The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York on March 4, 1983 · 4
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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York · 4

Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1983
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at W am on -Saturday at Funeral Heme In-" torment Greenweed Union Cemetery Rye NV ARMSTRAD CeariHO Mart at U Kent RE Graenburgh DM at horng en Wednetdey March 2 ItU Funeral torvlcat vriN be held 11am Monday March 7 at The Union Baptltl Church White Plain NY Friendi mey caH at the Church Sunday eve— by BRUTUS W HODGE FUNERAL NOME NewburEh NY cheat On March 1 NS3 Be-In v d Hutbend at Jean - Hubbard BickertieH Beveled Father at Jemet Gerard and Jeanne Merle Brother ef EHt-abeth Ketty and William Caning houra at The Fred H McGrath 1 Sen FunarM Heme Branxvllle between the hours ef S te pm Thursday and Friday Matt at Christian Burl- ' at Annunciation Church Crest-weed an Saturday March S at Wam BOBOT Aaaa aa March X IfHaf 117 Ne WatMngtea A Straub Aha turvlved by laur grandchildren and had' great graadcMMraa Repetlng COFFEY FUNERAL HOME mC ft Sat N am Hety Crstt Church latarmant Sleepy Nsllaw Cemetery H h CAMLi Mlctwel J Of Vwurart NV en March t IfO Beleved Hutbend ot Mae Berras CaMN Fattwr at Mrs rati Hell Brother Patrick and Betty CaMN AHe turvlved by eng Grandson " Matt of Christian BurM St ' Augustine's -Churah OuMag NV ea Saturday March AM am latarmant St AtpahiFi Funeral Heme Cemetery The feiaUy trifl ra- ha'ymhl AsWbw W Jr it ceive frlwdt et The HAVBY- vwdeetdeyMerS tm Bw MALONEY HOMES FOR FU- hved husband el Marten Aa-NERALS INC Tkunday 7-f yeia tnee M pm and Friddt 1-4 and 7-f Mner at Ki p m: V PARK FUNERAL NOME' MS ' vatfd Famar at Nancy Odda B CLAUSEN Addh Oa Feb ISHb McLeea Ava Venture MaM BJ Ruth Eseth Dm r Erathar NEI etMemeraiiech NY Be- atMMsJ IMerhal - Foul the Apttth Cburctk et EMiebetb WeNaCe B Kether-leued wHe at Henry F CNueea Mna bars Jiha (Virginia) Seturddy ISojb lee Ryes Catting hours at the SnterndTiPafrrch— — Fred N-McOralh A Sea ( Irene) Grace Mats pf Chrit- u But a nw rat ti tag bauraaiBdB 74pm Frl MMM s eni rawrawm Fad Sums Vetsra Laving day Service at The Funeral PM TMre mm benT-ES! imar ef Aatheby jetepbMid Mow Friday Merck 4lh at CUTLER Flaraaci Oa Feb a HU SMsr at Ruth Cutter Reposing Saturday 74 - lad 74 pm at BALLAR DOUR AND FUNERAL HOME INC I AM MMItg Ftalm NY gad hriarmgat Frtvdts ts& OeBASRSTRANObThamatCOa March A HU Oner Hutbend ot Evelyn Funeral Service wtd be held el the OELKEE-B COX FUNERAL HOME MaM St Mt Kites Saturday Meni M Heu et Hewers memorial glfti te No wettchettar HeipHal Hetplce weWd be appreciated FEICNTNHR Frtadb On March A IfU et Lerchmeal NY For- marly a I Htbebea NJ Wtte at 1 Hu- Laura and Amy Mae-TM teauty win receive Irlgadt at Me JOHN X FOX FUNERAL NOME SM Feel Rd Larch meat NV aa Friday 74 p-m aad Saturday F pm eaty where tervicat wlH— day St Our Lady et DM Carmel — “ — ' — 11 am - Church : rt v-— y ' - Countdowh to a rail strike? name suicide sketch of victim IB- to 15-minute-walk Her bloodied body was found on the pavilion at about noon Snndhy hr a woman and child walking nenrtySne was carrying no identification and left no suicide note Police ham tried to trace the woman's — movements ia an effort to learn who she is chfg?witfc womtyee burglary and Fingerprint and mining person reports have not yielded pny daes And police have reached a dead end in their attempts to trace ownenhlp-of -Uw-handgm the victim used said Detective Joseph D’Albis one of six officers investigating the case The victim was described as white in her mid-SQs