The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on December 13, 1936 · Page 5
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 5

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, December 13, 1936
Page 5
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M ima hl tí'U h*ar and thre* *nb« aftrr a bath. UNCOLN. NEBRASKA. SUNDAY. DECEMBER 13 , 1936 THREE HUSKERS ON WEST SQUAD Sam Francis at Fullback On All-America Football Board’s Eleven BIBLE 0IS|!L0SES HUSKER ACE ON ^J#CK CHE#"5N, T0 BE ^ C'’a‘l1 BrOWI,e’’ Cor"husker <:aP''rs °lM'n n°""' s<‘11’"’" »i »'"»1 I TOPMOST ‘ALL’ JACK CHEVIGNY TO BE STATE TAX ATTORNEY AUSTIN, Tex. UP). Gov. James Allred announced Saturday that Jack Chevigny, University of Texas football coach the past three seasons, would become an attorney in the state tax department Jan. 19. Chevigny said recently he would not seek reappointment as coach. No successor has been named. ______— The university team tied for , . _ . . the Southwest conference cellar ‘Sensational, Says Christy in 1935 and 193« after finishing ui 1 u Pomo’c second in 1934 . Chevigny, former Walsh One Ot Games player and assistant coach at Best Kickers.’ F Notre Dame, came to Texas in 1933 as coach at St. Edward’s A H*e*.r„i.r *»»*« m »...i nui.o pro- university here. In his one sea- gruin inrr tin cbn nrtmirk Huiidny ***- son at St. Edward s he turned out nine Hi h <<>»»t Dme <n Lincoln Texas conference championship IinirI will prrM-nl Ihr All Antrim l><»»rd * i cjick , »1 foottmira Irani 1«. Ihr nation. Hu»rak, team. DlKtlironr rrnlrr. will participate from —- - .—..........— Nrw A orlt, R>an of I lull "lair will hr In llolli w ihm I, hlnnrd of Atli»ln»lppl will hr liraril In I hlragn, anil Ntarrrvlrli of \A ,»*h- liiRlon Nlalr will tall, from Neat Hr, Walter < amp, jr. will annonnrr Ihr Irani'* rup- faln and prr*riM <hr rup a* a rlimai In thr program. THE ALL AMERICA FOOTBALL TEAM FOR 1936. Selected by The All America Board of Football, critlr 11 * 8 . I . H. I'al. Offlrr.l 1 .1 |\N ft. t\ A BN EH. t Ifcilrmau hllAVK I HO At AN II Mill I. AA HEN • HKIM V AA A I.NH HOAA AIIIJ H. JOM> SEAR WILL IN COACHING SWF SOUTHERN LOOP FORMS SUBSIDIZATION SCHEME RICHMOND, Va. (if*). The Southern conference was pledged Saturday to what its secretary, Col. William Couper, of V. M. I., termed a “modified” form of the abolished Graham plan for the banning of athletic subsidies. Moving swiftly after the University of Virginia resigned because of an “intolerable" athletic situation, delegates from the 15 remaining schools unanimously swept aside Friday night the ant i-subsidization regulations fathered by Dr. Frank P. Graham, of the University of North Carolina, but substituted other measures which Dr. Graham said included “most of the fundamen- I lals” of his plan. BRADDOCK SIGNS F, First Time So Many from Scarlet Squad: Weir First One to Go. —Photo by Hal*. Elmer Dohr- ruw .... right. Assistant Coach Morris Fisher. George Scott, Lloyd Grimm, Floyd Ebaogh. Larry Nelson, ÄWwM2WSafl2iÄ SET** El»»«, Erni. White, Bi.i Kovanda. dach Schoch, Boh Back row, left to manti Low Parsons Coach End, linai»* .......... I Aiui»imia niu I p I. * llO, Helle* .................. 1 l,l*‘ i Tarili*. AAUIirlli ..................... >lmn*»*ilw I . tckl*, Kina r«l ............ ■ Miaaiasipi*) j (.nini, Nl»r**vtrh .......... Washington l.iiurtl, Id in .............. Norlhwralt rn « *ni*r, Ha.rul» I>m|iir*n* j «}«erlt»rk, KnlitarhL .. ... Nani» liara Halfbark, l'tirkrr . link*; HttlfHark, litan ................ I fab \ngle« I illlli.irk, I rann* ............ . >rlira*ka BY CHRISTY WALSH. Munher, All Annrirn Bnaril of football. ITHI* Heglntered I. M, I’al. Offlrrl. Did you ever heat* the story j about the two Irishmen on the All- 1 America football team? Well, here they are, with their pals Eleven Young Men of (Official Seal) the Hour: Bas- r a k, Tinsley , and Widseth; Francis and Kinnard; Star-i c e v i c li andj Reid; Parker 1 and Falaschi; Kelley and Ryan! This group, selected by the All- ; America board, in its thirteenth animal session at Los Angeles, Cat, after an all day parley, is not only proclaimed the best in the j land for its kicking, blocking, | passing, rushing, intelligence and ( potential team work, but the per- j sonnel of the gold starred lineup incorporates all the elements of surprise, showmanship, individuality and sheer genius that spells team of Adolph Lewandowski Hired Assist Ed Weir With Frosh Squads. BY GREGG McBRIDE. Adolph J. Lewandowski, former University of Nebraska athlete, will be a member of the Corn- husker coaching staff next year. Announcement of the selection of u. a r*t oftc«* ADOLPH J. LEWANDOWSKI. Nebraska will be host to Montana ir« ^ketball b inti Fkfyd Ehaugh- his two sharp shooting forwards, are srassw ___________________ FACES OPENING TEST One Forward Position Left Bone Contention for Hyland, Miller. One of the biggest question marks of the state basketball season will be settled Friday evening when Lincoln high, always a serious contender if not the champion, will turn loose its 1936-37 array against Omaha Central on the Whittier court. A reserve game between the two schools will serve as a curtain raiser. For the past two weeks Coach Ralph Beechner, coaching a Red and Black team for the first time, has been sending his picked squad of 15 thru strenuous drills that have lasted until supper time, and the hard work is at last returning him a club that will be hard to stop. Beechner closed last week's drills with a regulation game with the reserves, which the first five won 46 to 13. Only one position in the Lincoln starting lineup is in doubt NEBRASKA HIGH SCHOOL IIOLL OF HONOR For 1936 Football Season B y «.HI «.«. McHRIDE Assisted by 500 Coaches, Officials, Critics MRS WILL TOP STATE BOXING Iti Both Agree to Defend Title Six Months After June 3 Scrap in Garden. the difference between a mere mechanical superiority and -----------—— i 'T*:\ Toward where Jack Hyland one that packs multitudes into (he popular varsity athlete w 10 Clifford Miller are waging a stadiums, bowls and coliseums was a member of the Scarlet foot- the opening nod. Hy- from late September to Jan 1. bail and basketball teams for j WOuld offer more height and And. after all, football is what it three <seasons was made Saturday i experienced, but Miller 1* today because the American afternoon by Dana X. Bible, di- one of lhe ^at basket eyes (Continued on Page 6 -A, Col. «•) rector of athletics and head foot * ^ the squad and is fast. ---------- | ball coach. Little Austin Wilson, five feet Bible held a conference with j fiye lnches tall, will team with Lewandowski at Seattle when the nyiand or Miller. Wilson makes Cornhusker football party was re- | up for his small stature with his j turning from the victory over floor Work. For subs Beechner has R klAI I V/ m/IIdP nnufkl Oregon State at Portland. The ap- Kenneth Covey and John Hay, the Nu I I Mill IIII Wnl pomtment was approved by the latter a aix footer. nnLLI UlmUUUiiM University of Nebraska athletic Sidney Held will again be at 1 board at a meeting this week and center. Ed Albrecht, who is but a favorable reply from Lewan- j two inches smaller than Held, will And Are Officials Thankful dowski