2 to 10 o'clock. Hurry S, Rogers Funeral services for Harry Shepard Rogers, 61, local plumber who died suddenly Tuesday at his home, 22 Culver street, were held this af- i ternoon at 2 o'clock at 'the Alderson Funeral Home, 201 Meadow street, with the Rev. B. Bruce Whit- I tcmore, pastof o£ the West Side 1 Methodist church, Watorbury, offi- ; ciating. Burial will be 'tomorrow in ' Van Liesv cemetery, New .Bruns' wick, N. J. .REMINGTON uncl SCHICK SCIIICK SHAVERSETS KIJSCTI11C SHAVERS G. Tf. Tuhlo Model Rndlox Portable Klectrlc Record • Flayers G. K. IClcctrk'. .Mantle Clocks Klootrle Irons HAWLEY HARDWARE 101 CHURCH STREET Ollies Radiator Shop I* TKOSPECT ST. TEL. 5541 . . Union CHy Auto Hinllators Hrpt»trcil, Cleaned, undue-Cored Work Culled I'"or und Delivered ALL WORK GUARANTEED Olllo Lc Due, Prop. STORE CLOSED DUE TO DEATH IN FAMILY OPEN FRIDAY AT 9 A. M. SAVE on your Liquor Purchases at the J. K. STORES and with the Savings rifTT tUl LIQUORS - WINES BEER 396 North Main St. Union City, Conn. FKEK DKLIVEBY ANYWliEBE IN NAUQATUOK -..••.-..--i^ • ,.-. •:-•-.• •••>reIepholle- ; 4979 ; ; •-••'•^•' : -' '••-'• ;;.'Jv. '•'"' Danbury Teachers ' ' *'{ L . College Improvement Plan The ten-year-program for Da.n- bury State Teachers College, whlcli serves the teacher, training necde of tho entire western section of Connecticut, Includes two wings to the present college for classrooms, laboratories and physical education facilities, the purchase of land and the construction of a modern laboratory school 1'or the training of teachers. : In 'this legislative year the college hopes for an early passage of its appropriation bill. O'nce the bill is passed the 1947-48 portion of the total plan will bo put In effect. This includes the construction of one of the proposed wings to the college and the construction of the modern laboratory school. At New Haven, where the entire plant is inadequate, the long, term plan calls for the purchase of a new site and the erection of new buildings to house (administrative offices, classrooms, laboratories, library, auditorium arid gymnasium. At New Britain, >the lon& term plan calls for additional land, new classroom, building-.and nn expansion of the present dormitory facilities. ' . Unlike the other three 'teachers colleges, the Wlllirnantic building progra'm is alrcadyin progress. Due to a flre in 1D4.3 which destroyed the main building new construction was started..'a .year ago. The new buildings Itavc been planned with care and foresight and will provide a physical plant which should prove adequate .for many years to come. ; SYMPOSIUM OPEX Hartford, Jan. 23—The 'symposium at the New England Regional Conference of the Jewish War Vet- crane In Ha_rtford March 8 and 9 will be open'to members of all veterans organizations- Moderator for the symposium will be Edward A. Liebcrman, director of veterans service for the First J.W.V. region. 'THE SHEIL SHOP BETTY ELAINE DRESSES The dress to go any place in. Made wtih fine tucked skirt. Very slenderizing. Waist trimmed with fancy buttons. Blue, black, gray and copcn. Sizes 14 to 20 S9.95 FINE NYLON HOSE • $1.50 Reinforced sole and heel. New Spring shade THE SHEIL SHOP 19 Leaven worth St. Waterbury Political Groups Plan Meetings Preparations toward the bhcnnifil clPcl.Ions of the borough scheduled fnr May will be made at a meeting; of the Democratic Town Committee at a date early next wceh, it has been announced by Chairman Daniel J. Callahan. The committee will arrange t" assisl. in enrolling; voters in the party at meeting of the registrars of voters Jan. 31 and Feb. V. A meeting of the Republican Town Committee is scheduled for Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Wall paper originated In Ch|«» and was not Introduced Into •«.! ope until the 18th century 1 Now She Stan "Cash ** Without Pclnful WJitn dtearterof Ui r to --- ..... -- .—^-.^.v- It* p«iD«. IOH of pep ud nlchu. ••tlllnir. pYifflu Hid dliilMM. pwiwm with nomrtjni and time* ihowg flwrc l» ion ' Itour kidney* or bladder. Mlb, • •Umubnt d l>7 million* for over 10 wirT hmppr >*ll«t «n4 will h«]» tlw If JlS'Kodr-"™- ""'•"Si* 1 "" TODAY - FRIDAY and SATURDAY 3 DAY CASH SALE OF DRESSES Including Maternity Dresses 2O% DISCOUNT No Exchange — All Sales Final KENNEDY STORE CHURCH ST. NAUGATUCK, CONN. FOB RANGE OB FUEL Oil- TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service 09 Woodland Street "Bill" Mnrlnelll, Prop. WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 152 CHCBCH STREET ELECTRIC IRONS $2.95 " WAREHOUSE FURNITURE CO. FURNITURE BUYS of 1947 CONTINUING CLEARANCE SALE Out Goes Everything at Give Away Prices * No Money Down on Purchases Up To CRICKET CHAIRS VALUES TO ¥12.93 BOUDOIR CHAIRS Lovely Floral Patterns 0^ BABY CARRIAGES *1000 ItEG. $1!).5() TABLE LAMPS VALUES Ul> TO $I4.fl5 rEVERY ITEM A TERRIFIC MONEY SAVER FOLDING COTS WITH MATTRESS FOLD AND TUCK AWAY FELT MATTRESS ItEG. S27.50 FIBRE WARDROBES REG. S7.03 BED DIVANS Simmons nnd other famous n>;t)co*. FROM QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED-ACT QUICK BRIDGE LAMP FLOOR LAMP STUDIO COUCHES ONLY REG. ,1i6f».5« 3 ROOMS COMPLETE /• ONLY $239 UPHOLSTERED FOOT STOOLS ONLY $295 REG. .1!<.f»5 METAL PANEL BEDS TWIN SIZE ONLY $1250 TRADE-IN YOUR OLD SETS LIVING ROOM or REDROOM ALLOWANCE UP TO $75.OO BREAKFAST SUITES A GRAND SELECTION AT THE LOWEST PRICES YOU'LL SE1MN 1947 FROM FLAT SPRINGS ODDS and ENDS Formerly Now Sowing: Cabinets, walnut, anil maple .. $:>.:C> $1.99 Maple Pin-Up Lamps l2.0.> 1.99 Hampers 5.95 3.95 Paper Covered Chests 8.9;) 3.95 Unfinished Kitchen Chairs 4.00 2.95 Metal Bed Lamps 1.9") 1.49 Silk Bed Lamps :2.9o 1.99 Costnmer.-?, walnut only 6.50 4.50 Assorted Baby Pictures -.95 .99 Glass Rolling Pins 29 .09 Kitchen Stools 2.19 1.69 Manv Oilier Values Too Numerous To Mention Make Your Own „ Terms!' r

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