about'5-feet 7-inches tall and FORES R WbBtr N Seventy termerfly gl Itbury CT f WMtg FWM Leulte Brown end Mrs Ann Manley Bmtiier ef NAre Belle Flckering and airs Eugene Kt ' “ II I Church Share IL ET B On Merck M WM MnlitMg nl Eg fWWe vWPBmVW Ut Emma ILewel GNpene Father at Morale HepelHee fc George W Uetoene Dear Brother ef 'Nancy Dmlnlch A Louis D Frank A and Iha 'Iota Oaragt E Gelgene AHe turvlved by 2 Grewdchlldran Repetlng at LLOYD MAXCY REAUCNAMF CHAPEL Shea PI Now Be-chede Mats ef Cbrlttlen Burial Church Moo 1 Cemetery- Vltitleg hours Sat 1 Sue 2-4 1 7-Opm Of dy Beech NJ Y ekgrs on March I HS3 Beloved wits et Joseph teltpge Dear titter ef Mtcheel end WH-end the lata Baugh : Aim turvluad by FLOWER FUmSSlNnOmZ INC 714 Voaken Ave Funeral Mau Saturday Urn St Anthe nrt Church Nepgera Fork In-ttraieat St Mary's Cemetery Visiting heurt 74and 7-T pm Paulette L Service aed Oe March & NN AEAVEBi Frank X On March X mx Fattwr at Gary and Patricia Graves ' step lather et Ken Whiting Regaling Friday 2-4 end 7-f pm at OALLARD-OURAND FUNERAL HOME INC I Mepte -Ave White Pteint nv Mete ef Chrlttiea Burial Saturday M am at Sacred Heart Church Herttdele NV Interment privata Mi Hau at Rpwars DPrtrlaitlirs try ke made ta the American Canter ‘Society may be mada la - Father Trayiwr W Cere ef SI - Thtreta Church Mantauk NV HM1 LAWTON chirm Jr On Feb- IE UBb M— ra fmw UraBUg mllE brtRHr at Rveme Mow wM be bald at St rick's Chunk SM MeM Street Midgape m March tel kHpm MC EOVSRIL Aom V Ot Ebne- frfrmin — "l l " wmiam mvm sacGayera WllMam mm SAuw MS MMESWU0 NR gF ret Sr Mary Henereh and Jamas Gaaaaa Cbarlsked praadmetber et Kerri An a end OUUMm Malnw ValEGMs UM vviMuni hiiibi rriuvigu muy cad at the MC elrov-flynm FUNERAL HOMS INC terdl NV ' Dag Motieunat 74 end 7-4 pja Friday Mots at -ChriMan mirtri M am Satur- Gannett WMtchMter Newxpapers Friday March 4 1983 145 JngJLPhMjplMiii!nntislthTjgeevybiiMl Mckgroand a hot pi Police eaid the dark Monde hair wklck The victim may have lived in Westchester County Port Chaster : Greenwich:' Cma police believe lives are Biking anyone with about the wemau'O Identity to call them at Jeweler injured In robbery - Sal Fomara owner of FornarokJewel-en in Port Cluster was fatjurad late this Fonsre was taken to United Hospital for treatment Police could not sey lmma-dietely how eeriouely he whs Injured Port Chester police wen dispatched to the store at 40 Broad St around 19:59 am Police said two men were seen running from the area No other details were bn-mediately available - Woman charged at SIINY - A Brooklyn woman was arrested Thursday be the campus of the State Univeraity -of New York College at Purchase end Jacqudia Ntmea 11 who is not a sto-deot at the school is charged with taking items that include knapsacks clothing and wallet! from on-campus apartments— : She was echednled to be arraigned on the charges today in Harrison Court The arrest was the culmination of' ongoing investigation by officers MtUTANA Of NY op March t ItEL Beleved Father at Ckartet and Themet - BBIHMbb us Theses liBltiBBa B Wmw wflBWMMVe AEitcepf nl Funeral Mott Saturday W am Our Lady e Church Strathmore Rd Ida la VMtMg hours at the EDWARDS FUNERAL NOME M NY 2-4 and MJS PTn Ihter-et FBKARBK Btdhty Ot y ankers en Thursday March 31 HR Hutbend of the Me Anna Be- e -e J ee e WM Iglngr M Mfa r tginl IMiidrad) Optti and Gierla C Fefcarak and Hie Me Edward end Frederick Fekerak AHe grendchlldran Reposing at the FLYNN MEMORIAL HOME 3H Be IfbaARiii BubefbI IBbss gs rWMTM MUIB M MergeratY Cburdk Rlvardate Saturday 11 am Intermeet Gate at Heeven Cemetery- VH-Hing Friday -Only 7-4 gad Ft pm On March -MIS Frances (nee CM