reached Bible Saturday. do the subbing. Albrecht was on aj,u ... h„ known to fol- the reserves last year. Classic IS Beginning to Nebraska athletics, was It is doubtful whether the state Look Like One! member of the Cornhusker var- will offer a better J^Jjcourt ^0 PASADENA, Calif. ‘ D. Ad- sity football teams in 1928, 29 and a arf st<,ady. experienced and verse hullabaloo over the Rose ’30. He played an end poMtuitv I ^ Rub,no a cousin of Kayo Bowl football game having quieted During the basketball campaigns Rl^no’ ]agt year a Creighton Prep down. bigwigs of Pasadena’s of 1929,'30 and 31 he was a guard , star has been tbe standout in Tournament of Roses and the rival and the speediest floor man on the ‘ ac!tice LeRoy Farmer, Junior VA uahiinrtAn and Pitts- Kaglitithall VAPCitv - - 1 tiuA*lMinn «11 ov. ENDS Harold Hunt, North Platte; George Binger, Lincoln: William Bums, Creighton Prep; George Gehley, Orleans; Lloyd Wright, Beatrice; Ted Hood, Chadron; Clay Richendifw. Bladen; A1 Hartman, Benson; Warren Newman, Imperial; Don Waddick, Grand Island; Eddie Kula, Fullerton; Harold Owen, Jackson; Raymond Prochaska, Ulysses; Glee Lockwood, A.ien. TACKLES—Royal Kahler, Giand Island: Elliott Wilson, Alliance; Leonard Muskin, Omaha Central; Ray Roudabougl , Lexington; Harold Spady, Imperial; Vernon Lloyd, Omaha South; Eugene Snyder, Alliance; Norman Kinnan, Kearney; Arthur Adams, Lincoln; Harry Brown, Arcadia; Albert Shipman, Hebron; Nolan Flannery, Kearney; Max Punches Wymore GUARDS—Paul Cook, Jackson; Everett Kieter, Falls City, Don McCotler, Omaha Central; Dale Cole, Gothenburg; Rohan Faulkner, North Platte; Robert Slizeski, Omaha South; James Nycum, Scottsbluff. _ u , CENTERS—William Ostenberg, Scottsbluff; Toni brock, Columbus; Oliver Jeffries, Norfolk; Charles Cotton, , QUARTERBACKS—Joe Phelan, Grand Island; Mc*rvirj Stinebaugh, Norfolk; Bobby Vaughan, Omaha Tech; Neat Felber, Laurel; Kenneth Carpenter. Havelock; Ama Prorock, Fullerton; Kenneth McGinnis, Mitchell. HALFBACKS—Harry Hopp, Hastings; Roland Reed North Platte; A1 Richardson, Grand Island; Jack Stubbs, Norfolk; Bobby Wilson, Beatrice; Eldon Neurnberger, Wakefield; i Shields, Central City; Bill Strickland, Holbrook; KeithI Harrier, Valley; Gene Littler, Mitchell; Ed Gray, Kimball; Lee William , Nelson; Gerald Atkins, othenburg; Bob Irwin, Genoa; 1 aui Lighter Boxers Promise Hot Race—Expect Entries from Outstate. There should be plenty of fireworks in all directions when the annual state boxing tournament opens Wednesday at the Y. M.C.A., but the featherweight class especially promises to be one big explosion. Entries thus far insure at least three topnotchers, with several more expected before ring time. The tourney opens at 8 o’clock both nights, and admission is 40 cents. The feature feather card presents Linus Shipps and Bud Wolfe, who tangled on the recent CA'.O.- Y. M. dual match and gave one of the best bouts of the evening before Shipps took an upset victory Taking a back seat to neither is “Lefty” Venter of the Y, and the title is a tossup among the three. Also on the list of Lincoln entries received by Tourney Director Harold Matthews are Charley and Ralph Miegel, in the light and welter classes, respectively. Both are rated favorites, alt ho Gail Anderson promises Ralph a tough scrap in the heavier bracket. Elmer and Lloyd Showalter, also in the Y. M. dual, have also entered, along with Ken and Marine Boulier of Cedar Bluffs. Al Burleigh and Jack Hall lead the heavyweight entrants, while BY EDDIE BRIETZ. NEW YORK. CD, It looks like a merry Christmas for Max Schmoling. He got his first present Saturday