The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York on May 4, 1985 · 4
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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York · 4

Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1985
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PC Gannett Westchester NewipeporaSetunisy May 4 1985 A8actfon A Sad : 5s r — w R fr J-n- Phyllis Beamer Berger -civic activistrdies-at-65- I OBITUARIES SlaSVIMtar P- Berger- frf — ' mer luJnl of New Rochelle who was active ia muqr dvie aad charitable endeavors died March 31 at her heme hi Bm " Mont it was leaned hereloday She was 45 She was former chairman of the Presents liar Patients project of the Mental Health Amnriation in West- cheater which collected 30000 holiday gifts for patients ia 37 hospitab and institutions in the county John J Dolls John Joseph Balls a native of Rye and retired salesman died Thursday in hisNashville Tmn home after a long illness He was 64 While living in New Rochelle Mrs Berger was a board member of the Family Service of Westcfaeo-ter Adoption Service of Westchester and Mental Health Association 'She was also active with the Salvation Army United Fund (now United Way) aad the former Wilddiff Yonth Murenm Apogee Then Center aad Iona Institute of the Performing Arts Born in Three Forts Montana on April 35 1414 Mrs Berger never lost her fondness for the outdoors She was a member of the Garden Club of LarcfamonL Mr Balls was bom March 1 1414 in Rye He was the son of Alice and Daniel Balls She attended Colorado Women’s College and graduated from Montana Suite University where as a science major she specialised in game management Mr Balls attend Resurrection School in Rye and graduated from Rye High School in 1431 He attended Syracuse (NY) University In Rye he lived at 37 Redfidd SL Daring World War U Mr Balls served as a lieutenant commander in the U& Naval Air Force ' ' of North vcBN iTWqncnan unrai - id New Rochelle where the teen center was located- She sang in the church choir and also taught Sunday School Mrs Berger was Chairman of tip New RqdUt Salvation Army Advisory Council from 1444 to 1470 and residential eampaip chairman ter the United Fund in 1445 She also assisted the buiding fund of the Boys’ Club of New Rochelle A termer member of Vernon Hills Country Club in Eastchester Brae Burn Country Club in Pur chaoe and Canyon Country Chib in Palm Springs Calif Mrs Berger was' a aealous golfer as was her husband Jerome & Berger who died before her - - - - Mr Balls was married Feb 13 1444 to Yvonne Cornu who survives in Nashville The couple lived at 30 Prescott Ave White Plains and in Atlanta before moving to Nashville 30 years ago Surviving are ' Mrs Berger’s three children Michael Berger of Longwood Fla David & Berger of Orange Conn and Marthaaae & Linacre of Albany Ruth Doppelt Ruth Cooper Doppelt of 14 Mansfield Road White Plains died Thursday at St Agnes Hospital in White Platan She was 63 Mrs Doppelt was a partner in the real estate firm of Doppdt-Wil-liams Realtors 513 Mamaroneck Ave White Plains which she helped found in 1441 Before that she had been a real estate agent with Blueprint Realty Inc of White Plains Doppelt was 1 a member of the group’s professional standards committee and its education committee She was a member of the Board of Westchester County Multiple IM- S Service and the Women’s Coon- of Realtors She was a graduate of the Real Efctete Institute George Miles Before entering real estate Mrs Doppelt had taught high school full time and as a substitute in Peeks-UH Port Chester and Harrison public schools ' In the early 1464s she was ah active volunteer with the White Plains Department of Recreation and Parks and in 1443 was cited by the -department ter ber wort vrith youth I April 13 1433 in New York Cite the daughter of Morris Cooper lived in White Plains ter S3 yean A member of Temple Israel in White Plains &e was a member of the temple’s sisterhood and had served as president of the temple’s Parent Teacher Association She was a member of the Board of Directors of the Mental Health Association of Westchester County A graduate of New York University she earned a master’s degree from Columbia University A member of the Westchester County