eel Laving tether ef Albert end Retomarle Luieae IbauaSgri kpgiHae w4 eSIiaI UUVfllV WfWtfoWW W NNSnMI NANTUONO FUNERAL HOME Mate ef ChmHan Burial Our Lady el Mount Carmel Churct) Men MS am VHHIag Frl 7t Set end Sun 1-A 7t ORACH AEort X Ot NY ea March fc WS3 1 M WMAp Chrlttiea Barial Meaday i 7 MSI at lb FOBtBRfc Jeba J i March 2 MBA Relived at BrlgM O'Oeaaed Father el LH Ted aad Powers YFD Peggy Sarggit Sii uly Merueea Ihupe Repetlng at FLYNN MEMORIAL HOME MS S Bragdway Yeafcers Meet St Ain't Church Midland Ava ga Saturday at lan latarmaat wawaJIII fgg— glgg MMAEIMM PuTiKnTi NiMnglVffi- vsMvVBi Friday 2-4 aad 7 fpm I WolW RumMi Freiem Repering at HOWARD A CASSIOV FUNERal hOME MS Mela SI Mt KHm Friday 24 aad 74 pm Funeral Mats’ W FreCh4rrehSetwrdey M "W gaMa R rfgRra -raw It— — 4 g e— — ee a — — — Hm IraWH Mi RM RnTRIt Je Devoted Father of Edmund F Richard Cm FMEp J A Baer— R Aha eurvlved by W Brand vetdd lather el Vautha 1 Oraal OraadcbM RlaatdL Fraach A end Edward Orta Rapetlaa at tbt J Schmidt Dear bralher at HOOOER-LAUBIE FUNERAL Anna Hepfer and — r-— HOME 4V7 KaMaah Ava (E SphMlJt AgA ggagnlugd hga B ” Big Bd SgwMftgMA Nmam bRMW ARP Mwrlvgw 9y y H9 RV ruMI preadchlldraa vwmng at Iha Saturday IESIBjil St WBSTCNBSTBR FUNERAL bu Chureb MHrment Weed- HOME Eeetchetter Friday town CemeW tram 74 Bad Vf pjn Fuaeral ' s4A74pm and NeteNe Maes la the i capHta Church TuckaMe Sat March I at t-JS am laNrmeat bury NY hi Ban at Rawer "leade may contribute m ucetlea Fund M cd Lewrtece ee-a-Uaj m— — — — — y gw eegeg VNAl mVvNs m v ea NfuV u— SvlJ V4iw Preview bf Indian Pt drill Kitchens and baths victim Shn was naally dramad pink ririrt blue Jean and witb-rtrepor cut el about aurldn N Of Dorian Cana on March! IMS WHe RMS at Perlpiti and Mrs Jach E Weed p( Krabea Nletw York Funen WARD LAWRENCE FUNERAL Slit Fed Roadl Nera- 1 NB2 at It at may be made te Dorlpn FuBHc CO Mr Den Fetch 2X7 Leroy I Of Ml Beleved Sitter et the Me Rath- a gklri 14a— dWIUB M BUSMtU MMmB MBB survived by many Mlcet B tpbtwt Reaetlag at LLOYD -MAXCY BEAUCHAMP CHAPEL Shaa FI New RechaUa Mete at CbrtiHaa BurM Sit Fetor E Paul Church Mt Vtr- EEE ClAE Mb WE MAEPMEEB ISuEi BVVBB NSanv BBBVMEEVIWn Stpulchra Cemetery Vltltiag heurt Friday Ttpjn sal Of Venhart ea WM' March X NS2 Beleved wHe et MlraEm Artaage y ej—gug (larlirt) ad IN lata Email Haas Heaton Aha turvlved by two srpadchltdran Eepttlng at the WHALEN B BALL FUNERAL NOME MC Ml Fork Ave (Car- EF al ggigragd I ItiEEFBi nws me wranwaaB f rMMtBi tervicet will bf Held el the funeral hemp ea Frl tvealag at pm Rav Ran Meheed etttcleh log Interment Carey Cemetery Canterbury CT aa Sat March S at I pm VMHng hours 2-4 and 7-f pm la Meu at flew- ba grantty appradalbd MALLEY ClaraaM (Pafa) A Oa March A IfO Repetlng ot the MC MAHON LYON ANO HARTNETT FUNERAL HOME 4P1 Memerannch Aug WMfa PMm Meet at ChrttHan Burial Saturday IBIS im Holy Name at Jetut Church latar-ment SM Catvary Censtgry Vltmag haurs 24 end 7 pja VBMR Ralph W Oa March X U at Oovar Ftoias NV tar- —S' A M M- — wlly TwTUMUf i e vlvad by Uttar Barbara A Reyeeldt Servlcet It am Salat the ttuteut Funeral A Of NV da March A Ipni Frlvata tatprmaat- la IN MEMORIAM oiitnarics JamoenllinQ rainvv wim wj -former-policeman- Jamaa Coiliah ratirad Port Cbester poUca lieutenant died unexpectedly Tkarsdsy in Auus Marie FTs wfcere he was ou racetiua A Rje Brook resident be wss It 7 He Joined the Police Department in IM7 end retired in 1171 He became detective hi IMS end me promoted to Etrgeent ta 1956 eed Ueutanaut ta lfil Ita also was the liaison officer between the PoUca Department end its euxiliarjr - Mbeeter Police Chief Jdhu Chueee said v today "Jim fjiim was an 'uid-feshtoued 00- - licemau and was vtry neoureetal-ta getting things done Hewas ont ol the fineaLjol finesL” r - la tha early 1960s Mr Collins received Mucy Award from tha former Macy Newspaper Chain now Gannett Westchester Newnapm of which The Daily Item is a member Mr CeUtae wee honored after he End another officer nacnod a man from a harntag building on Grace Church Street ' After- he retired he started en electrical contraettae firm — Borata Glasgow Scotland on Feb IS 191V he was the son of Jama and Aanabelle McCaf-forty CtoUi ndnated from Port Chester Hi A vete chtaf petty officer ta the Navy A parishioner of Corpus Christ! Qharch ta Port OMBter he wee a member of the Father John M Grady Council of the Knights of Colam- - Mr COUtae was a former treasurer of the-Reliance gngtac A Hooc Fire Ca ta Port Charter Survivors include Me wife' Vera Paladino Collins AfJlye Brook aad two daughters Mrs Brian USk Daly had Mm Michael May) GaJ both oAort GMsferT MfcheeT'QiplBTttrr Chester police officer Abo surviving are a sister Mrs William (Jean) Sapione of Rye and three grandchildren Viola Coupe Viola Coupe a longtime Purchase end Port Charter resident died Monday at her home et S3 New SL Purchase She was 72 Before retiring dw wee a hairdresser el Ihe former LaMode Salon ta Port Chester 1 Bon ta Mamachuweta on April 20 1919 she was the daughter of John and Anna Cobus Jounkl She was a member ol the First Baptist Church of White Plains She is survived by her ' husband Thomas Coup of the home address and a lister Julia Champagne of Dracut Mem Thomas C DoBaorstrand Thomas C DeBaerstrand a teacher resided MtartaR-dltd Wednesday at Northern Westchester Hospital Center ta Mount Kieco He was 50 Mr DeBaerstrand taught at the Pound Ridge Elementary School etace'lOSSL He was bon June 15 1952 ta Brooklyn end wea educated et Brooklyn College ana the College of St Roee ta Albany NY He was a member of the New York State Teachers Association and the National Education Association Re Traa serving aa president of the if the Federal Credit Union board of directors of No 3 at the time of hie death He Is survived by his wife Evelyn Strobei-e home 1 " DeBaerstrand of the I Elsewhere KOMTWt aethor of the pivotal anti-Stalinirt novel “Darknesr at Noon” was found dead ta London Thanday with hia wife Cynthia in aa apparent saicide He was 77 The -range of Koeetler’s SO books was vast including ' a trilogy on the mind of man six novels and five voiames of autobiography tacludtag “Diakigna with Death” Hie tart worka included the autobiographical “Janos: A Summing -Up” ta 1971 “Bricks to Babel" ta 1999 and “Kaleidoscope” la 1911 - EUZAJMTM FAUBUS 44 the estranged wife of former Arkansas Gov- Orval FfentaM was ’ found slain ta Houston Thanday ta the bathtub of her home Faubux wea governor of Arkansas for -ix two-year terms 1955 to 1967 WALTKH WRMNT the oldest member of the Nanticoke- Indian 4ribe( died i miimkh p) 1 Wadoeeday of respiratory failure at the age of 111 Wright was remembered by members of the ' tribe as a man frith a fierce pride ta his Indian heritage - BVANS - U&‘ Army -CoL? Gilbert of the international War Crimes Court at JPnchau Germany at the end of ’World War G died Wednesday hi Dallas at-' age If V Evans directed the court end helped prosecute Nazi military officers He retired from the Army tal956- Corrections The policy of The Daily Ut( n is to cornet all 1 policy of of fact as 1 - Brron ta nowa stories rinwld be called to the attention of John Gambrill acting editor at 939- Special section: Local as e - laddresL v Um “ v h-v -v -w 1 ' 4?-

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