in the form of a title fight with James J. Braddock. Almost before the gallery realized what was going on, the New York state athletic commission got the two fighters together and signed them for a 15 round championship battle in Madison Square Garden's Long Island bowl next June 3. The garden and the 20th Century sporting club will be joint promoters. The contracts call for Braddock to receive 37 1-2 percent and Schmeling 12 1-2 percent of the gate, but private agreements will raise these figures to 42 and 20 percent, respectively. In sharp contrast to Friday’s bitter wrangling, Saturday’s session was a love feast. It required less than an hour to reach an agreement. Braddock and his manager, Joe Gould, made the match possible by turning their backs on Atlantic City and promising not to fight Joe. Louis prior to June 3. The champion's flat refusal to do this brought about Friday’s squabble. No Louis Fight. Mike Jacobs, 20th Century club promoter, who was to have been associated with Herman Taylor of Philadelphia in staging the show, said developments automatically cancel Braddock’s proposed no­ decision meeting with the Brown Bomber In February. A clause that neither Braddock nor Schmeling is to meet Louis before the June fight was inserted in the contracts signed today, in addition to a stipulation that the BY WALTER E. DOBBINS. Sam Francis, unanimous 1937 choice for All America fullback honors; Lloyd Cardwell, halfback and Lester MeDonald, end, all-Big Six conference performers and each a member of the Nebraska U varsity, Saturday were named by Coach Bible to compete, with the West squad in the annual East- West charity game at San Francisco New Years day. This year marks the first time in the history of the East-West game that three Nebraskans have been chosen Rltho the Scarlet squad has been honored each year since 1927 . Ed Weir was the first Husker to be nominated, but was not permitted to play on account of a conference ruling. In 1927 Glenn Presnell and Ray Randels. halfback and tackle, respectively, were named. In 1928 Blue Howell and Dan McMullen played an important part In the annual game, the funds of which go to support a Shrine hospital for crippled children. Ray Richards, tackle and Clair Sloan, halfback, represented the Comhuskers in 1929 and the following season Elmer Greenberg, guard and Marion Broadstone, taekle, got the call. Chick Justice and Dutch Koster, both guards, were cogs in the West machine in 1931 while in 1932 Lawrence Ely, center and Steve Hokuf, end. competed with the Pacific coast and midwest group. George Saner was the outstanding player in the 1933 victory which West registered and Gail O’Brien, tackle, played in the line. Franklin Meier was the lone Husker to go west in 1934 hut last season Halfback Jerry LaNoue and Bernie Scherer, end, competed with the Hollingberr y-Locey eleven. Players chosen are: Big Six conference: Lloyd Cardwell, halfback, Nebraska; Sam Francis, fullback, Nebraska; Lester McDonald, end, Nebraska; William Conkright, center, Oklahoma; Maurice Elder, halfback, Kansas State. Southwest conference: Paschal Scottino, guard, Southern Methodist; Sammy Baugh, quarterback, Texas Christian; Walter Roach, end, Texas Christian. North Central conference: Martin Gainor, tackle, North Dakota university; Lyle Sturgeon, tackle, North Dakota State. Non conference: Leo Deutsch, end, St. Benedict’s (Atchlnson). Bible also recommended Jack Frye, quarterback, of Missouri, and said he may be added to the squad later. schools. Washington and Pitts- basketball varsity, burgh, are making strenuous ef- I sixth Year At Montana. forts