Board of Realtors Mrs She b survived by her husband Jerome E Doppelt of the home address three sons Arthur Doppelt of Orlando Fla Martin Doppelt of Chicago and Harvey Doppelt of Philadelphia Landlord violated Fair Housing Act A White Plains landlord has found in violation of the federal Fair Housing Act ter refusing to rent a vacant city apartment to a minority family After a UB District Court hearing in White Plains Judge Lee P GagUardi issued a preliminary fat-junction barring Heins and Erika Geyer from renting the apartment at 345 Battle Ave to anyone o than Virgil Thompeon a black i tried to to he He could not meat Friday Richard Goldsand reached for com- Tbe case stems from a discrimination complaint Thompson filed in March with Westdiester Residential Opportmities a non-profit White rains housing office According to of the court hewing official : Gagliardi’s ruling requires the Geyers to give t if his f faandal he can aff rt the 754-mooth rent Mrs Geyer who owns the building referred questions on the case and EU Kbneb a WHO Thompeon saw an advertisement for the apartment on March 11 He inspected the apartment the following day with Ms wife and daughter and was told it might be available but that another prospective tenant had expressed interest earlier Three days- later' Thompson called back and was told the apart- The Cost Of A College Education Is Growing Almost As Fast As Yonr Children Are u (I Consider the fact that those cute little kids will be ready to try out for the college cheer leading sqaad before you know it -Then consider the skyrocketing costs of education Shouldn't you be putting aside money for that time right now? Yes yon should be setting aside a little each week f or that goair We recommend the Custodial Savings Account which saves money for you & your child ' Mr Balls was a salesman for Aberdeen Manufacturing 'Gorp of NewYork City a textile-manufac-turined inn until his retirement two Mr Bilk was aparishioner of SL Henry Catholic Church of Nashville In addition to his wife Mr Balls is survived by two sons Stephen of New York City and John of Atlanta two daughters Nancy Murphy of Huntsville Ala and Janet Gwinn of Nashville one brother Daniel of Charlotte NCand four grahdcfail-' dren OwUlWw UintUr NUKE PROTEST - -Student! from the State University of New York-CoOege at Purchase and members of the environmental group Greenpeace protesting the tracking of nuclear waste started a scheduled day-long vigil Friday morning on Westchester Avenue and Kenilworth Road on the “Platinum Mile” of office parks in Harrison Since January spent nuclear fuel rode have been trucked from the Brook haven National Laboratory on Long Mend through New York City and Westchester County bn the way to a reprocessing plant In Idaho Friday evening protesters moved to the White Plains aide of Interstate 2S7 near Schuknan Corporate Park to draw attention to the issue Teen accidentally stabbed himself George Miles of Olympia Wash r officer and a a retired Army career i Harrison native died March 33 at Walter Reed Army Hospital Washington DlC after a long illness He was 53 and lived in Harrison on Habtedd Avenue until 1444 Bon in Port Chester on July 14 -143L- Mr-Miles was a graduate of -Harrison High SchooL After graduation ha entered the llA Army aad retired in 1473 as a sergeant major He served in several duty stations throughout the world and maintained home in Olympia He was active ia children's refugee program and in the Democratic Party Mr Miles is survived by his wife Rena Note Parks Miles of Olympia five sons George of Portland Ore: L Alim Jeffrey Mark and Matt all of Olympia a sister' Mary Ellen De Weese of Las Vegas and eight grandchildren The It-year-oid motorist -who was found with a 10-inch knife stuck in his chest following a collision at a toll booth on the Saw Mill River Parkway Thursday morning accidentally stabbed himself county police have learned Inspector Salvatore Dlorio of the Westchester County Department of Public Safety said Friday that Anthony Ricardo Mcfiwain told detectives he was toying with the newly-bought knife Just before he smashed into the rear of another car at the toll booth Mcllwain said the impact of the crash drove the knife into his chest according to Dlorio