to put the affair over In traditional fashion. Present plans call for the Pitt squad to entrain for the coast Dec. 16, arriving three days later. Coach Jimmy Phelan anti his Wasnington Huskies should pull in from the northwest about the same time. Athletic officials of Washington claim some 50.000 tickets have been ordered and paid for and express belief that the bowl ami its 85,000 seats will be occupied on Jan. 1. Müssen and Ed Wiedman, all ex reserves, will provide reserve Lewandowski, now head basket- strength, ball coach at the University ofä Montana. Joinad the coaching qqAST PLAYERS ACCEPT üdjkelboü Renilo * Henry Jacoby and Tom Brodie. Jacoby is an experienced amateur the most promising of the new comers, however. Approximately two dozen en- Workman, Aurora. FULLBACKS— George Knight, Jackson; Harvey bams, Scottsbluff; Edsel Wibbels, Wolbach; Harold Haskell. Ord; ^ ^ ........ Junior Hudkins, Lincoln; Al Truescott, Oma.ia Central, J Jn Lincoln ring circles, while it Grant, Auburn; Frank Elam. Falls City; Aaron Dlmmlft. Alliance; ^ b. B^. first -mpetitivr Harry Wilson, Broken Bow. 1 *>oul’ HONORABLE MENTION. Ends. '*■ Henry Rohn. Fremont; Bill Johnston, Omana Tech: Lester Davis, St. Paul; Harold Punches, Wymore; Jim McDowell. Fairbury; Speedlin. Crete; Charles Mueller, Ogallala; Chaloupka, Bridgeport; Johnson. Aurora; Delbert Breden kamp, Lexington; Homer Hix. Edgar: Jack Moran, Omaha Central; Swartz. Sutton; John Smitz, Madison; Fred Lind .........................-......... m another tight argument looms in winner must post $25,000 as a the middleweight class, between j guarantee to defend his title here within six months. The likeli hood is the Schmeling-Braddock winner will fight Louis in September. There was much speculation as to what caused the overnight right about face of Braddock and Gould. One report was that Mike Jacobs, BIO SIX. Ml**<uirf 8 «, Washington I. l-outio 34 . KaiiMt SI»«* SO. Sv*«*vlll* 46. STATIC COIXK-E. W»}n* IS. Onmh« IT. II. PLAINSMAN QUINTET . ON ROAD INIS WEEN Guard Berth Question With Powell Holding Edge Over Aspirants. With a pair of practice games toss the Atlantic City idea out of the pa8t week giving them soma the window and that he promised; ^ needed experience, Coach i «««t« i -Vtt ri ^ last minute basket WAHOO Neb. <**>. D. Lund, rated this promise to Chairman »e^ron Wednesday and Luther college basketball guard, jc,hn J. Phelan in private Satur- j * runy. , . , th<s sank 'a baak?t in the last minute ¡day. When Gould heard of it, he J^l^^ tries have been received, and feeling an Indoor show between Matthews expects additional en- Braddock and Louis would mean tries from leading outstate scrap- jime or no profit, was ready to pers early this week HUSKER B SPILLED BY .. . .. v»» -----a - *» i u , ir-- 4 • ini % II 17* iliMiiHia a if the smaller institutions in the, ^ere New Years day. Percy Locey j Wayne Blue. Ieeumsen. s*. M*»rimi n* Pacific Coast conference he is and Orin Babe” Hollingbcrry. co-' neth Rinne, Beatrice; Rao 1 B.1...De' ! „«Vim« m .’ ?».' ted by coast critics as one of the roaches of the western squad, sent Lier, Creighton Prep; Wdiaid HHatill(a :,H* ,,i m. young coaches in ouj *¿2 invitations. Rose. WalthiU; Samuelson, Grand m.»««»» NorUi t«. iff»«. '*• sank a basket in the last minute day of a game here Saturday after- gave in noon, and Luther defeated the Nebraska B team, 41 to 40. The junior Cornhusker» led at the haiftime intermission, 31 to 28. Fred [.arson and Lawrence Lund, forwards, each scored 14 points for the winners. Grimm was high for Nebraska with 12, and Yelkin, guard, made 10. Summary: COLLEGE VIEW ALUMNI WHIP REGULARS 23-16 Experience ruled on the College View floor Saturday night as the Southsider Alumni returned to down the 1936-37 array 23 to 18 , Jack Huddleston paced the winners with 10 points while Bill Murphy led the undergrade with nine. : < musing j*—-------- i vu« ** »****«.»*»»*»•*», i »»»••" . ............... , , 11 -»-■» *<♦ i »it s. the wrd. The players. Kent Ryan, Utah Island; Bill Ruyle. Jackson; r0*'*’ B(l„, Ei* n. i teert* is »«**ru«n*i. Duties outlined for the new ad- Aggie*,' halfback; Ed Goddard. rCst Abbott. Sargent; Harold , * ™**lni dition to the Cornhusker coaching Washington State, quarterback; Maeijewski, lx>up City; A. Haines. „(.„„„hi»** is staff calls for Lewandowski to be Marty Kodrick, St. Mary’s, guard; | Franklin; Oonge, Ansley; Gerald r.„. * »»> *e. hwh M« <ll>( i0. i^ndant coach in football and Floyd Terry. Washington State, Aegeter, Hartington; Ed Augus- J^A“"«‘a» 8 *. n*mii*> basketball with most of his time | end; Alex Drobnitch, University tyne( Loup City: Jack Byergo, wafers is. ce*«# is. given over to the freshman squads oi Denver, guard; Ray Peterson, Randolph; Everett Lomax, Wilson- <H*»r»*>» is, iii»»»»»«'« !*• ... un*u snorts In this capacity he University of San Francisco, full- i ville; Wertman. David City; Yal- Msrw»*»n is. '» will bp adviser to the froth ath- bark: DHbert BJork. Unlv.r.lty of ,„y; P,a,t. mouth; Kenneth He also will do some of the Oregon, tackle. Rhudy, Pilger; Dale Hughes, Ord, *|t|,Wurr u, \**«» s. lootLl"luting and asMst with tkft Qntch» _ Mck Frank Hron Schuyler; Kline Hof- H-. I*uth*r fg n t Net». R 1n ft f F. La win t 6 2 3; Kn vend» f 1 1 L- Lund f 7 n1 Borman Í 1 0 I K. e 1 21 Wbll* I 12 B*rgr*n ** n 2 lllirrii i 0 0 1 t>, Lund g 22 1 Bos!*r <• 1 0 fi Going« g 01 1 Ralnforth c o0 2 0 2 Braun % ó 0 0 i Yclkin g 3 0 3 • HroU g 2 (1 Í Totals 16 9 8 Total» 18 4 13 R*f*r**; i Cue: Net>r»«Ka Hcdi (Continued on Page 7-A, Col. 5.) The alumni led 13-7 at half X S^«SiSSr.wl5*5S PITT 0FF WEDNESDAY guard, as th«tr only returning I FOR PASADENA BATTLE PITTSBURGH. (USi. Thirty- the University of Andy Kerr completed selection of 5 ^ 15 . Douglas Harrington, Lau- 3 ». wm»«** 19 22 players Friday. The East squad reJ. Lloyd Bishop, Havelock. u**»»"*« «.•**»«•• w>n»«r» «*.**%*. will assemble at Chicago for * Guard*, workouts. Ilebron 36, XlBinnl 18 Hebron R<»*r»e* 30. Hiukln IS. _ , , ntrkrH* It. iiralnton S. _ _ , Robert Nellor, Omaha North; ; 4lfn,„,„n it*»rr*** is. roes«*** a******* i. Beatrice; Stuart ‘ » 4 * it. j-ordon H. terman. Murphy. 6 foot 4 inchl ?nter. and Jim Stransky, promis- Ice Skating Okay. S“nt;' SpTTnVbluth. GrTnd •SSTmSi/TSSAm Reports Saturday night were Island; Paul Smith, Beaver City; s «OLLEr.E. trig guard, were the standouts for four *tror.g_ ie v is y thJU recent thawing weather has Thompson, Litchfield; Vernon t»«* youn*.t«» ________ D*c. ! not «uupd 1« Inland French^ Lgtelt««;, U* Hintt Sauer Second High 16 or the first lex of their jaunt near Lincoln, and that it will be Fremont; Eugene Clausen, Hay to Pasadena Calif., where on New all right thru Sunday morning at Springs; W, Stenson. Aurora; John Five of the Green Bay Packers’ years day they are to face the least. Oak Creek park was the Lock, Fairburv; Petz. Nelson, Can baokfield squad have gained over University of Washington’s Hus- only satisfactory ice reported Sat- Ewert. Columbus; Howard Cries, 2«X> yards apiece from scrimmage m lbi, Roim, Bowl. urday night by Joe Stanton of the Randolph; Dwight Houston, FI am- this year. Clark Hinkle, former Announcement of the official eRy park department. , view; Wendell