Mcllwain is in critical but stable condition in the intensive care unit at SL- Joseph's Medical Center in Yonkers hospital spokeswoman Jody Horton said Friday The driver of the other car was not seriously injured Dlorio laid Mcllwain will faces stolen property thebospi- chargeof when he is released from tel because the car he was driving had hem reported stolen iu Virginia on April 30 A county police officer hi at Mcllwain's bedside at SL Joseph’s Dlorio said Mcllwain did not discuss how he got the stolen car Asked if he believed Mcllwain's story Dlorio responded “At this point our investigation would indicate that it is accurate” DEATH NOTICES LT Oath C mi May l Nil WWu af Jarama E Dap-patt Matter at Arthur Martin ate Nanay Dappatt Sanlcai aHH-te tetd km t:4S am at BALLARD - DUUANO FUNCHAL HOME INC I Magta Ava Whita Plain NY Inter-mant Bath El Camatary Wast- NJ ment had bam rented On April 20 he noticed a similar ad- DUFFY Ttemaa s May &l NS at Waccabue NY Huabate at Jean Fatter at Iwanna Groanteum- Patricia Mega Thama Richard Jate ate randan Duffy Bratbar at ' Gnca Duffy Aho aunlvad by 1 gratechildran Eapoainf at CLASH ASSOCIATES FUNE-UAL HOME Katana b Sua H ate H pm Mpm of tha Chrla-Han Burial at SI Mary RC ' Churc Monday N em latar-inant Gala af Haaaaa Came- Of Scar-On May X NSL Huatend af Lillian Claary McCabe tatter at Jahn Thama nut and tha Pay Eatert Me-Cab bratbar af Elaanar Millar ate Jahn McCate Aha ' survived by 1 graacbildran Friandi may call at tha BENNETT FUNERAL HOME SM Scandals Ava Scandals Saturday ate Sunday 1-4 ate 7-pm Mass at Christian Burial to ta bald at Immacuiata Hsaft af Mary Church Scar-sdata Monday IldBam Raipb R Md an April - SLURS A Manorial Sanies arid te bald an Sunday May X at ftllnsan at Jewish Canvnu-nity Cantar CbapaL 8! Ssund-vlaw Ava Wblta Plaint SPECIAL NOTICES IN MEMORIAM Slrd Annlvanary Hit mamsry has daar today As In Ilia hsur te pasaad Tha Mantal Haattb Assad attan IHsflLMaa mas- VT teVNN wSvW ER row lbs dsatb af Ruth Oeppatf a cencatnad mam bar of aur sard af MreclerWe ablate aur douposf synpafby fa bar a Alvin M Suchln Prasldant Batter Ol MaWach MsmandOad Jr vertlsement listing a 4750 White Plains apartment and the- Geyer Iflfplmyi ssmlur After Thompson registered a complainL Westchester Residential Opportunities dispatched a white “tester” who poring aa a prospective renter teamed the apartment being offered was the one teen by the Thompaona and was still available Kimeb said Although the tester was not offered the apartment be was asked to submit financial references a request not made to Thompeon - - Ago 77' Of Crate NY On May t MS Matter af Anthony ate Mrs John (Louisa) Giglis Aha surviving i brotters and 1 skier ' Funnral Msss Monday W-tOam Holy Name af Mary Church ‘ Frlates may call af tha EDWARD F CARTER FUNERAL HOUSE 41 Grand SI Crafon-aa Hudson Saturday Tfpm ate Sunday M ate 7-fpm In Hsu of flower donations ta tte Amartcan Hoof Assoctaflon NUSSAIM Mary (aas Larch) Mad an May 1 MS Laving ' wtfs af lbs Lata Ban A Nus- hpiiMs MpImbimA authaa te mot hmvh mgincr iv Francos Raft af Armonh Amy grLggp al Mpp M a- M-a a ipiRgn wr Nyg Rvrn arirr grandmofter - of Fafar and - Datarab Raff Stevan ate Las-Lovtag shfar af of Ptoaiont-Lucy Borrow af Plants Nan Fla -ate Lao Larch af Tamarac ' Fla Reposing at RIVERSIDE MEMORIAL CHAPEL Flaatwaod Visiting hours 7-f Sat avaain) Serv icas IMS pm Sun af lunar al hams Burial Staran Gordon Valballc PLY In llau af ftew-ars - contributions may M mads ta Woman's Amarlcan CUT HUMPtlRRYS Jasapb W Stb Annlvarsary I la Laving Memory of A Gsorgs L Humgbrays TOST It Juda answars prayer XD KRAISKV J Happy Ird Birthday lb SHU ' Ate SHO faithful Always lb my hsart ate Prayer WltaAngia TOST Thank you SfJude PS LOCATfLLL Ctartss list Annlvarsary Mpypp ipiU 4Lp ppp O Ipp iwwwwv win mw otiw i irirr From marnory pass away i - Laving wife Yolanda TOST J Thank ysu If Juda G Sacrsd af Gwvwl W certaii on me appan lation from reacU beten - Re chain BEYNOtDGPatarH 1st Annlvarsary la Hsavan You ara always In aur haarts Wa lava you G miss ysu a XL Afterward Kfanda referred Thompson to a lawyer who filed legal briefe seeking the junction FIMKAJapbia (aoo KisalaaMl On May X jm Batavad wWa - 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