Tyreu. Havelock. Rut knell fullback, is the highest itinerary for the trip was made _—. ------_ j Centers. with 476 yards in 100 attempts by the university Saturday night, , crnocc Robert Hickir n, Wayne Prep and Ge«rge Sauer, former Nebras- a special tram will carry the play- rUul BALL oLUntb. Hean WiHiart ka All-America fullback, is second era westward Coaches and friemia with 305 m 94 ittempta. j will swell the party to 60. FOOTBALL SCORES. I L'.lîîJrï"tf».t ùi tunt .i tOonlinued on Fag, 6 -A. Col. Mtrhlf»n 34. Mirhts»« «tal* *1. Iii4ian» 43. Miaml 13, lllln»«* 44, l>r»*»u» 24 Oblo Mal* 41, llefll****» 1« Purdu* 33. Br»dir* T»*S 23, llr»kr 42. 11**1*** 46» I «sr 2 Ü, f,r»ni»*M 2 «, K 4 j*h*»l*r Jr. «3. H*tba«| < M»»»n ) S, «'aleas* 31. < ar*«U <W»* > 2* |i*l'»iil 41. rMItbwih 32 («»vertí«*). MI. Jmr** * » 1 , W•»«**« Mwrk«4 21 . Honra 48. Wa»». T**b 2«. . , km.» 46. 8 b »* Uwní »*• „ , Pawnee City; Dale «,„*»«»*«**»« t**»» r*hr». n i**«* « 6 i (Cuntinued on Page 7-A, OjI, 6 RECREATION CAGERS IN 13 GAMES THIS WEEK Thirteen games will be Playe<i in the city recreation basketball tournament this week at Everett : junior high. The slate: MONl) AT 7 pm —.R#cra*U 0 B v» Ma| Ooidrfl C«rgara va, 1811» Street *—■"M“ Club V* Forman’« t »power« <u!>l Ripl«* * Hipprrn nam 6 ) warn* at T;w, S 40 W IDM.MI 4 4 . ASK VICTORIOUS T. C. U. PLAY IN COTTON BOWL DALLAS, Tex. UP). Texas Christian university, which defeated »Santa Clara 9 to 0 at San Francisco »Saturday, was invited Saturday night to meet Marquette in the Cotton bowl here Jan. 1. E. W, McDiarmid, president of the Southwest conference and chairman of the T, C, U. athletic council, said he would ask the T C. U. faculty committee for ap proval, then submit the matter to the conference faculty committee. Sam Baugh, ace Christian hack, has been selected to play with the j West team in the annual East- West game in San Francisco on oiymi Jan. I. position, where Farley declares the job is still wide open. Luther Powell reserve last year, has been used with the four veterans the past week, while Farley has also been trying Elbert Soudera, Bill Walker, Johnny Staten and l/iuis Bunting, Dawson Hawkins and Dell will be serving their sec* »nd straight year at the opening forward berths. Art Barrett, small but a good jumper, will hold down the pivot post. Walker will ’ probably be the first sub. Neal * Davis has put the clincher on the right guard post. to Wed. I BtJirs ; lar*« Morn DENVER, Glenn Morris, decathlon champion from Simla, Colo., obtained a license here Saturday to marry Miss Charlotte Edwards, Sterling, t’oio., teacher, Mrs. Florence Miller, license clerk, said Morris told her OMAHA. CP). Lawrence Perry, they intended to be married Sun- New York sports writer, will day and make their home in New speak at the banquet the Omaha York City, wh “N” club will tender the Nebraska dated with a U football players and coaches pany. here Tuesday night LAWRENCE PERRY WILL SPEAK, HUSKER DINNER re Morris is asso- broadeasting com- r p. i St Mt»r> L»*»gu« * HMhnnr I f p. 1 'I III UM* % V. 7 20 Urban fc 40. i pi** wimM team, 1 Present ticket sales indicate an attendance of 800 at the banquet, the committee in charge said Saturday night. Senior players of the five Omaha high schools and the heads of the Creighton university and Municipal university of Om| aha coaching staffs will be guests. Kaggies Rout Rivals. EVANSVILLE. Ind (UPi. Kan*as State used a height margin and ball hawking ability to advantage Saturday night in a 60 to 46 victory over the Evansville college basketball team.

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